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For over four decades, Lovely Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd., has built a reputation as a leading printer
in the country. Our extensive background in graphic design and printing means that we have the
skills and wisdom to transform our clients’ creative ideas into compelling printed materials from
books, diaries, wedding cards to brochures, newsletters and stationery. We provide high-end total
print solutions to all our clients.
\ At Lovely Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd., our focus is on producing excellent results that meet and
exceed our customers’ expectations. We use only the top quality materials and state-of-the-art
equipments, including large and small format Mistubishi, Heidelberg presses & Creo CTP, in
pre-press. Our highly-trained professional staff uses the latest technology to ensure that every job
is completed according to specifications, on time and with unfailing attention to quality control
at every point of production. At Lovely Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd., we strive to the fact that, with
the production of your books and professional materials, we are answerable for your prestige and
standing in the industry. Hence, every bit of effort goes into making the product comparable to
world class standard.

v Exports
The countries are
 Australia
 Africa
o Burundi
o Cameroon
o Conakry
o Eritrea
o Ghana
o Kenya
o Malawi
o Mauritania
o Mozambique
o South Africa
o Uganda
 Europe
 Fareast
 Maldives
 Mauritius
 Russia
 Srilanka
 UK
 USA & Canada

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and are the most reliable.

Enabling our customers to enjoy the highest print quality and productivity, both today and tomorrow.

Develop successful customer relationships Use what we learn to make us better.


The pre-press facility at Lovely Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd., is equipped with high-end equipments
and licensed softwares to meet the client’s needs. The highly trained designing and pre-press
team ensures that your job is processed to get the best results and is committed to perfection.

Scanning is done on Colour & Designing correction are made with a wide range of Power Macs
and PC Workstations.

Digital proofs on high-tech Epson Stylus Pro 9600 printer is provided to the client to benefit a
glimpse of the colours that is very nearest to final machine printed output.

ovely Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd., has the state-of-a\rt printing machines from Mitsubishi,
Heidelberg and Komori. Our SM-102/8 can print either 8 colours are 4/4 colours in a single pass.
Upto 4 colours plus an inline Coating in a single pass is possible with our Mitusbishi Diamond
3000LS-4 with inline coater. Our printing machines are also equipped with auto-plate changers
and are CIP4 enabled. The precision and automation enabled by the above features make for
quick make-readies and fast turn-around time. Our highly trained and experienced press crew
handle demanding jobs with utmost care and professionalism.
Post press
Post-press operations are an important and integral part of the job. Proper finishing to a well-
printed job makes a good job great job. We have one of the finest binding units in the country
that is capable of handling any type of binding. We bind your books, whether it is saddle stitched
or perfect bound or hard bound, with ease on our sophisticated machinery. A complete hard
cover book line with a Horauf case maker, a Kolbus book block preparation unit and a Muller
Martini Casing-in line can produce upto 50,000 books a day. The binding unit is well supported
by 6 folding machines, Muller Martini Ventura Sewing machine and three knife trimmers. Our
Acoro A5 perfect binder can produce upto 100,000 soft cover, perfect bound books a day

We manufacture Diaries, Calendars, Greeting cards and Wedding Invitations under our own
brand 'Lovely Cards'. These products are marketed throughout India and abroad through a
franchisee and dealer network.

We also execute customized assignments for a host of corporate clients, advertising agencies,
publishers and retail houses across the globe, delivering everything from design to print under
one roof.

The corporate sector is emerging as a critical player in India's development process. Given this
scenario we understood we had to live up to new expectations from society, one of which relates
to the impact of our activity on the environment.

Environmental implications of India's industrialization process indicates that pollution has been
rising steadily with, and often faster than, the growth in the industrial production.

Business and the environment, traditionally seen as divergent issues, are steadily coming closer
driven by the rising scale and intensity of environmental pressures and society's changing
expectations. This convergence of business and concerns about sustainable development has led
to changes in our response to environmental pressures.

Realizing the increasing complexities facing the environment, we have begun to recognise our
responsibility towards it. In recent years we have installed two wind turbines,planted several
hundred trees and taken a number of bold and visible steps to integrate sustainability
elements into our overall corporate strategy.

With a focused insight on our expanding role in encompassing environmental responsibilities
towards sustainable industrial development in India, we will strive to be a responsible