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DVD ISO Ripping Instructions

Step 1
Download and install DVD Decrypter (Freeware) from here.
Step 2
Open DVD Decrypter and put in a DVD. For this guide, Im using the Volume ! R" Slam Dun#
DVD. It doesnt really matter what region your DVD is from. $eres what your screen should loo#
li#e now.
Step 3
Set %ode to ISO Read.
O#ay, so were almost there. &y default, DVD Decrypter is set to 'File( %ode, so well need to set
it to ISO Read %ode to rip an ISO here. Its really simple. )ust go to '%ode( * 'ISO( * 'Read(
+fter doing this, your DVD Decrypter should now loo# li#e this...
(Optional Step before Step 4)
,hoose the destination folder and filename for your DVD ISO image.
-o the right of where it says 'Destination( in the main window, you should see a small little folder
icon. ,lic# on that and then choose where youd li#e sa.e to your ISO image and what youd li#e to
name it. /lease refer to the picture 0elow if youre confused a0out where the folder icon is.
Step 4
Rip the DVD to ISO.
O#ay, so this is really easy. Do you see the 'DVD disc to $DD( icon10utton2 -he one 0elow the
'Destination( information. 3eah, that one. ,lic# it.
+ll right. So after you clic# that icon10utton, your screen should loo# li#e the picture 0elow.
4ow, you need to wait a 0it while your computer rips and ma#es you a DVD ISO file. +fter that is
done, your screen should now loo# li#e this.
+ll right, so you ha.e now successfully ripped a DVD ISO and ha.e it sa.ed to your hard dri.e.
3ou can see that the image I got was sa.ed to ',56( as 'S7+%D849!.ISO(. -here is one more
step we would need you to complete 0efore uploading it to us though. Dont worry. Its really easy.
Step 5
O#ay, so the last step is getting the ,R, for our newly made DVD image file and inserting it into
the file name.
Download, install, and the open Rapid,R,.
:hen you open Rapid,R,, you should get a screen that loo#s li#e this...
O#ay, so do you remem0er where you sa.ed your DVD ISO image file2 Open up that directory and
drag the image file you made into the 0ig white 0o; part of the window a0o.e and you will get a
screen li#e this...
+ll right, so do you see how the green 0ar in the 0ottom of the window in the picture a0o.e is
starting to fill up now2 :ait and let it fill all the way up and youll get a screen li#e the one in the
picture 0elow.
+nd for the final step, so do you see where '/ut ,R, into Filename( is written2 &eside that is a
'<o( 0utton. ,lic# that. If you ha.e any issues, refer to the picture 0elow.
+nd thats it. 3our file will now ha.e the ,R, put into its filename (In this case,
'S7+%D849!.ISO( 0ecomes 'S7+%D849! =,>>?&@A@B.ISO(), which will help us confirm
that data is intact when it is transferred. )ust in case you were wondering, your Rapid,R, should
now loo# li#e the picture 0elow.
:ell... thats that. -han#s for readingC