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Nothing To Do, Only Believe – Joseph Prince

John 6:28–29
28… “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?”
29Jesus answered and sad to them, “!hs s the work of God,
that you "ele#e n $m whom $e sent%”
When I was a young Christian, I attended a seminar on what we must do to
“work the works of God”. I was told that we had to pray more, fast more, know
our enemy and so on. I came away from the seminar confused. Then one day,
I found the same question in the i!le. ut the answer was "ery different#
In the Gospel of $ohn, we find $esus !eing asked the same question !y the
multitude who had !een awed !y %is miracles & “What shall we do, that we
may work the works of God'” The people had seen $esus healing the sick, and
feeding (,))) men with only fi"e loa"es and two fish.
*otice how $esus answered them+ “This is the work of God, that you !elie"e in
%im whom %e sent.” ,y friend, the greatest doing is !elie"ing & !elie"ing in
$esus the sent one, who has done it all for you at the cross#
If you are asking, “What must I do to recei"e my healing'” the answer is this+
elie"e in $esus, who “%imself took our infirmities and !ore our sicknesses”.
-,atthew .+/01 We ha"e seen mem!ers of our church deli"ered from life2
threatening conditions such as cancer and kidney failure. They had simply
!elie"ed that $esus !ore their diseases on %is own !ody. There was nothing
for them to do, e3cept to !elie"e.
When the 4ailer asked 5aul and 6ilas, “6irs, what must I do to !e sa"ed'” they
said, “elie"e on the 7ord $esus Christ, and you will !e sa"ed, you and your
household.” -8cts /9+:);:/1 The greatest miracle in your life happens not !y
you working and trying to sa"e yourself, !ut !y you simply !elie"ing in $esus
who died to sa"e you from eternal damnation and to gi"e you eternal life. Why
then, should the lesser miracles of healing or financial !reakthroughs !e any
elo"ed, what is the miracle you need today' There is nothing left for you to
do, !ut e"erything for you to believe, !ecause $esus has done it all for you#