1. Which link does not undergo any deformation while transmitting motion?

a. fluid link b. rigid link c. flexible link

2. Machine frames are an example of----------
a. Link b. machine c. structure
. !"uare bar in a s"uare hole is an example for --------constrained motion.
a. #ompletely b. successfully c. incompletely
$. %he piston reciprocating inside an engine cylinder is an example of-------constrained motion.
a. #ompletely b. successfully c. incompletely
&. Which is the lower pair among the following'
a. (olling pair b. screw pair c. spherical pair
). * chain ha+ing more than four links is known as------
a. ,nconstrained chain b. compound kinematic chain c. constrained chain
-. Which mechanism is to con+ert rotary motion into reciprocating motion
a. .ouble le+er b. double crank c. crank and le+er
/. What is the grubler0s criterion for plane mechanism
a. l-21-$23 b. 1-2l-$23 c.2l-1-$23
4. Which criteria is used to determine the no. of degrees of freedom
a. kut5bach b. grublers c. freudenstein e"uation

13. 6ne element turns or swi+els about the other fixed element7 then the pair is called
a. !crew pair b. sliding pair c. spherical pair
11. 8all and roller bearings is an example for------- pair
a. Lower pair b. force closed pair c. higher pair
12. 9rashof0s law for a four bar mechanism
a. l :s;p :" b. l :p;s :" c. l :s2p :"
1. * kinetic chain which consists of two turning pairs and two sliding pairs is known as
a. .ouble crank mech. 8. double slider crank mech. #. four bar mech.
1$. <n reciprocating steam engine 7 the piston is the -------=dri+er >or? follower@
1&. Which is also called self closed pair
a. Lower pair b. higher pair c. force closed pair
1). %he cur+e made by coupler point is called-------
1-. Which transform energy into work------
a. Machine b. structure
1/. .oes machine has relati+e motion?>yes or no?
14. Alanar mechanism ha+ing mo+ement in-------- axis
a. %wo b. three c. one

23. <n which pair the friction is less
a. Lower pair b. higher pair
21. .ouble crank mech. is obtained by fixing the-------link
a. !hortest b. opposite to shortest link c. ad1acent to shortest link
22. <f Bn0 is negati+e7 then it is called -------structure.
a. force loaded b. preloaded c. work loaded
2. Which is a double rocker mechanism?
a. #hebyshe+ straight-line b. Coeken straight-line c. Watt0s straight-line
2$. Which is also called exact straight-line mech.
a. Watt0s straight-line b. peacellier straight-line c. (obert0s straight-line

2&. <n a four bar mech.7 the angle between coupler rod and output link is called------
a. %ransmission angle b. pressure angle c. tangent angle
1. When the flat faced follower is circular 7 it is then called-----follower
a. !pherical b. mushroom c. roller
2. Which follower is used to operate the +al+es of automobile engines

a. !pherical b. knife edge c. flat faced
. %ranslating follower is also called ------follower
a. (eciprocating b. oscillating c. radial
$. ------is the smallest circle that can be drawn to the cam profile
a. 8ase circle b. pitch circle c. prime circle
&. Dor which follower7 the prime circle and the base circle are identical
a. Enife edge b. flat faced c. both a F b d. none of these
). <n constructing the cam profile7 the principle of ------ is used
a. Einematic in+ersion b. four bar in+ersion c. none of these
-. Which type of cam is used for operating the inlet F exhaust +al+es of <.#. engines
a. %angent cam b. radial cam
/. *ngle turned by the cam for contact of roller with straight flank
a. b. c.
4. %he si5e of ------depends upon the base circle
a. #am b. follower c. dri+er
13. %o minimi5e the side trust----- follower is pro+ided

a. (adial b. offsetc. tangent
11. Dor high speed engines7 the cam follower should mo+e with
a. ,niform +elocity b. cycloidal c. !.C.M
12. %he cam follower should mo+e with !.C.M7 for-------speed engines
a. CighF moderate b. high c. lowF moderate
1. Which follower is used in oil engines
a. (oller b. flat faced c. knife edge
1$. %he displacement diagram of which cam follower has better dynamic performance
a. !.C.M b. cycloidal c. parabolic
1&. *ngle of ascent is
a. b. c.
1. %he difference between the desired motion and actual motion produced is known as
a. Mechanical error b. structural error
2. %he points at which the generated and desired functions agree are known as
a. coupler point b. pitch point c. precision point
. %he best spacing of precision points for the first trial is called--------- spacing.

a. freudenstein b. sandor c. chebyche+
$. #hebyche+0s spacing is the ------- point synthesis
a. %hree b. two c. four
&. Which generator depends on coupler cur+e
a. Dunction b. path c. body guidance