A Bi-Monthly Newsletter of Eastern Community Church Reverend Damion M.

Briggs, Pastor
“Where there is no VISION, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18a)
Volume 5, Issue 5 October 2009

ECC Community Wide Revival
with Evangelist Manuel Scott, Jr.

“Be Equipped to Face the Tests, Trials & Temptations of Life.”
From September 14, 2009 through September 16, 2009, Eastern Community Church (ECC) held a Community Wide Revival. The theme was titled “Be Equipped to Face the Tests, Trials & Temptations of Life.” Our revivalist was Evangelist
Manuel Scott Jr. of Los Angeles California. Evangelist Scott is the first Seminary-trained, full-time Evangelist on a national scale coming out of the black Baptist Church.

He has conducted well over 900 revivals and crusades (averaging 45 revivals a year) wherein some 20,000 persons have confessed to wanting a new relationship with the Lord.
The sermons scriptures, topics, and three major points were: • Monday - Scripture: Genesis 22:13-14; Judges 23:24; Exodus 15:26 “Good News for Your Future” (1) Jehovah Jireh (the Lord will provide)
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The Spoken Word

October 2009


Inside this issue …
Spiritual Wilderness--------------------------2 What Can Teenage Christians --------------3 Do To Have Fun?? Health & Fitness------------------------------4 In The Spirit-----------------------------------6 Inspirational Poem/Reading-----------------8 Calendar of Events/Services---------------12
THE SPOKEN WORD is a bi-monthly publication of the Eastern Community Church, 8213 Manson Street, Landover, Maryland. Its mission is to serve as a communication tool for informing the congregation, friends, and the community about ongoing activities at Eastern Community Church and to spread the “good news” about the wondrous of God’s love. Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Sister Dorothy A. Watson Email: editor@easterncommunity.org Editorial Assistant Tiffany Clark Finance Columnist Email: finance@easterncommunity.org Health Columnist Pastor Damion M. Briggs/Sister Pamela Bright Email: health@easterncommunity.org Youth Columnist Sister Hilary Bright Church Telephone: (301) 322-9787 Pastor: (301) 808-9353 Fax: (301) 322-9240

Spiritual Wilderness (Storms of Life)
DEVIL INDUCED Wilderness This kind of wilderness comes about due to our own evil desires. “But each one is tempted when, when by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full grown, gives birth to death.”( James 1: 14 and 15). Characteristics of Devil Induced Wilderness: ▪ Spiritual bankruptcy ▪ Fear of being alone ▪ Health-Maladies (spiritual and physical) ▪ Total darkness and fear ▪ Moral decay ▪ Hopelessness and lost of directions ▪ Depression and thoughts of suicide ▪ Low self esteem and shamefulness ▪ Disobedient to the words of GOD and arrogance ▪ An increased appetite to lust, to the things of the Flesh.(e.g. Pride, Power, Sight, Taste etc.).Genesis3:6 ▪ Unnecessary companions (distractions from the voice of GOD). ▪ Death (physical and spiritual).
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The Spoken Word

October 2009


Youth Columnist

Sister Hilary Bright
Dear Hil, What can teenage Christians do to have fun?

have fun, or don't have anything fun to do, it's just that we need to know what is appropriate and what is inappropriate according to our faith.

There are some things we shouldn't do like
going to night clubs, and staying out at odd hours, especially when we're still going to school. These things just don't reflect what we say and what we believe in. If you can find a teen dance club that you and your parents deem appropriate, then there is no problem. Those usually don't stay very late, so your parents won't be mad at you for going, and you won't do anything that you will later regret in your life. Remember people, there is always an option or an alternative to everything. It's not that you don't have things to do; it's that you need to find new ways to do them. -Hil

It’s not that hard for Christian teens to have fun. Just because we are Christian, doesn't mean we can't do anything other than going to church or reading the Bible. I mean, those two things are very important parts of our lives, but that don’t mean we can't enjoy other things. What you can and can not do to have fun
mostly depends on how strict your parents are, and what is morally right according to what the Bible has told us. It's not like we can't go to dances and other things like that, but we just have to be careful of what type of dancing we're doing, and who we are associating with. We can still go to movies, go shopping, or just hang out with friends. It's not like our parents or the fact that as Christians it automatically means that we have to hold ourselves up at home and just do nothing with our lives. On the contrary, we have to learn how to mingle with people. We need to know how to communicate with them so that we know ways to express our views to them, and maybe even get them to embrace our religion.

Youths: Do you have a question for Hilary? Send you topics or questions to: ecc@eastern community. org

Like I have said in my articles before,
there are always teen clubs and social groups that do something together in almost every community. It’s not that Christian teens can’t

Do you have a certain topic you would like to see in the youth column?

The Spoken Word

October 2009


Blood Type ABwhenever we genuinely repents; God is ever But if and
This is the fourth and the last of the main known blood types. Blood type AB is the also the newest of all the blood types. Individuals with blood type AB are blessed with inheriting the two dominant genes: A and B. This unique character makes them susceptible to both A and B diseases, making them prone to cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases. Research has also noticed a clear trend for women of this blood type to have many menstrual problems such as excessive bleeding, clotting, cramping, irregular menstrual cycles – either leading to hysterectomies or continued misery. Some of these women who experienced menstrual problems also experienced migraine and other headaches. There is a clear pattern of hormonal imbalance that plagues this blood group. ABs are slightly more muscular than A blood type, but less muscular than the B blood type. It is easier for an AB to build muscle than A, but in some cases, AB’s have a more difficult time building muscle as A’s. Eating properly for an AB requires guidelines Continued from similar to A’s, but with small amount of animal page 1 protein. AB’s should acquire their vitamins, minerals (2) Jehovah acids through plants Peace) and essential aminoShalom (the Lord ourand (3) proteins. vegetables Jehovah Rapha (the Lord our Healer)
• Tuesday - Scripture: John 14:9; Revelation Strengths: and Matthew 28:18 13:8; Two “Enough is Enough” dominant traits Friendliest immune system is enough: God was saying enough Weaknesses: the Incarnation (1) In Pattern of hormonal imbalance (2) In the Crucifixion Tendency to chemical imbalance disorders (3) In the Resurrection Health risks: Cancer • Wednesday - Scripture: Matthew 7:13-14 Heart disease of the Traffic” “Be Careful AnemiaCareful of the Traffic because: Be Autoimmunemay miss your appointment (1) You disease The Spoken Word menstrual problems and WomenYou may miss your exit; and (2) tend to have October 2009 other headaches migraine and miss getting home (3) You may 5 Nutritional profile: Limited to small amounts of animal protein. with a Each night we left spiritually energized and zeal to go out and share the word with others. To God Be the Glory! Submitted by Deaconess Martha Randolph ready to forgive us and deliver us from what ever storms/wilderness we may find our-selves in; Eat turkey; cod; mahi-mahi; navy, pinto soy then (Judges4:1-24. 6:1-40. 7:1-25. 8:1-21.)andbeans; our oat and rice make collard dandelion and mustard LORD will flours; the storms, wildernesses, enemies green; to us and His peace will chicken, duck, all subject figs grapes; plums. Avoid be with us as long as pork, kidney, lima beans, venison, clams, crab, we remain faithful to Him through his words and haddock, lobster, shrimp, white and yellow corn, precepts. Judges3:30. Judges4:6-7, 16,23and24. peppers, guava, mangoes and oranges. (b) Sometimes we have been faithfully obeying God's Submitted by visible and or immediate commandments, but without Sister Pamela Bright -----------------------------------------------------------result; faithfully paying tithes, Malachi:10; but still in wants of financial break- through. The question becomes, has Pizza changed? Of-course not, heavens Portobello God (AB Blood Type) forbid. (Malachi.3:6) “I the lord do not change-------. But what then is the problem? Let us read Jeremiah3:24 Ingredients: and 25, Hebrew 5:8, Acts 7:51-53, Zecharaiah1:4. So just • God allowed the Midianites, Amalakites and as 1 portobello mushroom, cleaned, stem other eastern people chopped the Israelites and ruined remove and to invade their • crops Tablespoons pizza sauce that is BTD 1-2 (Judges6:3-5), so God will allow the devourer compliant our tithes and labors/efforts. Read to spoil 1Samuel:15 and 23. “Does the Lord delight in burnt • 1 teaspoon feta or goat cheese offerings and sacrifices as much as obeying the voice of • 1 Tablespoon mozzarella cheese minced garlic the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is to taste better thancupsfat of rams.23;& vegetables is like sin of • 2 the mixed greens For rebellion divination,Tablespoon oilslike the 1 teaspoon each • 1 and arrogance (I mix evil of idolatry-----”. butter/ghee, olive oil & flaxseed oil) Characteristics of Holy Spirit liking: fruit, meat, rice • Other toppings to your Induced Wildernesses. • You can really get creative with toppings. ▪ Repentance ▪How to make it: Healing ▪ Spiritual endowment/ enrichment ▪ True knowledge/Wisdom 1/2 oil & 1/2 garlic. 1. Sauté Portobello in ▪ Peace and Tranquility 2. Set aside. ▪ Indescribablyveggies & chopped mushroom stem 3. Sauté Joy/Satisfaction ▪ Restoration/ oil & garlic. in1/2 Renewal/ Enlargement ▪ EternalSpread pizza sauce on top of Portobello 4. life ▪ Faith/Trust/Strength mushroom. ▪ Assurance/Purpose 5. Pile on chopped mushroom stem and veggies ▪ Reversal of curses or other toppings to your liking. ▪ Thirst and obedient to the words mozzarella cheese. 6. Add feta/goat cheese and of GOD ▪ Character building broiler until cheese is bubbling & 7. Place under ▪ Anointing of once spiritual gift/gifts starting to brown. ▪ Birthing of ministry/ministries. 8. Enjoy thoroughly! Submitted by Sis. Pamela Bright (Will continue in next issue)

----------------------------------------------------------------HOLY SPIRIT INDUCED Wilderness Continued from page 2 Some of the reasons why GOD allows/induces storms in our lives. (a) Some of us have been prayed up by our relatives, friends, church families for our salvation, trials etc. and as such we became dependent on them for prayers each time we need one. We then forget, that as followers of Christ, that we have been admonished to always pray and watch.1Thessalonians5:17. Luke18:1.Luke11:513.Acts.1:14.Romans12:12.Ephesians6:18.Colossians 4:2.and Isaiah40:25-31.

When we forsake God, (Judges3:7) due to our ignorance, stubbornness or and laziness; He calls and gets our attention back to him through these storms of life. (Judges3:1-4. Deuteron-omy.8:2-5.)

The Spoken Word

October 2009


IN The Spirit
The Cost of Honesty
"I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity. All these things have I given willingly and with honest intent" (1 Chronicles 29:17, NIV).

A brief lesson on everyday integrity.

When it's all said and done, how much is my
dignity and self–respect worth? The cost of an outdated coupon or rebate on an item I didn't purchase?

When I was a child, I thought as a child.
Sometimes I took things from another child's hand when I wanted it. Once or twice, I took candy from a store. That ended the first time my mother caught me and sent me back to confess and apologize.

It wasn't much, about a penny's worth of thievery. But is there such a thing as a "little dishonesty"? Recently, I left the post office with a handful of stamps. Once I had stamped all my manuscripts, I found that I'd been given eight more stamps than I paid for. When I returned to the employee who had sold me the stamps, it took a lot of explaining to make him understand why I was returning them. "Why did you bring them back? No one would've known."
"It's the right thing to do," I explained, suddenly not even sure why I'd made the effort.

It's easy to be honest when we're afraid of getting caught or into trouble. But, if it seems like a "sure thing," it's easy to convince ourselves that we're not being dishonest, someone else just wasn't being careful enough. Is a lie always a lie? The best lesson I had on honesty came several years back while on vacation in Wimberley, a charming town in southern Texas. The small square was filled with antique and craft shops. After an hour of shopping, my husband and I stopped for lunch in a café; near the square. I was surprised when a woman entered the restaurant and walked over to our table.
"I'm sorry, but I shorted you on your change," she explained. Then she held out a $1 bill.

But my 12–year–old daughter nodded and
smiled at me.

I recognized her from a candle shop we'd visited earlier. "But how did you know I'd be here?" I was flabbergasted. She had actually searched the shops to return a dollar. Honesty was very important to her. On the other hand, a man I know returned a large television set to a department store and was given cash for his return. A month later, he noticed this amount had also been deleted from his credit card bill. He didn't bother contacting his credit card company.
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Should we go out of our way to be honest?
After all, with the post office situation, I didn't steal the stamps; it was the postal worker who made the mistake. But does my honesty depend on the actions of another?
I can be dishonest. But I choose to be honest.

The Spoken Word

October 2009


Continued from page 6

Does God want me to be just a little honest? Or honest only in certain situations? Or only when someone is looking? How much dishonesty is too much? Sometimes I am the only person who knows whether I am being honest in a situation or not. Do I keep extra change I'm given, cheat on my taxes, ignore the double credit on a credit card statement? Do I tell my daughter that a white lie is still a lie, but a few minutes later tell the police officer that my accelerator got stuck? When did honesty become an endangered value? Somewhere that man is proud of the $700 he cheated the department store out of and laughs about it with everyone he knows, even his daughter. Somewhere in Wimberley, Texas, there is a truly honest woman. I rejoice in sharing that story with my daughter.
If given a choice, I hope I'm the latter. And that's the honest truth. Kathryn Lay is a writer in Arlington, Texas.

2009 Everybody’s Birthday Celebration

Month of November table

choose to be honest. When it's all said and done, how much is my dignity and self– respect worth?”

Month of March table

The Spoken Word

October 2009


Already Paid There’s so much temptation in the world today. But remember the cross, it’s already paid. No other name whereby we can be saved, Jesus the High Priest, He leadest us to the presence of God. My soul does magnify the Lord, open you heart, receive Him, the eternal King of Kings, my beginning, my last. God has reconciled Himself through the blood Christ shed, He’s knocking at the door of your heart Don’t turn away, his strength will receive you each and everyday build hope; more forward relying on no one else, He’ll lead and guide in a righteous way.


Food for your Soul Accept responsibility for your actions. The things you do, the things you say and the things you think. If things don’t go quite right ask yourself what you could have done differently to get a different outcome. It is not always someone else’s fault. You stand up and take responsibility.

The Spoken Word

October 2009


Finance Corner
Whether you've grown up in the church, have
recently started attending - or even if you have never set foot in one in your entire life - you have probably heard about the concept of the tithe. Basically, it is giving 10% of your income to God.

– The Tithe
As individuals, you must seek God's will in your
life in this - just as you should with everything else you do. If you want to test God, do so - because He tells us that we can. And remember what our purpose on earth is for - not to build ourselves up, but rather for the glory of the Kingdom. Our treasures are stored in heaven, and our time here is just temporary. God will not let you go without - He is faithful to us if we are faithful to Him. Courtesy of Christian Finance

That sure sounds like a lot, especially in the economic times we are in. Tithing has one interesting aspect to it however - it is the one place in the Bible that God actually says we can test him on it. Test God? No way you may think - but it's true. Malachi 3:10 (NIV) says "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, says the Lord Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it". Wow those are pretty strong words on this subject. Notwithstanding God's words, I still feel odd 'testing' him on this. Instead, I give faithfully in hopes that God will continue his grace and blessings in my life. I have actually felt convicted by the Holy Spirit at times that I was not tithing. It's true: for a while I had stopped tithing for various reasons - more out of personal want rather than financial necessity - and I felt absolutely guilty about it. So I started again and that feeling completely disappeared. If you are in the leadership of a church, I want to share something that we do. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that my Pastor had started a series on Recession Proofing your life. With regards to tithing, our church does an interesting thing - basically a 'tithe test'. If a person tithes for 3 months and does not feel God blessing them, then our church will refund their tithe back to them. Talk about a guarantee! This is not the first time we have done this, but over the years we have never had to refund any money back. Does that speak for the benefit of tithing?

The Twelve Historical Books
• • • • • • • • • • • •

Joshua 24:14-18 - A Choice To Give Judges 17:1-6 - Doing What Is Right In God's Sight Ruth 1:3-5, 15-16, 2:3, 11-12 - The Lord Recompense And Reward You 1 Samuel 15:2-3, 18-22 - Sacrifice Is Good But Obedience Is Better 2 Samuel 2:3-6 - Showing Kindness Has It's Rewards 1 Kings 2:1-4 - Prospering In All We Do Wherever We Go 2 Kings 4:1-7 - Preparing To Receive From God 1 Chronicles 22:1-6 - Preparing To Build The Lord's House 2 Chronicles 2:1-2 - Bearing The Burden Together Ezra 1:1-5 - Two Reasons For God's Material Blessings Nehemiah 10:34-39 - Supporting The Levites And The Priests Esther 2:17-18 - Love Gives According To It's Ability

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October 2009


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