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Prof. Daisy Kurien
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 Kamlesh Soniwal
 Pintu Maharana
 Sanjay Thacker
 Zamir khan
 Nitesh Shahu
Flow of Presentation

 Information about 2G
 Information about 2G Scam
 Parties involved in 2G Scam
 Investigation agencies
 Factor affected by the 2G Scam
 Deficiency of money by the 2G Scam
 Steps taken by the Government after Scam
Top 10 scam in India...
1) 2G Spectrum Scam
2) Commonwealth Games Scam
3) Satyam Scam
4) Telgi Scam
5) Bofors Scam
6) The Fodder Scam
7) The Hawala Scandal
8) IPL Scam
9) Harshad Mehta Stock Market Scam
10) Ketan Parekh Stock Market Scam

“Second-Generation Wireless
Telephone Technology”
Information about

2G spectrum technology was first launched in 1991 in
Finland by Radiolinja only in the GSM(Global System
Mobile Communication) mobile Phone.

History Of
• Rules and procedure were broken while issuing the
• 2G scam is illegally undercharging mobile telecom
companies for allotting licenses
• This spectrum scam led the government heavy loss of
Rs. 1.76 lakh crore
Information about Scam
Involved in 2G scam
 A Raja (Telecom minister)
 M.K. kanimozhi
 Nira Radia
 Arun Jaitley
 Barkha Dutt (Journalist)
 Arun Shourie
• A Raja is born in 26

• A Raja represents the Nilgiris constituency
Of tamil nadu in the 15th lok sabha
• A Raja as telecom minister in 2008 allotted
spectrum to Telecom companies based on 2001
M.K. kanimozhi
• She is member of parliament, representing the
Tamil nadu in the rajay sabha
 Barkha Dutt
• Journalist of an NDTV to have lobbied for A Raja
appointed as minister
 A Raja
 Unitech Group
 Swan Telecom
 Videocon Telecommunication
 Reliance Telecommunication
 Tata communication
 Essar Group
Unitech Group(Ramesh Chandra)
• It is the second largest estate investment company & has
recently claimed to be the largest real estate builder in the
• Unitech telecom got license without any prior telecom

Swan Telecom(Shahid Balwa)
• Swan telecom got license without any prior telecom

Investigation Agencies
 2G license at throwaway price
 No auction, no bids but they used first come & first out
The presumptive loss caused to the exchanger through
spectrum allocation to 122 license and 35 duel technologies
licenses in 2007-08 was Rs. 176645 crore
 Adviser of PM finance minister & law minister ignored by Raja
 Cut off date for license letter advanced arbitrarily by a week
 Licensed issued in 2008, pegged at 2001 prices
 Government revenue 2G Rs. 10772 crore.
Impact on stock market
 20 % fall in the stock price in the stock
price of DB realty
 Sun TV had its shares fall by 10%
DB realty had given 200+ kalaignar TV
 Spice jet stock went down after report
of investigation
 Swan Telecom Chief Balwa was
arrested on Feb. 8
and this Led to
rumors of links with Anil Ambanis

 A Raja arranged the sale of 2G spectrum license
below their market value
 Unitech wireless got license for Rs. 1661 crore, sold
60 % stake for Rs. 6200 crore.
 Swan got license for Rs. 1537 crore, sold 45% stake to
Etisalat For Rs. 4200 crore
 9 companies purchased licenses and collectively paid
Rs. 10772 crore
Deficiency of Money
Steps Taken by government
Set up a special branch of CBI to look into
the matter
A Raja was also arrested by the police
 Telecom minister resigns his post after scam
 CBI is also interacting with the brothers of
A Raja & also some business men