Ghastly (horrible): Causing great horror or fear

Khủng khiếp
Ghostly (ghostlike): Of or like a ghost
Như một bóng ma
Thrilled (excited): A sudden feeling of excitement
Hồi hộp, gay cấn
Touching (moving): making you feel
sadness , sympathy
Cảm động
Grind (crush): to make something into small
Xay, nghiền
Slam (bang): Shut sth forcefully and loudly
Đóng sầm
Smear (streak): to spread a liquid
Làm vấy bẩn
Hurt (distress): Cause distress
Làm tổn thương
Gloat (exult): to express great pleasure for
someone else's failure or bad luck (hả hê)
Rejoice (delight): Feel or show great joy
Vui mừng, hoan hỉ
Inspire (stimulate): make someone feel that
they want to something
Truyền cảm hứng
Gleam (shine): Shine brightly
Tỏa sáng
Dilute (weaken): Make (a liquid) weaker
Pha loãng, làm nhạt dần
Decorate (ornament): make sth more
trang trí

Suffocate (smother): Die or cause to die from lack
of air
Chết ngạt
Saturate (soak): Cause (something) to
become thoroughly soaked with water
Làm ướt sũng
Miniature (small-scale): Very small of its kind
Vật thu nhỏ
Minute (tiny): extremely small
Rất nhỏ
Dwarfish (gnome)An abnormally small person
Người lùn
Tiny (minute): very small
Nhỏ bé
Affiliation (annexing): a connection with
a political party or religion
Sự sát nhập
Project (plan): a piece of planned work
Dự án
Cooperation (collaboration):The action or process
of working together
Sự hợp tác
Venture (enterprise): A business enterprise,
typically one that involves risk
Sự đầu cơ
Fray (unravel) : to cause the threads in cloth Rip (tear): to pull apart
Break (shatter): Separate into pieces
Làm vỡ
Gash (lacerate): Make a long, deep cut
Vết cắt
Smoulder (seethe): Show or feel barely
suppressed anger.
Nung nấu sự căm giận
Stammer (stutter): to speak or say
something with unusual pauses
Nói lắp
Splatter: nói lắp bắp Seethe (smoulder): feel very angry but to
be unable or unwilling to express it clearly :
Lapse (expire): become invalid
Mất hiệu lực
Vanish (disappear): Disappear suddenly and
Biến mất
Capsize (overturn): be overturned in the water
Lật úp
Backslide (relapse): Relapse into bad ways
or error
Sa ngã
Debatable (arguable): Open to discussion
Có thể tranh luận

Impractical (unsuitable): not realistic
Không thực tế
Impracticable (unfeasible):
impossible in practice
Không thể thực hiện được
Uncompromising (determined): fixed and do not
Không nhân nhượng, không thỏa hiệp
Debasing (degrading):
reduce the quality or value
Làm giảm giá trị
Rough (uneven): not smooth
Gồ ghề, thô ráp
Ruthless (merciless): showing
no pity
Tàn nhẫn
Sacred (holy): Connected with God
Thuộc thánh thần
Merge (Combine): integrate
Hợp nhất

Associate (connect): connect with sth
Liên quan đến
Participate (take part): engage
Tham gia vào
Blend (mix): mix
Abstain (refrain): to not do
Cưỡng lại
Reprise (repetition) : a repeat of something Abhor (detest): hate
Indisputable (incontrovertible): true Indefatigable (tireless): always
determined and energetic
Conjure (magic): Make (something) appear
Penetrate (pierce): Go into or
Procrastinate (delay): Delay or postpone action Malady (ailment): A disease
Autopsy (post-mortem): the cutting open and
examination of a dead body
Charisma (charm): Compelling
Proscribe (Forbid): Forbid Menial (unskilled): not
requiring much skill
Irksome (annoying): Irritating Acclimatize (adjust):
change to suit different conditi
Conform (comply): Comply with rules; standards… Amnesia (blackout)
A partial or total loss of
memory mất trí nhớ
A neurological disorder: chứng động kinh
Indulge (wallow) Allow
oneself to enjoy
Contrive (create): bring about Amicable (friendly):
Characterized by friendliness
Canny/uncanny: (shrewd)
thinking quickly and cleverly
Trauma (shock): Emotional
Biopsy :
the process of removing and examining a small amo
unt of tissue from a sick person. Sinh tiết
Rampage (riot):
to go through an area making a
lot of noise and causing
damage nổi cơn thịnh nộ