Today Businesses and business communication is changing.

Many businesses are using
business communication tools to help their employees meet the company objectives, to provide
an advancements in technology and globalization of services Some of these tools just to names a
few are technology, electronic tools, teamwork, and socialnetworking. Business
communication tools design to provide employees and companies a needed understand of an
outreach to dealing with social medial.
!n technology, many companies are embracing all forms, to increase productive and save
money. "ith this approach at hand, they are leaving no stones unturned. The company can view
technology from a just a click of a button, by !nternet, email, broadcasting, and podcast. This is
a fast growing trend in how communication is growing in the business sectors.
#ccording to $%ocker &ienzler eight edition,' almost all office employees should know
how to navigate through the web and to use word processing, email, spreadsheet, database, ad
presentation software.
#t Bearing(oint management and consultant, operate under three industry business units
(ublic Services, )ommercial Services, and *inancial Services. The job in business
communication plays a daytoday role in technology of email, spreadsheet, database,
presentation software, system for forecasting reports, venders, and employees+ checks, budgets
payroll commissions and bonuses. Many of the emails come inform of customers and
employees, dealing with complaints, turnaround time, follows, payouts, etc. &nowing how to
handle those tasks is very important to the customers, creditors, shareholders investors and
others. Because the audience is a so diversify, the company manage to be successful,
understanding it must use it brains and commitment to operation all hands and muscles of every
worker. This helps Bearing(oint to maintain and stay force on the business at all times.
Bearing(oint remains aware of other sources of diversity beyond those of gender and race, age,
religion, class, regional differences, se,ual orientation, and physical disabilities. This has given
the company an upper edge in helping each worker to reach his or her potential re-uirements,
giving them more fle,ibility, starting from management knowledge about intercultural
Some of the electronic tools used in the company are (eopleSoft, Time, for )onvergys
system used for tracking emails and calls.
The company spends much time doing surveys. focus on communication, and customer
satisfaction, in the workplace. This is done from email, calls, data entry, account bill pay, etc.,
using a system call )onvergys and with (eopleSoft. To ensure, prompt response, and resolution
of employee payrollrelated issuers as well as customers. /sing various programs and
applications to research and resolve issue. !nteraction with other departments and management
levels is also re-uired to complete tasks. #s a payroll client support we retrieve in-uiries from
)onvergys throughout the day.
Some of the electronic tools used in the company are (eopleSoft, Time, used for tracking
employee time and accruals. 0eltek %abor #dministration, )onvergys system used for tracking
emails and calls. !nternet uses and broadcasting are other tools used. The company mission is
to clear state and see how globalization along with technology enables the company to stay
forces on their client+s needs. By offering, low cost to high returns to its customers, creditors,
investors, shareholders, etc. as well as stand above an intensely completive market.
1ne of the current business communication trends Bearing(oint have e,perience in the
last few years is forecast communications, use in relating to business endusers. They are using a
targeted marketing of telecom operators+ future products and services. 2esearch focused on five
national markets 3*rance, /nited &ingdom, Spain, (oland, and Belgium4 and included
companies of allsized across a spread of industries and sectors within each country 35enri
Tcheng, 67884
The company has entered a businesstobusiness telecommunications market that has
seen a host of new players entering new segments. These include a range of different third
parties broadcasters, manufacturers, software manufacturers. content providers, 3M9:1s4
Mobile 9irtual :etwork 1perators and 3!S(s4 !nternational Specialty (roducts 3)onway,
Minogue, ; Spohr, 67884.
The new trends have and will continue to build a voice thought out globalization and
outsourcing. Many companies are operating offices and factories around the world. #ccording
to $%ocker &ienzler eight edition,' outsourcing means going outside the company for products
and services that once was produced by the employee of the company.
These trends are some of the most popular workplace devices that improve productivity
3%ocker ; &ienzler, 677<4. Socialnetworking sites like MySpace, *acebook, and Twitter are
becoming very popular networking sites for business. $These networking sites allow users to
post a profile, blog, or useful links which allows workers to interact on a more personal level and
allows them to share client information' 3%ocker ; &ienzler, 677<, p. 8=4.
The message that Bearing(oint send out to the audience is positive, a willingness to do
business through all channels and trends, an operation to build credibility for it company,
customers, shareholders, creditors, investors, employees, and others. 5owever, Bearing(oint
determine to do business in communication with their business partners hold the key to their
The company is gear to focusing on -uality and customers need while keeping
communication, satisfaction, and customer service number one. #s a team they work together to
ensure strengths and talents are spread evenly throughout the business. They are building
communication and bridges by one voice and one step at a time.
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