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Exercise 38 Directions: Underline the verbs in the following sentences and give their tense. Example: present Mike eats lots of cereal. __________________ 1. Jerry walks to school each morning. __________________ 2. I will vacuum the rug later. __________________ 3. My mother has worked there for two years. __________________ 4. We decided to go to the basketball game. __________________ 5. The class chose James as their mascot. __________________ 6. My parents have already left for New York. __________________ 7. Dave eats lunch in the cafeteria at noon. __________________ 8. My brother plays in the park every Sunday. __________________ 9. Bob will give you my address later. __________________ 10. She had shopped yesterday.

The Irregular Verb Be The verb be is a state-of-being verb discussed in unit 1. It builds passive voice and the progressive form of the verb. Principal Parts: am, was, been

Conjugation of the Verb Be
Present Tense I am You are He is Past Tense I was You were He was we were you were they were we are you are they are

Future Tense I will be You will be He will be Present Perfect Tense I have been You have been He has been Past Perfect Tense I had been You had been He had been Future Perfect Tense I will have been You will have been He will have been we will have been you will have been they will have been we had been you had been they had been we have been you have been they have been we will be you will be they will be

Progressive Form of the Verb
The progressive form expresses continuous action. To form the progressive form, adding –ing to the first principal part of the verb and a form of the irregular verb. The irregular verb gives the tense. Give + ing + irregular verb is = is giving Gave + ing + irregular verb was = was giving Will give + ing + irregular verb be = will be going

I worked yesterday. Kelly plays softball. Bob will be leaving soon.

I was working yesterday. (past, active, intransitive) Kelly is playing softball. Bob is leaving soon. (present, active , transitive) (present, active, intransitive)

Conjugating the Progressive Form of the Verb
Present Progressive Tense I am writing You are writing He is writing Past Progressive Tense I was writing You were writing He was writing Future Progressive Tense I will be writing You will be writing He will be writing Present Perfect Progressive Tense I have been writing You had been writing He had been writing Future Perfect Progressive Tense I will have been writing You will have been writing He will have been writing we will have been writing you will have been writing they will have been writing we have been writing you had been writing they had been writing we will be writing you will be writing they will be writing we were writing you were writing they were writing we are writing you are writing they are writing

Note: This verb is seldom used in the future perfect tense; it is generally used in the present or past tens Exercise 39 Directions: Change the following verbs to the progressive form. Do not change person or tense. Example: eats is eating 1. 2. Found

3. Will give 4. Chose 5. Has written 6. Choose 7. Sings 8. Had spoken 9. Speaks 10.Spoke 11.Will lead 12.Wrote 13.Saw 14.Has sent 15.Had risen 16.Blew 17.Enjoyed 18.Has seen 19.Will have torn 20.Tore 21.Goes 22.Jogs 23.Had studied 24.Has torn 25.Will have torn 26.Burns 27.Has enjoyed

Exercise 40 Directions: Underline the verbs in the following sentences. Change the progressive form of the verb to the regular form. Do not change person or tense. Example: Jerry was writing a letter 1. Jill is working for my father. 2. The birds were flying overhead. 3. Sarah will be giving her report tomorrow. 4. Sean has been playing football for the past three years. _______________________________ 5. Cindy is writing the music for the show. _______________________________ 6. My brother was enjoying the play. 7. The boys were riding their bicycles. 8. She has been singing in the choir all year. 9. John will be entering college in the fall. 10.Tom is studying chemistry. 11.My cousin will be playing the saxophone. 12.My friend and I have been skiing. 13.James will be sending his final report card to his mother. _______________________________ 14.We were eating lunch early. 15.Jesse has been contacting his lawyer. 16.I will be learning to sew. 17.We were planning a trip to Africa. 18.Mother will soon be preparing dinner. 19.His father was painting the house. 20.They were going to the game. Exercise 41 Directions: Add a verb to make the irregular verb progressive. Example: had been taking 1. 2. Will be 3. Has been 4. Is _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ wrote _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________

5. Were 6. Had been 7. Am 8. Was 9. Could be 10.Should be 11.Must be

Exercise 42 Directions: On a separate piece of paper, write original sentences using the given verb, but change the form to progressive. Do not change the tense. Example: break The chair is breaking under his weight. 1. 2. Write 3. Has written 4. Will take 5. Had found 6. Has shown 7. Returned 8. Ride 9. Will turn 10.Has painted 11.Had eaten 12.Gives 13.Played 14.Sees 15.Will wash 16.Flew 17.Types 18.Has cleaned 19.Have enjoyed 20.Had bought 21.took

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