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December 2007
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Holiday Ornaments
Built-in Wall Cabinet
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Triple Taper Dinette Table

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where it can be quickly reassembled. Woodworking for Your Home 60 38 Cabinet Shell Game By Ian Kirby The master takes you on a tour of the sights (and smells) of the hide glue era and considers its relevance today. 4 Page 83 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .004 9/20/07 12:40 PM Page 4 W o o d w o r k e r ’s J o u r n a l Vo l u m e 3 1 . to create or to customize your next router table. 83 Secrets of Hide Glue Three-taper Dinette Table By Chris Marshall Here’s a stylish kitchen table you can complete in a weekend — using just three shop machines! 44 Tambour-topped Traveling Table By Sandor Nagyszalanczy This elegant living room coffee table rolls up and takes a ride out to the country. By Rob Johnstone Our editor in chief works on the home front to turn an old corner eyesore into an attractive feature. N u m b e r 6 November/December 2007 30 Turned Holiday Ornaments By Betty Scarpino Deck the halls — and trees — with these classic ornaments. 66 Create Your Own Router Table Kit By Chris Marshall We show you how to mix and match top quality components.186.

11 Crown Molding Bit Set Freud 97-210 Door Bit Set Bosch RA1181 Go to or call 1.523.186.005 Amazon Ad:ad page full 9/27/07 2:38 PM Page 5 Bosch 1617EVSPK The Ultimate Destination for Woodworking Tools Most items can be shipped anywhere you want within 2 business days.635. CMT 800.800. (Circle No. 6 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) . and don't forget you can get 2-day shipping free on most items sold by with Amazon Prime at just $79/ for complete details on all our woodworking tools.







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96 Today’s Shop Bill Hylton’s straight talk on a router bit family that is. 16 Letters Readers reflect on Mike McGlynn’s legacy. 22 Questions & Answers Keeping routers in line. 8 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . cutting rabbets. 26 Shop Talk Raising the flag: a tall.186. 36 Stumpers Ponying up on the solution to our mystery tool. surprisingly. 112 Finishing Thoughts Refinishing rules revisited. N u m b e r 6 Page 26 12 Editor’s Note Comments from our new woodworker in chief. 20 Tricks of the Trade Taking signature pride in your craftsmanship. with Michael Dresdner. 70 Tool Review New contributing editor George Vondriska reviews router lifts of all styles and price points. not all that straightforward! 110 What’s In Store New tools and accessories: routers and bits. saws. 92 Jigs & Fixtures Can you make “custom spaced” dovetails with a $99 jig? Our field editor takes the ChestMate™ for a test ride. miter sleds and more. Page 96 Page 28 51 Powering Up Your Router Tips and techniques that will help you use your router with safety and ease.008 9/20/07 2:26 PM Page 8 W o o d w o r k e r ’s J o u r n a l D e part ment s November/December 2007 Vo l u m e 3 1 . tall flagpole.

qxp:ad page fractional 5/24/07 6:39 AM Page 5 The New Standard In General Purpose Saw Blades Others (The New Standard) High Angle ATB Grind 30° Others (The New Standard) Double Side Grind (Standard) Single Side Grind Freud’s Fusion Tooth Design (Standard) Low Angle ATB Grind Featuring: Woodworkers have been searching for a superior general purpose blade – the one blade that truly does it all. The unique Fusion tooth design. 31 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) To sign up for Freud’s e-mail newsletter or to find a dealer near you visit: www. Red sawblades are a registered trademark of Freud The patent-pending Premier Fusion blade is the most technologically advanced blade on the market with a radical new “Fusion” tooth design that combines a double side grind with a 30 degree Hi-ATB to produce a glass-smooth.The New Standard in General Purpose Saw Blades. 12” and 14”. chip-free top and bottom surface while ripping and crosscutting. Use a Premier Fusion blade once and you’ll be convinced that it is the best general purpose saw blade that you have ever used – guaranteed.indd 1 12/20/06 4:10:21 PM . combined with Freud-made TiCo™ Hi-Density General Purpose Blend of Carbide. The search is over. superior anti-vibration design and patented PermaSHIELD® non-stick coating make for the ultimate general purpose saw blade.184_005 Freud Ad. Perfect for: Thick Stock Lumber Melamine & Laminates Veneered Plywoods Softwoods Hardwoods Crosscutting Ripping Choose from four blades in the Premier Fusion series – 8”. (800) 472-7307 P410-Ad (Wdwrkr-Jrnl). TiCo™ hi-density carbide stays sharper longer for extended blade life Perma-SHIELD® permanent non-stick coating for less blade drag and superior performance Unique antivibration design with special polymer filler dampens vibration for smoother cuts Freud is proud to offer the discriminating woodworker the Premier Fusion Saw Blade . (Circle No. Inc.freudtools. 10”.

com . Reproduction without permission prohibited. resourcedigest.S. no stopovers or side trips along the way! Use Quik-Link for details on tools like Milescraft’s TurnLock (left) or Rockler’s new 45° Miter Sled. Check out the Woodworking Books section on our home page to find everything from Craftsman Furniture Projects to Jigs and Fixtures for the Table Saw and Router. $19.. MN 55340. Single copy price.. or any of those high-tech router lifts in George Vondriska’s article — Quik-Link will get you to the info in a hurry. you can visit our home page at woodworkersjournal. Publications Mail Agreement Number 0861065.95 More Woodworking on the Web woodworkersjournal.. October and December by Rockler Press Inc. funds (Canada and other countries).95 (U.). Matched Jewelry Box and Table by John Schmitz Quik-Link … If you need more information on the tools that appear in our pages — the Milescraft TurnLock™. 10 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .99 (Canada/other countries). $5. The new Woodworker’s Journal Premium eZine.S. where the Toolin’ for Tools Ultimate Giveaway stands ready to make those wishes come true: make an inquiry about any of the many tool Drill Doctor’s companies featured on this Sharpening System site. Like to curl up with a good book on an occasional winter evening? Woodworker's Journal has just the sort of titles you’re looking for. is published in February.. $7. Box 56583.). and soon (Rob swears!) streaming video of cool woodworking stuff! If you’re not already getting the eZine in your inbox. visit our home page to find out how you can. CO read even more about woodworking techniques than you already receive in print. click on “Quik-Link” and instantly find yourself on the exact page that features the product you’re looking for . Looking for some new tools to fulfill your wish list this year? Visit the Woodworker’s Journal Resource Digest. Canadian Publication Agreement #40009401.99 (U.186. P. Postmaster: Send all address changes to Woodworker’s Journal. Anytime you see the Quik-Link icon in the magazine. $25. Check out the More on the Web link on our home page for bonus bits that wouldn’t fit in the magazine..010 10/1/07 12:57 PM Page 10 woodworkersjournal. ©2007 Rockler Press Inc.. Rockler’s 45˚ Miter Sled. launched this fall. Printed in USA. We’ve put together a great package deal on our first six books! Porter Cable’s new Belt Sander More on the Web .O. April. Minnesota and additional mailing offices. offers lots of extras to subscribers — like the ability to share pictures of your shops or your projects.. and sit back and wait for your tools to come in if you’re picked as the monthly . take quizzes. Subscription Rates: One-year.. June.S. Medina. ROCKLER PRESS THE VOICE OF THE WOODWORKING COMMUNITY Woodworker’s Journal (ISSN: 0199-1892). to post your woodworking tricks... 4365 Willow Dr. including more pictures of winners from the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Assocation Design in Wood show. Boulder. Periodical postage paid at Medina. August. much more about the giant flagpole built at Fort Snelling (85 feet!) — including video — and more.

(including those you already own) 2X PERFORMANCE 2X RUN TIME HOLDS CHARGE 4X LONGER 20% LIGHTER WEIGHT Ryobi’s new One+™ Lithium battery produces maximum performance for a much lower price than the competition.c o m . Available at The Home Depot® (Circle No. making Ryobi One+ the most affordable and versatile 18V lithium tool system in the world. It powers every Ryobi 18V tool. 95 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) WORKS WITH ALL ONE+ TOOLS AND BATTERIES r y o b ito o ls.011 Ryobi Ad:ad page full 9/27/07 2:42 PM Page 11 WE’VE TURBOCHARGED OUR 18 VOLT TOOLS.186.

complicated and collaborative — and I find myself lying awake some nights. Texas 75230 DAVID BECKLER TERRI MATHIS terri@jvgco. I like to build things. Boulder. E-mail: woodworkersjournal@neodata. P. from childish treehouses to dreadnaught guitars . what changes will I bring to your Journal? It’s assignment — editor in VISIT OUR HOME PAGE: www. he was formerly a university professor. First. His love of teaching is clearly on display as you read his many articles with us.186. It is a blessing and an honor that I take seriously. While Larry trained me well. CO 80322-6583. the dean of active woodworking authors. advanced formal (graduation from a school of luthiery) and informal (working in my dad’s cabinet shop starting when I was 13) education in the craft. So . STOIAKEN Publisher DANA SEVERSON Advertising Director ALYSSA TAUER Advertising Operations MARY TZIMOKAS Circulation Director KELLY ROSAAEN Circulation Manager MEG CLARK Direct Mail Manager Founder and CEO ANN ROCKLER JACKSON Editorial Advisors NORTON ROCKLER JOHN KELLIHER Contributing Editors MICHAEL DRESDNER RICK WHITE GEORGE VONDRISKA ADVERTISING SALES J.woodworkersjournal.woodworkersjournal. I still clearly recall my early days of woodworking. Printed in USA . a fair question to 763-478-8255 JOANNA WERCH TAKES jtakes@woodworkersjournal. Publishing — constructing a magazine — pushes all the same buttons in my brain as woodworking. but I don’t have the space here to tell you everything I have in mind. He is. And further. I am a woodworker — him (note his gray hair). Rob passionate He is.012 10/1/07 1:19 PM Page 12 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007 Volume 31. Suite 120 Dallas. at heart. Sometimes it’s easy to miss this sort of thing. Write Woodworker’s Journal. But I also understand that it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of fun.woodworkersjournal. For gift JIM VAN GILDER 614-746-2985 SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES (800) 765-4119 or www. by accident. there have been no mysteries in my mind about how to build things.. Johnstone is ready for his new So. include your name and address and your gift recipient’s. BOOK SALES AND BACK ISSUES Featured Author: Ian Kirby (see page 38) Ian has been writing for us for seven years. I need to do that using the very best woodworking authors in the country (who I am proud to say I already have on board). What I can tell you is that I understand my job is to inspire. Number 6 ROB JOHNSTONE Editor in Chief Your New Editor in Chief JOANNA WERCH TAKES Senior Editor CHRIS MARSHALL Field Editor JEFF JACOBSON Senior Art Director his is it. How does an eccentric shop rat from rural Minnesota end up on this page? I’ll give you the condensed version. the beginning of a new era. And then.O. After 38 years of following he and I are quite different. all simply puzzles to solve and limitations to challenge. be it with hammer and nail or chisel and mallet. solutions to current publishing challenges. Include mailing label for renewals and address changes. but as those who have read my articles over the years know. I stumbled into publishing. That passion for woodworking led me to an Rob building stuff in the 1980s. After 14 years of blending my passions for these two wonderful crafts (with invaluable mentoring from our new publisher. whose hospitality I’ve thoroughly enjoyed — to the detriment of my expanding waistline. Phone: (972) 392-1892 Fax: (972) 392-1893 Member EDITORIAL INQUIRIES ROB JOHNSTONE 763-478-8303 CHRIS MARSHALL cmarshall@woodworkersjournal. in my opinion. so I’m taking it upon myself to let you all know: this is my first editorial as the official editor in chief. when I would actually lie awake at night visualizing joinery solutions to projects I was working on. It’s creative. For as long I can remember.. well. Van Gilder Company 12740 Hillcrest Plaza Dr. educate and entertain you with the highest quality stories. Our shared passion is both a pursuit and a process — and is meant to be enjoyed along the way... are you completely sure there are strings attached to those circular saws? JOE FAHEY Associate Art Director NANCY OHM Content Coordinator LARRY N. visualizing In Norm Abram’s workshop. I have been promoted to editor in chief of this grand old publication. articles and projects. a writer woodworking wherever it took — passionate about words. ©2007 Rockler Press Box 56583. you don’t have to worry about me getting too serious. Larry Stoiaken).F. In addition to being trained as a woodworker. —Rob Johnstone 12 Call: (800)610-0883 www. Ian is also a great cook.


186. 19 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .014 9/24/07 12:09 PM Page 14 (Circle No. 36 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No. 58 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 14 (Circle No.

89 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) .qxp:ad page full 9/27/07 2:49 PM Page 15 (Circle No.186.015 Rikon Ad.

Toddlers can be hurt by a dropping lid even to the point of strangling if their neck and throat gets caught between the lid and the chest body. turning it to the desired taper. Josh Twente Napoleon. as well as his unique humor. God bless all of you. I eagerly awaited each issue of Woodworker’s Journal and quickly skimmed through them in search for the next component of the bedroom set. I am saddened beyond words for the loss that the staff and the family A young Mike McGlynn was featured on the cover of Today’s Woodworker (later to merge with the Journal ) back in September 1995. Wisconsin Grimy Coot Challenges Cone While I can appreciate the craftsmanship in the “ConeShaped Chest” (August 2007). fitness. Dave Lascher Sun Lakes. of the far too premature death of master woodworker Mike McGlynn [“Goodbye Mike. though I always made a point of reading his articles. Perhaps of all the ways to pass. John M. Missouri Another Knotty Solution Here is what I do with knots to keep them from falling out and/or shrinking [Questions & We ask that all letters. [“Eclectic Blanket Chest. and God bless Mike. I did not know Mike. Although I enjoy articles and projects from other trusted authorities. 16 and friends of Mike must be experiencing. I decided to build the full bedroom set. It is a tragic loss that takes from us such a talented and intelligent human being in the prime of his life. and then excavating pockets for the drawers? Regardless of December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . by fax at (763) 478-8396 or by e-mail: letters@woodworkersjournal. How about just rolling a log into the lathe. Arizona Chest Lid Chain Rather than just a stop chain. Many of our readers have already completed their version of the bed. include a mailing address and phone number. we may find comfort knowing that Mike died in the midst of what he loved. I write this letter in a state of shock and grief that is uncommon to my ritual of reading the pages of Woodworker’s Journal. I offer a tribute to Mike. I can only imagine Mike was seduced by the wonderful sport of climbing for its required skill. After building the Greene and Greene bed he designed. Medina. Minnesota 55340. nor was I extensively familiar with his work. including e-mails. for the passion with which he chose to live his life and the courage to reach just a bit farther than most to taste all that this amazing world has to offer. Eberhardy Milwaukee. 4365 Willow Drive. Or I simply remove the knot and glue it back in place. I will miss Mike’s. grace and love of nature. August 2007]: I force stainable wood glue in the cracks and let it dry.” Woodworker’s Journal. and I was always impressed with his knowledge and mastery of the Greene and Greene style.” August 2007].016 9/4/07 11:40 AM Page 16 Woodworkers Feel The Loss Mike’s last project for the Journal was a Greene & Greene inspired bed. As a former rock climber myself. and I will truly miss his contributions to life and your publication. I cannot help but think of it as a woeful waste of wood and work.” August 2007]. Rhode Island I was greatly saddened to hear about Mike’s unfortunate passing. I think any chest lid should be equipped with a child safety support that prevents the lid from dropping. We reserve the right to edit for length and clarity.186. Farewell to Mike Mail Call! Contact us by writing to “Letters. with unexpected sorrow. So. The expression of his work speaks volumes about the quality of his character. Matthew Cianci Warwick. I write.

“I’ve always been interested in how people interact with things. 31 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 17 .” The artist says. EUREKA helps you build it. EUREKA’s FactoryTrac Jig & Template System assures high quality.. Small investment with great returns. EUREKA helps you sell it. Complete turn-key. as unstable as it appears? Am how it’s built.” So. Linton A. Marketing & sales materials to get you going and get you selling..e. what keeps the chest from blowing over in a light breeze? The only hint at this key design element is apparently buried in this.017 9/19/07 12:38 PM Page 17 Woodworking artist Jason Howard’s Cone-Shaped Chest “. pivot means revolve. so one aspect is always at 90° to the floor. i.” “pivot to tilt” mean? Does “pivot” mean the same as revolve? Does the chest really tilt away from vertical? To what does “on every face” refer? (A cylinder has only one face (plus top and bottom.. e u r e k a .b u s i n e s s . © Turn-Key ProducerPartner Programs starting as low as $5995 Call or visit our web site to learn more! 877-731-9303 w w w. Potential earnings of $50 .$100 per hour.186.. Realize up to 80% profit margin. Perhaps each thought the other did the editing? Or maybe every other line of this paragraph was lost in printing? Or could it be that the chest is truly a widowmaker. takes up about the same space as a human does. it pivots on a tie-rod end to tilt at a 5° angle on every face. We thought it was cool. perhaps the most bewildering sentence ever to grace your pages: “With a 1"-diameter stainless steel post in the center of the chest. Beyond that: it’s an art piece. does the post extend the full height? How does the post connect to the chest? Does the post insert into a hole in the floor? What’s a tie-rod end? What does I the only confused grimy coot? So many questions from one sentence . except the one facing the observer.) The article has two editors. necessary guards have been removed from equipment shown in our magazine. We in no way recommend using this equipment without safety guards and urge readers to strictly follow manufacturers’ instructions and safety precautions. which appears vertical. California WJ Responds: Yes. c o m (Circle No. Turn your garage or small shop into a furniture factory producing America’s most popular outdoor garden furniture! The EUREKA ProducerPartner Program features: Safety First: Learning how to operate power and hand tools is essential for developing safe woodworking practices.. Brown Red Bluff. and the cone tilts 5° on the center post. For purposes of clarity. ready-to-go part time or full time business strategy. The post is inserted into a block at the bottom. handcrafted products in record time.

PO Box 665 Bay City. 111 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 18 (Circle No. resilient epoxy engineered for a superior grip on metals. are easy to bond using Safe. Visit your nearest WEST SYSTEM dealer. pronounce. MI 48707-0665 westsystem.. masonry. drill. G/flex is a tough. 49 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . fiberglass. 19 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No. plane. plastics. glass. wet and difficult-to-bond woods.018 9/24/07 12:09 PM Page 18 (Circle No. 98 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woods that are difficult to cut.186. Strong & Reliable (Circle No.. or contact us at 866-937-8797 West System Inc. sand.

019 JET 4 Ad:ad page full 9/27/07 (Circle No. 57 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 2:51 PM Page 19 .186.

” drill a 1/4"-diameter hole for the stud near the top edge of the apron so the flat lip will rest against the tabletop. the parts were ready for reuse. It is quick and easy to do. This softened the glue to the point of being tacky. Alaska Double-duty Carpenter’s Square When I need to crosscut several workpieces to an exact length on the table saw. I find a place — usually a back panel or under a tabletop — to leave my note. cut once!” First. I include the date and current weather. I placed the glued piece in the microwave and heated it for 30 seconds until it was very warm to the touch. Presto! One tool tackles two setup tasks. Ken Wallace Fairbanks. while working on an intarsia project. and is a perfect execution of the old woodworker’s bromide. To install these “clips. centered in the middle. Then rest the square against the teeth so you can use it as a scale reference. I’ve tried this technique on both domestic and A quick and easy way to measure twice before you cut once.186. Dick Pettigrew Vancouver. Since then. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . where the piece was built and. Secret Messages I like to leave a “secret” message on every piece of furniture I build. I rest it against the blade body (not the teeth) and my miter saw fence to check for squareness. That way. I was using Titebond® glue. Fasten the clips to the underside of the tabletop with screws. Ray Johnson Blue Ridge. of course. Check for miter gauge squareness with the square held against the blade body. I position two or three clips along the aprons that follow the long grain of the tabletop and one on each of the other two aprons. “measure twice. I use several metal shelf pins with a stud on one end and a flat support on the other end. After a little cleanup sanding. I glued some pieces together and later realized that I made an outof-sequence mistake. I just reach for my handy carpenter’s square to set up the cuts. I can use the square’s scale as a reference to position and lock my stop block for the cutting length I want. Georgia 20 Shelf-pin Table Clips Here’s a quick and easy way to mount small tabletops to an apron base. I was able to pry the pieces apart easily. I shift the square so it touches an infeed and outfeed tooth. Leave the longgrain clips about 1/8" shy of seating all the way in their holes to allow for wood movement. My only regret in leaving the surprise is that I’m not around to see the look on the owner’s face when they find it. Then. Rather than start over and recut pieces. Washington Nuking Glue to Break Bonds Recently. my name.020 9/4/07 11:41 AM Page 20 Readers’ Signature Tricks A message for future generations. using a woodburning tool. a couple of snippets of world news. With a thin piece of plastic.

indd 1 Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 8/17/07 3:12:01 PM 21 . Medina. the years. Amy Nielsen Maple Valley. We pay from $100 to $200 for all tricks used.021 9/19/07 12:59 PM Page 21 WINNER! exotic hardwoods with good results. to creating. TM From building. If the glue doesn’t soften after 30 seconds. Note: You may need to adjust the initial heating period to suit your microwave. G2HD (Circle No. will also receive a PorterCable 343VSK Palm-Grip Orbit Sander for being selected as the “Pick of the Tricks” winner. unpublished trick. reheat in 10-second intervals until it does to avoid burning your wood. Or send us an e-mail: tricks@woodworkersjournal. Box 261. To join in the FOR THE TOUGHEST JOBS ON PLANET EARTH.186.O. It’s simple. 43 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) GorillaGlue_WoodJournal. California In addition to our standard payment (below) Ray Johnson of Blue Ridge. Richard Koury San Jose. especially for those of us whose dexterity may have diminished over Form a “lift tab” on your double-sided tape with a utility knife. Now. MN 55340. to repairing and more. Dept. Please include a photo or drawing if necessary. Submit your Tricks of the Trade to Woodworker’s Journal. 1-800-966-3458 • GORILLAGLUE. send us your original. P. Washington A Better Way to Peel Carpet Tape Separating the backing paper from double-sided tape can be hard to do.COM © 2007 The Gorilla Glue Company. but here’s my trick: Just make a slit through the backing paper at one corner to form a triangle with a sharp utility knife. T/T. slip your knife blade under the slit and lift the paper up far enough so you can grab it with your fingers. Georgia.

Routing Direction . by faxing us at (763) 478-8396 or by e-mailing us at: QandA@woodworkersjournal. controllable resistance as you push the router along.186. California continues on page 24 . Heavy cuts should always be made against the bit’s rotation. In the case of your example — Contact us by writing to “Q&A”. right) shown on page 53 in the June 2007 issue of the Woodworker’s Journal ? Percy Werner Please include your home address. Woodworker’s Journal. but by the end of the cut the rabbet tends to get shallower by as much as 1/8". It will feel grabby and unpredictable right away. 4365 Willow Drive. To figure this out. Why is this happening? Chuck Leger Lancaster. you first need to be clear about which direction the bit is spinning … then feed the router the opposite way. Drive the router forward with this hand. Bit Rotation Five Router Cutting Tips Straightedge Hold your outboard hand approximately 15˚ forward of the center plane. You’ll know you’ve got it nailed if you feel a constant.022 9/12/07 2:31 PM Page 22 Router Grab-Its and Rabbets THIS ISSUE’S EXPERTS veer off course. away from the fence. holding a router over a workpiece and feeding the base against a clamped fence — the bit spins clockwise (imagine looking down through the router with X-ray vision). So. Texas Rob Johnstone is the editor in chief of Woodworker’s Journal. start the cut on the left edge of the workpiece and feed to the right. Take router bit rotation into account with every cut you make. Choose the proper speed setting for the router bit you’re using. I’ve checked carefully to see that both the wood and table are flat. This is true for both handheld and router table operations. — Chris Marshall How do you keep a router from grabbing and cutting out of line when feeding it along only one guide.. slow down the feed rate if the motor starts to labor. On the other hand. but climb cutting is only safe to do on very light. if you start from the right edge and feed left. Some woodworkers use these sorts of “climb” cuts to shear off the last bit of burn or gnarly grain from a cut. Several shallow passes often make a better cut than one deep pass. Chris Marshall is field editor of Woodworker’s Journal and author of several woodworking technique books.. the bit’s clockwise spin will allow it to pull through the cut and I’m having trouble routing rabbets with a straight bit. Medina. such as the router fence (see photo. in order to feed against the bit’s rotation. but still my rabbet cuts are getting shallower towards the end. MN 55340. I have the router mounted to a table. “Listen” to your router. Use eye and ear protection whenever you operate a router. Half the battle of using a router effectively and safely is knowing which direction to feed it into a cut. cleanup passes. and the cutting depth starts out OK. 22 Use your inboard hand to hold the router firmly against the fence and push the router forward at the same time. phone number and e-mail address (if you have one) with your question.

2 07008 IN A RECENT REVIEW OF THE YEAR’S “BEST NEW TOOLS. 102 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) . Features like the heavy-duty steel ribbing and gussets on our band saws that eliminate vibrations and to find your nearest distributor. 1 c h 3 . So how did we know which features woodworkers would appreciate the most? We simply asked ourselves. scratching and corrosion. Popular Woodworking “Best New Tools of 2006” (Circle No. After all. BY WOODWORKERS. Visit steelcitytoolworks.” NOT ONE OF OUR TOOLS MADE THE LIST. 20 1.* OUR ENTIRE LINE DID. * December 2006. FOR WOODWORKERS.023 Steel City Ad:ad page full 9/27/07 2:52 PM Page 23 REROCK S BA OLID TE S M a r Sept. Our goal is to create tough.186. When you do things the right way. people notice. And a titanium-coated tabletop on our 10” Deluxe Table Saw that reduces friction and minimizes galling. dependable. quality tools with features that serious woodworkers appreciate. T-square-style fences that glide smoothly across the table. So it’s no surprise that the entire line of Steel City tools was listed in a recent review of the year’s best new tools. we’ve been woodworkers our entire lives.

you’ve come to expect only the highest quality and most innovative woodworking tools from Kreg. especially on long boards. It’s easy for this to happen. Our all new Precision Router Tables were designed with these values in mind.4 Ah NiCd Milwaukee Power Plus. since you’re sure that the router. As you cut.kregtool. which helps to bring a whole new level of rigidity and precision to your woodshop. bit and fence are all secure in your setup and the wood is properly flat. One option is that waste sawdust from the cut is building up under your workpiece. Chuck Leger of Lancaster.8638 (Circle No. You need to make accommodation for that sawdust to be extracted or cleared in such a way that you eliminate this problem. Either way. a second (or third) pass will likely cure all. if you don’t hold the workpiece down with a featherboard and or an outboard support device of some kind. the stock so the change in depth is gradual. ITEM# PRS2000 2 Visit your Local Kreg Dealer and ask about the LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER! www.milwaukeetool. If a vent on the battery cell is damaged or compromised during use. California wins a Steel City Single Speed Air Cleaner (65100). Chicago Pneumatic and Extractor battery packs manufactured between July 1999 and February 2004 and sold both with tool kits and as individual battery packs. more sawdust is being created and captured under A recall is in effect involving 14. 59 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 24 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . All NEW Precision Router Tables. Another possibility is that you are gradually tipping the back end of the board up off the router table near the end of the cut. For more information.186. ITEM# PRS1040 Precision Benchtop Router Table Perfect for mobile professionals. Features a revolutionary new tablesaw inspired self-squaring fence. Each issue we toss new questions into a hat and draw a winner. and offer a refreshing new look at one of the most important tools in your | 800. I can think of a couple of possible reasons for this or call 800-729-3878. Offers an incredibly rugged and portable design without sacrificing the features of a full-sized router table. the battery can explode and pose a laceration hazard. Precision Router Table Over the years. visit www.024 9/20/07 11:22 AM Page 24 Chuck. the good news is that since the cut is too shallow.4-volt and 18volt 2. — Rob Johnstone WINNER! For simply sending in his question on router depth cuts.


but incorporated modern materials (such as a lightning rod) to ensure longevity. finding the two sections proved difficult. that maintained an accurate historical appearance. former site manager at Fort Snelling. The most recent project has been the reconstruction of the historic fort’s 85-foot-tall flagpole. but the sawyer was unable to find trees that were large enough and free of insect damage. The search began in the woods of northern Wisconsin. builders made the poles in two pieces. Claybaugh created a pole 85 feet tall The flag over historic Fort Snelling in Minnesota flies on a brand-new 85-foot latheturned wooden flagpole. The Minnesota Historical Society has done a wonderful job restoring the fort and making it an amazing and educational place to visit.” moving up the lathe bed at four feet per hour.” The cutter worked better when someone stayed ahead of it with a handheld planer (top photo). with the smaller topmast overlapping the bottom mast.026 9/12/07 2:30 PM Page 26 65-Foot Lathe Built to Create Flagpole A “crawler.186. which looked very much like a stackable dado head. Although assembling the flagpole in two sections was simpler than using one large pole. The poles were delivered to Fort Snelling in November 2006. The project began in 1986 as Steve Osman. Robert Claybaugh of Claybaugh Preservation Architecture designed the new flagpole for Fort Snelling. But understanding how the flagpole was to be built was only the first step. Fort Snelling now stands in the middle of a major metropolitan area.” Tall Mast Turning Reconstructing a Fort’s Flagpole Fort Snelling is an icon of Woodworkers Journal’s home state of Minnesota. Completed in 1825 in the midst of what was then a vast wilderness. Its cutter. Making it happen was next. Research showed that many flagpoles built in the 19th century shared characteristics with ships’ masts. taking off the high spots. You don’t just walk into a store and buy a lathe capable of handling December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . corresponded with National Park Service colleagues. Charlie Nielsen and Dan Gates were hired to handle the project. shroud lines running through wooden cross spars help stabilize the upper section. removing about 1/2" of wood as it traveled. Mark Cutter. The next step involved turning the poles to the correct diameters. The poles were stepped near the center of the assembly. As in a sailing ship. The 65-foot lathe (level to 1/8" over its entire length) required to turn the top and bottom masts was made from stuff that one of the workers “had lying around his shop. was used as the “lathe chisel. Instead of looking for one 26 monster tree that could be erected to achieve the height they wanted. utility poles were the answer. In the end.

It’s a beautiful new addition to an historic old fort. 104 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 27 . a variety of electrical components and a cutterequipped “crawler” that worked its way up the I-beams. the poles were sealed with some experimentation. The 65-foot-long lathe consisted of I-beams. on Memorial Day 2007. spinning at 10 rpm. Lots taking off about 1/2" per pass.. When I asked Dan where the lathe material Once complete.” I really want to see his garage. The assembled pole over the fort’s wall crawler moved up the I-beam at and thread it into its resting place was amazing! The pole was set into a massive steel pipe. four feet per hour. removing material from the spinning poles. a flag was hoisted up the flagpole for the first time at an impressive dedication ceremony. it was found a white acrylic stain. After shaped. had it lying around. It of material had to be removed to was a long. slow process. a hydraulic pump and motor.. which is in turn anchored into bedrock. — George Vondriska www.woodworkersjournal.000-pound Douglas fir utility poles . Then. With an eye toward historical accuracy and lots of “shade tree mechanic” ingenuity. The poles. the flagpole was hoisted over the top came from he said.186. plus video of the flagpole being turned. that a cutter similar to a stackable Watching the crane hoist the dado head worked the best. the new Fort Snelling flagpole was conceived. I just of the fort’s walls and threaded into a steel base.027 9/25/07 10:10 AM Page 27 4. (Circle No. so Dan built MORE ON THE WEB Visit our home page and click on this icon to see more photos. with the cutter were turned true and to size. created and erected. “Aw. Once hit the correct diameters.

” It’s an animated music box with its own display case. Californian Tom Arbour took first in Carving with his “Old Man.186. For more information on next year’s show and entry requirements. visit www.028 9/4/07 11:43 AM Page 28 WJ sponsored Doug Roper’s award in Traditional Woodworking/ Furniture for this Comb-Back Rocker.” Donald Riley’s “Noah’s Ark. Woodworker’s Journal was once again one of the prize sponsors for the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association’s annual Design in Wood competition.sdfwa. ext.072 pieces of 20 different types of wood. Bruce Lewellyn’s “Humpty Dumpty” placed second in the Wood Turning Center work or call 858-755-1161. the show attracted 300 entries in 21 classes. Sue Spray’s “Ultimate Long-Range Fishing Tackle Box” was well prepared for honorable mention in Contemporary Woodworking — Accessories. Prize Woodworkers From the Really Big Show This past summer. This year.” took first place in “Made for Children. Kathy Wise’s “Jaguar Jungle” comprises 2. 28 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . 2478.

ratcheting keyless chuck High-performance Craftsman Professional motor delivers 500 in.IHB6C >C 6AA I=:G:ÉH 6 8G6. JH (Circle No. Look for the entire lineup of Craftsman Pro Series power tools at Sears and craftsman. single sleeve.JAA EDI:CI>6A# Heavy-duty cast aluminum gear box 1/2" all-metal.029 Craftsman Ad-.000+ recharges with Smart Chip™ technology No matter what you’re looking to accomplish. Balanced and lightweight. And the versatile lithium-ion battery platform allows your tool collection to grow to its full potential. while Lithium-Ion Smart Chip™ technology provides longlasting power for superior performance.-lbs. of torque 20-volt DieHard® Lithium-Ion battery delivering 2.186. the two-speed heavy-duty motor gives you 500-inch pounds of maximum torque.qxp:ad page full 9/27/07 3:47 PM Page 29 6I A6HI! 6 9G>AA I=6I B6I8=:H NDJG . 21 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) . the Craftsman Pro 20V Lithium-Ion Drill helps you achieve professional-level results.

30 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .186.030 9/12/07 2:45 PM Page 30 Turned Ornaments By Betty Scarpino These fun and easy ornaments are a great way to introduce woodturning to the kids in your life.

so consider not only the age of the child.186.031 9/4/07 11:47 AM Page 31 Spindle ornaments are quick. Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 Create your own design by combining coves. easy and fun to make. but only for about 20 minutes. so use soft maple if that’s available. Ash and white oak are light enough as well. Let your child make his or her own designs. but also his or her temperament. especially ash. Additionally. If your ornament is to be colored with markers. I strongly suggest buying the small-scale turning tools. Teaching Children to Turn Ornaments Each child is different. My youngest son. They require only a minimal amount of wood. held between centers of your lathe. then wipe off the dust with a small piece of paper towel to help the ink flow. Both of you will be much happier with the experience. (Burnished wood does not readily take ink.) 31 . Make sure their (and your!) tools are sharp — then turning is much safer. When I offered a class in making ornaments last year for parent/child teams.or 240-grit. A small spindle gouge and skew chisel are the only new tools required. One 10-year-old girl stayed for two 40-minute sessions and would have stayed longer! Use your judgment. to avoid the drive spurs. and the turning qualities of these two types of wood are superb. Ornaments are also excellent projects for teaching youngsters how to turn. Once you show them the basics and determine that they are operating safely. I find that lighter-colored woods show up well on the dark backdrop of a green tree. was able to turn when he was five years old. Soft maple tends to remain a lighter color than hard maple. The author uses a safety center in her lathe. a few colorful markers and small eyehooks. beads and shoulders. step away and let them learn by experimenting. W The initial stage of creating spindle ornaments is to turn a cylinder from a small length of wood. light wood grain takes color better than dark grain. I asked that each child be at least eight years old. Young hands will have an easier time controlling the smaller tools. If you are planning to teach a youngster how to turn. if you are going to color them. and the results will be more positive. Use Small-scale Tools A set of pen-turning tools works great for making ornaments. sand only to 220. and both are suitable for spindle turning. Dogwood and holly are excellent. I like to use dogwood and holly for ornaments that I leave natural color. and these are available in many woodworking stores as well as turning supplies catalogs. Youngsters and beginners should keep the spindle thickness relatively substantial to avoid breakage. hile it’s tempting to take advantage of random scraps of wood for these ornaments. Dan.

Remember. however. Find the center on each end of the spindle and punch a small hole for attaching to the lathe. The coloring part of the project definitely attracts youngsters! Years ago. Otherwise. Paint and markers don’t adhere very well to burnished wood. Safety centers are excellent for use with beginners and for this project in particular. it works best to stop at 240-grit. Highlighters work OK. take a bit of paper towel and wipe the spindle down carefully. Buy the ones with medium-size tips. they’ll still feel like they’ve created something. just disappointing. If you want to add a second layer of ink over the top of a lighter color. Sanding Suggestions I sand the spindle with 150-. if the ornament ends up being too thick. It may be that your youngster is only interested in the coloring aspect. once dry. If you don’t have a safety center. while at the same time it is safe. I was invited to demonstrate at the Children’s Museum here in Indianapolis. The fine sawdust left on the spindle from the sanding process will clog the markers. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . Applying Color Remove the tool rest and slow your lathe to about 300 rpm if you have variable speed. This leaves the wood clean enough to accept color. but slightly thinner is OK. Other markers also work well. use just the point of the spur-drive center and only a small fraction of the spurs. especially when teaching children. don’t turn the diameter really thin. For both brands. If. but when I handed out markers for onlookers to add color to a top. If your lathe is running too fast. which are available in jumbo sets from large office supply stores and are less expensive. In the past. Even though they don’t turn the object. I like to add a captured ring to some of my ornaments. the colors smear. be sure to let the ink dry for a few minutes. The diameter can be the full 3/4" thickness of a board. 32 Good Markers for Coloring Wood For this project. I used mostly Permopaque™ opaque pigment markers (Sakura brand) that I purchased from an art supply store.186. the color is good for years and. use the slowest setting possible. Experiment with what pleases you. too. The kids (young and old) were fascinated. With the lathe running at a slow speed (about 300 rpm). you are going to apply color. That’s not dangerous. although the color fades over time.032 9/4/07 11:47 AM Page 32 Experiment with Different Shapes For the photos shown here. Attach the wood to the lathe and turn a cylinder. then 220-grit sandpaper and finish up with a foam-backed 240-grit pad. such as Sharpie® brand. the weight will pull down the tree branch. and you may want to try this as well. but a table saw will also work. I always rough out the cylinder for them until I determine each child’s skill level. I brought my mini lathe to turn spinning tops. so after sanding. I’ve found that every child I’ve taught has been quite able to use a cutting tool properly. If you are going to leave your spindle the natural color of the wood. you may want to sand to a finer grit and buff it as you would a fine pen. Cut a variety of lengths. as the pressure applied with the turning tool can easily break the spindle. the color won’t transfer from the marker to the wood. I’ve made many other varieties as well. keeping the lengths somewhere between three and six inches. Letting very young children apply the color onto the wood involves them physically. that’s when the fun really began. of course. I made a simple spindle shape and a snowman shape. There’s no need to first teach the scraping method. To begin with. they don’t smudge. When I teach youngsters. Otherwise. The wood simply spins if the tool catches. apply color with a marker. Getting Started I use my band saw to cut the spindle blanks.

(You could also drill a pilot hole before trimming off the ends of the spindle. I used red and silver. I taped the spindle to a piece of wood to hold I use the edge of the paper disc as a flap-sander. you wish. remove it from the lathe. and the ornaments were nice Tape the ornament to a small board before cutting off the gifts for teachers. and those types of eyehooks are smaller and more elegant. Coloring can. Betty Scarpino is a professional woodturner whose other work can be viewed at www.bettyscarpino.186. yet the buttons and face details with the lathe stopped. Take care with this step. the ink will smear. 33 . as it can break off easily.033 9/4/07 11:47 AM Page 33 Select a color scheme. Use a scratch awl to press a pilot hole in one snowman’s body. simply hang them from a piece of string to make the task easier. be added after the spindle doesn’t pull color off comes off the lathe. however. otherwise. Don’t over smaller-tipped red marker and tighten the delicate eye hook. top of the spindle. If you want a finer-looking eyehook. of course. Findings are used in jewelry making. then used red and black. Then sand the ends smooth with a sanding pad chucked For the lines on this in a drill press. which it stationary while cutting off the ends. color the ends where the bare wood is showing. I recommend using the oversized then cut off the ends using your band saw or a small sanding discs available from www. Firmly push a small hole in the center of the top end of the ornament using a scratch awl. The teenage girls in my classes used a color scheme related to their school colors. It also allows me to see where I’m sanding. These ornaments can be topcoated with a spray finish. You can paint these ornaments if the wood. search under “findings” on the Internet. For the snowman. It’s important to let the base coat of white dr y before adding a second coat. It holds the piece firmly. hand saw. but that’s not as instantly gratifying. If you decide to spray them. the eyes and buttons are added with the lathe not running.abrasivesASAP. I added masking tape. which created a spiral design. moved the marker quickly across each ends. Add a piece of colorful ribbon. Eye screws are available from most hardware stores. the shank might break off when screwing the eyehook in place. and screw a small eye hook into the hole. I used a end. If the fit is too tight and the wood dense.) Make the hole deep enough to easily accept the shank of a small eye screw. Use painter’s helps keep the top of my ornaments nicely rounded. After sanding. Chuck a sanding disc in your drill press Finishing Steps and lightly sand the When the ornament is finished. I painted the background white. highlighted with black lines. and your ornament is ready for the tree! Spindle Snowmen Snowmen are created with the same basic turning and coloring

61 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No.034 9/24/07 12:10 PM Page 34 (Circle No. 19 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . 3 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 34 (Circle No.186.

27 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 35 . ® ➤ Long established as the BEST Random Orbital Sander on the market today! ➤ Highest quality construction for dependable performance. The Man with The Method! www. 4 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Random Orbital Sander Supremacy Dynorbital Supreme DynorbitalSpirit ® ➤ The LIGHTEST Random Orbital Sander in the world! Perfect for vertical applications. low-profile design. even in high-production workplaces. smooth and quiet operation. Call 1-800-828-7333 For Free Demonstration and Literature! (Circle No. ➤ Three orbit diameters available: 3/8" for Aggressive Sanding 3/16" for Swirl-Free Finishes 3/32" for Ultra-Fine Finishes ➤ Compact.035 9/24/07 12:10 PM Page 35 (Circle No.dynabrade. Dynabrade and the Dynabrade logo are registered trademarks of Dynabrade.186.

said James Carr of New Windsor. Jr. later moved to Davenport. Nebraska. I was amazed to see there is one in existence. can identify it. My job as a child was to cut the rags into strips.186. Florida Stuffing Shuttles The tool belonging to Bob Bradley of Jefferson 36 When I received your August issue. It was called a rag stuffer horse in our house. P.” Jim Gottsch of Pocahontas. Neither he. send it to Stumpers.” Morris Grabau of Marion.” “As you turned the large wheel. whose mother-in-law had a rug loom. “A strip off the ball of rag strips is threaded through the eyelet.” The pony’s “wheels kept the warp from tangling and kept the fabric oriented. The rest of the operation requires tin canisters that look like giant ammunition casings which sit upright in a crate like the Robert Dreher of Greenville. c/o Woodworker’s Journal.” He also noted that “The Newcomb Loom Co. identified the canisters stuffed by this pony as those “that fit in the shuttle of a Newcomb Weaver’s Delight Loom.” — Joanna Werch Takes WINNER! Lou Schweizer of Fallbrook. of Omaha. California. primarily a rug loom. explained. from “about 1893 to 1930. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . Box 261. has two “ponies“ in his stable: the previous mystery tool services a rug-weaving loom. A ‘ramrod’ was used to pack the fabric or yarn into the canister snugly. “the fabric would feed into the canister. Know what it is? Send in your answer for a chance to win a prize! ? If you have your own woodworking mystery tool (or the answer to this issue’s entry). Indiana. but would have been tickled to think that no one knew what this was. My grandmother used to make rag rugs for extra cash. from Mobile.” as Lou Schweizer of Fallbrook. and a small baseball bat-like thingy to pack the weft into the canisters. Wisconsin. California. Tennessee. nor Van Horn. “I guess [is] because the operator sits on the circle over the two legs. sew them together. Bob Todero Port Saint Lucie. Oklahoma. Maryland. said Isabella Smith of Battle Creek. The reason. Alabama sent in the tool below. The filled canisters.O. “fit into the shuttle that is sent back and forth between the strings that are the warp. through the rollers and into the funnel. California. Minnesota.” Our conclusion this time comes from Lenny Merdan of Albany. Iowa.” That loom was manufactured. and run them through the two lower wheels and funnel using a bat to pack them into shuttle containers which were then inserted into the loom. Missouri. We toss all the Stumpers letters into a hat to select a winner.” said Ron Emrich of New Lisbon. Upon examination of the tool. Iowa. said. Medina. generally “is called a pony. Inc.036 9/4/07 11:48 AM Page 36 Time to Cut a Rug A “Ragamuffin’s” Memories What’s This? Robert Ingraham. I immediately opened to the Stumpers page.” Judy Prescott of Chula Vista. Iowa. old-time soda pop bottles. “My mother-in-law passed away in 1999. Or send us an e-mail: stumpers@ woodworkersjournal. remembers his “grandmother cutting strips from old cloths and sewing the ends together and rolling them into a ball. Minnesota 55340. wins a WorkSharp 2000 Tool Sharpener.” said Gene Bednarzyk of Morristown. I was just a kid then – it was back in the early ’40s – so my memory is a little foggy. according to Dale Thomas of Tulsa. Iowa.

101 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) .037 Stanley Ad:ad page full 9/27/07 3:26 PM Page 37 (Circle No.186.

T 38 Hide glue is available worldwide from many manufacturers and suppliers. versatile and potentially foul-smelling hide glue was the only way to stick furniture parts together.186. And so the glue-up proceeded. The worker was using one of the PVA glues. he collected a few pipe clamps. Having placed various parts of the piece on the assembly table in no particular order. a bottle of glue. an abiding passion. Then. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . My purpose here is not to advocate a return to the use of hide glue. I clearly remember thinking how radically gluing and clamping methods have changed simply because we have changed the kind of glue we use. one of the workers was preparing to glue up a piece of work at an assembly table. realizing he had nothing to spread it with. Years of teaching. two of which are shown here. an inability not to be involved — who knows? — but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the glue-up operation. Although I can’t recall a word of my shop conversation. Across the shop. he made a quick trip to the scrap bin to find a piece of waste adequate for the job.038 9/17/07 12:14 PM Page 38 When Hide Glue Ruled the Workshop By Ian Kirby A journey back in time to when quick-acting. and right away began dispensing glue. he subject of this article floated through my mind one day as I stood in a workshop having a conversation with a colleague.

Rather. however. which is not surprising considering that the cake form had changed little over the years. it has become a specialty product used by makers of musical instruments. With the advent of PVA glues. whereas the dry cake or pearl had an indefinite shelf life. As well. Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 My benchmate from college days sent me this tired glue kettle from the U. I’ll explain how the glue-up scene just described would have been so different. It came in slab form called “cake” glue. the bottled version was only good for a year. their gel strength. large pieces about 1/2" thick in a heavy jute sack. both products and machinery — but that’s another story. somewhere someone knows all about the various kinds of hide glue. It’s made in a variety of strengths for different applications other than woodworking. The Fall and Rise of Hide Glue Although no longer in general use as a woodworking glue. It lacked some of the adhesive qualities of hot glue and. While it was still conveniently contained within the sack. which is extracted from hides in a relatively long and complex process that is well controlled to yield very predictable results. you broke the slab into smaller pieces with a hammer. especially never having experienced the frustration — to say nothing of the stink — of a glue kettle boiled dry. there may be a touch of envy that today’s woodworker has it too easy when it comes to glue-up time. ready for use in the glue pot. 39 . period furniture makers and furniture restorers. and I’ll explain how making a butt joint and veneered work owed its methods to the glue.039 9/17/07 11:57 AM Page 39 which was called Scotch glue in my day. it was in everyday use. everyone had thrown away their double-boiler glue kettles. A slightly more expensive version was called “pearl” glue. because stringed instrument makers and piano rebuilders use a stronger hide glue than is deemed necessary for general woodwork. I’m sure the steam vent in the kettle casting was marketed as an “advance” in glue kettle technology. It’s smaller than any I used and unusual in that the glue pot is flat-bottomed. leading industry to develop cold liquid hide glue in a bottle. Manufacture of Hide Glue Hide glue is made from the hides of animals slaughtered for beef.186. how they are best used and what for. the key ingredient of hide glue is called collagen. although even here there are some differences. the chemistry of wood glues developed rapidly and radically and led to major changes in the whole of the woodworking industry. However. In other words. The transition from cake to pearl was considered a bold development at the time.K. The nearest everyday product you might find in your kitchen is gelatin. After World War II. it is to give you a glimpse of what your workshop experience would have been like had that glue revolution not taken place. Every one that I used had a hemispherical bottom which deterred users from removing it from its hot water bath. Early in my woodworking career.

The glue-up is also reversible. 40 there was a weak solution of glue in the bucket and clean and very hot pots. then beat with a hammer to part the fibers and form an effective brush. you pressed it in place.040 9/7/07 5:56 PM Page 40 A strong indicator of how well a shop was run was the pride evident in the appearance and management of the glue station. but since each reheating caused a loss of strength. the appearance and management of the glue station was a strong indicator of how well the entire shop operated. The stench of burnt glue undoubtedly gave the stuff its bad reputation. Preparing Hide Glue In this section. A pot of freshly made hide glue has a unique smell that evokes an earlier age. If you haven’t reversed the procedure yourself. but clearly it was impractical to leave the responsibility of making glue to whoever wanted it when they wanted it. Hide glue requires minute-to-minute attention to ensure that there is always water in the outer pot. Apart from not having glue available when someone needed it — you just had to keep an eye on workflow for that — the sin that prompted the most scorn was to let a kettle boil dry. However. Indeed. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . plus the bags of glue and cleaning buckets. Come Friday. If you didn’t. The glue was made in a glue kettle that consisted of two cast-iron pots. adding more pearls and water to a used pot was forbidden. However. The outer pot contained water. One of the unsung tasks of glue duty was to keep the inner pots clean. They were made from about 3/8" diameter reed. one fitted inside the other. sort of a “by their glue station shall ye know them” appraisal. but unfolded so quickly that the smell grew even worse by the time you reacted. A full pot at the end of the day could be reheated. because there was a definite pride and rigor associated with preparing the glue and keeping the shop supplied at all times. Once the stamp or tape was wet. covered with a sheet of metal.186. I could lapse into nostalgia. Gelling means that it becomes sticky. After about half an hour. you did glue duty — as well as your normal work — for a week at a time. it simply dried. That meant that cleaning the glue pots was an ongoing necessity. In my shop. A Unique Quality Hot hide glue gels as it cools. because the glue was then considered contaminated. The glue station comprised a fairly large surface in a permanent location. provided you hadn’t licked or wiped off all the glue. twice was the max. Making glue brushes was also part of the duty. That event was announced by way of your nostrils. and you could make it sticky again by re-wetting. Imagine a restaurant kitchen with pots and plates left to pile up for a few days — convert that mess to glue kettles. there is universal agreement that burnt glue stinks horribly — it’s also worthless. Shop practices varied. The end was softened by soaking in water for a couple of days. and the importance of glue station cleanliness becomes obvious. like the smell of heated oil and steam around a steam engine. It would typically have two or three gas rings and maybe half a dozen glue kettles. and brings back fond memories more forcibly than words or pictures ever could. a process you might remember from using postal stamps or brown packing tape. which was the means of supplying controlled heat to the inner pot that held the glue. you boiled them all out so that the next glue handler had a clean start to the week. The procedure was not complicated: you simply boiled the submerged pots in a large bucket of water on the gas ring that the glue was made on.

Hot glue was applied to completely wet both edges. Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 41 . However. the surfaces are made very smooth and in close contact with a sharp plane before glue is applied. The name says it all. With one board in the vise. ntil the early 20th century. the same as now.186. Lay down the veneer. some sort of mechanical connection occurred between glue and wood. Cohesion is the attraction by which molecules of the same material stick together. Here. known in the hide glue era as a rub joint. which is fitted with a narrow bar of brass. so the argument went. this practice totally contradicts the preparation of a butt joint. In the first place. so that the two edges were in as close contact as we could get them by hand or machine tools. the glue can be reactivated with the aid of a wet cloth and heat from an iron. This belief explains the widespread practice of using a toothing plane to rough up the substrate in preparation for veneering. the next stage is the glue line: the minute unbroken layer of glue between the two pieces must develop cohesive strength. Cover the substrate by wetting with hot glue. and they gave rise to a number of woodworking techniques that we had to alter to accommodate modern glues that behave differently as they cure or dry. there must be adhesion between the glue and the wood. Rub Joint Recalled What today is called a butt joint was known as a rub joint. These characteristics of gelling and reversal of sticking by heat and moisture are unique to hide glue. If you are unsuccessful. It’s now known that the affect of mechanical adhesion is in fact minimal.041 9/7/07 5:59 PM Page 41 Why Does Glue Glue? you have probably seen an old film of someone steaming open a letter or steaming off a stamp. In other words. It was called mechanical adhesion. forming Velcro®-like connectors as the glue dried and cured. the second was positioned and rubbed back and forth a few inches while bearing down on it with as much force as Testimony to the strength and durability of hide glue: these rub joints in a chest of drawers made by the author 54 years ago are still holding fast. then squeeze the glue line level and thin by pressing it with the veneer hammer. Once that is the case. The view shows one of the three solid back panels. The joint was made. provided more fissures and therefore greater mechanical adhesion. It’s a time/heat/pressure relationship as you continue applying pressure back and forth over the veneer as the glue goes through its gel-to-solid phase. What really occurs is specific adhesion: glue works because of molecular forces of attraction between the glue and the wood and within the glue itself. it was commonly believed that glue worked by being brushed into the minute surface fissures and pores of the mating surfaces of wood. as indicated by the veneer lifting. U Hammer veneering utilizes the gelling property of hide glue. The roughed surface.

the glue has cooled sufficiently to allow you to lift the boards out of the vise. 2 Plane both pieces at once. 42 Within a minute or two. 4 Hold the top board so you can bear down on it with your weight while rubbing it a few inches back and forth to force excess glue out. 6 7 With one board held in the vise. hold the second to it by hand as though they were hinged.186. 3 The “rubbing” becomes steadily more difficult as the glue cools: align the boards flush side-toside and end-to-end before it’s too late. Spread glue evenly and thinly to wet both faces. just as you would for a butt joint. The heavy-handed glue application on my practice joint (inset) indicates that it has been a long time since I made a rub joint! December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . Place the boards out of the way while the glue cures overnight.042 9/7/07 5:56 PM Page 42 Breaking down the steps of a rub joint sequence 1 5 Align the two pieces to be rub-jointed in the vise and clamp.

Testing to destruction will often break off large pieces of the wood tissue. No clamps required. The oldest piece of furniture I have shows my first serious attempt at rub joints and demonstrates the strength and durability of hide glue. calm glue-up less prone to unintended results. I’ve always thought that this joint. I would say that hide glue has done me proud. If you have any doubts about the strength of hot glue. The big difference between PVA and hide glue is the limited amount of open time — the time between applying the glue and having to put the parts together before the glue gelled. Made 54 years ago. ©istockphoto. This ensured that everything needed was at hand. The brief open time of hide glue inspired the development of a very efficient method of gluing and clamping that was well-established long before I began woodworking. Once satisfied. You needed a helper. this chest of drawers (see page 41) shows no sign of joint line failure. Hide Glue Legacy I began by describing how I paid more attention to a glue-up I was watching than the conversation I was having. rubbing became more difficult.186. Unless there were some oddities to explain. the helper knew his job was to put glue on his assigned parts. You began the process by putting the assembly together dry with all the clamps and glue blocks in place. By the time you returned the glue pot to the gas ring. Fulfilling a Musical Cause Musical instrument makers and repairers use hide glue because of its reversibility. in winter months shops and wood were often cold. and squeezeout became less. Despite the fact that modern glues don’t make the same strict demands of preparedness and procedure. At some point before it was too late.043 9/17/07 12:15 PM Page 43 possible to squeeze out the glue. Now came the glue-up and the need for a helper. As cooling and gelling took place. Although the glue was hot. The solution was to stand the jointed edges on the heating pipes for 10 minutes before gluing. underscores the vital importance of wetting both glue faces: fail-safe gluing depends upon thorough wetting of the glue faces. test results show that it is just as good as modern glues and is even superior in some conditions and square and out of winding. leaving the glue line intact. The glue allowed no time for idle talk or confusion. I follow the same rigorous glue-up practice today. It ensures an orderly. Equally important is the glue’s ability to resist creep and glue line failure despite being under near-constant stress. For this reason. 43 . and that the piece was Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 Hide glue's reversibility and resistance to creep and glue line failure have made it a favorite of stringed instrument makers for centuries. It’s their version of steaming letters open to conduct their craft. but there was no question but that the finished piece stuck together perfectly well. I never had the courage to dry test the joint after subjecting it to this treatment. correctly position it and its clamping block as you closed the clamp. Ian Kirby is a master woodworker and designer and a frequent contributor to Woodworker’s Journal. made this way. hold the tail end of the squaring rod — and do all this quickly and efficiently without discussion. the board could be released from the vise and put on the floor resting upright against the wall on a support stick. making it impossible to join them. that the shoulder lines closed. the clamps were undone and laid out in order with the parts. you wouldn’t think of trying to glue and clamp a job by yourself. be at the tail end of the clamp that you chose to use. the top board was accurately positioned side-to-side and endto-end with the bottom board.

spin the table around 90˚. loosen the bolts that attach the legs to the apron and fold them down.044 9/26/07 10:55 AM Page 44 Breakdown Steps First. and you’re ready to roll everything together. Now.186. remove two hinge screws and fold the short aprons flat against the long aprons. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . 44 Next.

Orient each leg blank rabbet-side up in the jig. even grain. I’ve had good results with Honduras mahogany. Starting with the Legs Make the table’s legs (pieces 1) first. but it required her to leave all her lovely furniture behind. Making the Aprons To make the table’s apron skirt. and don’t forget to reverse your jig for two cuts. a bedroom side table or a printer stand in the home office. Adjust your joiner to cut a 1/8"-deep rabbet and leave a lip 1/4" wide along one edge of each leg (photo below).045 9/26/07 5:02 PM Page 45 Tambour-Top Folding Table By Sandor Nagyszalanczy Attractive enough to be used in your home. start by cutting a pair of long and short aprons (pieces 2 and 3) from 5/8"thick stock. mark a 1"-radius quartercircle on the wide end of each leg. white oak. New York friend of mine. so it’s attractive enough to use anywhere around the home . so the top starts rolling up. taper each leg blank on the table saw using a jig. You’ll end up with a compact folded bundle (use a fabric tie to keep it from unrolling). Band-saw the leg tops to shape. Also mark the center point of the radius. Next. use a 3/4"-wide dado stack in your table saw to cut a Grasp the folded apron/legs of the table and fold them inward. who was clever but cash-poor. Its modest proportions and small rolled-up size — only 71 ⁄ 2" x 41 ⁄ 2" x 24" — makes it practical for taking along on camping trips and picnics.. get started by rabbeting a 1/4"-wide lip on the edge of each table leg blank.186. The sidebar below shows how the “knockdown” process works. which is used to drill the leg’s pivot hole later. Rout only the legs’ non-rabbeted sides. so you end up with two right-hand and two left-hand legs. This sparked my woodworker’s brain into creating a table designed for the modern nomad: it folds and rolls up into a compact bundle that’s easily transported — even in a taxi. so avoid woods with fancy grain that are prone to warping. Its canvas backing creates a smooth and solid surface that’s flexible enough to roll up like a carpet. Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 A Note About Material Selection Build the project from a stable. The stability of the canvas-backed top depends on the straightness of the slats. this multi-use table makes a great gift project. as a coffee table. at the edge opposite the rabbeted lip. Next.. The trick is a flexible top that’s built like a rolltop desk tambour. dried wood with clear. After rabbeting. and use a 3/8"radius roundover bit in a router table to soften the long edges and wide end of the legs. by cutting four blanks to size. to keep the table from buckling when the legs are screwed in place. This 45 . The taper cuts should reduce the leg bottoms to 5/8" wide. With the jointer set to take a 1/8"-deep cut. but mobile and tough enough to travel almost anywhere with you. This solid-wood table doesn’t look like a cheap fold-up unit either. Continue rolling the top in from each side toward the middle. A lip locks into the corner of the apron skirt. alder and vertical-grain Douglas fir. once moved to a new apartment by transporting her belongings in a taxi cab! The method worked.

Clamp the assembly to the drill press table. Now’s a good time to also round over one edge of the two “fingers” (astride the socket) on both ends of the short aprons. Adding the Screwdriver A neat feature of this table is a screwdriver stored in a recess on the underside of the apron. lightly pare the socket with a sharp chisel. If the knuckle-tosocket fit is too tight at any corner. These sockets will create a hinge between the apron members so the table can fold up. Cut each socket in two passes: Set an apron against the jig fence and mill half of the socket. First. Use a bar clamp to seat the knuckles. add a 1/2"-diameter circle for a finger recess. drill a hole 7/16" deep for a 1/2" rare-earth magnet (piece 4). compact and just right for tightening and loosening the table’s screws when setting or rolling it up. Next. To keep the assembly screwdriver handy. To ensure that the inserts are driven straight and true.186. even if the rest of the table is made of softwood. which centers perfectly in the pilot holes. Mark the parts of each corner joint clearly so you can assemble it the same way later. An offset screwdriver (available at Sears: item #00941315000). Locate the edge of the jig’s fence exactly 3/4" from the nearedge of the blade. which is held in place by a magnet. Forming the Hinge Knuckles Wooden hinge knuckles (pieces 5) glued into the sockets in the long aprons will allow the apron skirt to fold up. enlarge the holes in the aprons for the 1/4" threaded inserts (pieces 7) that attach the legs. To make these socket cuts accurately. At the center of the outline. At one end of the zigzag outline. Install the magnet in its pocket with cyanoacrylate glue or epoxy. Size them so they fit tightly in the sockets. Mark one edge of each apron as the “top edge. then switch to a 17/64" bit and enlarge the pilot holes through all four legs. cut off the head of a 2"-long 1/4" bolt. to bring the skirt together for the first time. Use a 25/64" pilot-tipped bit. Round over one edge across the width of each knuckle using a 1/4"-radius roundover bit. is inexpensive. next page. then drive and lock two nuts (separated by a washer) together on the threads about 1/2" December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . and drill a pilot hole through both parts with a 9/64" bit. Scrape off any glue squeeze-out. Dado both ends of all four aprons. After drilling all four legs and aprons. build a jig like the one shown below and attach it to your miter gauge.046 9/20/07 11:31 AM Page 46 Shape the Legs and the Aprons on Your Table Saw Use a simple jig cut from a piece of plywood to taper each leg on your table saw.” to help orient subsequent machining operations.) Set a leg’s lip firmly against the end of the apron. 5/8" deep socket in both ends of each apron. 46 11 ⁄ 2" wide. with its end 1/8" below the apron’s top edge. countersink the hole on the outer face of each leg for a 1/4" flathead screw (pieces 6). mark the outline of the screwdriver on the inside face of one of the long aprons. the author routs a recess on the inside of an apron and then drills a small hole for a button magnet to keep it in place. Forming the Leg/Apron Pivot Joints (See photos. They must remain square to the aprons. The sockets in the short aprons fit over these knuckles. Next. Use a trim router fitted with a 1/4"-diameter straight bit to rout a 5/16"-deep screwdriver recess. First. Then. Cut the knuckles from hardwood. then fit the short aprons onto the knuckles. Turn to a shop-made “high-rise” jig to dado the hinge sockets in the ends of the aprons. glue the knuckles into the sockets on the long aprons. These rounded corners provide needed clearance when the skirt is folded. follow this simple method. set the other edge against the fence and complete the socket cut.

drill a 9/64" pilot hole through both parts. to enlarge it for an 8-32 Tnut (pieces 8). Surface the stock down to 1/2" thick with a planer. mark the location of the hinge hole. Cut a few more slats than you’ll need to make the top’s full 18" width. Slide a washer onto the threaded end of the bolt and screw on a threaded insert. The top requires 10 slats: two outer slats 3" wide (pieces 10) and eight inner 11⁄2"-wide slats (pieces 11). Align and square up the joint parts. After gluing each hinge knuckle into a socket on the end of a long apron. clamp the apron. one that’s closest to the canvas) with a 7/32" bit. First. on a table saw fitted with a dado blade. Use a socket wrench on a cut-off 1/4" bolt in the (unplugged) drill press to drive the 1/4" threaded insert into the apron hole. Chuck up a long 5/32" twist drill bit and center it on the hole mark. flip each board over between passes. and use the wrench to twist the insert into the wood while pressing down with the drill press quill. Finally. clamp the assembly down and drill the through hole. Next. Slip a 9/16" box wrench over the bolt’s unthreaded end. This enables the short members to clear the canvas when they’re pivoted. If your Make Your Drill Press do Double Duty With the leg set in place at the end of the long apron member. trim an area Cutting the Tambour Slats The first step in making the table’s unique “roll-up” tambour top is to cut your slat stock to 243⁄4" long.186.” Set the parts “top down” on the drill press table. then countersink each hole for a 8-32 flathead screw (pieces 9). and re-drill the apron hole with a 17/64" bit to enlarge it for installing a threaded insert. centered on the bottom edge of each short apron “finger. Before driving the T-nuts. Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 Remove the leg. Sand the aprons before assembling them with screws.047 9/20/07 11:31 AM Page 47 from the end. just in case some of the slats warp.-wide and 1/32"-deep across the knuckles you redrilled for Tnuts. Drilling the Apron Hinge Holes Drill the holes for the hinge screws that join the aprons with the aprons temporarily assembled. flip each short apron over and re-drill its top-edge finger (the 5/8"-in. Center the pivot hole under the insert. Next. you’re ready to insert the Tnuts into their holes with a small vise or clamp. Press them in slowly and firmly. square up the edges of the 1/2"-thick boards on the jointer. 47 . then rip the slats to final width. Repeat on all four corners. To minimize warping. This shallow recess provides clearance for the T-nut heads. use a small try square to make sure it’s 90˚ to the apron. rather than removing all the excess from just one side. Now. File any overhanging metal edges flush. then chuck that end into an unplugged drill press. joint 1/32" of stock from the top edge of each short apron piece — NOT the long ones.

don’t use them. sliding one end of each under the lip of the fixed hold-down strip. Finally. more stable top. heat up an ordinar y household iron to medium-high heat (no steam). use the tip of the iron to heat-set the glue around the edges. cut a 183⁄4" x 261⁄2" base from some scrap plywood. Use a dado blade to cut a 1/32" recess in the T-nut area at both ends of each short apron. centering it side to side. Even if this ruins a “matched grain” pattern on the top. Applying the Canvas Backer Next comes the canvas backing (piece 12). Cut the canvas slightly oversize. Clamp down both long apron members and cut through the canvas with a razor knife. mark each board with a “cabinetmaker’s triangle” before ripping. Leave the top in the clamping fixture for a few hours. Orient the better side down in the jig. Drill hinge pin holes through the short aprons and join the folding apron assembly with 8-32 flathead screws threaded into T-nuts. Nail or screw a strip at one end of the board. according to the Material List. Use a narrow 1/4"-nap foam roller to apply a thin layer of yellow carpenter’s glue to both the canvas and the slats. Use a small vise to slowly drive the T-nut home into its hole in the apron. remove the top from the clamping fixture. Keep the iron moving — don’t leave it in a single spot for very long. Set the clamping strips against the long edges of the outer slats and clamp the top together. After centering the canvas over the slats. 3/8"wide rabbeted lip on one edge. Lightly clamp the assembly once more and recheck for gaps. starting in the center and working out toward the edges. press it down at one end. Then. Remove the apron base and extend the cuts along each side of the canvas with a knife and straightedge. unclamp and flip the strips over in order so their other sides face up. using the inner edge of the apron as a guide. At this point. page 49. 48 Jigging the Slats for Glue Up In preparation for assembling the tambour top. You can now trim the two long edges of the canvas: Set the assembled apron on top. you’ll trim it to final size later. to allow the glue to set fully. Set the slats into the jig in order. cut two clamping strips. First. When all the slats are in place. each with a 1/2"-high. and check for final squareness before clamping the top for the next step (resist the urge to glue those slats together!). Once the canvas is flat. the other strip will be clamped on later. Once the glue dries. then lay it down gradually across the surface. you’ll need an alignment and clamping jig. Use the iron to press out any wrinkles. each 1/2" x 3/4" x 23". Unclamp the slats and plane their edges as necessary to improve the fit. so you can keep the slats in order. Before gluing.048 9/20/07 11:32 AM Page 48 Precision Machining is the Key to the Hinged Apron boards are wide and you’d like a consistent grain pattern on your tabletop. cut a couple of 11⁄4" x 20" hold-down strips from 3/4" stock. Use a chisel or small putty knife to scrape off the strips of excess canvas. After any gaps are corrected. Check for gaps between the slats. you’ll end up with a tighter. you can judge which side of the top has tighter-fitting seams. and December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . If any slats warp significantly. The lip secures the ends of the tambour slats atop the fixture.186. Don’t overtighten these — three clamps and light pressure should be enough. lightly clamp the loose hold-down strip.

While I understand our projects are often “improved” .049 9/24/07 12:22 PM Page 49 10 11 10 12 4 3 6 7 8 2 6 7 2 5 8 9 5 6 1 1 1 9 3 Exploded View 1 1 9 /4" /8" 1 1" R.186. you should stay with our dimensions! — Rob Johnstone /8" 5 /4" 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TxWxL 3/4" x 2" x 151 ⁄ 2" 5/8" x 3" x 21" 5/8" x 3" x 141 ⁄ 4" 1/2" Dia. Changes to the design will likely lead to a table that does not work right..Top and Bottom Views) 1 151/2" 5 3 Editor’s Note: This project is precisely engineered. 5/8" x 11 ⁄ 2" x 11 ⁄ 4" 1/4" x 11 ⁄ 4" Flathead 1/4" 8-32 8-32 x 3" Flathead 1/2" x 3" x 24" 1/2" x 11 ⁄ 2" x 24" 15" x 24" Legs (4) Long Aprons (2) Short Aprons (2) Rare-Earth Magnet (1) Hinge Knuckles (4) Leg/Apron Pivot Screws (4) Threaded Inserts (4) T-Nuts (4) Apron Hinge Pivot Screws (4) Outer Top Slats (2) Inner Top Slats (8) Canvas Backing (1) /8" 2" Long Apron (Top and Side Views) Tambour Top Assembly 5 (Top and End Views) 3 10 3" 11/2" 3 11 /4" 4 2 /8" 3" /4" 21" 11/2" Knuckle Short Apron (Top and Side Views) (Top and Side Views) 3 /4" 5 Slight recess 3 11/2" 10 24" Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 3" 3 /4" 141/4" /8" 3" 5 /8" 5 11/2" 11/4" 49 . MATERIAL LIST Leg (Side.. I must caution that in this case.

If the canvas unravels a bit. When the glue dries. Can Travel Once the finish dries. glue and clamp the long aprons to the underside of the completed tambour top. screw the legs on. then brush or roll a thin coat of yellow glue on the slats and one side of the canvas. Attaching the Apron to the Top You’re finally ready to attach the apron to the top. Or. sand with the grain until all the crossgrain scratches are gone. and you’re ready to finish the wood: I recommend applying a wipe-on polyurethane. Sandor Nagyszalanczy is a furniture designer/craftsman. smear the edge with a dab of yellow glue to seal in the fibers. 3 Carefully set the canvas onto the slats at one end.050 9/25/07 10:17 AM Page 50 8 Easy Steps to a Tambour Tabletop All it takes is 10 slats of wood. roll it up and store it where you can grab it quickly. Then. you’re ready to trim its ends on the table saw. 8 With the apron assembled. which is easy to control to keep the canvas clean. Use the cut edges of the canvas to position the assembled apron side to side. and clamp the slats lightly together. First. secure it to the benchtop. to avoid trapping any air bubbles. Then. scrape off any squeeze-out. the next time you need a handy little knockdown table. Trim the canvas’s other edges after trimming the top to final length. glue only the two long aprons to the outermost slats. 5 Center the apron assembly on the tabletop in the jig and score through the canvas along the inside of the long aprons. cut the top’s 10 slats to size (see Drawing. 50 2 Cut out the canvas. Have Table. 6 Scrape and pull off the excess canvas along the long edges of the top. and belt-sand the top until it’s flat and smooth. Do a little final sanding. square up one end using a miter gauge or crosscut sled to guide the cut. 4 Press the canvas in place using a household iron. 7 Take the top out of the jig and trim both edges on the table saw.rockler. After building the tambour clamping jig and trimming the slats for a tight fit. Use the straightedge and razor knife to trim the canvas back about 1/8" to 1/4" from the ends of the slats. a piece of canvas and a little glue to make the folding table’s ingenious tambour top. flip the assembly over. then lay it down gradually. hold the belt sander at about a 30˚ angle relative to the grain until the top is flat and even. clamp on the end hold-down strip. For quickest results. Apply glue to the top-facing edges of the long aprons before clamping the aprons down. With the aprons assembled. Now.186. center it lengthwise on the top. first using the miter gauge. rip the top to its final 24" length. you’re ready to make the top and mount the apron assembly: 1 Set all the slats into the jig in the correct order. page 49). then the rip fence. If necessary. and you’re ready to put your new table to December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . set to medium-high heat. His books are available at: www. photographer and regular contributor to Woodworker’s Journal. Keep the iron moving as you work.

faster and more accurately. These ideas from the Woodworker’s Journal staff — some old. Here are five great router tricks to help you get the most from this shop stalwart. some new — will soon have you working smarter. Sponsored by 51 51 .051 9/20/07 11:26 AM Page 51 Look behind the centerspread for details on these slick router tricks.186.

052_057 PC Gate Ad 7.186.25 9/27/07 3:26 PM Page 52 .25:gate ad spread PB 7.

N o one knows that b e t ter than P O R T E R. E ach o f our pr o fe s sional-grade wo o dwor king to ols is engine er e d e xclusivel y for wo o dwor ker s. We obs e s s over them.® For over one hundr ed y ear s wo odwor ker s have depended on our r evolu tionar y de signs. pr e cision engine er ing and unsur pas s e d cus tomer s er vic e.c om. The Measure Of Precision (Circle No. which is why we me ticulousl y me asur e 102 cr i tical dimensions on our 89 0 s er ie s r ou ter. B e caus e when pr e cision is at s take.186. F ine wo o dwor king is all ab ou t pr e cision.25 9/27/07 3:27 PM Page 57 PRECISION IS IN THE DETAILS. S o che ck ou t del tap or ter cable.25:gate ad spread PB 7. 80 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) .C A BL E. we don’t jus t pay at tention to the de tails.052_057 PC Gate Ad 7.

You can break an edge with sandpaper. Two cutouts in the table make room for clamps so he can mount it to a workbench in seconds. Here are some old tips and new tricks from our resident woodworkers to he you improve your efficiency with this versatile machine. His table is nothing more than a piece of Baltic birch plywood with a router base mounted to it. Breaking the edges of a table leg is quick and easy with Jeff Jacobson’s dedicated clamp-on “router table. Art director Jeff Jacobson’s shop features a dedicated “router table” with a 1/8" roundover bit chucked into the router. he says. (But mostly. “I just leave it set up and ready to run. the difference between a project that looks nicely completed and one that looks homemade is a smooth or “broken” edge on a table leg or top.”) One quick pass over the bit breaks those sharp edges in a jiffy. but it is hard to keep the profile consistent. it only cuts as accurately as th person (and jigs) helping to guide it.186. a router is only as useful as its operator is creative.” IK><BLB . Smooth Edges. Remember. In the same way.053 9/26/07 2:38 PM Page 53 Powering Up Your Rou By the Woodworker’s Journal Staff Most of us can’t even think about starting a woodworkin project without pulling out our router. Fast and Easy Sometimes.

like the one shown above.) The holes are at least 1" in diameter. It saves time and lets you do all the math and machining at once. his includes commonly used depths for dadoes or grooves: 1/8". In fact. it becomes the fence that guides your router. because their usefulness is only limited by your creativity. measure twice. “It’s just a block of wood with a series of holes carefully drilled to predetermined depths. Rather than take the time to pull out a tape measure (an awkward and questionable way to set depth with a handheld router or a router table). “many of the pro shops I visit have a whole series of disks of pre-determined radii ready to go. 3/8" and 1/2". There is one catch that can add a level of frustration to employing rub collars: figuring the offset relationship between the collar and the router bit. s as the A depth-setting jig. what is the correct offset? It’s just math . cut once!) LBHG BL BG MA> =>M:BEL' 7 3O . (Remember. even if you are using multiple tools. Rub collars in general are some of the most useful accessories you can add to your router arsenal.. says Rick. likes to keep moving in the shop. (As shown at left.” Rob’s Ready-made Depth Setter The Journal’s editor in chief. bored using a Forstner bit Contributing editor Rick White cuts round corners on workpieces using a progressively sized set of disk templates. It can get a bit confusing: if you use a 1/2" router bit in a 5/8" rub collar. makes fast work of accurate cut setups. Circling the Wagons on Rub Collars When you use a rub collar. Rob Johnstone.053-056 G1 PC Gate PB 9/26/07 1:54 PM Page 54 Router rking old help ne. he uses a shop-made jig instead.186. He always includes the rub collar and bit diameter required to cut that exact radius.” he says. but one way to avoid doing it each time is to use a trick that Rick White picked up from a reader many years ago: keep your routing templates with the information written on the surface. 1/4"..

unplug your router 2 Always when changing bits. On the edges of the block of wood. Note that the rabbets have a predetermined depth and width. and/or wide cuts are best made in successive passes. These are used to set up cuts on a router table. “That’s a precaution you will never regret. your router bits before 3 Inspect chucking them into your router. in a straigh says Rick. 6 Deep just mount two bearing router bits. capture stock between 5 Never your fence and router bit. ears and 1 Protect lungs with appropriate gear. “You still should make a test cut in scrap before moving to your actual project. Reduce router speed when 4 using larger-diameter bits.053-056 G1 PC Gate PB 9/26/07 2:00 PM Page 55 Six Quick Router Safety Tips chucked in a drill press. trammel-guided route Rub collars are a great way to rout accurate and repeatable shapes. This allows you to set up for rabbeting using a straight bit.L' 186. 7 HEN PRECISION IS AT STAKE. Hold the block against the fence to set the width of the rabbet cut.” Rob adds. so when you pla couple of inches overly the waste. Then.” your eyes. Because Ric where to start and stop By using 5/8". additional depth-setting rabbets are cut — again to accommodate commonly used measurements. he sim plunge router by drillin baseplate as a template plate is mounted to the exactly in the center of prefers a 3/8"-diameter to this jig is that you ca stock.and 3/4"-diameter straight bits in you can achieve a clean.


“This old cabinetmaker’s trick usually makes the difference between a clean cut or a splintery one. cut the legs (for example) a ches overly long.” 3/4" straight bit Chris says. he simply attaches the plastic to the base of a er by drilling countersunk holes (he uses the router a template to locate those holes). 4HE -EASURE /F 0RECISION . the bearings will hold the bit e center of the stock (see photo at right). The jig consists of a 1/4". You need a plunge router to make it work correctly. “I wo bearings. straight bits in succession. plow the mortises and then chop off ecause Rick’s jig is clear plastic. The only downside that you can’t get too close to the end of a piece of hen you plan your project.   Rick White’s jig will cut mortises or plow grooves exactly in the center of narrow stock. The larger bit will provide a clean 5/8" straight bit final cut.” hen. Once the plastic nted to the router. The Router Bit Two-Step When using a router on a trammel cut — whether it’s an oval or circle — field editor Chris Marshall says he always takes the extra time to make the cut with two router bits.186. l-guided router cut. he can easily see art and stop his mortises. and for that reason it’s a must-have option if you cut a lot of mortises — especially if you prefer floating tenons as a joinery solution. Rick says he 8"-diameter bit when using the jig. Then. like you’d find on the end of many in a straight line. Start your first cut with a 5/8"-diameter straight bit wrenched into your plunge router and cut clean through the stock (in this case. equal distance from the center hole. cherry veneer plywood).056 9/26/07 3:25 PM Page 56 Rick White’s Super-Easy Mortising Jig This jig is simplicity itself.thick plastic square with a 1/2" hole bored into the center. replace it with a 3/4"-diameter bit and repeat the cut. since it’s removing much less material than the first bit.

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186.060 9/4/07 After 11:49 AM Page 60 .

but the mess on the shelves was indeed distracting and seemed to be a magnet that attracted other strange odds and ends without a better home. were cabinet look very stylish (if I do useful but unsightly. build in the center Before chevron. The basic DIY style of woodworking can certainly improve a home. None of these details are visually overwhelming or even difficult to make. it struck me as just the right ticket. such as those in the center door stiles. placed low on each stile. I discovered long ago that there is one way to change many of those traditionally tedious tasks from menial to magical — I simply employ my woodworking skills to fix the problem at hand. this feature helps the project look more rectangular. But when it comes to doing chores around the house. When I hit on the idea of building a cabinet “shell” over the existing shelves. And the crown was formed by slicing a single piece of superbly figured quartersawn red oak into strips. The spot was really quite handy for storage. overflowing with family games.186. having never actually tried to de-fur a feline. say so myself). but take it up a notch and you can both increase market value and leave behind something of lasting value. chose quartersawn red oak to match some nearby cabinets and added a couple of ornamental details that matched existing features in my home: keystoneshaped plinths or chevrons. The chevron motif is also repeated in the built-up crown. Some details are subtle. I made the two center rails from a single piece of stock (see photo sequence on next page) so the grain pattern in the wood flows from one to the other. A great example of this is the simple cabinet shell that I recently built for my 1906-vintage house. In this nearly square cabinet. if you look closely — once again the figure flows smoothly from one strip to the next. I marked them so as to keep their orientation consistent with the order in which I ripped them from the board. I chose to make the cumulative width of the two center door stiles the same measurement as the width of each outer door stile. so sheetrocking over the area seemed a shame. one goal I have is to design and build it in a way that takes advantage of my skills. For this simple cabinet I Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 61 . Making it Really Worthwhile When I do this sort of project.061 9/4/07 11:50 AM Page 61 Woodworking for Your Home Cabinet Shell Game By Rob Johnstone How do you turn a “gotta-do-it” home improvement project from a task into a treat? Make it into a “wanna-do-it” woodworking project! There are many ways to skin a cat. it was starting to feel like the right time to “downsize. I decided that a woodworking project was the only way to cure this homespun eyesore. but they add up to help an ultra-simple The “before” shelves. I was able to “remove” horizontal sections of the crown and. When I assembled the crown I kept that orientation — and. Our realtor quickly identified it as something that needed to be either upgraded or removed. or so I am told.” One of the trickier roadblocks to getting our home ready for market was a large and unsightly set of shelves in a back room. With the children leaving home. as do the chevrons (forming a bowtie area for mounting the pulls). By building it in segments. in turn.

its 123 ⁄ 4" depth made this the practical way to move forward. but would in fact add unneeded complications. The kerf in the center of this piece is essential for accurate layout. a top and bottom. I marked out the chevron detail for the center stiles.” — Rob Johnstone The center stiles of this cabinet’s full-overlay doors add shape and style to an otherwise uninteresting and utilitarian project. I spent a good long while sorting through piles of lumber in order to select great looking quartersawn red oak with pronounced rays or flecks. The shelf. Note that both stiles are made from one piece of stock. With the aid of a template.. piece 3. Before I made a single piece of this cabinet. was made from red-oak veneered plywood with a strip of solid oak glued to the front edge . Form the groove for the 1/4" plywood door panels in the stiles before cutting them apart. Then you can rip the resulting pieces apart. With the layout complete. Stock selection is the easiest single step you can take to move a project from boring to beautiful.186. I plowed grooves into each edge of the board (see photo at left) to accept the door panels. One comment here about stock selection. I made a hardboard template with 15˚ angles to mark the chevrons. 62 Creating Detail-rich Doors The entire cabinet front is covered by matching fulloverlay doors.. I formed 1/8"-deep dadoes (see Elevation drawings at right) to locate and hold the cross members while I glued and brad-nailed them together. In this case. I started with a select piece of stock that was the width of both the door stile and chevron detail. For this reason. The lion’s share of the work building these doors involves making the center stiles (pieces 4) described earlier. and a shelf (pieces 1 to 3). I used European style hinges to mount the doors (see the sidebar on page 64). the time invested paid big dividends. All this machining can take place on your table saw. Starting with a Simple Case The case of this cabinet could hardly be more straightforward: two sides. I cut the piece to length and then plowed a shallow kerf exactly down the center of the piece to aid in marking out the various stile details. Because I was attaching the case of the cabinet to an existing shelf assembly. The prospect of mounting these hinges either brings tears of joy or fear to the eyes of woodworkers. depending on whether they have installed them before.062 9/20/07 11:23 AM Page 62 selection is the easiest single step you can take to move “Stock any project you build from boring to beautiful. a face frame was not only not required. plus a saw kerf. Then I ripped the stiles December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .

Stile and Rail Joinery Detail 6 5 2 MATERIAL LIST Built-On Wall Cabinet The mortises for the floating tenons were formed using Festool’s Domino machine. ** Form these blocks from the appropriate layers of crown strip stock. Use the techniques taught here and adapt them to fit your project. A few of their dominoes. 2 The cross members are captured in 1/8" deep dadoes and rabbets. 63 . Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Sides (2) Top/Bottom (2) Center Shelf (1) Center Door Stiles* (2) Outer Door Stiles (2) Door Rails (4) Door Panels (2) Crown Base Strip (1) Lower Crown Strip (1) Upper Crown Strip (1) Crown Blocks **(11) TxWxL 3/4" x 5" x 467⁄ 8" 3/4" x 5" x 413⁄ 4" 3/4" x 123⁄ 4" x 413⁄ 4" 3/4" x 31⁄ 2" x 47 3/4" x 21⁄ 2" x 47 3/4" x 21⁄ 2" x 183 ⁄ 16" 1/4" x 183 ⁄ 16" x 421⁄ 2" 1/2" x 2" x 55" 1/2" x 11⁄ 8" x 58" 3/4" x 11⁄ 8" x 58" See Elevation Drawing * Cut from one piece of stock 3/4" x 61 ⁄ 8" x 47".186. along with the rail’s stub tenons. exact measurements must be adjusted for your situation. 1 5 93/8" 3 Exploded View 1 6 /4" 11/2" The center door stiles are machined from one piece of stock. but on the center stiles they are 11⁄2" deep.063 9/17/07 12:08 PM Page 63 Crown Molding Assembly Fitting the project to your home (End View) 15° 11/8" With any project that is built specifically for your home. See Elevation drawings to determine sizes. Cut prior to machining the chevrons. created an easy-to-assemble corner joint for the door’s stiles and rails. 21/2" 1 /2" 3 1 Crown Molding Assembly 27/8" /8" 21/2" 3 /8" 1 /2" 1/2" 3 /8" 1 (Front View) 41/4" 3" /2" 15° 11 8 6 Center Door Stiles /4" 10 (Front and end Views) 9 8 11 4 55/8" 7 21/2" 11/4" 4 1 Note: Grooves on outer door stiles and rails are 1/4" deep. The center shelf (piece 3) was designed to fit into an existing wall opening.

but is the door panels. to the crown subassembly.186. board that had the most dramatic figure to the wood. I ripped the rails (using a miter gauge on slices of stock as I described the table saw) to fit the earlier. After all of the strips were small to hold the doors cut. I used the hardboard template to set my saw blade All that remained in constructing the door was to cut at a 15˚ angle and cut out the chevrons using a miter the plywood panels (pieces 7) to size. Each layer of the panel grooves on the stiles. be sure to use a square to keep everything properly aligned. I the chevron motif. I ripped close to the chevron layout lines and then set the doors aside while the glue cured and moved on finished up the tight corner cut on the band saw. It looks plowed the grooves to accept a bit complicated. Many woodworkers find European-style hinges to be confusing and even a little frightening.064 9/17/07 12:05 PM Page 64 This crown is built up from stock cut from one piece of exceptionally beautiful lumber. I reset the table saw together. I have found them to be not only easy to use. One reason may be that they don’t look anything like “real” hinges — at all! And while that is true. I turned to pocket-hole joinery to secure this cabinet shell to an alignment. apart. crown is built from progresWhile these stub tenons held sively thicker pieces for a the door frame in perfect more dramatic visual effect. tenons (photo. I followed that step up by making the rails and A Crown with Flare the two remaining outer This built-up crown substiles (pieces 5 and 6). the door frame I should mention that I selected the “show” face of the machining was complete and the joinery sufficient. Although a bit complicated in concept. With them. Staying on the table of all the parts and then glue and clamp it all together. When you drill the pilot holes for the cup hinge screws. Confused by European Hinges? A drill press is great for drilling the cup holes for the hinges. First. do one final dry fit gauge outfitted with a backer board. and then actually really a snap to raised the stub tenons on the build. they were too existing set of storage shelves: a simple and effective solution. I saw. previous page). I’m assembly flares out from talking basic bread-andthe cabinet at the same 15˚ butter woodworking here: that I used when creating The parts were cut to size. That’s why I decided to add the domino floating blade at 15˚ and cut the “show” face of each strip. it is very easy to build. but also forgiving in 64 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .

Once the plate and hinge are mounted. of sanding and hang the doors. it was time to do a bit tion. Check the directions for your hinges. It’s very important to be sure that the cup hinge section is mounted squarely in the door. crown strips (pieces 9 and 10) large doors. so I use a square while drilling the screw holes to keep everything properly aligned.The first thing you need to know about these hinges is that the cup part goes in the door and the mounting plate goes on the cabinet wall. the easiest way to locate the hinges is to use a story stick to transfer exact location to both door and carcass. Not confusing at all! —Rob Johnstone 65 . for the ones I selected.186. I feel ends) and the corner blocks (pieces 11) were glued and pin-nailed in place in a sequential process that went a sense of satisfaction rather than distress and distracquickly. One of the great advantages of European hinges is the fact that they Rob Johnstone is the editor in chief of Woodworker’s allow a relatively large amount of adjustment. I always reach for Rockler’s Jig-It® system to drill the holes for the mounting plate — it makes the task easy as pie. This was Journal print magazine and online eZine. base strip — around the perimeter of the cabinet top. you just clip the two together. carcass tight to the shelves. (When I first saw this hinge system. I kept the beveled face and I was able to keep the whole assembly square when of each strip flush to the outside of the crown to create they did (much to my surprise). my brain told me it should be the other way Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 around. The chevron details (with their own 15˚ pulls as a final touch. when I stroll through that back room.) With full-overlay doors like these. I simply mitered the long With the former mess of board games now hidden behind the shell to the existing shelf unit. Once the pieces were the best way to attach this cut. the cup holes were located 7/8" in from the edge of the door. After the glue cured.065 9/12/07 1:51 PM Page 65 especially important with this Before I put the crown project because you want the together. Then I use one of Rockler’s Jig-It systems to drill the holes for the mounting plate. This line is further applied three coats of wipe-on emphasized by the line at the polyurethane before mounting top edge of the doors — it. the door can be moved right and left or up and down (and in and out to boot!). Not bad for a couple of days in the shop. Using those screws. I recommend a story stick to mark out the locations for the mounting plates. I made the crown center stiles to fit together base strip (piece 8). pieces has an 1/8"-deep by 3/8" wide rabbet on its edge Finishing and Mounting which creates a reveal I stained the cabinet to match (shadow line) under the my trim and molding and crown. I decided early on that another subtle but important pocket-hole joints would be detail. I then mounted the door its 15˚ flare. and the door is hung. Simply stated. This tightly and perfectly. Now. Not quite right? Not to worry: you can adjust the position of the door on the cabinet by screwing the adjustment screws (see hinge packaging). their designers have built a superior amount of adjustability into their function. their nature. this shell of a cabinet turned one of our home’s The screws pulled the cabinet — starting with the crown major eyesores into an attractive feature.

Rockler’s Safety Power Tool Switch ($30) mounts on either side. Woodhaven’s PTM120 Phenolic Router Table ($216) Jointech’s SmartLift Router Lift ($400) provides digital bit height readings in fractions or decimals. A paddle safety switch and rolling base round out this super table.186. all loaded with goodies to suit most every need.770 Woodhaven’s Baltic birch Deluxe Router Table Cabinet. and that means wish lists are fair game. It provides digital accuracy for setting bit height with a readout in fractions or decimals. you can’t do better than JessEm’s Mast-R-Fence™ with integrated Mite-R-Slide™. JessEm Mast-R-Fence ($245) and Mite-R-Slide ($330) The All-Star Table features dust collection on both the router compartment and the fence for cleaner machining. Rockler’s Foam Bit Holders ($6. a few of these add-ons could give your current table’s performance a boost. We started with a deluxe Baltic birch cabinet and bolted on a solid-phenolic tabletop for flatness and durability. Let’s start dreaming about cool router tables right now! If you could create the perfect system. HTC-2000 Universal Mobile Base with tipup casters ($82) 66 $1. All-Star Router Table This Cadillac system (below) should please even the most demanding user. Both have phenolic facings and are made for heavy use. Total system cost: $1. And even if you’re not in the All-Star Router Table market for a “tricked out” new table. with six drawers and lots of extra storage space ($420) December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .770. what components would you include? We’ve come up with three great options that will lighten your wallet in var ying degrees.40 each) keep your bits protected and neatly stowed. For even more precision. Then we added Jointech’s® SmartLift Digital Router Lift.066 9/24/07 12:35 PM Page 66 Create Your Own Router Table Kit By Chris Marshall T he holiday season is almost upon us.

067 9/20/07 11:21 AM Page 67 Mix and match top quality components to create a primo router table system or customize your current setup. It comes with a safety On/Off switch that you can mount anywhere that suits you. Mid-Sized Dynamo Table Hang even your heaviest router from Rockler’s Mast-RLift ($290) precision router lift. It’s large enough to accommodate any router lift. with double doors to muffle noise and a 4" dust port behind. Woodhaven’s TM120 Router Table ($160) The Vortex Dust Collection Cabinet ($135) from Hartville Tool has an angled bottom to direct debris more effectively into its 4" dust port. Top it all off with Incra’s V27 Miter Gauge. $925 Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 An auxiliary power switch comes with the Vortex cabinet or can be purchased alone for $30. fence and router Micro-adjusters on Freud’s SH-5 Fence ($149) allow the facings to be fine-tuned on both sides of the bit. and Rockler’s Mast-R-Lift features a flush-mount scale to ensure precise bit height control. and you’re all set for any routing operation. Our mid-sized system is also tailor-made for extreme accuracy: Freud’s SH-5 Premium Router Fence has micro-adjustability. Mid-sized Dynamo Table Maybe a cabinet is more base than you need. Workaday Hero Router Table Your routing dreams can come true.186. no matter how modest the bottom line. Hartville Tool’s Vortex Dust Collection Cabinet hangs beneath it. Our picks for a mid-sized router table system (below) start with Rockler’s steel legset and locking casters. Incra’s Miter V27 ($65) provides 27 preset angle detents. which provides 27 angle detent settings at a reasonable price. System cost: $925. 67 . Heavy-duty Steel Legset ($88) from Rockler Locking casters ($38 for four) from Rockler allow easy mobility or solid braking during routing operations. but that’s no reason to give up sturdiness or dust control. The tabletop is a 11 ⁄8"-thick MDF core covered with melamine. if you start with a table.

System cost: $360. If a dedicated router lift is a bit beyond your reach.186. make your list.068 9/20/07 12:15 PM Page 68 SOURCES Eagle America: 800-872-2511 Freud: 800-334-4107 Hartville Tool: 800-345-2396 HTC Products: 800-624-2027 JessEm: 866-272-7492 JoinTech: 800-619-1288 Rockler: 800-279-4441 Woodhaven: 800-344-6657 Woodpecker’s (Incra): 800-752-0725 plate from Rockler (below). A pair of Router Bit Holders ($10) from Rockler keep your 1/4". Eagle-America’s full-size miter gauge and a four-piece accessory kit will improve both the safety and accuracy of your work. $360 68 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . and plant it where your special Santa can’t miss it. Now. check it twice. Never know what you might find under the tree this year! Workaday Hero Router Table Chris Marshall is Woodworker’s Journal’s field editor. when applicable. customized with quality extras: a paddle-style safety switch. Table and Fence System with Bit Guard ($160) Rockler’s 4-Piece Safety Kit ($27) includes two pushpads. Rockler’s aluminum insert plate — also part of the package — is pre-drilled to accept routers with built-in above-thetable bit height adjustment. and it allows for throughthe-table bit adjustment. Full-sized Miter Gauge ($40) from Eagle America Rockler’s aluminum insert plate is factory-drilled to mount your specific router. The tabletop mounts to a nononsense wooden legset. Rockler’s Safety Power Tool Switch ($30) Keep those collet wrenches handy with a magnetic tool holder ($13. Rockler’s “Package 1” Standard Router Plate. don’t despair. magnetic tool strip for storing wrenches and a pair of bit holders to keep your collection of cutters close to the action. We think this is the affordable alternative to buying a router lift. featherboard and a magnetic pushstick.or 1/2"-shank bits orderly and easy to find.30) from Rockler. A pine legset from Rockler ($75) is the economical choice for sturdy support. The laminate-covered MDF table is outfitted with a sturdy aluminum-spine fence with T-track facings.

Chairs & Beds $19. SOLUTION: Perfection is in your hands. 109 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 69 . Best of (Please mention code: WA121) PROBLEM: How to get a great looking finish on a tight schedule. Clocks. for the Table Saw Lamps & Small & Router Projects $17.186. Each coat dries in only 5 hours as opposed to the typical 24 hours.woodworkersjournal.95 + S&H Item # 28120 Jigs & Fixtures Boxes. call 800-279-4441 (Circle No.95 + S&H Item # 35917 Order Today! Call Woodworker’s Journal at 1-800-610-0883 Or Visit www. Available at Rockler stores and at Rockler. Perfect for turnings and salad bowls. Even seasoned pros will think you did it the traditional way and will wonder how you managed to apply and polish 20 coats overnight. easy-on finishes that give the smooth. it provides a sheen ranging from matte to gloss.95 + S&H Item # 39256 New! Cabinets & Storage Solutions $19. Here are two quick-drying.069 9/25/07 2:27 PM Page 69 New! Craftsman Furniture Projects $17. brush-on shellac that levels out beautifully. or to order.95 + S&H Item # 33411 Workshop Projects $19. Depending on the number of coats you apply.95 + S&H $17. it’s safe for toys! Liberon Easy French Polish is a For a FREE catalog.95 + S&H Item # 26037 Item # 21855 THE BEST OF New! Benches. 65 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 (Circle No. silky sheen of a much more labor-intensive process: Liberon Finishing Oil is Tung Oil with a resin dryer.

186.070 9/26/07 5:04 PM Page 70 Router Lifts: Accuracy for a Price By George Vondriska 70 .



3:11 PM

Page 71

Router lifts bring lots of convenience to a router table, but at a fairly steep price.
Can’t decide if they’re right for you? Then read on for help in making a decision.
If you already know you want a lift, our author has details on the goods!
OK, I’ve got a confession to make.
For lots of years, I wasn’t a big
advocate of router lifts. I’d spent
decades of my woodworking career
reaching under router tables to
make adjustments. What’s the big
deal? It seemed to work just fine.
Then fate intervened. Scheduled
to teach a seminar on router table
joinery, I arrived at the woodworking
retail store and found they had a
table with a lift set up for me. “Hey,”
I said. “I don’t need the whole lift
system. Just a regular old router
and table will be fine.” Well, the
table with the lift was the only setup
they had, so I had to use it.
As luck would have it, I was
teaching about using lock miter,
drawer lock and rail and stile bits.
I can tell you there are few bits as
fussy about being at the correct
height as lock miter and drawer
lock bits. Rail and stile joinery is a
close second. About 15 minutes into
the first demo, I was hooked. The
students probably thought I was a
goofball. “Hey, look, I can change
bits from above the table.” And,
“Oh, I need to change the height of
the bit by a gazillionth of an inch.
Watch this!” I just couldn’t get over
how much the lift simplified my
work on the router table.
So, these days I now preach the
router lift gospel. Here’s what I love
about router lifts.
Above-the-Table Bit Changes
Back in the day, when I needed to
swap bits, I’d drop the motor out
from below my table, lift it on top
of the table, make the change and
reverse the procedure. With a

router lift, you can spin the crank
until the router collet projects above
the table and do all the work from
on top, as shown in the top photo,
right. No more bending, stooping,
reaching …. It’s been so long since
I’ve peered under my table and
inside the cabinet that I’ve almost
forgotten what it looks like.
Super-Easy Bit Height Adjustment
You just can’t beat the ease of using
a router lift when it comes to
controlling bit height. After all, this
is what router lifts are all about.
With the crank inserted in the top
plate of the lift, you can easily watch
the change you’re affecting on the
cutter (see middle photo).
Additionally, most lifts have some
form of graduation on the crank
mechanism so you can track, in
small parts of an inch, how much
you’ve changed the height (see
bottom photo). If one full turn of the
crank is a 1/16-in. change, an easyto-manage 1/8 turn affects the bit
by a mere 1/128". You’ll really see
the payoff on fussy-to-set bits, but
this is a huge convenience on any
cut, regardless of the bit type.

Bit changes are a snap with a router lift. You
simply crank the lift until you can access the
collet, and make the swap.

Router lifts provide excellent control of bit
height. Adjusting from above makes it easy to
watch the bit while indexing it off of a

Graduated scales
indicate the net
change in router bit
height in fractions of
an inch. This makes it
easy to fine-tune and
perfect the cutter height.

Photos by Mike Krivit

Quik-Link takes you directly to the web
page on which these products appear! No
navigation necessary ... just go to
and click on the Quik-Link icon shown above.


Woodworker’s Journal December 2007




12:55 PM

Page 72

Shopping for hardwoods
has never been so easy!
Direct Importer of Fine Exotic
Lumber & Turning Stock.
Specializing in Luthier Grade
Figured Lumber, Live-edge
boards, unique pieces.
Order Online:

Walk-ins Welcome
117 South 4th St.
Olean, NY 14760

A lift with a quick-release,
like the cam clamp on the
unit above, makes it simple
to pull the motor out of the
lift and use it for other
handheld operations.

(Circle No. 110)




A reducer collar (left photo)
may be required for your
router to fit the lift’s
opening. It’s an added cost.




!:   3 0ALO 6ERDEs 4UCSON.

930 Ashby Ave. 115) On-line store open www. Ltd.MapleAndBirch. You’ll need a reducer collar to alter the lift for other routers. like the one in the inset photo above. 70) EXOTIC & DOMESTIC HARDWOODS LUMBER • PLYWOOD • VENEERS • TURNING BLOCKS • BURLS • FINE WOODCARVINGS • ARCHITECTURAL MOLDINGS Over 80 species of hardwood in stock. • One-router Shops: If you’re a one-router shop and need to be able to readily remove the router from the lift for handheld work. compared to popping it out of a router base hanging in your table. But it doesn’t have to Your Online Resource for Mill Direct Maple and Birch Lumber Specializing in Figured Maple and Birch www. This is the distance from the stop at the top of the column to the stop at the bottom. width and length of the lift plates. Berkeley. the nuisance of getting your router in and out of a (Circle No. 10) Freeport. 68) Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin. you’ve got lots to choose from. Are you a one-router shop? If so. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .macbeath. The final straw could simply be whether or not the lift will fit in your table. The benefit of a long travel isn’t being able to poke lots of bit above the table. not every router motor is the exact same diameter. (800) 252 . plywood & more . as shown in the photos on the next page. ash bat blanks. veneer. CA 94710 800-479-5008 FAX 510-843-9378 (Circle No. • Which Routers Fit? As you might expect. You’ll need to determine which lift has the best chance of fitting your table or if you’ll have to doctor your table’s plate opening to make it fit. Things You Should Know Here are some more things to understand about router lifts before determining whether or not they’re right for you.. you need to know the model number of the router you’ll be using to make sure there’s a reducer collar to fit it. Remember that. When buying a lift. Getting router motors in and out of lifts without this convenience isn’t horribly hard to do. !:  (Circle No. It’ll add at least another $170 to the cost of your router table setup to include a (Circle No. look for a lift with a quick release. More on that later.2373 17 Species of Hardwood Lumber and Plywood Free Catalog – No Minimum Orders www. But first. The Porter-Cable 7518 is common. could be a deal breaker. Dept. The specs on each lift in this story include the thickness. • Which Lift is for You? If you decide that you like what router lifts offer and want to add one to your router table. Some router lifts are made for a single router. NY 11520 72 (Circle No. but you’ll have to poke around the shop for the right wrench to make it happen. furniture squares. 114) Why Avoid a Lift? Router lifts work so well. • Total Travel: Each lift is capable of a total vertical Featuring lumber packs. Add that to the price of the lift. CALL FOR PRICE LIST: 866-244-5680 FAX 516-378-0345 100 Bennington Ave. here’s some basic buying advice. but instead being able to bury most of a long bit below the table. you’ve got to have enough free space below the router tabletop to hang the lift and router motor... to take full advantage of the travel. WJ www. the only thing holding back most woodworkers I talk to is price.woodply.

Take a tour of the features and see what you think: 150mm Tempered Glass Grinding Wheel— 580 rpm wheel speed— Powerful 1/5 HP Motor provides an always flat and true. Innovative Edge-Vision™ Slotted Wheel lets you see the cutting edge as you sharpen! (Circle or call 1-800-597-6170 Ask for it at Rockler. And finally . Many Lift Options There are plenty of lifts to choose from. and wherever you buy your tools. If you spend more today on the bigger-capacity lift. 26 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 73 . The sampling of lifts listed here range in price from $170 to $329. Snuggers let you remove the left/right and front/back wiggle if the hole in the table is slightly larger than the plate. If you plan on fitting a lift into a table not made by the lift manufacturer.worksharptools.. It’s the result of years of work. plate levelers and snuggers will be important..186. the Woodpecker Uni-Lift is the one unit that will take a plunge router. got a plunge router? Most lifts are designed for fixedbase machines. Think through your future growth as a woodworker. Woodcraft. and buy a reducer collar for a smaller router. Lifts designed for small-diameter router motors may cost less than those designed to accept larger routers. you’ll still have a lift you can use if you upgrade to a large router in the future.. This is a way to save some dough. and then building the wood tool sharpener that you wanted. 30°. PROUD OF WHAT YOU MAKE? US. maintenance-free grinding surface on which to adhere PSA Abrasives Sharpening Port Lapping Surface— “plunge-pull” sharpening technique and Sharpening Port abrasive increases burr removal and speeds sharpening Sharpening Port— enables precise and repeatable angles of 20°. The levelers allow you to bring the plate flush to the table if it’s set too deep. Some manufacturers offer templates to help you cut the correct plate opening in your table. TOO. In our test. 25°. 39 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Router lifts with lots of travel allow you to bury long bits below the table so you can use just the tip for cutting operations. and 35° for chisels and plane irons up to 2" wide Dry Cooling System— routed airflow and heat sink system keeps tools cool without the mess of a wet system Learn more about the award-winning new Work Sharp at www.. listening to woodworkers like you. Introducing NEW from the makers of Cutting Edge Technology for Woodworkers Take a look at our latest project. but don’t shortchange yourself in the long run.073 9/24/07 3:12 PM Page 73 (Circle No. so the first step is checking the balance in your woodworking Tool Review continues on page 74 .

and the ProLift has no leveling screws or QUIK LINK Speed wrench checkbook. The unit will also December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . One thing that’s impossible to test in a review like this is longevity. it’s my choice for Woodworker’s Journal’s “Best Bet”. Benchdog ProLift: This is one heavy unit. Insert rings easily thread in and out of the plate with the included spanner. exposed to dust. and I love the fast tracking you can 74 Insert ring and spanner do on the QuickLift. the insert rings on the plate are held in place with Phillips head machine screws (less convenient than what other lifts offer).woodworkersjournal. At $250. On the down side. and it takes all guesswork out of setting bit QUIK LINK www. The combination of accepting large motors. It accepts large-diameter router motors and can be reduced for smaller motors if need be. you don’t have super-fine height adjustment. you have to remove the lift. Why not in a router lift? The SmartLift has a digital readout that tracks the vertical position of the carriage. so it moves up and down more quickly than other lifts. the SmartLift Digital is very nice. make an adjustment and reinstall it to check your work. The Benchdog has eight. concealed by the rabbet the lift sits in. Coupled with the included speed wrench. How will these various mechanisms. The readout can be zeroed. and they all did what I asked them to do. JessEm brand router tables feature access holes that allow you to get at the levelers from below. other models with reducer collars Plate Size: 3/8" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 43⁄16" Tool-free Motor Removal? No Reducer Collars: $30 Street Price: $329 Phone: 800-619-1288 For more info on the web: use our www. If you’ve got the money for it. Since one full turn of the crank equals 1/8". As a result. built like a Sherman tank. debris and the weight and vibration of a router motor. JoinTech SmartLift Digital: Digital stuff is everywhere. The plate does include snuggers. Digital readout JessEm Mast-R-Lift: This is JessEm’s top-of-the-line lift.woodworkersjournal. available reducers and a reasonable price makes this lift a great choice.074 9/24/07 3:13 PM Page 74 Bench Dog JessEm JoinTech Model: ProLift Fits: Porter-Cable 7518. For this test. and each maintained the bit height setting without a problem. They all firmly locked the router motors in place. The Woodpecker PRL is beautifully built with good QUIK LINK For more info on the web: use our For more info on the web: use our www. other models with reducer collars Plate Size: 23/64" x 81⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 6" Tool-free Motor Removal? No Reducer Collars: $25 Street Price: $325 Phone: 800-786-8902 Model: Mast-R-Lift Fits: Porter-Cable 7518. Most lifts have either 16 or 32 threads per inch on the height mechanism.woodworkersjournal. you can really move up and down the travel quickly. 1/8 turn is still only 1/64". But I’m going to let my wallet do the talking and recommend the JessEm Mast-RLift. making it very easy to dial in precise bit height changes.186. other models with reducer collars Plate Sizes: 3/8" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4" or 3/8" x 81⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 33⁄4" Tool-free Motor Removal? No Reducer Collars: $33 Street Price: $250 Phone: 866-272-7492 Model: SmartLift Digital Fits: Porter-Cable 7518. It’s worth drilling similar holes in your table to simplify this process. even under heavy cutting loads. Recommendation: Do Your Research It’s very difficult to choose one best router lift out of this assortment. The only complaint I have is that the plate levelers are below the plate. hold up over time? I can’t answer that question. I mounted a router in each of these lifts. Still. but I can tell you that these units tracked up and down with the travel square to the table.

. experience the Traditional Woodworker. but without the digital display. I want to drill clean. but no snuggers for taking left/right and front/back wiggle out of the fit between the plate and table.. saving your last setting for up to five hours. 106 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) • 1.186. Tool Review continues on page 76 . THE Drill Bit Sharpener. It has the same lift features as the SmartLift Digital.0081 (Circle No. which is a solid unit in its own right. page 27 Hand on a Tradition.traditionalwoodworker. if you need to be able to remove your router from the table for handheld work. precise holes every time. It can be set to read in inches or millimeters. you’ll love the quick-release cam on this lift. have a look at JoinTech’s SmartLift Pro. but it won’t accept those larger diameter router motors.woodworkersjournal. JessEm Model: Rout-R-Lift FX Fits: Porter-Cable 690 and 890. As on other QUIK LINK shut itself off to conserve battery life. Lowes. Hobbyist or professional. 25 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 75 . I’d rather spend my money on new tools than on buying more drill bits. See it in action online at www. If you checked any of these.509. Northern Tool. The plate includes above-the-table leveling screws. you’re ready to sharpen your drill bits with Drill Doctor. This unit is also sold as a Rockler brand lift. It’s easy to use and firmly locks the router in place. It’s plenty of lift for the 12amp machines it does accept and. 616 and 618 Plate Size: 3/8" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 31⁄8" Tool-free Motor Removal? Yes Reducer Collars: N/A Street Price: $180 Phone: 866-272-7492 For more info on the web: use our Find this and many other fine tools in our free 80-page catalog. and wherever you buy your tools. The Home Depot. If you’re not quite ready to jump into the digital version of this lift. I’m tired of searching through all of my used bits trying to find one sharp enough to use. Check all that apply: I have a collection of old dull drill bits I just can’t throw away. DeWalt 610. but I don’t have time to become a sharpening expert.075 9/26/07 10:12 AM Page 75 Yankee Screwdriver. the SmartLift Pro has a scale that spins with the height adjustment handle. (Circle Look for the Drill Doctor at Sears.800. The SmartLift’s plate has snuggers as well as levelers that are readily accessed from below the table. w w w. Bosch 1617 and 1618. JessEm Rout-R-Lift FX: This unit will cost you about $70 less than JessEm’s premium unit. I know I should sharpen my drill bits.

but they must be installed in your router table. DeWalt. Portland. . Like JessEm’s Rout-R-Lift FX. Rousseau Call for new Brochure LIGNOMAT USA LTD 800-227-2105 PO Box 30145. and Economical: • • • • Cut groove in both workpieces simultaneously No clamps. failed gluelines. 66 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Model: Router Lift 3000LS Fits: Many popular routers Plate Size: 1/4" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 31 ⁄ 8" Tool-free Motor Removal? Yes Reducer Collars: N/A Street Price: $170 Phone: 800-635-3416 For more info on the web: use our www. 3003 and 3004.186.woodworkersjournal. (Circle No.076 9/24/07 3:19 PM Page 76 MOISTURE METER mini-Ligno E/D Reliable Affordable Convenient This pin meter can help you avoid frustrating moisture problems such as shrinking. Plate levelers are also included. I found this more awkward than the lifts that include levelers in the for application ideas and suggestions. this lift has a quick-release cam. loose joints. it will accept machines from Bosch. Check Rousseau’s web page for the full list of model numbers. 16 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 76 Rousseau Router Lift 3000LS: This lift. OR 97294 QUIK LINK Connect and Clamp with One Strike Fixo Self Clamping Biscuits ® It’s as easy as… Inserts and shoulder pin Plunge Glue Strike… Next! Fast. which is actually made by JessEm for (Circle No. Milwaukee and Porter-Cable. Easy. There are snuggers on the plate. Makita. to find out if the wood is finally dry enough to use.lignomat. no waiting Use with any biscuit joiner – no tool investment Available in vertical and horizontal sizes Visit csaw. 113 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No. and a height crank (not shown here) is included with the lift. 1-800-A-LAMELLO • lamello @ csaw. Also ideal for lumber drying. is available in three models: the 3002. E-Mail: sales@lignomat . Designed for the many 21⁄4-HP (12-amp) routers on the market.

but the instructions are quite good. it takes about 15 minutes of assembly to get this unit together. and the motor housing slides up and down in the slots in the vertical mounts. For starters. The graduations on the scale are more coarse than those on other lifts. The entire unit is phenolic. Design with the assurance that Accuride has a full complement of entertainment solutions—for whatever you dream up. Removable height indicator Woodhaven 1432 EZ Lift: This lift has a unique design. Before testing. You’ll need a 9/16" socket to drive the lead screw height adjuster — no crank handle is provided.)251. www.accuride.s Pocket Door Slides NEW! Quick Lift Remote-controlled TV lift Evolving hardware for today’s cabinetmaker. a lead screw moves the motor housing up and down.woodworkersjournal. Entertainment Solutions: TV Swivels Media Access Centers . I was dubious of its performance.M. There are no plate levelers or snuggers on this lift.$ /DJXQD +LOOV &$  VFD#IHOGHUXVDFRP (Circle No. Just like you.. 34 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Craftsmanship with Creativity Great minds think alike..186. It also features toolfree motor removal. but it actually works just fine.077 9/26/07 10:17 AM Page 77 %LJRQ3HUIRUPDQFH (DV\RQWKH%XGJHW WKHREYLRXVFKRLFH $ %ZLQQHU -RLQWHU3ODQHU 6DZ6KDSHU ‡³ZLGWK ‡4XLFNFKDQJHNQLIHV\VWHP ‡0DVVLYHFDVWLURQWDEOHV ‡6HQVDWLRQDOYDOXH ‡PRWRUV ‡6DZEODGHWLOWVIURPƒ±ƒ ‡6KDSHUWLOWVIURPƒ±ƒ ‡3URIHVVLRQDOULSIHQFH ZLWKURXQGJXLGHEDU ‡3URIHVVLRQDOVOLGLQJWDEOH &DOO IRU\RXU )UHH'9' Woodhaven Model: R1432 EZ Lift Fits: Porter-Cable 7518.C./  FKLFDJR#IHOGHUXVDFRP :(67  (QWHUSULVH %OYG :HVW 6DFUDPHQWR &$  ZHVW#IHOGHUXVDFRP 6287+(51 &$/. +$00(586$      ZZZKDPPHUXVDFRP ($67  /XNHQV 'ULYH 6XLWH  1HZ &DVWOH '(  VDOHVLQIR#IHOGHUXVDFRP &(175$/  1 :LOOLDPV 6W 7KRUQWRQ .A. As on other lifts. there are no (Circle No. Tool Review continues on page 78 . other models with reducer collars Plate Size: 3/8" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 311⁄16" Tool-free Motor Removal? Yes Reducer Collars: $32 Street Price: $170 Phone: 800-344-6657 For more info on the web: use our www. we know that’s what it takes to stay ahead of the pack. 2 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 77 .com QUIK LINK  %& *- $" 4$" +DPPHU$9RWHG ³%HVW9DOXH´)LQH:RRGZRUNLQJ0DJD]LQH ³%HVW%X\´)XUQLWXUH &DELQHWPDNLQJ8. On the downside. QUIK LINK Two reference scales Woodpecker PRL: The PRL has two reference scales on the top plate. With the plunge routers I mounted in this unit. respectively. If you only 78 Works with plunge router have one router. The plate has above-thetable levelers and snuggers along the sides.woodworkersjournal. George Vondriska is founder of the Wild Earth Woodworking School in Hudson. The plate has above-the-table plate levelers and snuggers in the side of the plate. then finetune it from there with the standard crank. raising and lowering the carriage by spinning a threaded rod. it overrides the threaded rod. The Quick-Lift 420 and 424A models cannot be reduced for small diameter router motors. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . a cylinder-style lift might be more convenient. Woodpecker Quick-Lift 420: Here’s great innovation in router lifts: the Quick-Lift has two QUIK LINK For more info on the web: use our www. The plate has above-the-table plate levelers and snuggers in the side of the plate. It’s also interesting to note that the Uni-Lift won’t bring the router’s collet up high enough to do above-the-table bit changes and. This lets you repeat multiple settings by zeroing each scale at a different position. It doesn’t capture the router motor within a cylinder like other lifts do. other models with reducer collars Plate Size: 3/8" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 413⁄16" Tool-free Motor Removal? No Reducer Collars: $30 Street Price: $300 Phone: 800-752-0725 Model: Uni-Lift Fits: Many popular models Plate Size: 3/8" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4" Travel: 33⁄4" Tool-free Motor Removal? No Reducer Collars: N/A Street Price: $270 Phone: 800-752-0725 Model: Quick-Lift 420 Fits: Porter-Cable 7518 (Model 414 fits Milwaukee 5625) Plate Sizes: 3/8" x 91⁄4" x 113⁄4". you just dial the lift back to the “zero” points. DeWalt 618 and Porter-Cable 690 and 890 models. you may need a collet extension in your router to get enough bit projection. Now. The 420A and 414A models accept the Porter-Cable 7518 and Milwaukee routers.woodworkersjournal. This lift can be purchased with either 16 or 32 threads per inch. Each of these can be zeroed separately. you can easily move the carriage to any position. One works like other router lifts. and a contributing editor to Woodworker’s Journal. The second handle is for fast bit height Fast bit height change changes. Once they’re set. this feature makes the Uni-Lift the slowest when it comes to getting your router in and out. On the flip side. so it works with either plunge. Woodpecker Uni-Lift: The Uni-Lift is one of the few lifts that takes a plunge router. 3/8" x 81⁄4" x 113⁄4" or 1/4" x 9" x 12" Travel: 43⁄8" Tool-free Motor Removal? No Reducer Collars: N/A Street Price: $250 Phone: 800-752-0725 For more info on the web: use our www. If you engage the second handle in the carriage and spin it 1/4 turn. The 350A offers tool-free motor removal. which is pretty cool.or fixedbase routers. depending on the bit you’re QUIK LINK For more info on the web: use our www.078 9/26/07 10:14 AM Page 78 Woodpecker Woodpecker Woodpecker Model: PRL Fits: Porter-Cable 7518 (RL5625 fits Milwaukee 5625).186. the face of the collet came within about one inch of the top of the plate.woodworkersjournal. This lift can be purchased with a lead screw having either 16 or 32 threads per inch. which changes the bit height 1/32" per revolution. Instead. it has a predrilled universal mounting plate that screws to the base of the router. The Quick-Lift 350A (about $200) fits the Bosch 1617.

% '5. and collets. quick change chucks. CA 92870 Phone: (714) 223-9966 (Circle No. Our custom machinery is specialized in manufacturing Fixed or Adjustable Multiple Axis Boring Heads. USA 419 E. 53 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) $0(5. 91 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) BORING HEAD.186.&$10$'( $0(5. drill adapters. Placentia. Kubor Machine. Rockaway Dr.&$1728*+ 4(% !22/7¤ 4¤ 34!0. the precision tool that offers flexibility and versatility for your boring applications using your own drill press or boring machine.079 9/24/07 12:06 PM Page 79 (Circle No. 4!#+%2 9OU WONT lND ANY CHEAP.
















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gift card. 17 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 4FSWJOH 8PPEXPSLFST 4JODF  (VVHQWLDO 8QLTXH  +DUG 7R )LQG 7RROV It’s a gift you’ll both love! 1.081 9/24/07 12:05 PM Page 81 this Christmas! Shown: Ruby Velour Lounge Set Send her a Choose from hundreds of great  IBSUWJMMFUPPMDPN (Circle No. and Do Not Disturb sign. 105 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 562PJG07_XMAS_2-25x4-75.indd 1 '3&& $"5"-0( (Circle No. ALL FREE! (Circle No. 83 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form)  -iÀˆœÕà *>˜i ->Ü >Ì > Ài>Ì *ÀˆVit 5NASSEMBLED PANEL SAW KITS WILL COST BETWEEN   4HE 0ANEL 0RO˜ IS A COMPLETE SYSTEM THAT WILL GIVE YOU SAFE. delivered in a beautiful hat box. 45 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 8/30/07 2:27:19 PM (Circle No.PJS PajamaGram. Each PajamaGram comes with a lavender sachet.186.


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For clean and safe cuts in non-ferrous metals. and they come equipped with the Apollo AtomiZer™ Spray Gun. The PROXXON line is the assortment for the serious model builder.leevalley. you simply can’t go wrong with this combination laser square and stud finder. WJ1107 (Circle No. plastics and wood. 85 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No. or to request our free 300-page woodworking tools catalog. Requires four AAA batteries (not included). 1-800-683-8170 www. scans surfaces to a depth of 1. Safe.proxxon. 7 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Combination Laser Square/Stud Finder $8. 62 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) wwj laser special.hvlp. More than 50 tools.479.6 x 10 mm). choose Apollo. The integral stud sensor. an audio indicator beeps and an LED display flashes when the edge of the stud is located. Limited stock. Includes 12 adhesive strips to temporarily secure it to a wall for hands-free use.indd 1 82 (Circle No. cleanest way to achieve the perfect finish.95 Laser Square/Stud Finder Shipping & N. The KGS 80 comes standard with a carbide tipped saw blade 3 1/8” x 1/16” x 3/8” (80 x 1. we have the right tool for you! The perfect combo for the perfect finish– from $799.186. P.082 9/24/07 12:00 PM Page 82 Introducing Another Apollo HVLP Innovation Meet The New Green Machine™ TOOLS WITH CHARACTER Ready to Spray When You Are Apollo Sprayers adds another smart innovation for your convenience. easy and ready to use. Box 1909. It has a self-levelling laser that simultaneously projects horizontal (level) and vertical (plumb) lines. panelling and flooring. call or visit us online. useful on drywall.1) allows for minimal gap between work piece vise and actual cut which is vibration free and leaves no burr. Enjoy our new Handi-Hold™ – Spray Gun Docking Station. 99W79. High quality German engineered power tools – no matter which project is next on your More information on the line and PROXXON dealers: www.. NC. Order Yours Today 888-900-4857 (HVLP) www. Special Buy $8.O.95 Wall and Floor Tile Application Stud Finder Controls Self-Levelling No Guesswork Laser Level Controls Stud Finder AccuscanTM Mode At this price.5" to locate wood or metal studs.45 To order this laser level. Hickory.Y. 19 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 9/13/2007 10:09:15 AM December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . the table with clamped down work piece is turned! Laterally moving saw head (Patent DP 103. Store your spray gun on the turbine in a vertical position. all in a compact (Circle No. Chop and Miter Saw KGS 80 Ideal for miter cuts: Instead of swivelling the saw head. Invaluable for installing shelves and tiles or hanging pictures. For a whole new finish to your craftsmanship.18. Every machine one could wish for the delicate project. sales tax Dept. The Apollo 825 and 1025 Green Machine Turbines offer the newest. winner of the AWFS Sequoia Award for the most innovative new product. As you slide the detector over the wall or floor surface. thus lightweight and easy manageable without ever compromising performance.90 Manufacturer’s List was $ PROX-Tech. Inc. 28603-1909 Toll free 1-877-PROXXON. sales@prox-tech.

186. You can start machining on Friday evening and apply your final coat of finish on Sunday afternoon! Sponsored by 83 83 .083 9/20/07 2:47 PM Page 83 Triple-Taper Dinette Table By Chris Marshall Look behind the centerspread for step-by-step instructions! Sometimes. all you have is a weekend to get your woodworking in. Here’s an easy project that works with that schedule.

25:gate ad spread PB 7.084_089 JET Gate Ad 7.186.25 9/27/07 3:33 PM Page 84 .

186. 56 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) .25:gate ad spread PB 7.25 9/27/07 3:33 PM Page 89 (Circle No.084_089 JET Gate Ad 7.

Sometimes. clipped the corners. but leave the boards a quarter inch or so oversized in To allow for moisturerelated wood movement. the table fits our space and dining needs perfectly. BOTTOMBANNER  0- "%34 /6%2!. just to see where inspiration leads you. If you decide to give this dinette table a whirl.. I wanted my starting point to be a Shaker-inspired.186. It needed to seat at least four comfortably and fit into a cozy eating nook. E very now and then. but more importantly. gave the legs a 45° turn and added another taper.” I like the results. Four stopped cove cuts on the legs also introduce new shadow lines that mirror the beaded aprons. That’s what happened for me with this little dinette table. all it takes is adding another shadow line or changing one component’s shape to make your project fresh and new. So. it’ll require just basic shop machinery to get the job done: a table saw. Build it with just a few shop machines. Your changes don’t have to squander the principles of form and function or make a project tougher to build. it’s fun to take a traditional design and give it a new twist. With the first round. the author prefers to surface his lumber in two stages. Maybe this table will inspire you to take a few of your own design liberties. 6!. . I stretched the usual rectangular top into a square. jointer and router table. joint and plane the lumber so you can choose the best stock for the parts that need it. tapered leg table. planer. Getting Started It’s always good practice to do two rounds of surfacing to prepare your stock.085 9/20/07 2:10 PM Page 85 Triple-Taper Dinette Table By Chris Marshall This little table proves there’s no need to sacrifice simple construction for new style. and help to create the illusion of “feet. too. A weekend’s worth of building time will have you in and out of the shop.

next page). the applied moldings will leave no trace that they’re actually separate parts. That way. as usual. Making the Legs Each leg requires two spline slots cut on the side faces.5% ). will hide the bottom end of the spline slot. )43 #. strap clamps to close all Mark the bit’s location on the eight joints at once.!33 . Next. thickness and width. and plow them all with the workpieces backed up against a miter gauge (see photo at left). It’s necessary to prop or clamp the guard open far enough to allow these drop cuts to !. Then. A strip of beaded molding. if possible. Locate the slots 1/2" in from the back face of the legs. I routed and ripped several long strips of bead molding from matching stock to hide the bottoms of the splines. and you’ll see that the leg/apron joints on this table are made with splines. The process is no-brainer easy. cross-grain glue joint. Since the spline slots run entirely across the ends of the aprons. milled from matching stock. Make them before doing any Assemble the legs and tapering while your stock is still aprons with splines and flat. and set the rip fence to act as an index so your cuts will intersect the bottom of the mitered layout lines. Glue and nail these strips in place before mitering the ends of the aprons. Building the Aprons Refer to the Drawings (next page). miter-cut the ends of your aprons carefully with a finetooth crosscut blade to wrap up these parts. The author used table with a 1/4" straight bit. Make them on the router table against a fence with a 1/4" straight bit. Notice in the Drawings that the legs taper on both the side and back faces. 13 ⁄ 4"-long slots on the inside face of each apron to receive the wood buttons that will fasten the tabletop to the base. Then allow it to “rest” in the shop for a week or two to adjust to your humidity levels. but leave the ends square. lowering the blank down onto the spinning cutterhead and pushing it through. tip a 1/4"-wide dado blade to 45° on your table saw. with the infeed table set to a cutting depth of 3/16". straight stock. When you cut these strips free. and they add substantial mechanical strength to what would otherwise be a weak. Now you’re ready for tapering.085-088 G2 JET Gate PB 9/20/07 2:13 PM Page 86 Plow spline slots across the ends of each apron blank with a 1/4"wide dado blade tilted to 45°. Fasten the molding strips to the aprons with glue and 3/4" pin nails or small brads.186. fence with a strip of masking tape to help you stop the slot lengths at 39⁄16". Start making the aprons by cutting them to length. be sure to preserve the little shadow line created by your beading bit. Back up the cuts with a miter gauge. Raise the blade to form 1/2"-deep spline slots. Make each taper pass by butting the leg bottom against the stop block. I carried out this operation entirely on the jointer. Mill the slots on the router glue. Once the glue dries. Follow up with a second round of final surfacing just before you’re ready to begin building to ensure that you’ll end up with flat. cut two 1/2"-deep. Mark the ends for the 45° miter cuts you’ll eventually make to complete them. Just mark your taper starting points 43 ⁄ 4" down from the tops of the legs and clamp a stop block to the infeed table so the blades will meet these layout lines (see photos. Splines guarantee that the mitered aprons and legs will stay aligned during glue-up. Any tendency to warp will usually happen during this time.

then ease the long edges with a router and 1/8" roundover bit. keep the apron portion of the leg flat against the fence. as a featherboard to keep the workpieces tight against the fence. You can shape the legs’ triple tapers entirely on the jointer. you can add them on the router table with a 5/8" roundnose bit set to 1/4" cutting height. If you like the look of my coved shadow lines. so use extreme caution and keep your fingers clear. then the back face. Start each cut by lowering the leg onto the cutterhead with the bottom against a clamped stop block (left). It won’t affect the cut. &).3 !4 *ET4OOLSCOM7* . About four passes on the sides and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Aprons (4) Applied Moldings (4) Legs (4) Splines (8) Corner Blocks (4) Top (1) Wood Buttons (8) T xW x L 7/8" x 31 ⁄ 2" x 363 ⁄ 4" 7/16" x 3/4" x 363 ⁄ 4" 2" x 2" x 29" 1/4" x 31 ⁄ 2" x 1" 11 ⁄ 4" x 31 ⁄ 2" x 55 ⁄ 8" 1" x 48" x 48" 3/4" x 11 ⁄ 4" x 11 ⁄ 2" eight on the back should reduce the bottoms of the legs to 11 ⁄ 4" square. and you’ll get more control for feeding this way.. The coves end 3" from bottom.087 9/26/07 11:07 AM Page 87 4" Corner Detail Exploded View 6 (Top View) 6 1 /4" 7 1 3 1 Top 5 39/16" (Side View) 3 43/4" 5 6 1 4 1 4 /2" 2 7 Leg (Side Views) 3 1 Corner Detail (Top View) Molding 3" /2" 7° Button (Side View) MATERIAL LIST 4 Note: Tapers (2". it’s OK if an adjacent tapered face slides over against the fence. Joint the side faces first. Once the cut is underway. Give the taper cuts a thorough sanding to remove the milling marks.$ 4(% -/34 ). As you start each pass. I fed the cuts with my right hand only using a pushstick.186. 1 3 5 3 27/8" /8" (End View) 2 11/4" happen. planted down on the jointer table. I used my left hand.11⁄4") and coves begin 43⁄4" from top. Then run the blank through (top)./6!4)6% 4//. Use index marks on your fence to indicate the bit’s position so you can start and stop these four cuts accurately.

Be sure the grain direction on your splines is oriented along the 1" length. This reduced my eight-board top to just two final wet glue joints — a real stress reliever. I cleaned up my Finishing Up Sand the parts up to 180 grit and apply a durable finish. heavy tabletop if you build it from 1"-thick stock as I did. the top blank will require many narrower boards and lots of glue joints. I used three coats of satin polyurethane. clip off the corners with a circular saw outfitted with a fine-tooth blade. Ohio. Unless you have unusually wide stock. I glued up three narrower subassemblies first and let them dry. Have courage — they’ll work out fine. The buttons will hold the top securely for many years to come. secure the top and allow for wood movement. . Check the table framework for square. Once the finish cures. Carry out a complete dry run to check for accurate parts fit. then bring the legs. I left my lumber about 1/16" “fat” so I could run the dry glue-ups through the planer for one last cleanup pass. Allow the glue to cure completely before scraping and sanding the panel flat. I found strap clamps much easier to install around the canted legs. Make the buttons from blocks of scrap with a 1/2" x 1/2" rabbet cut on one end. The process involves running the tabletop on-edge past your saw blade and against a really tall auxiliary fence. leaving a 1/4"thick tongue. then install each corner block with glue and screws to stiffen the joints: four screws in the aprons and two in the legs. Next comes some heavy lifting as you cut the top’s broad underbevels. Be sure to set up sturdy outfeed support behind the saw before making these bevel rips. and clean up your saw cuts with a sharp scraper or belt sander. and they provide sufficient clamping force to close the miter joints properly. Now. Assembling the Base Following the Material List and Drawings. To make things easier. Set the blade tilt to 7° and raise it to create an underbevel 27 ⁄ 8" tall. fitted into slots in the aprons. Shave off the remaining underbevel waste at the clipped corners with a block plane. He builds projects and reviews tools for the Journal from his shop in Sunbury.088 9/26/07 11:13 AM Page 88 The author used a tall auxiliary fence and a clamped guide board to rip the tabletop’s wide underbevels. I made my add-on fence 14" tall for this task and clamped it securely to the rip fence. aprons and splines together with a pair of strap clamps and glue. or use a jigsaw. Creating the Tabletop This is a large. attach the tabletop to the base with eight wood buttons and 11 ⁄ 2" flathead wood screws.186. make your splines and corner blocks to prepare for assembly. saw cuts with a router and flush-trim bit guided against a straightedge. Rabbeted wood buttons. Chris Marshall is Woodworker’s Journal’s field editor. Adjust the fence so the blade will leave the table edges 5/8" thick.

The cast iron top eliminates vibration. holding clamp (XL Sled has two) and special abrasive strip holds material secure. .) machined flat with lots of work space (26-7/8" x 20") and removable rings to allow 3 different size openings (1-1/8". Glue Joint and Drawer Lock bits. U 1˜ˆÛiÀÃ> >“«ˆ˜} -ÞÃÌi“\ Holds any router (up to 3-1/2 HP) without drilling U /ˆÌ‡Õ« VViÃÃ\ Allows easy access to router for adjustments U *œÜiÀ -܈ÌV…\ Conveniently mounted on front leg with built-in safety key U -«ˆÌ i˜Vi\ Adjustable extruded aluminum fence with large 4" dust extraction port and convenient hold downs U -ÌÕÀ`Þ -Ì>˜`\ Splayed steel legs for extra stability 7/ . Large glue surface. The XL Sled holds stock up to 6-1/4" wide and measures 9-1/2" x 18-3/8" x 3/8". " / 8/ -" t EDGE BANDING SHAKER Router Bit Cabinetmaker Set Router Bit Sets Profile A 1/2" shank with carbide cutters.090 MLCS 2 Ad:ad page full 9/27/07 3:34 PM Page 90 FREE SHIPPING! EVERY PRODUCT. 4 Chamfer.186. Locked in joint . 1 Cove & Bead. 45 PIECE Router Bit Set “HEAVYWEIGHT” Router Table & Fence ÝVii˜Ì +Õ>ˆÌÞ >ÀLˆ`i /ˆ««i` -iÌ ˜VÕ`iÃ\ 6 Straight. Standard Sled is 4-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 3/8". 1 Cove Sign Lettering.easy alignment. making the Heavyweight Table perfect for your heavy duty 3 HP router. Use with plywood MDF panels or shelves from 1/2" to 1" thick.#1464 39 $ STORAGE BOX and FREE DVD INCLUDED 1/2" SHANK . 3 Cove. 1 Allen Wrench & bearing to convert Round 1/4" SHANK #1461 1/2" SHANK #1462 Over into Beading bit.  1 t 119 7/ .#1474 11495 $ FREE! ROUTER COLLET EXTENSION 1/2 collet for 1/2" shank bits U ˆÌiÀ >Õ}i ˜VÕ`i`\ SALE PRICE Has positive stops at 90º $ 95 and 45º. 1 Panel Pilot. this is a BIG boy! U >À}i] …i>Ûއ`ÕÌÞ -/‡. PROFILE A . Matched Rail and Stile. $ 95 1 Groove Forming Classical.#1466 PLUS: XL SLED. 1 Rabbeting. 2 V-Groove. A 500 lb. EVERY DAY. 2 Roman Ogee." ̜«\ (almost 100 lbs.#1475 44 $ 95 FREE! Instructional Raised Panel Door DVD Included PROFILE B. 2-1/4". 74 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 95 $ ".#1465 34 6495 95 $ £‡nää‡xη™Ó™n PROFESSIONAL ROUTER BITS & WOODWORKING PRODUCTS (Circle No. held by a 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep T-slot ORDER ITEM #1463 345 Standard & X-Large Coping Safety Sleds Perfect for cross-grain rail cuts! No need to make the router table fence and mitre slot parallel. 2 Bevel Trim. table tops and drawers. Glide the PVC sled along router fence and cut into the replaceable backer block to reduce tearout. 6 Round Over. 3 Round Nose. 3-5/8"). Includes Shaker Raised Panel with Undercutter. SLED . 1 Ogee Fillet. 3 Dovetail. TWO PIECE SET Profile B 1/2" shank with carbide cutters. FREE LUBE! 1 Keyhole. For stock up to 3/4". Make raised panel doors. At 120 lbs. 1 Slot Cutter. 2 Flush Trim. 3 Hinge Mortising. STORAGE BOX INCLUDED 1 Classical Bit. Add an attractive edge to cabinet doors and shelves.

BOX 4053JK.O. RYDAL PA. . 19046 ®2008 . Ó{ÉÇ P.

just clamp your for product information and demos (Circle No. (Circle No.rrclamp. fasten the clamp. 48 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) THE RIGHT TOOLS and TRAINING FOR THE WOODWORKER WITH A VISION. Go online for a full-video demo. 1’ to 4’ Kits include: • 6 clamps • 2 alignment bars • 2 stabilizer bars • 3 packs of rubber guards • 1 drill adapter Create Your Own Archways! Easy to use… just determine the radius. Call 1-920-863-2987 or go to www. and let ’em dry. 64 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Introducing Our New Space Saving Clamps This kit provides a Stacking Clamp System… As easy as 1-2-3.. Machines up to (800) 624-2027 • WWW. Glide with Ease on an HTC Mobile Base.091 9/24/07 12:05 PM Page 91 I N N O VA T I V E S H O P S O L U T I O N S YOUR WINNING FORMULA You PLUS one Legacy Ornamental Mill PLUS our FREE On-line woodworking classes EQUALS world class results. 28 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 91 .HTCPRODUCTSINC. 86 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 (Circle No.800 lbs. Legacy Woodworking Machinery 800 279 4570 www. stack ’em high. place the wood. and tighten.legacywoodworking. LEARN MORE TODAY AT.186..COM (Circle No.

And. Four steps. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . especially for longer runs of dovetails. and it took hours to figure out their booklength manuals. has introduced lower priced units. also shown here lower left. Many of the “first-generation” jigs cost a fortune. rub collar in the router limits the cutting path. and Rockler has come out with a very reasonably priced line — there still remains the challenge of learning how to use many of these jigs. has a matching tab underneath. It has two base ChestMate’s clamp-on design and indexing system make variable-spaced through dovetails a simple operation. The pin insert. two notched inserts and one template pattern create A registration tab on the jig’s tail insert fits into a saw-kerf template you make to set the dovetail spacing. 92 Cutting the tails involves clamping the jig to the template and workpiece and routing between the jig bases with a 7° or 14° dovetail bit. While there is some good news on the pricing front — Leigh.092 9/4/07 11:52 AM Page 92 Through Dovetails for Under $100 By Chris Marshall n my experience. I wasted a lot of test lumber getting them to work properly. one board at a time. there has often been a high price to pay for routing dovetails.D. The folks at Prazi USA must have felt my pain. affordable jig that cuts through dovetails with any spacing you choose.186. for instance. A 5/8" O. the jig consists of a metal clamp that you affix to your workpieces. because they’ve developed a simple. get this: the ChestMateTM owner’s manual is just 12 pages long! Here’s how the ChestMate works: essentially.

using a 3/4". The tails come first. I was impressed. Using the same kerf template. but this time without either of the two inserts installed. Want to make a 4-ft. The fail-safe at this point is that you cut a test pin on a scrap of spare stock the same thickness as the pin board. The jig will make joints in either 3/4" or 1/2" material. Once the test pin fits your tail board. Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 Complete the pins by routing away the waste material between them. too. Prazi offers inserts for use with either 7° or 14° dovetail bits. On the bottom of each insert is a registration tab that fits inside a 1/8"-wide saw kerf. your pin-and-tail template can be as long as you like. This time. Learn more about the ChestMate Dovetail Jig by visiting www. the ChestMate’s flexibility and ease of use take the headache out of through dovetails at a pennypinching price. and rout away the waste. There are a couple of limitations to the ChestMate worth knowing about. then unclamp and shift the jig to the next kerf. Although the spacing of the pins and tails is variable. To establish your pin and tail spacing. With the tail insert installed in the jig. provided your test pin fit nicely at that stage. Here. You’ll also need a 5/8" O. is completely up to or calling 800-262-0211. simply remove the inserts. Cutting the pins involves the same “rout and reclamp” process as the tails. and I bet you will be.praziusa. Because the spacing is variable. You should also know that ChestMate only cuts through dovetails. The pin insert has a micro-adjust knob for dialing in wider or narrower pin sizes.or 1/2"-diameter dovetail bit. Rout and repeat. through dovetails with any spacing you prefer Switch to the adjustable pin insert and a straight bit to convert the jig over for milling the dovetail pins. 93 .093 9/17/07 12:13 PM Page 93 “ ChestMate’s unique pin and tail inserts are the keys that allow you to set your own through dovetail spacing with complete control. This is where the genius of the ChestMate’s design comes in. not half-blinds.-long joint? You can really do it with this jig. A couple of fresh scraps clamped to both faces of the pin board eliminate tearout. Another scrap fastened to the clamps in front ensures tearout-free cuts. platforms that support the router — one fixed and the other adjustable.186. you switch to the pin insert and a 5/16" straight bit.D. and the jig registered and clamped to your kerf ” template. rub collar and a mid-sized router. Four Steps to Precise Dovetails There are four steps to routing a complete joint. the width of your joints. the fourth and final step involves cleaning up waste material between the pins you’ve made. I had success on my very first try. you can rout the actual workpiece without trepidation. rather than the usual convention of fitting the entire board inside the jig body.00. the joint parts will mesh precisely with no need for refinement. A pair of inserts install between the bases for cutting either the tails or the pins. you rout the first pass. you create a template with a series of saw kerfs that position the pins and tails wherever you want them. The template doubles as a backup board. Since the jig clamps to your work pieces. In the end. Chris Marshall builds projects and reviews tools as Woodworker’s Journal’s Field Editor. as well as the template’s pattern. The second and third stages of routing form the pins. clamp the jig in place. So. you’ll produce pins with the correct spacing to match the tails. For $99. The collar follows the cutting area created between the jig bases and the pin or tail insert. the shape of the pins is always uniform. The jig still serves to limit the cutting area.

com Felder USA 34 77 www.105 ROUTERS & ROUTER ACCESSORIES HAND TOOLS & TURNING SUPPLIES General Tools & Instruments Hartville Tool Hut Products Traditional Woodworker 42 December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal .com Arrow Fastener Bob Marino’s Festool Store Craftsman Tools Epilog Laser Fein Power Tools Festool Grex Power Tools HTC Products King Arthur’s Tools Kubor Machine USA MLCS Woodworking Porter-Cable Corporation PROXXON Tools Rikon Power Tools Ryobi Technologies Skil Power Tools Stanley/Bostitch Tools 6 8 13 21 30 33 35 44 48 58 60 www. Reader Page Service Delta Machinery 23 www. visit our web site to link to any of our advertisers’ sites: BLADES & CUTTERS Amana Tool Corp. Drill Doctor Eagle America Freud Holbren Lumberjack Tools Olson Saw Company Pricecutter.accuride.adjustableclamp. Inc. JET Equipment & Tools 57.81 58 59 58 Oneida Air Systems.heartlandamerica.rockler.56 19. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. 77 103 www.59 Adjustable Clamp Co. Franklin International Gorilla Glue Jefferson Tool Lee Valley Tools.oneida-air.microfence.feinus.sommerfeldtools. Triton Workshop Systems 20 58 Laguna Tools 61 34 www.fujispray.7 Legacy Woodworking Machinery 64 91 www. The Vermont Teddybear Co.91 58. Web Address BITS.38 47 67 75 84.epiloglaser. www.craftsman.festoolusa. circling the appropriate number(s).com Tech Mark 104 27 www. 113 76 www. 59 24 18 www.91 9.45 49 106 6.hartvilletool. Ltd.82 76 99 79 59 91 18 15 112 103 103 ShopBot Tools 98 18 www.razorwoodworks.186. Lignomat Magswitch Technology Master Gage Prazi USA R & R Clamp West System 55. 18 81 www. fill in the attached postcard.routerbits.praziusa.lagunatools. Steel City Tool Works 102 23 FINISHING SUPPLIES 3M Apollo Sprayers Dynabrade International Fuji Spray Equipment Liberon/Sepp Leaf Products System Three KITS & PLANS Cherry Tree Toys Wildwood Designs MARKETPLACE American Steel Span Central Boiler Cook Woods Eureka Woodworks Furniture Medic Heartland America Jantz Supply Osborne Wood Products.cherrytreetoys.tritonwoodworking.74 80 85 89 95 99 101 5 79 111 29 113 25 116 101 91 14 79 59. L.jessem. Premier Bathrooms. 72 59 www.58 59 103 107 59.skiltools.79 www. 3 36 43 53 63.cookssaw. For product information in the blink of an SAW MILLS & KILNS Cook’s Saw ADVERTISER Reader Page Service www. JIGS & FIXTURES Kreg Tool Company Leigh www.81 18 75 Inc.gorillaglue. Verilux WristWriter 94 9 17 31 40 51 78 82 105 109 116 95 81 81 17 105 109 58 107 101 81 69 107 Williams & Hussey Machine Co.leevalley.rrclamp. Colonial Saw 16 76 www. ADVERTISER 115 82 35 73 69 105 www. Inc.84-89 www.75 58.nailextractor.dynabrade.osbornewood.3 www.rojekusa. Bainbridge Manufacturing Rockler 2 11 90 77 103 58 www.28 STATIONARY & BENCHTOP TOOLS HARDWOODS & VENEERS Visit MARKETPLACE on page 80 to find these www.83 87 100 1 7 27 39 65 103 Web Address POWER TOOLS & ACCESSORIES 107 107 HARDWARE & FASTENERS Accuride International.porter-cable.williamsnhussey. 94 59 General International 41 105 Razor Tools Sommerfeld’s Tools for Wood Southeast Tool.54 www. www.southeasttool.steelcitytoolworks.90 52-57 82 15 11 13 37 www.mastergage. www.25 PanelPro 96 81 www.62 66 69 71 81 86 111 34 14 21 79 58. Craftsman Gallery JessEm Tool Company Micro Fence Rousseau Company Routerbits.5 MISCELLANEOUS WOODWORKING SUPPLIES Visit HARDWOOD SHOWCASE on page 72 to find these www.jettools.olsonsaw.094 9/25/07 10:19 AM Page 94 Woodworking Tools & Supplies Index • November/December 2007 To receive information about the products or services featured in the advertisements in this issue.bostitch.

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096 9/26/07 5:05 PM Page 96 Straight Talk on Straight Bits By Bill Hylton 96 .186.

which both increases the size of the chip the bit can take with each revolution and also improves chip clearance. but there’s more. Sure. functional few? Ahh. carbide-tipped. Care to join me? All you have to do is go to your shop and stride purposefully through your forest of straight bits. I’ve always seen them as benign do-ever ything tooling. Some bit companies offer variations on the conventional straight. the opposite might well be true! You have a drawer full of seemingly similar straight bits.. the gullet can be enlarged. Sidle around each bit and eye it carefully from tip to shank. Two-flute straights are available in a wide range of sizes. so the cutting action is unabashed smashmouth: with each revolution. It encompasses not only conventional two-flute. even pattern bits — with their shank-mounted pilot bearings — and those flush-trim bits. Cutting diameters range from 1/16" to 2". Inexpensive to buy. dado cleanout bits. It works well for every sort of groove-cutting you can imagine. 97 . which one would it be? If you’re like me. Can we identify those ideal bits? Conventional Straights The most common straight bit — the mainstay of both manufacturers’ catalogs and small-shop woodworkers’ collections — is the twoflute carbide-tipped bit. you may find you don’t really have the ideal bits for quite a few of them. In fact. the body is machined from steel bar. excavating mortises.. to see if we can match specific bits to tasks. bottom-cleaning bits.” But when it comes to the plethora of straight bits we’re all faced with. would it be this bit? If not. it can be resharpened easily and repeatedly with a diamondwheel grinder. their lengths vary. You can’t even recall the last time you used it. The tradeoff is that with the number of cuts per revolution halved. Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 Let’s take a look at the varieties of straight bits that are out there. The A two-flute upshot is that carbidethe bit can be tipped bit fed at a faster rate than a two-flute bit. but the extent of them does create befuddlement. Today’s Shop continues on page 98 . Having lots of size options is swell. forming tenons and so forth. but I guess I just didn’t want to admit that I have an awful lot of the same bit. The first I’ll mention is the single-flute straight. carbidetipped straight bits. and tungsten carbide slips are brazed to it. even metric sizes are available. It’s crude but quite effective. you have quite a stand of bits that don’t have a purpose in your shop. I knew I had a lot of straight bits. Typically. the cut quality is reduced. of course. Straight bits have long been my friends. planer bits. I’ve ensnared myself in Bill’s Big Straight Bit Challenge.097 9/25/07 2:17 PM Page 97 As the saying goes: “Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. How do you winnow the possibilities down to the sensible. practical. Ask yourself: What do I use this bit for? If I were to choose the ideal bit for that job.000 individual chops per minute. the cutting edges chop across the wood at more than 40. This bit is a generalist. And if you list your most frequent tasks. some woodworking catalogs list more than 50. The final operations — truing the shank and flattening and sharpening the carbide tips — are performed on a diamond-wheel CNC grinder. their diameters are a little different. I guess I’ve taken them for granted. Flute lengths range from 1/4" to 2". And I’ve got a lot of different colors — you know. Because there’s only one cutting edge. But most of ’em are the same two-flute. You can’t recall when or why you bought each one. but do you know the best one to use for the job at hand? Our author guides you through the thicket of options. but also spiral bits. ramrod-straight router bits.186. Then we can consider some primary jobs that straight bits perform: grooving and dadoing. The cutting edges are oriented parallel to the bit axis. mortising bits. Secretly. Do I really have the right bits for the jobs I’m doing in the woodshop? So.

To a very modest degree. which is especially beneficial when dadoing hardwood-veneered sheets and melamine. It may very well begin to smoke. One last variation on the conventional straight is the plunge-cutting straight. too. mortising bits. Bear this effect in mind if you contemplate making a honkin’-big cut. Huh? “Don’t all straight bits plunge?” you ask. bear this effect in mind if you contemplate making a honkin’-big cut. Try this: Chuck a straight bit in your drill press and try drilling a hole. does tilting the cutting edges. The first two bits are familiar to most router woodworkers. Above it is an upshear bit and below it is a downshear bit. some you can’t even force to plunge. which have an extra carbide cutting edge across the tip. Bits labeled bottom cleaners or planers are designed to mill a very smooth face with crisp vertical edges. The end of the steel body is machined so a separate carbide tip can be brazed there. they move away from the router —and onto the floor. As a practical matter. Today’s Shop continues on page 100 . Shear is typically available in only a few sizes. which are designed primarily for cutting shallow hinge mortises. Turn off the drill press and take a look at the hole. Just as slightly turning your hand plane can reduce both tearing of wood fibers and the effort of planing. The disadvantage is that the upward slice tends to lift the wood fibers at the edge of the cut. Mortising bits. A downshear cutting edge slices downward — toward the bit’s tip — as the bit rotates. How fast can you move your router through a cut? Can you move it faster than you already do? The shear bit is a variation that does have practical application in the small shop. The cutting edges typically are very short — often 5/8". but both upshear and downshear can be had. Unconventional Straights The two-flute. with cutting edges parallel to the bit axis. and using a 3˚ downshear straight to rout a 1/4"-deep dado in any woodworking Few conventional straight bits plunge really well. Chips tend to be pushed toward the bottom of the cut. it will bore a shallow hole easily but quickly begin resisting your feed pressure. often have a gullet across the tip. separating the carbide slips. They are simply straight bits with pilot bearings. so. They often have downshear cutting edges. pattern bits. Cutting diameters range from 3/4" up to 11 ⁄ 2". of course. The bit cuts only material standing proud of the surface referenced by the pilot. dado cleanout bits. Nevertheless.. you can get it. thus providing chip clearance where the more conventional vertical gullets are virtually absent. there may be little to gain using such a bit in a handheld or table-mounted router. But the degree of shear and the scale of the cut govern how powerful this force is. An upshear cutting edge slices upward — toward the router and the wood surface — as the bit rotates. bottom cleaners and dado-and-planer bits. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . and some.186.. On a through cut. easily bore holes. the upward shear also helps channel chips up out of the cut. generally fuzz-free edge on the cut. The other bits tend not to look like straight bits. then ground to a point or a knife edge. such as the bit on the left.. material is unlikely to present a hazard. but occasionally as short as 1/4".. Unless the bit was specifically designed to plunge-cut. are especially bad at it. carbide-tipped straight bit is the basis for flushtrimmers. Plunge-cutting bits (right).) Manufacturers generally warn you that downshear tends to drive the router and the workpiece apart. This leaves a 98 clean. A shear bit has its cutting edges very slightly tilted — typically 3°. It will be a flat ring surrounding a raised center (which probably is scorched). If you want a conventional carbidetipped straight that will bore into wood like a Forstner bit. The advantage is that the upward shear reduces the effort required to cut.098 9/26/07 5:06 PM Page 98 “Downshear tends to drive the router and the workpiece apart . Not all.” — Bill Hylton Upshear Bit Two-flute Carbide-tipped Bit Downshear Bit The bit in the center is a commonplace straight bit. which can be disconcerting and even dangerous. (Quite a few profile cutters have downshear cutting edges.

099 Magswitch:ad page full 9/27/07 3:35 PM Page 99 (Circle No.186. 69 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) .

relatively few sharpening services can do spirals. and I’ll get to that exception shortly. You then are limited to sizes for which sleeves are available to match standard router collet sizes. The bit on the left has a small gullet to intentionally limit chip size and retard cutting speed. Two-flute bits create cleaner cuts. you can’t mount a pilot bearing on the shank. Let’s consider the disadvantages first: A solid carbide bit is more expensive than steel-bodied. like a drill bit.) HSS spirals are available and quite inexpensive. but because the necessary equipment is expensive. Because of their radical geometry. spiral bits are fashioned entirely of either high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide. The alternative is a bit that’s the same diameter from end to end. so spiral flush-trimmers are available. A corollary of the diameter issue is that spiral pattern bits don’t exist. Without a differential between shank and cutting diameters. You may see a 3/4"-diameter cutter listed.. It’s a safety feature. No one’s contrived a way to twist carbide into a helix and braze it to a steel bit body. The tip of a spiral can be machined to accept a bearing. but they don’t stay The functional difference between one. Three solid carbide spiral bits. Thus. From top down. you can buy a 5/16" spiral on a 1/2" shank. This means the largest cutting diameter available for routers is 1/2". A solid carbide bit’s cutting diameter can’t exceed its shank diameter. 100 sharp very long. The cutting edges can be ground to a smaller diameter than the shank. The fact that spirals are machined from solid carbide has both disadvantages and advantages. But this design limits how deep you can cut. They look like drill bits. and often they are. and up-spiral. That’s not to say it’s impossible.. Spiral Bits Spirals are the second major straight configuration. whether or not they own one. compression (or up-and-down). (There’s one exception that I know of. One-flute bits can have greatly enlarged gullets to improve chip clearance. A comparable carbide spiral ranged in price from $35 up to $70. Not all single-flute bits allow fast feeds. it’s used in CNC routers. carbide-tipped tooling. The sharpToday’s Shop continues on page 102 . December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . they are downspiral. but its shank will also be 3/4". All but the newest woodworkers are familiar with these bits. I priced nine different brands of 1/2" carbide-tipped straights with 11⁄4" cutting flutes and found they ranged from $9 to $18.and two-flute bits is obvious. The three-flute cutter leaves a better finish on hard materials. All but a few diehard woodworkers abandoned HSS for carbide long ago.100 9/25/07 2:18 PM Page 100 Down-spiral Bit Compression Bit Up-spiral Bit Spiral bits are available in two-flute and three-flute configurations. Resharpening is difficult.186.

82 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 101 .101 9/24/07 12:08 PM Page 101 (Circle No. 44 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No.186.

You can buy up-spirals and down-spirals. Let me pick out a couple of those operations and explain what I think characterizes the ideal bit for each. rabbets and box joints. This carbide can be ground to as keen an edge as HSS. They produce a finer finish on dense hardwoods and hard plastics. I advised always using the shortest bit that will do the job. “Slow” Spiral Bit "Slow" spirals are available from some manufacturers. you can rout grooves and dadoes. But versatile as it may be. Straights to Work It’s axiomatic that the router is the most versatile woodworking power tool. follow templates with guide bushings to duplicate parts and even joint edges. The resulting cut finish is superior. So why use a bit with a cuttinglength over 1/2"? Probably because the most common 3/4"-diameter bit we have has a 1" cut length. 3/4" and continue on up to 11 ⁄ 8" diameters. a solid carbide spiral can be made from a superior formulation of carbide than that used for brazedin-place tips. too.186. one manufacturer.” These bits offer some of the advantages of solid carbide spirals. For one.. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . ening charge can be twice what you’d pay for a carbide-tipped bit. 102 has contrived a way to slightly twist carbide slips. The upshot is that Rundstrom’s company is the sole source of what I’d call “carbidetipped slow spirals. Paso Robles Carbide. PRC president. Carbide-Tipped Slow Spirals I mentioned earlier that no one has contrived a way to twist carbide into a helix and braze it to a steel bit body. Many woodworkers — including me — favor up-spirals for mortising because they help clear chips for deep cuts. form tenons and laps. Grooves and dadoes: Years ago. as well as compression spirals. It should also be axiomatic that the straight bit — in all its variations — is the most versatile router bit. the cut is clean and the edges crisp and splinter-free. They These bits are the same diameter — 3/4"— and almost the same cutting length — 1" vs. Grooves and dadoes used in cabinetry seldom are deeper than 3/8". But don’t expect to excavate mortises. spiral bits are well-known for the ability to move chips. They’re also great for jointing and template work. that single. That is true. cut out templates. All this said.or tip-mounted bearings. 11 ⁄ 4"— but the slow up-spiral on the right slices rather than chops. plus one extra: cutting diameters larger than shank diameters. According to Barry Rundstrom. Today’s Shop continues on page 104 . The latter bits do an amazing job of plowing through plywood or melamine particleboard without chipping the surface veneers or coating on either face. so it stays sharp twice as long. in the first edition of my book Woodworking with the Router. generally yielding a better finish with less stress on the router. excavate mortises. it is a proprietary process. Lastly. spirals have some impressive advantages.. What they don’t have is plungecutting ability. while the slow spiral is a down-spiral. which combine both up-spiral and down-spiral flutes on the bit. On top of that. Slow spirals are available in workhorse diameters of 5/8".102 9/25/07 2:18 PM Page 102 Regular Spiral Bit A compression bit has both up-spiral and down-spiral flutes. Even when routing across the face veneers. The edges slice up through the underside of the sheet and down through the top. commonplace 1/2" straight is hardly the ideal cutter for each of those jobs. it is harder and more heat-resistant than “tip” grades. The helical geometry reduces stress on the router (and on the edge itself) because the edge is slicing the wood rather than chopping it. With a commonplace 1/2" straight. However. Use them for grooving where you can cut into an edge or ramp in. The regular spiral on the top is an up-spiral. Even less is completely satisfactory. can be had with either shank.

112 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 (Circle 9 (Circle No.wildwooddesigns. WI 53546 Phone: 1-800-470-9090 • Fax: 608-314-3097 Visit us at: www.QGRRU ʁ2XWGRRU ʁ7R\V ʁ&ORFNV ʁ:KLUOLJLJV ʁ7RROV ʁ6XSSOLHV ʁ(YHU\WKLQJIRU\RXU ZRRGZRUNLQJSURMHFWV &DOOXVIRU\RXUIUHHSDJHFDWDORJ WRGD\RUYLVLWXVRQOLQHDW ZZZFKHUU\WUHHWR\VFRP (Circle No. 67 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No. 2104 Beloit Ave • Janesville.103 9/24/07 12:08 PM Page 103 (Circle No. 15 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Wildwood Designs Scroll Saw Specialists since 1985 Bainbridge Adjustable Sockets Everything for your Scroll sawing Needs • • • • • Clocks Tools Patterns Wood Plastics • • • • • Blades Finishing Supplies Wood Parts Hardware Woodburning Bainbridge has 47 years of experience designing and manufacturing plastic hardware.186. 11 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 103 . 77 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form)  ʁ3ODQV ʁ)XUQLWXUH ʁ.

but it often leaves the shoulders fuzzy. Can you keep your bits sharp if you hone them on diamond paddles? Industry tech-heads say no. of course. As often as not. all of whom are skilled at sharpening their steel cutting tools — chisels. we want a clean.) Mortising: I’m making a door for my office. Not a one of them hones or sharpens carbide cutting tools. But in the Amana Tool catalog. maybe that’ll help move chips Today’s Shop continues on page 106 . scrapers and the like. I see another similar bit. rabbeting.The trend these days. the dado is cut in plywood and will house another piece of plywood. really need for the cut is a 23/32" bit with downshear edges of no more than 1/2" length. surfacing and template-guided cuts. I’ll look at 1/2" bits. I see that bit with a carbide tip in the center to allow it to really plunge. so we need a downshear bit to give ourselves the best chance of getting the cut quality we desire. So a 3/4" bit is too big for the job. But when a bit in my collection needs sharpening. Good bits. plane irons. Scanning Freud’s catalog list of mortising bits. Perfect! (I’ll bet Freud isn’t the only manufacturer with this bit. Most carbide and carbide-tipped router bits — and this includes spiral and compression bits — can be resharpened with the right equipment. Moreover. Upshear An upshear straight also cuts a clean dado. I say: Do it if it makes you happy. What I need is a bit. I've been fortunate to meet and work with some very competent woodworkers over the years. S Let’s go a step further. 3/8" cut length. I discover that 1/2" bits with 2"-long cutting edges aren’t all that uncommon.. with adequately thick carbide slips. Select a bit that helps make the best cut for the task at hand. handles a wide range of grooving. reveals #16-116. Straight Talk on Sharpening etting to work with dull cutting tools is NOT what good woodworkers do. but it is certain to lift — rather than cut — fibers along the margins. That means I have to cut a bunch of 1/2"-wide. and I want to use loosetenon joinery.186. Which one? To begin. We need a 23/32" bit. is to use sophisticated CNC equipment that requires less of the operator and promises consistent. 104 “No-shear” A conventional straight bit with cutting edges parallel to the bit axis cuts clean dadoes. downshear bit on a 1/2" shank. made by Paso Robles Carbide.104 9/25/07 2:19 PM Page 104 Pat Warner's five-piece straight bit set. Turning the page. right? And the three-bit set for plywood we bought has those bloomin’ 1"-cut-length bits. costly machines can sharpen spirals too. but with 4° upshear cutting flutes. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . I send it to an expert with a CNC diamondwheel grinder. 2" deep mortises in stiles and rails. I’ve got a good plunge router to drive the cutter and a mortising jig to hold the workpieces and guide the router. a 23/32"-diameter. Shear-Angle Matters Downshear A downshear straight bit cuts dadoes with crisp. can usually be resharpened three to five times. precise results on bit after bit. fuzz-free shoulders. 212⁄ "-long. experienced operator can revive most carbide-tipped bits on basic diamond-wheeled grinding equipment. But that’s not the specs of a conventional “plywood” bit.. paddlesellers say yes. So what we really. A skilled. mortising. chip-free edge to the dado (which by definition is crossing the face veneer of the plywood). however.These high-tech.

jessem.indd 1 105 8/14/2007 3:10:44 PM . (Circle No.. glossy finish on many surfaces such as wood. Financing is available to qualified candidates and franchises are offered nationwide. Thirty double-sealed precision bearings in an innovative linear guide mechanism provides an exceptionally smooth and accurate cross-cutting solution. Inc. plaster and masonry. self-leveling. www.5514 ©2007 System Three Resins. Fits most tablesaws and offers a maximum cross-cut of 36 inches. 54 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) MirrorCoat is specially p y formulated to create glossy. Find a dealer near you at: systemthree. Let your passion for furniture lead you into a new business with a Furniture Medic franchise. MirrorCoat is Or call 800. Own your own business. 41 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 MirrorCoatWWJ Ad 1_4pg. 40 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Visit us at www. Call today to brush up on the details. Upgrade your saw with a Mast-R-Slide™ from JessEm Tool today. high g build resin surfaces on bars.186. counters and tabletops.333. We’re a complete on-site repair and restorationrefinishing business servicing homes and companies as well as handling moving and insurance claims. ceramics.Slide! JessEm’s New Mast-R-Slide™ Precision Sliding Cross-Cut Table is the ultimate add-on for your 1•800•RUN YOURS (Circle No.furnituremedicfranchise. All Rights Reserved. Tennessee (Circle No. We offer extensive training and support with a low initial investment and manageable overhead. R Love At First THE NEW Mast R Slide™ . g y. scratch and stain resistant as well as alcohol and water proof.105 9/26/07 2:58 PM Page 105 RefinishYour Future. Pour a perfect durable. 103 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle Call: 866-272-7492 • Greeneville. smooth.

Integra and Onsrud. I still like spiral bits for mortising. laps and very wide rabbets can be cut with a very long straight bit. but the working line is twice as long Today’s Shop continues on page 108 . The bit augers into the wood like a drill bit. a CNC router driving solid carbide compression bit reduces a full sheet of MCP to a stack of precision cabinet parts in minutes. Cutting down that 4' by 8' sheet can be a challenge.106 9/25/07 2:19 PM Page 106 Cutting Mortises and Tenons: Which Bit is Best? Pat Warner's “508” mortising bit closely resembles cutters designed for slot mortisers. I scan the lists of solid carbide spiral bits.You won’t need to recut any parts to clean up the edges. A good part of Warner’s case is economic. Set the bit to the desired cut length. and its flute geometry clears chips from the deepest of cuts. I’m sure all these bits will do the job. it reminds me of Pat Warner’s new 508 mortising bit (photo above) . with 1"-long upshear cutting flutes at one end. usually mean you cut the pieces oversize.With careful layout. not a router. A 2-HP router has sufficient moxie to power a 1/2" compression bit through 3/4" plywood or MDF in one pass. a 1/2" shank at the other and a necked-down section in between — catches my eye. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . So I page on. Farther on in the catalog. P 106 Next time you’ve got some simple edge jointing to do. medium-density fiberboard and other composite sheet goods are useful and efficient. The cut diameter is actually . you can cut the sheet once and be done. I see a single-flute plunge-cutting bit.. melamine-coated particleboard (MCP). Why not borrow a technique from industry? In that world. Many use a circular saw.186. Compression Bit Breakdown up and out of the deep cut. Assuming you work the bit as hard as he does. a great option! Warner’s instruction sheet for the 508 makes the case for the bit.. It excavates smooth-walled. The most popular bit for routing mortises is the solid carbide upspiral. you have to ramp down into the cut by feeding the router laterally as you plunge.The edges are crisp.. try taking a large-diameter slow spiral router bit for a spin. But it’s for a slot mortiser. This provides a lot of chip clearance. not the walls. The cutting is done at the floor of the cut. 2+"-deep mortises with ease. But the splintered edges a circular saw leaves. The drawback for many home-shop woodworkers is the size and weight of the stuff. all of which are the diameter and length that I want. I have often used conventional carbide-tipped straights for routing mortises. a stagger-tooth bit and even a solid carbide twoflute bit. cut length and up-cut geometry I want is available from several vendors.. Tenons. and stage the depth using the fence. especially when sawing across the face veneers. The initial outlay is high. so there’s no need for long slips of carbide. Then an unusual bit — 6" long overall. The diameter. But it isn’t the only one that’s good. a few thousandths larger than the shank diameter and almost 30 thousandths larger than the body’s midsection. The bit isn’t a plunge-cutter. the melamine coating unchipped. then trim them down on the table saw. But we’re looking for the ideal bit. you’ll undoubtedly find it a better deal than most other options.508. especially with a shop vac connected to the router to extract chips as they’re generated. lywood. Nevertheless. including Whiteside.

116 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) WOOD COMPONENTS All Pro Band Saw Blades are used exclusively at the prestigious Marc Adams School of Woodworking. Triton’s award winning 2 ¼ HP and 3 ¼ HP routers have been praised by industry experts and consumers alike. 107 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) (Circle No.800.TRITONWOODWORKING.746.3233 4620 GA Highway 123 • Toccoa. 16″. 75 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 www. 4 3/4 x 3 3/8 All Pro is the best! At fine woodworking stores for 12″. GA 30577 • E-mail: info@osbornewood. All Pro blades are also endorsed by: • Best-selling author Mark Duginske • Renown woodworking demonstrator and 8010 lecturer Marc Berner All Pro commercial grade. CT 06801 (Circle No. heavy duty band saw blades provide accurate cuts.Fine Woodworking Feb 2007 Table top height adjustment 2 1/4 HP MODEL (M0F001KC) Above the table bit changes WORLD’S BEST ROUTERS.COM Toll free: 1-888-874-8661 (Circle No.8876 CALL FOR A CATALOG: 1. Inc. 18″ and 20″ band saws. Innovative features are. better feed and (Circle No. Micro Adjustment throughout the full plunge range and introducing the “Table Top” Height Winder Crank on the new 2 ¼ HP model.olsonsaw.186.849. 14″.800.WoodenComponents4. 78 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) 107 . Rack-and-Pinion height adjustment. WWW. & longer life in industrial. A bold statement but we think you’ll agree. and furniture manufacturing applications.107 9/24/07 12:07 PM Page 107 "ONE CLEAR WINNER" . “REAL” dust collection. 9 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 4100 From tight scrolling to ORDER LINE: Wood Products. 1020 29 x 2 7/8 1456 34 1/2 x 3 1/2 1425 1450 34 1/2 x 3 1/2 36 x 7 x 7 1/2 OLSON 4002 4 x 3 3/16 ® www. woodworking. Above-the-Table cutter changes with one ORDER ONLINE: Made in USA Fine Quality Saw Blades Since 1918 The Olson Saw Company Bethel. 1.

downshear trimmer. 3" overall length. 1/2" shank.or ideal bit for template-work? bottom-mounted templates. General mortising: 1/2" solid carbide upspiral. including Eagle America bit is a 1/2" flush trimmer. and complete the cut with the I’m accustomed to the routine of flush-trimmer. here's my list. Invest in some Bill Hylton is the author of shear or spiral geometry. “Why doesn't this know-it-all just give me a list of the straight bits I should have?" Sooo . General-purpose grooving. then the exit angle of the cutting flutes.or two-flute. turn the work And. I know. Use a sleeve to adapt the shank to a 1/2" collet. surface planing gnarly boards: 11 ⁄ 4" (hinge) mortising bit. trammel work. with shank-mounted pilot bearing. a shearing cut reduces the Template Work: Here’s one final stress that a conventional bit’s chopexample before we push on out of chop cutting action applies to wood. this steel and carbide thicket. 21 ⁄ 2" overall length. 1 ⁄ " and 2". Cutting curves that run both with and against the grain (without resetting the template or changing your bit): 3/4" carbide-tipped. pursuing the ideal. 3+" overall length. says I. 1 4 . . and so forth: 1/4" solid carbide. downshear cutting edges. chunked and split some pretty Choose the shortest one that will expensive wood. For runs out the edge. Finally. Here are bits I use for specific. that bit the tip. choose a 3/4" downshear doublefor a table. oft-repeated jobs. look talk to digest. overall length of 2-21 ⁄ 2". on 1/4" shank. 1/2" shank. you can use either top.108 9/25/07 2:19 PM Page 108 You’re probably thinking. Last time and Infinity Tool. tenons. carbide-tipped bits —1/4". You To shorten an otherwise long cutwant to make four identical aprons ter. Finally. 5/16" shank. then switch bits. R 108 as that of the carbide-tipped bit. two-flute straight. Shop. solid carbide or carbide-tipped. 11 ⁄ 4" cut length.bits have cutting lengths of (left to right) 3/4". but your only vendors. 3/8" cut length. 1" cut length. the other on the shank. in several cut lengths from many You’ve got a template. You do part of the curve with a pattern bit. having one with a 5/16" shank allows me to penetrate beyond the cutting length. most bits are available in a wide range major tearout and splitting. 1+" cut length. 5/8" cut length. 1". All are available from a variety of sources. First.and shank-mounted pilot bearings on the same bit. 5/16" solid carbide upspiral. over. whittling out the intervening waste. By raising and lowering time? Or is it time to shop for a more the bit. Each has an undulating bearing bit. cut length of 1/23/4". "Why doesn't this know-it-all just give me a list of the straight bits I should have?" Sooo . 1/4" shank. Such bits are available curve cut into its bottom edge. laps. flush-trimmer and a pattern bit. Will it work this do the job. Having two bits enables you to of lengths. 2" cut length and 4" overall length.186." Mortising 3/4" stock: I use a 5/16" bit. Cutting grooves for 1/4" plywood: 7/32" straight bit. 11 ⁄ 4" cut length. One bearing is on you tried this sort of work. I don't hold to the "Rule of Thirds. The biggest challenge in curvededge template work is ensuring Even a simple two-flute that you’re always sweeping straight bit comes in a down on the grain where it myriad of offerings. But. with both tip. 1/2" shank. downshear cutting edges. Voila! No more dammortising with a spiral — plunging age. Breaking down sheet goods: 1/2" solid carbide compression bit. Could be one. When you example. I can get a spiral resharpened. I'm assuming you already have some standard sizes of those two-flute. directly to the bottom of the cut Using a large-diameter bit reduces at each end of the mortise. thus reducing the chance that the Take this to the shop: There’s flutes will leverage the wood fibers seldom only one’ll really use! down cutting edges. You want features your Whew! A lot of straight-bit techno 1/2" flush-trimmer lacks. Cutting rabbets of all widths. . . These 3/4" straight cut always in the proper direc. 1/2" shank. you risk cutting diameter. Cutting dadoes for plywood: 23/32" (hinge) mortising bit. regardless of cut against the grain. . tion but still by cutting down on the grain. con“Woodworking with the Router” and sider whether you can afford both a a frequent contributor to the Journal. hopefully for a larger diameter. even when and split the workpiece. 1/2". Since everyone wants to do the woodworking I do and wants to do it just the way I do it. 3/4" and so forth. Look also for a you’re now “in the know” when slicing cutter rather than the pile-drivinvesting in specific straight bits ing action of your bit’s straight up-and. 1/2" shank. Bill’s Best Bits ight now you’re probably thinking to yourself.

1-800-229-2901 Receive FREE Shipping On Your 1st Online Order! Enter Code: UB34UB34 .09 Ship $7. Also has a PUBLIC NOTICE: Natural hushed design for reduced noise. a DC trickle charger for charging your car battery and eight hours of run time per tank of gas at half load. 24 hours a day. UB34-56652 3999 FREE Ship $7. accessory set including: six drill bits. chamfer. 9/16”.00 mail-in rebate.2 mm. 1”. Forstner Bit Set offers performance standard steel bits can’t match! They feature 3/8” reinforced shanks.50 Strap it on your wrist and help disarm the silent killer! Compare At: $10995 ONLY ONLY 2999 FREE $1999 $ Ship $7. burn-free cutting. 5/16”. 12V DC outlet. Compare At: $110. UB34-56443 Every drill bit you will ever need — built to last a lifetime! WAS: $69. Set 39 $ No. UB34-50539 generators will sell out quickly. Sizes include: 1/4”. Plus. UB34-56383 $34.99.50 No. 7/16”. UB34-22095 $ 14999 $23. Ask your operator for details. 1/2”. power tools. operating headlight. 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The Duo’s price is $99. An automatic collet lock allows hand-tightening.. with a 30-micron bag. Quick Changes Milescraft’s TurnLock™ Base Plate and Metal Nose Bushing Set™ lets you change bushings with a quick turn: no tools. Rockler: 800-279-4441 Steel City: 877-728-6651 Lightweight Dust System Steel City’s Mini Dust Collector (65115) attaches to the 4" port of nearly any machine in the shop: no need to lug around a vac or cumbersome hose.woodworkersjournal. Grizzly: 800-523-4777 Milescraft: 847-683-9200 PennTek: 724-352-1507 Dremel’s Duo Two-Tool Kit combines the Dremel Stylus rotary tool and the new Dremel Driver (both Lithium Ion powered). Can also be used with a torque wrench to check tension.95. with no adjustments needed. It sells for $19.99. with costs ranging from $19. making for easier turns for blade tension adjustment with no hand cramps. They’re available in several profiles. The clamping faces are 71⁄2" long. No-Adjust Miter Cuts The Rockler 45˚ Miter Sled cuts both leading and trailing faces of a miter off a 90˚angle. Sells for $49..99 to $24. Quik-Link takes you directly to the web page on which these products appear! No navigation necessary .com and click on the Quik-Link icon shown at left.99. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . Easier Tensioning Carter Products’ Ratchet-Rod Quick Tune Bandsaw Tension Rod Assembly replaces the adjustment knob on most 14" band saws. which measures less than 5" and has variable speed up to 300 rpm.186.110 9/7/07 5:54 PM Page 110 WHAT’S IN STORE contact info Carter Products: 888-622-7837 Colonial Saw: 781-585-4364 Compact Combo Kit Craftsman: 800-377-7414 Dremel: 800-437-3635 Cleaner Cuts with Four Cutters Freud: 800-472-7307 The new Quadra-Cut™ router bits from Freud have four cutting edges rather than two: two upshear cutters remove most of the stock. It’s priced at $34. two downshear cutters produce a clean edge on the final cut. whether you’re installing or removing.99. just go to QUIK LINK 110 A Very Versatile Clamp The PennTek VersaClamp™ changes from a bench-mounted vise to a standard bar clamp.99. www. Runs at 300 cfm.woodworkersjournal. and it can generate up to 400 pounds of force in either configuration. while the miter bar measures 3/8" x 3/4". Sells for $99. the bit above sells for $58. in English or metric versions. It comes with eight sizes of bushings.

00 and Up “I know the Tools” “I use the Tools” “They are the only Tools I sell” ORDER YOUR DOMINO NOW! No Sales Tax Charged! On Orders Placed Outside New Jersey See why Festool's lineup of portable power tools is your best choice ~ both in the shop and on-site.50. all with LED worklights.795. New Saw Has Riving Knife Grizzly’s G0651 Left-Tilt Extreme Series 10" Table Saw comes with a riving knife.bobmarinosbesttools. the online Woodworker’s Journal Resource Digest has a great offer on our six woodworking books. visit “Special Offers” at resourcedigest. Designed to be used with a biscuit joiner. jigs and fixtures. digital tilt gauge for blade angle and extension and outfeed tables with built-in storage shelves.5.99 for a combo kit including a table. they’re sold in 80-piece packs of two different sizes for $28. NJ (Circle No. fixed. New Router Line Launched Craftsman’s new line of routers includes 1.99 to $119. above-the-table height adjustment and more. FESTOOL BOB MARINO SERVICE AS IT SHOULD BE! Bob with the Domino • • • • “Excellent customer service is my highest priority” Free Shipping! On Orders of $150.866.111 9/20/07 1:23 PM Page 111 Biscuits Connect and Clamp Fixo Clamping Biscuits from Colonial Saw connect and clamp with one strike of a hammer as curved ridges pull the work pieces together. For an exclusive deal. Prices vary from $ full of projects.FESTOOL (337.and plunge-base models. info@bobmarinosbesttools. 13 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 111 .8665) Glen Ridge. quick release blade www. Woodworker’s Journal is Bookin’ It Online In addition to tons of info on tools. dual full view windows.186. Introductory price is $1.and 11-amp.

That means you cannot store them for long in a paper bag or cardboard container. When that was used up. When not writing about woodworking. It is called “blocking. go bad. too. It appeared the room once had an area carpet. even if that is how they arrived from the vendor. Heat. Indiana . I pulled up a 30-yearold wall-to-wall carpet and pad. moisture and sunlight are the three enemies of flake shellac. and I was delighted to see the hardwood floor underneath was in good condition. 1/2 part boiled linseed oil and 1/8 part stain and mopped it over the entire floor. I realize this offers little consolation. he is an active community theater participant. 4365 Willow Drive. I did it again for more onepound cut shellac solution. and it worked fine. Store shellac in an airtight and watertight container in a dark. The floor has 107 years of character.186. by faxing us at (763) 478-8396 or by e-mailing us at: finishing@woodworkersjournal.” Woodworker’s Journal. the shellac would not all dissolve. so sanding is not an option. The mixture soaked into the floor like a sponge where the area rug was. instead forming a gummy mass. Any suggestions? David Criss New Albany. and it looked great when wet. I wanted to even it out before applying a polyurethane Please include your home address. and the finish and color under the area carpet was worn very differently than the perimeter of the room. and they will last a lot longer. 112 I purchased shellac flakes and dissolved them in denatured alcohol to make a one-pound cut. is how fast they Like fine wine turning to vinegar. but two weeks later it is still tacky in a 2' perimeter around the edge of the room. Young Silver Spring.” You still need to toss that shellac and buy new stock. going back over it again with a dry mop. Medina. cool. What did I do wrong? Do shellac flakes age in storage? How can I prevent this from happening? Jay A.112 9/12/07 2:16 PM Page 112 Refinishing Rules Revisited By Michael Dresdner ABOUT MICHAEL DRESDNER Michael Dresdner is a nationally known finishing expert and the author of The New Wood Finishing Book from Taunton Press. shellac flakes age in storage. dry place. The third time I tried. MN 55340. and short of stopping time you can’t change that. and that is pretty easy. but at least you now have a name for what happened. phone number and e-mail address (if you have one) with your question. Maryland Michael Responds: Yes. I mixed a cocktail of two parts mineral spirits. shellac flakes can go bad as they age. but you might like to know that there is a name for what happened to your shellac when it went bad. Contact us by writing to “Finishing Hotline. however. What you can change.

437. Contact us NOWWR¿QGRXWKRZDQ(SLORJ/DVHU V\VWHPFDQVWDUWPDNLQJ\RXPRQH\ Epilog Laser | 1. That must start with clean. Our engraving quality helps make you www. but much less remove the finwell. darkness. step in your description. raw The rules for finishmight have meant ing and refinishing degreasing and wood. are the same no matdewaxing the floor ter what the surface: by scrubbing it airborne grease and finish. dirt.the depth. <RXU 9LVLRQ<RXU &UHDWLYLW\<RXU %XVLQHVV EHJLQV ZLWKDQ Epilog Laser System. wins Olympic’s Interior Wood Finishing Kit. you must start with with naphtha or clean. and it might have resulting in exactly what finish. Each issue we toss new questions into a hat and draw a winner. it I can understand not want. ” WINNER! For simply sending in his question on aging shellac. a slightly less aggressive version of paint Ideally. our lasers provide a wide variety of opportunities for your very own business.. Get Creative with an Epilog Laser From engraving pens to wine bottles to custom plaques. Our innovative laser features save you money.186. raw wood. The presence of old findo the whole job with refinfrom cleaning and stripping ish combined with accumulated airborne grease or wax the finish in some other way. Just look at any of the sample pieces created with an Epilog laser . You might be able to that does not absolve you ish. Maryland.ter finish with chemical sounds as if you did not stripper.. isher. Unless you left out a meant removing the perimeyou described.888. mineral spirits devoid of wax. but now you have ing to sand an old floor clean the perimeter area. devoid of wax. dirt. you want the entire would prevent an oil-based floor at the same stage concoction from drying.epiloglaser. Jay Young of Silver Spring.995! The Epilog Difference The engraving quality created by an Epilog laser system is unmatched by competitors. continues on page 114 . to remove your “cocktail” as laden with character. Starting at $9. 30 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Woodworker’s Journal December 2007 113 .4564 email: sales@epiloglaser. speed and precision of our engraving systems can’t be 9/20/07 11:36 AM Page 113 Floors or Furniture “ The rules for finishing and refinishing are the same no matter what the surface: you before you begin Michael Responds: finishing.htm (Circle No. before you applied airborne grease and anything.

and they may eventually require stripping and refinishing.” — Michael Dresdner 114 remover. it already has oil in it. but kept my opinion to myself. After you apply your stain and let it dry. so I said nothing and went to see this fine acquisition that she had appropriately dubbed Pooh. use diluted stain if you must to get the color you want. which can last five years or more. I would add one more step. Another option is to change brands of putty. seal the floor with one coat of Zinsser SealCoat™ before moving on to whatever floor finish you choose. and I was fairly certain society could exist without yet another one. Anything else will alter the appearance and will also necessitate some degree of maintenance. You might find one that acts the way you want with your stain. “and while you are here you can tell me how to finish it. then as needed after that. which adds color and prevents the wood from going gray but still leaves it looking natural and woody. look rustic and distinguished. The third option is to fill the gouge. Once there. then touch up the area to make it match using small artists brushes and some sort of coloring media. furniture look use spar varnish or spar urethane.114 9/6/07 12:08 PM Page 114 Bear Essentials “Come over and see what I bought. Dot is dear to my heart. and adding more is not helping anything. so that should not be difficult. “What would you use on it if it were yours?” she asked insistently. December 2007 Woodworker’s Journal . If you do nothing at all. Evans Chambersburg. there are vastly more chainsaw carved bears than live ones.186. Putties come in all colors. These options will require cleaning.” Dot insisted on the phone. sanding and re-coating every few years. The dark walnut stain is wonderful for filling in smaller scratches. If you use an oil-based stain. Pennsylvania Michael Responds: You have three good choices. For a shiny. Out here in the Pacific Northwest.” Clearly. and outlast both of us.” I said. Still. it will eventually oxidize to silver gray. ignoring her scowl at my shameless pun. “Bear in mind. It’s a seven-foottall bear carved from a Western red cedar tree trunk. Either way. “that we are essentially talking about finishing a log. you’ll have to clean it and re-apply stain each year for the first few years. One step up from that is acrylic fence and siding stain. and it is going to live outdoors in front of the house. The easiest is to switch to a putty that is close enough to the right color that it matches after your stain is applied to it. SealCoat acts as a barrier to seal in any contamination you might have missed during your cleaning step. The easiest is probably artists acrylic colors that you find in your local craft store.” I groaned. not options. We are currently trying to repair some gouges in the doorframes with wood filler and a dark walnut stain. but leave the linseed oil out. but it does not penetrate the filler very well. I live in a 100+ year-old building with oak woodwork that I believe is original to the house. you may not even need to add any clear finish over it. As with a deck. she wanted opinion. since they all absorb stain to different degrees. Since you now know the floor may be a problem as far as contamination is concerned. and it is compatible under whatever finish you choose. and you might have to resort to the real thing. Is there something else we could be doing or something else we could be using that would be more effective at penetrating the purportedly stainable wood filler? Heather L. “If it were mine?” I replied. “A match. you need to get to clean wood. because she pressed on. Simply paint the patch to look like the surrounding wood. Since the acrylic is self-sealing. “The next simplest option is deck stain.

All rights reserved.186. Building 223-6N-01 St.S. adhesives and wood finishes with an adjustable. (Circle No.115 3M Ad.3M.qxp:ad page full 9/27/07 3:37 PM Page 115 Give all of your hard work the finish it deserves! The 3M™ PPS™ Paint Preparation System Type H/O Pressure Cup and the 3M Accuspray® Series 19 pressure feed HVLP spray gun are a great combination for achieving high quality finishes and applying paints. PPS. Paul. 1 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) . spray Keyword search: PPS 1-800-618-6860 PAINT PREPARATION SYSTEM Please recycle. MN 55144-1000 www. 3M. and Accuspray are trademarks of 3M. For ordering information contact your 3M Accuspray sales representative or 3M Accuspray distributor at PRODUCTS 3M Center. © 3M 2007. Printed in U. controlled. The disposable liners can help reduce solvent usage for clean-up by up to 70 percent.A.

35 on PRODUCT INFORMATION form) Faster. )URP VWDUW WR ¿QLVK Enclosed gear unit keeps dust out permanently Ergonomic design and low weight for effortless work Easily change from coarse WR ¿QH VDQGLQJSROLVKLQJ The best material removal rate on the market Tool-free FastFix® makes changing pads a snap Add the new CT MIDI for near-total dust extraction and optimal jobsite performance.116 Festool Ad:ad page full 9/27/07 3:40 PM Page 116 Finish what you start. RO 150 FEQ Sander 1HYHU EHIRUH KDV VXFK D SRZHUIXO VDQGHU EHHQ VR UH¿QHG :LWK WKH ÀLS RI D VZLWFK WKH 5RWH[® 52  )(4 FKDQJHV HIIRUWOHVVO\ IURP FRDUVH VDQGLQJ WR ¿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all Edition /LPLWHG 7LPH 2IIHUV | 1HZ 3URGXFWV | 3RZHU *XLGH FIND YOUR DEALER Special offers available for a limited time! | ZZZIHVWRROXVDFRPGHDOHUV | 888-337-8600 (Circle No.186. 6” RO 150 FEQ will see you through almost anything. Better. Festool’s dual-mode. . Easier.

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