Shivaji University, Kolhapur

#.E.$. %&'()'*.
Se+ester ) III
Sr. Subject L T P
Theory Marks TW POE Oral Total
No. Written Online Marks
1 Applied Matheatics ! 1 "
$% $% &$ " " 1&$
'iscrete Matheatical
# 1 " $ $% $% &$ " " 1&$
! 'ata Structures # " "
$% $% " " " 1%%
# 'ata (ounications # " "
$% $% " " " 1%%
$ Microprocessors ! " &
$% $% &$ " $% 1)$
* Pro+rain+ Lab " , & " #
" " $% $% " 1%%
) So-t skills " " &
" " $% &$ )$
Total &% & .
&$% &$% 1)$ $% )$ .%%
Se+ester ) IV
Subject L T P Total Theory Marks TW POE Oral Total
Written Online
1 Autoata Theory ! 1 "
$% $% &$ " " 1&$
& (oputer Net/orks # " &
$% $% &$ " $% 1)$
! (oputer Or+ani0ation # " "
$% $% " " " 1%%
# Operatin+ Syste", ! 1 "
$% $% &$ " " 1&$
$ So-t/are En+ineerin+ ! " "
$% $% " " " 1%%
* Pro+rain+ Lab " ,, & " #
" " $% $% " 1%%
) Mini Project " &
" " &$ " $% )$
Total 11 & .
&$% &$% 1$% $% 1%% .%%
1. The ter /ork as prescribed in the syllabus is to be periodically and jointly assessed by a tea
o- teachers -ro the concerned departent.
&. ,n case o- tutorials3 students o- di--erent batches be assi+ned probles o- di--erent types and be
+uided -or the solution o- the proble durin+ tutorial session. Probles thus sol4ed be
translated into coputer pro+ras /here4er applicable and e5ecuted by respecti4e batches
durin+ practical session.
!. The assi+nents o- tutorials and practicals need to be subitted in the -or o- so-t copy and 6
or /ritten journal.
#. 7reakup o- ter /ork arks shall be as -ollo/s2
a. Mid"seester test 8 $ arks.
b. End"seester test 8 $ arks.
c. Tutorial assi+nents and 6 or practical per-orance 8 1$ arks.
$. The theory e5a schee is as under2
a. All theory papers o- SE 9(SE: part 1; part & o- 1%% arks /ill be di4ided into t/o parts.
i. Part"A2 $% arks theory paper siilar to the e5istin+ theory paper e5a. The nature
o- the <uestions /ill be descripti4e3 analytical and proble sol4in+.
ii. Part"72 $% arks coputer based e5a /ith ultiple choice <uestions 9M(=s: .
b. The arks obtained in the indi4idual heads should be added and considered as arks o- the
respecti4e theory paper out o- 1%% arks.
c. The <uestions o- part"A and part"7 /ill be based on the entire syllabus o- the respecti4e
d. The <uestions in part"7 /ill be o- 1 or & arks only.
e. 'uration o- part"A e5a /ill o- & hours and that o- part"7 /ill be o- 1 hour.
-. The passin+ schee -or the subject /ill be siilar to e5istin+ schee.
+. No separate passin+ head -or part"A and part"7.
h. The schee o- re4aluation is not applicable -or part"73 ho/e4er is applicable -or part"A
i. All the e5istin+ ordinances /ill be applicable -or passin+ criteria.
S.E. ,Co+puter S-ien-e an. En/ineerin/0 Se+ester 1 III
2e-tures 4 5 hours67ee8 Theory 4 '&& +ar8s
Tutorial 4 ' hour67ee8 Ter+ #or8 4 %* +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1: To teach atheatical ethodolo+ies and odels to de4elop atheatical skills and enhance
thinkin+ po/er o- students.
&: To e5pose the students to the topics in -u00y set theory3 nuerical ethods and statistics /ith an
ephasis on the application o- sol4in+ en+ineerin+ probles.
!: To prepare students to -orulate a atheatical odel usin+ en+ineerin+ skills ; interpret the
solution in real /orld.
Unit '. Curve $ittin/4 ,:0
1.1 Lines o- re+ression o- bi4ariate data3
1.& >ittin+ o- (ur4es by ethod o- Least"s<uares.
1.&.1 >ittin+ o- Strai+ht lines
1.&.& >ittin+ o- e5ponential cur4es.
1.&.! >ittin+ o- Parabolic cur4es.
Unit %. Pro9a9ility Distri9ution4 ,:0
&.1 ?ando 4ariable
&.& 7inoial 'istribution
&.! Poisson 'istribution
&.# Noral 'istribution
Unit 5. u+eri-al solution o; trans-en.ental < al/e9rai-
e=uations an. u+eri-al Inte/ration ,:0
!.1 Ne/ton ?aphson Method
!.& Secant ethod
!.! Trape0oidal ?ule
!.# Sipson@s 16! rd rule
!.$ Sipson@s !6. th rule
Unit (. Intro.u-tion to $u>>y sets4 ,:0
#.1 7asic concepts o- -u00y sets
#.& (risp set and >u00y set.
#.! Mebership -unctions
#.# 7asic operations on -u00y sets
#.$ Properties o- -u00y sets
Unit *. $u>>y !rith+eti-4 ,:0
$.1 >u00y nubers
$.& >u00y cardinality
$.! Operations on >u00y nubers
$.# >u00y e<uations o- type A A B C 7 and A.B C 7
Unit :. !ssi/n+ent Pro9le+s4 ,:0
*.1 'e-inition3 7alanced and Dnbalanced assi+nent probles3
*.& Eun+arian ethod o- sol4in+ balanced assi+nent probles.
*.! Eun+arian ethod o- sol4in+ unbalanced assi+nent probles.
*.# Tra4elin+ salesen proble.
"eneral Instru-tions4
1. >or the ter /ork o- &$ arks3 batch /ise tutorials are to be conducted. The nuber o- students per
batch should be &% i.e. as per Dni4ersity pattern -or practical batches.
&. Miniu nuber o- assi+nents should be . co4erin+ all topics.
Re;eren-e ?oo8s4
1. A te5t book o- Applied Matheatics2 Fol. ,3 ,, and ,,, by G. N. Wartikar ; P. N. Wartikar
Fidyarthi Hriha Prakashan3 Pune.
&. Ei+her En+ineerin+ Matheatics by 'r. 7. S. Hre/al.
!. Operations ?esearch by S. '. Shara
#. >u00y sets and >u00y Lo+ic by Heor+e G. Ilir3 7o Juan.
$. Probability and Statistics -or (oputer science by Gaes L. Gohnon 9Wiley Student Edition:.
2e-tures4 ( hrs 6 7ee8 Theory4 '&& +ar8s
Tutorial4 ' hr 6 7ee8 Ter+ 7or84 %* +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose the students to the atheatical lo+ic related to (oputer science areas.
&. To enhance the proble sol4in+ skills in the areas o- theoretical coputer science.
!. To use the atheatical concepts in the de4elopent o- coputer applications..
Unit ' 4 Mathe+ati-al lo/i-4 91:
,ntroduction3 stateents and notations3 connecti4es 8 ne+ation3 (onjunction3
disjunction3 conditional3 bi"conditional3 Stateent -orulas and truth tables3
/ell -ored -orulas3 Tautolo+ies3 E<ui4alence o- -orulas3 'uality la/3 Tautolo+ical
iplications3 -unctionally coplete sets o- connecti4es3 other connecti4es3 Noral and
principal noral -ors3 copletely parenthesi0ed in-i5 and polish notations3 Theory o-
,n-erence -or stateent calculus 8 4alidity usin+ truth table3 rules o- in-erence3 consistency o-
Preises and indirect ethod o- proo-.

Unit % 4 Set theory 91%:
7asic concepts o- set theory3 types o- operations on sets3 ordered pairs3 (artesian Product3
representation o- discrete structures3 relation3 properties o- binary relations3 atri5 and +raph
representation3 partition and co4erin+ o- set3 e<ui4alence relation3 coposition3 POSET
and Easse dia+ra3 >unction 8 types3 coposition o- -unctions3 ,n4erse -unction.
Unit 5 4 !l/e9rai- syste+s 9$:
Sei+roups and Monoids3 properties and e5aples3 Hroups2 'e-inition and e5aples3
sub+roups and hooorphis.

Unit ( 4 2atti-es an. ?oolean al/e9ra 9.:
Lattice as POSETs 3 de-inition 3 e5aples and properties3 Lattice as al+ebraic systes3
Special lattices3 7oolean al+ebra de-inition and e5aples3 7oolean -unctions3
representation and inii0ation o- 7oolean -unctions.
Unit * 4 "raph theory 9$:
7asic concepts o- +raph theory3 Stora+e representation and anipulation o-
Hraphs3 PE?T and related techni<ues.
Unit :4 Per+utations, Co+9inations an. Dis-rete Pro9a9ility 9.:
Perutations and (obinations2 rule o- su and product3 Perutations3 (obinations3
Al+oriths -or +eneration o- Perutations and (obinations. 'iscrete Probability3
(onditional Probability3 7ayesK Theore3 ,n-oration and Mutual ,n-oration.
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. 'iscrete Matheatical Structures /ith Application to (oputer Science " G. P. Treblay ;
?. Manohar 9MHE ,nternational:
&. (. L. Liu and '. P. Mohapatra3 LEleents o- 'iscrete MatheaticsM3 SiE Edition3
TataMcHra/"Eill3 &%%.3,S7N 1%2%"%)"%**11!"1 9>or Dnit no *:
1. 'iscrete Matheatics " Seyour Lipschut03 MarcLipson 9MHE:3 SchauKs outlines.
&. 'iscrete Matheatics and its Applications " Ienneth E. ?osen 9AT;T 7ell Labs:
!. Schaus Sol4ed Proble Series 8 Lipschut0.
#. 'iscrete Matheatical Structures 8 7ernard Iolan3 ?obert 7usby3 S.(.?oss and Nadeeur"
?ehan 9Pearson Education:.
Ter+ #or8 4
,t should consist o- iniu 1% to 1& assi+nents based on -ollo/in+ +uidelines.
,n tutorial session3 students o- di--erent batches be assi+ned 8
a0 Di;;erent e@er-ise pro9le+s an. 9e /ui.e. ;or the solution o; the pro9le+s
90 To 7rite pro/ra+s in C lan/ua/e on any ( to * ;ollo7in/ relate. topi-s.
1. Heneratin+ truth table o- a stateent
&. Application o- bit representation o- sets and operations on sets or relations.
!. (on4ersion o- polish e5pressions.
#. Obtainin+ the path atri53 paths o- di--erent len+ths.
$. 'i--erent tree tra4ersal ethods.
*. E4aluatin+ polynoial e5pressions usin+ linked lists.
). Allocation +raphs and deadlock detection.
.. PE?T related techni<ues.
1. Al+oriths -or +eneration o- Perutations ; (obinations.
2e-tures4 ( hrs67ee8 Theory4 '&& +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To ake the students -ailiar /ith basic data structures.
&. To teach the students to select appropriate data structures in coputer applications.
!. To pro4ide the students /ith the details o- ipleentation o- 4arious data structures.
Unit '4 ?asi-s o; Data Stru-tures2 ,:0
Overvie7 o; C" 7asic data types3 control structures3 array3 -unction3 structure3 pointers3 Tie
and Space cople5ity.
Unit %4 Sear-hin/ an. Sortin/ Te-hni=ues4 ,'&0
Linear search3 binary search3 bubble sort3 selection sort3 insertion sort3 er+e sort3 <uick sort3
radi5 sort3 heap sort
Eashin+ 8 'e-inition3 hash -unctions3 o4er-lo/3 collision3 open and closed hashin+3 rehashin+
Unit 54 Sta-8s an. Aueues4 ,B0
Sta-8s4 'e-inition3 representation3 operations3 static ipleentation and applications o- stack.
Aueues4 'e-inition3 representation3 operations3 static ipleentation and applications o-
<ueue3 circular <ueue3 priority <ueue.
Unit (4 2ists4 ,'&0
'e-inition representation3 operations3 ipleentation and applications o- sin+ly3 doubly and
circular linked lists. ,pleentation o- stack and <ueue usin+ linked lists.
Unit *4 Trees4 ,B0
7asic terinolo+y3 representation3 binary tree3 tra4ersal ethods3 binary search tree3 AFL
search tree3 7 tree3 7A tree3 Eeaps" Operations and their applications.
Unit :4 "raphs4 ,:0
7asic concept o- +raph theory3 stora+e representation3 +raph tra4ersal techni<ues" 7>S and
'>S3 Hraph representation usin+ sparse atri5.
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. Let us ( 8 Jash/ant Ianetkar 97P7: 9(hapter 1:
&. SchauKs Outlines 'ata Structures 8 Seyour Lipschut0 9MHE: 9(hapter & to *:
Re;eren-e 9oo8s4
1. 'ata Structure usin+ (" A. M. Tanenbau3 J. Lan+sa3 M. G. Au+enstein 9PE,:
&. 'ata Structures" A Pseudocode Approach /ith ( 8 ?ichard >. Hilber+ and 7ehrou0 A.
>orou0on &
2e-tures4 ( hrs6 7ee8 Theory4 '&& Mar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To learn basic concepts and principles o- data counication.
&. To e5pose the students to 4arious (oputer Net/ork odels and standards.
!. To e5pose the students to ,EEE standards -or LAN.
Unit '4) Intro.u-tion
1. ,ntroduction 2 'ata counications3 Net/orks3 Protocols ; standards 9!:
&. Net/ork Models2" Layered Tasks3 The OS, odel3 Layers in the OS, odel3
T(P6,P protocol suit3 ATM re-erence odel. 9#:
Unit %4) Co++uni-ation ?asi-s
!. 'ata ; Si+nals 2" Analo+ ; 'i+ital3 Periodic analo+ si+nals3 di+ital si+nals3
Transission ,pairents3 'ata rate liits ; Per-orance 9$:
#. 'i+ital Transission 2" Line codin+ ; line codin+ schees 9Dnipolar3 polar ;
bipolar: Transission odels 9!:
Unit5 4) Physi-al 2ayer
$. Transission edia 2" Huided3 Dn+uided edia 9#:
*. Net/ork Eard/are coponents2"
Transcei4ers ; edia con4erters3 ?epeaters3 N,( ; P( cards3 7rid+es3 s/itches3
?outers 9#:
Unit ( 4 Data 2in8 2ayer 4)
). Error detection ; correction2 7lock codin+3 cyclic codes3 checksu 9!:
.. 'ata Link (ontrol 2" >rain+3 >lo/ ; error control3 stop ; /ait protocol3 slidin+
/indo/ protocol3 E'L( protocol. 9$:
Unit * 4) The +e.iu+ !--ess -ontrol 9):
1. (hannel allocation Proble3 Multiple Access Protocols3 ALEOA3 (SMA3 collision
-ree protocols3 Liited contention protocols.
Unit : 4) IEEE $or 2!S < M!S 4) 9.:
1%. .%&.! Standard ; Ethernet3
.%&.# Standard ; Token 7us3
.%&.$ Standard ; Token ?in+3
(oparison o- .%&.!3 .%&.# and .%&.$3
.%&.* standard 9'='7: and .%&.& lo+ical link control.
Te@t ?oo8s4)
1. 'ata (ounications and Net/orkin+ 8 7ehrou0 A >orou0an 9The McHra/ Eill:
9ch 2 13&3!3#3$3)3.:.
&. (oputer Net/orks 8 Andre/ S. Tanenbau" 9Prentice Eall: 9ch2131%311: $

!. (oputer counications and Net/orkin+ Technolo+ies 8 Michael A Hallo
9(en+a+e Learnin+: 9ch2*:.
Re;eren-e ?oo8s 4)
1. 'ata ; coputer counications 2" Willia Stallin+s 9Pearson Education:.
&. 'ata counication and coputer Net/orks Ajit Pal 9PE, Learnin+: .
2e-tures 4 5 hrs6 7ee8 Theory4 '&& Mar8s
Pra-ti-als4 % hrs6 7ee8 Ter+ 7or8 4 %* Mar8s
Oral E@a+ 4 *& Mar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose the students to architectures o- basic icroprocessors.
&. To +i4e the hands on e5perience on assebly lan+ua+e pro+rain+ -or icroprocessors.
Unit '4 Intel C&C* !r-hite-ture < Pro/ra++in/ 9*:
1.1 Architecture o- .%.$
1.& ,nstruction set ; E5ecution in .%.$
1.! (lassi-ication o- ,nstructions
1.# ,nstruction set o- .%.$
1.$ Saple Pro+ras
1.* Assebler
1.) Assebly Lan+ua+e Pro+ras
Unit %4 Mi-ropro-essor an. !r-hite-ture 9*:
&.1 The Microprocessor 7ased Personal (oputer Syste.
&.& ,nternal Microprocessor Architecture
&.! ?eal Mode Meory Addressin+
&.# ,ntroduction to Protected Mode eory Addressin+
&.$ Meory Pa+in+
Unit 54 !..ressin/ an. Data Move+ent Instru-tions 9*:
!.1 'ata Addressin+ Modes
!.& Pro+ra Meory Addressin+ Mode
!.! Stack Meory Addressin+ Mode
!.# MOF ?e4isited
!.* Load E--ecti4e Address
!.) Strin+ 'ata Trans-er
!.. Miscellaneous 'ata Trans-er ,nstruction
!.1 Se+ent O4erride Pre-i5
!.1% Assebler 'etails
Unit (4 !rith+eti-, 2o/i- < Pro/ra+ Control Instru-tions 9*:
#.1 Addition 3Subtraction and (oparison
#.& Multiplication and 'i4ision
#.! 7(' and AS(,, Arithetic
#.# 7asic Lo+ic ,nstructions
#.$ Shi-t and ?otate
#.* The Gup Hroup
#.) (ontrollin+ the >lo/ o- pro+ra
#.. Machine control and Miscellaneous ,nstructions
Unit *4 Interrupts an. The C&5C: Mi-ropro-essor 9*:
$.1 7asic ,nterrupt Processin+
$.& Eard/are ,nterrupt
$.! The.%!.* Microprocessor2 The eory Syste
$.# Special .%!.* ?e+isters
$.$ .%!.* Meory Mana+eent
$.* Firtual .%.* Mode
$.) The Meory Pa+in+ Mechanis
Unit :4 Pentiu+ , Pentiu+ Pro an. Pentiu+ ( Mi-ropro-essor 9#:
*.1 The Pentiu Microprocessor 2 The Meory Syste
*.& Special Pentiu ?e+isters
*.! Pentiu Meory Mana+eent
*.# The Pentiu Pro Microprocessor 2 ,nternal structure o- the Pentiu Pro
*.$ The Pentiu # 2 Meory ,nter-ace3 ?e+ister Set3 Eyper Threadin+
Technolo+y (PD,'
Te@t ?oo8s4
1: The ,NTEL Microprocessors " Architecture 3Pro+rain+ and ,nter-acin+ " 7arry 7. 7rey
Se4enth Edition 9PE, Ltd:
&: Microprocessors and Microcontrollers " N. Senthi Iuar3 M. Sara4anan and S.
Gee4ananthan 9O5-ord Dni4ersity Press:
Re;eren-e ?oo8s4
1: Microprocessor Architecture3 Pro+rain+ and Applications /ith .%.$ " ?aesh Haonkar
&: The Microcoputer systes2 The .%.*6.%.. >aily " Ju (hen+ Liu 3 Hlenn A. Hibson
9PE, Ltd:

Ter+ #or8 4
,t should consists o- 1% to 1& e5perients based on the -ollo/in+ +uidelines.
a: E5perient No 1 to * should be based on .%.$ ,nstruction set 8 out o- /hich 2

T/o e5perients on 2 'i--erent $ to * Pro+ras usin+ 'ata Trans-er ,nstructions.
T/o e5perients on 2 'i--erent $ to * Pro+ras usin+ Arithetic ; lo+ic ,nstructions.
T/o e5perients on 2 'i--erent ! to # Pro+ras usin+ 7ranchin+ ,nstructions.
b: E5perient No ) to 1& should be based on .%.*3 .%&.* ; .%!.* ,nstruction set usin+
Assebler out o- /hich 2
T/o e5perients on2 'i--erent # to $ sall Assebly Pro+ras usin+ Addressin+ Modes
and 'ata Mo4eent ,nstructions.
T/o e5perients on2 'i--erent # to $ sall Assebly Pro+ras usin+ A?TEMET,(3
T/o e5perients on2 'i--erent # to $ sall Assebly Pro+ras usin+ 7ios ,nterrupts in
Ei+h Le4el Lan+ua+e (.
2e-tures 4 % hrs 6 7ee8 Ter+ 7or8 4 *& +ar8s
Pra-ti-al 4 ( hrs 6 7ee8 POE 4 *& +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose the students to pro+rain+ constructs o- ( lan+ua+e.
&. To learn the ipleentation o- 4arious data structures usin+ (.
!. To learn ho/ to /rite odular and e--icient ( pro+ras.
Unit '4 !n Overvie7 o; C 4 *
(opilers 4s. ,nterpreters3 The >or o- a ( Pro+ra3 The Library and Linkin+3 Separate
(opilation3 (opilin+ a ( Pro+ra3 (@s Meory MapN E5pressions 8 The 7asic 'ata Types3
Modi-yin+ the 7asic Types3 ,denti-ies Naes3 Fariables3 The >our ( Scopes3 Type =uali-iers"
const3 4olatile3 Stora+e (lass Speci-iersN Stateents " Selection Stateents3 ,teration
Stateents3 Gup Stateents3 E5pression Stateents3 7lock Stateents.
Console I6O4 ?eadin+ and Writin+ (haracters3 ?eadin+ and Writin+ Strin+s3 >oratted
(onsole ,6O3 print-9:3 scan-9:3 Suppressin+ ,nput.
The Prepro-essor an. Co++ents
The Preprocessor3 Ode-ine3 Oerror3 Oinclude3 (onditional (opilation 'irecti4es3 ODnde-3
Dsin+ de-ined3 Oline
Unit %4 !rrays 4 5
Arrays and Strin+s" T/o"'iensional Arrays3 Arrays o- Strin+s3 Multidiensional Arrays3
Array ,nitiali0ation3 Fariable"Len+th Arrays.
Unit 54 $un-tions 4 (
The Heneral >or o- a >unction3 Dnderstandin+ the Scope o- a >unction3 Paraeter passin+3
Passin+ arrays to -unctions3 >unction Ar+uents3 ar+c and ar+4"Ar+uents to ain9:3The
return Stateent3 What 'oes ain9 : ?eturnP3 ?ecursion3 >unction Prototypes3 'eclarin+
Fariable Len+th Paraeter Lists3 The Q,plicit intQ ?ule3 Old"Style 4s. Mode >unction
Paraeter 'eclarations3 The inline Iey/ord.
Unit (4 Pointers 4 *
What Are PointersP3 Pointer Fariables3 The Pointer %perators3 Pointer E5pressions3 Pointers
and Arrays3 Arrays o- Pointers3 Multiple ,ndirection3 ,nitiali0in+ Pointers3 Pointers to
>unctions and structures3 (@s 'ynaic Allocation >unctions3 restrict"=uali-ied Pointers3
Probles /ith Pointers.
Unit *4 Stru-tures, Unions, Enu+erations, an. type.e; 4 (
Structures3 Arrays o- Structures3 Passin+ Structures to >unctions3 Structure Pointers3 Arrays
and Structures Within Structures3 Dnions3 7it">ields3 Enuerations3 Dsin+ si0eo- to Ensure
Portability3 typede- .
Unit :4 $ile I6O 4 5
>ile ,6O3 Standard ( 4s. Dni5 >ile ,6O3 Streas and >iles3 >ile Syste 7asics3 -read9 : and
-/rite9:3 -seek9: and ?ando"Access ,6O3 -print-9 : and -scan-9:3 The Standard Streas.
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. Let Ds (" Jash4ant Ianetkar 97P7 Publications:
&. Dnderstandin+ Pointers in (" Jash4ant Ianetkar 97P7 Publications:
Re;eren-e ?oo8s4
1: ( The (oplete ?e-erence 8 Eerbert Schildt 9Tata McHra/"Eill Edition:
&: The ( Pro+rain+ Lan+ua+e" 7rian W. Ierni+han3 'ennis ?itchie 9Prentice Eall
So-t/are Series:
Ter+ #or84
It shoul. -onsist o; +ini+u+ '( e@peri+ents 9ase. on the ;ollo7in/ /ui.elines an.
shoul. 9e -on.u-te. in Uni@62inu@ plat;or+.
1. ,pleent atri5 operation by representin+ atri5 in the -or o- 9a: array 9b: linked list.
Operation like 8 Multiplication o- atrices3 -indin+ the ,n4erse atri53 sin+ular atri53
upper trian+le3 lo/er trian+le3 syetric atri53 ske/ syetric3 trian+ular atri5 etc
&. ,pleent a ( pro+ra that /ill accept a he5adecial nuber as input and then display a
enu that /ill perit any o- the -ollo/in+ operation to be carried out.
9a: 'isplay he5 e<ui4alent o- oneKs copleent.
9b: (arry out a askin+ operation and then display the he5 e<ui4alent o- the
9c: (arry out a bit shi-tin+ operation and then display the he5 e<ui4alent o- the
9d: E5it.
,- the askin+ operation is selected3 propt the user -or the type o- operation 9bit /ise and bit
/ise e5clusi4e or bit /ise or: and then a 9he5: 4alue -or the ask. ,- the shi-tin+ operation is
selected3 propt the type o- shi-t 9le-t or ri+ht: and then the no. o- bits to be shi-ted. Test the
pro+ra /ith se4eral di--erent 9he5: input 4alues o- your o/n choice. Note2 (on4ersion o-
di--erent e<ui4alent -ors like 8 binary3 octal3 decial and others can also be per-ored and
!. 'e-ine a ask and /rite the appropriate askin+ operatin+ -or each o- the situations
described belo/2
a. (opy the odd bits 9bits 13 !3 $RR.1$: and place 0ero in the e4en"bit location 9bit %3 &3
#3 1#: o- 1* bit3 unsi+ned inte+er <uantity represented by the 4ariable 4. Assue that bit
% is the ri+htost bit.
b. Strip the sb 9the le-tost bit: -ro an ."bit character represented by 4ariable c
9certain /ord processor use this bit to control the -orattin+ o- the te5t /ithin a
docuent. Strippin+ this bit
i. e. settin+ it to 0ero3 can trans-or the /ord processor docuents into a te5t -ile
consistin+ o- ordinary AS(,, characters.:
c. (opy the odd bits 9 bits 13 !3 $3R.3 1$ : and place oneKs in the e4en bit locations 9 bits
%3&3#3R..31#: o- a 1* bit unsi+ned inte+er <uantity represented by 4ariable 4. Assue
bit % is the ri+htost bit.
d. To++le 9in4ert: the 4alues o- bits 1 ; * o- the 1* bit unsi+ned inte+er <uantity
represented by 4ariable 43 /hile preser4in+ all the reainin+ bits. Assi+n ne/ bit
pattern to 4.

#. ,pleent and copare linear and binary search -or any +i4en hu+e data set Sin 8
1%%%%T. 'ata ust be -loat3 strin+.
$. ,pleent any &"! sortin+ techni<ues and -ind the nuber o- coparison re<uired to sort
rando data 8set o- around 1%%%%.
*. Write a proble /hich a. ,pleents pointers to -unction 9. has a -unction ha4in+
paraeters as pointer to -unction.
). ,pleent stack usin+ array and linked list.
.. ,pleent <ueue3 priority <ueue3 circular <ueue usin+ array and linked list.
1. Write a pro+ra /hich sho/s ad4anta+es o- ,a0 Static 4ariable ,90 Static -unction 9usin+
ultiple (
-iles: ,-0 4olatile ,.0 E5tern 9usin+ ultiply ( -iles.:
1%. ,pleent hashin+ and rehashin+ operatin+ on data like -loat and strin+.
11. ,pleent doubly linked list3 (ircular linked list3 doubly circular linked list.
1&. ,pleent and per-or di--erent operation o- binary tree3 7"tree insertion3 deletion3
odi-ication3 -indin+ the depth o- the tree.
1!. (reate your o/n library -ile and header -ile.
1#. ,pleent all loops. Also ipleent e<ui4alent loops 8-or3 /hile3 do"/hile
usin+ recursion.
1$. ,pleent To/ers o- Eanoi and AckerannKs -unction.
?rea8up o; ter+ 7or8 +ar8s4
Mid"seester Pra-ti-al test 8 1% arks.
End"seester Pra-ti-al test 8 1% arks.
Practical per-orance 8 !% arks.
Pra-ti-als4 % hrs 67ee8 Ter+ 7or84 *& +ar8s
Oral E@a+4 %* +ar8s
To enhance the counications skills o- the students.
To e5pose the students to basic skills o-
tea /ork.
To inculcate the /ritin+ skills necessary -or business counications.
Unit I4 Co++uni-ation S8ills
Ferbal (ounication " E--ecti4e (ounication " Acti4e listenin+ 8 Articulation"
Paraphrasin+ 8 >eedback
Non Ferbal (ounication " 7ody Lan+ua+e o- sel- and others
,portance o- -eelin+s in counication " dealin+ /ith -eelin+s in counication
,nter and ,ntrapersonal counication" Sel-"estee and con-idence " Asserti4eness
Unit II4 I+portan-e o; Tea+ 7or8
Sel- Enhanceent " iportance o- de4elopin+ asserti4e skills" de4elopin+ sel-"
con-idence 8 de4elopin+ eotional intelli+ence.
,portance o- Tea /ork 8 Tea 4s. Hroup " Attributes o- a success-ul tea 8 7arriers
Workin+ /ith Hroups 8 'ealin+ /ith People" Hroup 'ecision Makin+
E--ecti4e teas 8 Eleents o- Tea /ork " Sta+es in tea -oration
Unit III4 #ritin/
,ntroduction to /ritin+3 Eallark o- +ood /ritin+3 Writin+ con4entions3 business
/ritin+3 /ritin+ a notice3 /ritin+ styles3 e"ail /ritin+3 report /ritin+3 practice.
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. 'e4elopin+ (ounication Skills by Irishna Mohan and Meera 7anerjiN MacMillan ,ndia
Ltd.3 'elhi
&. Essentials o- E--ecti4e (ounication3 Ludlo/ and PanthonN Prentice Eall o- ,ndia.
!. Se4en Spiritual La/s o- Success " 'eepak (hopra.
#. Hood To Hreat " Gi (ollins.
2e-tures4 5 hrs67ee8 Theory4 '&& +ar8s
Tutorial4' hr67ee8 Ter+ 7or84%* +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose the students to the atheatical -oundations and principles o- coputer science.
&. To stren+then the studentsK ability to carry out -oral and hi+her studies in coputer science.
!. To ake the students understand the use o- autoata theory in (opliers ; Syste
#. To ake the student a/are o- atheatical tools3 -oral ethods ; autoata techni<ues to
UIT)I 4 Mathe+ati-al In.u-tion, Re/ular 2an/ua/es < $inite !uto+ata4 ,:0
The Principle o- Matheatical ,nduction ?ecursi4e 'e-initions3 'e-inition ; types o-
+raars ; lan+ua+es3 ?e+ular e5pressions and correspondin+ re+ular lan+ua+es3
e5aples and applications3 unions3 intersection ; copleents o- re+ular lan+ua+es3
>inite autoata"de-inition and representation3 on"deterinistic >.A.3N>A /ith null
transitions3 E<ui4alence o- >AKs 3 N>AKs and N>AKs /ith null transitions.
UIT)II4 KleeneEs Theore+4 ,50
Part , ; ,, stateents and proo-s3 iniu state o- >A -or a re+ular lan+ua+e3
inii0in+ nuber o- states in >inite Autoata.
UIT)III4 "ra++ars an. 2an/ua/es4 ,:0
'eri4ation and abi+uity3 7N> ; (N> notations3 Dnion3 (oncatenation and UKs o-
(>Ls3 Eliinatin+ production ; unit productions -ro (>H3 Eliinatin+ useless
4ariables -ro a conte5t >ree Hraar.
Parsin/4 ,(0
Top"'o/n3 ?ecursi4e 'escent and 7otto"Dp Parsin+
UIT)IV4 Push Do7n !uto+ata4 ,(0
'e-inition3 'eterinistic P'A ; types o- acceptance3 E<ui4alence o- (>HKs ;
UIT)V4 C$2Es an. non C$2Es 4 ,(0
Pupin+ Lea and e5aples3 intersections and copleents.
UIT)VI4 Turin/ Ma-hines 4 ,:0
Models o- coputation3 de-inition o- Turin+ Machine as Lan+ua+e acceptors3
cobinin+ Turin+ Machines3 (oputin+ a -unction /ith a TM
Variations in Turin/ Ma-hines 4 ,50
Turin+ achines /ith doubly"in-inite tapes3 ore than one tape3 Non"deterinistic
TM and Dni4ersal TM.
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. ,ntroduction to Lan+ua+es ; theory o- coputationsVGohn (. Martin 9MHE: 8(hapters 13
&. 'iscrete Matheatical Structures /ith applications to (oputer ScienceVG .P.Trebley ;
?.Manohar 9MHE: (hapter 13 !.
Re;eren-e ?oo84
1. ,ntroduction to Autoata Theory3 Lan+ua+es and coputationVGohn E. Eopcra-t3 ?ajee4
Mot/ani3 Ge--rey '. Dllan 9Pearson Edition:.(hapters 13!3#3$.
&. ,ntroduction to theory o- (oputationsVMichael Sipser 9Thoson 7ooks6(ole: (hapters
!. Theory O- (oputation" Fi4ek Iulkarni3 1
edition OB>O?' uni4ersity Press
#. Theory O- (oputation A proble Sol4in+ Approach Ia4i Mahesh Wiley ,ndia.
Ter /ork2 ,t should consist o- iniu 1% to 1& assi+nents based on the topics o- the syllabus and
e5ercise probles entioned in the te5t books.
2e-tures 4 ( hrs 6 7ee8 Theory4 '&& +ar8s
Pra-ti-als4 % hrs6 7ee8 Ter+ 7or84 %* Mar8s
Oral E@a+4 *& Mar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To learn basic concepts o- net/ork architectures.
&. To +i4e hands on e5posure to net/ork protocols and application de4elopent.
!. To learn basic concepts o- <uality o- ser4ices and net/ork security.
Unit I 4 et7or8 2ayer ,B0
Net/ork Layer 'esi+n ,ssues3 ?outin+ Al+oriths 8 Optiality Principle3 Shortest Path
?outin+3 >loodin+ 'istance Fector ?outin+3 Link State ?outin+.
Unit % 4 2o/i-al !..ressin/ ,:0
,PF# Addresses3 ,PF* Addresses
Unit 54 Con/estion Control an. AoS 4 ,*0
Con/estion -ontrol2 Heneral Principle3 Pre4entin+ policies3 (on+estion control in 4irtual
circuit subnet3 con+estion control in dia+ra subnet Load shadin+3 Gitter control
Auality o; servi-es ,*0
Auality o; servi-es2 ?e<uireents3 Techni<ues -or achie4in+ +ood <uality ser4ices3 inte+rated
ser4ices3 'i--erentiate ser4ices.
Unit ( 4 Transport layer ,:0
The transport ser4ice3 Eleents o- transport protocols3 ,nternet transport protocol 8 D'P3 T(P.
So-8et 2 Socket ,nter-ace and client ser4er odel. ,50
Unit *4 !ppli-ation 2ayer ,:0
Nae space3 'oain Nae Space3 'istribution o- Nae Space3 'NS in the ,nternet3
?esolution3 'NS essa+e 3 ?eote Lo+in 9SSE:3 Electronic ail3 >TP3 WWW ; ETTP.
Unit :4 Se-urity ,:0
Se-urity 2 (rypto+raphy 8 Traditional (iphers3 ?SA.
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. (oputer Net/orks 8 Andre/ S. Tanenbau 9 Pearson Education : #
Edition 9(hapter
&. 'ata counication and net/orkin+ 8 7ebrou0 A. >orou0an 9The McHra/" Eill : #
9(hapter &3.:
!. ,nternet/orkin+ /ith T(P6,P" '.E. (oer 9Pearson: 9(hapter *:
Re;eren-e ?oo8s4
1. (oputer Net/orkin+ 2 Principles3 Technolo+ies and protocols o- net/ork desi+n 8 Natalia
Oli-er and 4ictor Oli-er 9Wiley ,ndia Edition :
&. 'ata counication and coputer Net/ork 8 Ajit pal 9PE, Learnin+:
Ter+ #or84 ,t should consist o- iniu 1% e5perients based on the -ollo/in+ +uidelines.
1. ,pleentation o- -ile transission usin+ ?S"&!&.
&. ,pleentation o- -ile transission usin+ Stop and Wait 6 Ho 7ack n 6 Selecti4e
?epeat protocol.
!. ,pleentation o- Eain+ code 6 (?( -or error detection 6 reco4ery.
#. ,pleentation o- any ?outin+ al+orith.
$. 'e4elopin+ a -ile trans-er application usin+ T(P and D'P 9socket pro+ra:.
*. 'e4elop applications to deonstrate (on+estion control al+oriths.
). ,pleentation o- (rypto+raphic al+oriths.
.. 'e4elop a net/ork application to identi-y host id and net/ork id o- a reote
achine in a ,P4# net/ork. 9All class ,Ps ay be tested /ith:.
1. 'e4elop a siple eail application.
1%. Study o- 'NS3 ?eote lo+in. Dse o- nslookup3 di+3 -tp3 SSE3 etc.
2e-tures 4( hrs 6 7ee8 Theory 4 '&& +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose students to basic concepts o- coputer or+ani0ation.
&. To pro4ide a coprehensi4e and sel- contained 4ie/ o- (oputer desi+n -ro hard/are point
o- 4ie/.
!. To ake the students a/are o- o4erall desi+n and architecture o- coputer and its or+ani0ation.
#. To pro4ide pre"re<uisites -or understandin+ concepts o- ad4anced coputer architecture.
Unit I4 ?asi- Co+puter Or/ani>ation ,:0
E4olution o- coputers " Mechanical era3 Electronic coputers3 Henerations3 FLS, era 3
(PD or+ani0ation 3 counications3 user and super4isor odes3 accuulator based (PD3
Syste bus3 instruction cycle3 types o- instruction90ero3 one3 t/o and three address achines:3
,O inter-ace3 ?,S(; (,S(3 de-inition3 coparison and e5aples.
Unit II4 CPU .esi/n ,(0
Speci-ications3 9eory3 speed3 -re<uency etc.: /ith e5aple3 ,nstruction -etchin+3 decodin+3
e5ecutin+3 (ase Study 9architecture3 block dia+ra3 instruction sets etc.:3 Pentiu # processor3
AM' processor.
Unit III4 Co+puter !rith+eti- ,'%0
'ata ?epresentation3 basic -orats3 stora+e order3 -i5ed point nubers3 binary3 si+ned3
decial3 he5adecial3 >loatin+ point nubers3 basic -orats3 norali0ation3 biasin+3 ,EEE)$#
-orat3 >i5ed point arithetic " Addition and subtraction3 o4er-lo/3 hi+h speed adders3 adder
e5pansion3 >i5ed point ultiplication " T/oKs copleent ultiplier3 7oothKs al+orith3
(obinational array ultiplier3 >i5ed point di4ision " ?estorin+3 Non restorin+ al+orith3
(obinational array di4ider3 'i4ision by repeated ultiplication3 >loatin+ point arithetic "
7asic operations3 'i--iculties3 >loatin+ point units3 Addition3 subtraction3 ultiplication3
Unit IV4 Control Desi/n ,:0
,ntroduction3 ulti cycle operation3 ipleentation ethods3 Eard/ired control3 desi+n
ethods3 state tables3 H(' processor3 (lassical ethod3 one hot ethod3 'esi+n e5aple"
t/os copleent ultiplier control3 (PD control unit desi+n.
Unit V4 Mi-ro pro/ra++e. -ontrol ,:0
7asic concepts3 control unit or+ani0ation3 parallelis in icroinstructions3 Microinstruction
addressin+3 tiin+3 (ontrol unit or+ani0ation3 'esi+n e5aple" t/os copleent3 ultiplier
control3 (ontrol -ield encodin+3 encodin+ by -unction3 ultiple icroinstruction -orats.

Unit VI4 Me+ory Or/ani>ation ,'&0
Types o- eory3 Meory systes3 ultile4el3 address translation3 eory allocation3
(aches3 Associati4e eory3 direct appin+3 set associati4e addressin+.
Te@t ?oo8s 4
1. (oputer Architecture and Or+ani0ation " Gohn P Eayes 9MHE: !
&. (oputer Systes Or+ani0ation ; Architecture 8 Gohn '. (arpinelli 9Pearson
1. (oputer Or+ani0ation " Eaacher Waky 9MHE:.
&. http266cse.stan-ord.edu6class6sophoore"colle+e6projects"%%6risc6risccisc69?,S( 4s (,S(:
!. http266///.cpu"/orld.co6sspec6
#. http266///.intel.co6technolo+y6itj6<1&%%16pd-6artX&.pd- 9The Micro architecture o- Pentiu # :
$. http266///.ad.co6us"en6assets6contentXtype6/hiteXpapersXandXtechXdocs6!%$)1XAM'X
ProcessorXE4aluationXHuide!.1.pd- 9AM' Processor Per-orance E4aluation Huide
2e-tures4 5 hrs67ee8 Theory4 '&& +ar8s
Tutorial4' hr67ee8 Ter+ 7or84%* +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To ake the students understand basic concepts o- operatin+ syste.
&. To e5pose the students to 4arious -unctions o- the Operatin+ syste and their usa+e.
!. To +i4e hands on e5posure to Linu5 coands and syste calls.

UIT I2 Overvie7 o; OS 9*:
1.1 Abstract 4ie/ o- an operatin+ syste
1.& >undaental principles o- OS operations
1.! OS interaction /ith the coputer and user pro+ras
1.# E--iciency 3syste per-orance and user ser4ice
1.$ 7atch Processin+ Syste
1.* Multipro+rain+ Syste
1.) The Tie Sharin+ Syste
1.. The ?eal Tie Operatin+ Syste
1.1 'istributed operatin+ syste
1.1% Operation o- OS3 Operatin+ syste /ith onolithic structure
1.11 Firtual achine operatin+ syste
1.1& Iernel based operatin+ syste3 Microkernel based operatin+ syste
UIT II4 Pro-esses, Threa.s an. Syn-hroni>ation 9*:
&.1 Processes and pro+ras
&.& ,pleentin+ processes
&.! Threads
&.# Process synchroni0ation
&.$ ?ace condition3 (ritical Section3 Synchroni0ation approaches
&.* (lassic process synchroni0ation probles
&.) Seaphores3 Monitors
&.. (ase studies o- Process Synchroni0ation
UIT III4 Pro-ess S-he.ulin/ 9*:
!.1 Schedulin+ terinolo+y and concepts
!.& Non preepti4e schedulin+ policies
!.! Preepti4e schedulin+ policies
!.# Lon+3 Mediu and short ter schedulin+
!.$ Per-orance analysis o- schedulin+ Policies
UIT IV4 Dea.lo-8 9*:
#.1 What is deadlock
#.& 'eadlock in resource allocation
#.! Eandlin+ 'eadlocks 2 'eadlock 'etection and ?esolution
#.# 'eadlock pre4ention
#.$ 'eadlock a4oidance
UIT V4 Me+ory Mana/e+ent 9*:
$.1 Mana+in+ the eory hierarchy
$.& Meory allocation to a process
$.! Eeap Mana+eent
$.# (onti+uous Meory Allocation and Non (onti+uous Allocation
$.$ Se+entation and Se+entation /ith pa+in+
$.* Firtual eory basics3 'eand pa+in+
$.) Pa+e replaceent policies
$.. (ontrollin+ eory allocation to a process
UIT VI4 $ile syste+s an. I6O syste+s 9*:
*.1 O4er4ie/ o- -ile processin+
*.& >iles and -ile operations
*.! >undaental -ile or+ani0ations and access ethods
*.# O4er4ie/ o- ,6O syste
*.$ ,6O hard/are3 Application ,6O inter-ace
*.* Iernel ,6O subsyste
*.) Trans-orin+ ,6O re<uest to h6/ operation
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. Operatin+ Systes " A (oncept 7ased approach " 'hananjay M 'hadhere 9TMHE:.
&. Operatin+ Syste (oncepts " Abraha Silberschat03 Peter 7. Hal4in ; Hre+e Ha+ne 9Wiley:
Re;eren-e ?oo8s4
1: Dni5 (oncepts and Applications 8 Sutabha 'as 9TMHE:.
&: Operatin+ Syste 2 (oncepts and 'esi+n " Milan Milenko4ic 9 TMHE:
!: Operatin+ Syste /ith case studies in Dni53 Net/are and Windo/s NT " Achyut S.
Hodbole 9TMHE:.
Ter+ 7or84 The tutorials should be conducted on the -ollo/in+ +uidelines.
1. Si5 assi+nents should be based on theoretical 6 analytical concepts3 pre-erably -ro the
e5ercises o- the books co4erin+ all topics o- the syllabus.
&. >our assi+nents should on usa+e o- Dni5 6 Linu5 coands and syste calls concerned /ith
Heneral purpose utilities3 -ile syste3 handlin+ ordinary -iles3 basic -ile attributes3 the Shell3 the
Process and >ilters usin+ re+ular e5pressions as entioned in the re-erence book at serial no. 1.
These assi+nents should be practically conducted durin+ the tutorial sessions.
2e-tures4 5 hrs67ee8 Theory4 '&& +ar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose the students to basic concepts ; principles o- so-t/are en+ineerin+.
&. To ake the student a/are o- the iportance o- S'L( in their project de4elopent /ork.
!. To e5pose the students to so-t/are testin+ techni<ues and so-t/are <uality ana+eent.
Unit '4 The so;t7are Pro9le+ ,:0
1.1 cost3 schedule ; =uality
1.& Scale and chan+e
1.! So-t/are Processes2 Process ; Project3 (oponent So-t/are Processes3 So-t/are
'e4elopent process Modules3 Project Mana+eent Process.

Unit %4 Re=uire+ents !nalysis < spe-i;i-ation ,*0
&.1 ?e<uireents +atherin+ ; Analysis
&.& So-t/are ?e<uireents Speci-ications
&.! >oral Syste 'e4elopent Techni<ues
Unit 5 4 So;t7are Plannin/ < S-he.ulin/ ,:0
!.1 ?esponsibilities o- So-t/are Project Mana+er
!.& Project Plannin+
!.! Project Schedulin+
!.# Project Sta--in+
!.$ People (MM
!.* ?isk Mana+eent
Unit (4 Desi/n ,:0
#.1 'esi+n (oncepts
#.& >unction Oriented 'esi+n
#.! Object Oriented 'esi+n
#.# 'etail 'esi+n
#.$ Feri-ication
#.* Metrics
Unit *4 < Testin/ ,B0
$.1 (odin+ ; (ode ?e4ie/
$.& Testin+
$.! Dnit Testin+
$.# 7lack 7o5 Testin+
$.$ White 7o5 Testin+
$.* Pro+ra Analysis Tools
$.) ,nte+ration Testin+
$.. Syste Testin+
Unit :4 So;t7are Relia9ility < Auality Mana/e+ent ,:0
*.1 ?eliability
*.& So-t/are =uality
*.! So-t/are =uality Mana+eent Syste
*.# ,SO 1%%%
*.$ SE, capability Maturity Model
*.* Si5 Si+a
*.) A+ile so-t/are 'e4elopent ; E5tree Pro+rain+
*.. A+ile Project Mana+eent
Te@t ?oo8s4)
1: So-t/are En+ineerin+ 2 A precise Approach " Pankaj Galote 9Wiley ,ndia: 9Dnit 13 #:.
&: >undaentals o- So-t/are En+ineerin+ " ?apit Mall 9!
Edition:9 PE,: 9Dnit &3 $3 *:.
!: So-t/are En+ineerin+ by Gan Soer4ille 91
Edition: Pearson 9Dnit *3 ) ; *..:.
#: So-t/are En+ineerin+ Principles ; Practices by ?ohit Ihurana ,TLESL 9&
Edition: Fikas
Publishin+ Eouse P4t. Ltd. 9Dnit !:.
1: So-t/are En+ineerin+ " (oncepts ; Practices "" D+rasen Suan 9(ena+e Learnin+:
&: So-t/are En+ineerin+ >undaentals "" 7eh-oroo0 ; Eudson 9O5-ord 2 ,ndian Edition 1
2e-tures4 % hrs67ee8 Ter+ #or84 *& Mar8s
Pra-ti-al4 ( hrs67ee8 POE4 *& Mar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose the students to concepts o- object oriented paradi+.
&. To ake the students understand the use o- the pro+rain+ constructs o- (AA.
!. To +i4e hands on e5posure to de4elop applications based on concepts o- 'iscrete Matheatical
Structures and 'ata Structures usin+ Object"Oriented approach.
Unit '4 $un.a+entals o; O9je-t Oriente. Pro/ra++in/ 9$:
!n Overvie7 o; CGG ) The Ori+ins o- (AA3 Encapsulation3 Polyorphis3 ,nheritance3
>unction O4erloadin+3 Operator O4erloadin+3 (onstructors ; 'estructors3 (AA key /ords.
Classes< O9je-ts ) ?elation o- (lasses3 Structures ; Dnion3 >riend >unctions3 >riend
(lasses3 ,nline >unctions3 Paraeteri0ed constructors3 Static class ebers3 Scope resolution
operators3 Passin+ objects to -unctions3 nested classes3 and local classes.
Unit %4 !rrays < Pointers 9!:
Arrays o- objects3 Pointers to objects3 Type checkin+ (AA Pointers3 This Pointer3 Pointers to
deri4ed types3 Pointers to class ebers3 'ynaic allocation operators" ne/ ; delete
Unit 54 Inheritan-e 9!:
Sin+le ,nheritance3 Multile4el ,nheritance3 Multiple ,nheritances3 Eybrid ,nheritance3
Eierarchical ,nheritance3 Firtual base classes.
Unit (4 Poly+orphis+ 9!: " >unction o4erloadin+3 O4erloadin+ constructor -unction3 copy constructors3
Operator o4erloadin+ usin+ -riend -unction3 O4erloadin+ ne/ ; delete operators3 o4erloadin+
soe special operators like YZ39:3"T3(oa operator.
Virtual $un-tions" Pure 4irtual -unction3 callin+ 4irtual -unction throu+h a base class3 Abstract
classes3 Early 4s Late bindin+.
$ile an. Strea+s4 Streas3 Strin+ ,6O3 (haracter ,6O3 Object ,6O3 ,6O /ith ultiple objects3
>ile pointers and redirections. (AA streas3 (AA strea classes3 ?TT,3 Naespace
-undaentals3 STL containers3 STL al+oriths3 STL iterators. 9#:
Unit*4 Te+plates < E@-eption 3an.lin/4 9*:
Te+plates " Heneric classes3 Heneric -unctions3 Applyin+ +eneric -unctions3 type nae
;e5port key/ord3 po/er o- teplates.
E@-eption 3an.lin/ 8 >undaentals3 Eandlin+ deri4ed class e5ceptions3 e5ception handlin+
options2 catchin+3 thro/in+ ; handlin+ o- the e5ception.
Te@t ?oo8s4
1. The (oplete ?e-erence2 (AA " Eerbert Schildt 9TMHE: >ourth Edition
&. Object"Oriented Pro+rain+ in (AA " ?ajesh I. Shukla 9Wiley: ,ndia Edition
Re;eren-e ?oo8s4
1. Object Oriented Pro+rain+ in Turbo (AA " ?obert La-ore 9Hal+otia:
&. Object Oriented Pro+rain+ /ith (AA " Soura4 Sahay 9O5-ord: Second Edition
Ter+ 7or84
,t should coprise o- iniu 1# e5perients. Students o- di--erent batches should ipleent
di--erent pro+ras based on the -ollo/in+ +uidelines in DN,B 6 Linu5 plat-or.
,!0 : assi/n+ents should consist o- ipleentin+ ALL -ollo/in+ concepts"
(onstructor3 'estructor3 >unction o4erloadin+3 (onstructor o4erloadin+3 Operator o4erloadin+3
Multiple inheritance3 Multile4el inheritance3 Static 4ariables3 >unction in class3 Firtual
-unction3 Firtual class3 Firtual destructor3 >unction teplate3 >riend class and -unction3 >ile
handlin+3 Teplates3 STL
,?0 ( assi/n+ents on ipleentin+ object oriented pro+ras -or the probles o- 'iscrete
Matheatical Structure o- SE",9(SE:3 like 8
1. ?epresentin+ a Set in bit -or and ipleentin+ the set operation like"Dnion3 ,ntersection3
?elati4e (opleent3 syetric di--erence etc.
&. (on4ersion o- Polish e5pressions.
!. Obtainin+ path atri5 and paths o- di--erent len+ths.
#. E4aluatin+ polynoial e5pression 9PE: usin+ linked list and per-orin+ operations on PE like
Multiplication3 addition subtraction3 etc.
$. (heck dead lock -or any +i4en resource allocation +raph.
,C0 ( assi/n+ents on ipleentin+ the data structures like"
1. ,pleent sortin+ 6searchin+ al+oriths usin+ -unction teplate and 4irtual -unction.
&. ,pleent stack 6 <ueue usin+ class teplate.
!. ,pleent 767 AA tree and per-orin+ operation on the tree usin+ object oriented concepts.
#. (reate a linked list as an object. Per-or er+in+ o- t/o objects 9linked lists: and splittin+ o-
object. 9Dse operator o4erloadin+:.
$. ,pleent hashin+ and rehashin+ 9considerin+ occurrence o- o4er-lo/:.
Pra-ti-al4 % hrs67ee8 Ter+ #or84 %* Mar8s
Oral E@a+4 *& Mar8s
Course O9je-tives4
1. To e5pose the students to use the en+ineerin+ approach to sol4e the real tie probles.
&. To learn the skills o- tea buildin+ ; tea /ork.
!. To de4elop the lo+ical skills and use o- appropriate data structures -or sol4in+ the en+ineerin+
probles and pu00les.
Plat;or+s4 >ree and Open source so-t/ares.
The ini project should be undertaken pre-erably by a +roup o- !"# students /ho /ill jointly /ork
and ipleent the project. The ini project ust be based upon the proble stateents as that o-
pro+rain+ contest 9Ad4anced (oputin+ Machines 8 ,nter"(olle+iate Pro+rain+ (ontest 2
A(M",(P(:. The probles can be re-erred -ro the /eb links concerned /ith A(M",(P(. The +roup
/ill select a proble /ith the appro4al o- the +uide and prepare the solution +uidelines -or its
ipleentation. The sae should be put in the -or o- synopsis 9! to $ pa+es:3 statin+ the usa+e o-
lo+ic3 al+oriths and suitable data structures necessary -or ipleentation o- the solution. >urther the
+roup is e5pected to coplete analysis o- proble by e5ainin+ the possible di--erent inputs to the
syste and the correspondin+ outputs. The ter /ork subission is to be done in the -or o- a report
containin+ the details o- the proble3 solution techni<ues3 ipleentation details3 input"output
scenarios and the conclusion. The project ust be ipleented in (6(AA. Hraphics is optional -or
Ter+ #or8 !ssess+ent4
The ter /ork assessent /ill be done jointly t/ice in a seester by a panel o- teachers appointed
by the departent. The ter arks distribution should be as -ollo/in+.
'0 Mid Ter assessent " 5 marks.
%0 End ter assessent " 5 marks.
50 >inal Per-orance e4aluation is to be done by +uide " 15 marks
E@ternal Oral E@a+4
The e5ternal oral e5aination /ill be conducted by the e5ainers appointed by the Dni4ersity.
E=uivalent su9je-ts at SE ,CSE0 1 I < II Pre)revise. -ourse to the Revise. -ourse o;
S. E. ,CSE0 Se+ )III < IV.
SE ,CSE0 Part 1 I SE ,CSE0 1I ,Pre)Revise.0 E=uivalent 6 Repla-e+ent su9je-t
1 Applied Matheatics Applied Matheatics o- SE 9(SE: Se",,, 9?e4:
& 'iscrete Matheatical
'iscrete Matheatical Structures o- S.E9(SE:
Se",,, 9?e4ised:
! 'ata Structures 'ata Structures o- S.E9(SE: Se",,, 9?e4ised:
# (oputer Net/orks", 'ata (ounication o- SE 9(SE: Se",,, 9?e4:
$ 'i+ital Systes ; MicroprocessorsMicroprocessors o- S.E.9(SE: Se",,, 9?e4ised:
* Pro+rain+ Lab", Pro+rain+ Lab", o- S.E9(SE: Se",,, 9?e4ised:
S.E. ,CSE0 Part 1 II SE ,CSE0 1I ,Pre)Revise.0 E=uivalent 6 Repla-e+ent su9je-t
1 Autoata Theory Autoata Theory o- S.E 9(SE: Se",,, 9?e4ised:
& (oputer Net/orks",, (oputer Net/orks o- S.E9(SE: Se 8 ,F 9?e4ised:
! (oputer Or+ani0ation (oputer Or+anisation o- SE 9(SE: Se 8 ,F 9?e4ised:
# Ad4anced Microprocessors Ad4anced Microprocessors
$ So-t/are En+ineerin+ So-t/are En+ineerin+ o- S.E.9(SE: Se",F
* Pro+rain+ Lab",, Pro+rain+ Lab",, o- S.E9(SE: Se",F
!.van-e. Mi-ropro-essors
Lectures 2 # hrs 6 /eek Theory 2 1%% arks
Se-tion 1 I
1. The Processors2 .%.* 8Architectures3 pin 'ia+ras and Tiin+ 'ia+ras2
?e+ister or+ani0ation o- .%.*3Architecture3Si+nal descriptions o- .%.*3Physical eory or+ani0ation3
Heneral bus operation3 ,6O addressin+ capability3 Special Processor acti4ities3 Miniu ode .%.*
Syste and tiin+s3 Ma5iu ode .%.* Syste and tiin+s. 9$:
&. .%.* ,nstruction Set and Assebler 'irecti4es2 Machine lan+ua+e ,nstruction >orats3 Addressin+
odes .%.*3 ,nstruction set o- .%.*3 assebler directi4es and operators. 9&:
!. Special Architectural >eatures and ?elated Pro+rain+2 ,ntroduction to stack3 Stack structure o-
.%.*3 ,nterrupts and interrupt ser4ice routines3 ,nterrupts cycle o- .%.*3 Non ask"able interrupt3
Mask"able interrupt9,NT?:. 9$:
#. .%&.*".%&.) "" A Microprocessor /ith Meory Mana+eent and Protection2 Salient -eatures o-
.%&.*3 ,nternal Architecture o- .%&.*3 Si+nal description o- .%&.*3 ?eal addressin+ odes3 Protected
4irtual address ode 9PFAM:3 Pri4ile+e3 Protection. 9$:
$. ,nterrupts and The .%!.* Microprocessor 2 7asic ,nterrupt Processin+3 Eard/are ,nterruptN
The.%!.* Microprocessor2 The eory Syste N Special .%!.* ?e+istersN .%!.* Meory
Mana+eent 2 Firtual .%.* Mode 3 The Meory Pa+in+ Mechanis 9*:
*. ?ecent Ad4ances in icroprocessor ArchitecturesVA Gourney -ro Pentiu On/ards2 Salient
-eatures o- .%$.*9Pentiu:3 A -e/ rele4ant concepts o- coputer architecture3 syste architecture3
7ranch prediction3 Enhanced instruction set o- Pentiu3 What is MMBP3 ,ntel MMB Architecture3
MMB data type3 Salient points about ultiedia application pro+rain+3 Gourney o- Pentiu"Pro
and Pentiu" ,,3 Pentiu",,, 9P",,,:"""The (PD o- the ne5t illenniu.
). Pentiu 3 Pentiu Pro and Pentiu # Microprocessor 2 The Pentiu Microprocessor 2 The Meory
SysteN Special Pentiu ?e+istersN Pentiu Meory Mana+eentN The Pentiu Pro Microprocessor
2 ,nternal structure o- the Pentiu ProN The Pentiu #3 Meory ,nter-ace3 ?e+ister Set3 Eyper
Threadin+ Technolo+y (PD,' 9#:
Te@t 9oo84)
1. Ad4anced Microprocessors And Peripherals "" A.I.?oy3 I.M.7hurchandi 9TMHE: &
Re;eren-e 9oo8s4)
1. Microprocessors and ,nter-acin+ "" 'ou+las F Eall 9TMHE:?e4ised &nd Edition.
&. The ,NTEL Microprocessors " Architecture 3Pro+rain+ and ,nter-acin+ " 7arry 7. 7rey
Se4enth Edition 9PE, Ltd:
!. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers " N. Senthi Iuar3 M. Sara4anan and S. Gee4ananthan
9O5-ord Dni4ersity Press:.