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194. The x ray show scattered radiopaque line in the mandible jaw, the
diagnosis will be:
A- Paget disease
B- Garres syndrome
C- Fibrous dysplasia
D- Osteosarcoma
197. Mobility in midface with step deformity in front zygomatic suture.
a. Lefort II.
b. Lefort III.
c. Bilateral zygomatic complex fracture
: Type of autoclave used
a-hot oven outoclave
b-class b autuclave
c-class s autoclave
d-class d autoclave
When esthetic is important, posterior class I composite is done in:
a. Subgingival box.
b. Bad oral hygiene.
c. Contact free area.
d. Class I without central contact.
Most commonly, after placement of amalgam restoration PT. Complain
from pain with:
a. Hot.
b. Cold. ***
c. Occlusal pressure.
d. Galvanic shock.
e. Sweet.
. While performing cranial nerve examination you notice that the patient
unable to raise his eyebrows, hold eyelids closed, symmetrically smile
or evert
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his lower lip..this may indicate:
a. Trigeminal nerve problem.
B. Facial nerve problem.
C. Oculomotor nerve problem.
D. Trochlear nerve problem.
E. All of the above.
days after amalgam restoration Pt came complaining of pain during
putting spoon on the restored tooth because:
a. Irreversible pulpitis.
b. Reversible pulpitis.
c. Broken amalgam.
d. Galvanic action. ***
Difference between Gracey and universal curette:
a. Section of gracey is hemicircular and in universal triangular.
b. Gracey has one cutting edge while universal has two.
c. Gracey Used for cutting in specific area while universal is in any
d. Universal 90 not offset, gracey 60 offset.
e. A and d
f. A, b and c.
g. B, c and d
Pt came to the clinic complaining from soreness in the tongue sore
the diagnosis is:
a) burning mouth syndrome
b) geographical tongue
c) fissure tongue
- Pulp stone can be the following EXCEPT
a) present freely in the pulp
b)cause discomfort & pain to the patient
c)In radiographs,Small spheroidal radioopaque
d)False stone occurs due to dystrophic dentin
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Which of the following is the most likely potential cause of BMS
mouth syndrome):
a. Denture allergy.
b. Salivary dysfunction.
c. Neural dysfunction.
d. Menopausal changes.
What is the proper cavity preparation for V-shaped cervical erosion
to be restored with glass ionomer cement:
a. Cervical groove, incisal groove.
b. Cervical groove, incisal bevel.
c. 4 retention points, 90 margin.
d. No Monday, January 24, 2000 Monday, January 24. 2000 mechanical
preparation is necessary.
Which statement concerning sensitive teeth is false:
a. Small dentin exposure can result in sensitivity.
b. The extent of dental hard tissue loss always correlates with
c. A wide variety of clinical condition can cause teeth to become
d. Oral hygiene habits and diet can contribute to clinical sensitivity
the type of cement wich give retention to crown
a-zn phosphate
b-zn polycarpoxylate
d-resin modified glass ionomer
The body secret antibody against antigen using which cells:
a. T lymphocyte
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b. B lymphocyte
All are irrigation for canals EXCEPT:
a. Saline.
b. Hydrogen beroxide.
c. Naocl
d. RC prep
When do we give antibiotic:
a. Widespread, rapid infection
b. Compromised host defence
c. .
D. A&b
Syphilis first appear as:
a. Multiple vesicles
b. Eryhthematous reaction
c. Ulcer
d. Bulla
To check a perforation in the desk of the tmj we need:
A) cranial imagery
B) arthrography. *** (CT after injection of a high contrast fluid)
C) traditional tomography
D) computerized tomography. ***
Pedo, has trauma in 11 , half an hour ago , with slight apical exposure ,
open apex, treatment is
a. Pulpotomy with formacresol
b. Apexification
c. DPC (direct pulp capping)
d. Extraction
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Pt came with pain awaken her from sleep 20 a.m. And could'nt sleep
reversible pulpitis
a. Irreversible pulpitis
b. Periodontal pain
6 years) child with bilateral loss of deciduous molars &the anterior
teeth not
erupted yet ,the space maintainer for choice is:
a-lingual arch
B-bilateral band and loop
c-bilateral band and loop with distal shoe
d-removable partial denture
To locate the canal orifice use
a-barite probe
b-endo spreader
c-endo file with curved tip
d-round bur
Drug used to (decrease not increase) saliva during impression taking
1. Anticholinergic.
2. Cholinergic. ***
3. Antidiabetic.
4. Anticorticosteroid
*****ed tooth syndrome is best diagnosed by?
A. Radiograph
b. Subjective symptoms and horizontal percussion
c. Palpation and vertical percussion
d. Pulp testing
A patient that had a class II amalgam restoration, next day he returns
complaining of discomfort at the site of the restoration,
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radiographically an
Overhanging amalgam is present. This is due to:
a) lack of matrix usage.
B) no burnishing for amalgam
: insufficient carving
Contents of the Anaesthia carpule:
a)Lidocaine + epinephrine + Ringers liquid.
B)Lidocaine + epinephrine + distilled water.
C) Lidocaine + epinephrine only
At which of the following locations on a mandibular molar do you
complete the
excavation of caries first
a- axial walls .
B- pulpal floor over the mesial pulp horns
c-peripheral caries
d- all of the above are correct.
CMCP contains phenol in concentration
a-0.5 %
b- 35 %
c-65 %
d- 5 %