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The Rabbinic Sages Redemption will Come when Jews (and Lost Ten Tribe

Israel) Willingly Come in Repentance

Freedom of Religion for the Jewish People Part Two

Jewish and Israelite Repentance
At the beginning of the 21
century, in the year of 2000, the world was awash with the
purported world crisis of Y2K. What was believed to be the impending collapse of the
cyber-computer world as we knew it to be would disappear from our lives suddenly
appeared not to be. It appeared to be a bummer yet when it seemed that nothing really
happened, we realized that suddenly on that day, the computer electronic world
consolidated itself and every bank and nation in the governing gentile nations of the
world. We were suddenly intertwined and linked permanently together. In the
transformation of the blink of the eye, the world was suddenly united. For those linked
together, they became the matrix of the One World Order that rose upon the
international landscape like a towering monolith.
Today, after 13 years, we were now standing in the cusp of a future world alliance that
has increasingly set its sights and focus on the progressively anti-Semitic rhetoric of
calling for the annihilation of the State of Israel, and the elimination of the Jewish
people. Yet along with prophetic trends of the world turning against Jerusalem, a new
global trend was also building in the belief that there will be a future day of redemption
that will be heralded and shaped by the Jewish messiahs.
Here then, we begin to comprehend that this is not a new phenomenon but an ever
progressive recycling of an ancient tradition that at the end of days, the G-d of Israel
will plant His Two Messiahs called the Trein Mesheecheen. They will prepare the
Jewish people and the returning Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel for the final days
before Planet Earth when they will be redeemed from the powers of darkness
enveloping Planet Earth, led by HaSatan; the Accuser.
At that time, Jerusalem, defended by the stalwart patriots of Israel will have completed
their fifty year Jubilee of ownership and control of the all Jerusalem (1967-2017), as
predicted 16 Jubilees earlier, 800 years ago, by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, in the Jubilee
year of his death in 1217 CE; Jerusalem will once again come back into the possession
of the Jewish nation which will signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.
Rabbi Judah ben Samuel - When the Ottomans (Turks) who were already a power to
be reckoned with on the Bosporus in the time of Judah Ben Samuel conquer Jerusalem
they will rule over Jerusalem for eight jubilees. Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-
mans land for one jubilee, and then in the ninth jubilee it will once again come back
into the possession of the Jewish nation which would signify the beginning of the
Messianic end time.
The Jewish concept of the Trein Mesheecheen (Twin Messiahs) is not a new concept in
Jewish Orthodoxy, but one that is historically linked to its beginning during the last
days of the Temple of Herod era. This was when the Jewish Davidian patriots were
trying to reestablish the dynastic lineage of Kings David and Solomon again upon the
throne of King Herod the Great, who had usurped the throne by capturing Jerusalem
with the military assistance of Ancient Rome. It was King Herod, who toppled the
throne last of the Hasmonean ruler, Queen Alexandra II, captured her and kept her as a
political prisoner for the rest of her life incarcerated in the Palace of King Herod the
Great in Judea.
The revolt of the Jews with the Zealots continued to grow stronger but in the end, it led
to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple that was recognized to be the
largest and most opulent temple in the Roman Empire. All hope appeared to be gone.
The Essenes whose geo-political role was to preserve the dynastic lineage of Kings David
and Solomon disappeared from mists of history, yet the hope of the restoration of the
throne of King David, continued to rise and fall over the next two thousand years as
documented in the Jerry Rabows book titled, 50 Jewish Messiahs who sought to
claim again that era of glory when the majesty of G-d and His Shkhinah rested daily
upon His Temple in Jerusalem with great and powerful manifestations of miracles.
It took the destruction of Jerusalem and its glorious Temple of King Herod, to resurrect
within the hearts of the Jewish sages, the guardians of the Oral Torah, to begin
rethinking about what were to become the fulfilling events that would transport this
world into the final seven years before the final redemption of this earth; this time
united under one of King David and Solomons descendants; David son of David.
To understand this history is paramount to any understanding of the final redemption,
for it was the Jewish rabbanim who had the primary documents preserved in Hebrew of
the ancient prophetic texts, that were later worked-over and corrupted by the Roman
Christian historical revisionists in the 4
century CE and later the Islamic redactionists
in the Ha-diths of their Prophet Mohammed in the 7
century. Yet for almost two
thousand years, the Jewish people have weekly prayed the fourteenth blessing of the
Shemoneh Esreh (Eighteen Blessings) which states:

The Jewish Soldier in Prayer and Repentance to G-d on the Battlefront
Blessing of the Shemoneh Esreh O [return and] dwell again within Jerusalem
Your city as You promised. And speedily reestablish the throne of David Your servant
in its midst. Rebuild it as an eternal edifice, speedily, in our days. Blessed are You,
HaShem Builder of Jerusalem.
In the Talmudic section called the Sanhedrin 97b, we can document one of the great
disputes between two of the illustrious rabbis who lives arose out of the ashes of the pyre
of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple of Herod in 70 CE. They were close
friends, yet represented two different schools of halakhic understanding that reigned
supreme in Judaism from the 1
century BCE to the fall of Jerusalem; Beit Hillel or the
rabbinic yeshiva of Hillel the Great and Beit Shammai, the rabbinic yeshiva of Shammai
the Great.
The ancient Jewish rabbis have spoken adequately on this subject when they have
declared at the time of the end two possible redemption scenarios will unfold. The first
redemption scenario is that at the end of days, redemption will come very speedily but it
will be predicated upon one condition; that Israel, that is Klal Yisrael which includes
the Jews of the House of Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel will
return in teshuvah (willingly and of their own free will). If they will, they will be
It was Rav Saadyah ben Yosef Gaon who was born in Egypt about the year of 882 CE
and died in Baghdad in 942 CE who became a very prominent rabbi, Jewish philosopher
and exegete of the Geonic period of Jewish history. He was also the first rabbi to write
extensively in Arabic, and today is considered the founder of the Judeo-Arabic
literature. Rav Saadyah Gaon wrote in the Emunot VeDeyot 8:2 the following:
Rav Saadyah Gaon We believe that HaShem has established two possible types of
ends to our exile, one through teshuvah and the other a fixed-time [beyond which the
concealment of His providence will not extend.]
The first potential redemption is called ahishena which will be represented by the
Maschiach ben Dovid (Messiah son of David) which means through G-ds words, that I
will accelerate it (redemption) speedily. Yet there are predications that must exist for
this swift redemption to occur.
This redemption will come speedily to the Jews if they return in covenant to HaShem,
the G-d of Israel on their own will. In other words, the G-d of Israel is waiting for the
Jewish people in Israel to take spiritual leadership to reclaim not only Jerusalem, but all
the Land of Israel including the mountains of Israel or what is called the West Bank
which the international world disputes today yet truly belongs to the Jewish people and
the sovereign State of Israel.
The Saadyah Gaon also implied that this was not limited to the Jews but to Israel
which also carries the meaning Klal Yisrael or All Israel. This includes not just the
Jewish people of the House of Judah living in the Land of Israel and the Diaspora but
also the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel that were exiled due to their
rebelliousness against HaShem, the G-d of Israel 3,700 years ago.
According to the Prophet Ezekiel and his prophesy in Ezekiel 36, the Lost Ten Tribes of
the House of Israel will not be redeemed because they are genetic Israelites, nor because
they have honored G-ds Holy Name throughout history. They will be redeemed by
HaShem, the G-d of Israel has chosen that fact of divine intervention to become a literal
fact in human history.
He, the G-d of Creation and the L-rd of hosts, will at the end of days choose to Honor
His Holy Name which the Lost Ten-Tribed Israel have failed to do to this day, and
redeem them. He promised through his chosen prophets that He will send His spirit to
make the transformations possible that such a spiritual elevation of consciousness will
only be predicated upon His divine power and Divine will.
So what is the caveat? We must be willing to rectify our wayward ways, and in teshuvah
(repentance) be willing to reunite with our lives with our brothers, the Jewish people
living anywhere in the world and assist them in the reclamation, redemptions and
restoration of the Land of Israel and so Klal Yisrael that is All 12-tribed Israel will
be saved. Here are the words as the Holy One of Israel spoke through Ezekiel the
Ezekiel 36:16-22, 24-28, 33 (parts) - The word of Adonai came to me: Human being,
when the house of Israel lived in their own land, they defiled it by the manner of life
and their actions; their way before me was like the uncleanness of niddah
(menstruation). Therefore I poured out my fury on them, because of the blood they had
shed in the land and because they defiled it with their idols.
I scattered them among the nations and dispersed them throughout the countries. I
judged them in keeping with their manner of life and actions. When they came to the
nations they were going to, they profaned my holy name so that people said of them
These are Adonais people, who have been exiled from his land. But I am concerned
about my holy name, which the house of Israel is profaning among the nations where
they have gone.
Therefore, tell the house of (the Ten Lost Tribes of ) Israel that Adonai Elohim (L-rd
G-d) says this: I am not going to do this for your sake, house of Israel, but for the sake
of my holy name, which you have been profaning among the nations where you went.
I will set apart my great name to be regarded as holy, since it has been profaned in the
nations you profaned it among them. They will know that I am Adonai, says Adonai
Elohim, when, before their eyes, I am set apart through you to be regarded as holy.
For I will take you from among the nations, gather you from all countries, and return
you to your own soil. Then I will sprinkle clean water upon youI will cleanse you from
your uncleanlinessI will give you a new heart and put a new spirit inside your
You will live in the land I gave to your ancestors. You will be my people, and I will be
your G-dWhen the day comes for me to cleanse you from all your guilt, I will cause
cities to be inhabited and the ruins to be rebuilt. The land that was desolate will be tilled,
whereas formerly it lay desolate for all passing by to see. They will say, the land that
used to be desolate has become like Gan Eden (Garden of Eden)Then the nations
around that remain will know that I, Adonai, have rebuilt the ruins and replanted what
was abandoned. I, Adonai, have spoke; and I will do it!
When we look over the political and spiritual landscape in the Land of Israel, we find
the political winds of the international world prepared to consume the Jewish peoples
hope for a land that they can call their own and not predicated upon any other countries
political aims or personal fortunes. The Jewish Orthodox have diligently kept their
covenant with the G-d of Israel, but their dreams to retain the biblical heartland of
Israel where their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob live, raised their families and
there they chose a covenant with the G-d of Israel under the condition that this land
would be their land for all generations; forever.
Now this land, while it was a forgotten, unclaimed, and desolated land wanted by one
other peoples or nations on earth, was dropped into their hands, when they became
victorious against Muslim military forces who for the second time, were seeking to drive
the Jewish people, newly redeemed from the German Nazi Holocaust, now into the
genocidal sea of annihilation.
History has recorded the obvious in the 1967 Three-day War. The Jewish people won
the war. They took control of the land, and in a great gesture of friendship, made this
land a land where all the people could have the freedom of religion, whether, Jewish,
Christian or Islam, to worship as they wish.
Yet family jealousy between the ancient houses of Isaac and Ishmael, brought a people
wanting total possession now of a land that formerly no one wanted, to becoming a land
in which the entire international world has become a hotbed of contention, yet who are
the contenders. If we look closely, it is Northern Europe, where the Lost Ten Tribes of
the House of Israel have lived for over two thousand years, the United States, also the
descendants of Great Britain and Northern Europe, the Ishmaelites from the loins of
Isaacs foster brother, and Edom, the descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob who
relinquished his spiritual inheritance and now represented by Rome, the spiritual
mentor predominately of Southern Europe including realms controlled by the ancient
Roman Empire.
We say wow, how will the G-d of Israel sort all of these vagrancies out? What will it take
to bring a righteous conclusion to this hotbed of family intrigue, violence, deception that
has captivated and controlled the entire world for so many centuries?
Surprisingly the ancient sages of Judah were forced, as they watched the holy city of
Jerusalem collapsing internally into a hotbed of civil war inside, while the Roman forces
under the command of the Roman general Vespasian waited outside their own self
In this era of great crisis, there rose inside Jerusalem some of the most righteous men of
Judaism who with great prayers and reverence for the holiness of Jerusalem and
Judaism, had to make preparation for the ultimate destruction not only of Jerusalem
but the entire Holy Temple of King Herod. It was during this era that Rabbi Eliezer ben
Hurcanus, a Kohen as a priest, arrived in Jerusalem and became a student of the famed
Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai. Here Rabbi Eliezer married the sister of Rabban Gamaliel
II; Imma Shalom.
As he was studying in the yeshiva called Beit Zakkai, during the last years before the
destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE by the Roman forces under the command of the
Roman commander, Vespasian, his life was forced to be transformed into a
revolutionary new direction. Earlier Rabbi Eliezer had chosen to leave his family
business interests and was almost disinherited yet, he chose to devote his life to the study
of Torah. He entered the most elite yeshivas in Jerusalem, that of the famed Rabbi
Johanan ben Zakkai, one of Rabbi Hillel the Greats most famous student from Beit
Hillel. It was Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai though who comprehended the receptive and
intensive mind of Rabbi Eliezar when he called him a cemented cistern that loses not a
During the last days of the Jewish world in the Roman Province of Judea that was
descending into destruction, Rabbi Eliezer was studying diligently even with great
privation to comprehend the great mysteries in the covenant with HaShem, the G-d of
Israel. Even faced with eventually inheriting the entire wealth of his father, he chose a
life of reclusive study and meditation while the forces of Rome descended down upon
As the siege of Rome began to take its toll, and the end of days was now at hand, it was
R. Eliezer with his ever present friend and Torah study companion, Rabbi Yehoshua
ben Hananiah, who in a daring commando like mission, placed their Torah mentor and
sage, Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai into a casket as though dead, took it outside the gates
of Jerusalem to be buried, yet instead headed to the Roman siege camp of the Roman
commander, General
The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple of King Herod
During the Roman siege, Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai had argued in favor of peace, yet
when the rabble of Jerusalem became unbearable, he made the daring escape with his
two must trusted students, Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua and went to negotiate
with the Vespasian. In the midst of the negotiations, Yochanan correctly predicted that
Vespasian would become the next Emperor of Rome, and that Jerusalem and the
Temple of King Herod would be destroyed.
In response to the prophetic implications of this holy man of G-d, Vespasian gave Rabbi
Zakkai three wishes; the safe haven of Yavne-el mountain range in Galilee to become a
new home for the remaining sages of Judah and to establish there a new Jewish
Sanhedrin, the safety of the Jewish sages including the descendants of Rabban Gamliel
II, the head of the Jewish body of Torah Law, who was the great-grandson of the
Davidian prince and Jewish Nasi of the Great Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, Rabbi Hillel the
Great, and a physician to treat Rabbi Tzadok, who for 40 years had been fasting to
prevent the destruction of Jerusalem.
It was only days after Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkais encounter with Vespasian, when the
word came from Rome that in the aftermath of the suicide of the Roman Emperor Nero,
and the year long civil war that ensued in 69 CE, known as the Year of the Four
Emperors, that Vespasian was declared by the armies in Egypt and Judea to be the new
emperor of Rome. He turned the military command of the Roman forces at Jerusalem to
his son, Titus, and with the defeat of Vitellius was declared by the Roman Senate to be
the Emperor of Rome on December 21, 69 CE.
With the demise of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, the destruction of the Jewish revolt in
Judea and the city of Jerusalem and her Holy Temple, Vespasian went on to start the
ambitious project that no doubt with Jewish prisoner labor, rose upon the Roman
landscape as the Roman Collosseum.

Mount Yavne-el in the Winter time on the Southwestern border of Lake Kinneret
Out of the ashes of the Temples destruction, there arose again the first major
reformation of Judaism since the days of Ezra the Scribe when the Jewish people first
moved back to Jerusalem following their Babylonian and Persian captivity. With the
brilliance of the Oral Law, on how to adapt a life in the wilderness without a temple,
they learned how to remain true to the halakhic commands of the Torah, the blueprint
of life which the G-d of Israel had given to them on the mount called Sinai, 2,200 years
earlier, when Israel became a nation.
Rabbi Eliazer went to Yavne (Latanized to Jamnia), and there became a noted member
of the Jewish Sanhedrin under the rule of the Nasi Rabban Gamaliel II, his brother-in-
law. Later, he established his own yeshiva (academy) at Lydda. His fame spread around
the world. According to his mentor, Rav Johanan be Zakkai, Eliezer was unequaled as
an expositor of traditional law.
The importance of knowing about the transition era after Temple of Herod era Judaism
and the holocaust of the Jewish people that were scattered all around the Roman
Empire is the comprehension of what was most important on their minds, their greatest
aspirations, and their dreams for the salvation of the Jewish people in the future. Here
we begin to discover that, they did not just look at themselves but were searching
unknowns to themselves two thousand years in their future, and what will it take for the
G-d of Israel to bring the cycles of exiles and redemptions to a close, in what they called
the world to come. In a sense they were very messianic for in 70 CE, they began to
dream of the Jewish messiah and what it would take to bring the future messianic era to
a full reality.
The Sea of Galilee nearby to the Yavneh-el Sanhedrin of Rabban Gamliel II
Among Rabbi Eliazers students and not doubt his most famous was Rabbi Akiva ben
Yosef who in the 2
century era of the tannaitic generation, became one of the leading
contributors of the Mishnah and the Midrash Halakha whereupon in the Talmud, Rabbi
Akiva was known as the Rosh la-Chachamin (Head of all the Sages).
Here we are meeting the greatest sages of the Tannaim in the 2
generation, that were
the rabbinic sages who were in the transition from the Temple of Herod era to the post-
Jerusalem and Herods Temple destruction era when all the Jews were cast out of
Jerusalem and millions lost their lives. Rabbi Johanan ben Zaccai, who died ten years
after his famous meeting with Vespasian, was the sage of the 1
generation Tannaim.
The Tanna were known as the teachers of Oral Torah Law. It was the who became the
editors and composers of what we can read in the Jewish Mishnah today and from their
loins was the preservation of the Jewish Torah Law, the Hebrew TaNaKh and the entire
traditions of the sages of the Oral Law from Moses to Ezra to Rabbi Johanan ben
Over the 210 years years called the Mishnaic Periods from 10-220 CE. Over 120 Jewish
sages left their dedication for the posterity of Judaism today. Let us look at the legal
arguments of what the G-d of Israel is expecting of us to be fully a part of the path of
redemption into the World to Come! To do so, we will do, we go back two thousand
years, when Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkai, Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua were alive
a part of the dynamic conversations of salvation and redemption in 1
century Roman
Repentance while Protecting the Land of Israel
As Rabbi Eliezar wrote in the Talmud:
Rabbi Eliezar If Israel return in teshuvah (willingly and of their own free will), they
will be redeemed. It they do not (return willingly), they will not be redeemed! It is thus
written, Return, you backsliding ones, and I will heal your backsliding (Jeremiah 3:22)
[ie., if they repent, Hew will heal them; if not, He will not].
The second potential redemption is called bietah which will be represented by the
Maschiach ben Yosef (Messiah son of Joseph) which means in HaShems words that He
will bring redemption in its due time
How the final redemption unfolds will be dependent upon how the Jewish people who
today control Jerusalem and live in the Land of Israel choose to manifest their future
destiny. Will they continue to allow America and Europe to control their own physical
and spiritual destiny or will they come, like the Knesset MK Moshe Feiglin has called
out this past week, that enough is enough and that the Jewish people and their
political leaders both in the Knesset and the Israeli Supreme Court have a divine destiny
to rise and claim their own sovereign rights to all the Land of Israel as was given to their
ancestral forefathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but also the Land of Israel. This was
the land called Greater Israel that was controlled by Kings David and Solomon from
Sea to Sea or from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.
Yet, this uprising may also come in the most surprising of places. A large part of Jewry
still lives in the diaspora or outside the Land of Israel today. Looking at the population
of Jewish peoples in the world today, we learn that 13,746,100 Jews were living in the
world in 2012. There were 5,901,100 Jews (42.9%) living in the State of Israel and
5,425,000 Jews (39.5%) were living in the United States.
As the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel, we are only beginning to come to our own
spiritual and physical identity. We also are only beginning to identify with our brothers
and sisters, the Jewish people, for we, as the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel have
truly been lost for 2,700 years. Yet for 1,700 of those years, we have been spiritually
wandering since the days of Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicea in a semi-
pagan religious world that was truly stolen from the ancient Orthodox Jews, divorced
from their Torah philosophical foundation, transformed and morphed upon the ancient
Greco-Roman philosophical base and all Protestants Christians today, are still beholden
to their Roman Christian roots. Truly we are in the halfway house of Roman
Christianity. Its time to return home.
There will come a day, when the Christian Lost Israelites will choose also to move on
and return to the spiritual and religious heritage as lived also by their ancestral
forefathers; the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who lived, in the mountains of
Israel in Shomron and Judea. Soon they will also join their brothers of the House of
Judah in fellowship as religious Orthodox Jews in Judaism. This is a fact of true Jewish
understanding. To do so, we either have to sort out the corruption of Roman
Christianity or in a faster transition, jump right in, attend an Orthodox Jewish
Synagogue, give up your old way of life, and become part of the Jewish culture today.
While this grand spiritual movement is being raised up by the Spirit of the Divine, the
international world today is twisting the arms of the Netanyahu government to give
away the Mountains of Israel, the tribal lands of the Lost Ten Tribes in Shomron
(ancient Samaria) and the Wilderness of Judea the tribal lands of the ancient
Southern Kingdom of Judea.
Yet, there is no doubt that returning to G-d willingly (ahishena) will also be dependent
upon the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, most of which are today identified as Christians who
are willing to join hands in brotherhood with the Jews of the House of Judah. To
accomplish this, we have no mission to change Judaism, but to return to the religion of
the Jewish Nazarene, Rabbi Yehoshua (Jesus), who was a Prince of David, and also a
Haredi Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi, who kept all the festivals of the L-rd, worshipped
in the Jewish synagogues, identified and defended the halakhah of Beit Hillel. To those
who wished to be his disciples, he had only one response, If you wish to be my disciple,
Follow Me! This meant, do as I do, pray like I pray, worship like I worship,
celebrate the festival like I celebrate the festivals, and live a halakhic pure life in worship
of the One G-d of Israel, just as I do!

The Gedolei Yisroel: The Holy Sages of Judah
The messiah of the future will also be the messiah who will return to Jerusalem, not
Rome, or any other Protestant Church headquarters. He will be revealed to the Gedolei
Yisroel, Holy Ones of Israel and when he proves that his halakhah is true in one
with the halakhah of the Mosaic Torah, he will be accepted by the Jewish rabbanim and
we will accept him also as our messiah.
There is no doubt that we must be willing to resist the uprising tide of evil that has laid a
dark cloud and shadow upon the lands of our dwelling in North America, Europe and
the colonies of the 17
to the 19
century the Northern European countries whose first
immigrants were from the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel. As we read the
following debate on the return of the messiah by the great rabbinic sages of Judaism, we
must also comprehending, they were debating these grand themes of redemption almost
2,000 years ago. And we think our understanding is so true?

Israeli Yavne'el Valley from Villa Rimona - View of Poriah
Let us now read the following debate between the two disciples of Rabbi Johanan ben
Zakkai knowing today that Israel means all the descendants of the Children of Israel;
the Jews of the House of Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel, or Klal
Yisrael (All Israel):
Rabbi Eliezar ben Hyrcanus If Israel returns in teshuvah (repentance) [willingly and
of their own free will), they will be redeemed. If they do not [return willingly), they will
not be redeemed!
Rabbi Yehoshua argued, If they do not return in teshuvah (willingly and of their own
free will), the will not be redeemed? [How can you say such a thing!] Rather, [to insure
that they be redeemed, the Holy One blessed-be-He will raise up a king whose decrees
are as harsh as Hamans such that they will surely return in teshuvah and He will
thereby bring them back to the correct path.
Here we witness the first of the great debates just after the destruction of Jerusalem that
occurred within the halls of the Great Sanhedrin that was now relocated at Yavne near
Galilee. The well thought out concepts of the future messiah were already part of the
Oral Traditions for over 500 years, since the days of Ezra the Scribe in the post
Babylonian and Persian exile era. These concepts were centered on the future Twin
Messiahs were called the Trees Mesheekeem; the Maschiach ben Yosef (Messiah son
of Joseph) and the Maschiach ben Dovid (Messiah son of David). Here is how they see
these two disciples then and today.
Maschiach ben Yoseph will arise in the Land of Galilee at the time in history called,
bietah or In its due time where teshuvah (repentance) will come in the face of
great catastrophes and calamities because up to that time the G-d of Israel will state that
they are not worthy. This will be looked upon as the era when the final events at the
time of the end will appear to be following the exceedingly slow natural course of events
as witnessed in the history of mankind. This Messiah will appear as the lowly Messiah,
riding upon a donkey.
Maschiach be Dovid on the other hand will arrive in the Land of Israel at the later time
in history which the prophets stated in HaShems words; ahishena or I will
accelerate it (redemption) where in the final course of earths history the Jews and the
Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel will come in teshuvah (repentance) willingly.
Why? Because they will come because they are worthy of redemption. These days will
speedily come as if it were with great miracles and will be manifested as coming with
the clouds of heaven with great power and glory.
In the Talmud we then cite late another conversation between these two great rabbis as
they each again clarify their former positions in the debate but this time bringing wit h
them the proofs from the Prophets.
Rabbi Eliezar ben Hyrcanus If Israel returns in teshuvah (willing and of their own
free will), they will be redeemed. If they do not (return willingly), they will not be
redeemed! It is thus written, Return, you backsliding ones, and I will heal your
backsliding (Jeremiah 3:22) [i.e., if they repent, He will heal them; if not, He will not).
Rabbi Yehoshua argued, But it is written elsewhere, You were sold [into exile] for
nothing, and without money you shall be redeemed (Isaiah 52:3). The first clause, you
were sold for nothing alludes to the fact that Israel was exiled because they worshipped
idols which are worth nothing; the second clause and without money you shall be
redeemed indicated that they will be redeemed even without teshuvah or good deeds!

The Valley of Yavneh-el nearby to Lake Kinneret (Galilee)
It appears that the process of teshuvah, that is coming to repentance is not just a
human led experience and redirection of our lives today, but Divine directed movement
empowered and guided by the finger of the Divine. As G-d stirs the nations and
produces chaos in their lives, his lost but chosen children that have been imbedded
within those nations, will be resurrected like the Jewish people were resurrected out of
the holocaust of Nazi Germany.
Our dry bones that will be resurrected (Ezekiel 37) will also be a Johnny come
lately experience of the Lost Ten Tribes who suddenly realize that they are being
impelled by the power and might of the G-d of Israel, and there is now only one way
home. In other words, the nations of the world will spew us out of their mouth and
say, its time for your to go home! that now is the time to fully return to the G-d of
Israel and say, HaShem, I repent, take me as I am and transform my life as the one in
which you have created me to be!
Here we witness the great power of the Divine, that will uplift us in an ascended state of
spiritual consciousness that we could not achieve by ourselves alone without the
guidance and the assistance of the Divine. So, these two great sages of Judah continued
in the discussion:
Rabbi Eliezar ben Hyracanus answered But it is written, Return to Me, and I will
return to you (Malkhi 3:7). [This seems to indicate that Israel must first willingly
return to HaShem, and only then will HaShem return to them, i.e., redeem them.]
Rabbi Yehoshua argued But, again, it is written elsewhere, For [at that time] I will
reveal Myself as your Master, and I will take you, one from a city and two from a family,
and I will bring you to Zion! (Jeremiah 3:14). [This indicates that HaShem will bring
the redemption even if they have not returned of their own accord. Rather, HaShem will
force them to return by subjecting them to terrible calamities. In the end, He will bring
the remnant (one from a city and two from a family) to Zion.]
Later the rabbinic debate between these two Jewish sages went for the last time, this
time using further proofs from the prophets of Judah:
Rabbi Eliezar ben Hyracanus answered But it is written, If you return, Israel, to Me
you shall return (Jeremiah 4:1). [The word if seems to imply that it is questionable
whether they will return of their own accord.]
Rabbi Yehoshua argued, But it is written, I heard the man clothed in linen (i.e., the
angel Gavriel)He lifted his right hand and his left hand heavenward, and he swore by
the Life of the Word, that, in a time, times, and a half a time, when the power of the
people will have ceased [i.e., when Israel will no longer be able to maintain its identity in
exile], these [troubles] will cease(Daniel 12:7).
[But making this time-dependent (in a time, times, and a half a time), Rabbi Yehoshua
refutes Rabbi Eliezers claim that there is no fixed-time for the Redemption, and that it
is solely contingent upon Israels return to HaShem.]
Rabbi Eliezer was silent. He agreed or acquiesced that the Redemption is not contingent
upon Israels free-willed return to HaShem.]
Are you ready to come to the G-d of Israel in repentance, and say, HaShem, You are
the Master of the Universe, I yield my will to You?
Destination Yisraels Series on Freedom of Religion for the Jewish People