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General Specification Low Voltage
Switchboard up to 4000A
Specifications file for Prisma P
Specifications for Tender 238950010.doc
Table of contents:
1. Low Voltage switchboard general rules p. 3
2. Original Manufacturer requirements p. 3
3. ssembl! Manufacturer requirements p. "
". #witchboard design requirements p. "
$. #witchboard operation p. $
%. #witchboard technical requirements p. $
&. #witchboard life c!cle for a sustainable de'elopment p. (
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Specifications for Tender 238950010.doc
1. Low Voltage switchboard general rules
This document describes the general rules to guarantee the maximum level of quality and
performances for a Lo !oltage "itchboard#
$n the aim to reach this requirement% the entire equipment must be in appliance according to the
specifications defined in the )*+ #tandard: %1"3,-1.2
The $&' (14)*-1+2 applies to Lo !oltage "itchgear and controlgear assemblies for a
voltage hich does not exceed 1000! in alternative current at frequencies not exceeding 1000
,-% or for 1.00 ! in /'#
The #tandard )*+ %1"3,-1.2 clearly defines the type of verifications 0design verification and
routine verification1 that must be conducted by both organisations involved in final conformity of
the solution: the Original Manufacturer guaranteeing 2assembly system3 design and the
ssembl! Manufacturer ho is responsible for the final conformity of the Lo !oltage
This standard is also applicable for all 4ssemblies intended for use in connection ith the
generation% transmission% distribution and conversion of electric energy% and for the control of
electric energy consuming equipment#
To guarantee the installation consistency during the sitchboard life cycle% the installation
system and the sitchgears must be supplied by the same manufacturer#
2. Original Manufacturer requirements
To be compliant ith standard $&' (14)*-1+2 the 5riginal 6anufacturer carries out the
original design and the design 'erifications especially for the folloing most important
functions that have to be certified through an independent certification body 04"&74%81 for the
most critical configurations:
1# !oltage stress ithstand capability: measurement of clearances and creepage
distances% poer frequency dielectric test#
2# 'urrent-carrying capability: temperature rise tests
)# "hort-circuit ithstand capability: short-circuit tests 0$cc and $c1 of the main circuit%
including the neutral conductor% and the protection circuit
4# 9rotection against electric shoc:: verification of insulating materials
.# 9rotection against fire or explosion ha-ard: glo ire test
(# 6aintenance and modification capability: $9xx; test and 6echanical operation tests
0especially for removable parts1
<# 'apability to be installed on site: lifting test% ta:en from $&' (220=
=# 9rotection of the 4ssembly against environmental conditions: $> test according to $&'
(22(2 + 'orrosion test
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Specifications for Tender 238950010.doc
3. ssembl! Manufacturer requirements
To complete the standard requirement% the 4ssembly 6anufacturer 0panel builder1 has to
achieve routine 'erifications.
,ereafter details of the routine verifications to be performed by the 4ssembly 6anufacturer:
1# /egree of protection of enclosures through visual inspection
2# 'learances and creepage distances through visual inspection
)# 9rotection against electric shoc: and integrity of protective circuits through visual
inspection of basic and fault protection also random verification of tightness of the
connections of protective circuit
4# $ncorporation of built-in components through visual inspection
.# $nternal electrical circuits and connections through visual inspection and also random
verification of tightness
(# Terminals for external conductors through number% type and identification of terminals
<# 6echanical operation through visual inspection and effectiveness of mechanical
actuating elements
=# /ielectric properties through poer-frequency dielectric test
*# ?iring% operational performance and function through verification of completeness of
information + mar:ings% also inspection of iring here relevant and function test here
4 copy of these routines tests fully completed by the assembler must be present ithin or close
to the sitchboard on its exploitation site#
Than:s to the design verifications of the 5riginal 6anufacturer and the routine verifications of
the 4ssembly 6anufacturer% the *nd /ser has the guarantee of conformit! of his sitchboard
according to his performance requirements#
". #witchboard design requirements
The folloing design rules have to be implemented in order to facilitate the assembly and
ensure the most relevant level of safety for any lo voltage equipments#
Devices installation
4ll the devices must be installed onto dedicated mounting plate designed for one or several
sitchgears of the same type# The ob@ective of that point is to group protection equipment of the
same type% as ell as distinguish inside the sitchboard the function of each device or group of
devices and avoid identification mista:es#
Theses mounting plates ill have an independent fixing system affording them to be
transformed and moved anyhere in the sitchboard and especially to allo easy evolution of
the installation#
To ensure the maximum protection of people around the electrical installation% front plates must
be installed in front of all control and protection equipments ith both $9)x and $9xx; level% in
order to avoid direct access to the devices and consequently to the active parts#
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Specifications for Tender 238950010.doc
Electrical distribution and architecture
7or safety reasons and especially if the door is opened during the sitchboard or:ing% all
busbars have to be covered by barriers onto the hole perimeter of the busbars -one#
To achieve that requirement% the sitchboard specification must comply ith the partitioning
rules at the minimum level of form 2#
To supply electricity inside the sitchboard% the installation of distribution bloc:s systems% using
spring terminal technology 0$9xx; compliant1% ensures the maximum protection of people#
To simplify the implementation in compliance ith the $&' (14)* 1+2% the original manufacturer
should supply prefabricated connections that are perfectly rated and coordinated to or: ith
the devices#
!ertical distribution systems should be designed to allo tightened connection by front access
only# ,ori-ontal and !ertical distribution system should be designed to allo connection 0ith
self brea:ing nuts1 all along the length than:s to a continuous connection trac: and this ithout
any drilling#
7or higher readability of distribution% hori-ontal busbars should be designed ith only one single
bar per phase#
7or future evolution in the sitchboard% busbars should allo the possibility to add all outgoers
required ithout any disassembly#
Frae!or" and cover panels
$n order to facilitate the access ithin the sitchboard for the maintenance% its covering panels
must be dismountable on all surfaces hat ever the $9 degree#
"itchboards associations should be possible in all directions ithout any impact on the $9 level
and hen upgrading the maintenance of the original performance levels is guaranteed# The
sitchboard should be easily combined ith sitchboards already in service#
;y design the system should ensures electrical continuity of moving parts ithout additional
earthing braids#
$. #witchboard operation
/ue to the constant evolutions of the electrical needs for the buildings or for the factories% the
distribution sitchboards must have the capacity to follo those evolutions#
The sitchboard offer must include dedicated components affording the ad@unction of one or
several enclosures and cubicles on the exploitation site#
$n order to facilitate the current maintenance% e#g# infra red measurement% the devices -one has
to be accessible in one operation#
&volution of the number of outgoers of sitchboard can be done in a functional unit spare place
ithout having to add extra ne upstream connection to the main distribution busbar
7or demanding service continuity applications% upgrading of sitchboard in term of outgoers
extensions can be made in service in unequipped reserved spaces
The final customers ill have the possibility to obtain some spare parts ten years after the end
of commercialisation of the sitchboard offer in order to be able to replace some components
for maintenance or evolution needs#
%. #witchboard Technical 0equirements 1)*+ %1"3,-1.22
;esides the specifications detailed from the chapter 1 to .% the sitchboard functions and
characteristics listed belo are sub@ect to an agreement :
the 5riginal 6anufacturer guarantees the design of the assembly system%
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Specifications for Tender 238950010.doc
the 4ssembly 6anufacturer% is responsible for the final conformity of the sitchboard#
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Specifications for Tender 238950010.doc
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Specifications for Tender 238950010.doc
&. #witchboard life c!cle for a sustainable de'elopment
4ll the materials of the sitchboard should be recyclable at least at *0A#
$t should be in conformity ith the Bo," and B&4', directives#
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