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Invocation Steps

INVOKE Executes a specifed service.
Data-Handling Steps
MAP Performs specifed editing operations on the pipeline such as mapping
varia!les in the pipeline" adding varia!les to the
A BRANCH step selects a specified flow step for execution A LOOP step repeats a set
of flow steps
What Is the Pipeline?
#he pipeline is the general term used to refer to the data structure in $hich input
output values are maintained for a %o$ service. It allo$s services in the %o$ to
#he pipeline starts $ith the input to the %o$ service and collects inputs and outputs
su!se&uent services in the %o$. 'hen a service in the %o$ executes" it has access
to all
data in the pipeline at that point.
(OOP Executes a set of %o$ steps once for each element in a
specifed arra).
*EPEA# *e+executes a set of %o$ steps up to a specifed num!er of
times !ased on the successful or non+successful completion of
the set.
,E-.EN/E 0roups a set of %o$ steps into a series. #he ,E-.EN/E step is
implicit in most %o$ services that is" the steps in a %o$
service are treated as a series1. 2o$ever" at times it is
necessar) to explicitl) group a su!set of %o$ steps using
,E-.EN/E so that the) can !e treated as a unit.
E3I# /ontrols the execution of a %o$ step for example" a!ort an
entire %o$ service from $ithin a series of deepl) nested steps"
thro$ an exception $ithout $riting a 4ava service" or exit a
(OOP or *EPEA# $ithout thro$ing an exception1.
What Is a Flow Step?
A %o$ step is the !asic unit of $or5 that instructs $e!Methods Integration ,erver
$hat to do $ith data at each stage of a %o$ service. 6lo$ steps can invo5e services
direct the course of execution. .sing %o$ steps )ou can7
Invo5e a service" such as a %o$ service" 4ava service" / service" or 'e! service
connector INVOKE1.
/onditionall) execute one step from a set of specifed alternatives 8*AN/21.
*epeat a set of %o$ steps up to a specifed num!er of times or until a step in the
fails or succeeds as specifed *EPEA#1.
0roup a set of %o$ steps and control the $a) in $hich the failure of a mem!er of
set is processed ,E-.EN/E1.
*epeat a set of %o$ steps over the elements of a specifed arra) (OOP1.
Exit the entire %o$ or exit a single %o$ step E3I#1.
(in5" add" edit" and delete pipeline varia!les or invo5e several services that
on the same set of pipeline varia!les MAP1.
Inserting and Moving Flow Steps
#o insert %o$ steps in a %o$ service" )ou must open the service in the editor. #he
steps in the service are listed in the editor. If )ou 9ust created the service and it
does not
)et contain an) default logic" the editor is empt)1.
The INVO! Step
.se the INVOKE step to re&uest a service $ithin a %o$. :ou can use the INVOKE step
Invo5e any t)pe of service" including other %o$ services and 'e! service
Invo5e an) service for $hich the caller of the current %o$ has access rights on the
local $e!Methods Integration ,erver.
Invo5e !uilt+in services and services on other $e!Methods Integration ,ervers.
Invo5e %o$ services recursivel) that is" a %o$ service that calls itself1. If )ou use
%o$ service recursivel)" !ear in mind that )ou must provide a means to end the
Invo5e an) service" validating its input and;or output.
The "#$N%H Step
#he 8*AN/2 step allo$s )ou to conditionall) execute a step !ased on the value of a
varia!le at run time. 6or example" )ou might use a 8*AN/2 step to process a
order one $a) if the PaymentType value is </*E=I# /A*=> and another $a) if it is
</O*P A//#>.
'hen )ou !uild a 8*AN/2 step" )ou can7
"ranch on a switch val&e' .se a varia!le to determine $hich child step executes. At
time" the 8*AN/2 step matches the value of the s$itch varia!le to the (a)el
of each of its targets. It executes the child step $hose la!el matches the value of
"ranch on an e*pression' .se an expression to determine $hich child step
executes. At
run time" the 8*AN/2 step evaluates the expression in the (a)el propert) of each
child step. It executes the frst child step $hose expression evaluates to <true.>
The #!P!$T Step
#he *EPEA# step allo$s )ou to conditionall) repeat a se&uence of child steps !ased
the success or failure of those steps. :ou can use *EPEA# to7
#e-e*ec&te +retr,- a set o. steps i. an, step within the set .ails' #his option is useful to
accommodate transient failures that might occur $hen accessing an external
for example" data!ases" E*P s)stems" 'e! servers" or 'e! services1 or device.
#e-e*ec&te a set o. steps &ntil one o. the steps within the set .ails' #his option is
useful for
repeating a process as long as a particular set of circumstances exists for example"
data items exist in a data set1.
The S!/0!N%! Step
:ou use the ,E-.EN/E step to !uild a set of steps that )ou $ant to treat as a group.
,teps in a group are executed in order" one after another. 8) default" all steps in a
service" except for children of a 8*AN/2 step" are executed as though the) $ere
mem!ers of an implicit ,E-.EN/E step that is" the) execute in order" one after
another1. 2o$ever" there are times $hen it is useful to explicitl) group a set of
steps. #he
most common reasons to do this are7
#o group a set of steps as a single alternative !eneath a 8*AN/2 step. 6or details
a!out this use of the ,E-.EN/E step" see
#o specif) the conditions under $hich the server $ill exit a se&uence of steps
executing the entire set.
The (OOP Step
#he (OOP step repeats a se&uence of child steps once for each element in an arra)
)ou specif). 6or example" if )our pipeline contains an arra) of purchase+order line
)ou could use a (OOP step to process each line item in the arra).
#o specif) the se&uence of steps that ma5e up the !od) of the loop that is" the set
of steps
)ou $ant the (OOP to repeat1"
The !1IT Step
#he E3I# %o$ step allo$s )ou to exit the entire %o$ service or a single %o$ step.
specif) $hether )ou $ant to exit from7
#he nearest ancestor parent1 (OOP or *EPEA# %o$ step to the E3I# %o$ step.
#he parent %o$ step of the E3I# %o$ step.
A specifed ancestor %o$ step to the E3I# %o$ step.
#he entire %o$ service.
'hen )ou use the E3I# step" )ou indicate $hether exiting should return a successful
condition or a failure condition. If the exit is considered a failure" an exception is
:ou can specif) the text of the error message that is displa)ed !) t)ping it directl)
or !)
assigning it to a varia!le in the pipeline.
The M$P Step
#he MAP step lets )ou ad9ust the contents of the pipeline at an) point in a %o$
'hen )ou !uild a MAP step" )ou can7
Prepare the pipeline for use !) a su!se&uent step in the %o$ service !) lin5ing"
adding" and dropping varia!les in the pipeline.
/lean up the pipeline after a preceding step !) removing felds that the step
!ut are not needed !) su!se&uent steps.
Move varia!les or assign values to varia!les in the pipeline.