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SOCIO 101 Society, Anthropology & Culture w/ Family Planning


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TEST I. Write True if the statement is correct and False if the statement is not wrong.

__________1. Responsible Parenthood is the will and ability to respond to the needs and aspirations of the family and
__________2. Parenting also includes being able to provide the financial needs of the children.
__________3. The saying,” Once a parent always a parent”, only applies to family living in rural areas because they personally
manages their family.
__________4. A responsible parent also actively participates in community programs and projects.
__________5. Our children are the hope of the nation, if parents do not discipline their children, they become a liability of the
__________6. In inculcating discipline, parents should always check with their children’s adviser regarding their status in
__________7. Social competence can only be achieved if children have high self esteem.
__________8. It is important to be able to talk openly and honestly about sexuality.
__________9. Our body is a gift from God, so it is a taboo and forbidden to ask another person about our sexuality.
__________10. If we are aware of our sexuality, we can avoid sexual intercourse during a certain period.
__________11. It is important to be aware about a person’s ideas regarding personal views about sexuality, to make a healthy
__________12. The primary sexual organ in men and women is the brain.
__________13. It is a fact that male is always fertile.
__________14. At puberty, the testicle produces sperm cells this under the influence of the hormone called estrogen.
__________15. There are about 300-500 million sperm cells in every normal ejaculation.
__________16. Woman’s fertility starts only after her first sexual experience.
__________17. When a baby girl is born, her ovary contains approximately 400,000 immature ovaries, however only around
400 of these eggs will ever mature.
__________18. The highlight of a woman’s fertility occurs 12-14 days before the onset of the next menses.
__________19. For postponing pregnancy, intercourse is totally not allowed.
__________20. Menstruation days are considered fertile days.

TEST II. Multiple Choices: (Encircle the letter of the correct answer.)

1. It is a commitment to ensure the well being of the family and enable each member to fully develop one’s capabilities.
a. Responsible parenthood b. Parent Education
c. Parenting d. Family
2. It involves the inculcation of values and the instilling of discipline.
a. Responsible parenthood b. Parent Education
c. Parenting d. Family
3. It is an important component of social competence.
a. Socialization b. Self-confidence
c. Responsibility c. Financial status
4. It is the totality of each individual’s personhood.
a. Parenting b. Family
c. Sexuality d. Love

5. This includes the man or woman’s capability for sexual feelings or behavior.
a. Sexual Orientation b. Parenting
c. Sexuality d. Human sexuality
6. This refers to the psychological sense of being male and female.
a. Sexual Identity c. Gender Identity
b. Biological Sex d. Sexuality
7. This means the ability to give and receive sexual satisfaction from each other.
a. Sexual Identity c. Sexual harmony
b. Sexuality d. Sexual Identity
8. Which is not a male reproductive system?
a. Vulva c. testicle
b. Vas deferens d. Sperm production
9. It refers to the viscid fluid which is composed of the sperm and the fluids from the comper gland, prostate gland, and
seminal vesicle.
a. testosterone b. pituitary hormone
c. estrogen d. semen
10. A tube attached to the uterus, where mature female egg enters here waiting for the sperm.
a. Fallopian tubes b. ovaries
b. Vaginal canal d. cervix
11. The sperm is the smallest cell in the male body, it is Identified about ___________..
a. 21 chromosomes c. 23 chromosomes
b. 17 chromosomes d. all of the above
12. It occurs once the mature egg all meets or unites with a sperm cell.
a. Implantation c. Sexuality
b. Fertilization d. Menstruation
13. The method in identifying the fertile and infertile period of a woman’s cycle.
a. Natural Family Planning c. Fertilization
b. Basal Body Temperature d. Implantation
14. It is methods in family planning in which all users will also include the couple’s user advise the color coded cycle beads.
a. Basal Body Temperature (BBT) c. Billings Ovulation Method
b. Standard Days Method (SDN) d. Natural Family Planning
15. It is used no dry days (day 6 to 10). During these days the couple is free to have sexual intercourse.
a. Brown stamps b. Red stamps
c. Sun and Moon d. White stamps

III. Essay Type Test. ( You can use additional sheet of paper .)

1. Discuss your understanding of the controversial RH Bill..
State your reason if you are in favor of legalizing the RH Bill in our country. If you are against it, give your recommendation
and suggestions.

2. Describe the present status of HIV and Aids in our country?

Explain the precautionary measures of how people can avoid contacting the disease.

Holy Child College of Davao
Jacinto St., Davao City

Prof Ed 101- Principles of Teaching I


Name_______________________________________________________ Rating _______

TEST I. Morse Type Test. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank.

a. only a is correct b. only b is correct
c. both a and b are correct d. both a and b are incorrect

____1. Direct instruction is a way of teaching…
a. which is teacher dominated.
b. which is from general to specific
____ 2. Direct instruction emphasized on…..
a. teaching of skills
b. the procedure which includes solving of problems.
______3. In deductive approach,
a. it is teacher dominated lesson.
b. begins the lesson with generalization of concepts.
____4. This is an example of the deductive method of teaching.
a. Defines vertebrate as all animals with backbones.
b. Generalized that all who lived near the river in Metro Manila were flooded during the recent typhoon.
____5. The Project Method is a teaching method,
a. which is sometimes referred to as, “ self- directed study”.
b. is teacher dominated,
____6. Constructivist Approach,
a. is teaching with the end in mind.
b. involves a thoughtful analysis of a teacher’s action.
____7. Problem solving method,
a. begins with the abstract rule, generalization.
b. is a teaching strategy that employs scientific method in searching for information.
____8. In Reflective Teaching ,
a. involves thoughtful analysis of a teacher’s action.
b. attends to feeling especially the positive and pleasant ones.
____9. Peer tutoring is a teaching strategy that…
a. helps students who needs assistance in their studies. Norm-referenced grading system
b. helps the teacher to so he/she can to do other task.
____10. Lesson planning is very important in teaching,
a. involves thoughtful analysis of a teacher’s action
b. attends to feeling especially the positive and pleasant ones.

Test II. Enumeration:

1. Suggest some effective opening activities . ( 5 items)

2. List down 5 activities in each developmental activities of a lesson.

a. for gathering data

b. for organizing and summarizing

c. for application/ creative activities

2. The grading system of a school adopts the following equivalents; quizzes is 30%, seatwork is 20%, attendance is 10% and
examination is 40%.

Compute John’s grade in Science if his total scores are:

Quiz – 85, Seatwork – 88, Attendance – 85, Examination – 92

Test III. Essay type.

1. Give the meaning of portfolio assessment?
Discuss the three types of portfolio: growth, showcase and evaluation portfolios

2. Show a sample showcase for a growth portfolio that would indicate what item will be included in the finished product.

3. What is the difference of norm-referenced grading system between a criterion referenced grading system?