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123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
Awareness on the Effects of Alcohol Abuse in the
Academic Performance of
BS Marine Engineering Students of NAMEI SY: 20! " 20#
In partial fulfilment of the requirements in the subject
Research, Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
MANA$% A&'IN ()AY A*
OCOBER, !"#$
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
&rin'ing alcohol (as pre)ominatel* a male pursuit+
he effects of alcoholism are easil* sho(n in the sensational section of the
local , ne(s+ Ho( often )o *ou see (i-es beaten up b* their husban)s. Or chil)ren
being se/uall* abuse) b* their biological fathers. 0hat about that actor caught for
)run' )ri-ing. hough I )on1t ha-e the statistics right no(, I bet there are cases of
)run' 2relate) acci)ents or ph*sical abuse+ Other(ise, (e cannot )en* the fact that
e-en stu)ents in their school performance cannot escape from its effects+
%oor mental attitu)e, tire)ness, lateness an) non2atten)ance are just some of
the consequences of high2ris' )rin'ing of alcohol (ith its )omino effect 2 misse)
classes, failing gra)es, an) poor aca)emic performance+
Alcohol abuse is a problem in the %hilippines (hich seems to be in increase in
stu)ents+ he most (orr*ing part, is that it becomes rampant in tertiar* le-el+ Alcohol
abuse among college stu)ents is one of the most )ifficult challenges of the e)ucators
being encounter to)a*+
Bac0ground of the Stud1
In e)ucational institutions, success is measure) b* aca)emic performance, or
ho( (ell a stu)ent meets stan)ar)s set out b* local go-ernment an) the institution
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
itself+ As career competition gro(s e-er fiercer in the (or'ing (orl), the importance of
stu)ents )oing (ell in school has caught the attention of parents, legislators an)
go-ernment e)ucation )epartments ali'e+ 3Bell, !"#$4
%erformance in school is e-aluate) in number of (a*s+ One (a* is a)herence
of the stu)ents (ith the policies an) stan)ar)s set b* the institution+ In the 5AMEI
%ol*technic Institute, though there has ne-er been an* inci)ent report of alcohol
abuse among the stu)ents, the institution in)icate) in their stu)ent han)boo' serious
an) gra-e offenses that is subject to )isciplinar* actions+
Section I6 entitle) “Serious and Grave Offenses” e/pressl* so pro-i)es “the
following are considered serious offenses and culpable students will be subjected to
disciplinary action in accordance with the gravity of the offense”, all offenses (ill be
resol-e) as fairl* as possible+ 5o+ 7 as consi)ere) serious an) gra-e offenses is
“drunkenness or mere possession of alcohol beer and other hard drinks”.
8p to 99 percent of college stu)ents )rin' alcohol at least occasionall*, e-en
though man* of them ha-en:t reache) the legal )rin'ing age, accor)ing to the
5ational Institute on Alcohol Abuse an) Alcoholism+ On a-erage, college2age)
stu)ents )rin' more hea-il* than people of an* other ages, accor)ing to the institute+
Consequentl*, the* often face serious consequences that can result from un(ise
)rin'ing or alcohol abuse+
As college stu)ents arri-e on campus this semester, it is time of ne(
e/perience, ne( frien)ships an) ma'ing memories that (ill last a lifetime+
8nfortunatel* for man*, it is also time of e/cessi-e )rin'ing an) )ealing (ith its
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
aftermath ; -an)alism, -iolence, se/ual aggression an) e-en )eath+ 35ational
Institute of Alcohol Abuse an) Alcoholism, !"#!4
he <ilipinos are the secon) highest consumers of alcohol in South East Asia
3the In)onesians are first4+ It is estimate) that = million <ilipinos )rin' on a fairl*
regularl* basis ; it is belie-e) that 7>+>? of the population )rin' on an irregular basis+
Stu)ents (ho )rin' too much too often encounter a m*ria) of aca)emic
)ifficulties, e/plains ERIC &igests+ he* ten) to neglect stu)*ing in fa-or of part*ing
an) s'ip class because of hango-ers+ Habitual )rin'ing becomes a general
)istraction from school, lea)ing these stu)ents to earn lo(er gra)es on assignments
because the* lac'e) focus or )i)n:t )e-ote enough effort+ he* also pa* less
attention in class, thereb* learning less an) failing class participation+ Because of
these troubles, stu)ents (ho )rin' ris' flun'ing classes or )ropping out of school+
3Me)ina, !"#$4
Stu)* sho(s that there are no a-ailable statistics on the full e/tent of the
alcohol problem in uni-ersities here in the %hilippines, but there is little )oubt that it is
a real problem+ 0ith this, comprehensi-e response across the school1s policies,
practices an) programs is nee)e)+
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
Statement of the Problem
Stu)ents ha-e man* obstacles to o-ercome in or)er to achie-e optimal
aca)emic performance+
he main goal of the present stu)* is to heighten the a(areness of the
stu)ents of BS Marine Engineering in regar)s (ith the effects of alcohol abuse to
their aca)emic performance@
Specificall*, the stu)* aims to see' ans(er on the follo(ing questions@
#+ 0hat is the )emographic profile of Bachelor of Science in Marine
Engineering 3BSMarE4 stu)ents in terms of gen)er.
!+ 0hat is the le-el of a(areness of the BSMarE stu)ents regar)ing (ith the
effects of alcohol abuse in terms of their aca)emic performance.
7+ Is there a significant )ifference on the BSMarE stu)ents1 a(areness on the
effect of alcohol abuse bet(een their aca)emic performances.
,esearch )12otheses
0ith reference to the questions abo-e, the follo(ing h*potheses (ere ma)e@
a+ he gen)er of BSMarE stu)ents )oes not affect the stu)ents1 le-el of
a(areness on the effects of alcohol abuse in their aca)emic performance+
b+ here is no significant )ifference on the stu)ents1 a(areness on the effects
of alcohol abuse bet(een their aca)emic performances+
As sho(n abo-e, the h*potheses (ere (ritten in null form+ he significant
)ifference (ill be teste) (ith "+= le-el of confi)ence+
,esearch $b3ecti4es
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
he purpose of this stu)* (as to heighten the a(areness of BS Marine
Engineering stu)ents of 5AMEI about the effects of alcohol abuse in their aca)emic
performance, to 'no( the consequences that ma* happen in being abusi-e to alcohol
an) to a)here (ith the policies an) stan)ar)s a)ministere) b* the institution as also
in)icate) in the stu)ent manual regar)ing (ith the alcohol possession an) inta'e+
he specific purpose of this stu)* is to measure the le-el of a(areness of BSMarE
stu)ents of 5AMEI about the effects of alcohol abuse in their aca)emic performance
an) to increase this a(areness from a(are to highl* a(are+
Sco2e and &imitations of the Stud1
he stu)* is mainl* centere) to the le-el of a(areness of the effects of alcohol
abuse in the aca)emic performance of BSMarE stu)ents from thir) *ear le-el an)
un)er+ he sur-e* (as con)ucte) in the 5AMEI %ol*technic Institute in
Man)alu*ong, %hilippines+ Respon)ents of the stu)* comprises onl* b* stu)ents
currentl* stu)*ing in the Institute+
Other stu)ents 3BS5A an) BSM4 of 5AMEI %ol*technic Institute as (ell as
the high school an) elementar* pupils are not in-ol-e in the stu)*+ Moreo-er,
stu)ents (ho are stu)*ing in other uni-ersities or institutions are be*on) the scope of
this stu)*+
he limitations of the research are liste) belo(@
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
#+ It )oes not represent the (hole population of the stu)ents stu)*ing in
5AMEI+ hus, the primar* limitation is the scope an) sample siBe+
!+ he research (as con)ucte) in 5AMEI %ol*technic Institute among the
BSMarE stu)ents, both secon) *ear an) thir) *ear an) selecte) first *ear
7+ he research (as con)ucte) among stu)ents in the 5AMEI %ol*technic
InstituteC li'e(ise, the stu)* ma* also be generaliBe) for other e)ucational
institutions here in the %hilippines an) be*on)+
$+ he research (as con)ucte) e/clusi-el* in English+ 0hile this eliminate)
the nee) for translation of the sur-e* questions, language ma* also be one
of the limitations+ Ho(e-er, as schools ha-e stu)ents (ho are not <ilipinos,
this allo(e) for an* potential stu)ent 3customer4 to be inter-ie(e)+
Significance of the Stud1
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
he aca)emic performance of stu)ents is -er* rele-ant as it forms the
foun)ation of future professionals+ he 'e* to gro(th is the intro)uction of higher
)imensions of consciousness into our a(areness+
his research stu)* is con)ucte) to )etermine (hether stu)ents are a(are
about the effects of alcohol abuse in their aca)emic performance an) the fin)ings be
beneficial to the stu)ents, to the institution, an) to future researchers+
he fin)ings of this stu)* (ill be useful for the stu)ents for it (ill ser-es as
their reference an) gui)e to achie-e better un)erstan)ing on ho( alcohol abuse ma*
affect one1s performance in school an) full* a(are on ho( the* (ill o-ercome it,
attain accomplishments an) perse-ere for better life+ It (ill also be an ai) an)
precaution not to ta'e hol) the inta'e of alcohol since 5AMEI is preparing e-er*
stu)ent especiall* the thir) *ear stu)ents of Bachelor of Science in Marine
Engineering to become globall* competiti-e professionals+
he stu)*1s goal is )esigne) to promote stu)ent1s perspecti-e to impro-e
aca)emic competence, )e-elop emplo*abilit* s'ills ahea), implement a career plan
an) participate in a career path(a* in preparation for maritime en-ironment in Marine
Engineering after gra)uating from college+
his stu)* also ensures the general (elfare of the stu)ents specificall*
stu)ents from thir) *ear BS MarE to secon) *ear going to the lo(est le-el first *ear
an) un)er (hich are basicall* un)er this Institute from being a(are to increase as
highl* a(are+
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
o the stu)ents, (ho alrea)* un)ergone through this situation or not it is -er*
significant ha-ing self2a(areness an) insights about this because (hat the -ision of
the Institute sa*s “!"#$ has no place for shortsighted visions”+
<or the institution, the fin)ings (ill come up to )eeper un)erstan)ing about the
subject matter an) (ill imme)iatel* 'no( ho( to han)le positi-el* the stu)ents (ho
are engage in this abuse+ It (ill also become an ease for them to minimiBe the
engagement an) alcohol )epen)ence of stu)ents that might cause their failure to
atten) classes an) faile) to perform (ell in their respecti-e course+
Det there is still none inci)ent report or issues about alcohol abuse in the
pre-ious *ears in 5AMEI, the results (ill onl* )etermine (hether there is a nee) for
changes an) for )e-elopment on the policies create) b* the a)ministration+
B* un)erstan)ing the effects of alcohol abuse in the aca)emic performance of
BS Marine Engineering stu)ents of 5AMEI %ol*technic Institute, this (ill assure that
there (ill be competiti-e a)-antage amongst stu)ents+ It (ill also help them gain
'no(le)ge, open their min)s an) change their attitu)e to(ar)s aca)emic pressures+
It (ill not onl* )etermines the le-el of a(areness of the thir) *ear stu)ents of
BS MarE but the significance of the fin)ings (ill ma'e the freshmen be alrea)* a(are
an) the ten)enc* is until the* get to their higher *ear in college
Moreo-er, this research (ill pro-i)e recommen)ations an) suggestions on
ho( to combat this problem+ hrough this stu)*, the institution can also formulate
comprehensi-e action plans, stan)ar)iBe) practices an) strict policies that enables
the stu)ent to apprehen) the importance of ha-ing the 'no(le)ge about alcoholism+
123 A. Mabini St.,
Mandaluyong City
<or future researchers, this stu)* (ill be -er* helpful for it (ill be their gui)e
(ith their relate) stu)ies an) also open in )e-eloping ne( stu)ies+
hese goals can be achie-e), first, through the stu)ents themsel-es to be full*
a(are an) full* un)erstan) the consequences of alcohol abuse to their aca)emic
performance, the Institute itself (hich shoul) a)minister seminars an) school
acti-ities that (ill tac'le about results of high2ris' college )rin'ing, an) (ith great help
of responsible parenthoo)+