HP Announces Changes to Its Board of Dir

Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) HP today announced that Meg Whi
tman, HP president and chief executie o!icer, has "een appointed ch
airman of the "oard of directors, and current director Pat #usso has "
een appointed $ead independent director% Additiona$$y, &$aus &$einfe$d,
chief executie and chairman of A$coa, has "een appointed to the "oar
d, "ringing the tota$ num"er of "oard mem"ers to '(%
Whitman has "een president and chief executie o!icer of HP since )
eptem"er (*'' and a mem"er of the "oard since +anuary (*''% #usso
has "een a director since (*''% )he $eads the H# and ,ompensation ,
ommittee and is a mem"er of the Nominating, -oernance and )ocia$
#esponsi"i$ity ,ommittee%
. m extreme$y p$eased that the "oard has e$ected Meg its chairman an
d Pat $ead independent director, said #a$ph Whitworth, departing chai
rman of HP s "oard% Meg and Pat are unwaering in their commitment
to the corporate goernance, capita$ a$$ocation and management ince
ntie princip$es that droe our decisions these past three years% /hey
wi$$ stic0 to and strengthen the critica$ practices and discip$ines we e
put in p$ace% HP is in great hands%
Meg has "een an outstanding $eader since coming to HP, and we "e$ie
e that as chairman she can most e!ectie$y drie the turnaround and
continue to "ui$d a$ue for our shareho$ders, said -ary #einer, chairm
an of the Nominating, -oernance and )ocia$ #esponsi"i$ity ,ommitte
#einer added, /hroughout Pat s three years on the "oard, her deep op
erationa$ and techno$ogy experience and her commitment to goernan
ce "est practice hae proed ina$ua"$e% )he was the o"ious choice t
o step in as $ead independent director%
&$aus &$einfe$d, 12, seres as chairman and chief executie o!icer of
A$coa, a g$o"a$ $eader in $ightweight meta$s techno$ogy, engineering a
nd manufacturing% 3nder &$einfe$d s $eadership, A$coa has "een pioti
ng from a commodities4focused company to a diersi5ed $ightweight
meta$s enterprise for the automotie, aerospace, defense and commer
cia$ transportation industries%
Prior to A$coa, &$einfe$d spent two decades at )iemens, rising to "eco
me the chief executie o!icer of the g$o"a$ e$ectronics and industria$ c
ong$omerate% 6uring his tenure, &$einfe$d presided oer a dramatic tr
ansformation of the company, reshaping its portfo$io around three hig
h4growth areas, resu$ting in an increase of reenues and a near dou"$i
ng of mar0et capita$i7ation%
As ,E8 of two g$o"a$ companies during ma9or turnarounds, &$aus has
a deep understanding of the cha$$enges and opportunities facing HP t
oday, said Whitman% &$aus s $eadership, strategic ision and expertise
in successfu$$y $eading these companies through times of change wi$$
"e a positie addition to our a$ready outstanding "oard% . $oo0 forward
to wor0ing with him
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