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ABC Sdn. Bhd. – Investment Term Sheet
This Investment Term Sheet is sube!t t" #n$% veri#!$ti"n $nd
$&&r"v$% b' the B"$rd "( Dire!t"rs "( the C"m&$n'
)herein$(ter re(erred t" $s *Pr"m"ters+,.
Invest"r N$me $nd -'.$d number )"r C"m&$n' N$me & C".
Mr. [Full Name as in MyKad] holder of MyKad No. [number](hereinafter
referred to as “[Name]”)
A00re0$te Am"unt "( Investment/ )*Investment Sum+,
An investment of RM (Rin!!it Malaysia" only).
V$%u$ti"n "( the C"m&$n' $t time "( investment/ )*V$%u$ti"n+,
#he $om%any shall be valued at RM (Rin!!it Malaysia" only).
Issue Pri!e &er sh$re/
#o be determined by the &om%any 'e$retary.
Se!urities t" be issued/
(rdinary 'hares of A)& 'dn. )hd. havin! %ar value of RM*.++ ea$h
to!ether ,ith the ri!hts set herein to,ards an enlar!ed e-uity
shareholdin! of *+. (ten %er$ent) of the $om%any. 'u$h ordinary
shares to ran/ %ari %assu ,ith the eistin! ordinary shares in the
1se "( Investment/
0ro$eeds are to be used for ,or/in! $a%ital in$ludin! salaries and
bene1ts2 and mar/etin!3 advertisin! and %romotion.
De#nitive A0reements/
&ontem%lates the ee$ution of a 'hareholders A!reement.
Si0nin0 D$te "( Term Sheet $nd C"m&%eti"n/
Anti$i%ated si!nin! of the #erm 'heet by [date]. 4nvestors must
$om%lete %ayment of the 4nvestment 'um ,ithin 5 days of the si!nin!
of the #erm 'heet failin! ,hi$h the 4nvestment 'um be$omes
immediately due and %ayable.
P$'ment "( Investment Am"unt/
#he entire investment of RM is %ayable u%on $om%letion.
C"nditi"ns "( C%"sin0/
&onsents and a%%roval from the )oard of 6ire$tors and all eistin!
shareholders of A)& 'dn )hd a$$e%tin! 4nvestor7s %arti$i%ation in the
shareholdin! of A)& 'dn )hd.
C"m&%eti"n Dr$2d"2n/
&om%lete 6ra,do,n u%on si!nin! of the #erm 'heet and a%%roval by
the )oard of 6ire$tors and all eistin! 'hareholders of the &om%any3
$om%letion of all ne$essary $onditions %re$edent and %ayment of all
monies due by 4nvestors. #he &om%any 'e$retary shall be instru$ted to
issue share $erti1$ates to the 4nvestors ,ithin 5 ,or/in! days of
$om%letion of %ayment and ban/ $learan$e.
V"tin0 Ri0hts/
8olders of (rdinary 'hares shall be entitled to attend and vote at all
!eneral meetin!s and have all ri!hts to ran/ %ari %assu ,ith the
eistin! shareholdin! in the &om%any.
S&e!i#! Ri0hts "( First Re(us$%/
4f any shareholder %ro%oses to o9er or transfer any of their shares3
eistin! holders of the (rdinary 'hares shall have a ri!ht of 1rst refusal
in the %ro%ortion of their eistin! shareholdin! in the &om%any.
C"m&"siti"n "( the B"$rd "( Dire!t"rs/
#he 4nvestin! 0arty is [entitled to seats: is not entitled to any seats]
on the )oard of 6ire$tors [but may be a%%ointed in the future as and
,hen ne$essary].
B"$rd "( Advis"rs/
4nvestors shall ho,ever3 sub;e$t to their $onsent and the $onsent of
the 6ire$tors3 be a%%ointed as members of the )oard of Advisors of
A)&. <ntil determined other,ise3 the )oard of Advisors ,ill not be %aid
any fee or sti%end.
C"m&ens$ti"n ("r Advis"rs & N"n3E4e!utive -embers "( the
Advisors and Non=>e$utive Members of the team may be
$om%ensated either 1nan$ially or via a sto$/ o%tion s$heme in the
future based on their $ontribution to the &om%any and the !ro,th of
the &om%any.
Further !"ven$nts/
0romoters and the $om%any $ovenant to their best /no,led!e that
%rior to $losin! there is no adverse $han!e in the %ros%e$t3 business3
o%eration or 1nan$ial $ondition of the $om%any.
The v$%idit' "( the $b"ve tent$tive terms sh$%% e4&ire 2ithin 56
d$'s (r"m 7d$te8.
.ind%' $!9n"2%ed0e the $!!e&t$n!e "( the $b"ve s$id terms.
Si0ned ("r $nd "n beh$%( "( ABC Sdn. Bhd. /
N$me/ ::::. )Dire!t"r & CEO,
A!!e&ted b' the Invest"r/