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General Objectives

 To gain more knowledge & experience
 To apply our learning and skill from our previous rotations
 to gain knowledge in handling patient from being a student nurse into a Professional nurse.
 toimproved my skills in the handling different cases of clients in medical extension.
 to be more approachable and holistic in people specially the S.O of the patient and patient itself
 to be able to enhance our knowledge and skills that can be useful in thefuture.
 To gain more knowledge, skills, and good attitude in dealing with the patients.
 To learn more knowledge about different diseases we encounter on the area
 To acquire more skills upon the course of our exposure
 To have an attitude that suits to different situation
 To be able to render services to the people who are confined in this hospital following the
different rules and regulation of this institution
 To be able to understand the disease that my patient has and its sign and symptoms that was
manifest by my patient during her hospitalization.
 To appreciate the different duties and responsibilities of nursing student in term on handling pt
at Quirino Provincial Hospital (QPH),Male Ward.
 To gain knowledge from the skills practiced inside the hospital moreover to expound the
learning’s being taught inside the 4 walls of the classroom.
 To focus about diseases & health conditions that will be encountered inthe medical & surgical
ward of QPH.
 To improve my skills, knowledge and practice as to provideappropriate nursing care to the
client having medical- surgical disorders/ diseases in standard way of nursing practice
 To be able to apply the knowledge gained from school in the hospital as well as to gain skills
from the hospital in order to apply appropriate behavior in the nursing process.
 To increase our understanding about a certain disease. and to concretize the theories that we
have learned. Learn the value of caring others especially our clients.
 To increase the level of my awareness and understanding regarding communicable diseases and
to render nursing skills applicable to the cases of the patients.
 toprovide a comprehensive knowledge regarding communicable diseases, to describe their
manifestations, management as well as the etiology and the role of the communicable disease
 To conduct duty at SLH guided by our CI and acquire knowledge and skills through our
experience and be able to impart our nursing care to the patients.
 To be able to aquire more knowledge about the different commnicable diseases that are
present at San Lazaro Hospital.
 To be able to enhance our skills with regards in hospital setting.
 to enhance skills in handling patients with communicable diseases and to gain knowledge in the
manifestations, managements as well as the etiology of communicable disease and to
experience actual care in this field.
 To strenghten our knowledge, develop skills and proficiencies in CD/ infectious diseases and to
render effective, efficient, quality care to patients with proper approach, right attitude coupled
with commitment and sense of responsibility in health promotion and care,
 To be able to increase our knowledge with the procedures and routines done within the
hospital, as well as incorporate new concepts learned from the classroom to the actual duty

Specific Objectives:
 To render appropriate nursing care for a specific patient
 To know the proper management for a patient
 To apply suitable behavior in handling a patient
 to impart the knowledge that i've learned from my different clinical instructor to my patient and
SO as easy as it they understand.
 to apply different nursing action as what client is prioritize
 to apply holistic approach in the health care team and to the patient itself..
 To be able to render specific nursing intervention to individual patients.
 To be able to know the appropriate management to specific diseases.
 To provide care to the patients in male extension ward
 To be able to learn the disease process of the patient’s condition.
 To become calm when problem or toxic situation arises
 To manage my time wisely and properly
 To become humble and kind inhandling different types of patient and S.O.
 To help my co-student when they are in need.
 To be able to familiarize the different nursing responsibilities in this Hospital which include;
plotting, charting, giving medication, computation on medication and IVF and in doing different
nursing intervention for the caseof our respective patients.
 To be able to enrich my knowledge on different things that I can possibly encountered on my
future profession.
 To anticipate the doctor’s needs and cater to the necessities of the patients.
 To gain knowledge about specific disease that causes illness to the patients through proper
history taking, assessment and interdependent treatment of illness
 To provide health teachings about prevention of the disease to avoid reoccurrence and to
promote health wellness
 To establish good relationship to the client
 To render nursing care not beyond to the usual practice
 To know different diseases, its etiology, s/sx, its nursing mgt. and prevention.
 torender therapeutic nursing interventions.
 to impart health teachings to client and possibly to the so to modify their lifestyle that promotes
their good health
 To broaden our concepts about communicable diseases.
 Enhance our skills through rendering quality service to our client to become an effective nurse
 Learn how to mingle to other people with different personalities.
 To be able to give right assessment and render quality and appropriate care to my assigned
 To impart information which may help my patient to adjust to the daily routine of the new
environment and to cooperate in accepting treatment for his/her complete recovery.
 To apply prior nursing interventions to the identified potential and actual problems of the
 Touplift my knowledge and skills regarding handling patient with communicable disease.
 To practice my communication skills that will lead me to an accurate assessment.
 To learn how to interact with different patients regardless of their different personalities and
illness and considering the proper approach to be used.
 To develop skills in providing clinically-related activities as may be require or instructed on us to
 Impart our care to our patient through his/her wellness with the collaboration of other care
provider in the hospital with the supervision of our CI.
 To widen our knowledge about communicable diseases and to understand how it was aqure,
manifested and treated, underlying signs and symptoms and able to share to other people.
 toappreciate nursing care for patient with communicable diseases as well as the signs and
symptoms of the diseases.
 to gain knowledge on how to care for patient with infectious diseases.
 to familiarize the clinical set up and management for patients with communicable diseases.
 To be able to know and exposed to the different cases, and gain knowledge and skills in
rendering the appropriate nursing interventions into our specific clients.
 To be able to know the disease of the patients and to gain more information about health status
of our patients.
 To rendered care and health teachings about the case of our patients and other illnesses.
 To gain information about the history, vision, mission goals and objectives of SLH;
 To familiarize with the different facilities, pavillion, policies, guidelines and all the services
rendered by SLH pertaining to health care;
 To stenghten our knowledge on CD / infectious diseases, its distribution,ocurence,supportive
therapy ,medication,treatment thru actual observantion & pre & post conferences, interaction
w/ patients & observation of cases;
 To render effective, efficient & quality care to patients at SLH;
 To offer proper approach & attitude in handling patient & to develop self awareness,
commitment & stronger sense of responsibility in the delivery of health services;
 To observe all activities in the hospital relevance to health promotion with other nursing schools
thru supervision of clinical instructors.
 To apply the knowledge about the specific interventions based fromthe appreciation of the
clinical manifestations of the handled diseases of the patients
 To be exposed naturally from the diseases to develop skills and learnings effectively
 to be aware on the signs and symptoms of different diseases that we encountered in the
 to know the preventive measures regarding on the cases handled
 to give prior intervention on the nursing problems of the patient to render care and give health
teaching to our patient
 To define and to determine such symptoms arises in a certain cases in order to formulate plans
and intervention.
 to be able to know more about a particular disease or illness with regards to its treatment and
 to be able to impart things and information which can help my patient's recovery.
 tobecome more responsible in dealing with my patients condition.
 To broaden our knowledge and uplift our capabilities in giving quality health care services inside
the hospital.

 i improved my confidence in handling clients but i have to improved charting because when
time comes no more CI who is supervised us. i continuous improved my decision making as
being myself now. my charting ability is more improved from being 3rd yr to 4th year. i hope
that my knowledge and skills that I've learned serve as basis for becoming a professional and
competent nurse.
 I was curious and afraid during our affiliation at San Lazaro Hospital. Curious because I wanted
to know how the hospital can handle such a big number of patients with communicabledisease.
Afraid because I might contact a disease and pass it to my family.So before and during our
affiliation there I took a lot of vitamin supplements and observed precautions, not only for
myself but also for the patient I was to.
 This is the happiest duty that I ever experienced, and I’m so happy because I’ve learned a lot
from all those mistakes that I’ve done. In preparing medication I’ve experienced some hands
tremor but honestly I didn’t felt any nervous because I know that my C.I will guide me.
 I felt excited but a little anxious maybe because to my new environment and to my clinical
instructor. It is my first time to have MA’am Nhelia as my CI so I really don’t have any idea on
how she approaches her students. I knew that I need more knowledge and experiences in order
to become an effective nurse someday. I’ve learned many things and help me a lot in our 3 days
of duty at San Lazaro Hospital.
 My first exposure to San Lazaro Hospital, I felt mixed emotions. I am excited yet a part of me
was nervous. I am curious but a part of me was afraid that I could acquire a disease once I've
entered the hospital. Also I felt happy that I made it to the level where I will now have my
 I am very excited and confident in handling my patients however, i was oftenly distructed by
frequent queries of my groupmates even in the dorm. I wish that i should handle different cases
with classical manifestations but my team were only exposed to Dengue & miliary tuberculosis
due probably to agency policies. My exposure really was very limited that i did not met my
 I have observed myself as part of the clinical team to be an effective nurse someday. I'm being
more competitive as I encountered a lots of new experiences taking care of those patients with
communicable diseases.
 For me our clinical instructor is the BEST because she was able to provide all the things that we
need to know not only based on the book but specially in experience
>She is not only a clinical instructor for me but rather than a mother because she always guide
us for our own good.
 As with any new clinical instructor, I was nervous but with Ma'am Nhelia I was doubly so. First,
because this is my first time to be under her supervision. Second, because I know that she is
knowledgeable and that I might make mistakes. I had heard that she was strict but I found out
that her strictness is reasonable. I think she was frustrated with us and that she would like us to
learn more. I also found out that she has a nice sense of humor, knows how to get along well
with us students, and has a huge collection of jokes to share which makes the students feel at
ease with her.
 good mentor to us from developing us from student nurse to be professional nurse
>very approachable (Hindi ka mahihiyang lumapit) when it comes to things that is
something that is new to me.
>one of a kind CI complete example of an ideal and standard type of people in the firld
of nursing..
>fair to us..strict but jolly...palakwento pac madam...
>tnx madam for sharing your knowledge and skills to us. this learning in a treasure that i
kept as becoming a professional someday...tnx for being a mentor and 2nd mother to
 She have done her part as a CI, she guided us in everything we’ve done. She helped us in
accomplishingour task and most of all, she taught us in a right manner. Thank you ma’am for
holding our group that way, we are admiring the way you disciplined us in every mistakes that
we have made.
 As what I have said, it is my first time to have Ma’am Nhelia as my CI so I don’t have any idea on
how she approaches her students. We are very thankful that she is considerate and jolly. We
learned to laugh to our mistakes, but inculcated to our mind in order to avoid committing errors
again in the same situation.
 She wasvery supportive and jolly to be with. All through out our duty, she was there to assist us
in formal teaching through our pre-conferences and supervise us in our clinical practice. Being
with her makes my duty very enjoyable and memorable one.
 Our CI closely monitors/supervises the group in good mood and motivation. She guide as in
every procedure that we do and observed. A supportive CI that no other than Mrs. Nhelia B.
Perez, thank you for being kind, understanding and your so approachable and strict sometimes
but in a good way. Thank u Ma’am!
 Very supportive, understanding & a true mentor since she asissted affiliates in accomplishing
hospital task very often. She reminded SN's from time to time & supplemented discussions,
giving general leads & information - a therapeutic approach on the part of a learning process for
the students. She was approachable, jolly but sometimes toxic however, at manageable,
tolerable & minimal toxic effects jajaja.
 Ma'am Nhel is very intelligent sharing her knowledge about communicable diseases dring our
case analysis. She did very well her function as our mentor and she always help and encourage
as to bring- out the best in our selves especially in intervening with our patients. I considered
her as an influential motivator.