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atoz Interview Questions pdf

Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf free
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SAP HR Interview Questions and answers pdf free
download for freshers&Experienced
1. Business process in Human Capital Management
1. List the various components of the enterprise structure in Systems, Applications, and
Products (SAP) in Human Capital Management (HCM).
2. What is client in the SAP system?
3. What is company code?
4. What is personnel area?
5. What are personnel subareas?
6. What do you understand by personnel structure?
7. What are the functions of the Personnel Administration module?
8. What is the meaning of Global Employment in SAP HCM?
9. What do you mean by Infotypes in SAP HCM?
10. What are features in SAP HCM?
11. What is IMG?
12. What do you understand by mandatory activities?
13. What are optional activities?
14. What are non-required activities?
15. What do you understand by critical activities?
16. What are non-critical activities?
17. What are personnel development plans?
18. What is the use of Training and Event Management?
19. What is SAP HCM Workflow?
20. What is the use of Compensation Management?
21. What is Personnel Cost Planning?
22. What is Shift Planning?
23. What do you mean by Capacity Planning?
24. What is Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)?
25. What is Manager's Desktop?
26. What are the most important processes in the HR department?
27. List the most important structures in HR.
28. What is Employee Self-Service (ESS)?
29. List the functions required to select an Infotype.
30. How do you hire a new employee?
2. Master Data
1. Which elements constitute the enterprise structure?
2. Which elements constitute the administrative personnel structure?
3. What are the main elements of Human Resource (HR) organizational structure?
4. Which steps are required for creating and managing the Organizational Management
(OM) structures?
5. What are the functions of the personnel subarea?
6. What are the functions of the employee subgroup?
7. Define payroll area.
8. Define an Infotype.
9. Which two criteria determine the payroll areas?
10. What is the use of organizational key?
11. Which Infotype defines the administrators?
12. What are the main administrators in Standard Assessment Procedure HR?
13. What is the use of features?
14. Specify the relationship between the Planned Working Time (Infotype 0007) and
Basic Pay (Infotype 0008).
15. Which feature is used to define the default values for the pay scale area and pay
scale type?
16. What is the use of employee subgroup grouping for collective agreement
17. Where are pay scale groups and pay scale levels defined?
18. How do you create primary wage types?
19. Where can you evaluate the wage types?
20. What are the elements on which the input permissibility of a wage type depends?
21. What is personnel subarea grouping for primary wage types?
22. Where is wage type valuation defined?
23. How the wage types are evaluated indirectly?
24. How can you define the default wage types for the Basic Pay Infotype.
25. What is pay scale reassignment?
3. Organization Management
1. What is organizational plan?
2. What are organizational units?
3. What is a job?
4. What are positions?
5. What are Persons?
6. What is the importance of OM?
7. What are cost centers?
8. What is a task?
9. What is a work center?
10. What are object relationships?
11. What is the default value for personnel area?
12. What is the default value for personnel subarea and business area?
13. Where do you identify divisions of an organization?
14. What are the organizational functions of the personnel subarea?
15. What is Country Reassignment?
16. Which elements determine the enterprise structure for Personnel Administration?
17. What elements make up the personnel structure?
18. What elements constitute the organizational structure?
19. What are the two different types of views available in personnel structure?
20. What is a payroll accounting area?
4. Personal Administration
1. What is Individual Infotype Maintenance?
2. Why do we perform personnel actions?
3. What is Concurrent Employment model?
4. Which transaction code is used to maintain the HR Master Data?
5. What are dynamic actions?
6. What is the use of the Absence Quotas Infotype?
7. What is fast entry for actions?
8. What is Workflow Management?
9. What is the use of Employee Self Service (ESS)?
10. What is a client in Personnel Administration?
11. What is the Infotype for Capacity Utilization?
12. How can you create the Project IMG?
13. What is the feature for default payroll area?
14. What is the role of an administrator in Personnel Administration?
15. What is the use of RHINTE30?
16. What is the use of the PACTV feature?
17. Which three different administrators are stored for an employee?
18. Which field should be set up for each administrator to ensure that they get e-mails
whenever data is changed in the system?
19. What is the structure of a feature?
20. What is the relationship between the Pinch feature, the table in which
administrators are stored, and the Infotype 0001?
21. What happens if the PINCH feature returns the value &PINCH=****?
22. How do you create the Project IMG?
23. For which activities SAP cannot deliver default settings in IMG?
24. Which tables are used to enter master data?
25. What is the characteristic of data structures?
26. At what level the regulation of employees are defined in SAP?
27. In which circumstances payroll is run for employees who belong to the same payroll
28. What is the report to activate a feature?
29. Why are features used?
30. What is the use of employee subgroup grouping for Personnel Calculation Rule
5. Payroll Configaration
1. What is period parameter in Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing
(SAP) payroll?
2. What is a date modifier?
3. What is the payroll control record?
4. What is the use of payroll areas?
5. What are payroll periods?
6. What is the ABKRS feature?
7. What is the use of matchcode W?
8. What is the use of payroll control record?
9. Can you evaluate payroll results using the SAP query and the Ad-hoc query?
10. What steps are required to post payroll results to accounts?
11. What is the transaction code to access the payroll control record?
12. What are the key features in a payroll control record?
13. What is the purpose of using payroll control record?
14. Which activities are performed when you run a payroll in the Simulation mode?
15. What is the Release Payroll function?
16. What are the different composite roles available in payroll?
17. What is payroll process in SAP?
18. What is employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rule?
19. What is employee subgroup grouping for Collective Agreement Provision?
20. Where do you set up the remuneration structure of the employee?
6. Personnel Time Management
1. What is a work schedule?
2. What is the use of a public holiday calendar?
3. Can a company define its own public holidays?
4. What is the role of public holiday calendar in an organization?
5. Which characteristics does a public holiday class blank signifies?
6. What is employee subgroup grouping for daily work schedules?
7. What is a variant of a daily work schedule?
8. What is employee subgroup grouping for the time quotas?
9. What are the different breaks within a break schedule?
10. What is a period work schedule?
11. Which is a personal work schedule?
12. What are day types?
13. What is a work schedule rule?
14. What are substitutions in the SAP R/3 system?
15. What is use of the SCHKZ feature?
16. What is an absence quota?
17. What is the use of the TMSTA feature?
18. Which feature is used to define the default substitutions type?
19. What are absences in the SAP system?
20. Which type of remuneration Infotype is used?
7. Reporting in Human Resource Management
1. Which reporting tools are available in Human Resources (HR) Management?
2. Is the Business Information Warehouse part of the SAP R/3 system?
3. What is HIS?
4. What is Infoset Query?
5. What is SAP Query?
6. Where do you find standard reports in HR?
7. What does the term report mean?
8. How is a report executed in SAP?
9. How do you combine Organizational Management (OM) and Personal Administration
(PA) data using Infosets?
10. Is it possible to integrate the customer-specific reports with Manager's Desktop?
11. What is the use of logical database?
12. List the logical databases that exist in HR.
13. What is the use of logical database PNP?
14. What is the use of logical database PCH?
15. What is the use of logical database PAP?
16, How are User Groups and lefosets related?
17. What is a field group?
18. What are selection fields?
19. How can SAP Query be configured?
20. What are the features of Adhoc Query?
8. Recruitment & E-recruitment
1. What are the functions of the Recruitment Module?
2. List the main areas in which the Recruitment Implementation Guide (IMG) falls.
3. What is vacancy?
4. What is the role of personnel officer?
5. What is the role of line manager?
6. What is the staffing status of a vacancy?
7. What is Applicant Class?
8. What is the transaction code to maintain the master data of an applicant?
9. What is the transaction code to create advertisements?
10. What is the transaction code for initial applicant data entry?
11. How do you maintain integration between Personnel Development and
12. Which reports are relevant in recruitment?
13. What is applicant group?
14. What is applicant range?
15. What is an unsolicited application group? How can you define unsolicited application
16. What is APPL?
17. What are the most important Infotypes for recruitment?
18. Define the Corporate Structure.
19. What is Applicant Structure?
20. What is the use of the Applicant Actions Infotype (4000)?
21. What is the use of the Vacancy Assignment Infotype (4002)?
22. What are Applicant Actions?
23. What is the feature to customize applicant short profile?
24. What is Requisition Management?
25. What is management of job postings?
26. What is application entry in E-recruiting?
27. What is applicant tracking?
28. What is Talent Relationship Management?
29. What is the significance of roles in E-recruiting?
30. What are the basic processes in SAP E-recruiting?
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