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7 Pinoys killed

in Yemen attack
Yolanda death
toll hits 5,786
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The death toll from
Super Typhoon Yolanda
in the Visayas is ap-
proaching 6,000, with
more than a thousand
people still missing, ac-
cording to the National
Disaster Risk Reduction
and Management Coun-
cil (NDRRMC).
As of yesterday, 5,786
people were reported
dead, 26,233 injured
and 1, 779 mi ssi ng,
NDRRMC executive
director Eduardo del
Rosario said.
The number of con-
rmed dead is 27 more
than last Thursdays
5,759, while the number
of injured and missing
remains unchanged.
A total of 2,379,887
families or more than
11 million people were
affected by the mon-
ster storm that ravaged
12,118 barangays in nine
regions in the Visayas,
Southern Tagalog and
parts of Mindanao, the
NDRRMC report said.
Of the affected fami-
lies, 872,727 or more
than four million peo-
ple were displaced and
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DOJ may look
into JPE crimes
The Department of
Justice (DOJ) is inclined
to look into alleged
crimes committed by
Senate Minority Lead-
er Juan Ponce Enrile,
which Sen. Miriam De-
fensor-Santiago raised
in a privilege speech last
In an interview, Jus-
tice Secretary Leila de
Lima said she is particu-
larly considering an in-
vestigation into Enriles
alleged involvement
in illegal activities in
the Cagayan Economic
Zone Authority (CEZA)
as insinuated by San-
tiago. After her scathing
privilege speech last
Wednesday, Santiago
WB, ADB approve $1-B additional typhoon aid
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P20 MM
www.philst ThePhilippineSTAR PhilippineStar philstarnews philstarnews
JOHANNESBURG Nelson Mandela, the
icon of South Africas anti-apartheid struggle
and a colossus of 20th century politics, died late
Thursday aged 95, prompting mass mourning
and a global celebration of his astonishing life.
The Nobel Peace laureate, who was elected
World mourns South Africas great black hope
South Africas rst black president after spend-
ing nearly three decades in jail, died at his
Johannesburg home surrounded by his family,
after a long battle against lung infection.
The news was announced to the nation and
A shining
beacon of
Christmas parole for Leviste, 34 others
Meralco record rate hike:
3-phased collection urged
When 2 freedom icons met
When former President Corazon
Aquino and her daughters Ballsy
Cruz and Pinky Abellada met Presi-
dent Nelson Mandela in Pretoria
in August 1996, the anti-apartheid
revolutionary leader told Cruz she
was very lucky.
You really know how to pick the
best mom! Mandela told her, in his
deep, booming voice, Cruz recalls.
President Aquino yesterday
joined world leaders in mourn-
ing the death of South African
leader and freedom icon Nel-
son Mandela.
My mother admired him.
Like all of us, she would have
been deeply saddened by his
passing, Aquino said as he
extended his condolences to
the family of Mandela.
Aquino recalled his encoun-
ter, when he was a congress-
man, with the anti-apartheid
hero when the latter visited
On behalf of the Filipino
people, I extend our deepest
condolences to the family of
Mr. Mandela, the people of
South Africa, and all men and
women of peace and goodwill
who mourn the passing of a
truly great man, Aquino said.
Mandela was conferred
an honorary doctorate by the
University of the Philippines
during his visit in 1997.
Mal acaang descri bed
Mandela as a global democ-
racy icon who will always be
a shining beacon of inspiration
to all freedom-loving peoples.
We grieve over the death
of Mandela, a revered world
leader, who led his nation and
people to freedom by treading
the path of peace, Press Secre-
tary Herminio Coloma Jr. said.
The Philippines will forever
be honored to have hosted
DFA spokesman Raul Her-
nandez said other workers
pretended to be dead to sur-
vive the assault, which left 12
other Filipinos injured with
one requiring head surgery.
The DFAs toll of Filipino fa-
talities is higher than the report
by Yemens Saba news agency,
which reported that two Fili-
pina nurses were among the
52 killed.
The bomber rammed an
explosives-packed car into the
ministry, allowing gunmen
to launch an assault on the
We condemn this senseless
and barbaric act. We call on the
Yemeni government to bring
the mastermind to justice and
take appropriate measures to
ensure the safety of Filipinos
and other foreigners there,
Hernandez said.
The DFA withheld the iden-
tities of the victims until their
families have been informed.
The victims are among 4O
Filipino workers in the hospi-
tal inside the complex, the DFA
Seven Filipino medi-
cal workers, including
a doctor, were killed in
Thursdays suicide car
bomb attack on Yemens
Defense Ministry com-
plex in Sanaa, the De-
partment of Foreign Af-
fairs (DFA) confirmed
Former Batangas governor
Jose Antonio Leviste stepped
out of the New Bilibid Prison
(NBP) in Muntinlupa City a
free man yesterday after be-
ing granted parole almost ve
years since his conviction for
the 2007 killing of his long-
time aide.
The 73-year-old Leviste,
former husband of Sen. Loren
Legarda, was released from the
national penitentiary before
noon and was picked up by his
three daughters.
NBP superintendent Ve-
nancio Tesoro told The STAR
P3.4397 per kilowatt increase
in electricity rates for this
month and in January inevi-
table, energy ofcials said they
wanted to have the adjustment
implemented at least in three
phases to ease its impact on
The Manila Electric Co.
(Meralco) said it has to imple-
ment the adjustment due to
the month-long maintenance
In this Dec. 7, 2005 le photo, former
South African President Nelson Mandela
is in a jovial mood at the Mandela
Foundation in Johannesburg, where he
met with the winner and runner-up of
the local Idols competition. AP
FREE AGAIN: Former Batangas
governor and convicted killer
Jose Antonio Leviste shows
his release papers outside the
New Bilibid Prison yesterday.
South Africans hold an artwork of Nobel Peace laureate Nelson Mandela as they pay tribute
following his death in Johannesburg. Inset shows Mandela with former President Corazon
Aquino in Pretoria, South Africa in 1996. AFP
WB, ADB approve $1-B additional typhoon aid
The Philippine STAR
Emergency loan facilities amounting to $1 billion have been
approved by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank
(ADB) for areas devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda.
The World Bank board formally approved the $500-million
loan facility in Washington part of nearly $1 billion commit-
ted to the Philippines by the WB. Axel van Trotsenburg, WB
regional vice president for East Asia and the Pacic, told The
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STAR about the expected approval of the loan facility after he
visited Tacloban yesterday.
Trotsenburg said the review of the supplemental loan was
done in record time, cutting short the process by 90 to 95 percent.
The ADB also approved a $500-million emergency loan at
record speed to help Yolanda victims.
The speed of assistance is critical to ensure that loss of
shelter, assets or livelihoods is only temporary, and quickly
resolved with skills programs, income generating activities,
and high-quality rehabilita-
tion and reconstruction, ADB
president Takehiko Nakao said
before the weekend.
Natural disasters, espe-
cially those occurring in poor
and developing nations force
families further into poverty,
Nakao added.
Trotsenburg, who ew to the
Philippines from South Korea
to personally inspect the dam-
age from the typhoon, said he
was impressed by the resilience
of the victims and eagerness to
rebuild and restart their lives.
Axel van Trotsenburg visits
Tacloban yesterday.
WB, ADB From Page 2
The Philippine STAR 6
He said he expected reconstruction to take years, and the WB
is committed to be a partner of the Philippines for the long term.
We are willing to partner with the government in this and
if you require additional resources, we will positively consider
this, he told The STAR.
Relief eorts are expected to continue well into 2014, posing a bud-
get challenge for the Philippines which had been hit by 23 typhoons by
the end of October and a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Bohol.
Additional funding from external sources would then allow
the Philippine government to provide support in ve priority
areas, including shelter and reconstruction; power restoration;
livelihood and employment; resettlement and psycho-social
care, and environmental protection.
Earlier, the ADB released a $3-million grant from the
Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund which the bank ad-
Another $20 million grant from the Japan Fund for Poverty
Reduction will be made available by mid-December. These,
together with the $500 million, will support the governments
eorts in the immediate recovery phase.
To immediately supplement the rst phase of support, the
ADB is designing a community-driven development project
that will help rebuild communities and assist reconstruction
in aected areas.
ADB also organized a Typhoon Yolanda Response Team and
plans to set up an extended mission in one of the aected areas
to support the implementation of ADBs assistance.
Two technical assistance projects will help implement and
monitor the reconstruction plan.
Poe: Study Europes recovery plan
As this developed, Sen. Grace Poe called for a study on the
possibility of adopting the European Recovery Program or
Marshall Plan to help facilitate the reconstruction, rehabilita-
tion and revival of areas ravaged by Yolanda.
Crafted by the United States after the second World War, the
Marshall Plan was focused on bringing back what was lost after
the war and improving the conditions through modernization,
utilization of high-e ciency models, reducing trade barriers,
and instilling a sense of hope and self-reliance.
Aid for Yolanda victims continues
Poes resolution came as the Philippines continues to receive
various assistance from the international community even
one month after
Typhoon Yolanda
and the latest is the
$1 million donation
pledged by Mexico.
Vice President
Jejomar Binay an-
nounced Thursday
night that Mexican
Ambassador Ju-
lio Camarena-Vil-
laseor personally
made the pledge
to him during their
meeting Thursday
Binay also bared
yesterday that the
assistance from the
United States has
now reached $60
With Marvin
Sy, Jose Rodel Cla-
The Philippine STAR
7 Pinoys
From Page 1
said. There are around 1,000 Filipino
workers in Yemen.
Philippine Honorary Consul in Ye-
men Mohammad Al-Jamal and Filipino
community leader Esther Galahan were
visiting hospitals to check if there are
other Filipino casualties.
Based on accounts of survivors, the
incident started when the rst suicide
bomber detonated his explosives at the
gates of the ministry complex.
Another suspect was apprehended be-
fore he could enter, but the third bomber
managed to pass through and detonated
his explosives, causing the building to
Vice President Jejomar Binay, mean-
while, condemned the bombing in the
Yemen capital.
It was a senseless act that has no place
in the world, Binay said.
He called on the Yemen government
to assist the families of the blast victims.
Jose Rodel Clapano, AFP, AP
DOJ may From Page 1
wrote De Lima a letter seeking a probe
on Enrile.
Offhand, we can look into allegations
pertaining to alleged smuggling, alleged
illegal logging, and alleged gambling, es-
pecially online, those related to CEZA,
De Lima revealed.
She said the government had in fact
initiated an investigation into online
gambling operations at CEZA during the
tenure of the late interior secretary Jesse
The Philippine National Police has
undertaken operations against online
gambling there but the operators justi-
ed it on the basis of license issued by
the CEZA. They were also able to get
temporary restraining order (TRO) from
local courts and even turned the tables
on the law enforcers, she recalled.
With Santiagos request, the DOJ chief
said she would again contest the TRO
and ask the Ofce of the Solicitor Gen-
eral to submit to her a status report on
the cases related to online gambling in
the CEZA.
In that aspect (illegal gambling), we
already started that, so we will just look
into it further. In those kinds of allega-
tions, I think we can pursue the investi-
gation, she said.
On Santiagos claim that Enrile not
Janet Lim Napoles had masterminded
the pork barrel scam, De Lima explained
that the Ofce of the Ombudsman is in-
vestigating the matter.
She admitted, however, that it would
be hard to dredge up evidence to link En-
rile to human rights abuses during mar-
tial law.
We will rst evaluate because even if
were willing to investigate, the chance
of uncovering those things would be re-
mote or difcult because of the long pe-
riod which already lapsed, she said.
Meanwhile, Santiago said she felt in-
sulted by her colleagues calling for a
truce with Enrile while seeking to have
some of her harsh words against him
stricken off Senate records.
If, after the Enrile personal attack
against me, certain senators had moved
to strike off the record, I would not have
delivered my own response, Santiago
said in a statement. Sen. Sergio Osmea
III on Thursday described Santiagos
speech as unparliamentary and moved
that some portions of it be removed from
Senate records.
Why are they proposing the motion
only now? Do they mean that Enrile is
allowed to insult me on a personal level,
but I am prohibited from paying him
back in his own coin? If any of these sen-
ators were insulted personally, would
each one have consented to remain si-
lent? Santiago asked.
In the judiciary, Santiago noted that
when opposing counsel moves to strike
off the record, and the judge grants the
motion, the testimony will remain on the
This procedure is followed, so that in
case of appeal, the appellate court will be
able to see from the record what the testi-
mony was. Thus, striking off the records
is nominal, because the testimony will
stay, she explained.
For Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, Santiago
was right about calling for an investiga-
tion into Enriles alleged involvement in
criminal activities including smuggling
and killing of activists during martial
I believe that the privilege speech of
Sen. Miriam was not only made to de-
fend herself from the personal attacks
made by Sen. Enrile but it also contained
valuable information that could be
used as basis for further investigation,
Trillanes said.
Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano echoed
Trillanes position and recommended
that the Senate review its own Code of
No effect
At the House of Representatives,
Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. expressed
belief the word war between Enrile and
Santiago would not derail the passage of
pending bills.
He said both the Senate and the House
of Representatives have their respective
legislative mechanisms, like the bicamer-
al conference committee, that make sure
pending bills are processed.
Needing prompt attention from law-
makers are the proposed P2.68-trillion
national budget for 2014 and the P14.6-
billion supplemental budget aimed to
boost funds for the rehabilitation of ca-
lamity-hit areas.
Whether the intramurals in the Sen-
ate affect (pending bills)? I dont see it
happening, Belmonte said.
The Speaker said the bicameral con-
ference committee is scheduled to meet
on Monday to reconcile the Senate and
House versions of the proposed national
From Page 1
shutdown of the Malampaya gas line and
the stoppage of operations of major power
plants in Luzon.
In a brieng yesterday, Meralco presi-
dent Oscar Reyes said the generation
charge would increase to a record P9.107
per kilowatt-hour and that the hike would
be implemented
in two tranches to
soften the blow on
The Malampaya
gas facility is where
most of Meralcos
power suppliers
source their fuel to
produce electricity.
These plants have
turned to more ex-
pensive diesel fuel
to produce power
amid tight supply
The rate hi ke
doesnt need any
further approval as the computation of
the increase in generation charge is based
on a formula pre-approved by the Energy
Regulatory Commission.
Reyes assured the power rms customers
that the increase would be temporary and
that rates would normalize by February 2014.
Meralco was forced to source more
power from the wholesale electricity spot
market (WESM) due to tight supply condi-
tions. Prices in the spot market have gone
up three-fold as most of the power plants
are on scheduled maintenance shutdown.
Were talking to Meralco if they can
stagger it but only with the approval of the
ERC, Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petil-
la said, referring to the impending rate hike.
With Iris Gonzales, Christina Mendez
8 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 The Philippine STAR
Binay welcomes Lacson as possible opponent in 2016
Vice President Jejomar Bi-
nay believes rehabilitation czar
Panlo Lacson is qualied to
run for president in 2016.
In an interview at the Coco-
nut Palace Thursday night, Bi-
nay said it would be merrier if
many would run for president.
Why not? All are quali-
ed, he said.
Binay said he has been con-
sistent in his declaration that he
will run for president in 2016.
As for myself, I have al-
ready declared right after the
(2010) elections that, yes, I will
that Leviste was in high spirits
when he left the NBP.
Aside from Leviste, 34 other
inmates were also granted pa-
role by the Pardon and Parole
Administration (PPA).
In an interview, PPA head
Manuel Co said Leviste has
met the requirements to qual-
ify for parole.
Co said Leviste had served
the minimum period of his sen-
tence for homicide conviction.
The penalty was six years
minimum to 12 years maxi-
mum. He already served more
than six years, he said.
be a candidate (for president),
he said.
Binay said he is not worried
over the possibility that Lac-
sons star would shine again
when he does well in his job as
rehabilitation czar of the areas
that Super Typhoon Yolanda
had devastated.
Like what I said, it is getting
to be music to the ear, he said.
Binay said he and Lacson
have no issue with each other.
He is from Cavite, while
I am from Batangas, he said.
He is good.
Binay said he is saddened
that Interior Secretary Manuel
Roxas II appears to be getting
out of the picture in the 2016
presidential elections.
The more, the merrier,
he said.
Binay said he would have
no problem working with
Lacson as the rehabilitation
We are indispensable in the
rehabilitation because our job
is in shelter, he said.
Christmas From Page 1
Leviste was convicted by
the Makati City Regional Trial
Court on Jan. 14, 2009, two
years after he shot dead Rafael
de las Alas inside his ofce in
Makati City on Jan. 12, 2007.
He was in jail for almost seven
years almost ve years in the
NBP and another two in the
city jail while standing trial.
Co said the PPA also consid-
ered Levistes old age which
makes him no longer a threat
to the community.
He added that there is no
longer any reason to hold Lev-
iste at the NBP, especially after
the family of De las Alas did not
object to his parole application.
How come?
Malacaang yesterday said
it sees no problem in Levistes
being granted parole.
Its in accordance with our
laws and as per consultation
with my legal resource, it does
not need any presidential ac-
tion. This is a parole process,
Press Secretary Herminio Co-
loma Jr. said.
When asked how come Lev-
iste was given a good conduct
time pass when he was seen
going in and out of the national
penitentiary, Coloma said
there are rules that are being
observed regarding the matter.
We can conduct a review
of the process if and when it
can be proven that he violated
such laws, he said.
Leviste was slapped with
another case for evasion of
service of sentence after he
was caught roaming in his
LPL building in Makati City
in violation of his living out
privilege in May 2011.
But the Metropolitan Trial
Court Branch 62 of Makati
acquitted the inmate and his
driver Nilo Solis de Guzman,
buying Levistes defense that
he was legitimately outside
because he was given a green
light by the prison ofcers.
Four prison superinten-
dents and a prison guard
were dismissed as a result of
Levistes caper.
Co, however, claried that
Leviste still needs to appear
before a parole ofcer while
outside the prison as a condi-
tion of the grant.
Parole is a temporary lib-
erty. Technically, he remains
under the custody of the state,
he said.
Co added that it would be
up to the parole ofcer to allow
Leviste to leave the country.
Justice Secretary Leila de
Lima, meanwhile, said there is
a list of inmates recommended
for presidential pardon sub-
mitted to the Palace, which
could also be released this
Family time
Batangas Vice Gov. Mark Le-
viste told The STAR yesterday
that his uncle wants to spend
quality time with his family now
that he is out of prison.
For now he does not want
to receive media interviews.
He wanted to just go home
straight to Lipa, Batangas and
make up for the lost time with
his family, Leviste said.
Mark said they were grate-
ful for the freedom of Leviste.
Edu Punay, Delon Porcalla,
Perseus Echeminada, Arnell
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 The Philippine STAR 9 NEWS
Yolanda From Page 1
are now staying at 385 evacuation centers
set up by foreign volunteer groups and the
national government.
Damage to infrastructure and agricul-
ture has been estimated at P35.2 billion
including the 1,212,100 houses that were
destroyed, partially or totally by Yolanda,
mostly in Samar, Leyte, Bantayan, Cebu;
Antique, Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan and in north-
ern Palawan.
Bodies retrieved daily
Local o cials, as well as the devas-
tated residents in Guiuan, Eastern Samar
and Burauen and Tanauan towns in
Leyte, said they expect more bodies to
be recovered.
We are still retrieving bodies daily. The
other day, we recovered 15 and yesterday
(Thursday) we recovered 30 more. We
retrieve bodies everyday, said a local vol-
unteer who joined the retrieval operations
in coastal towns of Palo and Tanauan.
Another local o cial conrmed their
list of deaths, mostly unidentied, has
been increasing daily.
Here in Tanauan alone, the number
of recovered cadavers is already close to
2,000. Of this number, only around 600
have been identied to be from here. The
rest, we dont know. Maybe they came
from other areas, the o cial said.
As the recovered bodies were al-
ready in the advanced state of de-
composition, the local government in
Tanauan buried them in a mass grave
located near the town plaza, as they
could no longer be accommodated in
the town cemetery.
O cials had to bury the bodies im-
mediately to prevent outbreak of diseases.
The Department of Health (DOH) re-
minded residents from typhoon-aected
areas to take the necessary precautions
against possible spread of diarrhea and
other water-borne diseases.
Health Secretary Enrique Ona said
Leyte and Samar residents should ei-
ther boil or chlorinate their drinking
water so they could avoid water-borne
Ona noted that water samples from
typhoon-aected areas were found posi-
tive for fecal coliforms or E coli indicating
that water supplies in those places are
He said a team composed of repre-
sentatives from the DOH, Local Water
Utilities Administration, Maynilad Wa-
ter Services, Inc., and Manila Water Co.
conducted the water testing for drinking
water potability in Sta. Fe, Tacloban,
Tanauan and Eastern Samar, with 10
municipalities including Hernani and
Guiuan from Nov. 27-30.
Ona urged local water districts to con-
tinue monitoring water safety for fecal
contamination and residual chlorine.
It is also important that broken pipes
should be xed and that residents should
not tamper with these pipes as this will only
increase risk of contaminating the water
supply and those who source out water of
unknown quality (shallow wells) should
also disinfect their water, Ona said.
Ona further urged residents from
Leyte and Samar to boil their drinking
water from one to two minutes and
then let cool before putting it in clean
Health experts said food and water
are common sources of pathogens that
could easily spread diseases and out-
On the other hand, the Department of
Education (DepEd) said the repair and
reconstruction of classrooms destroyed
by Yolanda would start next year.
DepEd said at least 4, 498 classrooms
from Regions IV-B, 6, 7, and 8, were se-
verely damaged by the typhoon.
Education Secretary Armin Luistro said
the 2014 budget for classrooms might be
realigned for the replacement and reha-
bilitation of classrooms.
He said DepEd could also request
replenishment of budget using the Quick
Release Fund (QRF), which usually
amounts to P500 million a year.
With Mayen Jaymalin, Helen Flores
World From Page 1
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 12 The Philippine STAR
A shining From Page 1
Mandelas visit in 1996 and his historic meet-
ing with fellow icon of democracy, former
President Corazon Aquino, in Capetown in
the same year, the Department of Foreign
Affairs (DFA) said yesterday.
Mandela had credited the late president
for restoring democracy in the country.
Nelson Mandela was not only a cou-
rageous and compassionate champion
of democracy and racial equality for his
own country, but also stood as a beacon
of inspiration and hope for all those who
sought freedom in every corner of the globe,
including the Philippines, the DFA said in
a statement.
Senate, House
honor Mandela
Senate President Franklin Drilon yes-
terday led senators in paying tribute to
Mandela, whom he described as a truly
extraordinary man.
Today we have lost a man, who through-
out his life, has served as a potent symbol for
honor, peace, courage and magnanimity,
Drilon said.
Sen. Loren Legarda, who met Mandela
during his state visit to the Philippines in
1997, described him as a man whose cour-
age inspired the dawning of a new South
Former Senate president Edgardo An-
gara also paid tribute to Mandela as a true
icon of peace and freedom.
Sen. Nancy Binay said that Mandela
served as an inspiration and a beacon of hope
not only to the people of South Africa during
the struggle to end the dark days of apartheid
but to every nation, rich and poor.
At the House of Representatives, Speaker
Feliciano Belmonte Jr. mourned the death
of Mandela, saying the world is fortunate
to have beneted from and born witness to
his rm life-long struggle, not only to end
apartheid and racism, but to his continued
ght against poverty, and HIV/AIDS.
His life was fully dedicated toward
world peace for which he has received
numerous awards, recognition and earned
the great respect of a global nation, Bel-
monte said.
Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo
described Mandela as the conscience of
Former President Fidel Ramos and his
family offered prayers that Mandela will gain
his eternal reward for his unwavering devo-
tion to God, South Africa, its people and the
equality of all races around the world.
For his part, Vice President Jejomar Bi-
nay said that Mandela is an inspiration to
freedom-loving people all over the world.
His life inspires us to strive for a world
where freedom, equality, tolerance and
understanding reign, he said.
Albay Gov. Joey Salceda lauded the
greatest South African leaders lack of
vindictiveness. With Marvin Sy, Paolo
Romero, Pia Lee-Brago, Jose Rodel Cla-
pano, Celso Amo
the world by an emotional South African Presi-
dent Jacob Zuma, in a live late-night broadcast.
Our beloved Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,
the founding president of our democratic na-
tion, has departed, said Zuma, whose own
role in the struggle against white rule saw him
imprisoned with Mandela on Robben Island.
Our nation has lost its greatest son. Our
people have lost a father.
Zuma announced Mandela will receive a full
state funeral and he ordered ags to remain at
half-mast until after the burial. National ags
were also lowered in countries including the
United States, testament to the anti-apartheids
titanic status far beyond South Africa.
Barack Obama, Americas rst black presi-
dent, paid tribute to a man who took history in
his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe
towards justice.
Obama was joined in mourning by a roll
call of gures from across the worlds of poli-
tics, business and sport, reecting how much
Mandela had touched hearts as a rallying point
for justice and good causes after he drew a
Rainbow Nation out of his diverse homeland.
His death had long been expected, coming
after a spate of hospitalizations with lung in-
fections and three months of intensive care at
home. But the announcement came as a shock
Mandelas two youngest daughters were in
London watching the premiere of his biopic
Long Walk to Freedom when they were told
of his death.
After huddling around radios and televi-
sions to hear the news, South Africans poured
onto the streets near his Johannesburg home,
walking arm-in-arm to join a crowd of hun-
dreds singing songs celebrating his struggle
against apartheid.
My heart is full of joy and sadness at the
same time, said Ashleigh Williams, one of
those outside the house, where struggle-era
songs lled the air.
He left a great legacy. I dont think anyone
will ever be able to ll his shoes.
Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu lauded
his fellow Nobel laureate as the man who
taught a deeply divided nation how to come
To suggest that South Africa might go up in
ames - as some have predicted - is to discredit
South Africans and Madibas legacy, Tutu said
in a statement.
The sun will rise tomorrow, and the next
day and the next... It may not appear as bright
as yesterday, but life will carry on.
Terrorist turned icon
Once considered a terrorist by the United States
and Britain for his support of violence against the
apartheid regime, at the time of his death he was
an almost unimpeachable moral icon.
Mandelas extraordinary life story, quirky
sense of humor and lack of bitterness towards
his former oppressors ensured global ap-
peal for the charismatic leader.
He spent 27 years behind bars before
being freed in 1990 to lead the African Na-
tional Congress (ANC) in negotiations with
the white minority rulers which culminated
in the rst multi-racial elections in 1994.
A victorious Mandela served a single
term as president before taking up a new
role as a roving elder statesman and
leading AIDS campaigner before nally
retiring from public life in 2004.
The man he replaced, South Africas
last white president FW de Klerk, also
paid tribute.
South Africa has lost one of its found-
ing fathers and one of its greatest sons,
he said.
Born in July 1918 in the southeastern
Transkei region, Mandela started a career
as a lawyer in Johannesburg in parallel
with his political activism.
He became commander-in-chief of Um-
khonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the
armed wing of the by now-banned ANC,
in 1961, and the following year underwent
military training in Algeria and Ethiopia.
While underground back home in
South Africa, Mandela was captured by
police in 1962 and sentenced to ve years
in prison. AFP
When 2 From Page 1
The Philippine STAR
Mandela, 95, died at home in Johannes-
burg yesterday after struggling with a series
of lung infections for the past two years.
Mrs. Aquino was conned in hospital for
over a month herself before succumbing to
colon cancer on Aug. 1, 2009.
My mother admired Mandela very
much, Cruz recalls, adding how impressed
her mother was with Mandela whom she
found so humble despite his fame and de-
void of bitterness despite his 27 years of in-
carceration for his stand against apartheid.
Despite the great heights he reached, wala
siyang kayabang-yabang (he had no hint of ar-
rogance). He was so warm and he had no hint
of bitterness in him, Cruz told The STAR.
Mrs. Aquino, an icon of democracy her-
self for leading a bloodless people power
revolution in the Philippines, was in Preto-
ria in 1996 to be the keynote speaker of the
Nelson Mandela Award on Human Rights
(for Public Health), sponsored by the Kaiser
Family Foundation.
A few months after that, she paid formal
tribute to Mandela when she received the
Fulbright Prize at the US State Department
in Washington, which honored Mandela
himself with the award the year before.
I am greatly honored yet deeply hum-
bled to receive this award. For I am pre-
ceded in this distinction by one who took
upon himself, what seemed for centuries,
the impossible struggle of a people for
equality, dignity and freedom in their own
country, Mrs. Aquino said.
She praised Mandela for vanquishing
racism, so that when he danced on the
stage of his inaugural as the rst black presi-
dent of South Africa, good men and women
throughout the world followed his steps.
And he achieved this, not by force but
with reason; never with hate but with, I
think, something like love; not with re-
criminations but with an unyielding resolve
never to look back in anger but forward,
with the enemy of his people, to the time
when they can regard each other as one.
When Mrs. Aquino told former US em-
bassy charge daffaires Joseph Mussomeli
how honored she was to have been in the
company of Mandela, he reportedly told
her, You, too, Mrs. President, have done
much to vanquish oppressors. You are both
freedom icons.
5 soldiers, 3 others hurt in Leyte helicopter crash
Five soldiers and three civilians, in-
cluding two personnel of the Department
of Social Welfare and Development, were
injured when an Air Force helicopter car-
rying them crashed in Leyte yesterday
Air Force spokesman Col. Miguel Okol
said the Huey 940, involved in relief op-
erations, went down between the towns
of Burauen and La Paz. All its crew and
passengers managed to get out of the
helicopter safely. Alexis Romero
Used by Special Permission, Radio Bible Class, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
The Philippine STAR
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My Four Centavos
When [Jesus] had given thanks, He
broke it and said, Take, eat; this is My
body which is broken for you.
1 Corinthians 11:24
When a US Navy vessel arrives or
departs from the military bases in Pearl
Harbor, the crew of that ship lines up in
dress uniform. They stand at attention
at arms length on the outer edges of the
deck, in salute to the soldiers, sailors,
and civilians who died on December 7,
1941. It is a stirring sight, and partici-
pants often list it among the most memo-
rable moments of their military career.
Even for spectators on shore, the sa-
lute triggers an incredible emotional
connection, but especially between the
servants of today and the servants of yes-
terday. It grants nobility to the work of
todays sailor, while giving dignity to the
sacriice of those from the past.
When Jesus instituted the Lords Sup-
This do in remembrance
per (Matt. 26:26-29), it was surely with
an eye toward creating this same kind
of emotional bond. Our participation
in the Lords Table honors His sacriice
while also granting us a connection to
Him unlike any other act of remem-
Just as the Navy carefully prescribes
the way it salutes the fallen, so too Scrip-
ture teaches us how to remember Jesus
sacriice (1 Cor. 11:26-28). These acts of
reverence and thanksgiving serve to
honor past action while giving purpose
to present service. Randy Kilgore
Action Suggestion:
Read with fresh eyes the detailed in-
structions Scripture offers for the Lords
Supper in 1 Corinthians 11, and experi-
ence anew its power in your spiritual
READ: 1 Corinthians 11:23-34
The Lords Supper Christs
memorial that He left for us.
It is still a failure in planning.
In the next billing cycle, con-
sumers will be treated to a surge
in power costs. That will be on top
of last weeks spike in LPG prices
and an upward crawl in fuel prices.
There will be grumbling ev-
erywhere, to be sure, and some
angry marches in the streets. Mega-
phones, however, have never been known to inluence
energy costs.
The forthcoming surge in power costs is temporary,
authorities say. It is due to the simultaneous main-
tenance shutdowns of power plants using cheaper
energy sources, such as the ones that run on natural
gas from the Malampaya ield.
The militants, waving their red banners, say this
government is deliberately inlicting misery on the
people. They demand royalties from the Malampaya
ield be used to subsidize power costs.
The Department of Energy (DoE), for its part, is
suggesting there might be collusion among the power
producers to create an artiicial shortage and push
prices up. It will, as this administration is wont to,
launch an investigation into the matter.
If there is any failure leading to this impending
surge in power costs, however, the DoE ought to take
the major portion of the blame.
It should be the agencys task to orchestrate things
in the power sector, including maintenance sched-
ules, to ensure reliable power supply using the most
eficient cost structure. The clustered shutdowns of
the most eficient plants that we see today should not
have happened.
It is likewise the task of the DoE to ensure we have
ample energy reserves. Over the past three-and-half
years, no new power generation project was added to
our energy stock. Rene Almendras, the man who failed
to improve on our energy stock, was kicked upstairs
to become secretary for the whole Cabinet as well as
the impromptu spokesman for the chaotic disaster
response in the wake of the super typhoon.
On a more strategic level, the task of the DoE is to
ensure continuous improvement in the cost structure
of the nations power supply. The cost structure de-
termines the average cost of power generated by the
mix of eficient and ineficient, green and dirty power
If we improve the cost structure of our power sup-
ply, using more eficient baseload plants using natural
gas instead of bunker oil, thermal instead of coal, our
people will beneit from cheaper energy. We could
become competitive in energy-intensive industries
one again.
Alas, the cost structure for our power supply re-
mains one of the highest in Asia. The maintenance
closure of the more eficient plants means skewing the
cost structure upwards, causing the energy price surge
we anticipate. This is not good news for the economy.
Last Thursday, the irst of what could be numerous
street protests against the impending power price
surge was staged before the main ofices of Meralco.
That is unfortunate. Meralco is only the distributor
of power priced by the producers. The company col-
lects from the end-consumers but does not determine
It is like attacking the bearer of bad news. What
confronts us is a truly complicated energy problem
that must not be oversimpliied.
Nelson Mandela passed away yesterday at 95. The
whole world mourned the passing of this great man,
no one sadder than his own nation he helped resur-
rect from the hell of apartheid and transformed into a
genuine community.
What else can I add to the great outpouring of elo-
quence from all the worlds leaders?
Simply this: Mandela defined what leadership
meant for this day and age.
The apartheid regime kept this man in a dark prison
cell for 27 years but never once came close to breaking
his spirit. From that dark cell, the light he personiied
shone through to as far as these distant, forsaken is-
lands in the Paciic.
Those of my generation participated in the irst truly
global political crusade to free Mandela and end apart-
heid. The crusade was surely about something more
than Mandela and the African National Congress. It
was about establishing the norms of modern civility
everywhere. We named our children after this man and
embraced tightly the tenet of racial equality.
That global crusade would not have gained the
traction it did without the force of Mandelas personal-
ity. He was a warrior without hate, a victim without
bitterness and eventually a leader without prejudice.
When the apartheid regime inally yielded to global
pressure and opened the way to a new democratic na-
tion, something more than the termination of one gov-
ernment happened. The day Mandela walked out of
prison was also the day a new South Africa was born.
It was almost in the natural course of things that
Mandela walked from prison to the presidency of a
nation that could have easily descended into racial
war and communal chaos as the apparatus of the
white supremacists scuttled. The worst did not hap-
pen, fortunately, as Mandela provided the persona to
inspire a whole people to build together rather than
destroy one another.
Never once did Mandela blame the previous regime,
although there was ample reason to do so. Instead, he
kept his people looking forward to a brighter future. His
people responded with aplomb. South Africa is now well
on its way to becoming a global economic power.
Mandela led not by grabbing credit by but maintain-
ing moral ascendancy. He provided what modern lead-
ership should: a clear moral compass for his people,
a irm basis for investing hope in the community. By
his eloquence, a nation was born.
To his last days, Mandela was bafled by all the
adoration coming his way. His humility was real.
Power surge
The ongoing word war of destruc-
tion in the Senate is an exercise in
distraction. As the country continues
to cope with the devastation brought
about by Typhoon Yolanda, you
would think that our Senators could
devote their time to more productive
endeavors. And to think that the two
protagonists are senior members of
the legislature who are acknowledged legal experts
in their respective ields. Instead of engaging in eye
for an eye lex talionis legal parlance for the law
of retaliation they should perhaps focus on drafting
laws for rehabilitation.
Without a doubt, the so-called Clash of Titans
makes interesting viewing and reading. It has been
likened to an action-packed teleserye drama complete
with hate speech and grand gestures. If these words
were uttered outside of the Senate hall, for sure they
would constitute grounds for slander. Indeed, this is
a clear case of abuse of parliamentary privilege and
immunity so much so that their more sober colleagues
are moving for the deletion of the privilege speeches
from the Senate record. On the brighter side, at least
the two kept their war to words as opposed to parlia-
mentarians from other countries where disagreements
can lead to physical brawls. But then again who knows
how and when this spat will end?
This public washing of the Senators dirty laundry
does not bode well for the institutions image especially
since it is still recovering from the PDAF scandal taint.
And the Pandoras box of serious accusations that have
been let loose cannot be left uninvestigated. Otherwise,
future Senate investigations may not be viewed with the
same credibility and accorded the same respect. To the
viewing voters, perhaps this is a timely reminder that we
should be careful whom we vote for.
* * * *
Ironic and tragic: The news of American actor
and Fast & Furious star Paul Walkers unfortunate
accident has been widely reported in the media. The
fact that the star of a Hollywood franchise built upon
street racing died while riding in the passenger seat
of a Porsche Carrera GT (driven by professional racer
Roger Rodas) which crashed against a light pole is
ironic; passing away at the relatively young age of 40,
in the middle of a still rising career, and after attend-
ing a beneit dinner to raise funds for the victims of
typhoon Yolanda is tragic.
Walker was planning on becoming a marine biolo-
gist until his role in Pleasantville in 1998 made him
a Hollywood star. Its unfortunate, however, that with
great fame comes great insensitivity. Since the accident,
there have been numerous hoax posts on social me-
dia sites from people preying on the gullibility of his
fans. Alleged gruesome photos of Walker and Rodas
have turned out to be photoshopped. Certainly, the
last thing his family and loved ones especially his
young daughter, Meadow Rainneed right now is to
be subjected to such banality. Alas, such is part of the
price of being in the public eye. By way of appreciation
and small consolation, Resolution No. 577 was iled
last Wednesday at the Philippine House of Represen-
tatives by Negros Occidental Rep. Alfredo Benitez to
honor the late actor for his humanitarian efforts. Aside
from providing inancial assistance, his foundation,
Reach Out Worldwide, had already organized and
dispatched a group of 12 disaster responders to areas
hit by typhoon Yolanda.
* * * *
Today in history: The United States is commemo-
rating the 72nd anniversary of the surprise attack at
Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian island of Oahu which
marked the start of World War II in the Paciic. The
110-minute, two-wave attack resulted in 2,403 killed,
1,211 wounded, 188 planes destroyed and a crippled
US Paciic leet that included eight sunk or severely
damaged battleships.
For those old enough to remember the movie Tora!
Tora! Tora! (Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!), Commander Mitsuo
Fuchida uttered these words upon lying over Pearl
Harbor to convey the message to the Japanese navy that
the attack was a smashing success. The day after, US
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt remarked that De-
cember 7, 1941 would be a date that will live in infamy
and the US Congress formally declared war on Japan.
Remember Pearl Harbor become the battle cry of the
Americans for the next four years.
* * * *
Greetings: Birth anniversary best wishes to long
time faithful friend Angel Mang Boy Suarez and to
high school classmate Jun the man Labadan.
* * * *
In memoriam: Long time political prisoner turned
President (in the Philippines it is the other way around
Presidents become prisoners) Nelson Mandela who
tirelessly fought to promote racial equality in his be-
loved South Africa passed away last Thursday at the
age of 95. Imprisoned for close to three decades for
opposing white minority rule, Mandela was praised
by the countrys last white President, F.W. de Klerk,
as a great uniier who was able to understand and
soothe the fears of white South Africans in the transi-
tion to democracy.
Paying tribute, Sir Anthony OReilly had this to
say: Few men tower, in modern history, with the moral
certitude or the political wisdom, the forgiving patience
or the lordly humility of Nelson Mandela.... It seemed,
as the inal, costly decades of apartheid wore on, that a
peaceful transition was implausible and the likelihood
of the country, of its history, delivering a leader strong
enough and forgiving enough to subdue the fears and the
anger of centuries was remote, to say the least. It can only
be considered remarkable that against this history, and
the most unlikely circumstances of a country with such
profound racial, linguistic, ethnic and political divisions
that a igure arose by some magical alchemy to codify
by forgiveness a dispensation that is the root cause of all
the prosperity that is now accruing to this country. Rest
well great Madiba!
* * * *
I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but
the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not
feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
Nelson Mandela

* * * *
Destructive distractions
Icon of freedom
The United Nations Security Coun-
cil observed a minute of silence as
the world joined South Africans
yesterday in mourning the passing
of Nelson Mandela. The Nobel Peace
laureate was a great leader in every
sense: a man with greatness of heart
who led by example.
Twenty-seven years in detention,
18 of them at hard labor in the dusty
quarries of Robben Island, failed to
break the spirit of Mandela, who
inspired his nations relentless
struggle against apartheid. When the
battle was won and Mandela became
his countrys irst black president,
he showed greatness of spirit, for-
giving his jailers and torturers. He
urged his nations black majority to
do the same as they dismantled the
apparatus of state-sponsored racial
Mandela then showed exemplary
leadership in the difficult path of
national reconciliation. The worlds
most famous political prisoner did not
want his nation to be consumed by ha-
tred and descend into post-apartheid
violence. Instead he sought to rally
black and white behind common pas-
sions such as sports. He worked for
more equitable economic growth, so
that his countrys enormous natural
wealth could beneit even impover-
ished black communities.
The anti-apartheid struggle took
a toll on Mandelas personal life,
and some quarters complained that
more should have been done to
make apartheid oppressors account
for their crimes. But South Africas
great black hope opted for unity and
peace in the dificult transition from
white minority rule.
In another gesture of leadership,
Mandela did not hang on to his post,
instead presiding over the peaceful
transfer of power in a democratic
setting at the appointed time. Many
things could have gone wrong when
the apartheid apparatus was disman-
tled. South Africa pulled off the tran-
sition in an impressive way, thanks
largely to Nelson Mandela. South
Africas icon is deeply mourned by
the world.
The Philippine STAR
Editor: RAMON M. LIM 15
From A Distance
Sundry Strokes
At Ground Level
Shooting Straight
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How time ies indeed! Today is
the 72nd anniversary (it is Dec. 8
here) of the surprise attack by the
Japanese Imperial Navy against
the US Naval base in Hawaii
called Pearl Harbor, which turned
the already raging war in Europe
against the Nazis into a global
conict, called World War II. This
war resulted in at least 50 million
casualties and in the Philippines at least 10% of the
Filipino population died during that war.
If the anniversary of Pearl Harbor is already 72
years old, just imagine how old would our World War
II Veterans be? Last Thursday, Nov. 28, my uncle, the
elder brother of my mother, Col. Manuel Segura (Ret)
died at the Asian Hospital at 94 years old. After a vigil
in Quezon City, his remains arrived in Cebu City last
Tuesday. Yesterday, his remains were brought to the
Cebu City Hall because Mayor Michael Rama wanted
to honor him.
Tio Manning as we fondly called him, was our lo-
cal World War II hero in Cebu, having been with the
guerrilla force under the Command of Col. James
Cushing, a mining engineer who during the Japanese
occupation was, President, Governor, Mayor, King or
Chieftain of Cebu.
But more importantly, since no one in his guerrilla
Last Dec. 3 (International Solidarity
Day with Political Prisoners), human
rights defenders and former political
detainees marched to Mendiola (now
Chino Roces) Bridge, after picketing the
Department of Justice. They urged the
government to release all of the countrys
449 political prisoners, 154 of them ar-
rested under the Aquino administration.
Come Dec. 10 (International Human
Rights Day), contingents will again march
to Mendiola. This time theyll call the gov-
ernment to account for its failure to stop
extrajudicial killings and other human
rights violations, and to end impunity
as President Aquino publicly promised to
do in July 2010.
How serious is the impunity problem?
Just consider:
1. On May 29, 2012, the UN Human
Rights Council issued its universal peri-
odic review of the Philippines human-
rights performance: 22 member-nations
deplored the Aquino governments
dismal record in prosecuting violations
that happened under its watch and its
They urged the government to take
decisive measures to end impunity.
The cases recorded then: 76 extrajudicial
killings, 49 frustrated EJKs (under the
Aquino government only).
2. The following September, the gov-
ernment told the UNHRC that it had
taken measures to address the problems
raised. Yet the number of incidents rose
to 112 EJKs, and 68 frustrated EJKs.
3. By August 2013 more cases piled up:
152 EJKs, 168 frustrated EJKs, 18 enforced
disappearances (as recorded by Karapa-
tan, the human rights alliance recognized
by the UNHRC).
Compounding the failure to fulll his
promise in 2010, P-Noy is being casti-
gated on another human rights issue:
failing to implement a new law he signed
last February, granting recognition and
compensation to tens of thousands of
martial law victims.
It took Congress 18 years to pass the
Human Rights Victims Reparation and
Recognition Act of 2013. It provides P10
billion to compensate the victims (the
money will be taken from a part of the
Marcos ill-gotten wealth recovered by
the government).
But the law cannot be implemented
because P-Noy either hesitates, or re-
fuses (as one of its authors charged
in a privilege speech Monday at the
House of Representatives), to appoint
the members of the Compensation Board
mandated to draw up the implementing
rules and regulations and administer the
compensation. Meantime, many of the
prospective beneciaries have been dy-
ing without receiving any compensation.
Thus theres just ground for the de-
fenders and victims of human rights vio-
lations to rail against the P-Noy govern-
ment, and to solicit and win the sympathy
of supporters around the world.
A lifelong human rights
defender from Switzerland
As the international campaign un-
folds, four names come to my mind:
Alba Viotto of Switzerland, Renee Des-
tribats of France, Gloria Fairclough of
Australia, and Teresa Davis of Canada.
As a political detainee under the Mar-
cos dictatorship, and the Cory Aquino
and Ramos administrations, I cherished
the long-standing personal and politi-
cal interactions with these wonderful
Sadly, Alba Viotto is no longer with
us. Weeks ago I was informed that Alba,
whom I last met in Geneva in 2007,
passed away in May at age 88.
Her demise will surely sadden the
hundreds of former political detainees
who beneted from Albas relentless
endeavors to help regain their freedom.
Sending modest nancial aid, she kept
their morale high through her heart-
warming letters. In the late 1970s, Alba
visited us at the Bicutan Rehabilitation
Center in Taguig.
Thanks to Albas friend, Carol
Sheller, and to Rose Salvador-Palma,
widow of a fellow political detainee
who passed on to me Shellers English
translations from French of testimoni-
als to Alba, Ive learned other aspects
of Albas superb lifetime dedication to
human rights. Here are excerpts from
two testimonies:
There is no word in French for what
English speakers and the United Na-
tions refer to as empowerment. But if
anyone has ever lived the meaning of
this word, it is Alba Viotto, said Stella
Jegher, Amnesty International Swiss
branch coordinator. She added:
Her whole life long she dedicated
her competences, her resources and her
energy to the cause of people deprived
of their rights. Not that she wanted to
help victims but rather to give the op-
pressed the means to act as their own
agents of change.
Whether they were students in
nursing, Filipino trade union activists,
women raped in Rwanda, or workers
without a legal status in Switzerland,
Alba worked to bring to public light
the situations of individuals whose
basic rights were denied. She made
their voices heard, insisting that
their dignity as human beings be
From Olivier Dufour, head of the
department of mental health and psy-
chiatry at Geneva University Hospital,
I glimpsed another aspect of Albas
humanitarian commitment.
Well-known as a psychiatric nurse,
Alba mentored generations of students
whom she taught that work with
mental patients meant reaching out to
them as people suffering from psychic
problems, searching for a meaning to
life She urged them to draw on our
professional capacities and personal
experiences and take a strong ethical
viewpoint in defense of our patients
as human beings, against their being
excluded or passed over in silence.
Alba, said Dufour, did not hesitate
to upset or question what was taken
for grantedand insist(ed) on the re-
sponsibility of one human being for the
wellbeing of another.
She was, as the mayor of Geneva so
aptly said, the Great Lady of Human
* * *

The solidly, firmly established

technique of violinist Joaquin Maria
Chino Gutierrez, a protg and
pupil of virtuoso Gilopez Kabayao,
must have been already developed
when he made his debut with
orchestra in the CCP theater as a
ten-year-old prodigy playing Lalos
Symphonie Espagnole. Further, also
at that age, Chino gave recitals of
works by Bach, Mozart, Paganini and Sarasate, among
In this regard, Chino calls to mind the legendary
Yehudi Menuhin who made his orchestral debut ren-
dering Beethovens Concerto in New Yorks Carnegie
Hall at age 11 (with Fritz Busch conducting), and
whose rst concerts began when he was eight.
Last Nov. 30, Chino gave a recital at F. Santiago
Hall with pianist Corazon Pineda Kabayao as as-
sisting artist. The event was titled Revelry Live,
Love, Dance, obviously because the predominantly
lively, spirited, propulsive program consisted mostly of
dances: Stravinskys Suite Italienne with a Tarantella,
Gavotte and Minuet, Dvoraks Slavonic Dance in E
Minor, Dance of the Spirits in the third movement of
the opening number, Ysayes Sonata, Wieniawskis
Polonaise Brillante in A Major, concluding with Ravels
Tzigane, derived from the composers interest in the
dancing Gypsies of Hungary.
In these compositions, Chinos playing ranged from
vivid and vibrant to furious and ery, the tumult and
turbulence of the nale, Ravels Tzigane, dazzling the
audience as it imagined the gypsies whirling about in
dizzying pace.
The opening Sonata in A Minor for solo violin, by
Ysaye asserted early on Chinos mastery of his in-
strument as well as his grasp of style of form and
content. These qualities were evident in the rest of the
aforementioned works as well as in Francks Sonata
in A Major.
Rizals La Deportacion, transcribed by Gilopez
Kabayao informed listeners that the national heros
genius included his little-known talent for composi-
tion. La Deportacion is a lovely lyrical kundiman.
Throughout the recital, Chinos tones varied from
full and rich to exquisitely ligree. Intense, poetic
feeling was conveyed by the cadenzas, melodic lines
were rapturously rendered, ornamentations eloquently
delineated. The violinist was alternately rhapsodic,
particularly in Tzigane, and gently lyrical especially
in the serenata from Stravinskys Suite Italienne.
Mrs. Kabayao lent her own distinction as a strik-
ingly brilliant accompanist, matching Chinos technical
command in the most dauntingly orid passages, as
well as his sensitivity in the owing and uid ones.
After thunderous applause, Chino responded with
a composition by Bach, another by De Falla, this
evoking the passionate spirit of Spain, and the native
Paro-Parong Bukid.
Already, Chino is a phenomenal violinist. When he
returns after further studies in Munichs Academy of
Music, what further raves he will garner.
Addendum: My review of The Nutcracker ballet
inadvertently omitted mention of Marcus Tolentino
who vividly portrayed Drosselmeyer, Mashas uncle.
* * *
Charisse Chiudian, charming communications di-
rector of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, sent invitations to
the lighting of its Christmas tree and a concert held last
Dec. 4. Francis Garchitorena, PR manager of Peninsula
Hotel, extends an invitation to patrons and friends for
the Pens 30th Christmas concert on Dec. 8, from 5 to 7
p.m. Francis is particularly excited about the musical
line-up: Lani Misalucha, Rachelle Gerodias, Jose Mari
Chan, the Philippine Madrigal Singers and the PPO
under Ruggero Barbieri.
Today, Dec. 7 at 4 p.m., Come to the Stable, a
celebration of music and Filipino artistry, will be
presented at the Ayala Museum.
Viva Verdi, a concert making the composers bi-
centennial, will be held at the CCP main theater, 7:30
p.m. Singers rendering Verdi arias will be an Italian
tenor, a Spanish baritone and our own Andrew Fer-
nando, Margarita Gianelli, Rachelle Gerodias, Ronan
The Phenomenal Chino /
Christmas concerts galore
Ferrer, Thea Perez-Prosia, Nenen Espina
and the Coro Tomasino.
On Dec. 12, the Manila Symphony
Orchestra will play in a benet concert
Music for Christ: A Christmas Festi-
val at the Santuario de San Jose Parish,
Greenhills. To be rendered will be works
of Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Ryan Cayabyab
and Ariel Arambulo. Soloists will be Mar-
garita Giannelli and Chito Soberano, with
the St. Paul Manila U. Chorale.

Col. Manuel Segura:

A great Cebuano hero
group wrote about the exploits of the Cebu
guerrillas, in 1975 Col. Segura then wrote
the book, entitled Tabunan.Tabunan is
the location of the headquarters of Col.
Cushing called the Cebu Area Command
(CAC) in Barangay Tabunan, the barrio
on the border between Cebu City and the
Municipality of Balamban, which faces
Mt. Manunggal.
Tabunan gave Cebuanos an insight
on the life of the guerrillas ghting in
the mountain fastness of Cebu. Being his
nephew, I have heard these exploits dur-
ing family parties when my uncles would
talk about the war. But then I thought that
these were just plain stories. But reading
his book triggered in me a profound inter-
est in the history of Cebu. Then in 1992
Col. Segura came up with his second book
entitled The Koga Papers. This was the
book that made the Cebuano guerrillas
world famous.
The Koga Papers is the story of Admi-
ral Mineichi Koga who took over the com-
mand of the Japanese Combine Fleet from
Pearl Harbor architect Isoroku Yamamoto
whose plane was shot and crashed in
Rabaul. Admiral Koga was moving his
headquarters from Koror, Palau to Davao
and took two Kawanishi Flyboats for the
600-mile trip. Koga took the rst plane,
while his Chief of Staff, Admiral Shigeru
Fukudome was on the other seaplane
carrying the Z-Plan, the nal draft of the
Combine Fleet Secret Operations for the
nal defense of Japans remaining assets
in the Pacic.
But along the way, they ran into an
unexpected typhoon and both planes
strayed far from their original ight
path. Kogas plane disappeared, while
Admiral Fukodomes plane crash-
landed off the town of San Fernando,
30 kilometers south of Cebu City. The
survivors were captured by the guer-
rillas of Col. Cushing and brought to
Tabunan. But the Z-Plan was found
by guerrillas off Perelos, Carcar. They
didnt know what it was and so they
sent it to Col. Cushing who found the
documents of extreme importance.
Meanwhile, Col. Cushing had to let
go of his prized hostage, Admiral Fuku-
dome who was the highest Flag ofcer
ever to be captured in the Pacic War
because the Japanese Army in Cebu
City threatened to kill Cebuano civil-
ians if he refused. After Fukudome and
his group were released, the Z-Plan was
sent via a submarine, the USS Crevalle
to the headquarters of Gen. Douglas
MacArthur in Australia and after deci-
phering the Z-Plan, the plan to invade
the Philippines was moved earlier from
December to October and from General
Santos City to Tacloban City. The rest
is history.
It was indeed a great honor to be
related to Col. Segura. From him, I
learned the spirit of volunteerism. He
was only 22 years old when the war
broke out. Being an ROTC Cadet, he
volunteered to ght the Japanese. My
uncle also taught me about courage.
Once he showed me his Japanese Ka-
tana aka Samurai sword. Then I asked
him how he got it. He really didnt
When my family and were in
exile in London, my late husband
and I met up with personalities
from the anti-apartheid move-
ment. Having come from the
Philippines, we did not know
much about the movement or
maybe it was because Africa was
too far from the Philippines. We
failed to see at the time that the
anti-apartheid movement was
relevant to our opposition to Marcos dictatorship.
But we did nd ourselves together in some meetings
since the anti-apartheid movement was based in Lon-
don. It began and gained momentum in the 60s and grew
from strength to strength until apartheid was disbanded
in the 80s. We met at meetings arranged through the Brit-
ish Labour Movement and some progressive members of
Parliament. Indeed when the rst demonstration of the
Pagkakaisa ng Samahang Pilipino was organized in Speak-
ers Corner in Hyde Park against the unjust deportation
of Filipino workers from the UK, we were joined by
members of the anti-apartheid movement.
In time, we slowly got to know each other better and
understood that our causes were related a struggle
for freedom and human rights.
Through our activities in London we knew of the
South African leader Nelson Mandela. I am reminded of
those days when his death was announced today (Philip-
pine time) at his home. He was 95 years. It was a long
life, considering that he spent a good part of it in prison.
When we rst heard anti-apartheid stories I was
surprised that it was still around in our day and age.
In a sense anti-apartheid because it was so blatantly
racist was easier to be angry about. The Filipino cause,
being merely anti-colonial was often vague and invis-
ible so we could not get the sympathy we hoped for in
our own struggle against a dictatorship supported by
a former colonizer.
It was also true that if anti-apartheid lasted so long
and Nelson Mandela kept in prison indenitely, it was
thanks to Western governments support. The infer-
ence was that law and order could be maintained only
if blacks and whites lived separately. Even Indians
although not black did not enjoy equal rights with the
superior white.
It was a place of beautiful houses, well-watered lawns,
privileged wealthy whites spending their time in exclu-
sive clubs, mimicking the life in their home countries in
Europe and the US. The blacks could come in to white
territory to work but would have to leave before night-
fall. As it was in the American South, the blacks were
seen as useful slaves but barred from enjoying the good
and equal life with whites. I traveled to many parts of
the world at the time except South Africa, fearful of not
being accepted even as a visitor for not being white.
All that nally came to end. Richard Knight writing for
Wikipedia said the disinvestment campaign in the United
States, which had been in existence for quite some years,
gained critical mass following the Black political resistance
to the 1983 South African Constitution which included a
complex set of segregated parliaments.
But it was not until the blacks fought to reject apart-
heid in numbers that the world listened.
In a total rejection of apartheid, black South Africans
mobilized to make the townships ungovernable, black
local ofcials resigned in droves, and the government
declared a State of Emergency in 1985 and used thou-
sands of troops to quell unrest. Television audiences
throughout the world were to watch almost nightly
reports of massive resistance to apartheid, the growth
of a democratic movement, and the savage police and
military response.
Mandela was the hero who symbolized the movement
that put an end to white rule when he won the countrys
rst fully democratic elections in 1994 after his release
from 27 years in jail.
There are many lessons Filipinos can learn from the
black struggle against apartheid in South Africa. To my
mind, the most important is never to lose faith that one
day the cause for freedom and justice will be fullled.
There was no bitterness from the man imprisoned for
the most part of his life.
In his acceptance speech in 1994 as South Africas rst
black president he said the time for the healing of the
wounds has come. The moment to bridge the chasms
that divide us has come.
* * *
Of the many books he has written or have been writ-
ten about him, I like Converstations with Myself. I still
have to nish reading the book but I will quote a para-
graph in the introduction by President Barack Obama.
In the end, this is Mandelas message to each of us.
All of us face days when it can seem like change is hard
days when our opposition and our own imperfec-
tions may tempt us to take an easier path that avoids
responsibilities to one another. Mandela faced those days
as well. But even when little sunlight shined into that
Robben Island cell, he could see a better future one
worthy of sacrice.
Even when faced with the temptation to seek
revenge, he saw the need for reconciliation, and the
triumph of principle over mere power. Even when he
had earned his rest he still sought and seeks to inspire
his fellow men and women to service.
* * *
My objection to the appointment of Sen. Panlo Lac-
son as the rehabilitation czar is an issue of meritocracy.
There are other personalities, not necessarily politicians,
who have shown through their character, capabilities
and have a track record to prove it. A manager is needed
to be able to reconcile clashing interests and able to draw
up a holistic plan for the program of rehabilitation. He
must see it as a cause in itself for the betterment of the
victims and not as a political platform. After all, if we
accept that there are many different tasks involved in
rehabilitation then the job must go to a man who has
a varied knowledge of the skills needed, one that will
engage individuals according to merit and looked up to
with respect for understanding priorities.
I do not see any track record to have faith with the
Aquino appointment. There are other issues like Kuratong
Baleleng massacre and the Dacer-Corbito murders but
these cases can be best written by those who knew the cases
and followed it up through its conclusion in our justice
system. He has been appointed and he has accepted the
appointment so this may be a futile opinion. But it has to
be made so in the future whatever and whenever when
events unravel, I could in conscience say I told you so.

Mandela did not take

the easier path
Search For Truth
want to go into details he just told me, I had to
ght for my life to get this. If you knew how the Japa-
nese soldier would ght to the death then it really
took great courage to ght a Japanese soldier man-
My uncle thought me about honesty and integ-
rity. Being a soldier all his life, he was part of the
Philippine Constabulary (PC) and was assigned as
PC Chief of the Province of Bohol and later Negros
Province. He told me stories about politicians want-
ing to use him during the elections, but he refused.
This is the reason that despite his being a highly-
decorated World War II hero, he retired in 1972
just before Martial Law was declared still with the
rank of Colonel. Tomorrow Col. Segura will be bur-
ied with full military honors at high noon. But his
memory will linger with us forever.
* * *
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AVILA From page 15

Senator Chiz Escudero, chairman of the Senate -
nance committee said in a Headstart interview that
Senator Ping Lacson as a rehabilitation czar can only
coordinate the jobs of the different departments.
Escudero said Lacson cannot release any funds,
which most only go to line departments. Neither
can he sign contracts or conduct any public bidding.
This translates to more red tape. It will be a frustrat-
ing situation for Ping Lacson.
Meanwhile, Secretaries Mar Roxas, Dinky Soli-
man, and Voltaire Gazmin continued to visit ty-
phoon-damaged areas. They have visited Coron,
Palawan, Aklan, and Estancia, giving the impres-
sion they are still in charge.
Why is the executive order creating the Rehabili-
tation Task Force not yet signed? Better yet, Con-
gress should formally create a Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA)-type agency, and
give Ping Lacson a formal authority as rehab czar.
Death toll at 5,786
NDRRMC Executive Director Eduardo Del Rosa-
rio denied that they are not releasing the true g-
ures of casualties.
NDRRMC Chairman Voltaire Gazmin said the
same thing. What we wonder about is why the daily
number of recovered bodies not immediately add-
ed to the total casualty list. Two congressmen from
Leyte and Samar told us they estimated the death
toll to be well over 10,000.
The present death toll is 5,786; 1,779 missing;
26,233 wounded; and the damage is set at P35 bil-
Another example of National Disaster Risk Re-
duction and Management Council (NDRRMC) inef-
ciency they cannot count the dead accurately.
In order
Congressman Magtanggol Gunigundo has led a
bill granting a tax exemption to Congressman Man-
ny Pacquiao. Some congressmen from the Minority
Bloc supported the bill, and grant tax exemption
also to other deserving athletes.
The Philippine Azkals and Smart Gilas FIBA run-
ner-up have been recipient of bonuses. Manuel V.
Pangilinan also gives bonuses to medal winners in
the Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games.
They should be given tax exemption too. The bill
should be approved, but Malacaang opposes the
Strike it out
Senators Sergio Osmea III and Francis Escu-
dero have announced they will move to strike out
from the record the privilege speeches of Senators
Miriam Defensor Santiago and Johnny Ponce Enrile,
for being unparliamentary and violated all rules of
parliamentary courtesy. Yes, this should have been
done immediately after delivery. Senate President
Frank Drilon should have immediately called the
attention of the misbehaving senator.
Senate President Drilon has called for a Christmas
truce between his two colleagues. Senator Jinggoy
Estrada and Mayor Joseph Estrada also announced
they will try to reconcile the two senators.
The parliamentary war between Miriam and
Johnny has further damaged the reputation of the
Senate as an institution of senior, mature statesmen.
Davao delay
One year has passed since Typhoon Pablo rav-
aged Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley prov-
inces. But up to now the rehabilitation phase has not
been nished, with thousands still without homes,
and thousand farmers still not assisted by the De-
partment of Agriculture (DA).
Several thousand died during Typhoon Pablo.
Barangay Andap in New Bataan, Compostela Val-
ley was wiped out, with 439 dead.
The same is true of Zamboanga City where thou-
sands of homes were destroyed during the Moro
National Liberation Front (MNLF) siege.
No rehab program has been programmed for
Aurora and Nueva Ecija provinces. Up to now, the
long-pending proposal to build permanent evacua-
Coordinate only
tion centers has not been implemented.
Senator Nancy Binay is correct to ask for an in-
vestigation into the governments slow response to
Yolanda. Up to now, the Leyte towns of Capoocan,
Palompon, Kananga, Isabel, and Merida are still
crying for relief.
17 Captives held
The escape of Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani
after 18 months also highlights the incompetency
of the government in running after kidnapping in
Reports say ransom was paid. Autonomous Re-
gion in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) ofcials ad-
mits that the Abu Sayyaf still holds 17 captives, in-
cluding two women lmmakers Linda and Nadova
Bansil and Swiss, Dutch, and Japanese nationals.
Baker Atyani has been own to Zamboanga en
route Manila.
Stop the increases
The general public is up in arms over the pro-
posed big increases in Meralco rates. Simultane-
ously, the gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and LPG pric-
es have zoomed up.
The proposed increase in LRT/MRT fares is due
anytime soon. Prices of basic commodities are up,
with pork at P180/kilo and chicken at P140/kilo.
Vegetables have also increased, with eggplant and
ampalaya at 100/kilo. Even at my physical therapy
clinic the price has increased from P600 to P777.
What is regrettable is that Secretary Sonny Co-
loma came out to justify the Meralco increases as
reasonable, even if the Energy Regulatory Commis-
sion (ERC) still has to hear the petition for increase.
The 45,000 metric tons of Vietnam rice conscat-
ed at Subic were found rotting and unt for human
consumption. This is the responsibility of Ex-BOC
Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, who delayed the auc-
tion of the same.
This is not the rst time the seized goods have
been found rotting at Customs. In other cases,
seized goods were sold at give away prizes.
Impeach threat
Rep. Reynaldo Umali (LP, Oriental Mindoro) is
planning to le an impeachment case against Su-
preme Court justices.
Rep. Toby Tiangco warned that the impeach-
ment threat is meant to blackmail the Supreme
Court, to rule in favor of the government on the
Disbursement Allocation Fund (DAP) case.
DBM Secretary Butch Abad refuses to release the
list of recipients of the DAP, including dozens of
mayors who received the same. Why the secrecy?
TIDBITS: The chief of the Marawi police sta-
tion has been kidnapped by 40 men. He has been
Sixteen PNP ofcials have been charged for mur-
der of Ozamis robbery gang leaders Ricky Cadave-
ro and Wilfredo Panogalinga. This comes after 13
cops were also charged for murder in the Atimonan
Ex-Batangas Governor Tony Leviste has been
granted parole.
Seven Filipinos, including doctors and nurses
were killed in a car bombing in Yemen.
A barangay chairman of Santa, Ilocos Sur has
been shot dead.
Vice President Binay assured Ping Lacson of his
full cooperation. He is distributing relief to Iloilo,
Aklan, and Antique.
Juan Ponce Enrile won a civil suit for libel against
the Philippine Daily Inquirer, for an article published
in 2004 on the Coconut levy.
A bus was held up in Sariaya, Quezon. Two peo-
ple died in the incident.
The City of Manila donated P16 million to Taclo-
ban, Guiuan, and Javier, Leyte.
The world mourns the death of Nelson Mandela,
95, who died at his home in Johannesburg, South

The Philippine STAR

Police to le kidnap raps vs Abu Sayyaf
Sulu provincial police are set to
le charges against the Abu Sayyaf
in the kidnapping of Jordanian
broadcast journalist Baker Atyani.
Sulu provincial police spokes-
man Chief Inspector Kris Conrad
Gutierrez said Atyani has identi-
ed the bandits who held him cap-
tive for 18 months in the jungles
of Sulu.
We are just awaiting the result
of the debrieng that they will for-
ward to us and we are ready to le
the necessary charges against those
who kidnapped Atyani, Gutierrez
said yesterday.
Atyani was own out from Sulu
by the Philippine National Police
Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) to
Manila where he will be handed
over to Jordanian ofcials.
Atyani told the police during his
debriefing that Abu Sayyaf com-
mander Jul Asman Sawadjaan plot-
ted his kidnapping in June last year.
Sawadjaan is one of the few
surviving Abu Sayyaf command-
ers based in the jungles of Patikul
town. He has been linked to several
abductions and attacks as part of
the Abu Sayyaf, which has carved a
brutal image for beheadings, bomb-
ings and ransom kidnappings.
Theres nothing better than
freedom, Atyani said in the hos-
pital, thanking ofcials and people
who worked for his release.
I can see people around me, I
can communicate, I can smile, I can
feel that there are people who can
understand me... This is the feeling
that I have really lost for the last 18
months, he said.
Sulu military commander Col.
Jose Cenabre said Atyani either
was freed or escaped from his cap-
tors. Atyani said he escaped on his
third attempt after sensing that the
gunmen had let their guard down.
Cenabre said it was difcult to
verify reports that ransom was paid.
Atyanis Al Arabiya News Chan-
nel, based in Dubai, said in a state-
ment that the kidnappers handed
him over to a local official and
that Philippine authorities would
secure his return to Jordan.
Two security officers who
dealt with Atyanis kidnapping
said authorities were verifying
information that Sawadjaan had
grown weak in recent months
and died due to an unspecied
illness shortly before the Jorda-
nian gained his freedom. The
two ofcers declined to be named
because of the sensitivity of their
When asked about Sawadjaan,
Atyani said he heard that the Abu
Sayyaf commander was suffering
from a kidney ailment but he was
not sure what had happened to
him. AP
A man who claimed to be
a teacher was arrested in the
Caloocan city hall Thursday
afternoon for allegedly trying
to swindle local ofcials, police
said yesterday.
Alan Santiago Domingo,
38, was waiting for his turn to
talk to Mayor Oscar Malapitan
during the city governments
Peoples Day meeting when
he was spotted by Police Of-
cer 1 Joel Aguares.
Aguares said he recognized
Domingo who claimed to be
a teacher from Dagupan, Pan-
gasinan as the same man he
saw on a news program being
arrested for swindling in Pan-
garap Village, also in Caloocan.
After checking Domingos
solicitation documents in-
cluding one allegedly from
Novaliches Bishop Antonio
Tobias he submitted to the
mayors ofce, police ofcers
staged an entrapment.
Domingo was arrested after
he signed documents indicating
he received P4,800 to buy food
intended for a church event.
Domingo was brought into
Malapitans ofce at around
5 p.m. and presented to the
mayor. Police ofcers seized
a fake police badge, a Profes-
sional Regulation Commission
card and various solicitation
letters intended for other gov-
ernment ofces.
He is being held at the
Caloocan police headquarters
pending the ling of charges.
Rey Galupo
Swindler nabbed
in Caloocan city hall
NBI drug raid turns bloody
Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has
ordered the National Bureau of Investi-
gation (NBI) to explain a bungled drug
bust wherein a civilian agent was killed in
Caloocan City yesterday morning.
That kind of operation should have
been well-planned and enough prepara-
tion should have been undertaken with
the end view of minimizing or avoiding
any untoward incident, let alone casual-
ties, she told reporters in an interview.
De Lima stressed that although there
is really an occupational hazard for NBI
agents in running after criminals, casual-
ties should have been avoided.
Our NBI men are just doing their job,
but it should have not ended that way,
she said. Edu Punay
De Lima: Explain bungled bust
1 volunteer dead, 4 others hurt
A volunteer of the Na-
tional Bureau of Investigation
(NBI) was killed while four
others were wounded when
a drug raid turned bloody in
Phase 12, Caloocan City yes-
Authorities have yet to de-
termine how many bullets
from Armalite and M-14 ries
pierced the body of Larry
Volunteer Juan Suarez and
two others were brought to the
East Avenue Medical Center
in Quezon City for treatment
of gunshot wounds, mostly in
the feet and legs.
Phase 12 in Tala, North
Caloocan is a narrow gated
Muslim community in Baran-
gay 188. The area is near the
house of Stephanie Nicole Ella,
the seven-year-old girl who
was killed by a stray bullet
during New Years Eve.
The place is allegedly noto-
rious for its illegal drug trade
and has been branded by po-
lice as the most dangerous area
in the district of Camanava
(Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas,
and Valenzuela), sources said.
Tricycle drivers, who are
residents of a nearby barangay,
are afraid to ferry passengers
to and from the area. Following
Ellas death, they said people
do not enter the area without
a good reason because they
sometimes just get shot.
Even police officers are
particularly cautious when
entering Phase 12 at least 100
policemen in full battle gear
make up a raiding team.
Sultan and four other vol-
unteers (also known as force
multipliers) were waiting by
the cars of NBI agents from the
bureaus Counter-Intelligence
Division (CID) at about 5:30
a.m. when they were attacked
by still unidentied men.
The gunshots came from
different directions, said
Reynaldo Esmeralda, NBIs
deputy director for intelligence
The volunteers shot back
but were overpowered. One
of the attackers was shot, and
NBI agents are checking hos-
pitals in Metro Manila for the
wounded gunman.
When the gunght ended,
more than 100 bullet shells
were recovered at the scene,
Esmeralda said.
According to CID head
agent Dave Segunial, his men
led by special investigator
Roland Fernandez started
casing the area on Nov. 21 to
verify reports that a certain
Aslam Rumuros Mikmik
Macadao was peddling shabu.
There were reports that
(Macadao) was notorious for
selling shabu, Segunial said.
When the operation was
nalized, 20 NBI agents led by
Fernandez raided Macadaos
house on King Arthur Street
in Phase 12. They found shabu
worth P100,000 but the owner
was missing.
The volunteers, meanwhile,
stayed outside the house, and
guarded the teams five ve-
hicles. Suddenly, gunshots
came from three directions,
killing Sultan.
Segunial said more than 20
people allegedly involved in
the shooting were rounded up.
Seized from them were four
high-powered rearms.
3 robbers slain after stealing taxi
Three robbers were killed in a report-
ed shootout with police ofcers after
they allegedly commandeered a taxi in
Quezon City before dawn yesterday.
Chief Superintendent Richard Al-
bano, director of the Quezon City Police
District (QCPD), said the men had yet to
be identied following the gun battle in
Barangay Talipapa at around 2 a.m.
Albano said the slain men were
tagged by cabbie Francisco Diaz, 63, as
the ones who had robbed him.
Diaz was driving his taxi along Con-
gressional Avenue when he was agged
down by one of the men, who asked
to be brought to Barangay Bahay Toro.
Upon reaching Sinag Tala street, the
man ordered him to stop as two other
men joined the robber.
Diaz said the three robbers took
his P3,800 earnings, blindfolded and
hogtied him, then dumped him. Diaz
asked a fellow cabbie to bring him to the
QCPD Station 3.
Anti-car theft policemen, led by
Senior Inspector Rolando Lorenzo Jr.,
spotted the stolen taxi and tried to ag
it down. The robbers red at the police-
men, forcing them to retaliate, Albano
Two .38 caliber revolvers and a hand
grenade were recovered from the robbers,
according to Albano. Reinir Padua
An Indian singer, said to be the Elvis
Presley of India, and 15 others were arrest-
ed by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) last
Thursday for allegedly holding a concert
at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City
without securing special work permits.
Lead vocalist Tejinder Singh was
among those who were apprehended, BI
spokesperson Ma. Angelica Pedro said.
The 16 Indians reportedly arrived in
the country last Dec. 3. They were arrested
after the concert and are being held at the
BI detention center in Taguig while the
4 rms qualify for P18-B Navy frigate bidding
By ALEXIS ROMERO Four companies have qualied for the
next stage of the bidding for the acquisi-
tion by the Philippine Navy of two frigates
worth P18 billion.
Navantia Sepi (RTR Ventures) of Spain
and South Korean rms STX Offshore &
Shipbuilding, Daewoo Shipbuilding &
Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. and Hyun-
dai Heavy Industries, Inc. hurdled the
rst stage of the bidding process, which
involved the inspection of company docu-
ments, The STAR learned.
Fourteen rms bought bid documents
but only seven submitted bids for the
frigate acquisition project, one of the
big-ticket items in the Armed Forces of
the Philippines upgrade program. The
ships can be used to boost the Philippines
security presence in the West Philippine
Sea and conduct humanitarian missions.
The Department of National Defenses
bids and awards committee said docu-
ments submitted by three of the seven
bidders had deciencies. Garden Reach
Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. of India,
STX France SA and Thyssenkrupp Marine
System can still le a motion for reconsid-
eration to prove that they are qualied to
bid for the project, the committee said.
The seven rms that bought bid docu-
ments but did not submit offers were
Piriou Naval Services, Damen Shipyards,
Fincantieri, DCNS France, Magazon Dock
Pipavav Defense Pvt. Ltd., Stone of David
and Rouvia Yachts / Rouvia Defense Inc.
Second stage
The second stage of the bidding will
involve the opening of nancial proposals
and technical documents. This phase will
determine if the bidders offers are well
within the approved budget of P18-billion
and if their goods are in line with the
specications provided in the bid docu-
ments. The second phase of the bidding
will be held this month.
The government decided to conduct
a two-stage competitive bidding due to
the technical and detailed nature of the
The winning bidder is required to de-
liver the ships within four years from the
opening of a letter of credit, a document
that assures the supplier that the govern-
ment will honor its nancial obligations.
This means that that the vessels may ar-
rive in the country after President Aquino
steps down from ofce in 2016.
Defense officials, nevertheless, said
what is important is they have started to
modernize the Philippine Navy, said to be
one of the ill-equipped units in the region.
16 Indians nabbed for illegal concert
2 men found dead in SUV
The bodies of two men
were found in an abandoned
sport utility vehicle (SUV) in
a Quezon City neighborhood
yesterday morning.
The men, still unidentified,
had puncture wounds and stran-
gulation marks when they were
discovered by village watchmen
inside a parked Honda CRV in
Barangay Holy Spirit.
Police Officer 2 Hermo-
genes Capili said the Honda
CRV was discovered by a resi-
dent, who lived near the corner
of Cerilo and De Leon streets at
around 7 p.m. Thursday.
The grey SUV (XPB-777)
was parked near the house
of Johnny Malto. Yesterday at
around 8 a.m., Malto left home
to get a haircut and saw the ve-
hicle still parked there. Capili
said the SUV appeared to have
been registered to a certain
Angelito Nicolas of Bulacan.
Malto then reported the
parked vehicle to village au-
thorities, who sent watchmen
to check it out.
Quezon City Police District
Station 6 commander Superin-
tendent Eleazar Matta said the
men were seated in the backseat
of the SUV when the watchmen
checked on the vehicle.
Matta said the men had
puncture wounds in the chest
and shoulder and ligature
marks on the neck.
Matta said one was fair-
skinned, chubby, clad in a red
shirt and black pants, and had
tattoos of the words Gnad
and Madrigal and the im-
ages of a scorpion and a snake
with a womans face.
He said the other man was
also fair-skinned, of medium
build, in a black shirt and blue
jeans, and bore tattoos with a
tribal design and the words
Gorilla and valve wire.
Reinir Padua
bureau prepares to deport them.
Pedro said the Indians engaged in
gainful activity by holding a revenue-
generating concert on Dec. 4 without
securing work permits from the bureau.
She said there were no indications that
the proceeds from the concert would go
to the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.
During an interview last Thursday, the In-
dians did not say that the earnings would
benet Yolanda victims, Pedro said.
It is only now, after the interview,
that there is talk that the Yolanda victims
would benet, she said.
The BI ofcial said had the 16 Indians
stated upon their arrival at the airport or
before the concert that they would do a
benet concert for the Yolanda victims,
they would have relaxed immigration
rules for them.
The BI has relaxed immigration rules
for foreigners who came to the country
to extend assistance to the victims. Pedro
said these foreigners are allowed to stay
in the country for as long as two months.
Evelyn Macairan
GMA not asking for furlough
Despite support from a number of her colleagues in
the House of Representatives, former President and now
Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has not asked the
Sandiganbayan for a Christmas furlough.
As of yesterday, no motion asking the anti-graft courts
First Division to allow her to temporarily leave the Veterans
Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) so she can be with her
family during the holidays has been led.
Lawyer Anacleto Diaz, Arroyos lawyer in the plunder
case involving alleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweep-
stakes Ofce funds, said no when The STAR asked if his
client will ask the Sandiganbayan for a Christmas break
from hospital detention. He did not elaborate.
The former president is still moving for the grant of her
petition for bail, which was denied last month by a special
division of ve magistrates with a vote of three to two. Ar-
royo has appealed the ruling. Michael Punongbayan
Super Lotto prize hits P100 M
The jackpot for the 6/49 Super Lotto breached the P100-
million mark yesterday after nobody hit the winning combi-
nation Thursday night.
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Ofce general manager
Jose Ferdinand Rojas II said the jackpot during Thursdays
draw was P98.4 million.
He said at least 31 players won P60,280 each after they
guessed ve of the six-digit combination.
The jackpot is expected to reach P105 million or more by
the next draw on Sunday, Rojas said. Perseus Echeminada
National Bureau of Investigation
agents inspect rearms found
in a house from which unidenti-
ed men shot at NBI volunteers
during a raid on Phase 12 in Tala,
Caloocan City yesterday. Inset
shows some of the men rounded
up for questioning in connection
with the attack. ERNIE PEAREDONDO
The Lords Supper Christs memorial that He left for us.
20 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 email:
Editor LITO A. TACUJAN Assistant Editor GERRY CARPIO
(In exact order)
December 6, 2013
(In exact order)
11 a.m. draw
Evening draw
Evening draw
4 p.m. draw
11 7
6 9 2 9
38 21 44 19 35 34
P9 Million JACKPOT
(In any order)
1 3 9 9 1 5
3 2 4
Jessie Aligaga, gold medalist in the 2012 Sanda
(Sanshou) Wushu World Cup and silver medalist
in the 2013 World Wushu Championships, guns
for the gold in the 48kg category of the sanshou
(combat) events. Divine Wally, silver medalist in
last years Asian Junior Championships, ghts in
the distaff side in the same division of the wushu
competitions at the Theikdi Indoor Stadium in the
new city of Naypyitaw, main hub of the 12-day,
11-nation biennial conclave.
Aligaga and Wally loom as the countrys
best wushu bets for the gold but they will have
their hands full against powerhouse Vietnam
and perennial contenders Indonesia, Malaysia
and host Myanmar, which aims to dislodge
the Philippines at sixth place behind Thailand,
Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore.
The Games will not formally open until Dec.
11 but even before all the athletes could take their
residence at the Athletes Village, the 210-member
Philippine camp had already consigned itself
to the middle of the rankings following the
exclusion of some Olympic and Asian Games
events and the inclusion of indigenous sports
unknown to Filipinos.
The exclusion of softball and baseball,
lawn tennis and some events in billiards
greatly reduced the overall gold medal output
of the Philippines which already placed an
embarrassing sixth with 36 gold medals in the
2011 SEA Games in Indonesia.
Majority of the new national pool of athletes
did not pass the criteria of the Philippine Sports
Commission-Philippine Olympic Committee task
force, resulting in a lean contingent, one of the
smallest ever sent by the country to the biennial
The Philippine contingent is now looking at
no more than 25 gold medals out of 460 golds
staked in 33 sports in four sports venues Nay
Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay and Ngwe Saung.
The absence of Grandmaster Wesley So, who
will not compete in the international rapid and
blitz chess, and the last-minute withdrawal of
boxing gold medal hopeful Charly Suarez who
had a shoulder injury in training, effectively
reduced the projected haul by three.
The Philippine camp will now rely on the
martial arts veterans in boxing, pencak silat,
wushu, wrestling, judo, karatedo and taekwondo
to boost other efforts in basketball, athletics,
billiards and snooker, cycling, golf and rowing.
Aside from Aligaga and Wally, also competing
in sanshou are Francisco Solis (mens 56 kg)
and Evita Elise Zamora (womens 52 kg). John
Keithley Chan, Norlene Ardee Catolico, Daniel
Parantac, Kariza Kris Chan and Natasha Enriquez
will be competing in taolu (form) events.
The wushu athletes will be vying in 10 of the
18 events in the sport.
Also competing before the formal opening
of the Games are athletes in the preliminaries
of boxing, basketball, wrestling, pencack silat,
womens football, sepak takraw, canoe cayak,
equestrian, shooting and cycling.
Wushu Federation Philippines secretary
general Julian Camacho is condent about the
chances of his wards today.
We have a world champion in Jessie. Though
Divine (Wally) is a rookie, shes tough and
strong, so we have a good chance in the 48kg,
said Camacho, whose wards trained in China in
preparation for the SEA Games.
Philippine chef de mission Jeff Tamayo is
also banking on wushu to kick off the countrys
campaign on a high note.
The SEA Games is unique in a sense that we
now focus on martial arts. Our medals will come
from these sports. We made several changes in
the line-up of martial arts to better our chances
for a gold, said Tamayo.
Camacho is also condent that the Philippines
will be able to surpass its two-gold showing in
the last SEA Games in Indonesia two years ago.
Our order to our athletes is to win the gold,
nothing less. We are predicting a minimum of
three to ve in wushu, he said.
Wushu artists open
Phl SEAG mission
Palace denies Pacmans bid for lifetime tax exempt
Malacaang nds unreasonable proposals
in Congress to grant boxing champion and
Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao a lifetime
exemption from income tax.
Workers rush up the completion of the ooring of the Wunna Theikdi Sports Complex in time for the Opening Ceremonies of the 27th SEA Games on Dec. 11 in Myanmar. JOEY MENDOZA JR
Globalport checks 2-game skid
Cojuangco pushing for change in SEAG system
Philippine Olympic Committee
president Jose Cojuangco is still pushing
for drastic and yet positive changes in
the selection of sports being played in the
Southeast Asian Games.
Cojuangco yesterday said that when the
Olympic Council of Asia holds its general
assembly in Manila in mid-January, he will
make a strong stand on the issue.
I will ask our fellow members in the
SEA Games to be in the country a day
ahead of schedule so we can discuss this
SEA Games issue, said Cojuangco.
The POC chief has openly questioned
the way SEA Games hosts are being given
the right and the free will to select the
sports to be played.
Cojuangco said the right is sometimes
being abused by the hosts to favor their
athletes and ensure a higher place in the
overall standings.
In the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar,
organizers scrapped a number of Olympic
events from the calendar and included
close to 60 events in traditional and
indigenous sports.
Cojuangco said he will propose changes
in the selection of the sports to be played as
he maintained that Olympic sports should
always be part of the calendar.
He said host countries can include
as many traditional and indigenous
sports but they should be considered
demonstration sports and should not
reect on the overall medal tally.
Cojuangco is also toying with the idea
of using a points system for the medals,
giving corresponding points for every
gold, silver and bronze.
We must put a value on the silver
medals as much as we value the gold
medals, he said.
Nawawalan na ng katuturan eh (The
logic is being lost), Cojuangco added,
stressing that when the Philippines hosted
the SEA Games in 2006, arnis was the only
traditional sport that was included in the
He said arnis offered only six gold
medals and the Philippines only won half
of them.
Cojuangco said he has spoken to other
members of the SEA Games Federation,
and that they are also open to the idea.
If it gets a favorable response, the POC
chief is hoping that the changes will be
implemented in time for the 2015 SEA
Games in Singapore.
Press Secretary Herminio Coloma said
granting income tax exemptions to athletes would
not be a good precedent.
We hold the same view that it is important
for our citizens to support their government
in the form of paying their correct taxes on the
right time. With this as basis, we think that the
proposal (exemption) is unreasonable, he said.
It is the duty of every citizen to pay the right
taxes. Paying taxes is one of the basic obligations
of every Filipino citizen. That is why we think
that the proposal (of Congress granting Pacquiao
lifetime tax exemption) is not reasonable.
Sen. Grace Poe also believes no exemption
must be given any Filipino in paying taxes
whether he is the President or a hero, but that
Pacquiao must be given some consideration to
allow him to settle any tax deciencies before the
Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
All of us, whether the President or a hero has
the responsibility to help boost the government
coffers, she said in Filipino.
But I hope Pacquiao will be given enough
consideration to resolve the situation he is in.
On the other hand, Senate Deputy Minority
Leader Vicente Sotto III said Pacquiao must be
exempted from taxes for bringing honor to the
Athletes should be exempt from taxes if
winnings are from abroad, he said in a text
Valenzuela Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo
has led a bill seeking to exempt Pacquiao from
income tax for life.
The boxer doesnt deserve ignominious
treatment from the BIR, he added.
The BIR is running after Pacquiao for having
an income tax deciency of P2.2 million in 2008
and 2009.
It has garnished Pacquiaos bank accounts
containing P1.1 million.
Pacquiao is contesting the BIRs assessment
before Court of Tax Appeals.
He has already paid the taxes in the US, he
However, the BIR said it has not received
ofcial documents that would prove the
payments. With Christina Mendez
Manny Pacquiao
NAYPYITAW The wushu experts,
missing the services of Filipino ultimate
ghter Eduard Folayang, begin the war of
attrition in the martial arts, now the main
battleground where Filipinos hope to win
majority of a projected 25-gold medal haul at
the start of wushu competitions today, four
days before the formal opening rites of the
27th Southeast Asian Games here.
Meralcos Sunday Salvacion (right) wards off Globalports Erik Menk as they battle
for the loose ball during their PLDT MyDSL PBA Philippine Cup duel last night.
Sol Mercado and Jay Washington took charge
for Globalport last night, coming through with
season-high outputs as the Batang Pier drubbed
the Meralco Bolts, 93-89, to snap a two-game
losing skein in the PLDT MyDSL PBA Philippine
Cup at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.
Deferring to their rookie
teammates in their previous
games, Mercado and
Washington both stepped up
in this match, delivering 33
and 27 points, respectively,
as the Batang Pier bounced
back to surpass their one-win
showing in this tourney last
Mercado was all over the oor in the closing
seconds, knocking in three charities, pulling one
stop and grabbing one rebound to cap his best
showing since a 45-game explosion in the 2010
season with Rain or Shine.
Washington also collected 10 rebounds and
three assists on top of his 27 points while RR
Garcia added 12 points, including two big treys in
the fourth quarter as Globalport caught up with
Alaska Milk and Meralco at 2-3.
Its just discipline, trusting one another, said
Were a work in progress. In the rst four
games, were still trying to get to know each
other. Were playing lots of one-on-one. Were
seless tonight and made a conscious effort to
play defense, said Mercado.
Rookie Terrence Romeo, still the league-
scoring leader before the game, took the backseat,
making only four points on 2-of-8 shooting.
Globalport coach Ritchie Ticzon said defense
was a big key.
Were able to execute our defensive
game plan. We made the stops, said Ticzon.
Everybody responded very well after our two
losses. The boys played with their hearts out.
The Batang Pier overhauled a nine-point
halftime decit, pulling ahead, 66-64, at the end
of the third and standing their ground in a battle
at the nish.
Games today (Smart Araneta Coliseum)
3 p.m. Barako Bull vs Air21
5:15 p.m. Alaska vs Petron
Rain or Shine wavered at the
nish but Paul Lee came through
with big bailout plays, including
two three-pointers as the Elasto
Painters salvaged an 86-83 decision
over the San Mig Coffee Mixers in
the nightcap.
We played sloppy towards
the end. We made bad decisions.
Were lucky to get away with the
win, said coach Yeng Guiao after
his team moved up to 4-1 in the
The scores:
First Game
Globalport 93 Mercado 33, Washington
27, Garcia 12, Lingganay 6, Hayes 4, Romeo 4,
Salvador 4, Yee 3, Menk 0, Nabong 0, Chua 0,
Belencion 0, Salva 0.
Meralco 89 David 18, Cortez 18, Salvacion
15, Dillinger 13, Wilson 11, Al-Hussaini 7, Allado
7, Caram 0, Sena 0, Guevarra 0.
Quarterscores: 21-22, 37-46, 66-64, 93-89
Second Game
Rain or Shine 86 Lee 26, Chan 11, Araa
7, Tang 6, Teng 6, Norwood 6, Cruz 5, Rodriguez
5, Quiahan 4, Belga 2, Almazan 2, Tiu 2, Nuyles
2, Ibaes 2.
San Mig Coffee 83 Barroca 23, Simon 18,
Pingris 12, Devance 11, Sangalang 8, Reavis 7,
Mallari 4, Acuna 0, Gaco 0, Cawaling 0.
Quarterscores: 25-15, 38-34, 62-59, 86-83
Team W L
Petron 4 0
Rain or Shine 4 1
Ginebra 3 1
Talk n Text 3 1
Barako Bull 2 2
Globalport 2 3
Meralco 2 3
Alaska 2 3
San Mig Coffee 1 4
Air21 0 5
21 The Philippine STAR SPORTS
BAGUIO Mizuno put in a solid 131 at
Camp John Hay and doubled its seven-point
lead over Team Sparta to all but wrap up the
Fil Championship crown with one round
left in the 64th San Miguel Fil Am Mens
Invitational golf tournament here yesterday.
King Stehmeier, Raymund Sangil and
Justin Limjap all red identical 34 Molave
points as the Mizuno Superstars played
to their true potential at the up-and-down
layout although Ace Stehmeier struggled a
bit with a 29.
With a 131-point binge, Mizuno pulled
away with a 373 aggregate, counting the
242 it pooled at Baguio Country Club, for
a 14-point lead over Team Sparta, which
settled for a 124 and a 359.
Despite the big lead, however, the
Superstars remain wary of their rivals.
We have to play our usual games. We
cannot be too complacent. We would play
the CJH course as if we are trailing, said
Mizuno skipper King Stehmeier.
Manila Southwoods moved up to third
at 338 after a 120 as last years champion
Forest Hills oundered with a paltry 106 for
a 331.
Tonton Asistio shot 33 points to lead
Team Sparta which also drew a pair of 31s
from Erwin Temena and Rading Decepida
and a 29 from Thirdy Escao.
We are happy to be where we are
now. But if the chance to win comes up,
well be extremely delighted with it, said
Team Sparta captain Allan Pasion.
Manfred Guangko shot 33 points, Joseph
Tambunting hit a 31 and Ferdie Agustin and
Junjun Plana added 29 and 27, respectively,
for the Carmona-based Southwoods squad.
After trailing Mizuno by just one at BCC,
Forest Hills tumbled down to fourth as
Gabriel Atienza scored a 29, Edgar Lee and
Ronald Littaua each carded a 27 and Raffy
Garcia groped for 23.
In other results, Team Surigao II
assembled a 104 at John Hay and nished
with a 404 to beat Ultra Flite Golf Club I
by eight points and claim the Fil-B crown.
Martin Guiang red 29 points and Ace
Barbers, Ed Lopez and Bing Alcantara
added 26, 25 and 24 points, respectively, for
the Surigao squad.
Ultra Flite, led by Roger Crespo and
Rey Talatalas identical 27 points, failed to
sustain its third round output of 107 and
slowed down with a 103 for a 396 for second
while Batman, with Bernard Chang shooting
a 29, nished third with a 394 after a 102.
Team Baguio ended up fourth with a
103-386 followed by Haciendas De Naga
(85-365), Sultan Kudarat (99-345), Watercraft
Venture (93-336) and Bulakeos (81-333) in
that order.
Fil-Am Seattle also ran away with the
Fil-E crown with a 333 total after an 88 for
a whopping 36-point romp over Calamba
Boys Golf Team, which had an 81 for a 297.
Eton Golf placed third with a 292 after an 80.
In Fil-D, Fil Am Japan II pooled a 103
for a 285 as it raced away by 21 points from
San Miguel Corp., which had a 264 after a 94
while Square and Compass Golf of Nueva
Ecija shot a 90 for a 260.
Lito Fuentes scored 30 points, Ron Nichols
had a 25 while Ferdie Rivera and Noel
Sebastian each had 24 for Fil Am Japan II.
SMC drew 33 points from Mikey
Punzalan but Joey Castro, Sammy Diciano
and Rolly Valdez groped with 22, 20 and 19,
points, respectively, enabling Fil Am Japan
to pull away.
Mizuno extends lead,
still wary of Sparta
Seven-time champion Johnny Arcilla and
Fil-Italian Marc Reyes forged a showdown for the
32nd Philippine Columbian Association Open
mens singles crown after dismantling separate
rivals in yesterday semis at the PCA covered
The top-seeded Arcilla banked on his
experience to dispose of 20-year-old seventh-
ranked Leander Lazaro, 6-4, 6-2, while No. 4
Reyes trounced No. 2 PJ Tierro, 6-3, 6-3.
The two will dispute the coveted title
tomorrow at 1 p.m., the sixth career faceoff for
Arcilla and Reyes with the former enjoying a 3-2
Just two months back, they mixed it up in the
fourth Olivarez Open with Arcilla, 33, hacking
out a 5-7, 6-3, 7-5 squeaker over the 24-year -old
Mas bata sa akin si Marc kaya kailangan ko
talaga mag-pakundisyon at palakasin ang stamina
ko (Ill be facing a younger rival so its important
that I come in top condition against him), said
Reyes, for his part, is wary of Arcillas wealth
of experience and expertise on clay.
Veteran siya sa shell court at mas experienced
pero bibigyan ko siya ng magandang laban (He is
more experienced and more used to this surface
but I will give him a good ght), said Reyes,
who will try to put a halt on Arcillas current
streak of three titles.
Arcilla encountered erce opposition from
upset-conscious Lazaro, who managed to keep
in step with the favored netter from Butuan in
the early goings and force a 4-4 count. Arcilla,
however, reasserted his mastery, using his
solid baseline game to wear out Lazaro and seal
the set.
It was basically a cruise from there for Arcilla,
on the hunt for his eighth crown in the P600,000
Arcilla, Reyes
arrange duel
for PCA plum
The Loyola Meralco Sparks nally
shed off their bridesmaid image as they
hacked out a tough 3-2 victory over the
Pachanga Diliman side to capture the
2013 United Football League Cup before a
packed Emperador Stadium in Taguig City
Thursday night.
Phil and James Younghusband and
fellow Fil-Brit Chad Edward Gould
delivered the key goals as Meralco, thrice
denied of a championship the last two
years, overcame a brace from a stubborn
Ariel Zerudo Jr. and Pachanga Diliman in a
classic match played before a record crowd,
which came in full force.
The championship run thus ended the
Sparks string of title misses after losing to
Chieffy Caligdong and the rest of the Air
Force team in the 2011 Cup nals and in
the 2012 League match.
Stallion also foiled Meralcos title bid in
the league early this year.
But this time, the Sparks made sure to
nally clinch the elusive crown.
After Zerrudo opened up the scoring
with a brilliant goal on the 16th minute,
Meralco responded swiftly as James
Younghusband scored three minutes later
off a beautiful corner feed from brother
Phil to level the count.
Gould, a former member of the Phl
Azkals team, then came through with a
rocket just before the rst half close to give
the Sparks the edge at the half before Phil
connected from the left ank on the 52nd
to make it a two-goal edge.
Zerrudo scored a minute later to
complete a double but it proved to be
Pachanga Dilimans last as Meralco held
its ground to preserve the lead and the
Earlier, Green Archers United-Globe
leaned on Chieffy Caligdongs double as
it grounded Air Force, 3-0, to clinch third
place honors.
After Nicholas Leonora scored an own
goal to give the Archers the early lead on the
ninth, Caligdong, now an endorser of Globe
Telecoms, wrapped it up by unloading two
goals on the 51st and 57th.
Sparks score breakthru, cop title over Diliman
Hope-LSGH clash in benet tiff
Games today (SGS gym, Araneta Avenue, Q.C.)
12:45 p.m. Hope Christian vs Mapua
2:15 p.m. San Sebastian vs San Beda
San Beda College and San Sebastian
College add another chapter to their storied
cage rivalry as they slug it out today for
the second Philippine Secondary Schools
Basketball Championship (PSSBC) crown
at the SGS gym on Araneta Ave. in Quezon
San Beda and San Sebastian forged a
one-game face-off for the title after pulling
off contrasting semis victories over Mapua,
83-63, and Hope Christian High School,
110-107 (OT), respectively, with the Red
Cubs hoping to re-assert their mastery over
the Staglets, whom they swept in this years
NCAA wars.
But its still anybodys contest in the
2:15 p.m. match to be aired live on GMA TV
Both teams are on a mission with San
Beda out to protect its winning legacy
while San Sebastian is seeking redemption.
So with that, we expect another battle
royale today. Its going to be a slambang
affair, said Eduard Tio, one of the leagues
The Staglets got back at last years
champion Hope Christian and are condent
they could do the same to the Red Cubs
in the tournament sponsored by Hapee
Toothpaste, Ever Bilena, MEC Computer,
Wrangler, Jumbo Plastic Linoleum,
Ironcon Builders, Welcoat Paints, Dickies
Underwear, Davies Paint and Spray & Seal
Tire Sealant and Rain or Shine.
They got their revenge over Hope
Christian so now they want another against
San Beda this time. Im sure it will be their
motivation, said Tio.
Red Cubs, Staglets dispute PSSBC crown today
Hope Christian High School takes
on NCAA juniors runner-up La Salle
Greenhills in a Champions League
benet game on Dec. 16 at the FilOil
Flying V Arena in San Juan.
The Champions League is again
featuring the top junior teams from
Metro Manila as part of the year-
end activities of PCCL, according to
executive director Joe Lipa. These games
are held for the benet of ABS-CBN
Foundations various projects and serve
as appetizer to the National Collegiate
Championship games.
Hope Christian High trounced
National U, 64-56, at Ynares Sports gym
in Pasig recently while La Salle Greenhills
will take on National U on Dec. 17.
Lipa said the holding of benet
games is PCCLs way of assisting
beneciaries of the various projects
being conducted by ABS-CBN
Foundation. These include the Bantay
Bata,Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig,
among others.
San Beda College swept last years
benet games, beating FEU and Sacred
Heart-Ateneo de Cebu.
For details, visit the PCCL website
or like PCCLs Facebook fan page
(Philippine College Champions
League) and Follow us on Twitter (@
Pauline del Rosario and Bernice Olivarez-Ilas completed a pair of wire-to-wire
victories in their respective divisions while Mikhaela Fortuna outsteadied Malaysian Siti
Shaargi to cop the 13-14 crown and complete Team ICTSI-Philippines sweep of the 2013
Kids World Golf Championship Malaysia in Johor late Thursday.
Del Rosario matched her opening round output of one-under 71 at the Pulai Springs
Course to dominate the 54-hole tournament with a two-under 214 total, beating
Indonesian Gavvilla Arya by a whopping 16-stroke margin in the premier 15-18 category.
Arya failed to press her nal round bid and ended up with a second 76 for a 230 while
Thai Saranlak Tumfung turned in a 75 for a 235. Sam Martirez, the other ICTSI-backed
bet, fumbled with an 81 for a 240.
A Junior World champion in the 13-14 age bracket in San Diego earlier in the year, Del
Rosario thus capped her sterling campaign in the season that also included a strong third
place nish in the ICTSI Ladies Philippine Golf Tour event in Baguio last October.
Olivarez-Ilas, however, posted the more impressive romp, shooting a second straight
two-under 70 at the Palm Resorts Cempaka course to whip Butsakorn Moonfong by 20
shots in the 11 year-olds category.
Olivarez-Ilas nished with a 214 total while her Thai rival hobbled with a 76 for a 234
and Myanmars Thin Wai Khaing ended up third at 248 after a 79.
Fortuna capped the Filipina golfers domination of the annual event by taking the
13-14 division crown despite a nal round 76. Two strokes down at the start of the event,
Fortuna carded a 74 to tie Shaargi for the lead Wednesday then edged the local ace in their
backside duel in the nal round to win by two on a 226 aggregate. Shaargi wound up
with a 78 for a 228 while Indon Rivana Sinotung placed third with a 233 after a 75.
ICTSI girls sweep Kids World titles
Members of Team
(from left) Pauline
del Rosario, Bernice
Olivarez-Ilas and
Mikhaela Fortuna
hold their respective
trophies after sweeping
the 2013 Kids World
Golf Championship
Malaysia last Thursday.
Ardina makes move with a 71
Dottie Ardina stumbled with a late bogey and settled for a one-under 71 although she
improved 35 rungs up at joint 53rd halfway through the LPGA Tours Final Qualifying
Tournament at the LPGA International in Daytona Beach, Florida Thursday.
Just when she thought she had it going after birdying two of the rst six holes at the back
following a par-game at the front of the Jones course, Ardina missed the 16th green and failed
to return a six-footer then ubbed a birdie putt from eight feet on the par-5 18th for that 71.
Counting her 74 at the Hills layout Wednesday, Ardina pooled a 145 to jump from
joint 88th to a share of 53rd, too far behind two-day leader Jaye Green but well within her
target for a spot in the nal round of the 90-hole tournament.
The top 70 players plus ties after four rounds will advance to the nal 18 holes with the
top 20 nishers to earn Category 12 status for the 2014 LPGA Tour season. Those who will
nish 21st through 45th and ties will gain Category 17 berths.
But it was a frustrating day for the ace Filipina shotmaker, who had hoped to rebound
at the Jones layout after a struggling start at the Hills course. She missed a couple of birdie
putts at the front but nally hit her stride with birdies on Nos. 11 and 15 only to falter with
a bogey on the 16th.
Back at the Hills course for the third round action Friday, the former Team ICTSI
mainstay hopes to settle down and go under in the company of Hye Min Kim of Korea
and Taylor Collins of Florida in the 8:30 a.m. ight.
Green, who shot a record 10-under 62 at Jones in the rst round, added a 68 at the Hills
and pulled away by ve at 130 with Megan Grehan at 135 after a 68 and Tiffany Joh and
Seon Hwa Lee at 136 after a pair of 70s.
Que threatens within three strokes
Angelo Que rode on a rare ve-birdie
binge from No. 10 to cushion the impact of
a shaky windup as he carded a three-under
67 to move within three off South African
Jbe Kruger midway through the Hong Kong
Open at the Hong Kong Golf Club yesterday.
Two bogeys in the last three holes ruined
what couldve been an explosive round for
the 35-year-old Filipino ace, who totaled a
four-under 136 to jump from joint 26th to a
share of six with seven others, just three shots
off Kruger, who red a 66 for a 133.
Welshman Stuart Manley turned in a
second 67 for a 134 while German Alex Cejka,
Aussie Wade Ormsby and Indias Shiv Kapur
all had 135s after 67, 68 and 66, respectively.
Despite being left to rue two late bogeys,
Que remains upbeat of his chances heading
to the Open weekend.
Like yesterday, I started well and basically
did the same thing so Ive no complains. Ive
been putting so well. I bogeyed those two holes
only because of bad shots as I didnt hit them
that well, said Que, who nished joint sixth in
last weeks Indonesia Open.
He bogeyed the opening hole but birdied
No. 4 to make the turn at even par before
rattling off ve straight birdies to start his
backside bid.
Making ve birdies in a row on this
course is pretty amazing. I havent done that
in a while, said Que.
Juvic Pagunsan and Tony Lascua, Ques
teammate in the recent World Cup, barely
made it to the nal 36 holes with 141s, the
cutoff score, after a 70 and 69, respectively.
Justin Limjap lines up
his putt in the third
round of the Fil-Am
golf championship.
A man reads a newspaper with the front page
dedicated to former South African president
Nelson Mandela, following his death in Johan-
nesburg on Thursday. AFP
Saturday, December 7, 2013
WASHINGTON (AFP) The death Thurs-
day of South Africas liberation leader and
rst democratic president Nelson Mandela
triggered an unprecedented worldwide chorus
of awed respect.
Statesmen, resistance leaders, Nobel laure-
ates and prisoners of conscience have died
before, but never had one man united such
global unity in honoring his passing.
Foreshadowing the guest list of what will
surely be the most important funeral of recent
decades, world leaders queued up to issue solemn
tributes to the 95-year-old anti-apartheid leader.
He no longer belongs to us; he belongs to
the ages, US President Barack Obama said,
in a deliberate echo of an early tribute paid to
World bows in respect to Mandela
Abraham Lincoln, the American leader who
emancipated the slaves.
Over and over, leaders returned to the
dignity Mandela displayed during his long
imprisonment by South Africas former racist
regime and then later, when he led his country
to majority rule.
We will not likely see the likes of Nelson
Mandela again, said Obama, Americas rst
black president, citing Mandelas release
from prison as one of his own early political
Obama ordered US ags at the White House
and other public buildings own at half-mast
until Monday, in a rare tribute to a foreign leader.
Speaking on behalf of the United Nations, Turn to A-25
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon declared Man-
dela a giant for justice.
Many around the world were inuenced by
his seless struggle for human dignity, equality
and freedom. He touched our lives in deeply
personal ways, Ban told reporters.
British Prime Minister David Cameron, who
in 2006 apologized for what he said were the
mistakes of his Conservative Party in its re-
sponse to apartheid in Britains former colony,
was also moved.
A great light has gone out in the world, he
said in Downing Street.
Nelson Mandela was a towering gure in
our time; a legend in life and now in death a
true global hero.
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 A-24 The Philippine STAR
The X-Men franchise will
get another boost in 2016
with the release of X-Men:
Director and producer
Bryan Singer hinted at the
next installment via Twit-
ter on Thursday when he
wrote, (hash)Xmen (hash)
Apocalypse 2016!
Fox conrmed the lm
will open in wide release
on May 27, 2016.
Apocalypse is a major
villain from theX-Men
comics who appeared in
Celebrity News
US television alive with new
version of Sound of Music
New X-Men movie
coming in 2016
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) US television was alive
with The Sound of Music on Thursday as country singer
Carrie Underwood and True Blood actor Stephen Moyer
starred in a live version of the classic musical about an
aspiring nun who falls in love with an Austrian captain.
Filmed on vast movie sets and with lavish costumes but
without an audience, the NBC television broadcast harked
back to the traditions of the 1950s and 1960s when live
musicals were often shown on American television.
Thursdays three-hour show was based on the 1959
stage version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein show
rather than the Oscar-winning 1965 musical starring Julie
After heavy promotion for weeks, the live broadcast was
the No. 2 topic on Twitter on Thursday, behind the death of
South African anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela.
the 1980s.
Singer has worked on all the Marvel mutant-focused
lms since the rst ``X-Men was released in 2000.
Hes also directing the next movie in the franchise, ``X-
Men: Days of Future Past.
Its scheduled for a May 23, 2014, release. The lm will
star Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Jennifer
Lawrence, Anna Paquin, James McAvoy, Michael Fass-
bender, Shawn Ashmore and Nicholas Hoult.
Al-Qaeda claims deadly attack
on Yemen defense complex
DUBAI (AFP) Al-Qaeda in the
Arabian Peninsula yesterday claimed an
attack on a Yemeni defense complex that
killed 52 people, in a statement published
on the Internet by its media arm.
The defense ministry complex was
stormed and attacked on Thursday... af-
ter the mujahedeen (holy ghters) proved
Photo shows Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp and
Carrie Underwood as Maria in a scene from The Sound of
Music Live! which was aired on NBC Thursday. AP
James McAvoy port rays
Charles Xavier in X-Men: First
Class. AP
that it accommodates drone control rooms
and American experts, it said on Twitter.
As part of a policy to target drone
control rooms, the mujahedeen have
dealt a heavy blow to one in the Yemeni
capital Sanaa, added the statement by the
al-Malahem foundation.
Such security headquarters in part-
nership with the Americans in their war
on these Muslim people are a justied
target wherever they may be, warned
AQAP, classied by the United States as
Al-Qaedas deadliest branch.
Fifty-two people were killed on Thurs-
day when a suicide bomber rammed an
explosives-packed car into the defense
ministry complex in Sanaa and opened
the way for an armed assault.
Two doctors from Germany, two from
Vietnam and another from Yemen were
killed, as well two female nurses from
the Philippines and one from India, said
Yemens ofcial Saba news agency.
But the Philippines Department of
Foreign Affairs has given a much higher
toll of its nationals killed in the assault,
saying that seven Filipino hospital work-
ers, including a doctor, died.
All of the medics killed had worked at
a hospital within the complex that bore
the brunt of the attack.
The agency said 167 people were
wounded, nine of them seriously.
The brazen daylight attack on the
sprawling facility followed a spate of
hit-and-run strikes on military personnel
and ofcials, as the country struggles to
complete a thorny political transition.
The attacks in the capital and in the
south have generally been blamed on
food workers across the United States
launched Thursday day-long labor
strikes in an effort to win higher
wages, amid a renewed debate in
Washington on raising the US mini-
mum wage.
Calling for a surviving wage,
fast-food workers seek a pay hike to
$15 an hour in an industry that typi-
cally pays them the federal minimum
wage of $7.25 an hour.
Shementia Butler, 33, who works
at McDonalds in Washington and
has two children, said being paid $15
an hour would alleviate the need for
government aid to fast-food workers.
Im struggling and Im still de-
pendent on government assistance to
help take care of me and my family,
said Butler, who earns about $800 a
month but must pay a monthly rent of
The response at work when Butler
presses for higher pay? If you dont
like it, quit, Butler said she was told
by the restaurants management.
Strikes were planned in more than
100 cities this week, according to
organizers. They follow similar labor
actions at fast-food chains last August
and in late 2012.
Demonstrators Thursday urged US
President Barack Obama and Con-
gress to act.
Fast-food workers
across US push
for higher wages
The Philippine STAR
cis on Tuesday responded to com-
plaints that he has largely ignored the
clerical sex abuse scandal, agreeing to
assemble a panel of experts to advise
the Holy See on protecting children
from pedophiles and helping abuse
victims heal.
It remains to be seen if the experts
will take up one of the core issues be-
hind the problem making bishops
who shelter abusive priests account-
able and victims groups imme-
diately questioned whether another
church study group would really make
progress on an issue that has vexed the
Vatican for decades.
Cardinal Sean OMalley, the arch-
bishop of Boston, announced the cre-
ation of the commission Thursday at
the conclusion of a meeting between
Francis and his eight cardinal advisers
who are helping him govern the church
and reform the Vatican bureaucracy.
Boston was the epicenter of the 2002
clerical sexual abuse scandal in the US.
OMalley told reporters that the
commission, made up of international
lay and religious experts on sex abuse,
woul d study current programs to
protect children, better screen priests,
train church personnel and suggest
new initiatives for both the Holy See to
implement inside the Vatican City State
and for bishops to implement around
the world.
The initiative came as a surprise,
and seemed hastily put together as if
Francis wanted to signal a get-tough
approach amid recent questions about
his commitment to fighting abuse.
Francis rather tepid comments to
Dutch bishops last week about the need to
help victims heal, plus his failure to meet
with sex abuse victims while showing
tremendous compassion to the sick and
disabled every week, had fueled criticism
from victims groups and advocates.
OMalley announced broad areas of
study that the Vatican has already sig-
naled were priorities for bishops to focus
on, but provided no details about who
would be on the commission, or what its
size, structure or scope would be.
Pope forms commission to advise on sex abuse
Photo shows police
ofcers responding
to an accident
in Vancouver,
Washington on
Wednesday. AP
Belgian firefighters remove a tree that
fell on a highway in Halle as storm Xaver
approached Belgium on Wednesday. AFP
tweeted about a horric car crash in real
time before nding out her husband
was killed in the accident, police said
Caran Johnson, 47, follows police scan-
ner exchanges with her Twitter account
@ScanCouver, and began tweeting about
the accident Wednesday afternoon, The
Seattle Times reported.
This accident sounds horrible, she
wrote in her first tweet, following up
with omg that is so horrible!!! as de-
tails emerged of the accident on the 205
freeway in the northwestern US state of
Then she grew increasingly worried
when she didnt hear from her husband.
Im trying not to panic, but my hus-
band left work early and he drives 205 to
get home. Hes not answering his phone,
Johnson wrote.
Her next tweets, cited by the Times and
screen captured by the news
website in neighboring Oregon state,
became more and more frantic.
And hes late, she said. Well, he
used his bluetooth, so he would answer
his phone. He also wasnt feeling good
when he left.
Im a basket case.
I just called his work and he was feel-
LONDON (AFP) A erce storm
battered northern Europe with hur-
ricane force winds Thursday, leaving
ve people dead or missing, disrupting
travel and forcing thousands to ee their
homes over fears of the worst tidal surge
in decades.
British authorities evacuated 15,000
homes as ooding started on the North
Sea coast while Germany, the Nether-
lands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden all
boosted their ood defenses.
Winds of up to 142 miles per hour
were recorded in Scotland and Britains
environment agency said the surge along
the east coast of England is expected to be
the worst for more than 60 years.
John Curtin, the Environment Agencys
head of incident management, said: Flood-
ing of coastal communities along the east-
ern and north west coasts is expected into
Friday. Some defenses could be overtopped
by the combined effect of high tides, high
winds and a large tidal surge.
The Met Ofce said late Thursday that
winds were easing but the dangers of a
storm surge would remain with high tides
expected at around 0900GMT Friday.
Hundreds of flights were canceled
across northern Europe while rail and
ferry services were shut down and one
of Europes longest bridges connecting
Sweden to Denmark was closed.
British Prime Minister David Cameron
said he had convened the governments
emergency committee to ensure necessary
measures were being taken, amid fears
of a repeat of a 1953 storm surge which
killed more than 2,000 people in northern
In Britain, a lorry driver died when his
vehicle toppled onto a number of cars in
Scotland, while a man riding a mobility
scooter was struck by a falling tree in Not-
tinghamshire, central England.
US woman live tweets
husbands fatal car crash
European storm turns deadly, threatens huge tidal surge
French Prime Minister Jean-Marc
Ayrault, in China on an official visit,
dubbed Mandela an extraordinary man
who would long be an inspiration to all
of humanity.
Retired political leaders who remem-
bered Mandela during his 27 years of
imprisonment or worked with him after
his 1990 release were also effusive.
Barbara and I mourn the passing of one
of the greatest believers in freedom we have
had the privilege to know, said former US
president George Bush, who invited the
released Mandela to the White House.
As president, I watched in wonder
as Nelson Mandela had the remarkable
capacity to forgive his jailers, he said.
Another former US leader, Bill Clin-
ton, tweeted a picture of himself with his
friend, and said: Today, the world has
lost one of its most important leaders and
one of its nest human beings.
In Africa and other parts of the world
that shook off the shackles of colonialism,
emotion was running high.
Nigerias President Goodluck Jonathan
dubbed Mandela one of mankinds great-
est liberators and Mexicos Enrique Pena
Nieto said: Humanity has lost a tireless
ghter for peace, freedom and equality.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
said: The example of this great leader
will guide all those who ght for social
justice and peace in the world.
Business and religious leaders, the
heads of international agencies, writers,
thinkers, entertainers, sports personali-
ties and activists also joined the parade
of emotion.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has
turned over his business acumen and part
of his fortune to battling disease in Africa,
said he and his wife had been personally
inspired by Mandela.
World bows From A-23
ing faint when he left work #panic.
She continued: What do I do now? he
might have pulled over because he was
feeling faint and then passed out or had
a seizure. He has epilepsy.
How long do I wait for him to come home
before I call the police? Johnson added.
I just called 911 and they transferred me
after I gave them his license number and
told me that they will call me back. wtf?
And now my kids are home from
Finally, she bluntly tweeted: Its him.
he died.
Her husband Craig Johnson, also 47,
died after his Hyundai Elantra crossed a
trafc median near the town of Vancouver,
just north of the Oregon state line, accord-
ing to Washington State Patrol spokesman
Trooper William Finn.
He struck a Toyota pickup driven by
a 54-year-old woman, who suffered a
broken femur, collapsed lung and broken
pelvis, Finn told AFP.
Officers went to Johnsons home to
break the news of her husbands death,
but Johnson already seemed to know.
Her suspicions were conrmed when
we arrived, Finn said, adding that John-
son came out and met the ofcers in a
parking lot, before they even had a chance
to knock on her door.
BEIJING China appears poised to
expel nearly two dozen foreign journalists
at The New York Times and Bloomberg in a
drastic escalation of pressure being placed
on foreign news organizations operating
in the country, the Sydney Morning Herald
reported yesterdy.
Reporters for the two US news organi-
sations have faced extensive delays with
visa renewals, after publishing a series of
exposes on senior Chinese leaders, includ-
ing President Xi Jinping and former premier
Wen Jiabao, that have embarrassed and
angered the central government.
Fairfax Media has learned that one New
York Times journalist has been told that a
hold has been placed on all of its visa appli-
cations, and that some passports have been
returned to correspondents without being
processed. It is understood the situation is
the same for reporters at Bloomberg.
Barring a dramatic reversal of fortunes,
reporters for both organizations will be
required to leave the country when their
visas expire in some cases, in less than
two weeks time.
US Vice President Joe Biden raised the is-
sue in a meeting with Xi in Beijing this week,
amid heightened tensions over Chinas claims
to airspace over the East China Sea.
Biden said the two countries have pro-
found disagreements over the treatment
of US journalists in the country.
Innovation thrives where people
breathe freely, speak freely, are able to
challenge orthodoxy, where newspapers
can report the truth without fear of conse-
quences, Biden said.
US journalists feel
wrath of Beijing
Fernando Canini,
director of Romes
wax museum, gives
the nal touch
at the new wax
statue represent-
ing Pope Francis in
Rome Wednesday.
The statue will be
shown to the public
from Dec. 8. AFP
Australia will still spy
on Indonesia PM
Australia will
not halt collecting
intelligence on In-
donesia but would
work toward be-
coming its trusted
partner, Prime Min-
ister Tony Abbott
said yesterday in
the wake of damag-
ing espionage al-
Reports last month
that Australian spies
targeted the phones
of Indonesian Presi-
dent Susilo Bambang
Yudhoyono, his wife
and inner circle in
2009 sparked one of
the worst diplomatic
crisis between the
two strategic allies in
The two nations
foreign ministers
agreed on Thursday
to establish a hot-
line and a code of
conduct to restore
trust, with Australian
Foreign Minister Julie
Bishop expressing
her regret at the situ-
Asked yesterday
whether Australia
had agreed to stop
collecting intelligence
on Indonesia, Abbott
replied: No.
And they cer-
t a i nl y ha ve n t
agreed to stop col-
lecting intelligence
on Australia, he
told Fairfax radio.
But we are close
friends, we are stra-
tegic partners and I
certainly want Aus-
tralia to be a trusted
partner of Indonesia
and I hope Indonesia
can be a trusted part-
ner of Australia.
Jakarta had re-
sponded furiously
to the espionage
reports, based on
documents leaked
by US intelligence
fugitive Edward
Snowden, suspend-
ing bilateral coop-
erations with Aus-
tralia in key areas
including people-
Duri ng a vi s-
i t t o J akart a on
Thursday, Bishop
said she and In-
donesi an coun-
t e r p a r t Ma r t y
Natalegawa had
agreed to establish
more open lines of
communi cat i on,
a hotline, if you
like,as a first step
towards resuming
cooperation and
avoiding any un-
i ntended conse-
She also said Can-
berra had agreed to
a six-point plan laid
out by Yudhoyono
last week, aimed at
establishing a code
of conduct to restore
Canberra will not
undertake any act
or use our assets or
resources, including
our intelligence assets,
in any way to harm
Indonesia,she added.
Ab b o t t h a s
p r e v i o u s l y
stressed the im-
port ance of t he
relationship with
I ndonesi a, par-
t i c ul ar l y gi ven
the strong coop-
erati on between
the countries on
stopping people-
We are certainly
very happy to have
a more extensive,
more formalized in-
telligence and security
relationship because
we think that is in the
best interest of both
countries, he said
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 A-27 The Phi l i ppi ne STAR
P.S. Dec. 7, 2013
in The Philippine STARs CLASSIFINDER must be brought to our
attention the very day the advertisement is published. We will not be
held responsible for any incorrect ads not reported to us immediately.
The Nation
Two moderate earthquakes rocked
Negros Occidental and parts of the Bicol
region yesterday but there were no imme-
diate reports of damage or injuries, state
seismologists said.
The Philippine Institute of Volcanol-
ogy and Seismology (Phivolcs) said a
magnitude 4.6 quake struck 24 kilometers
southwest of Hinoba-an, Negros Occiden-
tal at 3:12 a.m.
It was felt at Intensity 3 in Hinoba-an
and Intensity 2 in Sipalay City, Negros
Another tremor, which registered at
magnitude 3.8, occurred at 10:27 a.m. Its
epicenter was traced 46 kms northwest of
Virac, Catanduanes, Phivolcs said.
It was felt at Intensity 3 in Naga City
and Intensity 2 in Virac, Catanduanes, and
Legazpi City, Albay.
Phivolcs said it was not expecting any
damage or aftershocks from the tremors.
Phivolcs defines intensity as the
strength of seismic shaking while mag-
nitude is the measurement of energy
released by an earthquake. Helen Flores
Moderate quakes
jolt parts of Bicol,
Negros Occidental
The national government, through
the Department of Budget and Man-
agement, has released a total of P1.1
billion for the rehabilitation of areas
hit by Typhoon Pablo in December last
year, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad
said the other day.
Abad said the amount was released
to the Department of Public Works and
Highways for the reconstruction and
repair of bridges in Compostela Val-
ley and Davao Oriental under the Task
Force Pablo Rehabilitation Plan, which
supports the reconstruction and reha-
bilitation of damaged national roads
and bridges in the affected areas.
Even as the administration works
with local ofcials and aid groups in
securing aid for Yolanda-stricken com-
munities, President Aquino is deter-
mined to continue rehabilitation efforts
in several other areas that Typhoon
Pablo swept through, Abad said.
In a statement, Abad said the ob-
jective is to reverse the extent of the
damage caused by Pablo through proj-
ects that will ultimately repair bridges
and roads vital to the economic activ-
ity in Davao Oriental and Compostela
Of the total amount charged against
the 2013 DPWH budget, P517.4 million
is allotted for the reconstruction and
repair of the Caraga, Cateel, Taytayan,
and Odiongan bridges on roads span-
ning Surigao del Sur-Davao Oriental
and Cateel-Compostela.
Meanwhile, P543 million will cover
the rehabilitation of the Mayo, Manu-
rigao, Dapnan, Casauman, Quinonoan,
and Baguan bridges connecting Su-
rigao del Sur and the Davao Oriental
Coastal Road.
Together with the Contingency and
Calamity Fund with remaining bal-
ances of P824 million and P176 million,
respectively the P1.1-billion release
will buoy up the rehabilitation efforts
for all affected communities in Davao
Oriental, Abad said.
Last September, the President ap-
proved P10.53 billion for the Task Force
Pablo Rehabilitation Plan. The DBM
has so far released P8.49 billion to the
National Housing Authority and De-
partment of Social Welfare and Devel-
opment. With Kathleen Martin
P1.1 B released
for Pablo rehab
seven people, four of them
women, were killed in a re
that razed a hardware store in
Manay town in Davao Oriental
Thursday night, authorities
Senior Superintendent Jose
Carumba said all the victims
were storekeepers of Palo-
mares Hardware who were
trapped inside the building
when the re broke out.
The re, which struck at 11
p.m. Thursday, also spread
to two other establishments.
Manay reghters put out the
blaze at around 3:30 a.m.
The fatalities were identi-
ed as Emily Diabakid, Aileen
Andoyo, Geselie Cabrera,
Bernadette Budadong, Joseph
Tingal, Jober Tingal, and John
Carumba said authorities
still have to determine the
cause of the re, although there
are suspicions that it could
have started in the paint stock-
room of the hardware store.
7 killed
in Davao fire
For Interior and Local Gov-
ernment Secretary Mar Roxas,
a three-month long cleanup for
the oil spill in Estancia, Iloilo is
Roxas urged the private
contractor hired for the clean-
up, Kuan Yu Global Technolo-
gies Inc., to work double-time
to contain the oil spill and keep
the environmental damage to
a minimum.
The three-month deadline
imposed by the private con-
tractor is not acceptable. The
cleanup should be completed
the soonest time possible, he
About 200,000 liters of bun-
ker fuel leaked from a National
Power Corp. power barge at
the height of Typhoon Yolanda
in Estancia town.
The Coast Guard said a
six-man Japanese team has
arrived to help in the cleanup.
Cecille Suerte Felipe, Evelyn
Speed up oil
spill cleanup
PALAYAN CITY An international college
which has campuses in the United States and
three other countries and with a student popu-
lation of at least 15,000 is setting up a satellite
campus here to bring 21st century e-learning
as well as international students to this Nueva
Ecija capital.
Mayor Adrianne Mae Cuevas told reporters
that the city government has forged a partnership
with Concordia International College-Philippines
(CICP) for the establishment of its rst campus
in the province in 2014.
This partnership will help bring computer
education to the grassroots and afford the people
of Palayan the opportunity to avail themselves of
world-class education. It will thus put our city in
The Department of Health (DOH) has re-
minded all private and public lying-in clinics
and other birthing homes nationwide that they
are now required to secure a license to operate
(LTO) from the agency before they can apply for
permits from local government units (LGUs).
DOH-National Capital Region director Edu-
ardo Janairo said they have sent notications
to such facilities in Metro Manila to comply with
DOH Administrative Order (AO) No. 2012-0012
which lays down the rules and regulations gov-
erning the new classication of hospitals and
other health facilities in the country.
Janairo said they are coordinating with the
Intl school to set up satellite campus in Palayan City
Birthing homes now required to secure DOH license
the international map insofar as computer educa-
tion is concerned, Cuevas said.
Cuevas signed a memorandum of agreement
with CICP ofcials led by its president Violeta
Jerusalem and David Kang, chief executive ofcer
of its international partner Concordia Interna-
tional University, for the planned campus here
which will initially operate at the city govern-
ment-run Palayan City Industrial Technology
(PCIT) school.
Kang, a Canadian-Korean, is involved in
research and development projects on organic
products such as oil extracts from moringa and
oregano. He is planning to put up a pilot research
facility in the city, which has vast hectares of land
mayors of the 17 LGUs in Metro Manila in
informing and requiring current business and
sanitary permit to applicants specically those
who want to engage in birthing home opera-
tions to rst secure LTOs from the DOH-NCRs
Licensing, Regulation and Enforcement Division.
Inrmaries and birthing homes, according to
the AO, will be licensed by the DOHs regional
A birthing home pertains to a facility that pro-
vides birthing service on prenatal and post-natal
care, normal spontaneous delivery, and care of
newborn babies.
for agricultural production.
Jerusalem said CICP has a global student
population of 15,000, 7,000 of whom are in its
Canada campus which started operating in 2001.
In the country, CICP, which started operating in
2011, has 5,000 students.
Jerusalem said the plan to put up a campus
here was conceived when she and Kang were
invited by Cuevas and her husband, businessman
Vince Cuevas, to visit the city and explore the
possibility of expanding the institutions reach.
After the visit, she said they approved the
proposal after noting the citys potentials.
Palayan has very strong potentials thats
why we consi dered i t i n our expansi on
plans, she said.
According to Janairo, the directive was aimed
at strengthening the capability of birthing homes
through a well-developed structural foundation,
well-dened system of operation and manage-
ment of a duly licensed and skilled staff.
Earlier, a DOH-NCR study showed that hemor-
rhage or bleeding was the leading cause of maternal
deaths, followed by infection, unsafe abortion,
hypertensive disorders, and obstructed labor.
By Jan. 1, 2015, Janairo said LTOs would also
become a requisite for all birthing homes that ap-
ply for accreditation or renewal of accreditation
with the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. under
PhilHealth Circular No. 0033, s. 2013.
Residents of Bulacan and
Pampanga crossing this
temporary hanging bridge
in Calumpit town have been
complaining about the slow
rehabilitation of the old bridge
on the left that links the two
provinces. DINO BALABO
lamic Liberation Front (MILF) reb-
els freed unharmed the police chief
of Marawi City yesterday, about
12 hours after they seized him as
they sprung out two colleagues
detained on gun charges.
The guerrillas released Super-
intendent Christopher Panapan in
Balindong town in Lanao del Sur
at 12:45 p.m. yesterday following
negotiations with local leaders and
the intervention of the govern-
ment-MILF Coordinating Commit-
tee on the Cessation of Hostilities
The MILF rebels, numbering
about 40, swooped down on the
Marawi City police station past
midnight yesterday, rescued
their two detained comrades, and
took Panapan hostage after killing
his brother-in-law.
Police said the raid was led by
Jimmy Rajamuda, commander of
MILF rebels snatch,
free Marawi top cop
the MILFs Musa Island Base Com-
Col. Glen Macasero, commander
of the Armys 103rd Infantry Bri-
gade, said the ceasere and anti-
crime mechanisms of the govern-
ment and MILF played a crucial
role in Panapans safe release.
Macasero also attributed the
success of the negotiations to the
governments counterparts in the
CCCH and the Ad Hoc Joint Ac-
tion Group.
Authorities said the incident was
isolated and has nothing to do with
the ongoing peace process between
the government and MILF.
Both peace panels are in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia for the 42nd
formal exploratory talks.
Lt. Gen. Rustico Guerrero, com-
mander of the Western Mindanao
Command, urged the MILF leader-
ship to restrain their forces while
the peace talks are ongoing.
Deputy Director General Felipe
Rojas Jr., Philippine National Police
deputy chief for operations, said
they would investigate the incident
and prosecute those behind it.
Chief Superintendent Noel de
los Reyes, Autonomous Region in
Muslim Mindanao police director,
said they would look into a pos-
sible failure of intelligence and
whether rearms were stolen from
the Marawi police station.
Army spokesman Capt. Jeffer-
son Somera said the raid clearly
violated the ceasere and the issue
would be raised with the CCCH.
MILF spokesman Von al-Haq
conrmed the incident, though say-
ing that the arrest of the two MILF
members for illegal possession of
rearms also violated the cease-
re. With Cecille Suerte Felipe,
Ben Serrano, Alexis Romero, Non
Alquitran, AFP
A-29 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 The Philippine STAR
LOS ANGELES The affection he has for his
millions of Filipino fans was written all over his face
as Kobe Bryant spoke passionately about his visits to
the Philippines and how he empathizes with those
adversely affected by typhoon Yolanda during a Star
interview on the occasion of the launch of his new
Kobe 9 Elite shoe at the Geffen Contemporary of
the Museum of Contemporary Art here Wednesday.
Bryant was visibly moved when asked his
reaction on the photograph that went viral in
social media showing typhoon victims enjoying a
game of basketball in a makeshift goal mounted on
debris, rubble and crumbled walls in a devastated
neighborhood in Tacloban.
Bryant said he was heartened by the homeless
Filipinos upbeat spirit. Theyre playing, competing
and enjoying themselves in the worst of times, he
said. Look at us, sometimes we can afford to even
say were having a bad day. Hey, are we really
having a bad day? Those kids out there are smiling,
playing basketball in the absolute worst of times. I
was very, very moved.
Bryant said all it takes for the victims to rise is
perseverance. Its not success, its not about being
great, its perseverance, he said. Its having a
goal, you get knocked down then you get up, you
get knocked down and you try again. Eventually,
you will get to where you want to go but youve got
to have the perseverance and determination to get
there. That perseverance is what Bryants moniker
The Black Mamba stands for.
Regarding his personal relationship with
Filipino fans, Bryant said hes felt a rare intimacy
since his rst visit in 1998-99. He has made at least
six visits to the country, including a promotional trip
for Lenovo last August. I dont know why it is (the
bond with Filipinos), he said. The rst time I came
over to Manila, I played in a 3-on-3 tournament in
a mall. It was a great response. Every time I visit, I
feel the energy and passion of the fans. They push
me to continue to be better to inspire them. Im very
thankful I have that response.
Nike Creative Director and Vice President for
Innovation Eric Avar said Bryant is involved in the
creation and development of the nine shoes so far
in his series every step of the way. Hes involved
throughout the entire process, said Avar. From
the rst idea of a design to the creative sketches to
the prototype until the nished product. We meet
on a regular basis. Working with Kobe is intense
because he sets high standards, he pushes us and
thats why we love working with him.
Bryant said he makes no bones about sharing
his views. If he doesnt like what the so-called Nike
Kitchen shows him, its in the garbage can. Weve
had a lot of meetings where the mood is pretty
grim, he said. But I love the shoe, its a heckuva a
challenge to take the Flyknit technology of a running
shoe and incorporate it into a dynamic sport like
basketball, it took a lot of hard work but were here.
As for the Kobe 9 Elite shoe, Bryant said without
the Flyknit technology, it wouldve been impossible
to make a lightweight high-top model. The Kobe 8
was the lightest basketball shoe ever produced and
the next edition is about an ounce or two heavier,
necessitating what Bryant said would only be a
minimal adjustment. Its perfect timing for the
Flyknit because now, youve got high-tops which are
responsive to the movement of the ankles, he said.
Youre talking of adding several layers of material but
its Flyknit so its light but sturdy strands of fabric.
Bryant said the common denominator in his
nine signature shoes is innovation. Keep pushing
forward, he added. Dont rest on what youve
accomplished. We dont say its safe, lets just do
this. No, we want to continue to innovate, starting
from the rst all the way to the ninth, were pushing
boundaries. Bryant said the work dont stop with
Kobe 9 Elite and hes already thinking of what to
do with Kobe 10.
Nike CEO Mark Parker said designing Bryants
shoes leaves no room for compromise. We created the
shoe to Kobes specications, he said. The new era
of design allows us to eliminate trade-offs. We dont
do compromise. Kobe wanted high and light and
thats what we did. We didnt trade off one to do the
other. With us, there is no nish line. We just want to
get better and better. Its not just the technical aspect.
From the athlete, we want inputs like in Kobes case,
the design process took into account the mamba, the
ninja warrior, the great white shark, the emotional side
of things. With digital technology and our research lab,
were able to create a design to match the engineering
aspect to enhance the performance of our athletes.
Kobe moved by Pinoy spirit
The final numbers on the viewership
and reactions to the breakthrough Filipino
documentary Pinoy Hoops: A National
Obsession which aired internationally on the
National Geographic Channel are in, and they are
massive. In the period surveyed between Oct. 18
and Nov. 30, the three-part series on Philippine
basketball registered a total of 12,769,273 online
hits. This is a huge number when you consider
that this represents only those who talked about
it online, which is just a minority fraction of
those who watched it here and abroad. And
it is a gargantuan number considering the
circumstances under which the program aired.
Fox International Channels and National
Geographic territory head Jude Turcuato
conceded that there was plenty of competition,
considering the program was only airing on cable
and at primetime (9 p.m.) when the toughest
battle for viewers is waged. And yet, when
the series premiered on Oct. 21, the attention it
brought started a snowball, peaking at over 1.5
million online impressions, the bulk of which
were on Twitter while the program was airing
and immediately after.
Episode 2, which revolved around the 2011
PBA Governors Cup Finals between Talk N
Text and Barangay Ginebra, leaped to two
million hits online. Consider also that the initial
broadcast was also being replayed and generating
additional viewers. Episode 3, the episode that
was broadcast on Nov. 4 was the monster, with 3.9
million hits. This was the human interest story on
ordinary people who had built their lives around
basketball, from photographer Tony Lu to retired
Alaska Aces trainer Tom Urbano and transgender
professional cheerleader Sharon.
When you consider that 97 percent of the
discussion was on Twitter and about three
percent on Facebook, the numbers become
magnified. If you multiply the total number
of comments, tweets and retweets for the
survey period with the number of followers of
everyone who tweeted, you get an idea of how
many people heard about it on those timelines.
Add to this the international audience which
saw the documentaries, and it really becomes a
trailblazing television event.
We normally do a two-month online survey
for all our projects to gauge viewer impact,
explains Sally Jo Bellosillo, president of Caelestis
Production which partnered with this writer
on the project. For a production to get over
12 million views in a just month and a half is
Going deeper into the numbers, 62 percent
of online comments were neutral, and mostly
announcements such as Watching Pinoy Hoop
on NatGeo and the like. A solid 34 percent of
comments were positive, also helped by the
recognition of host Rafe Bartholomew, who had
spent years in the country writing his best-selling
book on Philippine basketball, Pacic Rims.
Seventy-three percent of those who posted online
comments were male, which is typical of the
basketball audience in the Philippines, where
roughly 30 percent of viewers are female.
Of all the online impressions, 85 percent
emanated from the Philippines, six percent from
the United States, one percent each from Brazil,
Japan and Canada, and seven percent from
other countries combined. Geographically, the
program was broadcast out of Hong Kong and
seen all over Asia, with comments coming from
as far as Latin America, Europe and even parts
of Africa. But even at one percent, the minority
number for those other territories would reach
roughly 130,000 each. Even the unannounced
replays towards the end of November got about
half a million online impressions from those who
had not caught the premiere of each episode.
Remember, those are merely online impressions,
not viewership totals.
Even while the series was being produced,
the basketball community responded strongly
to the idea of the rst international documentary
about our nations passion. Everyone had a
sense of how important this project was, and
we received such generous cooperation from
everyone we approached, especially the PBA
and its member teams. The success of the project
had generated such a groundswell of support
in fact, that one female and one male member
of the production team have tried to get similar
projects independently, even going so far as to
claim they created Pinoy Hoops. Unknown to
the public, their rst attempt at writing a script
on their own was thrown out with the criticism
that obviously written by someone who doesnt
know basketball. That attempt was made
without this writers knowledge or consent.
While we are very proud of the fact that this
was an all-Filipino production, we must go on the
record once again to reiterate that Pinoy Hoops
was this writers creation, and that Caelestis
was behind the entire production process. Truth
be told, this writer spent a full year negotiating
the initial contract without anyone else being
involved in the process, and Caelestis threw its
considerable resources into the project for the
next two and a half years, culminating with the
October broadcasts. Anyone other than myself
or Sally Bellosillo would be misrepresenting
themselves by claiming otherwise, and they
even had the audacity to attempt to do so
while the nal credits for the series were being
produced. Well, as they say, success has a
thousand fathers.
The bottom line is that we were blessed to
have the openness, support and trust of the entire
spectrum of those who love basketball in the
Philippines. It would be only fair to announce out
of gratitude that we are already on the drawing
board for more than one basketball documentary
project which we hope to complete between 2014
and 2015.
The passion for basketball never ends.
Pinoy Hoops
staggering numbers
Boosters, Troopers
seek Super Liga
title showdown
Fancied PLDT-MyDSL and
TMS-Philippine Army go all out
against a pair of tough, talent-
laden rivals as they try to arrange a
showdown for the womens crown
in the Philippine Super Liga (PSL)
Volleyball Grand Prix at the Ynares
Sports Arena today.
Unbeaten in the elims, the
Speed Boosters test the strength of
Cignal HD Spikers at 4 p.m. while
the TMS-Army Lady Troopers
clash with Cagayan Valley Lady
Rising Suns in the 2 p.m. opener.
Systema and PLDT-MyDSL,
meanwhile, will collide for the
mens crown next Saturday.
Systema overcame Giligans
Restaurant while PLDT-MyDSL
survived Maybank in the semis last
The Lady Troopers hope to
lean on their experience against
the Lady Rising Suns as they go
for back-to-back title romp after
winning the recent invitational
crown in the tournament organized
by Sports Core and recognized
by the International Volleyball
Federation with Mikasa, Asics,
LGR and Jinling Sports as main
backers and Solar Sports as
broadcast partner.
The Speed Boosters,
meanwhile, are tipped to frustrate
the HD Spikers, runners-up to the
Lady Troopers in the Invitationals,
once again.
An off-season recruitment spree
by the Speed Boosters will be put
to the test but the team has proved
itself when it swept the ve-game
elims in impressive fashion to gain
an automatic semis berth.
PLDT-MyDSL coach Roger
Gorayeb credits their success to
the hard-hitting American pair
of Kaylee Manns and Savannah
This is a very short
tournament, so their ability to jell
and communicate well with our
locals were our biggest advantage
in this tournament, said Gorayeb.
Were looking forward to this
seminal game against Cignal.
We feel that we can match up well
with their attacks and defensive
Joey Huerva boosted his stock
for next years ICTSI Philippine
Golf Tour as he topped the PGT
Qualifying School in runaway
fashion yesterday, closing out
with a one-under 71 and beating
Jun Rates and Arnold Villacencio
by six at Eagle Ridges Norman
Course in Gen. Trias, Cavite.
Huerva hit ve birdies against
four bogeys for a 36-35 card
and emerge the lone player to
nish under-par in the 72-hole
eliminations which selected the
top 40 players to join the top 40
from this years ICTSI PGT Order
of Merit ranking in next seasons
circuit sponsored by ICTSI.
With his earlier 73, 69 and 72,
Huerva, who had to go through
the Q-School after nishing 48th
in the OOM, pooled a three-
under 285 to dominate the eld
with Rates matching par 72 and
Villacencio fumbling with a 75 to
share second place at 291.
Ramil Bisera also shot a 71 and
wound up fourth at 292 followed
by Cookie LaO, who had 293 after
a 73, for fth and Rico Depilo, who
made a 75 for a 294, for sixth in the
tournament organized by Pilipinas
Golf Tournaments, Inc.
Amateur John Kier Abdon
formally joined the big league by
nishing joint seventh at 296 after
shooting the days best two-under
Huerva completes romp
in PGT Qualifying School
70 along with Rene Menor and
Albin Engino, who had 74 and 77,
Amateurs Magno Arancon
carded a 74 and Keanu Jahns made
a 77 as they likewise made it to the
pro ranks by nishing tied for 10th
at 299 with Paul Echavez, who had
a 79, while Hanson So Jr. and Jan
Tambogon shared 13th place at 300
after a 73 and 74, respectively.
Two more amateurs Leonard
Lofranco (76-301) and Francis
Morilla (76-313) also gained their
Tour cards while veteran Edgar
Ababa nipped three others in the
countback to clinch the last spot at
No. 40 with a 315 after a 76.
They included former leg
winner Artemio Murakami, who
made a 79, Jordan Mamaril, who
had a 78, and Israel Bisera, who
also wound up with a 79.
Carito Villaroman also gained
his card with a 310 after a 75 for 29th
place along with Antolin Fernando
(79-313) and Erwin Vinluan (84-314).
Meanwhile, the foreign
Q-School will be held Jan. 13-17
at Eagle Ridges Aoki layout with
deadline for registration is on
Jan. 10. Entry fee of the foreign
Q-School is pegged at P10,000.
For details, contact PGT (Jocelyn
Duque) at 049-5492564 or 0915-
7824751 or download application
De La Salle-Lipa clipped Holy Rosary College,
25-23, 25-22, 25-16, to annex the Southern Luzon
leg crown of the Shakeys Girls Volleyball League
in Imus, Cavite recently and secure the last berth
in the Tournament of Champions set early next
The Lipa spikers hung tough and survived
the tough-ghting HRC side in the rst two sets
then stamped their class in the next to complete
the straight-set win and join seven other regional
champions in the T-of-C slated Jan. 13-17, 2014 at
the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.
University of Perpetual Help Laguna subdued
Imus Institute, 25-22, 21-25, 25-16, to bag third
place honors in the event sponsored by Shakeys
and organized by Metro Sports headed by
president Freddie Infante.
DLS-Lipa thus joined the other regional
winners in next months battle of the champions
backed by Mikasa, Asics, Tune Hotel, Burlington,
BioFresh, Food Health and Science Magazine.
DLS-Lipa cops Shakeys
Southern Luzon diadem
Panaguiton ABC champ, bowler of the year
THOUSAND OAKS, California Zach
Johnson already is looking ahead to next year,
and one of his priorities is to score better on the
par 5s. He got started on that Thursday in the
World Challenge.
Johnson birdied four of the ve par 5s on
a chilly afternoon at Sherwood Country Club,
sending him to a ve-under 67 and a one-shot
lead over Matt Kuchar. They were among only
ve players in the elite 18-man eld who broke
One of them was tournament host Tiger Woods,
who had a new driver in the bag and missed only
two fairways. The problem was his putter. Woods
opened his round by missing a short par putt, and
he nished it by missing a 4-foot birdie putt on the
18th. He wound up with a 71.
Kuchar played with Woods they were
partners at the Presidents Cup and hit his
approach into 2 feet for birdie on the nal hole.
Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson were at
70. They are among seven players who have
yet to win a tournament anywhere in the world
this year, even though all 18 players in the
World Challenge are in the top 30 in the world
The tournament counts toward the ranking,
though everything else about it is unofcial.
For some players, its a time to shake off some
rust and test new equipment. For others, its
the end of a long year.
Johnson had his annual summit with his
team of coaches at the start of the week. They
go over the year, crunch statistics and lay out
goals for where to improve in 2014. One of the
areas was par-5 scoring. (AP)
They include University of San Jose-Recoletos,
Central Philippine University, Leyte National
High School, Angeles University Foundation,
Ateneo de Davao and Baguio City National High
School and NCR back-to-back winner Hope
Christian College, which ruled their respective
elims in recent months.
The eight teams will be joined by two foreign
squads from Australia and New Zealand,
according to tournament director Johanz
Buenvenida of Metro Sports.
These two teams have the height advantage
and experience in international play and are
expected to provide a different challenge for our
local teams and at the same raise the level of play
here, said Buenvenida.
The league, now on its 11th year, serves as the
feeder league to the Shakeys V-League as part
of the worlds leading pizza parlors long-term
commitment to boost the sport and produce top-
class players.
Eugene Panaguiton dominated
the Architects Bowling Club 12-game
annual championship with a 2668 to
beat Manny Padit of Philex (2557),
Buddy Segui of Boysen Paints, Denis
Jalandoon of Nation Paints (2467) and
Lito Zubiri of Boysen Knoxout (2467)
at E-lanes Center in Greenhills last
Panaguiton also garnered the
most number of winning points for
the entire 2013 season (468), besting
Ronnie Javier (388) for the Bowler of
the Year honors.
The awards rites will be held Dec.
10 at the ABC Christmas Party at
Greenwich Clubhouse, Corinthian.
Panaguitons 2552 bagged the
12-game 36th Anniversary Masters
Championship, winning over Padit
by just two pins. He also won the
Group 2 Annual Championship
last 2008 and in 2009 copped the
Most Improved Bowler of the Year
(MIBY). In 2010 and 2011 he placed
second runner-up under Group-1
and in 2012 he won the rst ABC
Open Group-3 Masters.
Zach sets pace in World golf
Games today (Ynares Sports Arena)
2 p.m. TMS-Army vs Cagayan
4 p.m. PLDT-MyDSL vs Cignal
Zach Johnson
Resorts World poker for cause
Resorts World Manila will host the Asian
Poker Tour-RWM Iron Man Poker Challenge
on Dec. 13 with the event aimed at surpassing
the Guinness world record for the longest
continuous poker tournament.
The main tournament is expected to
break the record 36 hours, 34 minutes and 41
seconds set last March 29, 2013 in Wilmington,
Delaware, USA.
To spice up the non-stop thrills, RWM
included a special tournament for the benet
of the millions affected by Typhoon Yolanda.
Dubbed as Ante Up For the Philippines,
the event pledges to donate 40 percent of the
prize pool to typhoon Yolanda relief efforts.
The special tournament will be held on Dec. 12
at 6 p.m. at RWMs second Floor Casino, Non
Smoking Room, Poker Area.
Players may earn seats for APT-RWM Iron Man Poker
Challenge through various RWM-APT Poker Tournaments such
as the RWM-APT P900,000 GTD Poker Tournament tomorrow.
For details, visit or call Tourist/Visitor
Hotline at (02) 908-8833.
Assistant Editor
Luol Deng had 20 points, Taj Gibson chipped
in with 19 markers and Joakim Noah added
17 points and 15 rebounds as the Bulls had no
trouble knocking off the defending champions.
Chicago took control early on and hung on
down the stretch after watching a 25-point lead in
the third quarter dwindle to 12 late in the game.
It was an impressive showing by a team that
had dropped six of seven and is once again trying
to get by without the injured Derrick Rose.
In other games, the New York Knicks blasted
the Brooklyn Nets, 113-83, and the Los Angeles
Clippers routed the Memphis Grizzlies, 101-81.
The Bulls shot 50 percent and was 10 for 19
on 3-pointers four by Deng and three by Kirk
Hinrich, who scored 13.
James scored 21 points for Miami, but the Heat
shot a season low for the second straight game,
converting 41.6 percent from the eld after hitting
43.9 percent in Tuesdays loss to Detroit.
It didnt help that Dwyane Wade stayed back
at the hotel with an illness after sitting out the
previous game because of knee soreness.
Chris Andersen missed this one for personal
reasons, but the Heat will get no sympathy from
After all, the Bulls lost Rose to a torn meniscus in
his right knee in a game at Portland on Nov. 22, and
although the former MVP left the door slightly open
for a playoff return earlier in the day, the team has
ruled him out for the rest of the season.
The Bulls were just ne without him on
Thursday, although things got a little tight down
the stretch.
Miami cut it to 93-81 on Norris Coles runner
with 5:38 remaining. But Gibson answered with a
jumper and blocked a layup by Udonis Haslem.
Deng made a 3 with just under four minutes left
to make it 98-81, and Chicago hung on from there.
Before that, the only tension came early in
the third quarter when Hinrich took a shot to the
neck from Cole away from the ball. The result was
an angry exchange, a agrant foul one for Cole
and a technical for Hinrich.
The Bulls guard hit both free throws after
James missed a foul shot, making it 67-45.
Boozer led a scorching start by Chicago,
scoring 19 points as the Bulls built a 58-44
halftime lead. (AP)
Boozer, Bulls
James, Heat
CHICAGO Carlos Boozer
scored 27 points, and the Chicago
Bulls beat LeBron James and the
Miami Heat, 107-87, in the NBA on
Thursday night.
The 71st edition of rst Saturday chess
tournament gets under way today with another
huge eld expected to see action at Perez Bldg.
Doa Soledad Ave. cor. Australia St., Better Living
Subd., Paraaque City.
Registration is open until before the
tournament with fee pegged at P250 (regular) and
P150 (kiddies). For details, call Perez at 383-4996,
846-0304 or 0919-7227552, Cecil Padua at 0922-
8418251, Mario Perez at 0915-1961235 and Tonton
Barretto at 0932-6144563.
Titles to be disputed are seniors, collegiate,
high school, elementary and womens.
Organized by Paraaque Chess Association,
headed by Dr. Bong Perez, the event is sponsored
by Rep. Abraham Tolentino (Tagaytay City),
Mayor Edwin Olivarez, Vice Mayor Rico Golez,
Barangay Captain Cho Villar, Boy Francisco,
Spare and Strike, Shakeys Pizza (SM Bicutan) and
Organo Gold Philippines.
Pque chess under way
Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls shoots against
Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat during their NBA clash
in Illinois. AFP

Assistant Editor: MARIANNE V. GO
Saturday, December 7, 2013 B-1
of 2
DECEMBER 6, 2013
$582.700 M
Source: PDEx
Net hot money inow hits $4.469 B
(A special section
on owers and
ornamental plants)
Hot money inow as of the third week of November
has breached the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas assump-
tion for the whole of 2013.
Central bank data showed the country recorded a net
inow of foreign portfolio investments amounting to
$4.469 billion as of Nov. 22, already above the $4.4-bil-
lion target of the BSP.
The latest level was also 30 percent higher than last years
$3.426 billion.
Foreign portfolio investments are also called hot money be-
cause they can be easily pulled in and out of the market.
Gross portfolio inows surged 63 percent to $26.489 billion
from $16.284 billion, while gross outows jumped 71 percent
to $22.020 billion from $12.857 billion.
The country has been seeing continued net inows for weeks
since mid-September, a result of the US Federal Reserves an-
nouncement of keeping its massive bond-purchasing program
The Feds announcement in September prompted a reow
of investments to emerging markets including the Philippines
following bouts of volatility resulting from the US central banks
statement in May that investors saw as a signal to taper stimulus.
The BSPs assumption of a $4.4-billion net hot money inow
this year is currently under review.
The central bank will announce its new
assumptions, including that for gross
international reserves and other components of the balance of
payments, before the year ends.
The BSP and the government owes the sustained capital in-
ows to the Philippines to the countrys sound macroeconomic
fundamentals and robust economic growth.
At the same time, the country has also been awarded invest-
ment grade ratings by major debt watchers.
DECEMBER 6, 2013
1.134 B
P5.908 B

Friday, December 6, 2013
DECEMBER 5, 2013
52 Weeks PREV % PE
DECEMBER 6, 2013
52 Weeks PREV % PE

PLDT COMMON 1,295,769,230.00 493,540
METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST CO. 376,837,687.00 5,024,510
ALLIANCE GLOBAL GROUP, INC. 314,442,285.00 13,008,300
JG SUMMIT HOLDINGS, INC. 254,790,035.00 6,743,700
SM INVESTMENTS CORPORATION 222,002,945.00 308,970
MEGAWORLD CORPORATION 200,726,550.00 61,385,000
JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION 193,442,473.00 1,135,970
GLOBE TELECOM, INC. 189,106,905.00 118,335
UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION 181,210,226.00 1,529,090
BDO UNIBANK, INC. 176,835,383.50 2,440,910
The Philippine STAR BUSINESS





Financial 1,466.54 DN 8.75 11,625,720 766,253,265.95
Industrial 8,684.52 DN 57.97 40,898,023 928,626,103.55
Holdings Firms 5,495.00 DN 18.56 49,912,868 1,356,666,426.99
Property 2,348.76 UP 14.86 219,409,269 785,369,077.77
Services 1,873.26 DN 9.01 74,648,881 1,883,785,875.70
Mining & Oil 12,053.69 UP 59.92 737,792,122 183,001,378.58
All Shares Index 3,688.47 DN 14.59
PSEi 6,014.94 DN 16.01
ETF 49,120 4,776,654.00
GRAND TOTALS : 1,134,336,003 5,908,478,782.54
Financial 1,475.31 1,475.94 1,466.54
Industrial 8,744.79 8,763.40 8,643.60
Holdings Firms 5,514.50 5,514.50 5,469.72
Property 2,333.90 2,349.11 2,305.20
Services 1,881.83 1,885.35 1,868.30
Mining & Oil 11,998.91 12,198.95 11,933.88
All Shares Index 3,703.34 3,704.33 3,677.82
Composite 6,031.30 6,033.56 5,987.22
8990 HOLDINGS, INC. 5.84% 6.89
MEDCO HOLDINGS, INC. -14.29% 0.18
4.31 2.50 MEGAWORLD CORP. 0.2800 3.25 3.26 3.32 3.18 3.30 61,385,000 200,726,550 1.54 11.79
0.166 0.070 MRC ALLIED (0.0600) 0.083 0.083 0.083 0.083 0.083 100,000 8,300 0.00 (1.38)
0.84 0.330 PHIL. ESTATES 0.0100 0.40 0.34 0.34 0.34 0.34 70,000 23,800 (15.00) 34.00
4.18 2.51 PRIMEX CORP 0.0030 2.59 2.69 2.69 2.69 2.69 4,000 10,760 3.86 896.67
26.90 18.54 ROBINSONS LAND 1.0400 20.70 20.55 21.00 20.30 20.50 4,503,200 92,163,320 (0.97) 19.71
0.68 0.400 PHIL REALTY 0.0010 0.425 0.43 0.43 0.43 0.43 17,500,000 7,525,000 1.18 430.00
3.52 1.55 ROCKWELL LAND CORP. 0.1800 1.60 1.60 1.62 1.59 1.61 1,005,000 1,612,090 0.63 8.94
3.95 2.71 SHANG PROP 0.3500 3.20 3.20 3.20 3.20 3.20 715,000 2,288,000 0.00 9.14
1.35 0.58 STA. LUCIA LAND 0.0300 0.60 0.62 0.62 0.60 0.61 186,000 113,320 1.67 20.33
21.90 14.30 SM PRIME HLDG 0.6100 15.90 15.90 15.92 15.70 15.86 6,063,900 96,174,268 (0.25) 26.00
4.10 3.31 STARMALLS 1.7200 3.59 3.42 3.42 3.42 3.42 65,000 222,300 (4.74) 1.99
2.40 0.54 SUNTRUST HOME 0.0020 0.93 0.91 0.95 0.91 0.92 78,000 72,000 (1.08) 460.00
7.10 4.37 VISTA LAND & LIFESCAPES 0.5200 5.00 5.00 5.00 4.89 5.00 4,545,700 22,527,838 0.00 9.62


47.00 30.50 ABS CBN 2.3000 33.40 33.00 33.05 33.00 33.00 16,100 531,550 (1.20) 14.35
9.99 7.18 GMA NETWORK 0.3300 8.37 8.40 8.50 8.20 8.22 102,900 859,186 (1.79) 24.91


1833.00 1058.00 GLOBE TELECOM 51.5400 1634.00 1602.00 1602.00 1591.00 1595.00 118,335 189,106,905 (2.39) 30.95
3290.00 2520.00 PLDT -COMMON 163.8600 2620.00 2620.00 2640.00 2610.00 2630.00 493,540 1,295,769,230 0.38 16.05


6.56 3.72 DFNN INC (1.0000) 5.99 5.85 6.50 5.85 6.10 852,300 5,312,315 1.84 (6.10)
11.40 3.00 IMPERIAL A (0.0400) 6.00 4.52 5.98 4.52 5.98 1,200 5,716 (0.33) (149.50)
2.70 1.80 ISM COMM 0.1400 2.00 1.89 1.89 1.89 1.89 122,000 230,580 (5.50) 13.50
15.88 8.11 PHILWEB 0.7400 9.84 9.82 9.82 9.60 9.80 72,100 704,401 (0.41) 13.24


16.04 9.50 ASIAN TERMINALS 0.8400 10.60 10.60 10.70 10.60 10.70 45,000 480,500 0.94 12.74
84.80 49.70 CEBU AIR, INC. 5.8900 51.40 51.45 51.45 50.95 51.45 137,860 7,084,148 0.10 8.74
107.30 69.50 INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER 2.4900 102.50 101.20 102.50 101.20 101.90 276,230 28,108,310 (0.59) 40.92
7.35 4.20 PAL HLDG (0.6700) 5.71 5.71 5.71 5.30 5.70 67,900 387,000 (0.18) (8.51)
2.02 1.32 HARBOR STAR 1.34 1.40 1.40 1.33 1.38 231,000 317,930 2.99


1.48 0.99 ACESITE HOTEL 0.1000 1.03 1.00 1.03 0.99 1.03 13,000 12,930 0.00 10.30
0.209 0.109 BOULEVARD HOLDINGS (0.0010) 0.14 0.139 0.14 0.136 0.136 31,260,000 4,298,620 (2.86) (136.00)
3.28 2.60 DISCOVERY WORLD 2.70 2.57 2.69 2.56 2.69 20,000 51,630 (0.37)
0.480 0.315 WATERFRONT (0.0030) 0.36 0.375 0.375 0.34 0.35 140,000 48,150 (2.78) (116.67)


1300.00 1002.00 FAR EASTERN UNIV 51.9300 1115.00 1115.00 1115.00 1115.00 1115.00 2,665 2,971,475 0.00 21.47
12.50 7.90 IPEOPLE 0.7400 12.00 12.00 12.20 12.00 12.20 10,600 129,300 1.67 16.49
1.17 0.59 STI HLDG 0.0030 0.70 0.70 0.71 0.69 0.70 6,589,000 4,603,550 0.00 233.33


31.95 18.00 BERJAYA 1.2300 23.80 18.00 18.00 18.00 18.00 400 7,200 (24.37) 14.63
16.88 8.36 BLOOMBERRY RESORTS (0.0700) 9.87 9.86 9.86 9.68 9.68 1,060,300 10,283,242 (1.93) (138.29)
0.032 0.012 IP EGAME (0.0060) 0.013 0.012 0.013 0.012 0.013 20,700,000 249,000 0.00 (2.17)
18.00 13.78 PACIFIC ONLINE 1.4200 15.96 16.18 16.18 15.92 15.92 53,700 856,066 (0.25) 11.21
9.50 5.81 LEISURE AND RES 0.2800 6.20 6.15 6.16 6.05 6.15 10,100 61,839 (0.81) 21.96
3.04 1.91 MANILA JOCKEY 0.0200 2.10 2.10 2.10 2.05 2.05 100,000 207,500 (2.38) 102.50
0.365 0.250 PREMIER HORIZON (0.0001) 0.295 0.295 0.295 0.295 0.295 200,000 59,000 0.00 (2950.00)
11.46 10.22 TRAVELLERS 10.94 10.84 10.84 10.68 10.72 1,948,800 20,927,226 (2.01)


6.13 2.97 CALATA CORP 0.3200 3.55 3.60 3.60 3.50 3.57 22,000 77,650 0.56 11.16
47.50 31.80 PUREGOLD 1.1100 41.60 41.45 41.65 40.45 40.50 3,457,300 140,204,900 (2.64) 36.49
60.50 53.60 ROBINSONS RTL 55.20 55.00 55.15 54.85 55.00 1,413,860 77,713,091 (0.36)


0.51 0.355 NOWCORP (0.1100) 0.405 0.38 0.40 0.38 0.40 60,000 23,000 (1.23) (3.64)
3.47 1.85 PAXYS 2.0600 1.88 1.88 1.88 1.85 1.85 240,000 446,620 (1.60) 0.90


23.35 11.68 ATLAS MINING 1.7000 11.68 11.62 11.98 11.50 11.98 502,300 5,808,190 2.57 7.05
20.95 6.50 BENGUET A 3.8900 7.40 6.82 6.82 6.80 6.80 6,500 44,240 (8.11) 1.75
20.00 6.20 BENGUET B 3.8900 7.39 6.35 6.35 6.35 6.35 9,100 57,785 (14.07) 1.63
1.13 0.85 COAL ASIA HLDG (0.0200) 0.88 0.90 0.90 0.85 0.85 2,235,000 1,929,320 (3.41) (42.50)
16.50 5.00 DIZON MINES (0.1200) 5.10 5.20 5.40 5.08 5.40 33,400 170,324 5.88 (45.00)
0.60 0.400 GEOGRACE 0.0001 0.42 0.42 0.42 0.40 0.415 470,000 189,250 (1.19) 4150.00
1.23 0.31 LEPANTO MINING -A 0.0040 0.32 0.32 0.34 0.315 0.32 3,470,000 1,106,850 0.00 80.00
1.31 0.295 LEPANTO MINING -B 0.0040 0.32 0.325 0.325 0.315 0.315 3,340,000 1,058,400 (1.56) 78.75
0.066 0.014 MANILA MINING -A (0.00004) 0.014 0.014 0.014 0.013 0.014 97,600,000 1,365,900 0.00 (350.00)
0.073 0.015 MANILA MINING B (0.00004) 0.016 0.016 0.016 0.016 0.016 1,000,000 16,000 0.00 (400.00)
5.50 1.86 NIHAO MINERAL RES. 0.0300 1.86 1.91 1.92 1.83 1.88 838,000 1,557,710 1.08 62.67
28.55 14.60 NICKEL ASIA CORP. 1.1000 14.62 14.60 14.80 14.56 14.60 5,537,200 80,856,750 (0.14) 13.27
0.70 0.22 OMICO CORP (0.1300) 0.335 0.36 0.36 0.36 0.36 10,000 3,600 7.46 (2.77)
19.76 7.80 PHILEX MINING 0.0500 8.70 8.70 8.70 8.60 8.68 46,100 399,238 (0.23) 173.60
306.00 219.00 SEMIRARA MINING CORP. 17.8500 290.00 290.00 300.00 290.00 290.20 60,490 17,555,414 0.07 16.26


0.315 0.225 BASIC PETROLEUM 0.1000 0.26 0.26 0.27 0.26 0.27 800,000 211,000 3.85 2.70
0.026 0.016 ORIENTAL A 0.0020 0.018 0.018 0.019 0.018 0.019 74,300,000 1,348,000 5.56 9.50
0.019 0.027 ORIENTAL B 0.0020 0.020 0.02 0.02 0.02 0.02 5,100,000 102,000 0.00 10.00
0.047 0.033 PHILODRILL - A 0.0020 0.035 0.035 0.038 0.035 0.038 538,000,000 19,816,800 8.57 19.00
7.24 4.02 PETROENERGY 0.3800 5.47 5.46 5.46 5.46 5.46 9,200 50,232 (0.18) 14.37
34.80 7.56 PX PETROLEUM (0.5200) 8.50 8.50 8.50 8.38 8.38 25,400 213,750 (1.41) (16.12)


49.90 30.30 ABS HLDG PDR 33.90 34.00 34.00 33.05 33.10 721,100 23,946,005 (2.36)
10.26 7.10 GMA HLDG PDR 8.30 8.50 8.50 8.10 8.35 26,900 220,015 0.60
115.00 104.10 PETRON CORP. PREF 109.40 109.70 109.70 109.30 109.40 108,740 11,899,912 0.00
80.50 74.50 SAN MIGUEL CORP. -PREF. 2A 77.20 77.25 77.25 77.20 77.25 411,670 31,801,498 0.06
84.00 74.50 SAN MIGUEL CORP. -PREF. 2C 79.60 79.55 79.60 79.55 79.60 73,180 5,824,100 0.00


100.00 99.2 FIRST METRO ETF 99.20 99.20 99.20 97.00 97.15 49,120 4,776,654 (2.07)
105.50 56.00 ASIA UNITED 59.3400 69.00 68.35 69.85 68.35 68.80 68,680 4,726,330 (0.29) 1.16
99.00 66.20 BDO UNIBANK 4.4600 72.55 72.60 73.00 72.10 72.10 2,440,910 176,835,384 (0.62) 16.17
114.00 84.00 BANK OF PHIL. ISLANDS 4.5800 92.00 92.20 92.20 90.65 91.00 989,420 90,010,134 (1.09) 19.87
78.20 50.00 CHINABANK 3.8900 59.50 59.50 59.50 59.00 59.00 16,570 980,569 (0.84) 15.17
37.85 22.80 EASTWEST BANK 1.8500 25.40 25.50 25.60 24.70 25.40 51,600 1,310,010 0.00 13.73
139.50 73.00 METROBANK 7.0700 75.00 74.90 75.30 74.80 75.00 5,024,510 376,837,687 0.00 10.61
38.85 21.85 PHIL. BUSINESS BANK 2.2900 24.70 24.05 24.70 24.00 24.70 61,600 1,481,220 0.00 10.79
117.00 65.00 PHIL. NATIONAL BANK 7.0200 82.00 80.60 81.90 80.60 80.80 100,230 8,116,218 (1.46) 11.51
74.50 40.75 RIZAL BANK 5.0900 43.20 43.20 43.20 42.80 43.00 118,200 5,081,310 (0.46) 8.45
206.40 105.70 SECURITY BANK 14.9100 114.80 114.70 114.80 114.30 114.60 468,630 53,674,929 (0.17) 7.69
160.00 110.00 UNION BANK 11.8300 124.70 124.80 125.10 124.00 125.10 51,450 6,421,690 0.32 10.57


3.74 2.12 AG FINANCE 3.01 3.10 3.10 3.00 3.00 50,000 150,200 (0.33)
2.62 0.69 BANKARD 0.0700 2.18 2.17 2.28 2.15 2.28 1,762,000 3,904,830 4.59 32.57
2.42 1.32 BDO LEASING 0.19 1.98 2.10 2.10 2.10 2.10 1,000 2,100 6.06 11.05
21.00 15.74 COL FINANCIAL 0.6600 17.10 16.50 17.10 16.50 17.08 5,600 92,750 (0.12) 25.88
35.95 16.00 MAYBANK ATR KE 0.3000 18.50 18.00 18.00 17.50 18.00 22,900 406,550 (2.70) 60.00
0.73 0.180 MEDCO HLDG (0.0200) 0.210 0.18 0.18 0.18 0.18 10,000 1,800 (14.29) (9.00)
810.00 475.00 MANULIFE 38.0070 760.00 750.00 750.00 750.00 750.00 30 22,500 (1.32) 19.73
515.00 351.20 PHIL. STOCK EXCHANGE 10.2300 385.00 387.00 387.00 383.00 383.00 24,460 9,419,706 (0.52) 37.44
1450.00 985.00 SUN LIFE 110.6400 1325.00 1325.00 1325.00 1320.00 1320.00 195 257,900 (0.38) 11.93
2.92 2.25 VANTAGE 0.2600 2.59 2.56 2.56 2.56 2.56 3,000 7,680 (1.16) 9.85


1.59 1.20 ALSONS CONS 0.0800 1.31 1.31 1.31 1.31 1.31 1,000 1,310 0.00 16.38
40.50 30.00 ABOITIZ POWER CORP. 3.3200 33.00 33.10 33.10 32.80 33.00 1,861,700 61,295,070 0.00 9.94
7.90 4.25 ENERGY DEVT CORP. 0.4600 5.00 5.02 5.02 4.80 4.91 4,346,800 21,319,177 (1.80) 10.67
27.45 12.20 FIRST GEN CORP. 2.0700 13.16 13.16 13.36 13.02 13.10 1,304,800 17,074,208 (0.46) 6.33
113.80 52.00 FIRST PHIL. HOLDINGS 16.7400 52.75 52.60 52.60 52.25 52.50 181,450 9,501,562 (0.47) 3.14
11.00 4.00 CALAPAN VENTURE 0.2100 7.50 6.54 7.47 6.53 7.46 10,500 73,696 (0.53) 35.52
397.00 252.60 MANILA ELECTRIC CO. 15.1000 265.20 265.20 272.00 264.00 270.00 417,920 112,300,234 1.81 17.88
41.40 22.20 MANILA WATER 2.2100 22.80 23.00 23.00 22.10 22.50 1,340,200 30,114,640 (1.32) 10.18
16.30 10.22 PETRON CORPORATION 0.1300 14.08 14.22 14.22 14.10 14.10 1,975,900 27,989,068 0.14 108.46
11.18 4.80 PHOENIX 0.6300 4.82 4.82 4.82 4.81 4.82 341,000 1,643,540 0.00 7.65
3.00 1.10 TRANS-ASIA 0.1600 1.49 1.49 1.50 1.45 1.47 6,481,000 9,562,250 (1.34) 9.19


8.75 5.00 AGRINURTURE (0.2200) 5.41 5.41 5.50 5.35 5.50 45,900 248,189 1.66 (25.00)
39.50 20.00 DEL MONTE 24.65 24.65 24.65 24.35 24.35 43,700 1,066,930 (1.22)
8.60 4.32 DNL INDUSTRIES 0.8200 6.18 6.18 6.20 6.16 6.17 3,405,100 20,997,703 (0.16) 7.52
22.00 3.91 EMPERADOR 0.0500 11.66 11.60 11.60 11.20 11.28 1,696,500 19,224,448 (3.26) 225.60
2.22 1.05 ALLIANCE SELECT 0.0600 1.09 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05 17,000 17,850 (3.67) 17.50
27.40 12.50 GINEBRA (3.1000) 24.00 24.00 25.00 22.00 22.30 333,500 7,616,380 (7.08) (7.19)
186.20 102.00 JOLLIBEE FOODS CORP. 3.5800 174.00 174.00 174.00 169.80 170.00 1,135,970 193,442,473 (2.30) 47.49
28.40 12.42 LT GROUP 0.8500 15.20 15.00 15.52 15.00 15.36 1,674,600 25,683,702 1.05 18.07
20.00 7.22 PANCAKE 0.6300 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 2,000 30,000 0.00 23.81
314.60 200.00 SAN MIGUEL PURE FOODS 18.1500 220.00 221.00 221.00 218.00 218.00 79,730 17,424,570 (0.91) 12.01
6.88 4.00 PEPSI-COLA 0.2300 4.50 4.50 4.50 4.29 4.29 786,000 3,415,600 (4.67) 18.65
6.15 4.06 RFM CORPORATION 0.2200 5.17 5.14 5.30 5.14 5.16 213,400 1,100,206 (0.19) 23.45
7.50 2.28 ROXAS HLDG 0.7300 5.62 5.62 5.78 5.62 5.64 39,900 224,887 0.36 7.73
125.00 65.50 SAN MIGUEL CORP. 9.0500 71.80 71.75 71.75 70.35 70.35 18,600 1,315,894 (2.02) 7.77
135.40 76.80 UNIVERSAL ROBINA 3.6900 119.10 120.00 120.00 118.20 118.40 1,529,090 181,210,226 (0.59) 32.09
1.16 0.59 VITARICH (0.2900) 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 295,000 177,000 0.00 (2.07)
2.18 1.22 VICTORIAS 0.2800 1.78 1.79 1.79 1.68 1.74 3,164,000 5,441,150 (2.25) 6.21


24.90 13.30 ASIABEST GROUP 0.0100 13.52 14.00 14.50 13.00 13.30 40,700 531,702 (1.63) 1330.00
3.34 0.90 SEACEM 0.4500 0.97 0.97 0.97 0.97 0.97 75,000 72,750 0.00 2.16
8.24 0.91 DAVINCI CAPITAL 0.0500 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.90 0.91 264,000 238,800 0.00 18.20
15.90 9.00 ENGINEERING EQUIPMENTS 0.9400 9.84 9.84 9.84 9.40 9.70 733,400 6,970,033 (1.42) 10.32
15.98 12.00 HOLCIM 0.5600 14.70 14.70 14.80 14.70 14.80 137,200 2,023,130 0.68 26.43
12.24 8.90 LAFARGE REPUBLIC 0.4800 9.15 9.15 9.17 9.15 9.17 44,400 407,075 0.22 19.10
24.20 10.10 MEGAWIDE 0.9100 11.18 11.00 11.30 11.00 11.28 1,305,000 14,401,734 0.89 12.40
3.30 1.59 TKC STEEL (0.6900) 2.00 1.80 1.80 1.80 1.80 1,000 1,800 (10.00) (2.61)
2.40 1.25 VULCAN INDL 0.1000 1.41 1.38 1.39 1.38 1.39 24,000 33,210 (1.42) 13.90


258.00 62.50 CHEMPHIL (2.8200) 200.00 200.00 200.00 200.00 200.00 80 16,000 0.00 (70.92)
3.10 2.62 CHEMREZ 0.2000 2.85 2.84 2.85 2.77 2.81 127,000 360,030 (1.40) 14.05
2.32 1.01 EUROMED 0.1600 1.38 1.50 1.50 1.50 1.50 5,000 7,500 8.70 9.38
5.20 1.80 LMG CHEMICALS (0.0100) 3.88 3.96 4.23 3.96 4.15 2,851,000 11,739,820 6.96 (415.00)
22.50 5.70 MELCO CROWN (0.0800) 12.90 13.00 13.20 12.90 12.90 1,212,400 15,795,590 0.00 (161.25)


29.30 10.02 CIRTEK HLDG 0.6800 14.50 14.50 14.50 14.50 14.50 1,700 24,650 0.00 21.32
26.00 24.00 CONCEPCION 25.25 25.00 25.20 25.00 25.20 80,200 2,010,200 (0.20)
0.025 0.011 GREENENERGY (0.0003) 0.012 0.012 0.012 0.012 0.012 100,000 1,200 0.00 (40.00)
4.50 1.81 INTEGRATED MICRO 0.0800 2.56 2.83 2.83 2.60 2.60 37,000 100,570 1.56 32.50
0.87 0.400 IONICS (0.0400) 0.40 0.40 0.40 0.40 0.40 20,000 8,000 0.00 (10.00)


5.99 1.5 ASIAAMALGAMATED (0.0030) 2.27 2.30 2.70 2.20 2.20 149,000 359,140 (3.08) (733.33)
0.71 0.56 ABACORE CAPITAL 0.2700 0.59 0.59 0.60 0.59 0.60 2,038,000 1,220,930 1.69 2.22
688.00 481.00 AYALA CORPORATION 17.1500 584.00 575.50 580.50 570.00 576.00 197,720 114,122,260 (1.37) 33.59
61.00 40.00 ABOITIZ EQUITY VENTURES 4.3300 54.75 54.75 54.90 53.95 54.65 1,169,090 63,759,604 (0.18) 12.62
28.40 15.78 ALLIANCE GLOBAL GROUP 1.3800 24.30 24.10 24.35 23.95 24.15 13,008,300 314,442,285 (0.62) 17.50
1.63 0.90 ATN HLDG A (0.0200) 1.28 1.27 1.32 1.27 1.32 102,000 131,760 3.13 (66.00)
1.69 0.88 ATN HLDG B (0.0200) 1.32 1.28 1.38 1.28 1.38 243,000 325,860 4.55 (69.00)
18.10 0.134 COSCO CAPITAL 0.48000 9.50 9.50 9.65 9.49 9.50 1,716,800 16,363,616 0.00 19.79
61.20 44.00 DMCI HOLDINGS, INC. 3.6900 55.70 55.90 56.50 55.05 55.90 1,448,480 81,011,248 0.36 15.15
6.99 3.90 FILINVEST DEV 0.4400 4.16 4.16 4.16 4.16 4.16 10,000 41,600 0.00 9.45
3.96 2.51 FJ PRINCE A 0.3000 3.10 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 10,000 30,000 (3.23) 10.00
0.250 0.151 FORUM PACIFIC (0.0010) 0.213 0.214 0.214 0.214 0.214 10,000 2,140 0.47 (214.00)
899.00 580.00 GT CAPITAL 44.2700 768.00 760.00 772.50 755.00 764.00 162,710 124,208,340 (0.52) 17.26
9.30 5.70 HOUSE OF INVESTMENTS 0.9900 6.28 6.27 6.50 6.27 6.50 3,100 19,460 3.50 6.57
50.00 34.00 JG SUMMIT HOLDINGS 1.9900 37.70 37.75 38.00 37.60 37.80 6,743,700 254,790,035 0.27 18.99
8.90 4.50 JOLLIVILLE HLDG 0.2100 5.50 5.10 5.10 5.10 5.10 300 1,530 (7.27) 24.29
1.07 0.61 LODESTAR (0.0300) 0.75 0.69 0.75 0.69 0.75 50,000 34,560 0.00 (25.00)
7.68 4.00 LOPEZ HOLDINGS 0.9900 4.01 4.01 4.05 4.00 4.00 1,597,000 6,409,340 (0.25) 4.04
4.22 1.40 MARCVENTURES HOLDINGS 0.0800 3.20 3.25 3.25 3.17 3.19 523,000 1,676,030 (0.31) 39.88
0.81 0.320 MABUHAY HLDG 0.0900 0.61 0.61 0.63 0.61 0.63 411,000 253,870 3.28 7.00
7.65 4.80 MINERALES IND (0.0100) 5.19 5.05 5.20 5.00 5.20 51,100 261,970 0.19 (520.00)
6.33 4.32 METRO PACIFIC CORP. 0.2600 4.56 4.57 4.58 4.45 4.50 18,357,000 82,703,080 (1.32) 17.31
0.77 0.355 PRIME ORION 0.0400 0.475 0.47 0.47 0.47 0.47 30,000 14,100 (1.05) 11.75
2.70 1.08 PRIME MEDIA 0.0300 1.70 1.68 1.78 1.68 1.70 88,000 150,140 0.00 56.67
3.40 2.30 REPUBLIC GLASS 0.3300 2.62 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2,000 5,300 1.15 8.03
2.54 1.18 SOLID GROUP 0.6800 1.23 1.22 1.23 1.20 1.20 1,317,000 1,583,210 (2.44) 1.76
1213.00 605.00 SM INVESTMENTS 39.8500 717.50 717.50 724.50 714.00 718.50 308,970 222,002,945 0.14 18.03
1.40 0.85 SOUTH CHINA 0.1300 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.00 1.01 45,000 45,800 (3.81) 7.77
0.325 0.150 WELLEX INDUS (0.1300) 0.209 0.21 0.21 0.21 0.21 10,000 2,100 0.48 (1.62)


0.240 0.176 ARTHALAND CORP 0.0500 0.205 0.195 0.204 0.195 0.202 1,140,000 222,620 (1.46) 4.04
35.70 23.00 AYALA LAND INC. 0.6800 26.60 26.80 27.15 26.20 27.10 5,494,500 148,187,320 1.88 39.85
2.26 0.69 ARANETA PROP 0.0200 1.44 1.45 1.56 1.45 1.56 826,000 1,265,340 8.33 78.00
7.10 4.25 BELLE CORPORATION 0.0500 5.27 5.27 5.27 5.17 5.20 3,754,800 19,525,545 (1.33) 104.00
3.20 1.00 A BROWN 0.0600 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.05 1.10 28,000 30,750 0.00 18.33
6.73 3.70 CEBU HLDG 0.2300 5.90 6.00 6.00 5.90 5.90 7,328,900 43,240,805 0.00 25.65
2.44 1.08 CENTURY PROPERTIES 0.2100 1.62 1.61 1.62 1.60 1.60 47,454,000 75,945,510 (1.23) 7.62
0.88 0.49 CYBER BAY (0.0300) 0.55 0.55 0.58 0.55 0.58 12,000 6,630 5.45 (19.33)
1.21 0.90 EMPIRE EAST 0.0200 0.93 0.92 0.93 0.92 0.93 4,210,000 3,875,300 0.00 46.50
2.27 1.28 FILINVEST LAND 0.1400 1.27 1.27 1.27 1.23 1.25 31,810,000 39,543,800 (1.57) 8.93
2.76 1.30 GLOBAL-ESTATE RESORTS 0.0400 1.43 1.41 1.44 1.40 1.43 16,627,000 23,764,590 0.00 35.75
10.42 2.51 8990 HLDG (2.0100) 6.51 6.51 6.89 6.51 6.89 4,100 28,211 5.84 (3.43)
1.73 1.06 IRC PROP 0.1100 1.38 1.36 1.41 1.36 1.40 4,492,000 6,252,150 1.45 12.73
3.50 2.25 KEPPEL PROP 0.0700 3.10 2.80 2.80 2.80 2.80 1,000 2,800 (9.68) 40.00


ODD LOTS VALUE: 111,767.43
BLOCK SALE VALUE: 268,579,896.11
FOREIGN BUYING: P3,557,182,426.86
FOREIGN SELLING: P4,122,908,137.48
Concerns over the US Federal Reserves
tighter monetary policy pushed down local share
prices for the fourth straight day.
The Philippine Stock Exchange index ended
0.27 percent or 16.01 points lower at 6,014.94. The
broader all shares index fell 0.39 percent or 14.59
points to 3,688.47.
The selling was due to worries about tapering
that is still used as an excuse by the market, As-
tro del Castillo, managing director of First Grade
Finance Inc., said in a phone interview.
The morning decline was because of the ta-
pering issue, said Abbygayle Estrella, equities
analyst at AB Capital Securities Inc.
But last minute buying allowed the main in-
dex to remain at the 6,000 territory, Del Castillo
said. The bellwether index hit an intraday low
of 5,987.22.
Wall Street succumbed to more selling on
Thursday given expectations that strong US
economic data will encourage the Fed to cut back
its stimulus program.
The Dow Jones industrial average lost 0.43
Companies under suspension by the Exchange as of 12/06/2013
Allied Bank Pref. (ABC)
AC Pref A (ACPA)
Asiatrust (ASIA)
Central Azucarera de Tarlac (CAT)
Export and Industry Bank (EIBA, EIBB)
Fil-Estate Corporation (FC)
First Holdings- Pref (FPHP)
Filsyn Corp. (FYN, FYNB)
Gotesco Land Inc. (GO, GOB)
Metro Alliance Holdings (MAH, MAHB)
Marsteel Consolidated, Inc. (MC, MCB)
Picop Resources, Inc. (PCP)
Philcomsat Holdings Corp. (PHC)
Primetown Property (PMT)
Philippine National Const. (PNC)
Pryce Corporation (PPC)
Phil. Telegraph (PTT)
SMC Pref 1 (SMCP1)
Steniel Manufacturing (STN)
Uniwide Holdings, Inc. (UW)
percent or 68.26 points to 15,821.51 while the
broader Standard & Poors 500 index dropped
0.43 percent or 7.78 points to 1,785.03.
Most counters were in the red, paced by
industrial companies that shed 0.66 percent or
57.97 points to 8,684.52. But the property sector
managed to gain 0.64 percent or 14.86 points to
Turnover value eased to P5.9 billion from
P6.33 billion on Thursday. Decliners still out-
paced advancers, 94 to 53, while 37 stocks did
not change.
ANGLO PHILS. HLDG CASH P0.03 PS 05-Nov-13 04-Dec-13
THE PHILODRILL CORP. CASH P0.00050 PS 05-Nov-13 04-Dec-13
LIBERTY FLOUR MILLS, INC. CASH P0.50 PS 11-Nov-13 04-Dec-13
PETRON CORPORATION CASH P2.382 PS (Q4 of 2013) 06-Nov-13 05-Dec-13
REPUBLIC GLASS HC CASH P0.15 PSR 11-Nov-13 06-Dec-13
ANCHOR LAND HLDG STOCK 50% 20-Nov-13 06-Dec-13
REPUBLIC GLASS CASH P0.05 PSS 11-Nov-13 06-Dec-13
FIRST PHIL. HOLDING CASH P1.00 PCS 18-Nov-13 12-Dec-13
CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIV CASH P0.25 PS 14-Nov-13 12-Dec-13
DMCI HOLDINGS CASH P1.20 PCS 26-Nov-13 13-Dec13
JOLLIBEE FOODS CASH P0.71 PS 26-Nov-13 16-Dec-13
MARCVENTURES HLDG CASH P0.30 PCS 21-Nov-13 18-Dec-13
MANULIFE FINANCIAL CASH C$0.13 PCS 14-Nov-13 19-Dec-13
EEI CORPORATION CASH P0.05 PS 27-Nov-13 26-Dec-13
SECURITY BANK CASH P0.50 PSS 26-Nov-13 27-Dec-13
SECURITY BANK CASH P0.50 PSR 26-Nov-13 27-Dec-13
SAN MIGUEL CORP- A CASH P1.40625 PS 10-Dec-13 27-Dec-13
SAN MIGUEL CORP- B CASH P1.4296875 PS 10-Dec-13 27-Dec-13
BDO UNIBANK, INC. CASH P0.30 PCS (Q4 of 2013) 09-Dec-13 27-Dec-13


Index retreats on US tapering woes
Surrounding Metro Manila is a bustling group of ive provinces
composed of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon also
collectively known as CALABARZON or Region IV-A. In 2002,
CALABARZON was separated from the other half of the region
to allow the government to easily channel resources to the area so
as to create a second business center in the country. With a total
land area of 1,622,861 hectares and a booming industrial activity,
the region is successfully becoming an economic leader as well as
the recipient of Metro Manilas population overlow.
Camella the real estate brand with the widest geographic
reach in the country understands the need for residential
communities that would cater to all the movement, progress and
growth in the region. This time, it is proud to present the birth of
its newest community in CALABARZON Camella Rizal.
The provinces continuously booming agriculture and
aquaculture have been its main sources of income since then. Yet,
the rustic and peaceful allure of Rizal never ceases despite the
present growth of industrial centers in its land. Nestled on the
western slopes of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range, Rizal
is bordered by Quezon in the east, Laguna province and Laguna
de Bay the countrys largest lake to its southwest, Bulacan
in the north, and Metro Manila in the northwest.
The accessibility grants people living in Rizal a quick and
easy entry to Metro Manila and other nearby suburbs. Every day,
numerous Rizal residents cross the province and Metro Manilas
boundaries on their way to work, schools as well as to commercial
facilities and leisure oerings of the city. In the future, the planned
C6 Highway will allow even easier access to the nearby provinces
of Bulacan and Cavite, and busy cities such as Taguig, Paraaque
and Muntinlupa.
Rizal is also known as a cradle of great Filipino leaders and
artists, that it has been tagged as the Arts Capital of the country. The
province has given birth or witnessed the great skills of National
Artists and world-renowned talents like Vicente Manansala, Carlos
Botong Francisco, Rafael Pacheco, Nemi
Miranda, and Jose Pitok Blanco and his
equally talented family.
Also included in the long list of pride
from the artists and heroes haven are
composer and musician Lucio San Pedro,
multiple Carlos Palanca Award-winner
Ligaya Tiamson-Rubin, and even World War
I hero, Tomas Mateo Claudio, who fought
with the allies in Europe.
Despite the convenience of the provinces
l ocati on, i ts burgeoni ng success i n
agricultural and industrial production,
and the constant strength of its rich,
artistic culture, Rizal maintains a pristine
atmosphere, far from the noise and dust of
city living. Camella is inspired by the towns
inspiring balance of nature heightened by
the rugged peaks and rolling foothills of
the exquisite Sierra Madre and a view of the
expansive Laguna de Bay.
As one traverses through Camella Rizals
entrance in Binangonan, Rizal, one is greeted
by a brilliant wash of color from the lush gardens that welcome
and lead one into the community. Designed to be in complete
harmony with Mother Nature, and in tribute to Rizals farmlands,
green lands and the tropical forests, the property is decked with
parks and pathways infused with the scent of summer blossoms
and rich earth. City and countryside living blend masterfully in
homes painted in the many hues of an artists palette.
At the center of this vibrant community is a clubhouse
reminiscent of Mediterranean cliside manors with stunning
colors of corals and the sun. Here, the community will bond on
lazy afternoons, exciting weekends and during holidays and
special events. Around the clubhouse are a basketball court and a
playground where friendly competitions become friendships that
will last a lifetime.
Camella Rizal oers a selection of beautiful home designs
that will accommodate the varying needs, budgets and dreams
of Filipino families. Built of the best quality material and with
the space-planning savvy that Camella is famous for, Camella
Rizal will make available six of its top popular house models:
the wonderfully cozy Marga (two storeys, two bedrooms), Mara
and Carmela (two storeys, three bedrooms) and the exquisite
Carina, Drina and Elaisa (two storeys, four bedrooms). Each home
comes with a car porch and garden space that would enhance
the greenness of the community. As a safe, private and peaceful
sanctuary, Camella Rizal surrounds the community with a strong
perimeter fence, roving security guards and a guarded gate.
Camella Rizal is located on the southern edge of the province, on
the Manila East Road in Brgy. Tayuman, Binangonan. The name of
this town means a place from where something rose in Filipino.
Twenty kilometers of captivating scenery separates the town of
Binangonan from Metro Manila, and Camella Rizal is accessible
via Quezon Boulevard or Ortigas Avenue Extension. Its closeness
to the Metro, as well as its accessibility to and from the other cities
and townships in Rizal and CALABARZON, give Camella Rizals
residents full access to many of the regions and Metro Manilas
major schools, places of worship, business and government
institutions, commercial and leisure establishments, as well as
main landmarks and thoroughfares.
Schools and colleges such as Colegio de San Clemente, Regional
Pilot School for the Arts, Binangonan Catholic College and the
University of Rizal System-Binangonan are only ive minutes away
from the gates of the property. The famous Binangonan Fishport is a
mere one kilometer from the community, while delightful tourist spots
and landmarks like the beautiful East Ridge Golf and Country Club,
the famously pre-historic Angono Petroglyphs and the rejuvenating
Thunderbird Resorts are all within ive to six minutes away.
Transportation is always a key for all Camella developments,
and Camella Rizals perfect location along the Manila East Road
allows easier navigation to and from the neighboring cities and
provinces. Indeed, every Camella community is designed not only
to provide Filipino families with their dream homes but also the
lifestyle that everybody aspires and works so hard for.
Under Vista Land, the countrys premier homebuilder, Camella
is a well-known property developer that caters to the mid-market
segment. Its winning of the Readers Digest Trusted Brand Gold
Award, two years in a row now, proves that Camella is a real estate
brand to be reckoned with in all of Asia.
In over 38 years, Camella has built an immense selection of
affordable, high-quality homes with world-class settings and
exquisitely themed communities across our islands each one
carrying Vista Lands expertise in space planning, carefully
thought out and sustainable architecture, and an innate knack
for selecting the most accessible and attractive locations. Every
Camella development is conveniently close to schools, business
centers, transport hubs, and places of worship, entertainment,
and culture. To date, the group has built more than 250,000
homes and maintains a powerful presence in Mega Manila
and 38 other key provincial destinations and 65 cities and
For inquiries, please call Camella hotline at 02-Camella or 226-3552
and (0999) 886-4293 or (0917) 550-6897. Keep up with the latest
Camella information, news, events and announcements through www. Like Camella Ocial on Facebook and follow @
CamellaOcial on Twitter.
Camella Rizal offers a selection of beautiful
home designs that will accommodate the
varying needs, budgets and dreams of
Filipino families.
Lush gardens surround the Mediterranean-inspired houses.
Basketball court
The Elaisa model home has suficient space for the growing family.
Kitchen and dining areas.
The interior
elegance at
its best.
The charming entrance gate of Camella Rizal.
Trees line the parks and
pathways, infused with
the scent of summer
Editor: RAY ONG
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Philippine Gardens

The four gingers in
equal proportions are
juiced and honey is
added in equal propor-
tion (i.e.1:1 to the mixed
ginger juice). Two
tablespoonful of the
concoction is taken in
empty stomach early in
the morning daily. Ac-
cording to late Atmo
Kolopaking (aka Lim
Khei Wee), the prepara-
tion reversed his stark
white hair and turned it
to jet black (as witnessed
by the author). A publi-
cation by Quisumbing
claimed that turmeric
can do the same but Mr.
Kolopaking insisted that
Kunchi or Boesenbergia
Selaginella tamaras-
cina is getting to be a very
important native plant.
The plant has been found
to contain Amentofla-
vone which is being used
for late stage metastatic
lung cancer and leukemia.
The plant stock in nature
grows slowly and there is
tendency to over-harvest
the plants from the wild.
Because of its slow grow-
ing characteristic, there
is a need to cultivate and
articially propagate the
Scientic name: Begonia madulidii Rubite
Family: Begoniaceae
English name: Madulid Begonia
Description: Perennial ground herb with prominent stipules.
Leaves large, obliquely ovate, with acute lobes at the edge of each pri-
mary vein. Staminate owers with 4 pink tepals and numerous sta-
mens. Carpellate owers with 5 pink tepals, with unequally-winged
ovary. Fruit a 3-winged capsule.
Distribution: Philippines: Camarines Sur (Sangay). Endemic
Habitat: On exposed rocky surfaces of slopes along the road near
the shore.
Conservation Status: Vulnerable. The plants are found in exposed
areas along the road and there is a tendency that it might be indiscrim-
inately collected. Some plants are presently grown in green houses.
Economic Uses: Potentially ornamental although it is not yet wide-
ly grown in gardens.
Propagation: By seeds, stem and leaf cuttings.
Note: This is one of several Philippine Begonia species described as
new to science by Prof. Rosario Rubite, Biology Department, Univer-
sity of the Philippines, Manila.
Photo: Rosario Rubite
For further information contact:
The Philippine Nuclear Re-
search Institute-Department of
Science and Technology (PNRI-
DOST) will open its nuclear
research facilities to the public
during the 41st Atomic Energy
Week (AEW) celebration on
December 9-13, 2013 at the
PNRI compound along Com-
monwealth Avenue in Diliman,
Quezon City, Metro Manila,
This years AEW celebration
will focus on the theme Nucle-
ar Science, Safety and Security:
Road to Smarter Philippines.
The annual AEW celebration,
as mandated under Presidential
proclamation No. 1211 in 1973,
aims to generate awareness of
the Filipino people on the ben-
ecial uses of nuclear science
and technology in food and
agriculture, industry, medicine
and the environment.
The activities slated for the
week-long celebration include:
the AEW opening ceremo-
nies on December 9; technical
01-10 DEC. Bangkok. Kings Birthday Show. Suan Luang Ror
04-07 DEC. Antalya,Turkey. GROWTECH EURASIA 2013.
Growtech Eurasia has established itself as the biggest and
most important trade platform for the horticultural markets of
Turkey, the Balkan States, North Africa and the Middle East. For
More info, Tel: +44 (0)1926 833633 Fax: +44 (0)1959 565 885,
Web: Email:
09-13 DEC. Quezon City. 41
. Atomic Energy Week. Philippine
Nuclear Research Institute-Department of Science and
Technology. PNRI Compound in Commonwealth, Diliman, QC.
For more information on activities for the celebration, please
contact PNRI Info and Documentation Section at 920-8787 and
929 6011 to 19 local 286 or visit
22-24 JAN 2014. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tropical Plant
Industry Exhibition (TPIE2014). The TPIE is the trade event
showcasing the latest trends in foliage, oral and tropicals in
warm and inviting South Florida. Venue: Broward County
Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Website: http://www.
24 Jan to 03FEB 2014. Quezon City. Philippine Horticultural
@ the TROPICAL GARDEN, Quezon Memorial Circle, Elliptical
Road, Diliman, Quezon City. The project is in close cooperation
with the Quezon Memorial Circle Administration and the
Department of Agriculture.
24-25 JAN 2014. Quezon City. Horticulture Philippines
2014 Conference. Theme: Horticulture for Tourism, Wellness
and Livelihood @ Bureau of Soils and Water Management
Convention Hall, Diliman, Quezon City.
26 JAN 2014. Quezon City. Horticulture 2014 Post Conference
Tour. Assembly @ Quezon Memorial Circle (630AM): Tour &
Lecture @ Arids and Aroids; lunch, lecture, tour & demo @
Gourmet Caf; Lecture and demo of Indian Milky Mushroom @
VS Farms. Pre-registration is necessary.
PNRI opens its research facilities
to the public on the 41st Atomic Energy Week
sessions on December 10 and
11; the semi-final and final
rounds of the Philippine Nucle-
ar Science Quiz (PNSQ) for high
school students on December 12;
free guided tours to a number of
PNRI laboratories and facilities,
and viewing of exhibits and lm
showing on December 10 to 13
at the PNRI compound.
For students, teachers, other
professionals, and members of
the public who would like to
avail of the free guided tours,
please contact the following: Ms.
Teresita de Jesus at (+632) 929-
6011 to 19 local 227 or Ms. Joan
Tugo at (+632) 920-8787.
Teams of highschool students
from public and private schools
across the country will compete
with their knowledge in nuclear
science and other related top-
ics in the Philippine Nuclear
Science Quiz for highschool
students on Dec. 12 to be held
at the PNRI Auditorium.
For more information, visit
Begonia madulidii
Selaginella tamarascina propagation
Nine month old tip-propagated Selaginella tam-
arascina c.v. variegata in lychee crate ready for
potting. Leaves at this stage may be harvested
to produce next batch of plantlets.
Selaginella tamaras-
cina may be grown from
5 to 10 mm. tips. A good-
sized plant may yield 30
to 80 pieces of planting
tips. Place the tips on
moist media like paslak,
coco coir dust or peat
moss. Enclose the pot
or box in clear plastic to
conserve and maintain
the high humidity. Place
the planted containers un-
der cool bright indirectly
sunlit spot. Plantlets are
produced in 3 to 8 weeks
and may be separated 2
to 3 months from plant-
ing. It takes 6 to 9 months
to produce the whorl of
leaves characteristic of
Selaginella tamarascina.
Young leaves produced
grow at a faster rate than
old leaves. By system-
atically harvesting the old
leaves (inefcient photo-
synthesizers), the plants
may be prodded to pro-
duce more fast growing
young leaves.
(Boesenbergia rotunda)
Chinese Ginger (Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. 1958), is
also called nger root or in Thailand Krachai, is a rhizomatous
plant, from the ginger family (Zingiberaceae).
Shredded Krachai is available in major markets ready for cooking, pickling or for salad use.
Krachai Dam is popular among Muay Thai ghters because it
gives them extra strength and energy. It promotes circulation
of the peripheral vascular system. Overall effect is it improves
the energy level of male and female that consumes it.
Krachai, also called Chinese Ginger or
Finger Ginger is one of the most commonly
used spices of Southeast Asia.
In Malaysia, it is called Kunchi and is
an integral part of the 4 gingers considered
as the Fountain of Youth of the Royals
of Malaysia. The other three gingers are
the common ginger (Zingiber ofcinale),
langkawas (Alpinia galanga) and turmeric
(Curcuma longa or C. domestica).
rotunda be added for
better effect.
Alex Voon, a Malaysian
plant collector claimed
that the ginger-honey mix
increases body resistance
to diseases and keeps
him alert during stressful
Krachai is a tropi-
cal perennial herb that
grows to 50-70 cm tall
with underground rhi-
zomes. The leaves are
soft green, broad and
emerge on stems ris-
ing from the base of the
plant. The owers look
like orchid owers and
are pale lilac and grow
on short stems from the
outside of the clump. The
underground part of the
plant consists of a rhi-
zome with fat eshy root-
lets hanging from it. The
rootlets look a bit like a
bunch of baby carrots, but
are dull beige in colour.
As a spice, Krachai
or Kunchi is used in
Thailand, Laos, Burma,
Cambodia, Vietnam,
Malaysia and Indonesia
use Krachai or Kunchi to
scrub the shy avour
of sh and fowl dishes.
Among the 4 gingers
mentioned above, Kra-
chai or Kunchi has the
mildest and most pleas-
ant smell.
It is eaten raw in sal-
ads, made into pickles,
added to soups and
curries especially those
made of seafood. Both
the rhizomes and the
signicant amount of
several polyphenols as
important constituents
that show an antimu-
tagenic effect (an agent
that inhibits mutations).
These antimutagenic
phytochemicals may
play an important role in
the prevention of cancer.
A close relative of
Krachai is Krachai Dam
(literally Black Krachai,
Scientic name: Kaem-
feria parviora). It is
reputed to be the most
potent male virility herb
in Thailand so much so
that several companies
in Japan are now sell-
ing the same as Viagra
herbal substitute.
Both Krachai and
Krachai Dam are easy to
grow in the garden. They
are native to monsoon
forests, requires a well-
drained soil preferably
of calcic origin and 150
cm of rain annually or
supplementary irriga-
tion. It thrives best on
loamy or alluvial fertile
soils and likes the addi-
tion of well-rotted ma-
nure or compost.
Plants turn yellow dry
up during cool dry sea-
son. It is better to keep
the soil dry during these
times. The plants should
come right back during
the rst rains of May.
Both Krachai and Kra-
chai Dam are not native
to the Philippines.
hearts of stems are eaten
raw as a side dish with
rice. Young leaves and
shoots, along with the
rhizomes , are cut nely,
mixed with coconut and
spices, wrapped in a ba-
nana leaf and steamed.
In Thailand, the most
common Krachai dish
is the stir fried chicken
with gingers (Kai pad
In China, Bosenbergia
rotunda is used to calm
rumbling stomach, for
treatment of intestinal
worms and as an anti-
atulent medication. It is
said to improve mascu-
line vigor by improving
the peripheral circulation
and increase the energy
level of men and women
if taken as tonic.
Krachai contains a
Saturday, December 7, 2013 B-4
P.S. Dec. 7, 2013
The Philippine STAR
The four wives in our lives
(Beyond the bottom line)
Some stories stand the test of time.
I came across this material so many
years ago. A lot of religions claim to be
the source of this, but Google it and
youll nd that no one could pinpoint
the original authorship of this material.
The following is called The Four Wives
In Our Lives.
There was a rich merchant who had
four wives. He loved the fourth wife the
most, and adorned her with rich robes
and treated her to delicacies. He took
great care of her and gave her nothing but the best.
He also loved the third wife very much. Hes very proud
of her, and he always wanted to show her off to his friends.
However, the merchant is always in great fear that she might
run away with some other men.
He also loved his second wife. Shes a very considerate
person, always patient and, in fact, the merchants condante.
Whenever the merchant faced some problems, he always
turned to his second wife, and she would always help him
out and tide him through difcult times.
Now, the merchants rst wife is a very loyal partner, and
has made great contributions in maintaining his wealth and
business, as well as in taking care of the household. However,
the merchant didnt love the rst wife, and although she loved
him deeply, he hardly took notice of her.
One day, the merchant fell ill. Before long, he knew that he
was going to die soon. He thought of his luxurious life and
told himself, Now I have four wives with me. But when I die,
Ill be alone. How lonely Ill be! Thus, he asked the fourth
wife, I loved you most, endowed you with the nest cloth-
ing and showered great care over you. Now that Im dying,
will you follow me and keep me company?
No way! replied the fourth wife, and she walked away
without another word. The answer cut like a sharp knife right
into the merchants heart.
The sad merchant then asked the third wife, I have loved
you so much for all my life. Now that Im dying, will you
follow me and keep me company?
No! replied the third wife, Life is so good over here!
Im going to remarry when you die! The merchants heart
sank and turned cold.
He then asked the second wife, I always turned to you
for help, and youve always helped me out. Now I need
your help again. When I die, will you follow me and keep
me company?
Im sorry, I cant help you out this time! replied the
second wife. At the very most, I can only send you to your
grave. The answer came like a bolt of lightning, and the
merchant became devastated.
Then a voice called out: Ill leave with you. Ill follow you
no matter where you go.
The merchant looked up and there was his rst wife. She
was so skinny, almost like she suffered from malnutrition.
Greatly grieved, the merchant said, I should have taken
much better care of you while I could have!
Actually, we all have four wives in our lives.
The fourth wife is our body. No matter how much time
and effort we lavish in making it look good, itll never leave
with us when we die.
Our third wife? Our possessions, status and wealth. When
we die, they all go to others.
The second wife is our family and friends. No matter how
much they had been there for us when were alive, the furthest
they can stay by us is up to the grave.
The rst wife is, in fact, our soul, often neglected in our
pursuit of material wealth and sensual pleasure. Guess what?
Its actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go.
Perhaps its a good idea to cultivate and strengthen it now
rather than to wait until were on our deathbed to lament.
God gives to us the gift of time
To use as best we can
To live each moment in His will
According to His plan
He has made everything beautiful in its time. - Ecclesi-
astes 3:11
Jesus asked a very penetrating question: What prots a
man even if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?
The answer? Nothing!
What are you doing with your rst wife at this instance?
Something for business people like you and me to think
(Attend the fund raising seminar We Will Rise!, a whole day
featuring eight of the top speakers in the country. Learn, give and
share as ALL proceeds will go to the typhoon victims of Yolanda, on
December 10, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at CCF Makati, A Venue. For further
inquiries, contact Inspire at 09158055910, or call 632-6310912 or
6310660 for details.)
We just heard about these microbanks recently, but its
a great idea and I was wondering why the bigger boys did
not think about them rst. These are really small ofces that
actually have the basic functions of a bank but on a much
smaller scale.
Rizal Commercial Bank Corp. (RCBC) is pioneering in
microbanking under the micronance platform of RCBC, and
this is now called the Rizal Micro Bank (formerly Merchants
Savings and Loan Association). From what I understood from
Mrs. Lourdes Long S. Pineda, president and chief executive
ofcer of the Rizal Micro Bank, they have just secured the nod
from Bangko Sentral to open their very rst Micro Bank Of-
ce (MBO), and this satellite bank is now open for business
and they are gearing up to open their next MBOs very soon.
BSP decided to venture into these MBOs because of the steep
costs of setting up a regular bank branch. Any bank setting up a
branch would have to budget between P8-10 million, and if the
targeted area is a remote poblacion or town whose population
is so much less dense than Metro Manila for instance, then the
initial investment would not be worth it.
These MBOs will be set up in rural areas at the lowest cost
possible to the bank. Their idea is novel and workable, and de-
nitely not as costly because they are going to recycle container
vans which form the basic infrastructure of the MBO. As many of
us know, there are hundreds of container vans just rusting away
at the domestic ports and these can be purchased cheap, then
rehabilitated and recycled into an instant micro business ofce.
A container-type ofce can be set up between 20 to 30 days,
whereas a regular branch would take somewhere between
three to ve months, depending on the size of the branch ofce.
And, these recycled container vans-turn-into-MBOs cost only
between P2-2.5 million versus the P8 10 million budget for
a regular branch.
Actually, these MBOs will not really be located in the most
rural of areas call them semi-rural and their focus is micro
nance loans ranging from P50,000 P300,000 following the
guidelines of the BSP. Mrs. Long Pineda says that with this, they
can serve the so-called missing middle which largely remains
un-served. They are too small to be minded by the unibanks,
savings or thrift banks and too big to be served by cooperatives
and non-government organizations. As Mrs. Pineda explains
it, they have segmented all the possible markets to serve: their
unibank unit serves the corporate loans while their savings and
thrift banks serve SMEs and other such loans as housing, car
loans, etc., while the MBOs cater to clients in between the micro
and small categories. In fact, there are even businesses that are
classied as small but their loan requirements are even smaller
than the micro businesses, and here, the MBO can come in. At
present it is this segment that has been neglected by the banking
industry, and because of this, it is the money lenders that are
most active in the P50,000 to P1-million loan level now.
So who comprise the clientele of these MBOs? They are
basically the micro entrepreneurs who, though they own their
business, have no access to credit facilities from banks because
of the stringent documentary requirements. Many of these micro
entrepreneurs do not have employers certications or bank
statements that reect sizable savings or retained earnings which
the banks expect to see. The MBOs have effectively weeded out
these documentary requirements and have opted to rely on their
own loan ofcers to evaluate each and every loan applicant.
When you think about it, it is not as simple to evaluate a loan
applicant without the benet of documents like banks state-
ments, income tax returns, etc. The loan ofcer has to factor in
the household, the lifestyle, etc. For instance, a loan applicant
may rightfully say that he has three dependents which include
the wife and two children, but an ocular inspection of the house
could reveal an extended family, house help doubling up as em-
ployees, a service vehicle being amortized, etc. Mainly, the risk
lies in a bank overlooking these small details, in effect allowing
these loan applicants to be over-indebted, and this is what these
micro banks guard against.
Actually, as Mrs. Long explains it, MBOs can really accept
deposits, that is if the daily balance does not exceed P15,000
(they call these micro deposits), dispense small loans, even ac-
cept and pay out remittances, but the values of all these services
are necessarily kept low because they intend these MBOs to
operate on a cashless basis. Cash handling will be kept to the
minimum, though the mother bank may deploy ATMs in these
ofces. Employees retained in each ofce will only be between
two to three at any given time, excluding the loan ofcers who
may visit from time to time to evaluate loan applications. The
MBO is linked to the Internet and attached to a regular branch,
and the banks strategy for expansion is to have not too many
branches, but with each branch having many satellite MBOs.
Micro nancing, thought by many to have started in Bang-
ladesh, actually originated in Latin America. In the latest stud-
ies, Peru ranks no. 1 here, but last year we moved up to no. 3,
proving that the Philippines has adopted micro nancing quite
well despite the fact that the country still lacks a credit bureau.
Though we are faring very well despite this, we hope our leg-
islators will see the urgent need for a credit bureau which will
help our banks tremendously in screening clients and wedding
out the bad eggs.
Brandy-avored ice cream anyone?
Congratulations to Fog City Creamery, the newest player
in the ice cream industry, for their latest venture where they
partnered with Emperador Distillers to come up with a distinct
ice cream avor that spells l-u-x-u-r-y.
Emperador is a de luxe brand with a great heritage and excel-
lent quality, and I understand they sought out the owner of Fog
City Creamery after a daughter of one of the bosses tried out
their ice cream and fell in love with it.
It all started in San Francisco where I was based for ten
years.I really like ice cream avors that are adventurous.
I would like to give Manila a taste of San Francisco, says Fog
City Creamery owner Edy Gamboa. According to Emperador
bosses Edward Gador and Carlos Vergara, it is artisan ice cream
at its best everything is home made with no chemicals, not
even stabilizers, and this, Edy says, is how ice cream should be
made. They have partnered with a small dairy farm and use
only free-range chicken eggs, and their biggest size is a half-
gallon because their ice cream is meant to be consumed, not
stored for a long time.
This brandy-avored ice cream which comes luxuriously
with apricots, pistachios, etc. will be released in time for the
holiday season.
By the way, Edy is the driven entrepreneurial daughter of
Star columnist Rey Gamboa. Way to go niece!
Mabuhay!!! Be proud to be a Filipino.
For comments (email) / sunshine.
Creative microfinancing
Forex reserves
hit 10-mo high
The countrys gross in-
ternational reserves rose to
a 10-month high in Novem-
ber, boosted largely by the
central banks earnings from
foreign exchange operations
and investments abroad.
In a report, the Bangko
Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
said the countrys forex re-
serves amounted to $84.025
bi l l i on i n November, up
from the $83.607 billion in
The November GIR level
was also the highest after
Januarys $85. 274 billion,
BSP data showed.
The increase in reserves
was due mainly to foreign
exchange operati ons and
income from investments
of the BSP as well as for-
eign currency deposits by
the Treasurer of the Phil-
ippines, the central bank
These inflows were par-
tially offset by payments
by the government for its
maturing foreign exchange
obligations and revaluation
adj ustments on the BSPs
gol d hol di ngs, t he BSP
The GIR level shows a
countrys ability to service
forei gn debt and pay for
The November figure is
enough to cover 12 months
worth of imports of goods
and payments of services
and income.
At t he same t i me, t he
figure was also equivalent
to nine times the countrys
short-term debt based on
original maturity and six
t i mes based on resi dual
Meanwhile, net interna-
tional reserves or GIR minus
the short-term debts also
went up to $84 billion as of
November from $83.6 billion
in October.
The country saw its high-
est GIR in January this year.
The central bank expects
i nternati onal reserves to
reach $87 billion this year,
four percent hi gher than
the $83.831 billion recorded
in 2012.
However, the 2013 as-
sumption is currently under
review and the revised gure
is set to be announced before
the year ends.
Puregold buys minority
stake in supermarket chain
Grocery chain Puregold
Price Club Inc. has bought a
significant minority stake in
a Metro Manila-based super-
market, marking its second
acquisition this year.
The new supermarket
chai n wi l l i ncrease Pure-
golds exposure in middle
income markets in several
cities in the metro, a top
company official said.
In a disclosure to the stock
exchange, Puregold said its
wholly-owned subsidiary
Entenso Equi ti es Inc. ac-
quired 49.34 percent of San
Roque Supermarket, which
owns and operates nine gro-
ceries in Metro Manila.
Puregold is open to ac-
quiring the remaining shares
in San Roque Supermarket,
said Jimmy F. P. Perez, in-
vestor relations officer of
We will be keeping the
[San Roque Supermarket]
brand. We are still minority
interest and we would want
to respect the owners who
really know the market,
he said.
Perez said San Roque Su-
permarket will increase the
exposure of Puregold in sev-
eral areas in Metro Manila.
San Roque Supermarket
has branches in Novaliches
in Quezon City, Tondo and
Blumentritt in Manila, Mala-
bon, Camarin in Caloocan,
Imus in Cavite and Antipolo
in Rizal province.
In its social media page,
San Roque Supermarket
said it is looking for poten-
The board of Ayala Corp.
(AC) has approved a plan to
increase its exposure in the
banking sector and declare
cash dividends.
In a regulatory filing, the
countrys oldest conglomerate
said it also secured board ap-
proval for further fundraising
and acquisitions.
Following a regular board
meeting, AC said its board
allowed managements par-
ticipation in the stock rights
offering of Bank of the Philip-
pine Islands (BPI).
BPI is raising P25 billion in
fresh funds through a stock
rights offering to finance its
expansion program and fur-
ther strengthen its capital base.
The bank management has yet
to approve the nal terms and
conditions of the rights offer,
including the nal issue size
tial sites for its expansion
Specifically, it is on the
l ookout f or 1, 000- 2, 000
square meter lots available
for sal e or l ease, i deal l y
located near a public mar-
ket, church or transporta-
tion hub and adjacent to an
area with high population
The pur c has e of San
Roque Supermarket marks
the second acquisition of
Puregold this year. In Janu-
ary, it bought Company E
Corp. t hat operates four
Eunilaine foodmarts and 11
operating Grocer E super-
marts for P329 million.
In January to September
this year, Puregolds earn-
i ngs spi ked 46. 5 percent
to P2.64 billion from P1.8
billion a year earlier on the
back of new stores and ac-
Net sales hit P51.49 billion,
up by nearly a third from
P39.13 billion in the same
period last year while costs
of sales picked up at a slower
pace of 29.5 percent to P42.57
billion from P32.87 billion.
The grocery chain is put-
ting up a minimum of 25
new stores annually in the
next five years, focusing on
unserved cities and munici-
palities nationwide.
This year, the Lucio Co-
led grocery chain is branch-
ing out in Mindanao with
the opening of its flagship
store in Cagayan de Oro and
an S&R Membership Club in
Ayala to beef up exposure in banking sector
entitlement ratio, offer price,
record date, appointment of
the parties and other terms.
The board also gave its
formal consent for the re-
issuance and offering of 20
million preferred B shares
and acquisition of 20-percent
ownership interest in Ayala
DBS Holdings Inc.
Last month, AC and Sin-
gapore-based fund manager
GIC Private Ltd. bought the
remaining shares of DBS Bank
Ltd. in BPI for P29.6 billion.
Specifically, GIC and Ayala
have acquired DBS Banks
remaining interest in Ayala
DBS Holdings Inc., which is
equivalent to a 9.9-percent
indirect ownership in BPI.
For the fundraising pro-
gram, AC last month raised
P10 billion from the re-issu-
ance of 20 million preferred B
shares at P500 apiece.
The proceeds shall be used
to partially renance certain
denominated debt obligations
due in the last quarter of 2013
totaling P10.25 billion, AC
earlier said, adding that the
balance will be funded by other
credit facilities.
The board also committed to
pay a quarterly cash dividend
of P6.5625 for every preferred
B share.
Given its protable perfor-
mance, the conglomerate is
also handing out almost P1.5
billion in cash dividends.
AC stockholders as of Dec.
19 will receive P2.40 per share
on Jan. 3, 2014, with total cash
dividends hitting P1.43 billion.
In January to September,
this year, ACs prots of AC
jumped 20 percent to P10.4
billion from a year ago driven
by its banking and real estate
Without the impact of the
accelerated depreciation as a
result of the network modern-
ization of Globe Telecom core
net income picked up at an
even higher rate of 32 percent
to P12.3 billion.
AC is mainly into real estate
(Ayala Land Inc.), banking
(BPI), telecommunications
(Globe), utilities (Manila Water
Co. Inc.) and electronics (Inte-
grated Microelectronics Inc.).
For this year, AC allot-
ted P135 billion in capital
expendi tures to bankrol l
investment programs in the
property, telecommunica-
tions and water businesses. It
will also support investments
in the power and transport
infrastructure sectors.
Neil Jerome Morales
Got a secret message? Send
it via Babble Messenger
Saturday, December 7, 2013 B-7 Editor: ANTONIO R. PAO
In a social media world where prac-
tically every aspect of ones life gets
shared and passed around, it has become
increasingly di cult to maintain privacy
online, especially when communicating
with friends.
But with the newest feature from
local messaging app Babble Messen-
ger, users can freely share whatever
they want with their contacts without
having to worry about such privacy
Babble Messenger, a free chat app
developed by Voyager Innovations Inc.,
lets its users send secret messages that
expire and disappear forever in a span of
10 seconds.
Many social networking users, espe-
cially teenagers, have had to deal with
being caught saying unpleasant things
about their friends or co-workers or
discovering compromising photos of
them online, tainting their reputations
forever and sometimes even ruining
their chances of landing a job in the fu-
We take the issue of privacy seri-
ously, so when a secret message expires
after 10 seconds on the app, it also dis-
LINE, the worlds leading mo-
bile platform, announced that its
user number has surpassed 300
million worldwide.
Since its launch on June 23,
2011, LINE has seen an astonish-
ing growth in its user base around
the world by oering a rich vari-
ety of features from voice and vid-
eo calls to sticker messages.
In the Philippines, LINE is fast
becoming the most popular mo-
bile messaging app behind the
introduction of local partnerships
and tailor-made services.
To further localize our ser-
vices, we partnered with Smart to
launch the All-Day LINE plan,
said Greg Kim, senior manager of
LINE Plus Corp.
Our partnership lets prepaid
Smart subscribers enjoy the full
range of LINEs dynamic services
for an incredibly aordable price,
Kim added.
LINE has also initiated partner-
ships with other established lo-
cal enterprises, including Bench,
Jollibee, Megaworld, and MCA
Music. In fact, these companies
have launched their LINE o cial
accounts, which allow Filipino us-
ers to receive their news, updates,
and promos through the mobile
messaging app.
According to Kim, these brand
collaborations will create more
localized content and meaningful
engagements for LINE users in the
Kim said they have unveiled
an exciting new roster of features
Filipino students are given a chance again
to show the world their prowess in cyberse-
curity as Kaspersky Lab, a leading develop-
er of secure content and threat management
solutions, opens its annual CyberSecurity
for the Next Generation 2014 for the Asia-
Pacic, Middle East and Africa (APAC-
MEA) Round.
Students are invited to submit their re-
search papers until Jan. 31, 2014. The entries
will be selected by Kaspersky Labs experts
for the nal presentations, which will be held
on March 10, 2014 at the Korea University in
Seoul, Korea.
Authors of the selected entries will receive
notications via e-mail until Feb. 7, 2014.
The APAC-MEA Cup is one of the ve
regional rounds of Kaspersky Labs global
annual conference, a collaborative environ-
ment where students, experts, scientists and
researchers from all over the world will get
together to present and discuss the most burn-
ing issues relating to global cybercrime.
The Kaspersky Lab Student Conference
also serves a platform for the next generation
of experts to share their knowledge and ideas,
inspiring them to push the limits of IT security
technology still further. This event can also
open potential and attractive career oppor-
tunities for the participants in the eld of IT
The research papers topics for this years
conference are:
Emerging threats for emerging platforms
embedded systems, mobile security (Android,
IOS, Windows Phone), Windows 8, Mac OS &
other operating systems, etc.
Securing cloud, virtual and big data infra-
structure mail services, storage services, so-
cial networks, etc.
Future protection technologies proactive
detection technologies, ltering technologies,
Web application security, etc.
Securing corporate infrastructure com-
bating advanced persistent threats (APTS)/
targeted attacks, vulnerabilities, exploits, root-
kits/bootkits, botnets, DDoS attacks, network
security, etc.
Security education tools and resources to
raise and promote IT security awareness (ad-
vertising, marketing).
For this regional round, students taking
bachelor, masters and doctorate from 33
countries in the Asia-Pacic and Middle East,
including all countries from Africa, are eligi-
ble to join.
The best research papers will receive $1,500
(P60,000) for the rst prize, $1,000 (P40,000)
for the second place and $750 (P30,000) for the
third place. The three representatives of the
best papers will be invited to the international
conference in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2014.
The date and venue of the international con-
ference has yet to be announced by Kaspersky
In 2012, two groups of Filipino students
from the University of the Philippines (UP)
won the top two prizes in the Asia-Pacic and
MEA Round and automatically advanced to
the global round.
The research paper of the group led by Josh-
ua Lat from UP which proposed for a secure
online USB login system for a stronger protec-
tion of online accounts, was declared overall
winner in the nal cup of the same year.
The other Filipino entry represented by
UPs Ranyel Bryan Maliwanag tackled a mo-
bile voice verication system to improve the
security of the username-password authenti-
cation scheme.
This year, two papers from UP and one
from the Polytechnic University of the Phil-
ippines (PUP) made the cut to represent the
country in the regional round.
John Ultra presented his research paper
on a collaborative access control model for e-
voting systems, while Ivan Dominic Baguio
represented his groups paper on an on-the-y
encryption for Android devices. Both are from
UP Diliman.
Meanwhile, Marvin Rey Garcia of PUP Sta.
Mesa represented his groups paper on the in-
tegration of a virtual private network (VPN) in
a secured smart home electricity management
Jimmy Fong, Kaspersky Labs channel sales
director for Southeast Asia, said the Philip-
pines has great talent in developing new
techniques and strategies in combating digi-
tal threats. In competitions like this, Filipino
young minds were able to think forward and
come up with something really new.
He added that the Philippines should con-
tinue to pursue greater goals because the
world needs more specialists in the IT security
I hope that more and more academicians
will continue to inuence and encourage Fili-
pino students to show their passion and de-
velop their interest in cybersecurity. Only
education will make this possible, Fong said.
For registration, paper submission process,
paper format, conference guidelines and more
information about this years student confer-
ence, go to this link
Updates are also posted on its o cial Face-
book page
Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity contest now open to Phl students
LINE users now exceed 300 million worldwide
fering of localized content and stickers
featuring local celebrities has allowed
to LINE to achieve an impressive 10
million users only three months after
o cially entering the market. A total
user base of 20 million in India is an-
ticipated before the end of 2013.
The companys global eorts have
rapidly accelerated the pace of growth
in user numbers, with 19 months
taken to achieve the rst 100 million
users, six months for the next 100 mil-
lion, and only for months between 200
million and 300 million users.
ing to call each member individually. To
keep the mobile discussion lively, they
can also send each other photos, videos,
and even voice messages through the
A chatroom feature is also available
within the app, so those who are look-
ing for someone to talk to online can join
any of the topic-based chatrooms cur-
rently available such as fashion, foodies,
gaming and matchmaker, among many
others a clear throwback to the mIRC
chatting days of yore.
And for those who want to express
themselves in more creative ways, Bab-
ble Messenger also features a host of free
character stickers and emoji icons that
take the messaging fun to a whole new
Users can enjoy unlimited secret mes-
saging and all these other features by
downloading the free Babble Messenger
app on the Google Play Store (https://
voyager.babble&hl=en) or the Apple App
Store (
babble-messenger/id735114993?mt=8). For
more information, visit www.voyagerin-
appears from our chat servers. Users can
feel condent that we do not keep logs of
the secret messages they send to friends,
said Benjie Fernandez, Voyager chief op-
erating o cer.
Available for Android and iOS phones,
the apps secret messaging feature gives
users the liberty to share and chat about
anything under the sun without the spec-
ter of embarrassment looming over their
To send a secret message through
Babble, users only need to press the lock
icon found at the bottom-right corner of
the text input screen in any conversation
with a contact.
Secret messages are marked with a
dotted line around the chat line and
comes with a countdown timer that
shows how many seconds are left until
the message disappears completely.
But apart from secret messaging, Bab-
ble Messenger also comes packed with
other features that make chatting and
connecting with friends on your mobile
phones easy, fun and fullling.
Friends can rely on the apps Group
Chat feature to plan their outing or Fri-
day night-outs without the hassle of hav-
Babble Messenger, a free chat app developed
by Voyager Innovations Inc., lets its users send
secret messages that expire
and disappear forever in a span of 10 seconds
and services for Filipino users, in-
cluding a quirky collection of locally
inspired stickers, video messaging
and Snap Movie features.
Soon, we will also see the inte-
gration of LINE Mall, LINE Music,
and LINE Web Store to the Philip-
pine LINE experience, he said.
LINEs ultimate goal is to create
a one-of-a-kind mobile ecosystem in
the Philippines, which is one of our
key markets in Asia. To achieve this,
we will continuously enhance our
platform with strategic local part-
nerships and specialized services,
he added.
Recently, LINE released special-
edition stickers to support victims
of Super Typhoon Yolanda. The
stickers, which deliver messages of
sympathy using popular LINE char-
acters, are now available worldwide
and their proceeds will be donated
to relief programs and rebuilding
eorts in typhoon-battered cities
around the country.
In addition to East Asia, where
LINE has established a strong foot-
hold, user numbers are also growing
steadily in Hispanic regions such as
Spain and Mexico.
Currently, the company is focus-
ing on the acquisition of new users
in India, Turkey, and West Europe-
an countries, including France, Ger-
many and Italy, by carrying out lo-
calized promotional campaigns and
strengthening partnerships with lo-
cal mobile network operators and
device manufacturers.
In India, where the smartphone
market is expanding rapidly, the of-
Akira Morikawa, CEO of LINE
Corp., said, LINE will work to-
ward further enlarging its user
base as a global communication
service, and enriching the lives of
its many users.
Assistant Editor: MARIANNE V. GO
Saturday, December 7, 2013 B-9
of 2
PLDT to issue P15-B T-bonds in Q1
Dominant carrier Phillipine Long Distance Telephone
Co. (PLDT) is set to raise as much as P15 billion in the
rst quarter of next year to partially nance its capital
expenditures at the same time restructure the companys
debt prole.
PLDT corporate secretary Lourdes Rausa-Chan said
the company intends to issue a combination of seven
and 10-year xed rate bonds in the aggregate principal
amount of up to P10 billion with an over-subscription
option of up to P5 billion.
Rausa-Chan informed the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)
that PLDT has led an application for registration of the xed
rate bonds with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
The proposed bonds, she said, would be listed on the Philip-
pine Dealing and Exchange Corp. (PDEX). PLDT tapped BDO
Capital & Investment Corp., BPI Capital Corp., First Metro
Investments Corp. as well as The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank-
ing Corp. Ltd as joint issue managers, joint lead underwriters,
and joint bookrunners.
According to her, proceeds of the fund raising activity would
be used to bankroll PLDTs capital expenditures for next year
and pare down the companys debt.
The net proceeds of the said bond issuance shall be used to
nance capital expenditure and/or renance existing obligations
the proceeds of which were utilized for service improvements
and expansion, she said.
As of end-September, PLDTs gross debt stood at $2.52 billion
with maturities well spread out until 2022. About 58 percent are
xed-rate loans while 42 percent are oating rate-loans with an
average interest cost of 4.54 percent.
PLDT president Napoleon Nazareno earlier said the company
has allocated P29 billion for capital expenditures for next year,
the same level as this year.
Nazareno said that PLDT would spend about two-thirds for
Turn to B-10
Cebu Pac to mount direct
flights to Riyadh, Dammam
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 B-10 The Philippine STAR
DOT likely to miss 5-M tourist arrival target
Budget airline Cebu Air Inc.
(Cebu Pacic) is set to mount direct
ights to Riyadh and Dammam as
part of efforts to expand its routes
to the Middle East to serve the
needs of overseas Filipino work-
The low cost carrier is seeking
the green light from the Civil Aero-
nautics Board (CAB) to impose
a fuel surcharge on international
passengers of Manila Riyadh and
Manila Dammam ights.
Cebu Pacic intends to impose
a $105 fuel surcharge on each
passenger for both routes in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The
CAB allows airlines to impose fuel
surcharge on international and do-
mestic passengers as a temporary
relief to help them recover losses
arising from the increase in jet fuel
prices in the world market.
The low cost carrier launched
its rst long-haul operations via
direct ights between Manila and
Dubai in the United Arab Emir-
ates last Oct. 7 using a brand new
Airbus A330 aircraft.
The Philippines inked new
air services agreements with the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the
United Arab Emirates in 2012.
In the air pact with the King-
dom of Saudi Arabia, both coun-
tries agreed to double ight fre-
senger of direct ights to Osaka
in Japan starting Dec. 20 and to
Narita and Nagoya starting March
30 next year.
The Philippines and Japan
inked a new air service agreement
increasing the number of ights
between Manila and Narita to a
total maximum 400 per week from
the previous 119. It also allowed 14
ights per week between Manila
and Haneda as well as unlimited
air trafc rights between points in
the Philippines except Manila and
points in Japan except Haneda.
Japan has been imposing re-
strictions on local carriers from the
Philippines preventing them from
mounting additional ights after
the International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO) raised sev-
eral safety security concerns since
2008. ICAO lifted the concerns last
Cebu Pacifics bid to fly to
Europe has been delayed due to
Super Typhoon Yolanda as the
hearing of its application to enter
the European airspace has been
deferred by the European Union
to March next year instead of last
Last July 10, the EU announced
the lifting of a ban imposed in 2010
that allowed PAL to mount direct
ights to London last Nov. 4.
quencies to 21 ights per week
from the previous 10 between the
two countries and to remove limits
on ights from Clark international
airport in Pampanga.
On the other hand, the agree-
ment with the United Arab Emir-
ates likewise doubled ight en-
titlements to 28 per week from 14
between the Philippines and the
United Arab Emirates.
Rival national ag carrier Phil-
ippine Airlines Inc., jointly owned
by taipan Lucio Tan and diversi-
fied conglomerate San Miguel
Corp. (SMC), resumed direct
ights to both Riyadh and Dam-
mam using A330-300 early this
month after non-stop flights to
Abu Dhabi last Oct. 1 and Dubai
via sister rm PAL Express last
Nov. 6.
The national ag carrier rst
ew to Riyadh using Boeing 747-
400 in March 1987 but the service
was suspended in March 2011.
It also mounted ights to Dam-
mam in July 1982 via the Dhahran
international airport moving to
King Fahd international airport
in 1999 but was the service was
terminated in August 2001.
Likewise, Cebu Pacic is seek-
ing the approval of CAB to impose
a $50 fuel surcharge on each pas-
The Department of Tourism (DOT) will likely miss
its ve-million tourist arrival target this year due to
the impact of the recent natural calamities that hit
the country, a DOT ofcial said.
We would have been able to meet the target
since our tourist arrival gures until September
were high but with the earthquake in Bohol and
Cebu and the recent Super Typhoon Yolanda, these
would make it really difcult to hit the ve-million
target (for 2013), Tourism Promotions Board chief
operating ofcer Domingo Ramon Enerio III said
on the sidelines of the launch of the Bangon Tours
Project yesterday.
However, Enerio said they are sticking to their
10-million tourist arrival target for 2016.
We may miss our target for this year but we will
keep our 2016 target of 10 million. We will not revise
it. We will ask out people to work harder to hit the
target. We may have been affected by a lot of calami-
ties but this should not hinder us from hitting our
2016 target. We need all our efforts. We should keep
our determination and our spirit to keep our tourism
industry growing amid these calamities, he said.
He admitted that since the calamities struck, there
were a reported 30-90 percent cancellations in hotel
bookings which will denitely take its toll on the
countrys tourism growth targets.
The DOT ofcial, however, could not quantify as
its growing broadband business while
one-third would be allocated to expand
its ber optic ber network by about 10
percent next year.
PLDTs total ber footprint as of end-
September stood at more than 75,000
kilometers including 7,200 kilometers of
international submarine ber and over
4,000 kilometers of domestic submarine
Consolidated capital expenditures for
the period amounted to P14.9 billion as
of end-September as the PLDT Group
continues to fortify its network with a P29
billion budget despite having completed
its P67.1 billion two-year network trans-
formation program ahead of schedule.
Last August, PLDT completed a P2.5
billion expansion project involving the
installation of over 5,000 kilometers of
ber optic cables to support the aggressive
roll-out of high-speed data services on its
xed and mobile networks.
PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan
is condent that 2013 would be a turn-
around year the countrys largest telecom-
munications provider as it booked a two
percent increase in net income and rev-
enues in the rst nine months of the year.
PLDT to From B-9
yet the revenue losses from these cancellations. We still
have to wait for the October, November, December data.
But September tourist arrival data were still ok, he said.
In end-September 2013, international arrivals went
up 11 percent to 3.5 million.
According to Enerio, bookings in Manila, however,
are still full.
As this developed, TPB has initiated the Bangon
Tours Project as a direct contribution to the govern-
ments recovery and rebuilding efforts for the victims
and survivors of the recent natural calamities which
have befallen island provinces-tourist destination
themselves- in the Visayas.
It is an invitation to the Filipino market to travel
within the Philippines during the holiday period
(Dec. 1, 2013-Feb. 28, 2014), visit our fun destinations,
and participate in rebuilding efforts, he said.
Initially, 16 areas are to be featured for Bangon
Tours, as proposed by Philippine Travel Agencies
Association (PTAA) and Philippine Travel Operators
Association (Philtoa): Ilocos, Tuguegarao, Baguio,
Batangas-Puerto Galera, Manila-Tagaytay, Puerto
Princesa, Baler, Bicol, Cebu, Davao, Bohol, Iloilo,
Boracay, Siargao, CDO-Camiguin, and Batanes. How-
ever, Bangon Tour offerings will not be limited to
these destinations.
TPB is now in talks with Philippine Airlines and
Cebu Pacic to help in this endeavor.
At present, there are about 20 PTAA
and Philtoa members who have already
signied keen interest to participate in
the project.
Other participants in the project are
restaurants, shopping malls, retail outlets,
and other tourism services and their re-
spective associations. Other non-tourism
participants include credit card compa-
nies and banks.
In the public sector, all DOT regional
ofces, Duty Free Philippines and local
government units (LGUS) will participate
in the Bangon Tours initiative.
Participating establishments of Bangon
Tours, on a voluntary and honesty basis,
will be requested to sign a memorandum
of understanding (MOU) to agree to share
a minimum of ve percent of their revenues
prior to taxes and service charge from tour
packages/room nights sold via these tours.
Run and help our kababayans in need
with the rst-ever Superbook benet fun
run dubbed READY... GIZMO...GO!
happening on Dec. 14, at the Bonifacio
Global City. Warm up starts at 4:30 a.m.
and the o cial gun start for the 10K run
is at 6 a.m.
Join Gizmo, the Superbook agents and
other Superbook lovers as they make
every kilometer count and contribute
in raising funds for the disaster relief
operations of Operation Blessing, the hu-
manitarian arm of CBN Asia. Operation
Blessing (OB) teams have now set up a
base camp in the most hard-hit areas of
Super Typhoon Yolanda distributing relief
goods, conducting medical missions and
trauma counseling.
This event will also benet the CBN
Asia Prayer Center, the Asian Center for
Missions and the CBN Asia Media (The
700 Club Asia, Superbook and Tanikala).
Superbook takes the lead in the fun
run with its phenomenal success in its
rst season drawing close to 20 million
Superbooks Bida ng Pagbabago
Advocacy believes in empowering
the children of today. As young as
they are, they can already be of inu-
ence and become examples to their
fri ends, fami l i es and communi ty.
Superbook also empowers parents to
introduce positive values to their children
in a fun way and it has become a catalyst
for families to become closer and to grow
in love and faith, says Icko Gonzalez, Su-
perbook project head in the Philippines.
Join hands with Superbook and help
our kababayans in the Visayas, through its
Bida ng Pagbabago Advocacy! Gizmo
invites everyone, especially the kids to
participate in this rst ever Ready... Giz-
mo... Go! Fun Run and help raise funds
for the CBN Asia Family of Ministries.
Participants may choose to join either
of the following categories: 1K, 3K, 5K or
10K. Categories and registration fees are
as follows:
1K P300 (inclusive of singlet, race
bib, exclusive Ready...Gizmo...Go! baller);
3K P400 (inclusive of singlet, race bib,
exclusive Ready...Gizmo...Go! baller,
medal); 5K P500 (inclusive of singlet,
race bib, exclusive Ready...Gizmo...Go!
baller, medal), 10K = P600.00 (inclusive
of singlet, race bib, exclusive Ready...
Gizmo...Go! baller, medal and nishers
Registration is now open until Dec. 9
or until supplies last.
To join the Ready... Gizmo... Go! Fun
Run, visit any of the following venues
during o ce hours for registration and
payment and immediately claim your
specially-designed race kit:
CBN Asia Head O ce - Sagittarius
Bldg., HV Dela Costa St., Makati City;
House of Praise (HOP) Robinsons Gal-
leria and St. Francis Square, Ortigas; Ad-
stratworld Holdings Inc. head o ce - 99
Magsaysay St., EDSA Guadalupe Nuevo,
Makati City; Brooks SM North EDSA;
Tobys Sports Branches in Glorietta 2,
Shangri-La Plaza and Trinoma RUNNR
Branches in Alabang Town Center and
Bonifacio Global City
This event is in partnership with Ad-
stratworld, Pinoy Fitness, and Proactive.
For more event details, please visit www. For
updates and announcements, please visit
and like our Batang Superbook Fan Page
Run and
be Heroes
of Change
BFS, a multi-national mortgage servic-
ing platform, is oering aordable home
deals for as low as P150,000 as part of its
comprehensive business proposition in
the country. The areas included in the
new deal are developed subdivisions in
Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Rizal, Caloocan
and Muntinlupa which are fast-develop-
ing and strategically located at the heart
of commerce.
The strategic location of BFS proper-
ties aords owners the convenience of
living in a place where all their needs
are met, with everything they love doing
within reach, from shopping and dining
to transacting business and engaging in
leisure activities.
According to BFS, despite new housing
units crowding the market with attrac-
tive prices and payment plans, Filipinos
continue to seek affordable, extensive
inventory, and widely-dispersed loca-
tions in growing subdivisions which BFS
exactly oers.
BFS oers a wide range of aordable
properties nationwide, from as low as
P150,000 to over P1 million. They are
clear alternatives for serious home buyers
who want the best and reasonable home
deals. The full listing of BFS pre-owned
properties can be viewed at
Affordable home
deals from BFS
This Yuletide season, the whole world
and the nation is one in lending a help-
ing hand to the victims of the recent ca-
lamities in the Eastern Visayas. Typhoon
Yolanda has left the country with high
death toll rates and devastated lands,
but the Filipino spirit of resilience and
optimism remains untarnished.
KakaoTalk Philippines, in cooperation
with World Vision Philippines, an inter-
national humanitarian aid, development
and advocacy organization, initiated a
relief eort campaign to help aid typhoon
Yolanda survivors. KakaoTalk will be
matching user donations made through
World Vision from Nov. 27 to Dec. 10.
Christmas is just around the corner,
and we want everybody to feel the true
spirit of Christmas - which is giving and
receiving, said Jean Lee, KakaoTalk
country manager. With everyones help
we aim to make them feel loved and
comforted despite of all these disastrous
events, adds Lee.
For cash donations, donors may depos-
it to the following accounts: BPI Matalino
4251-002415; BDO West Avenue 000-2700-
4341-1; PSBank Ortigas 038-33200013-8
and MetroBank West Avenue 060-7060-
5186-41. Register the donation online
or send the scanned copy of the deposit
slip to Michael Torres (michael_torres@ Only donations with deposit
slips and with online registration can be
monitored by World Vision Philippines
and KakaoTalk.
Kakao Corp. is the provider of Kaka-
oTalk, a mobile messaging applica-
tion and global mobile social platform
based in South Korea. KakaoTalk cur-
rently has more than 110 million regis-
tered users from 230 countries.
KakaoTalk helps relief
efforts with World Vision
Fo Guang Shan Philippines (FGS), a non-
government organization, together with Buddhas
Light International Association Philippines (BLIA)
setup relief operations in all FGS temples including
Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo and Manila to help victims of
the Nov. 8 Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Vener-
able Master Hsing Yun, founder of Fo Guang Shan
Monastery, initiated the donation of $100,000 to start
the relief operations.
The rst batch of relief goods was immediately
dispatched through the help of FGS Charitable and
Cultural Foundations volunteers and devotees who
packed 1,400 boxes of relief overnight to benet
5,000 families.
A medical team from BLIA Malaysia was also sent
to Cebu and Ormoc to help in giving treatments to
the victims. Venerable Yung Ling and Venerable Man
Zhao, Deputy Abbess of FGS Philippines, led the re-
lief operations in Cebu and Ormoc giving away body
bags and relief goods such as food, water, medicine,
vitamins, blankets and other basic needs.
Venerable Hui Zhao, Deputy Abbot of FGS Mon-
astery in Taiwan and Venerable Miao Jing, Head Ab-
bess of FGS Philippines, personally went to Tacloban
and distributed relief goods, checked the condition
of the area and oered prayers of hope and healing.
During an interview with PTV Station, Venerable
Miao Jing shared that FGS worldwide is on full sup-
port to the Philippines, making sure that love and
care are brought to the victims.
She also shared a message from founder, Vener-
able Master Hsing Yun, that FGS is not only bringing
material food but also bringing hope and love to help
the victims settle their mind because of fear, anxiety
and worries for their lost families.
FGS and BLIA has beneted more than 10,000
families and continuously extending their help to
the typhoon victims.
FGS Mabuhay Temple Head Abbess Venerable
Miao Jing reassures that FGS will continue to support
and extend help to give others joy, hope, condence
and convenience.
Some of the plans they are considering in the fu-
ture includes sanitary improvement, psychological
comforting, temporary shelter and education for the
children and young adults.
FGS and BLIA give love, care to Yolanda victims
Whats inside?
Assistant Editor: NATHALIE M. TOMADA
Sub-editors: JERRY DONATO, MA. CARMELA GLORIOSO C-1 Saturday, December 7, 2013
Whats inside?
Coach Chot plays on
and off the court
By Ricardo F. Lo
Marlon Rivera:
The other boss
By Remy Umerez, Page C-9
Page C-4
2 Babys Operation
Tanggal Bukol a hit
Rep. Rose Marie Baby J. Arenas and daughter Ra-
chel Baby Arenas, vice chairperson of the Philippine
National Red Cross (PNRC) San Carlos City Chap-
ter, embarked on a surgical and medical mission this
month, the Operation Tanggal Bukol atbp., with the mas-
sive strength of hundreds of able and selfless volunteer
doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical work-
Turn to C-8
Will Girl on Fire
bring home Phls
5th Miss Intl crown?
Heres a continuation of our forget-
the-ugly-and focus-on-the-beautiful
2013 Bb. Pilipinas-International
Bea Rose Santiago described herself as
the Girl on Fire because, according to
Funfares other beauty expert Celso de
Guzman Caparas, Bea is an independent
woman who lives alone in a condo unit
with her pet dog Megan as companion.
Her dads sister and family lives in Japan
where Bea will compete in the 2013 Miss
International pageant on Dec. 17 at the
Shinagawa Prince Hall in Tokyo, hoping
to bring home the countrys fth Miss
Intl crown, after Gemma Cruz (1964),
Aurora Pijuan (1970), Melanie Marquez
(1979) and Precious Lara Quigaman
(2005). Wish her luck.
Maria Isabelle Zaragoza Mendoza
was crowned 2013 Miss Campus World
on in Thean Hou Temple Grand Hall in
Kuala Lumpur on Dec. 5, with her coun-
terpart Roland William Ayalde De Dios
nishing rst runner-up to Singapores
Ian Chua as 2013 Mister Campus World.
Turn to C-8
2013 Bb.
national Bea
Rose Santiago
Pangasinan Rep. Rose Marie J. Arenas distributes Christmas
goodies to soldiers and their families
2013 Miss
World Ma-
nila Nikita


(December 7 Saturday)
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please go to and click on Write
the Author on the Holiday Mathis page, or you may
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exchange, you wont want to go through
with it. For the other persons sake, igure
out whats in it for you.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Your
conscience is stricter than the laws or so-
cial rules of our time. When you step out
of bounds, your conscience makes noise
much more alarming than the chirping of
a cricket.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21).
Put your projects on the schedule, or
they wont get accomplished. If you dont
ill in the blanks, someone else will. Its
better to be alone than to be with people
you dont like.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19).
Youll be reminded of your intellectual
standards. A beautiful face isnt at-
tractive to you unless theres also a
good brain behind it. You could find
what youre looking for in a Virgo or an
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). A cer-
tain mysterious and attractive someone
has been on your mind. Though dificult
to get to know, this person will be won-
derful to have in your life, so be persis-
tent. It will pay off.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Pop
artist Andy Warhol once remarked that
two people kissing always look like
fish. And if those two people are you
and another Pisces, the kiss will give
you a feeling of being mutually caught.
entertain loved ones who will remember
this month as the good times. Youll start
by doing what you can do in 2014, and
youll wind up doing what no one, not
even you, thought you could do. In Janu-
ary, youll test authority -- defer only if it
passes your test. February shows you
surpassing physical goals. Aries and
Scorpio people adore you. Your lucky
numbers are: 9, 5, 33, 21 and 14.
messenger, in the exploratory, adven-
turous realm of Sagittarius favors the
learning of new languages. This isnt
always about the words people use in
other countries. Men, women, children,
teens, and different professions, regions
and cultural groups all speak different
languages. This is the ideal time to learn
how to talk to animals, approach strang-
ers, or create a resume or proile that
attracts a different set of eyes. The irst
step will be asking excellent questions
and listening carefully to the nuances
of the reply. Excellent listeners are the
fastest learners.
MARS IN LIBRA: Bold warrior
planet that he is, Mars never quite
gets comfortable in Libra, the sign
of peace. Whats he supposed to do
with himself? All of his natural inclina-
tions are limited by the regulations Li-
bra lays out. Libra is, after all, a lover,
not a fighter. As the transit wears on,
aggressive energies will be tamed.
Eventually, the boxing gloves come
off, and we search for a more refined
way to get what we want. However,
this will not happen without some ini-
tial resistance. Expect to grapple with
baser impulses before choosing the
high road.
GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Remem-
ber the times when you put on a brave
face even though you were feeling sad
and afraid? Someone who is having a
hard time is doing the same for you now.
Be sensitive to what is really going on.
CANCER (June 22-July 22). Youre
likely to meet salty characters, and youll
enjoy them. A captain who has navigated
rough waters has more to teach than one
who has known only smooth sailing.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You dont
expect life to be fair, but you do expect
your loved ones to hang in there with you
through the inequities. Today youll model
the principle for a friend of yours who is
going through a hard time.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). People
pay attention to what interests them. In-
stead of ighting it, youll use this knowl-
edge to your advantage, wrapping your
message in the packages your loved
ones ind the most appealing.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). If you
dont know what you are getting out of an
Mars Enters Libra
While were still recovering our
equilibrium after Mercurys recent
change, Mars makes a move to rock
the boat again, this time in the name of
love, beauty and harmony. This gentle
wave is likely to be more of a lullaby
than anything that might capsize our
personal lives, so dont ight it. Trust
lifes process.
ARIES (March 21-April 19). Col-
lective problem solving is a feature of
the day. You dont need to know the an-
swer to chime in. Each idea builds on
the next. The realizations will belong as
much to the group as they do to any
single person.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Ar-
chimedes said, Give me a lever long
enough and a fulcrum on which to
place it, and I shall move the world.
You will be searching for a point of
leverage today. Once you igure out
how to position yourself, youll be per-
C-3 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 The Philippine STAR
TV5s eorts are indeed paying o,
with the growing popularity of the
networks programs reecting high-
er viewership shares and a more active
social media presence.
TV5 gains viewership
SPINNation host
Jasmine Curtis-
Wow Mali Pa Rin
host Joey de Leon
According to
data from Nielsen
Media Research,
TV5s entertain-
ment shows are
consistently rank-
ing among the
Top 15 programs.
Further, the
networks shows
are also regularly
guring on Twitter
trending topics
during the time of
airing, proving the
shows popularity
among young and
progressive audi-
Nielsens over-
night NUTAM
data for Nov. 17
listed Wow Mali
Pa Rin and Who
Wants To Be A Mil-
lionaire in the Top
9 to Top 11 rank-
ing. The Kapatid
networks airing
of the PBA Alaska
Aces vs. Rain
or Shine Elasto
Painters game also
gured in the Top
Viewers and
fans are also
actively sharing
their excitement in
social media, often
landing the pro-
grams on Twitters
trending topic list.
Last Saturday,
the premiere of
Jasmine Curtis-
Smiths music
show SPINNation
generated the
most buzz among
netizens. Minutes
before the shows
airing, it already
placed second on
Twitters trending
topics. It eventu-
ally topped the
charts halfway
through the pro-
These develop-
ments denitely
make the network
strive harder to
oer more qual-
ity and groundbreaking programs that
encourage more Filipinos to make the
switch and enjoy the new brand of
entertainment TV5 has to oer.
1 2
6 5 4
1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 10:00
1:05, 3:15
HOURS (Digital)
12:00, 2:20, 4:40
7:00, 9:20
12:45, 3:10, 5:35
5:25, 7:45, 9:55
8:00, 10:30
12:50, 3:05, 5:30
7:50, 10:10
FROZEN (Digital)
FROZEN (Digital)
1:10, 3:30, 5:50, 8:10
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 C-4 The Philippine STAR
Coach Vicente Chot Reyes is a celebrity
in his own right.
The tears of joy he shed on nationwide
television during the height of the FIBA
World Cup in the country spelling victory
for Filipino players against the Koreans
ushered his presence in the consciousness
of every Filipino. A historic feat, indeed:
Coaching the Philippine Gilas team to the
countrys rst qualication for the FIBA
World Cup in four decades.
Today, Coach Chot is a household name
not limited to the sports fanatics. His name
is being associated with Filipino tenacity,
valor and passion.
Wanna know how he lives his everyday
life? Heres a glimpse.
Coach Chot plays on & off court
coach and
Reyes with
his wife
I use the Internet a lot for what I do,
says Chot. He admittedly has a net-
intensive lifestyle. When coaching the
Gilas team, the coach renowned for his
unpredictability turned to the Internet for
help, studying European basketball teams
to gure out what could be turned into an
advantage for the Philippine team. You
might say the team does not have a particu-
lar style. In fact, Chot admits to employing
random, unorthodox tactics for each game.
The success of his non-style is quite
obvious. But when it comes to Internet ac-
cess, he says he needs to be certain that his
broadband service can deliver. You cant
just sit there and wait for a video to buer
or download. I communicate with a lot of
other coaches, agents, general managers,
tour organizers. I get a lot of video e-mail,
he explains. My broadband should be
powerful enough to handle everything
I need to do. That includes activities at
home. Fibr allows us to do all those with
no delays, no downtime.
Like many other satised Cignal on Fibr
subscribers, Chot passed on his passion
to other people around him. I think Ive
converted all the Gilas guys to Cignal, he
Meanwhile, when asked what hes most
proud of among his many achievements,
Coach Chot declares, Raising a family of
four, and being married to the same wom-
an for 28 years.
12:15, 2:50
5:20, 7:45, 10:10
12:00, 2:35, 5:10
7:45, 10:20
12:20, 3:35
1:00, 3:15, 5:30
7:45, 10:00
in 2D
12:00, 2:35, 5:10
7:45, 10:20
1:30, 4:15
7:00, 9:45
12:00, 2:35, 5:10
7:45, 10:20
MAN in 2D
12:10, 2:45, 5:20
7:55, 10:30
GAME in 2D
8:00 P.M.
8:00 P.M. Center For Pop Music
8:00 P.M.
December 14
Bamboo 8:00 P.M.
Willie Nep ... Comic Relief
December 16
Private Party
December 14
January 03, 2014
December 12
Center For Pop Music
Ms. Campus Role Model 8:00 P.M.
8:00 P.M.
December 20
6:50, 10:05
C-5 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 The Philippine STAR
Ted Failon (photo) looks into the alleged
unpreparedness and inefficiency of the Of-
fice of Civil Defense (OCD) to respond to
unexpected calamities, particularly during
the Typhoon Yolanda in Visayas today at 4:45
OCD, which is tasked to manage national
civil defense and disaster risk reduction and
management programs, has gained criticism
from the public for purportedly not being vis-
ible and active in the relief operations.
Ted also probes complaints on cargo
or freight forwarding companies that are
allegedly stealing balikbayan boxes, in-
stead of sending them to their proper desti-
nations. Are the
Bureau of Cus-
toms and Bu-
reau of Internal
Revenue already
taking actions to
minimize these
Meanwhile, Ted
also discusses the
story of a teacher
being bullied by
his students and
tackles the Re-
public Act 10627
or the Anti-Bul-
lying Act of 2013,
which seeks
to reduce inci-
dents of bullying
in basic educa-
tional institutions.
Does the law also
apply to bullied
Failon Ngayon
airs Saturdays on
ABS-CBN with a
replay on ANC
every Sunday at
2 p.m.
Failon Ngayon on OCD
It was an ordinary taping day for
Jessy Mendiola. She was on her way to
the set of the ABS-CBN primetime se-
ries Maria Mercedes when suddenly the
cast, the staff, and members of her fans
club surprised her with loud cheers to
celebrate her 21st birthday.
I wasnt expecting it at all. I was just
so happy that the people I love were there
to celebrate my birthday, she said.
When asked what she could ask for her
birthday, Jessy replied that she just hopes
that she will always have good health.
Ive been through a lot of trials this
year, she said. They werent easy but I
learned from the experience. At the end
of the day, God is really good and He will
nd ways to make you smile again by
blessing you with more than what you
asked for. I am truly thankful. This is one
very memorable year for me.
One of the things shes thankful for is
the support of viewers for Maria Mercedes.
The Mexicanovela adaptations rating
is on an uptrend nationwide, especially
in Metro Manila. Jessys second movie
under Star Cinema, Call Center Girl, also
raked millions in the box-ofce.
Recently, Jessy was also among the hot
topics that trended online for one whole
day after a video produced by the fast-food
chain she is endorsing went viral. In the
video, Jessy mesmerized UAAP superstar
Jeric Teng with her captivating beauty as
she sat down with him for a meal.
Many projects also await Jessy in
2014 that include a movie project oppo-
site John Lloyd Cruz.
How is Jessys love life? Im still
waiting, she quipped.
Present during the birthday surprise
were Business Unit head Ruel Bayani,
director Rechie del Carmen, production
manager Riza Ebriega, executive producer
Des Juan, Vina Morales, Devon Seron, Yogo
Singh, Jason Abalos and Tess Antonio.
This week, Mercedes starts her revenge
on Malvina (played by Vivian Velez) by
stripping her off of her power. Will anger
and hate consume all of Mercedes? How
will Malvina turn things in her favor after
learning that Mercedes weakness is still her
son Luis (Jake Cuenca)?
Dont miss Maria Mercedes weeknights
after Got to Believe on Primetime Bida.
Maria Mercedes cast
and crew surprise Jessy
Birthday girl Jessy Mendiola (fourth from left) with well-wishers
New characters are well on the way
this Yuletide season as Hero TV presents
new titles that are set to bring inspiration
to viewers instilling in them that ev-
eryone has the potential to be a hero.
Among the shows to hit the airwaves
are Element Hunters, Kobato, Detective
Conan: Shinichi Kudo The Shinsengumi
Murder Case, Ultraman Zero: The Revenger
of the Belial, Ultra-
man Zero: Side Story
and Ultra Galaxy
Legend Story: Ultra-
man Zero vs Dark
Lops Zero.
In Element
Hunters, a group
of heroes is pitted
against the dif-
culty of losing
the Earths vital
substances. Catch
all the action start-
ing Dec. 11 and on
Mondays, Wednes-
days and Fridays
at 8 p.m., with the
7:30 p.m. timeslot
beginning Dec. 16.
Kobato details
the story of a
sweet girl who
nds herself on
Earth with the
mission of heal-
ing a wounded
persons heart,
starting on Dec. 16
at 8:30 p.m. with
replays at 2:30
a.m., 8:30 a.m.
and 2:30 p.m.
In Ultraman
Zero: The Revenger
of the Belial, the
shows hero Ultra-
man Zero strives
to protect the uni-
verse. The show
premieres on Dec.
9 at 12 midnight
with a replay at 12
noon and 9 p.m.
Ultraman Zero:
Side Story, on the
other hand, pre-
mieres Dec. 15 at 1
a.m. with replays
at 1 p.m. and 10
Ultra Galaxy
Legend Story:
Ultraman Zero
vs Dark Lops
Zero begins on
Dec. 15 at 12
midnight with a
replay at 12 noon
and 9 p.m.
Holiday heroes in Hero TV
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 C-8 The Philippine STAR
Reported Celso, Eighteen student-
delegates from Asia competed in the
contest with the primary goal of rec-
ognizing the role of students as equal
partners in development and youth
After her whirlwind visit
2 Babys... From C-1
ers who conducted surgeries, medical
consultation, distribution of free medi-
cines, in collaboration with the Inter-
national College of Surgeon, Philippine
Section, the Specialized Group Hospital
and Trauma Center, Provincial Health
Office of Pangasinan and the Region 1
Medical Center.
The goal was to provide surgery, med-
ical services and medicines to indigent
patients in poor communities. Health
professionals and workers flocked to the
Arenas farm in Malasiqui, Pangasinan,
where clinic have been set up for surger-
ies and medical consultation, a pharmacy
to dispense free medicines from vitamins
to antibiotics including anti tuberculosis
medications and a conduct laboratory
This surgical and medical mission
included a month-long pre-screening of
surgical patients provided by the Spe-
cialized Group Hospital and Trauma
Center through the generosity of Drs.
Carlito and Thelma Arenas, outgoing
President of the International College
of Surgeons (ICS) Pangasinan. Even
patients who were not screened but re-
quired urgent surgery then were none-
theless attended to.
The Social Hall at the Arenas Farm was
transformed into a virtual hospital com-
plex with a self-contained operating room
complete with medical equipments and
supplies. A team of 40 doctors, divided
into ve surgical teams, nurses and medi-
cal support volunteers came in full force,
performing about a hundred surgeries, at
a pace of ve surgeries at a time. Over 500
patients were given medical checkups by
specialists and almost a thousands were
dispensed with free essential medicines to
its full prescribed dosage and laboratory
The constituents were overwhelmed with
gratitude to the indefatigable mother and
daughter team. Through the medical and
surgical mission, some patients with malig-
nant growths were given instant relief and
can now face a more promising future.
It was truly an important event in the
lives of the poor who were fortunate
enough to be treated with much com-
passion and skill of the very able and
experienced surgeons, and to be shown
the tender loving care of Rep. Baby and
Rachel, who were present during the
surgeries, even if only to hold the hands
of the sick to ease their pain. Such is the
healing touch of their love and service to
the people.
Typical of Rep. Baby, the hostess par ex-
cellence, is to make sure everyone is cared
for so meals were served to all the pa-
tients, while the medical team feasted on
all Filipino-dish of vegetables picked from
the garden, fresh seafood, fruits in season,
and local delicacies of bibingka and kakanin
all throughout the day from lunch, me-
rienda and nally, dinner at the Nipa Hut
of the Arenas farm. Capping the day was
Mass at the Monastery of the Poor Clares
of St. James the Apostle.
Rep. Baby and Rachel did not mind
that the medical mission came at a huge
nancial cost, seeing the happy faces of the
healed was enough. They were humbled
and grateful for the valiant efforts of all
the volunteers who have made this possi-
ble because it was truly a shining moment
of saving and changing lives.
Funfare... From C-1 home to help the Yolanda victims,
2013 Miss World Megan Young
went to Guangzhou, China, to
grace a special charity function
organized by Kieu Hoang and the
Shanghai RAAS Blood Products
Co., Ltd. Reported Celso, Megan
was reunited with 2012 Miss World
Wenxia (of China), 2013 Miss Ocea-
nia Erin Holland (of Australia) and
2013 Miss Indonesia Vania Larissa.
Known as the Magic Flute Trio,
they wowed the audience of the
2013 Miss World pageant in Bali,
Indonesia last September.
2013 Miss Resorts World Ma-
nila Nikita McElroy (of Davao), 20,
who beat more than 100 hopefuls,
high school and that became her
passport to the beauty contest.
Funfares beauty expert
Felix Manuel reported that the My
Husbands Lover concert in the US
East Coast was a hit, produced by
Castellvi Productions and GMA In-
ternational/GMA PInoy TV/GMA
Life TV. MHL stars Dennis Trillo
and Tom Rodriguez tickled the audi-
ence when they made sweet gestures
and addressed each other as Beh!
during their song numbers, said
Felix. Kuh Ledesma still reigns su-
preme while Victor Basa and Pancho
Magno did a sexy number.
The MHL group performed in
New York and then in Maryland.
In celebration of the 56th Found-
ers Day of the Cebu Institute of
Medicine (CIM), CIMphony (a group
composed of CIM students) will stage
a concert called Music Heals: The CIM
Concert For A Cause tonight at 6 at the
Epifania Mendoza Velez Hall (EM-
VMH) of Velez College, Cebu City.
For inquiries, call Maurice
Geroy (0931-8655364), Jeff Go
(0922-8902577), Cyrus Tejam
(0922-2772064) or Dr. Jedrick Yu
(E-mail reactions at entphilstar@ You may also send your
questions to
For more updates, photos and videos visit or follow
me on www.twitter/therealrickylo.)
will host RWM events, do radio/
TV guestings, grace fashion shows
and appear in print ads. Among
her prizes is to pose for the Resorts
World Manilas 2014 calendar.
She inherited her exotic looks
from her French/Black-American
father and Filipina mother. She
started modeling after nishing
The constituents were
overwhelmed with gratitude
to the indefatigable
mother-daughter team of
Pangasinan Rep. Rose
Marie Baby Arenas and
daughter Rachel Baby
Arenas, vice chairperson
of Philippine National Red
Cross (PNRC) San Carlos
City Chapter.
From left: My Husbands Lover stars Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez... Carla Abellana and Tom... Pancho Magno and Victor Basa... and Kuh Ledesma and Jonalyn Viray
Baby with daughter Rachel and Bishop Soc Villegas, president of the
Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippiines (CBCP) and concurrent
archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan...
...attending to the indigent patients, distributing food and medicines at
the same time giving them comfort...
Rachel conferring with Dr. Cipriano before surgery
on an indigent patient
...with participating volunteers from the International College of Surgeons (from left) Dr. Car-
lito V. Arenas, Dr. Thelma G. Arenas, Dr. Vicente N. Gatilao, Dr. Ernesto G. Acosta, Dr. Audie
Czar B. Cipriano, Dr. Lauro R. San Jose and Dr. Delmer M. Gensolin.
Young (ex-
treme left)
with 2013
Miss Oce-
ania Erin
of Austra-
lia, Dany
2012 Miss
Yu and
2013 Miss
Vania Lar-
2013 Miss Campus World Maria Isabelle Zaragoza
Mendoza and Roland William Ayalde De Dios, rst
runner-up in the same contest
C-9 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 The Philippine STAR
How time ies! I can still remember
when Lea Salonga was a little girl who
wore her hair in pigtails, singing To-
morrow from the stage musical Annie.
Thirty-ve years later, she is still on top
of her game and acknowledged as one
of the nest performers in the business.
This year, Lea is celebrating her 35th
year in the industry. According to the
multi-awarded stage actress and singer,
her passion, energy and excitement
remain the same and she feels like she
could go another 35 years, by which
time shell be in her 70s. It wont be a
rst: There are performers, like Tony
Bennett, who is in his 80s and still tour-
ing. On the other hand, says Lea, there
are also some who are only in their 60s
and who are already exhibiting signs of
decline. I dont know which one Im
going to be yet, she says. So the next
35 years, if I was to decide right now, if
I was gonna keep going, absolutely.
Right now, Lea is in her early 40s.
Physically, she feels she still has so
much to give. She could go on perform-
ing for years. But just because she feels
that way doesnt mean it will. It could
still go either way. I feel strong, Im
mentally t. Vocally, I feel very strong
also. But we dont decide what happens
in the future. Its not completely up to
me. So if I happen to be one of the lucky
ones that keep going and going until the
day that I die, that I would absolutely
For the multi-awarded stage actress and singer Lea Salonga, her
passion, energy and excitement remain the same and she feels
like she could go another 35 years.
Lea still has so much
love. That ideally is how I would love
to be; thats the ideal scenario. But its
not up to me.
All she knows is that she has to be
ready to take on every opportunity that
comes her way. Agreeing to become a
coach on the rst season of The Voice
of the Philippines was one of them. It
brought Lea closer to the masa audi-
ence. It made her fanbase open up and
made people see that she wasnt good
only for singing Broadway songs or
doing musical theater. In short, it made
her more relatable.
I ended up on television, in front
of millions and millions of people,
says Lea. And I think its probably
the biggest exposure that I had gotten
as a performerbecause of ABS-CBN
and, of course, The Filipino Channel
(TFC) extending out of the country. So
its really been a wonderful experience,
which also opens me up to repertoire
and possibility because this is not just
musical theater. And the cool thing
about having done The Voice Im
hearing so many dierent kinds of
voices. That was just ridiculously fun.
Lea conrms that yes, shes inter-
ested in doing a second season of The
Voice of the Philippines. But the rst
thing on her agenda before the year
ends is Playlist, her 35th anniversary
concert at the Philippine International
Convention Center (PICC) now on its
last night. The show is so-titled because
the repertoire consists of songs that are
on Leas personal playlist meaning
songs that she enjoys listening to.
People would actually be quite
surprised to learn what this Broadway
star listens to: Michael Jackson (his O
The Wall album is always on repeat;
its either that or Thriller, said Lea),
Fleetwood Mac, Sarah McLachlan and
a peppering of Katy Perry, Adele and
Amy Winehouse. Im a child of the
80s and the late 70s, so thats the kind
of music I listen to, laughs Lea.
All Lea knows is that this concert
is the start of even bigger and better
things for her. It is her launch pad for
the next 35 years. She has many plans;
aside from the second season of The
to give
Producer and comedian Vic Sotto is Boss-
ing to all the followers of Eat, Bulaga. In the
Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) o cial
entry My Little Bossings, Vic plays Torky, a
bookkeeper entrusted to look after Justine
(Bimby Yap), the son of his lady boss played by
Kris Aquino.
Another ward enters the picture in the per-
son of Ching (Ryzza Mae Dizon) and the two
kiddie stars live up to the title of the movie.
The other bossing is director Marlon Ri-
For the longest time, Vic has been handled
by one director, Tony Reyes. Their partnership
resulted in several box-o ce hits, led by the
Enteng Kabisote series.
Advertising ex-
ecutive Marlon Rive-
ra stepped into the scene
as requested by Kris who
is also one of the lms
ve producers. The origi-
nal choice was Bb. Joyce
Bernal who had to back
out due to previous com-
mitments. For one, she
is busy directing another
MMFF entry with Robin
Padilla, her favorite
action star. Kris wanted
someone who can make
Bimby feel comfortable
on and o the camera.
In his 20 years of making television commercials, Mar-
lon has worked with children. He also earned kudos meg-
ging Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank, an acclaimed indie project
which garnered many recognitions, including the Best
Actress trophy for comedienne Eugene Domingo.
Prior to My Little Bossings, Vic and Marlon hardly
By Remy Umerez
My Little Bossings direc-
tor Marlon with one of the
films little lead stars
Ryzza Mae Dizon (the
other lead is Bimby Yap).
Photo from the direc-
tors Facebook page
Marlon Rivera: The other boss
knew each other or hadnt met in person.
Instinct drove Vic to secure a copy of Ang
Babae Sa Septik Tank. He was impressed
with what he saw and told Kris that Mar-
lon is hired.
During the presscon of My Little Boss-
ings, Marlon paid Vic a compliment.
He is the easiest person to direct.
He reports on time and without an
entourage. The only person he keeps is a
driver. He comes up with suggestions but
never impose them. He has a very high
regard for his co-workers, big or small
kaya mahal siya ng lahat. He is a man of
humility, Marlon said of Vic.
My Little Bossings is a mix of comedy
and drama. Superstar comedians lead a
very colorful life. Hollywoods Charlie
Chaplin and our very own, the late Com-
edy King Dolphy, are perfect examples.
In this movie, Vic delivers a heartwarm-
ing performance worthy of a nomina-
tion. Marami kasing pinaghuhugutan, the
director added.
In Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank, the lead
actress talks of two methods of acting, the
elevator kind and the TV Patrol type.
Would any of this apply to Vic Sotto,
we wonder.
The family of basketball star Doug
Kramer, showbiz personality Ches-
ka Garcia-Kramer, and their three
cute children Kendra, Scarlet and
Gavin or collectively known as Team
Kramer is perhaps one of the most
famous families in the country.
It all started when celebrity couple
Doug and Cheska put up a Facebook
page for them to share their moments
with their kids. According to Doug, the
term Team Kramer came from a com-
ment from a follower in Instagram. This
prompted the couple to create the page
and they did not even expect that it
would gain as much as 458,000 likes (its
current number) in a span of less than
three months.
We started sharing pictures of
our kids, videos, just for family
and friends to see. And then from
there, we realized that a lot of people
actually like our kids and like our
family, mused Cheska.
What is there not to like? Aside
from their beautiful faces, their Face-
book page is lled with beautiful mem-
ories they make as a family like read-
ing stories and cooking snacks, plus
adorable photos of their children as
they discover life.
Were so proud of our kids and
at the young age parang bibong-bibo
talaga sila. So thats the reason why
Follow That Star: Team Kramer
Doug and Cheska Kramer with their kids
Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin
we would post videos and photos of
them, shares the proud mom.
With all the fame and fans that their
family is gaining, both Doug and Ches-
ka still zoom into the essence of it all
their family values and the journey that
they make together as family.
Spending time with my kids, its not
even a habit. Kahit na every day kaming
nagkikita, hinahanap ko pa rin yan, pati
yung mga dates namin ni Cheska nung
kaming dalawa lang hinahanap ko pa rin
yun. So its a very natural state for me
that I didnt have to exert eort. Ive
been blessed to be like this and I just
wanna thank God for this, Doug says.
Follow That Star airs Saturday nights
at 8 on GMA News TV.
Voice of the Philippines, there
is also the possibility of a
movie with Aga Muhlach
and an album.
Lea is excited for what is
still to come. She considers
herself blessed that she still
gets to do what she loves to
do. If there is something spe-
cial that comes my way, its
hard to say no when its just
so good that I cant say no.
Indeed and just to state the
obvious it is hard to stop
someone as dynamic or as
talented as Lea Salonga.
Modern Living
1ST OF 6
Saturday, December 7, 2013 D-1
Assistant Editors:
Desk Editor:
Turn to Page D-2
hristmas is thick in the air and I
spent a great weekend recently
to imbibe a unique and green
version of the season at the City
in a Garden, the island-nation we know as
I went with a bunch of journalists for
a tour of what Filipino travelers can look
forward to this festive season.
First of all, we started with Singapore
flavor even before leaving Manila. Ive
not lown Singapore Airlines in a while
and really savored the trip. I guess budget
lying these past few years has made SQ
amenities, even in economy class, seem so
luxurious. The attendants dont dance or
play guessing games, but they are attentive and the food service is
good (and you dont have to fork out extra for a meal and drinks.)
We began our Green Christmas experience shortly after landing
in Singapore with a Violet Violet Oons restaurant at 881 Bukit
Timah Road. Violet is a seasoned culinary journalist, celebrity chef
and bon vivant, who set up this quaint restaurant in a quiet corner
of Singapore to cater to a younger generation of foodies.
With the help of her two children, Violet created both the ambi-
ance and the menu, which straddles traditional comfort food and
new Asian fare in an urbane setting. My suggestions: the dry laksa
and the beef rendang. Oh, and their English pudding is perfect for
dessert. (Many of her staff are Filipinos, so they will be of great
help suggesting dishes for you.)
Our home away from home in Singapore was the new super-
green Park Royal at Pickering. The hotel won the highest honor at
the Skyrise Greenery Awards held concurrently with the recently
concluded Green Urbanscape Asia Conference and Exhibit in
The hotel had sky gardens seemingly on every loor, nook and
cranny. It had green at the entrance, in the lobby, along the cor-
ridors, up the walls and on the roof. Seriously! I have not seen a
greener building than this. And it sits right next to a large verdant
urban park Hong Lim Green.
Orchard Road is aglow this time of the year as Christmas connects
with Chinese New Year in January.
provides a
wall of fairy
lights as a
to their
Modern Living The Philippine Star
The hotel has a 300-meter-long podium
with more gardens and an ininity pool, of
course. Sunsets can be viewed from roof
deck gardens with panoramas of the city
skyline and Chinatown next door.
In the evening we set out for Chinatown
nearby and ambulatory edutainment by
The Original Singapore Walks Secrets of
the Red Lantern. A group of about a dozen
tourists, including we Filipino journalists,
were treated to the seedier social side of
Singapores history.
Most of the residents of late 19th- and
early 20th-century Chinatown were mi-
grant workers at the quays. They, along
with other laborers, journeyed to the island
to escape the poverty back home. Diver-
sions available from the numbing grind
were cocaine, gambling and prostitution.
We were taken around to glimpse the
past and learn about the lives of both the
male workers and the women who tragi-
cally ended up in the sex trade. Many of
the streets in Singapore were brothel streets
marked by the red lanterns. Today, a good
number of them are boutique hotels, ine
dining restaurants or shops.
We also took a quick trip down to the
Geylang district where present day (legal)
prostitution is centered. Sex workers and
modern-day brothels are monitored and
registered. Surprisingly, the area is also
known for many good restaurants serving
local delicacies, including their versions of
Soup no. 5 (we were given a taste of the
more popular dishes of that ilk).
The next day, we started with the Per-
anakan Museum. Most Filipino tourists
have visited the National Museum or
the Asian Civilizations Museum, but this
little museum is packed with the history
of those Chinese who settled early in the
Straits Settlements. They intermarried and
Its a blue and white winter wonderland theme for this years
light-up on Orchard Road.
Wheelock Buildings glass cone makes a natural Christmas tree
on the corner of Orchard and Scotts Road.
All major shops are trying to outdo each
others Christmas trees, to the delight of
the public.
Other stores have opted for the abstract without straying from the blue and white theme.
Chinatown in Singapore hosts temples of
other cultures, including this Hindu one
on where else Temple Street.
We took a tour of Orchard Road on this
topless bus, which reminds me of the
Matorco buses on Roxas Boulevard.
Singapore is not all malls and integrated resorts: There are quaint corners and districts with old Singapore
character like Ann Siang Hill and Dempsey Hill. Yes, Singapore is actually illed with little hills.
developed a unique culture that is mixed
and unique. It reminded me of the Tsinoy
Museum in our Intramuros and it was
very interesting to note the similarities. The
Chinese-Filipinos are in fact mentioned and
featured in the exhibits.
From the museum we motored to Katong
on the East Coast of Singapore to visit Rumah
Bebe, a 1928 shophouse that now contains a
Peranakan fashion and food shop. We had
merienda of savory Peranakan dishes while
looking at beaded slippers, accessories and
dining ware. A few blocks down we had
lunch at 328 Katong Laksa. Their traditional
laksa is fabulous (so shiok, must try, lah!).
From Katong we went to a must-see
this Christmas season the Gardens by
the Bay, the hundred-hectare waterside
side park built at the cost of one billion
Singapore dollars. The famous super-trees
in the park are now dressed up and lit like
Christmas trees, while the Flower Dome
features a special garden design by interna-
tionally renowned landscape artist Kayu-
suki Ishihara. His creation is a Christmas
Sugar Mountain made from 5,000 plants,
of which 4,000 are edibles like lettuce, cab-
bage, eggplant, okra and chili! You cant get
Take the walking tour of Chinatown and Geylang to ind out the
meaning of the red lanterns.
The Park Royal Pickering is an award-
winning green hotel with sky gardens
Violet Oons restaurant on Bukit Timah is
a must for foodies.
Much of Singapore relects the Peranakan
culture similar to our Tsinoy one.
greener, or healthier, than that.
The Gardens by the Bay are, of course, linked to the Marina
Sands and its bundle of destinations, from a 150-meter inin-
ity pool at the top to the Broadway show offering of its theater,
complemented by a huge shopping mall and high-end restaurant
row (including Gerrys Grill!).
Along the waters edge and the ArtScience Museum (now fea-
turing the fascinating furniture exhibit Essential Eames - A Herman
Park Royals pool sits on a 300-meter sky
garden at the podium level.
Super-trees in the Gardens by the Bay are
now decked out as Super Christmas Trees.
Miller Exhibition). Down the ways a bit is
the lagship Louis Vuitton shop, not that I
could afford anything there. Youll need a
lot of green to enjoy shopping there, but
going in and taking a look is free.
That Saturday evening we ventured
to Singapores premier shopping street
Orchard Road. This two-kilometer
stretch of malls, shops and more shops
is Mecca for Filipino shopaholics. You
need industrial-strength credit cards and
comfortable walking shoes. The walking,
though, is extremely comfortable, what
with Orchards clean, wide sidewalks and
dazzling Christmas displays.
We were guests at the Orchard Road
Christmas light-up at the corner of Orchard
and Scotts. The short ceremony had Singa-
pore President Tony Tan throw the switch to
light up the entire Orchard Road. The theme
was Christmas on A Great Street, turning
the entire stretch into a winter wonderland
with lights in blue and white representing
snowlakes and diamonds.
The ceremony was followed by an open-
top bus tour of Orchard Road to bring us
close to the lights and action on Orchard
Road. Each mall or complex had a Christmas
display (think COD times 24) while buskers
entertained street-side as shoppers walked
home with their presents. Tiny tots, with
their eyes all aglow, will ind it hard to sleep
oops sorry, I drifted off into a Christmas
song, but thats what all the dcor did to me.
The last day in Singapore took us to the
entertainment island of Sentosa. If youve not
been there in a while, you should go. Resorts
World and Universal Studios now anchor
the offerings. We went to visit the new SEA
Aquarium the worlds largest, according to
Guinness World Records. It is home to 800 spe-
cies, of which 200 are sharks. If youre angling
to get your feet wet after seeing all those ish,
next door is the Adventure Cove Water Park
(worth a whole days visit).
Before our Monday light back to Manila
we took lunch at Dempsey Hill, located
close to the 90-hectare Singapore Botanic
Gardens (another must-visit green desti-
nation). The former British Army barracks
buildings on the hill have been conserved
and turned into a restaurant and boutique
destination unlike anything on the island.
Its character harks back to the British-colo-
nial era with tile-roofed bungalows sitting
close to the ground.
On Dempsey Hill you can sip your latte
or enjoy Ben & Jerrys ice cream while the
missus shops for teak furniture or gourmet
inds. Also in among the bungalows is a
new contemporary arts museum; all these
set in rolling green hills framed by mature
rain trees and towering palms.
This trip proved that theres more color
to Singapore than meets the eye. History,
nature, culture, arts, entertainment and
shopping here make for a unique mix, but
green is a pervasive theme for the season
and the island paradise. Have yourself a
Green Christmas in Singapore.
* * *
Feedback is welcome. Please email the
writer at For
more information on Singapore visit Facebook:
YourSingapore-Philippines or http://www.
Modern Living The Philippine Star
SM City BF Paraaque now open
Just in time for Christmas, great shop-
ping, leisure, and entertainment goes to the
South Metro area with the recent opening
of SM BF Paraaque. SM Primes 48th su-
permall is the ifth in the South Metro area
after SM Southmall, SM City Sucat, SM City
Bicutan, and SM Center Las Pinas.
The citys top oficials led guests during
the malls blessing. Paraaque City Mayor
Edwin Olivares, Vice Mayor Rico Golez,
Congressman Eric Olivares (First District),
Congressman Gus Tambunting (Second
District), and land owner Ofelia Viola.
SM officials led by SM founder and
At the blessing of SM City BF Paraaque are Rep. Gus Tambunting (third from left), Rep. Eric Olivares (fourth from left), Paraaque City Mayor Edwin Olivares, Vice Mayor Rico Golez (second from right) and Ofelia
Viola (second from left). Joining them are Felicidad T. Sy, (third from right), SM Prime Holdings president Hans T. Sy (right), vice chairman for Food Retail Group Herbert T. Sy (left) andBishop Jessie Mercado
S M c h a i r ma n
Henry Sy Sr.
SM Prime Holdings Inc. president Hans T. Sy warmly welcomes
the irst wave of shoppers at SM City BF Paraaque.
SM City BF Paraaque is SM Primes 48th supermall and is the ifth
in the South Metro area after SM Southmall, SM City Sucat, SM City
Bicutan, and SM Center Las Pias.
Mayor Edwin Olivarez (left), and SM Prime Holdings Inc. president
Hans T. Sy (right) with Teoville Subdvision president Danny
Harder (second from left) , and Teoville Subdivision VP Rey Yap
(second from right) during the turn over of the Theo Subdivisions
multi-purpose hall.
chairman Henry Sy Sr., Felicidad T. Sy, SM Prime Holdings
president Hans T. Sy, and vice chairman for Food Retail Group
Herbert T. Sy welcomed them.
Located on a prime 25,079-sq.m. site along the Dr. A. Santos and
Presidents Avenue, the 120,390-sq.m. three-level mall will serve
shoppers in the Paraaque, Las Pinas, and Alabang area. This
is a leading commercial and residential area known for upscale
subdivisions, schools, and business establishments.
The BF Homes area, where its located, has been known as a
preferred place of residence for many years. It was the irst gated
community of its kind to have its own convenience store, movie
theater, bowling alley, as well as a few commercial complexes:
all unheard of in the 1970s. Today, it is known as a food hub in
Metro Manila similar to that of Tomas Morato in Quezon City.
The new mall creates a memorable identity with bold, varied,
and dynamic exterior wall surfaces that create a vivid backdrop
for several strategically located and prominent entrances.
All entrances provide shelter from the elements for shoppers as they
approach the mall. Colors are bright and strategically applied to create a
Rep. Gus Tambunt i ng,
and Paraaque City Vice
Mayor Artemio Simundac,
with SM City BF Paraaque
mall manager Justin Leonar
Cel ebr i t y
a n d S M
b r a n d
Xian Lim
The malls interiors are organized around a soaring three-level central atrium,
complemented by a faceted mall, both generously sized and configured to
allow a clear line of sight to every shop and restaurant at all levels.
The lobby of SM Cinemas is modern with
curvilinear ceilings matched with wood and
marble designed walls.
for concerts, fashion shows, and exhibits.
Each space features a vividly colored ceiling
to provide visual interest and accents, as well
as to provide customers with easy, convenient
shopping. It will also have 1,445 parking slots.
The mall features SM mainstays like the SM
Store, SM Supermarket, SM Appliance Center,
Ace Hardware, and Watsons. Global brands like
Uniqlo will add fashion excitement to the mall
when it opens; with other international fashion
brands like Cotton On, Mango, Aldo, Nautica,
and Giordano opening soon. Local favorites
like Folded and Hung greeted opening day
shoppers, with Bench, Oxygen, Penshoppe,
and Hearts and Arrows following soon. Now
open are National Bookstore and Ideal Vision.
A hip and vibrant Cyberzone will draw
tech enthusiasts to the third level.
SM City BF Paraaque also have four
state-of-the-art digital auditoriums, as well
as a pair of Directors Club theaters. All of-
fer a premium cinema experience tailored
to the speciic needs of moviegoers
Dining in the mall is exciting with specialty
restaurants like Krispy Kreme, as well as Vi-
kings, Kimono Ken, Starbucks, Mary Grace
Caf, Thousand Cranes, and My Little Butter-
cup opening soon. There will also be a variety of
restaurants with outdoor balconies overlooking
the street life of Dr. A. Santos Avenue.
SM City BF Paraaques design team
includes DSGN and Associates, Design Archi-
tects; G&W Architects, Architect on Record;
AMCON and Company, prohect manager; and
New Golden City Builders, general contractor.
Each space at SM City BF Paraaque features
a vividly colored ceiling to provide visual
interest and accents, as well as to provide
customers with easy, convenient shopping.
dynamic faade, creating visual interest.
Shoppers arriving in private cars are
quickly guided from the surrounding streets
to a prominent ramp that will take them
to ample parking at the top of the mall.
Whether entering the mall from the street or
from the rooftop parking, all shoppers will
have convenient access into the heart of the
SM City BF Paraaque shopping experience.
The malls interiors are organized around
a soaring three-level central atrium, comple-
mented by a faceted mall, both generously
sized and conigured to allow a clear line of
sight to every shop and restaurant at all levels.
Conveniently placed bridges and balco-
nies provide convenient access to portions
The SM Store in Paraaque is part of the
new generation of SM Stores.
SM Supermaket is located at the ground
loor level of SM City BF Paranaque.
This multi-purpose hall is donated by SM Prime
Holdings Inc. for the Teoville Homeowners
Association and its constituents.
of the mall, including numerous elevators
and escalators located for optimal customer
convenience. The central atrium is conigured
as an activity center to provide ample space
SM Appliance Center is located at the third
level of SM City BF Paranaque.
Saturday, December 7, 2013 E-1
2ND OF 6
Modern Living
or the first
t i me i n
mont hs I
have f ree
time to do whatever
it is I feel like doing.
No more working
on jewelry to sell at
a bazaar. No more
teaching, at least for
a while. No more
mandatory things
to do. So what was
the irst thing I de-
cided to do? Take
my old friends to
lunch. Just before I
left I received a text
from a childhood
friend. She was la-
menting the death
of good English
Why do people
say, Shared to
when it should be
shared with? she
wanted to know. I
sighed. Its because
in Pilipino, which
used to be Tagalog,
we have only one
preposition sa,
which they liberally
translate into to.
Why do they use
the word jewel-
ries when our gen-
eration knew there
is no plural for jew-
elry in American
English, or jewel-
lery in British Eng-
lish? Just as there is
no plural for the col-
lective nouns lug-
gage, baggage
and furniture.
Anybody who says
luggages, bag-
gages and furni-
tures just receives
a patient smile from
me but they dont
make it in my book.
I de f i ni t e l y
shared her an-
noyance at these
items. I decided
t hat at l unch I
would do a survey
of what people hate
most these days. I
asked my small,
very pretty friend,
whom I love dearly.
The father of my
children, she said.
She meant her hus-
band, whom she
has been actively
hating since she
found out he had
had many women
and an illegitimate
child. We all under-
stand that.
What I dont un-
derstand is why she
doesnt throw him
out and live a life
all her own. If I were
in her shoes I would
hire a private detec-
tive to track down
the address of the
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The Philippine Star E-2 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013
Modern Living
closer to the Filipinos. Just recently,
the real estate conglomerate launched
the second phase of its exhibit booths
featuring The Sapphire Bloc and The
Magnolia Residences, two projects
under its urban lifestyle brand Rob-
insons Residences. The event aims to
give more insight into what Robinsons
Residences offers to potential buyers:
all developments under the brand are
situated in key cities in the country and
offer relevant services and amenities to
unit owners. Formally starting the affair
was the ribbon cutting ceremony led by
RLC top honchos RLC senior vice
president for Robinsons Residences and
Robinsons Luxuria Mybelle Aragon-
Gobio, Robinsons Residences and
Robinsons Luxuria sales and market-
ing vice president May Precilla and
Robinsons Residences and Robinsons
Luxuria assistant vice president for
business development department
Trina Cipriano.
For information, visit www.robin- or call 636-0888,
0925-777-7777 and 0925-333-3333.
s the coun-
trys pre-
mier real
estate de-
veloper, Robin-
sons Land Cor-
poration (RLC)
led by president
and COO Freder-
ick Go, continues
to come up with
innovative ways
of bri ngi ng i ts
residential brands
A new take on urban living
The life and works
of a National Artist
i n a l l y, a
b o o k o n
a pi oneer
of modern Philip-
pine architecture
was launched at
the Fully Booked
store at The Fort in
Bonifacio Global
City, Taguig. The
Architectural Legacy
of Pablo S. Antonio:
1901-1975 is a col-
laborative work of
several writers on
the life and works
of National Artist
for Architecture in
1976 Pablo Anto-
nio. His immense
talent is seen in the
Art Deco theaters of
yesterday, the Lyric
and Galaxy that now
In the ield of residential architecture,
he had a few rivals. In public architec-
ture, he was the architects architect.
In both, he put the strong impress of a
powerful personality, distinguished by
elegance, meticulous craftsmanship,
utility and functional design. Excerpt
from the National Artist for Architecture
Citation for Pablo S. Antonio, 1976
The children of the late National Artist: Architect Luis
"Chito" Antonio, fashion designer Malu Antonio-Veloso and
architect Ramon Antonio
comprise Metro
Manilas glori-
ous past. Seen at
the launch were
the sons of the
National Artist,
architects Luis
"Chito" Antonio
and Ramon An-
tonio (who both
co- wrot e t he
book) and the
only daughter
fashion designer
Malu Antonio-
The insignia
of the Order
of the National
The indefatigable Robinsons
Land Corporation (RLC) pres-
ident and COO Frederick Go
RLC executives lead the ribbon cutting ceremony to formally start the launch. In photo are Robinsons Residences senior
sales director Norman Hernandez, sales director Sonera Gorospe, Robinsons Residences and Robinsons Luxuria assistant
vice president for business development department Trina Cipriano, RLC senior vice president for Robinsons Residences
and Robinsons Luxuria Mybelle Aragon-Gobio, designer Wilmer Lopez, Robinsons Residences and Robinsons Luxuria
sales and marketing vice president May Precilla, sales director Lyn Asuncion and executive sales director Jolan Guevarra
May Precilla, Josh de Leon and Lea Sudio
Wilmer Lopez, RLC senior marketing manager
Stephen de Lumen and Ben Francis Nasayao
Cecille Dee with Robinsons
Residences Mary Grace Quipit
Patricia Silva (seated) with
Tammy Lumibao and Matt Ong
Robinsons Residences Reyn Remigio, Margie Yu,
Malou Oliveros and Vangie Alcanzado
Seated are Maria Jose Paula, doctor Marie Stella and
Marcelo Karaan; (standing) Robinsons Residences
Lulu Germo with Santy Lomotan
Robinsons Residences
Ver Villanueva (standing)
with Maria Teresa
and Shirlyn Tin
Seated are Dolly and Marvin Dantley
with Robinsons Residences
Josie Ramos and Donn Sta. Maria
Pam Jarena, Jean Carlos and Robinsons
Residences Bon Chavez
RLCs Magnolia Town Center, cited as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the
Philippines at the 2013 International Property Awards for Asia Paciic
showcase of talents and wit took
place at the Fr. James Reuter Theater
of St. Paul University Quezon City
(SPUQC) as a fantastic program
was organized for the schools Grand Alumni
Homecoming. With each batch tasked to ren-
der a number for the program, the energetic
Ruby Jubilarians led by Grace Palma-Tiongco,
were represented by seven talented ladies who
presented a fantastic dance number that had
everybody on their feet. As the programs grand
finale, donations for the various charitable
projects of the university were handed out by
the batch representatives to SPUQC president
Sr. Ma. Nilda Masirag.
Happy memories of the past
Grace Palma-Tiongco with
fellow Ruby Jubilarian
Nadelle Nadres
Yoly de Leon Isip, Vicky Narciso Valero
and Hayni Estrada Prudente
Punay Gonzales Gayola, Pamela Baez
Gonzalez and Lulu Camello Pasamba
Babeth Lolarga Fernandez,
Marissa Ileto and Aurora Umali
The Magniicent Seven in action (kneeling) the late Audrey Agatep General
with Belinda Sanchez Garcia, Marian Martin Soriano, Bibit Esteva Llamas,
Jill Racela Narciso, Ana Earnshaw Rigor and Concepcion Zamora Lazo
The Ruby Jubilarians: Belinda Sanchez Garcia, Audrey Agatep General,
Ana Earnshaw Rigor, Marian Martin Soriano, Bibit Esteva Llamas,
Concepcion Zamora Lazo and Jill Racela Narciso
E-3 The Philippine Star
Modern Living
Test your design IQ
Baby & Family Expo at SMX
woman with whom he has a child, drive
him over and leave him with her. Then I
would give the address to his children and
say, If you want to see your father, you
may visit him there anytime. Then I would
build my own life. But she has not.
I hate the trafic, says the most senior
among us. It drives me up the wall. Once I
tried to go from Magallanes to Rockwell; it
took me three hours to get there. I under-
stood that. Once I tried to get from Makati
to Greenhills on a non-rainy but payday
Friday night and it took me two hours. I
swore never to do that again. These days I
dont go out on Friday nights. What am I
talking about? Nobody asks me out on any
night, so no problem.
What do you hate? I asked the late-
comer. Politics, she said. That makes two
of us, I said, but how come you havent
spoken of anything else since you came
in? She had talked about Miriam Defensor
Santiago, Johnny Ponce Enrile, Mar Roxas,
Korina Sanchez, Anderson Cooper all
sorts of political gossip. I rather enjoyed
stories about Boots Anson-Roa marrying
King Rodrigo in June. I know them both.
Boots and I modeled together when we
were 13-year-old children on the cover of
Woman and the Home. We are old friends.
King and I met a few years later when there
were many jam sessions at their home.
They are two old friends and I am happy
they are getting married. I wish them all
the happiness.
What do I hate? People who read and
dont understand. That really drives me
up the wall and stretches my patience to
the limit. People who send me texts saying,
I read about this event in your column.
Where is it going to be? Impulsively I
want to text back and say, Please read the
last paragraph. I wrote when and where it
would be. But I count to a hundred and
then send them the answer and hopefully
they understand. By this time my teeth are
shorter from gritting.
I write: I will be at a bazaar this
weekend only. They think I will be
there forever. Then they text frantically
saying, I am here looking for you but
you arent here. Well, of course Im not
there. Did you not read the bazaar would
be in the middle of November? We are in
December now. Ay, I did not understand
it. I thought you would be selling there
all the time, until I could come over and
visit you. Do I know you? I want to ask
sometimes. I dont know you. So why
would I wait for you to visit me?
We all have our laments. Our own la-
ments are very reasonable to us but not that
reasonable even to our friends. But when
we talk about them it gives us some relief,
some joy. It leaves us with a light feeling to
take home. I enjoy discussing laments with
the ladies with whom I lunch.
* * *
Please text your comments to 0917-915-
5570. By the way, I am selling at White Space
on Pasong Tamo Extension tomorrow, Sunday,
only for one day.
There is no plural for the collective nouns
luggage, baggage and furniture. Anybody
who says luggages, baggages and furnitures
just receives a patient smile from me but
they dont make it in my book.
Baby & family Expo Philippines 2013
is ongoing until Dec. 8 at the SMX Con-
vention Center, Mall of Asia Complex.
The event features talks by celebrity
parents on pregnancy preparation, deal-
ing with childbirth, staying sexy while
pregnant by The Medical City, Unang
Yakap and Yaya Academy by the Mad-
ela Moms. New digital media habits of
young children by
founder Janette Toral and responsible
media consumption by NTRCB chair-
man Toto Villareal.
Celebrity speakers at the event are Azkals
coach Michael Weiss, STAR columnist RJ
Ledesma, Regine Tolentino, Gladys Reyes-
Sommereux, Acel van Ommen and Jade
Lopez. The highlights of the Expo are the
family fashion weekend, family Olympics
2013, Baby & Family awards, Golden Family
awards, ParentPreneur wards and the crow-
ing of the #BibongBaby of the year.
For information, call 843-2174 or visit
588 Residences,
a tranquil retreat
At 588 Residences, you are treated
to the exclusivity and comfort that you
truly deserve. After successful ventures
into retail, hotels and lending, the
people behind KDC launch 588 Resi-
dences, a tranquil retreat for the urban
dweller. Located in Mandaluyong City,
588 Residences is a seven-story devel-
opment that boasts 206 residential and
six commercial units, each designed to
complement the ever-changing metro-
politan lifestyle.
Whether you are gearing to step out
on their own or start a family, KDC
helps residents transition with the
greatest of ease. KDC is committed to
offering affordable prime real estate
properties that cater to your every
need. At 588 Residences, They ensure
a vast selection of units ranging from
Studio to four bedrooms with ameni-
ties and features will keep your family
Amenities and features include 24-
hour security, landscaped gardens, two
high-speed elevators, garbage disposal
system, Wi-Fi hotspot, mini-childrens
playground, grand lobby and reception,
gym, function hall, pocket gardens and
a power generator.
588 Residences is a five-minute
walk from the MRT Boni station and
the citys major thoroughfare, EDSA.
Within striking distance are popular
retail establishments: SM Megamall,
Shangri-La EDSA Plaza, Edsa Central
and Robinsons Pioneer Plaza. A few
meters away is Shaw Boulevard, which
serves as a major transport route for
public transportation systems.
Within the western half of the Ti-
ger City is the Ortigas Center, which
houses some of the biggest inancial
institutions in the country. It serves as
headquarters to both the Asian Devel-
opment Bank (ADB) as well as Banco
de Oro (BDO). In addition, it lends
itself as the location for prominent
players in the ield of pharmaceuticals
and food and beverage as it is home to
Unilab and San Miguel Corporation.
Neighboring 588 Residences are
prominent educational institutions
such as Jose Rizal University, Rizal
Technological University and Lourdes
School of Mandaluyong .
588 Residences offers lexible pay-
ment schemes to make owning a home
hassle- and worry-free. Avail of in-
house inancing thats at zero percent
interest for three years. For inquiries,
visit the showroom at Cordillera cor.
Arayat St., Mandaluyong City, or call
Who is the 20th-century Jew-
ish German architect known for
his expressionist architecture in
the 1920s, as well as for develop-
ing a dynamic functionalism
in his projects for department
stores and cinemas?
He was born in 1887 in Al-
lenstein, East Prussia, the ifth of
six children of a hatmaker and a
In 1908, he began studying
architecture at the University of
Berlin; two years later he trans-
ferred to the Technical Institute of
Munich, when he graduated cum
laude in 1912. He was inluenced
by Theodor Fischer, an architect,
whose own work fell between
neo-classical and Jugendstil.
From 1912 to 1914, he worked
as an independent architect in
Munich. It was during this time
that he met cello-playing astro-
physicist Erwin Finlay Freun-
dlich. It was through his relation-
ship with the latter that he had
the opportunity to design and
build the Einstein Tower. The
building, in its expressionistic
form giving the impression of
concrete as a building material,
was mostly built in brick and
then covered with plaster.
It was also during this time
that he built a hat factory in
Luckenwalde that established
his reputation. His practice grew
with projects like the Steinberg
Hat Factory with a strict angular
form; and the Red Flag Textile
Factory in Leningrad, the com-
plex of buildings of which is
included in the List of the objects
of historical and cultural heritage
issued by the government of
Saint Petersburg in 2001.
He was also active in retail ar-
chitecture during this time the
Schocken Department Store in
Nuremberg (1925-26), Stuttgart
(1926-28), and Chemnitz (1927-28),
known for its arched front with
horizontal strips of windows.
He also worked on the exten-
sion and conversion of Cohen
and Epstein Department Store
in Duisburg, and the Woga-
Komplex and Universum-Kino
cinema in Berlin.
From 1941 until his death, he lived in the
US and taught at the University of California
in Berkeley. He also served as an advisor
to the US government. In 1943, he collabo-
rated with the US Army and Standard Oil
to build a German Village, a set of replicas
of typical German working class housing
estates, which would be of key importance
in acquiring the know-how and experience
necessary to carry out irebombing in Berlin.
In 1945, he established himself in San
Francisco, where until his death in 1953, he
undertook various projects, mostly for Jewish
* * *
Text your answer to 0915-6486414 with your
name and address. One winner will be chosen
through a rafle of texts with the correct answer.
The winner will receive P2,000 worth of SM gift
certiicates for use at Our Home, SM Department
Store, or SM Supermarket. They can claim their
prize at Our Home in SM Megamall. Call the
store manager at 634-1943. Bring photocopies of
two valid IDs and a clipping of the Design Quiz
issue in which you appear as winner.
* * *
Last weeks question: Who designed the
Seattle Art Museum?
Answer: Robert Venturi
Winner: Erich Nicholo Cruz from Rizal
In the spring of
1933, in the wake of
growing anti-semitism
and the rise of Nazis
in Germany, he fled
to England. In 1934,
he began planning
on behalf of Chaim
Weizmann, later the
President of Israel, a
series of projects in
Palestine during the
British mandate.
In 1935, he opened
an office in Jerusalem,
and planned Jerusalem
buildings in interna-
tional style that greatly
influenced local archi-
tecture. Here, he built
many famous build-
ings: Weizmann House
and the three laborato-
ries at the Weizmann
Institute of Science, the
Anglo Palestine Bank
in Jerusalem, Hadassah
Hospital on Mount Sco-
pus, and Rambam Hos-
pital in Haifa, among
The Philippine Star
Modern Living
We could have danced all night
or the past
9 3 ye a r s ,
C a s i n o
E s p a o l
de Cebu has cel-
ebrated Di a de
la Hispanidad in
commemorat i on
of the feast day of
Nuestra Seora del
Pilar, Patroness of
Spain. For the His-
panic communities
all over the world,
it is the time to re-
member and cel-
ebrate their ancestry and the multi-cultural heritage of
their race.
At the reception line were the associations board
of directors led by its president Buddy Veloso, vice
president Gabby Leyson, and his partner Tina Jordana,
secretary Edgar Chiongbian and his wife Cely, trea-
surer David Chan and his wife Tess and director for
social and cultural affairs Paco
Jarque and his wife Monique.
Several ladies made a fashion
statement in their outfits. De-
signer Tet Ko epitomized classic
elegance in a beige lace dress
Casino Espaol president Buddy Veloso
and Bingen Mendezona
Club treasurer David Chan
and his wife Tess
Dennis and Kathy Javellana Marisol and Martin Montenegro
Mark and Simone Gonzalez
Maitina and Andre Borromeo
with Josephine del Gallego Jaime and Cecilia Picornell
Loreta Dy Tian and Alice Lim
Seated are Ana Quisumbing and Merche Jordana; standing
are Chary Jordana, Chunchi Jordana, and Tina Jordana.
Lito and Chatti Garcia
Isabel and Charlie Velasco
while Josephine del Gallego,
Ellen Zuluaga, Tess Chan,
Maitina Borromeo and Susan
Sala opted to wear deinitive
black dresses and gowns in
varied chic styles.
Some of the dashing gentle-
men in their impeccable tai-
lored suits and exquisite em-
broidered barongs were Percy
Llaban, Franz Ignacio, Ed
Misa, Gilfer Alvarez, Mari
Caizares, Manol Larraaga
and Vic Torres.
The wonders of what one
can do with yards upon yards
of translucent fabric, which
highlighted Spains national
colors of red and yellow,
were truly magical revela-
tions that evening as they ar-
tistically complemented the
centerpieces, fully decorated
with a profusion of red roses.
The entertainment for the
night was provided by On
the Cover Band and Circle
of 6 Band. The members
and their guests danced all
Viva Espaa, mabuhay ang
Breguets revolution in time
Breguets Martin Ganz observes,
Today, with our technology, we have
time everywhere mobile phones,
you name it. But the watch, still,
is a major time-teller and a piece of
art around somebodys wrist.
here will be talks
later in the after-
noon about a super-
star watchmaker, as
well as satellite discussions
about Napoleon, Marie Antoi-
nette and world-historical shop-
pers but irst I need to see this.
Lucerne managing director
Emerson Yao sounds excited: some-
things cookin or is afoot, thus his
revolution-in-the-air tone.
Encased in glass is a Breguet. The brand has set a new mile-
stone in watch-making history by using magnetism to improve
the precision and the reliability of its timepiece. With what is
dubbed as the Magnetic Pivot, the engineers and watchmakers
of the Manufacture Breguet have not only mastered the nega-
tive effects of magnetism in a mechanical watch, they have also
managed to harness them to signiicantly improve the pivoting,
Turn to Page F-2
Modern Living
3RD OF 6
December 7, 2013
Ganz a-blazing:
Breguet watch
executive Martin
Ganz explains,
We have the
history, we have
the patrons
who are famous
people, when
it comes to the
inventions of
Breguet 200
years ago are still
amazing. But
whats essential
for the brand
is to keep invent-
ing and creating
The Philippine Star F-2 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013
Modern Living
rotation and stability of the balance staff.
Yao explains, It is in a loating system,
nothing holds it down, virtually no fric-
tion thus the accuracy is impressive.
Breguet watchmakers have designed
a stable system using two endstones
incorporating powerful micro-magnets
that keep the balance staff centered and
self-adjusting whatever the position
of the watch is. One of these magnets is
stronger than the other to create a mag-
netic gradient.
Martin Ganz, the vice president of
Breguet division of The Swatch Group,
says, Basically the idea is to create a
watch that is the most accurate mechani-
cal watch ever made.
Why magnets, Ganz rhetorically asks.
Why use them at all when they are known
as the worst enemy of mechanical watches?
Put your watch on top of a loudspeaker and
it wont be running smoothly. It doesnt kill
the watch, so to speak, but it becomes either
too fast or too slow.
How the brand is able to harness the
power of magnetism is by the use of a
surprise material. Key parts are all made
from silicon. Theyre not for implants
(laughs), Ganz points out, adding that
silicon is actually sand (silica). The nega-
tive effects of magnetism in a watch are
cleverly balanced-out with the silicon
double-balance spring, palette lever and
escape wheel. The new technology of us-
ing silicon parts also allows the frequency
of a watch to increase, enabling the mea-
surement of 1/20 of a second. Hmm
innovation really is in the pardon
the pun bosom of this Swiss watch
brand founded by legendary horologist
Abraham-Louis Breguet.
The man invented the para-chute anti-
shock device in 1790, inspiring a generation
of watchmakers. Legend has it that Abraham-
Louis, in front of a crowd of spectators, took
out his pocket watch and threw it to the
ground. He then showed the stunned onlook-
ers how his piece was undamaged by the
impact. How theatrical. He also invented the
lat spiral balance spring with over-coil (now
known as the Breguet spiral) in 1795 and
patented the tourbillon escapement in 1801,
among other stellar achievements. His tour-
billon regulator is something still considered
a wonder in the world of watches.
Martin states, Abraham-Louis Breguet
attracted the nobility during those times be-
cause they wanted to see something special.
Today, with our technology, we have time
everywhere mobile phones, you name it.
But the watch, still, is a major time-teller and
a piece of art around somebodys wrist.
Ganz is visiting key cities in Asia
Taiwan, Macau and Manila to talk
about Breguets magnetic pivot. So, is he
like a rock star on tour?
No (laughs), he dismisses. I am just
a watch salesman based in Hong Kong.
According to the Breguet executive
who in his spare time plays Mozart piano
sonatas and occasional rhythm & blues,
Abraham-Louis Breguet was an artist
as much as a he was a gifted watchmaker
and an inventor. Thus, Breguet watches
have that certain aesthetic appeal. The
insides are another matter.
Emerson Yao asks, Can you say, Mar-
tin, that Breguet is a watch for royalty?
That is part of the DNA of the brand,
answers Ganz. Because Abraham-Louis
innovativeness attracted people like Marie
Antoinette, a devoted fan. She visited his
atelier in Paris and had watches custom-
made. Other royals, aristocrats, and the
cardinals soon followed. Abraham-Louis
meticulously kept records. We even know
what date Napoleon Bonaparte bought
which watch or which clock.
Even today, royals and heads of state
sport Breguet watches such as King Juan
Carlos and the Queen Elizabeth II. Emi-
nent museums in the world have Breguets
in their halls; the Louvre (10 restored
Breguet beauties), the Hermitage in Saint
Petersburg, the Kremlin Museum, the
Swiss National Museum in Zurich, and
the British Museum all have an installa-
tion of timepieces or two.
No museum collection is complete
without Breguet Im not saying that
because I sell Breguet watches, Ganz
concludes. The brand is part of watch-
making history.
And in the last 11 or 12 years or so,
Breguet has received more than 125 major
patents and still growing.
Talk about history being made every
* * *
Breguet is exclusively distributed in the
Philippines by Lucerne. Lucerne is at Glori-
etta 4 in Ayala Center and Level 2 of Shangri-
La Plaza Mall.
Looking closely at
the inner workings of
Breguets latest watch
Lucerne managing director Emerson Yao and Breguet vice president Martin Ganz
The Breguet
7727 BR watch
You say you
want a
magnetic pivot
and double-
balance spring
allow the watch
The spirit of inventiveness is present
in the look of each Breguet watch.
F-3 The Philippine Star
Modern Living
Boy scouts train as
junior ire marshals
Over 300 members of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines
(BSP)Batangas Chapter can now proudly call themselves junior
ire marshals.
The selected boy scouts from public and private secondary
schools recently went through a two-day Junior Fire Marshal
camp conducted by gas technology and sustainable mobility
proponent Shell through its social development arm, the Pili-
pinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI).
The Junior Fire Marshal Camp targets youth from the neigh-
boring communities of Shells reinery in Batangas, to raise their
ire safety consciousness and promote safety at home, school,
and within their respective communities. The communities
include Tabangao, Ambulong, Libjo, San Isidro, and Malitam.
Members of the Batangas chapter of the Boy Scouts of the
Philippines learn safety and ire ighting techniques, courtesy
of the Junior Fire Marshal program of Pilipinas Shell Founda-
tion Inc. and the local Bureau of Fire Protection.
Mandaue Foam Furniture store opens in Mandaluyong
Mandaue Foam Furniture Store opens
its newest showroom along Shaw Boule-
vard, Mandaluyong City.
Their three-story showroom provides
a complete range of home and ofice fur-
niture, including decors and accessories
that present the perfect marriage of style
and functionality. The store is designed
to conveniently offer everything you
need when it comes to building your
ideal home, transforming the ambience
of a room, or simply updating the style
of your interiors.
Spice up your living room and make an
impression as Mandaue Foam Furniture
Store offers seating and tables all with an
artisanal touch. From leather sofas and
eye-catching two-in-one storage chairs, to
Japanese-inspired coffee tables and glass
end tables, their wide range of stylish
furniture truly allows every customer to
ind the perfect piece.
To showcase your valued collections
on the other hand, you can also choose
from Mandaue Foam Furniture Stores
modish shelves, armoires and display,
and storage cabinets.
Mandaue Foam Furniture Store has
a wide selection of dining furniture to
it every household size and budget. On
The newest three-story
showroom of Mandaue Foam
Furniture on Shaw Boulevard,
Mandaluyong City
Enjoy a restful sleep with Mandaue Foam Fur-
niture Stores signature lex foam and mattress.
Make an impression with stylish
living room furniture and dcor.
display at the store are dining sets with
chic black and white designs, as well as
vibrant and colorful pieces to add some
zing to your dining experience.
Experience Mandaue Foams trade-
mark products such as Flex Foam and
mattresses, and discover how they have
been giving every customer the gift of
royal sleep since 1971. Constantly show-
casing the ine quality of their products,
Mandaue Foam Furniture Store also of-
fers pillows, beddings, nightstands and
lighting ixtures to help you get a restful
The new Mandaue Foam Furniture
showroom in Mandaluyong lives up to its
one-stop-shop promise by going beyond
the walls of your house,
with outdoor sets perfect
for that family reunion
or even simple coffee
dates. As they take it to
the next level, the store
also presents a complete
line of furniture for your
Mandaue Foam Fur-
niture Store can also cus-
tomize their products de-
pending on taste, prefer-
ence, and budget. Do they
want that L-shape sofa in
another color or change
the upholstery of a couch
to a more luxurious mate-
rial? Or do they ind that dining table a
little too big for your space? Leave it to the
furniture experts to accommodate requests.
Mandaue Foam Furniture Store has
been manufacturing high-quality furni-
ture for over 40 years. What started as a
foam manufacturer in Cebu now has 19
free-standing, multi-storey showrooms
nationwide. Through innovation and
dedication, Mandaue Foam Furniture has
now joined the ranks of the countrys top
1000 corporations.
The camp is just one of Shells innovative methods in
continuously contributing to nation-building through youth
development, among other advocacies and ideals such as road
safety, environmental management, driver education, eficient
transport, developing new energy sources, smarter products,
smarter infrastructure, and many others.
Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. communications and social
performance manager Cesar Abaricia says that Shell and its
partners decided to expand participation in the camp on the
second year of its implementation to promote the message of
ire safety to a wider youth base, through the renowned Boy
Scout organization.
Since the boy scouts are enrolled in schools all over Batangas
City, they can help spread the message of ire safety and inlu-
ence to more of their peers to become effective ire marshals
despite their young age, said BSPBatangas scout executive
Ramil Borbon.
Tradio also hopes that other community ire stations will
see the Junior Fire Marshal camp not only as a showcase of the
fruitful partnership between BFP and Shell, but also as a model
to follow and replicate.

The Philippine Star F-4
Modern Living
Sale on home furnishings
for the holidays
Grab a cab with Globe
As the Christmas season ap-
proaches, there are things that we
are bound to expect. There are
Christmas ornaments, the treats
and gifts, and back-to-back re-
unions. But there is one thing that
is everybodys concern when the
carols start playing and the cool
air starts blowing the inevitable
Christmas rush all over the Metro.
With all the Christmas parties
and events, mall-wide sales and
last-minute shopping happening,
we know exactly how the trafic
situation will look like, including
the dreaded, crazy commute and
the pursuit for the most friendly
and accommodating cab driver.
This is why Globe Telecom the
mobile data service provider of
choice, partnered with Grab Taxi,
the countrys phenomenal taxi-
booking app, to lift the burden off
hailing a random cab, and give you
access to safe and guaranteed cab
rides anytime, anywhere, just by
using your trusty mobile phone.
In time for the season of gift
giving, Globe and Grab Taxi throw
in the best deal for its valued sub-
scribers and patrons. By booking a
Grab Taxi cab from a Globe-pow-
ered mobile phone, Globe slashes
off the P70 regular booking fee for
a more affordable cab ride. Enjoy
Grab Taxi with free booking fee
until Dec. 15, just in time for the
Yuletide madness.
With the partnership between
Globe and Grab Taxi, we ensure you
more value for your money as you
navigate through the Metro during
these busy times. With its user-
friendly interface and consumer-
conscious dependability, Grab Taxi
guarantees you a good cab ride
wherever, whenever, just as Globe
assures you of a fast and reliable
mobile Internet service, says Jenny
Granada-Echevarria, Head of Globe
Mobile Data Services.
Sure to be safe, Grab Taxi makes
it possible for you to share your
ride details over Facebook and
Globe subscribers can now use the Grab
Taxi app for stress-free holiday shopping and
reunion-hopping, plus free booking fee as an
early Christmas gift.
email, so your loved ones can track your
taxi route in real time. The drivers phone
number, plate number, and other important
details will be made available to you even
before you get in the cab. And whats more,
all cabs linked to the Grab Taxi network are
the inest quality, ensuring you a cool and
comfortable cruise throughout the city. Dei-
nitely none of the usual taxi horror stories
with this innovative app.
Pair your Grab Taxi app with a mobile
suring plan to use it to its fullest potential.
Grab the Globe PowerSurf99 which comes
with 50MB of mobile data good for a 30-day
consumable mobile internet connectivity,
enough to guarantee you sweat-free cab
rides all throughout the Christmas season.
Globe PowerSurf99 is available to both pre-
paid and postpaid subscribers.
For homemakers and the inte-
rior design-conscious, the Christ-
mas season is an occasion to dress
up the apartment or condo.
The more design-savvy types
see it as a time to invest in elegant,
sophisticated furniture accents
and pieces for the coming year.
Thats why Mav Furniture,
tapping gleefully into the yule-
tide chic, has the Mistletoe
& Mav Sale, a 20-percent to
30-percent special discount on
home accessories ongoing until
Jan. 31, 2014.
Items on sale include the multi-
purpose Vivienne lamp, which
charms with its intricate design
and impresses with the room it
has to store things. Vintage wall
clocks including Handel, Vivaldi
and Bertrand bring the classic
into the every day.
The sale is ongoing until Jan.
31, 2014.
Mav Furniture Gallery is at 926
Arnaiz Ave. (Pasay Rd.), Makati
For information, call 844-9549
or visit
Light up your world: The Vivienne
Lamp is available at 20-percent off
(from P9,800 to P7,400)
Youll always be beautiful: Originally priced at 19,500,
the Ravi Sunburst Mirror now sells for P13,650.
Wings of change: Get
this Fellini Winged
sofa at 50 percent
off (from P42,000 to
Make time: Enjoy
20 percent off
when you buy the
Nantes Wall Clock
(from P4,500 to
Modern Living
4TH OF 6
Saturday, December 7, 2013 G-1
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10 Days of Christmas in Korea
t may be 18 days before
Christmas but that doesnt
mean its too late to plan a
holiday trip somewhere. If
you still havent decided where
to go, I know a place where you
need to book as soon as pos-
sible. I was recently invited by
the wonderful people of Korea
Tourism Organization to ly
to K-Town to visit one of the
top tourist destinations in Asia.
Read on as I run down 10 must-
see places that will convince
you to book your holiday trip
Cultural performers display Koreas colorful heritage.
If youre a
big K-Pop or
Koreanovela fan,
chances are youll
see your favorite
celebrities hanging
out in Gangnam.
Modern Living The Philippine Star
A must-not-miss place in Korea is the DMZ or the Korean
Demilitarized Zone. Ironically, considering its name, its de-
clared as the most militarized border in the world. Its a
strip of land that separates South Korea from North Korea.
The place is rich with so much history that dates back to the
Cold War, and in a way, going there felt sacred. To Koreans,
the place is a symbol of hope for NoKor and SoKor to be
uniied again.
South Korean soliders roaming around the border
Its Santorini meets Lego houses. As bizarre as it sounds,
this place was very special. Gamcheon was essentially a slum
area that was reformed with the help of the government. In-
stead of demolishing the decades-old houses and organic con-
nections that the residents have made, they decided to turn it
into a cultural village. They set loose artists to help transform
the area and turn it into a tourist destination. The houses were
painted with different colors, unique street and wall art is
found everywhere in this village. Its a delightful place where
you can spend hours walking around.
I spotted Korean actor Lee Hyun Jae doing a photoshoot in one
of the cafes in Garosu-gil.
Independent Korean designers one-of-a-kind boutiques
Thanks but no thanks to Psy, this district in Seoul has be-
come one of the most popular areas in Korea in the last few
years. There are three areas in Gangnam that I highly suggest
Garosu-gil, Cheongdam, and Apgujeong. They are prob-
ably the most hip spots in K-Town with countless art galleries,
coffee shops left and right, nightclubs, and a wide range of
shopping centers, from luxury brands to quaint independent
designer boutiques. And oh, if youre a big K-Pop or Kore-
anovela fan, chances are, youll see your favorite celebs hang-
ing out in these areas.
Two words to describe this place: Poscard perfect. Getting
there is easy with a little more than an hour by bus from cen-
tral Seoul. The island is shaped like a leaf loating on top of a
lake. Its a vast area where people can relax, take a stroll, and
take pictures behind the chestnut and mulberry trees growing
in all corners of the island. Best time to go to this picturesque
place is during the transition of fall to winter when the leaves
are in their most red phase and just about to fall off the tree. Its
breathtaking, to say the least.
The picturesque Nami Island
Overlooking North Korea from the DMZ tower
Busans multi-colored skyline at night
Raw ish sold everywhere at Jagalchi Market
Famously known as the venue of one of the biggest ilm fes-
tivals in Asia, Busan is the second busiest city in Korea next to
Seoul. Its a bustling place with so many spots to visit. Two of
my favorites were Haeundae Beach and Jagalchi Market. On
one hand, there is Haeundae beach that is perfect during the
summer, sometime around July to August. It attracts tourists
from all over the world with its dramatic seascape and ine
white sandy beach. On the other is Jagalchi Market, the big-
gest seafood market in Korea that sells fresh marine products,
from raw ish to octopus. Yum.
The majestic Changdeok Palace
A trip to Korea wont be complete without visiting its pres-
tigious, centuries-old palaces. Dont miss out on going to
Changdeok and Gyeongbok palace. Enjoy the breathtaking
architecture and stroll along the grandiose walkways of these
royal attractions.
Whether youre a fan of snow sports or water sports, this place
is a paradise. Its kind of a theme park shaped like a stadium and
split into two areas, the Snow Park and the Water Park. There are
so many activities to do like snow sledding, ice skating, indoor
suring, swimming, and more. The place is perfect for kids and
kids at heart. Psys Gentleman video was ilmed here, too.
One Mount Water Park attractions
One Mount Snow Parks skating rink
Traditional installations in Korean Folk Village
There is so much to see in this place, especially if youre interested
in history and culture and to get away for awhile from the pulsating
Seoul metropolis. It houses historic museums that you can visit and
where you can watch traditional cultural shows. If youre a big fan
of Korean TV Drama, make sure to check this one out because some
of the popular Koreanovelas were ilmed here.
Santorini meets Lego houses.
One of the art installations scattered in the village
If theres one thing the Koreans are known for being crazy
aboutits cosmetics. I mean, they invented the now famous
BB Cream so that alone explains it all. So inding out that they
have this place called beauty town a.k.a. Skin Anniversary
did not come as a surprise. Imagine a huge complex that hous-
es anything you need thats related to beauty. From dermatol-
ogy clinics to makeup stores, skincare treatment facilities, and
whatnots. Name it, they have it.
Skin specialists all lined up in Skin Anniversary
When in Korea, these two gigantic theme parks are not to be
missed. Both have indoor and outdoor rides to choose from for
the whole family to enjoy. Youll be surprised that a whole day
is not enough to cover everything. Lotte World is perfect for
children with a lot of kid-friendly rides and games. For those
who fancy thriller rides, Everland is the place to be. It lives up
to what an amusement park is all about.
Its a whole new world with Koreas top theme parks.
One of the many rides in Everland
Modern Living The Philippine Star
Flair, Lumiere, Sheridan condos elevate vertical living experience
Residential condominiums in Metro
Manila are getting higher and higher. There
are now a few that are even taller than the
tallest ofice buildings in the skyscraper city
of Makati. On its own, triple A property
developer DMCI Homes is raising the level
of excitement in vertical living by matching
the height of its high-rise residences with
high quality design and craftsmanship.
Elevating its unique brand of lofty homes
are the Flair Towers, Sheridan Towers and
Lumiere Residences.
DMCI Homes is already a master in the
art of building resort-style condo communi-
A model unit of Flair Towers The master bedroom of a three-bedroom
unit at Flair Towers opens to a balcony.
The spacious and ambient Sky Lounge on the
top loor of Flair Towers
ties, but Flair Towers and Sheridan Towers in
Mandaluyong City and Lumiere Residences
in Pasig City are prime showcases of the
builders trademark expertise. Outside and
inside, these 36- to 41-story buildings will
make residents feel they are living in a vaca-
tion home and hotel at the same time. This is
evident in the completed south building of
Flair Towers located at the corner of Reliance
and Pines Streets in Barangay Highway Hills.
Prospective buyers drawn to the recent open
house of Flair Towers experienced the harmoni-
ous blending of nature and style starting from
the spacious lobby overlooking the swimming
pool area, one of the many amenities in the
One of the bedrooms of a three-
bedroom unit in Flair Towers
A bedroom with a balcony in a
Flair Towers unit
Towers, Sheridan Towers and Lumiere Residences
will have garden atriums every five floors not only
to have a soothing sight and better air circulation
but also to break the high towers straight opening
from the top floor to the ground floor.
The two-bedroom and three-bedroom model
units in Flair Towers are spacious and complete
with kitchen, dining and living areas, toilet and
bathroom, and balcony. Aquick elevator ride to
the top floor brings one to the fine Sky Lounge,
where residents can hold parties or family gather-
ings. Outside the Sky Lounge is the open roof deck
with a spectacular view of the Ortigas skyline in
the north and the Antipolo mountains in the east.
From the roof deck of Flair Towers south
The Sky Lounges elegant bar in Flair Towers. The open roof deck of Flair Towers with a
breathtaking view of the Ortigas skyline to
the northeast
A two-bedroom model unit of
Flair Towers
condo complex. From the ground floor opening,
daylight illuminates the elegant lounge while
breeze coming from the so-called Sky Patio in
the opposite side cool everyone.
The Sky Patio, a ive-loor-high hole in
the building, is a design technology DMCI
Homes calls Lumiventt. The design naturally
illuminates and ventilates the interiors of its
high-rises. Lumiventt features in the Sheridan
Towers and Lumiere Residences will also
enhance natural airlow in the said buildings.
There are always high expectations from any
DMCI Homes developments, and Flair Towers
live up to its name by impressing visitors who
tour the south tower. Other Lumiventt features
seen are single-loaded corridors, breezeways at the
end of each floor and a garden atrium. Like Flair
building, the 40-storey Sheridan
Towers can be seen a few blocks
away at the corner of Sheridan
Street and Pioneer Street, within
Mandaluyong Citys business
district, the EDSA-Shaw-Pioneer
Quadrangle. Not far away in the
Pasig City side, at the corner of
Shaw Boulevard and Pasig Boule-
vard, is Lumiere Residences, which
will have a 36- and 37-story towers.
Apreview of the Flair Towers
already gives the highs but more can
be expected when the south tower
becomes ready for occupancy in Feb-
ruary next year. All other amenities
to become available will show how
the community, Sheridan Towers
and Lumiere Residences, elevate
the condo lifestyle in the metropo-
lis to a more exciting level. These
include a playcourt, jogging trails,
childrens playground, picnic groves,
pavillon, al fresco view deck, palm
promenade, lounge pool, kiddie
pool. There is an electrified perimeter
fence as well as well-lighted grounds,
guarded entrances, car barriers,
strategically located CCTV cameras,
24/7 roving security guards, back-
up power for units and common
areas, Wi-Fi connection, music room,
function rooms, game room and
fitness gym.
Of course, Flair Towers, Sheridan
Towers and Lumiere Residences
stand high in strategic spots that are
near major roads and train stations
giving residents easy access to busi-
ness districts, commercial centers
and other destinations. The sites
are also near schools, hospitals and
churches. Indeed, vertical living is
at its best in these high-rise condos.
For information, call 324-8888 or
G-4 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013 The Philippine STAR
Gl obe Tel ecom i s now
offering the iPhone 5c and
iPhone 5s at more afford-
able price points under its
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The postpaid plan bundle
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The iPhone 5s 16GB is
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Globe is also offering the
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New and existing Globe
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My kind of Christmas is you
Tony Bennett of the Philippines?:
Arthur Manuntag Photo by RAYMUND ISAAC
or as l ong
as I can re-
m e m b e r ,
Chr i s t mas
has been my most
favorite time of the
year, and Yuletide
carol s have nev-
er failed to make
me feel lighter in-
side, a little more
at peace with the
worl d, and defi -
nitely more hope-
ful about what the
future may bring.
on standup bass, Cesar Cruz on drums, Ian Jacinto
on sax, and Jingle and Arnold Buena on electric
keyboards. The album was mixed and mastered
by Dennis Cham.
More than its technical attributes that my audio
system manifested, the album was a joy to listen
to. Arthurs voice was melliluous, and his musical
genius evident in the way he gave a concert-like
performance in a 4.45-inch compact disc.
My Kind of Christmas is You Arthurs and
daughter Jax Mikees original and refreshing
composition is the heart of the entire album,
comparable to Jose Mari Chans Christmas in our
Hearts or even Gary Valencianos Pasko na Sinta Ko.
Melancholic as it is poignant, My Kind of Christmas
is actually an expression of adoration and longing
for a loved one at Christmastime.
Equally charming is Arthurs duet with his son
Sean Paolo in Let it Snow, Let it Snow. The jazzy beat
is just as engaging as the other tracks, all of them
rich in musical texture and subtleties.
Raffy Ignacio of Blueroom Artgallery intro-
duced Arthur and I to each other when they
visited the AudioFile-PhilStar exhibit during the
recent staging of the November Hi-Fi Show. Tall
and exuberant, Arthur is the type of person who
easily puts anyone at ease with a sincere smile, a
warm handshake and an engaging sense of humor.
His brand of music is old, molded from the
influences of the crooners of yesteryear, such
as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis,
and Nat King Cole, among others. He is often
referred to as the Tony Bennett of the Philip-
pines a label that I disagree with. Arthur
may sound like Tony, but the emotions he
brings to the stage or even in the comfort of a
studio are drawn and sculpted from his early
experiences as the drummer and lead vocalist
of the Krypton Band. Back in the 1980s, the
Krypton Band made the rounds at Shakeys
Pizza Parlor branches, where they played a
combination of folk, country and rock. Arthur
later took his act to hotel lounges, crooning the
way his idols did.
What Arthur is not is a manufactured tal-
ent or an overnight sensation. He went through
backbreaking gigs in his musical journey, gaining
training and exposure that paid off handsomely
when he won the prestigious 19th Aliw Awards
Best Male Performer in Hotel Lounges and Bars
on Aug. 31, 2006.
The music business and the entertainment
business have become narrow-channeled, Arthur
says. I have done well in my narrow channel
because I have never deserted it. Ive been sing-
ing for years, and there is still nothing that gives
me greater joy than performing for an audience.
* * *
For comments or questions, please e-mail me at or at You
can also visit for quick answers
to your audio concerns.
ous event.
In just 10 tracks, local crooner Arthur
Manuntag succeeded in encapsulating
in his freshly released Christmas album
what the Yuletide spirit is all about.
Arthur was ably backed up by Romy
Posadas on piano, Colby Dela Calzada
Hear this: Grand Videoke is the only
videoke system on the market today
powered by the latest sound technolo-
gy called DREAM SAM 3308, developed
by renowned France SAS, the worlds
leading producer of sound modules,
and wholly owned by TJ Media.
Grand Videoke: The Ferrari
of videoke microphones
A close encounter with the Grand Videoke can make
your pulse race wildly. After all, its touted as the Ferrari
of videoke microphones.
Some products are born to satisfy the most discriminat-
ing end-user, with brand appeal written all over it. These
products are engineered to meet desired speciications of
consumers. After experiencing the Grand Videoke micro-
phone, one cant help but compare it with other existing
brands on the market today.
Listen: Grand Videoke is at the forefront of product in-
novation and development. It is a result of two years of
research and development by Korean company TJ Media,
and backed by product concepts and marketing insights
from RealSound Corporation, the exclusive distributor of
Grand Videoke in the Philippines.
For the last 23 years, remaining true to its commitment
to evolving the best technology and know-how when it
comes to karaoke entertainment products, TJ Media has
been trail-blazing the videoke industry and leading markets
for high-end videoke devices in Korea, Japan, Indonesia,
Thailand and the Philippines.
By addressing the growing demand for a more sophis-
ticated videoke device, Grand Videoke is seen by industry
observers to be the dominant videoke brand in the coming
days, casting a shadow on its competitors.
Grand Videoke is the only videoke system on the mar-
ket today powered by the latest sound technology called
DREAM SAM 3308, developed by renowned France SAS,
the worlds leading producer of sound modules, and wholly
owned by TJ Media. DREAM SAM 3308 can play back up to
144 musical instruments and still maintain its exceptional
Aside from delivering superior HD sound quality, this
pioneering sound module has a built-in equalizer that al-
lows the singer to adjust and customize the desired sound
frequency levels. Furthermore, to enhance the overall HD
sound experience, the product is also augmented with over
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In a country where six out of 10 people love to sing, the
Grand Videoke holds court with a whopping 5,157 songs.
No one gets left out on what type of song he/she would
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country, ballads, latest hits, party hits, OPM, K-pop and
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In addition, the device comes with 16GB internal memory
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Videoke also functions as a multi-media player to watch
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USB and SD card so you can play back your recorded song
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Grand Videokes ergonomic and stylish design was cre-
ated using steam injection technology the same technol-
ogy used in manufacturing high-end electronic devices and
To say that Grand Videoke is the future of videoke
entertainment would be an understatement. If the crowd
response in the formal product launch of Grand Videoke is
any gauge of things to come, then Grand Videoke has set a
new standard in quality and performance.
Grand Videoke is available in all leading appliance and
music stores nationwide.
Workouts, scuba diving and medical
tests for Axe Apollo Team Philippines
After weeks of training un-
der Crossit Manila (CFMNL)
and Siltless Deep Sea Diving
Center, it would appear that
our Axe Apollo Team Philip-
pines members are ready for
space camp.
CFMNL, with branches in
Makati, the Fort, Pasig, Libis
and Alabang, gave 10 high-
intensity workouts to Evan
Ray Datuin, Ramil Santos,
and Chino Roque. The three
astronaut hopefuls were giv-
en a very challenging battery
of seven-minute AMRAP
(as many rounds/reps as
possible) of wall balls, box
jumps, squat thrusts, push-
ups, and chin-ups. In doing
this, the physical limits of the
trio were rapidly pushed to
the brink, and then expanded
immediately afterwards.
From there, Siltless Div-
ing head Jason Kho Gillo
prepared them to deal with
near-weightless environ-
ments, as is the case when
underwater. Giving all three
in-water instructions, they
were taken on a Discover
Scuba Experience program,
which is a worldwide certi-
ied program for beginners to
get their feet wet literally and
iguratively when it comes to
diving. As an introduction
rather than a full course, of
the ive chapters required to
complete the Discover Scuba
Experience program, only
one was given to the three
astronaut hopefuls.
At the St. Lukes Global
Citys Felicidad Sy Health
Axe Apollo Team Philippines members Evan Ray Datuin, Ramil
Santos, and Chino Roque get ready for intense workouts.
and Wellness Center, a team
of world-class physicians and
nurses conducted a battery of
physical tests on Axe Apollo
Team Philippines members to
assess their physical itness
and health readiness for the
rigors of space camp. They
had basic medical consulta-
tions, blood tests, X-rays,
treadmill exercise tests, ECGs,
and ultrasound using the
hospitals state-of-the-art
The Filipinos resilience is
a trait that all three members
of Team Axe Apollo Philip-
pines have. As they head to-
wards their date with destiny,
the entire Filipino nation is
ready to share in this moment
and cheer them on.
Ramil, Evan Ray, and Chino are given some
pre-underwater instructions at Siltless Diving.
Ramil, Evan Ray and Chino try out the
scuba gears and masks at Siltless Diving.
Globe iPhone 5c for P1,349 monthly
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Both plans are bundled with
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LTE surfing and free calls
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For i nf ormat i on, vi si t or call
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Say hello to iPhone 5C: Globe iPhone 5c
is available for as low as P1,349.
What is it about Christmas songs that
make a person seem more affable and
the atmosphere more convivial?
The Scrooges out there can rant all
they want, but they can never diminish
the fascination most of us have for the
heartwarming songs of this joyful sea-
son. However they are sung from the
lively beat of The Jackson 5s Santa Claus
is Coming to Town to the melancholy
whiff of Vince Guaraldis What Child
is This? Christmas carols are sure to
bring you into Saint Nicks zone.
Andy Williams says Christmas is
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and
rightly so! As millions of people across
the globe observe the rites of Advent,
anticipating the birth of the Child Jesus,
no tradition is as passionately observed
as by playing music to herald this glori-
5th of 6
Martin Solveig comes to Republiq
Kickstart the holiday season with one
of the most well-known and best-loved
international DJs in the world, Martin
Happening on December 12, Thurs-
day at Republiq Club in Resorts World
Manila, this French DJ and producer is
guaranteed to keep you dancing all night
with his hits like Hello, Big in Japan, and
The Night Out.
Book your tables now. Contact
+639175508888 or +632 8560914 for de-
tails and inquiries.
Follow, like, share, repost!
We love hearing from you, Supremos! Tweet us @PhilStar-
SUPREME, follow us on Instagram at PhilStarSUPREME,
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So see you on the interwebs, Supremos!
The Philippine Star H-2 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013
The new French Revolution
rench natives Phoenix shot into
mainstream success and won a
Grammy with their 2009 release,
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.
They released their latest album, Bank-
rupt!, early this year and have been tour-
ing the world ever since. Early next year
Phoenix, comprised of singer Thomas
Mars, bassist and keyboardist Deck
dArcy, guitarist and keyboardist Laurent
Brancowitz, guitarist Christian Mazzalai,
and drummer Thomas Hedlund, will set
foot in Manila, playing their irst show in
the country. We got hold of Deck dArcy
and asked him about music, their latest
album, and what was it like growing up
in picturesque Versailles.
SUPREME: Bankrupt! has been
well-received all over the world, and has
been a Phoenix record recognizable to
fans, but it is also quite a departure from
your previous records. Was it a harder
album to make, coming after a
Grammy win for Wolf-
gang Amadeus
All the albums
were hard t o
make, so not par-
ticularly. [The Gram-
my is] nice to have, but
it doesnt really mean
anything in an artistic
sense. We dont even have
the actual [trophy]. Its always
hard, so winning the Grammy
didnt make it harder to make the
next album.
Do you approach making an al-
bum more conceptually or is it more
of creating a cohesive sound?
We always have a conceptual start,
then we work on it and we dont really
stick to the original concept. We prefer
not to because it ends up differently than
planned, which is better. We are very pre-
dictable and its always a surprise when
we go with what ends up happening.
You mentioned in a previous inter-
view that being a band with a few hits
was freeing because nobody expected
you to play just the hits. Has anything
changed now that you have gained a
bigger audience?
We change setlists everyday. We have
fights every day. We play songs from
pretty much all the albums. Its quite
enjoyable, but there are more songs
from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,
unconsciously. Yes, we play songs from
every album.
From what I understand, Bankrupt!
was produced in both France and New
York. What was it like to shufle between
cities while in the process of making an
Its not really hard We are used to
it. Thomas lives there, so we had to, but
it wasnt particularly hard. Its not the
city where we are. It doesnt affect our
music, and it doesnt matter. There is no
inluence on the music.
Do you have a favorite song on the
Ah, it changes all the time. I dont have
a favorite. Its hard to pick.
The beginnings of Phoenix were
formed in the early 90s in what youve
described as a museum city, [Ver-
sailles]. What would you say drove you,
personally, into making music?
It was helpful; its such a boring city.
There is not much to do there, so making
music was a great way to escape the emp-
tiness. Its great to visit. I can understand
why people travel thousands of miles to
see it, but living there is a very different
thing. It is very aristocratic, conservative,
and not open-minded, which was good
because it became easier for us to ind
We were preteens. We had our irst gig
when we were 12. We were the only ones
wanting to be We want to ight for
it. It was all about ighting the enemy. We
cannot fantasize about reality; we fanta-
sized about other artists and their lives.
Versailles is such a bubble, it helped us.
Did you imagine, from playing in that
garage, that you would be here nearly 20
years later, with ive celebrated EPs and
a Grammy?
Yes. At 15, we were absolutely sure. We would become a big
deal. You have no clue when you are a kid. Of course, if we knew
what it takes to get here We were really shitty.
Is that why you decided early on to write songs in English,
despite being French?
No, it was normal for us to write in English. We didnt know
any cool thing, then. French music [y-y] was 100% bad. We
only had Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, our heroes, so of course we
would sing in English.
Its also easier to write in English, because of the language
barrier, I think. It sounds blurry, like it doesnt mean anything,
but it does to us. It becomes more abstract and poetic to our
Maybe one day well write a song in French, but its really
hard. We have such respect for French musicians.
What do you think youd be doing now, if it werent for
We kind of designed our life [around Phoenix]. We made
everything impossible to do anything aside from music. We
cant do anything else. We never had a proper job. We went to
university for a while and did random stuff, but they were so
random that we knew it wouldnt go anywhere.
Its part of the process. I dont know, actually. I dont even
really want to know.
Everyones excited that youre playing in Manila next year.
I know that youve played in a handful of Asian countries like
Japan and Indonesia in the past 20 years. Is there any reason
why you are doing an extensive Asian tour only now?
Weve never been to all these countries! We like touring in
general, but what we love the most is going to new places. Each
place is different, but this is the most exciting part of the tour.
Do you have a message for your Filipino fans?
Of course. We are thinking of you.
The Jay Park force
Stay positive, says the Korean
pop star. If youre not enjoying
yourself, I dont think theres any
point in making any music.
UALA LUMPUR Its a Sunday
night, but the club is packed. Zouk
is illed to the brim with Malay-
sias chic, mixed with teenage girls
who look out of place in what could be
Asias most famous club group, whose
Singapore branch is home to the annual
ZoukOut. Its not ZoukOut, but this is
no ordinary night, and so is the person
everyones waiting for.
The party is for Jay Park, the Korean
pop star who blazed the stage with his
many talents: from singing, dancing,
rapping and acting, to his other skills
that contribute to his global success. His
claim to fame is an uploaded video of his
cover of B.O.B,s Nothin On You, but prior
to that, he was famous in K-Pop circles as
the frontman of 2PM. In a twisted turn of
events, a screencap of private messages
on MySpace hit the net, with Jay express-
ing his dislike for Korea after moving
from his hometown Seattle. To clear the
mess, Jay lew back to his hometown and,
in effect, relative obscurity.
Its curious how its social media that
brought him down, but its also what
rebuilt his career, even reaching new
heights. After the scandal hit, Koreans re-
alized that Jays MySpace messages were
taken out of context, and a strong fanbase
formed and demanded his return. Fans in
Korea and all over the world held silent
protests and lash mobs, and went as far
as boycotting 2PM-related products. They
even hired a plane with a banner to ly
over Seattle with a message for his re-
turn, as well as a plan for a self-produced
album to commemorate the 200th day of
his departure from Korea.
A movie offer had Jay lying back, with
his arrival at the Incheon International
Airport greeted by the largest crowd the
airport has seen. His popularity extends
to Twitter, where he trended above the
Oscars on Oscar Night. This fandom may
be intense, but it is justiied. His cover of
Nothin On You reached two million
views in just one day. Both his albums
have gone multi-platinum, he is a mem-
the world. And were quite convinced he
will, soon.
SUPREME: You sing, dance, rap,
model, and act. What else havent you
JAY PARK: If I want to do something, I
go out and do it. So there isnt much that
I want to do that I havent done yet. I just
started my own label. As of now, theres
not really much I want to do because I
have my hands full.
You rose to fame as the leader of 2PM,
but you left at its peak. What was it like
building your own personal brand as a
solo artist?
Its been a rough road but its been
very fulilling. I did a lot of shows, a lot
of features, a lot of TV, I did SNL. At irst
everyone just knew me as that guy from
2PM, but now they know me as Jay Park,
solo artist and musician.
What made you agree to do an E!
News Asia Special?
I saw the Nicki Minaj episode and I
thought it was very interesting. Theres
still a lot I want to show everyone behind
the scenes, like my day-to-day work ethic
and hustle and grind, and I thought that
E! News Asia would be the perfect oppor-
tunity to do it. And it came out really well.
Who knew that making a cover of
B.O.B,s Nothin On You would catapult
your career. What made you decide to
upload a cover version on YouTube?
Back then, covers werent really that
popular, but I always wanted to do one
and I was like Oh, this is cool. The fans
havent seen me in a while, and I liked
that song. I heard it on the radio and I
decided to do a cover, put a rap to it, and
put it up. I didnt know it would be that
viral, it would be that big. But thankfully,
it was.
Youre mostly known as a musician
and its interesting that you have com-
plete creative control on your music. Just
how important is this to an artist?
Its very important. If someone draws
something, you dont tell them to draw
it like this, you dont take their hand and
draw it for them. They draw it them-
selves, and for an artist, I think its very
In the Philippines and all over the
world, K-Pop has become a global
phenomenon. What do you think is the
secret behind its success?
I guess its the formula of the lashy
outits, the lashy dances, and the catchy
and repetitive hooks.
Your latest venture is the Korean
version of Saturday Night Live. Did
you have a hard time transitioning to
comedy? Its a speciic talent.
I like to make people laugh, even when
Im not onstage. Even when Im with
my friends. I like laughter so it was very
natural for me. Its kind of hard acting
in Korean and having to memorize your
lines that day, but I enjoy comedy.
You do so many things. What keeps
you going?
My family, my friends, my fans, and
now, AOMG, which I started a couple of
months ago. I have a very important role
at AOMG, Im sort of like the face, so I
just have to keep it going for my people.
Do you have any advice for those
who want to do something like what
youre doing?
If you want to come to the music in-
dustry, make sure you do it for the right
reasons. Stay positive, stay consistent,
work ethic is very important, and enjoy
yourself. Because if youre not enjoying
yourself, I dont think theres any point
in making any music.
Are you planning to go back to the
Of course. I havent been to the Philip-
pines in a while. I really enjoyed my time
there and they showed me a lot of love
when I went there, so of course.
* * *
The Jay Park E! News Asia Special will
premiere on Dec. 3 8:20 p.m. on SkyCable
Channel 57, Cignal Channel 25, and Cablelink
Channel 33. Tweet the author @kojibberish.
ber of a b-boy crew, he choreographs his own moves, writes his
own raps and music, and owns a record label called AOMG.
He is also a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live Korea.
This obsession led E! News Asia to ilm a Jay Park special. His
story will be the third in the Asia series, following Malaysias
Aaron Aziz and our very own Anne Curtis. Globally, he will
join the ranks of Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj and the British
royal family. It is the reason why hes in Malaysia, performing
on a jampacked Sunday night in Zouk. And this man is good.
Legendary Korean singer Patti Kim wasnt kidding when she
said Jay was a born entertainer.
I meet him the following morning for an interview on his ca-
reer and his E! News Asia Special. For a man who does practically
everything in entertainment, he looks fresh and well-rested. He
claims to have just woken up, but he looks ready to conquer
We like touring in general, but what
we love the most is going to new places.
Each place is different, but this is the
most exciting part of the tour, says
Phoenix bassist Deck d'Arcy of their
upcoming trip to Manila.
French super band Phoenix is comprised of vocalist Thomas Mars, bassist and key-
boardist Deck dArcy, guitarist and keyboardist Laurent Brancowitz, guitarist Christian
Mazzalai, and drummer Thomas Hedlund.
"We change setlists every day. We have ights every day," bassist
d'Arcy tells Supreme.
Phoeni x s al -
bums, Bankrupt!
(left) and Wolfgang
Amadeus Phoenix have
brought them international
acclaim. All the albums were
hard to make, they share.
"I havent been to the Philippines in a while. I really enjoyed my
time there and they showed me a lot of love when I went there,"
K-Pop star Jay Park tells Supreme.
The Philippine Star
Truly Asian shopping
Offering steals, splurges and
surprises, the 1Malaysia Year-End Sale
is one very good reason to visit
Kuala Lumpur.
i th her
k o h l -
e y e s
and neon-pink bob,
Zandra Rhodes is
as vibrant and un-
mistakable as her
designs, worn by
fellow free spirits
such as Debbie Har-
ry, Bianca Jagger
and the late Isabella
Blow. The British fashion icon one of the
few who put London on the map in the
1970s was on a two-pronged mission in
Kuala Lumpur: to showcase her upcoming
collection at Esplanade KLCC, part of KL
Fashion Weekend AW13, and to promote
her exhibition, Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong
Love Affair with Textiles. Her presence
on that rain-lashed afternoon was a very
good omen.
That this series of events, held in conjunction
Eat street: Jalan Alor
t night, Jalan Alor turns into a seemingly endless
stretch of food stalls and open-air restaurants. The
side street, located in Kuala Lumpurs former red-
light district and running parallel to Changkat Bukit
Bintang, may seem like a tourist trap.
With a noticeable absence of fancy decor, mood lighting
and crisp tablecloths, its the culinary treats cooked in a
furious fashion and eaten while perched on rickety plastic
stools that truly draw the tide of people. Competition
for patrons is fierce and staff will not hesitate to encourage
you to sit down, so its probably best to look around before
picking a place, preferably one with the most traffic flow.
Bak kut teh, a soup made with pork ribs, infused with cinna-
mon and star anise and loaded with dried shiitake mushrooms
and tofu puffs, is something to order and consume with
enthusiasm. There, too, are the al fresco standbys: grilled
chicken wings, beef skewers and black pepper crab. It was
my irst time to sample stingray, barbecued and served with a
sambal chili and turmeric dressing, and I found it to be perfect.
Aside from being thick with charcoal smoke, the air is
pungent with the distinct smell of durian. While Im not
a fan, Ive been told that these buttery yellow pods are
creamier, sweeter, and more floral than the ones in the
Tasty travels: The most exciting food in Malaysia is found on the street.
The Golden Triangle: Kuala Lumpurs main shopping and nightlife district includes the
busy shopping area of Bukit Bintang. Photo by Thiemo Vogel
Eyes to the sky: Suria KLCC, at the base of Petronas Twin Towers,
comprises six levels of prime shopping space.
Off the runways and onto the racks: Designs by Malaysian brand
Seed exude tailored reinement beneath casual top notes.
Mix, match, experiment: A fun, colorful look
from Kitschen
Chaos to couture: British designer Zandra Rhodes presents her Spring/Summer 2014 collection
at KL Fashion Weekend 2013.
Deck the mall: The holiday trimmings at Pavilion KL add to the festive feeling.
Philippines. I guess that, as with all divisive foods, once youre hooked,
theres really no looking back.
As Tan Sri Ahmad Fuad Ismail, mayor of Kuala Lumpur, says in the KL Good Food
Guide, Selamat menjamu selera! or Happy eating!
with the 1Malaysia Year-End Sale, coincides, in turn, with the hustle and
dance of the holidays, is a masterful stroke. Half a decade ago, when I
first set foot in the Malaysian capital, I already sensed the makings of an
emergent and thoroughly exciting shopping destination.
This time around, I noticed that the retail scene in Kuala Lum-
pur has not only gathered momentum but is, in fact, charging
at full speed. Its deluxe malls and humble markets, comparable
to the worlds best, heaved with even more steals, splurges and
surprises. CNN, who ranked it fourth in its list of the worlds 12
best shopping cities, behind New York, Tokyo, and London, says:
KLs impressive score comes from its winning combination of
high-quality shopping, affordable prices and reliable sales, which
can stretch for several months.
For instance, Suria KLCC, the shopping complex at the base of the
mighty Petronas Twin Towers, seems to be busier than ever. While
the likes of Tods, Prada and Mulberry continue to serve as its reliable
top-drawer anchors, youthful diffusion brands such as Versace Jeans
and Denim & Supply, launched by Ralph
Lauren in late 2011, have since set up shop.
Aseana, which calls itself Malaysias
largest luxury multi-brand boutique,
can also be found at Suria, sating those
with a yen for MSGM, Marchesa, and
Pedro Garcia. Since Malaysia does not
impose any duty on books and maga-
zines, the titles at the beloved Japanese
chain Kinokuniya whether Monocle,
Another Man or Alexa Chungs It turn
out to be signiicantly less expensive
than they are in Manila.
Pavilion KL, all dolled up for the Christ-
mas season, is another excuse to be giddy
and a reason to linger in the trendy Bukit
Bintang district. Label hounds will have
a ield day caressing the racks at Lanvin,
Givenchy or Saint Laurent Paris, and per-
haps even the childrens wear by Moschino
and Burberry at Parkson. (The toddler ver-
sion of this seasons royal guard cashmere
knit is annoyingly adorable.) Other signs
of civilization abound: The Topshop there
carries the Meadham Kirchhoff collabora-
tion and a free-standing Diptyque outlet
stocks special-edition candles by French
design duo Ts & Ts.
But if you ask me, its the homegrown
shops that hold the most promise. At the
Padini Concept Store, I succumbed to a
few items by Seed, including the perfect
chambray shirt and a bright red hoodie that
exudes tailored reinement beneath its casual
top notes. I also browsed Typo for holiday
presents and ended up buying multiples: one
or two to give away and yet one more to keep
for myself. Theres a line of quirky expression
that runs through this novelty boutique, right
down to the ceramic pen holders in the shape
of a baby fox, gold-plated scissors inspired by
the Eiffel Tower and dinosaur tree ornaments
that amplify the Christmas spirit.
Still in the Golden Triangle, a manage-
able stroll from Pavilion KL, lies a cluster
of shopping centers catering to a range
of needs, wants and tastes. Sungei Wang,
whose name translates to river of money
or river of gold, speaks foremost to
young consumers in search of Korean-style
streetwear. Plaza Low Yat, often abbrevi-
ated to PLY, specializes in all manner of
electronics. Berjaya Times Square, further
aield, houses a hotel, condominium and
indoor amusement park alongside a mas-
sive shopping center.
It was at Berjaya Times Square where
I came across a branch of Kitschen. The
local brand, founded in 2008, focuses on
fun, colorful, livable things to be worn any
time of day, much like a Southeast Asian
Topman. I swooned over a red ield jacket
reminiscent of a classic CP Company design
and a bomber that borrows Christopher
Kanes punchy galaxy prints, each with a
maximum RM100 (P1,400) price tag.
Exterior motives: I spotted this beautiful abandoned building,
possibly built in the early 1900s, behind Central Market.
Though the quality of certain items is
open to discussion a loose button here,
shoddy stitching there the wallet-friend-
ly Kitschen is undeniably popular with
Malaysian youth, going by the queues at
the cashier on a Saturday evening. I exited
the store guiltlessly, clutching a graphic
sweatshirt and an ethnic-print shirt to ill
the gaps in my wardrobe.
As I gazed at the faraway Jamek Mosque,
huddled at the junction of the Gombak and
Klang rivers, I noticed something I hadnt
seen in the past. In this area, behind Kuala
Lumpurs Central Market, was an aban-
doned building, beguiling in its decrepit,
early-1900s beauty. Like catching sight of
Zandra Rhodes, this, too, was a good sign.
The serendipity summed up, in some
way, my brief visit to the Malaysian capi-
tal. Though its a place Im beginning to
know like the back of my hand, it still
yields enough untold wonders to make
it seem as if Ive never been there before.
* * *
The 1Malaysia Year-End Sale runs from Nov.
16 to Jan. 14, 2014.
Special thanks to Bianca Tamayo of Tourism
Malaysia, Miriam Chicote and Francis Dumlao.
* * *
Go with the low: Huddled at the junction
of the Gombak and Klang rivers is Masjid
Jamek, the oldest mosque in Kuala Lumpur.
The Philippine Star H-4 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013
Trends of the week
witter loves reminding us of the fact that celebrities live fake
and absurd lives. Beneath its fair share of adoring fan tweets is
a palpable jadedness over famous peoples narcissism, which
makes a spontaneous goofball like Jennifer Lawrence suddenly
important, the Internet eager to designate an antithesis to the inherent
phoniness of celebrity. The irony, of course, is that most people on
Twitter fancy themselves celebrities, crafting their digitally euphe-
mized persona and doing things they somehow believe to be worth
broadcasting, not because theyre famous for an exceptional skill, but
because they are technologically allowed to do so.
In another week of the pot calling the kettle black, of celebrities
and fake lives, here were the top Twitter trends:
Anne Curtis
Unless youve been
living under a rock
the past week, you
probably know the
reason why Anne
Curtis trended. In case
you were, heres an
abridged version of
what reportedly hap-
pened: Anne Curtis
slapped a few people
at a club, one of them
being John Lloyd Cruz, whom she also called an addict, and
screamed the now-infamous words: I can buy you, your friends,
and this club at Phoemela Baranda. Anne Curtis owned up to all
of these on Twitter and explained her behavior by blaming it on
her famous three-day cleanse and her inebriation.
Social media is now a grizzled veteran when it comes to celebrity
scandals. We all know the drill: diehard fans defend her, casual fans get a
little turned off, haters gloat, people with no rooting interest turn her into
the latest example of why celebrity life is evil, and then everyone forgets
after about a year. Anne Curtis, whos been in show business since she
was 12, is inarguably the most familiar face in a country that is, on balance,
certifiably insane. Somehow, the incident doesnt feel shocking, tragic, or
especially significant. It just makes a whole lot of sense.
Tom Daley
Luckily, this week also gave us a positive flip side to fame. British
Olympic diver and reality TV star Tom Daley came out via YouTube,
announcing his almost yearlong relationship with a man. The manner
in which this announce-
ment was made, along
with its staying power
as a trending topic on
Twitter, offers a glimpse
as to how homophobia
may be quelled. You
cant learn to tolerate
something thats always
hidden. With the defini-
tion of privacy seem-
ingly narrowing every day, the idea of someone still being in the closet
becomes increasingly nonviable. How can you possibly hide the fact that
you always seem to be going to dinner with the same guy every night
when society practically compels you to take photos and share them?
Maybe the hey, look at my life! impulse proliferated by social media
can cause some long-term good after all.
RIP Paul Walker
The only thing social media cares about more than famous peo-
ple is famous dead people.
The rush of RIP tweets and
Facebook posts has become
one of the most predictable
events in modern pop cul-
ture, a conluence of peoples
imagined intimacy with ce-
lebrities and their insatiable
desire to be publicly identi-
ied with them.
The circumstances of Paul
Walkers death were so culturally symmetric the star of The Fast
and The Furious franchise getting killed in a speeding car accident
became a Twitter-ready symbolism. It was almost too scripted,
in fact, that people on the Internet started to suspect that it was a
hoax, until it was inally veriied by everyone with actual profes-
sions like coroner and journalist. Its the Internets job to play
up the snippets of details that dovetail on their constructed image
of Walker, a real-life speed demon who just came from a Typhoon
Yolanda fund-raising event the reckless hero with a heart of
gold. We never really knew Paul Walker, the same way we dont
really know if he ever actually said this quote spreading all over
social media: If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was
smiling. No one seems to be questioning its veracity. We accept
the hoax we think we deserve.
From last weeks #Ce-
ked to this weeks #Fic-
ToMarry, it seems Twitter
has gone from a Miley
Cyrus relationship com-
mitment level to Taylor
Swift in a matter of days.
To hell with the getting-to-
know-you stage, I guess?
But were all intimately
familiar with our favorite ictional characters, many of whom de-
ined our idea of romance way before we even had actual real-life
relationships. Pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman once posited
that women who grew up in the 80s are forever looking for men
like John Cusacks impossibly devoted Lloyd Dobler from the
movie Say Anything, and are therefore forever prone to disappoint-
ment. The 21st-century female equivalent of this non-existent entity
is the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, a term coined by ilm critic Nathan
Rabin and personiied by the likes of Natalie Portman in Garden
State, Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown, and Zooey Deschanel in (500)
Days of Summer cute, kooky, and free-spirited girls speciically
born to inject life back into brooding, sensitive boys.
So what are todays ictional ideals for romance? The most popu-
lar results for #FictionalCharactersIWantToMarry from females
are Chuck Bass, the smooth player from Gossip Girl and Christian
Grey, the bondage fetishist from 50 Shades of Grey; while for males,
its Ramona Flowers, the millennial Manic Pixie Dream Girl from
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. If Twitter is to be believed, then Lloyd
Dobler is dead. Men are the new romantically deluded girls.
As far as ictional
romances go, very few
have been as endur-
ing as the Sir Chief-
Maya pairing from
ABS-CBNs Be Careful
With My Heart. The
TV series has been
running for more than
a year now, covering
every stage of the two
protagonists relation-
ship: from maid and master of the house, to lovers, to husband
and wife, and now, mother and father. People will never tire of
fake romances, but it seems like this series is testing the limits of
peoples endurance for the same fake romance. As this trending
hashtag shows, people are still gleefully taking the bait.
6th of 6
Supreme talks
to Phoenix!
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Page H-2
Memo to
drunken celebs
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Page I-3
K-Pop kid: Jay Park
g Lcj| dr:aa
Page H-2
A Truly Asian
shopping experience
g |ac dc|a Ia
Tom Daley, Paul
Walker, and your
trends of the week!
g d|o d|mar|c
Page H-3
Page I-2
Andrea Brillantes
is not your typical
child star
g La|c dc [cca
Page H-4
comes to
Experience your best night ever with a
once-in-a-lifetime music experience you will
never forget with Zedd.
Known for his collaborations with Lady Gaga,
Zedd is a Russian-German electronic music pro-
ducer and disc jockey with hits such as Clarity,
Stay the Night, and Spectrum, to name a few.
Globe Telecom, in partnership with Black-
Berry and Hyve, is bringing the Zedd Moment
of Clarity World Tour to the Philippines and is
giving away free VIP tickets to subscribers who
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promo is exclusively available to new Globe postpaid
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Supreme and Globe are also giving away tickets!
Tweet us @PhilStarSUPREME and tell us about
your best night ever experience. Who did you
share it with? Supreme will pick the best answer.
One winner will be awarded with two VIP tickets.
Lifestyle Editor: Millet Martinez-Mananquil
SUPREME Editor &
Creative Director:
Tim Yap
Editor at Large:
Pepe Diokno
Assistant to the Editor:
David Milan
Contributing Editors:
Don Jaucian
Gabbie Tatad
Gino de la Paz
Carina Santos
The Philippine Star I-2 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2013
t an age when many of us were still
being coddled by those around us,
10-year-old Andrea Brillantes was
already illing up on her quota for re-
jection. She has frozen up at auditions when
asked to read a script, shaken her head when
asked if she could dance or sing, bungled up an
audition for Dyesebel because she didnt know
how to swim, and given ridiculously awkward
walks, poses, and smiles at a pageant for little
girls when she was six. Akala ko maganda eh,
she says after gamely horrifying us with a few
demonstrations. Yun pala panget. And when
asked how she inally got her act together, she
cant really recall much, except practicing her
walk while shopping with her mother at SM.
Andrea is the ironic combination of being
delicate and soft spoken, but also the last person
in the room who needs perking up. Not only does
she excitedly tell us about her unforgettable expe-
riences, she gets up and re-enacts the scenes for us
without being asked to do so like the time she
had to ride a grown-up roller coaster in Malaysia
multiple times to get a scene right. There are
literal, in-the-moment screams on her interview
recording. Andrea is clearly an out-of-the-box
type of person, which we guess is what hooked
her up eventually despite her rough edges. She
is the type who will keep throwing herself out
there, whether or not she, in the traditional sense,
has what it takes.
Her ultimate peg is Anne Curtis not for
the recent bar iasco (Wag ka lang uminom,
ha, someone interjected) but for her keber
attitude. She makes me inspired that its OK if
you dont have a good voice. You can still sing.
And look! We all know that she doesnt have
this (points to throat), right? But look! She had
a concert in other countries, and there were so
many people, said Andrea, who is also still
aware that acting is her forte.
Work smart and work harder. Do what it
takes to be a star, says the Annaliza lead on her
recipe for success. Although ironically many of
the times she was discovered she was outside,
taking a break from workshops and playing
on an iPad with her peers. As for the secret to
pulling off her acting prowess, Just be natural.
Do what you would do in real life. Some people
like to think of things that have happened to
them, pero ako kasi minsan pag inisip ko ng inisip
yung nangyari sakin, nagsasawa din eh. Di na ako
naiiyak. Kaya mas mabuti kung yung iisipin ko na
lang yung eksena talaga. A still limited amount
of experience is no problem for this trouper.
Andrea did not expect to win Best Child Per-
former at the recently concluded 27th PMPC Star
Awards for Television. Sobrang saya ko. Hindi ako
makapaniwala. Nung una nga ayoko pang tumayo eh.
Ewan ko kung bakit, she recalled, also mentioning
that she couldnt decide what to eat for dinner
after being handed the award. Late na ata ako
natulog nun eh, because I couldnt believe it,
she beamed dreamily, her eyes big and wide.
Even harder to miss was how Andrea ad-
dressed those who used to bully her in her
acceptance speech. Sinasabi nila na pangit ako.
Hindi ako magaling umarte. Hindi ako sisikat. Tapos
kung ano suot ko aasarin nila head to toe. Siyempre
nasasaktan ako, pero wala naman akong magagawa.
Hindi ko naman pwede patulan, she said. And
when we asked her what her answer to that was,
the demure little package simply said, Yung sagot
ko yung speech ko. Yung sagot ko yung award ko.
Andreas advice for those who, like her, ind
themselves the object of other peoples harsh
remarks? Wag sila magpapaapekto dahil inggit
lang sila. If theyre trying to pull you down,
that means youre above them.
As for the haters, all Andrea has to say to
them is, Look at me now. Do not be fooled
by her angelic, Bambi-like demeanor. Talk to
the award is this kids sophisticated version of
vengeance. Im happy that I proved to them
that I can. They said I couldnt, pero nagawa ko.
Hindi naman ako nag-artista para sa kanila. Nag-
artista ako dahil gusto ko.
Indeed, at 10 years old, Andrea seems to
have found her gold not only in terms of
achievement, but also in terms of attitude and
sticking up for herself in what can often be a
nasty world. We asked her what she would like
to do after all this. Her reply, I want more.
She says she wants to bag a Gawad Urian next
and act for the rest of her life.
After the initial wave of being impressed,
there is an unspoken hesitation among us
adults, faced with someone so nave she can
blurt out the biggest of dreams just like that.
There is something about children and the
way they voice their dreams that inspire in us
adults the urge to protect them by illing their
heads with the realities out there and how ev-
erything is harder than it looks. But then you
realize how far her daydreams have gotten her,
and through real and rough terrain, too. She
is here precisely because her dreams carried
more weight than her reality. At that point, you
decide to leave her alone and let her have her
shots especially since she already has a lot
to show for it. And while innocence may not
look like much in our current world, you shrug
and consider that maybe Bambi knows better.
* * *
Tweet the author @catedeleon.
Hit girl
She may just be 10 years old,
but Andrea Brillantes is not
afraid to declare her dreams
and address her haters.
Produced by DAVID MILAN
Makeup by HANNA PECHON of Shu Uemura
Shoot assisted by GUILLY VALENZUELA
The Philippine Star
Supreme picks
What to do: Hang out with your
favorite bloggers at Bloggers United
Your favorite celebutantes are back for another round of
Bloggers United, the biggest interactive shopping affair with
the interwebs most famous stars. Expect 55 of the most stylish
fashion bloggers to set
up shop and sell their
pre-loved and brand-
new fashion items,
so fans can cop their
favorites quirky blog-
ger look. This year,
theyre bringing in a
more diverse cast so
you can choose from
different styles and
looks. Some big-name
bloggers expected to
make their #ootds are Bjorn Bedayo, Camille Co, David Gui-
son, Divine Lee and Victor Basa, Gelo Arucan, JP Singson, Karl
Leuterio, Laureen Uy, Lissa Kahayon, Patricia Prieto, and Paul
Jatayna of OS Accessories. Get ready to have them style you
today at the World Trade Center, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Where to go crazy: Sonic Carnival with Steve Aoki
Experience a carnival like no other with Sonic Carnival, the largest
round-the-clock music festival featuring the best names in rock and
EDM. The lineup is packed with heavyhitters so expect the party to
start a little after lunch. Brisom, Yolanda Moon, Pulso, Hidden Nikki,
and The Ringmaster will pump the audience up, setting the stage for
rock bands Razorback, Ur-
bandub and Up Dharma
Down. Deuce Manila, DJ
Katsy Lee, DJ Mars Mi-
randa, DJ Euric, DJ Ace
Ramos, Martin Pulgar, MC
Roda King and Funk Avy
will blaze the decks with
the hottest dance tunes, and to close the house down, international
DJs Laidback Luke, DJ Henrix, and Steve Aoki will show Manila how
to party in style. What could probably be the coolest year-ender party
will be held today until the wee hours at the SM Mall of Asia concert
grounds. Fret not, a part of proceeds will be donated to the Philippine
Red Cross for relief efforts, and Aoki will donate a part of his talent fee,
as well as raise funds for relief efforts.
* * *
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here are different kinds of
drunk people, from those who
suddenly become uncharac-
teristically serious to the ones
who think youre best friends forever
while discussing their deepest, most
personal issues. But when youre an
individual whose career relies on
public perception, getting hammered
on a night out then going ballistic
like Chris Brown might not be such
a fantastic idea.
By now, you may have heard of a
popular celebritys meltdown at an
upscale club in Taguig. Whatever
version of the story you choose to
believe, several factors appear to
be at play. While the perky young
actress admits to having close to
nothing in her stomach when alco-
hol made its evening debut, there
also seems to be a Punkd-style
prank involving two actors. Those to
whom she directed her obnoxious,
emotional rage she went on a
slapping spree only happened to
be in the line of ire.
The club cant even handle me right now
When youre an individual whose
career relies on public perception,
getting hammered on a night out
might not be such a fantastic idea.
could merely be a scary dream she can wake up from.
Though her Twitter apology could have been articulated
better and much sooner, it has assuaged the personalities
she assaulted and will perhaps go a long way to placat-
ing most of her disappointed fans. Apart from a passing
mention on her noontime show, however, she has chosen
to remain silent in the face of the unfolding crisis, leaving
the general public to ill in more gaps, very likely tweeting
or posting highly unfavorable comments about her. This
is a job for Scandals Olivia Pope.
The 28-year-olds series of reactions to this foul-up raises
intriguing questions about her endorsement deals, of which
she has a handful. When less-than-positive news about a
spokesperson hits our socially networked world, companies
that have contracts with him or her often re-examine the
relationship. Some are quick to go elsewhere when online
and ofline sentiment turns sour. Others pull ads, wait for
agreements to expire or immediately sever ties, putting as
much distance between the endorser and themselves as
tactfully as possible.
The overall message to marketers is be careful, because
all of us, celebrities or not, have positives and negatives to
our personalities, and those negatives can easily transfer
to a brand, according to a study by the University of
Colorado at Boulder, on the risk that companies take when
establishing a close connection with a celebrity.
Will the likes of Century Tuna, SMDC Residences,
Lactacyd and Palmolive ride out the storm and stick
by the embattled star? Or will the barrage of bad
press end in deals being called off? If these groups
pick the first option, they can always amend their
existing taglines to reflect this new, interesting im-
age. After all, I can buy you, your friends and this
club! is terribly catchy.
Since the actress is extremely ubiquitous, this storm
in a teacup has turned into a tsunami. Not only has her
outburst caused a chain reaction of social media outrage
and news reports, it has also triggered the customary
hand-wringing by experts and schadenfreude from rivals,
who snicker that she is not the sweetheart she portrays
herself to be. As Charlie Chaplin said, A mans true
character comes out when hes drunk.
To her credit, the TV and movie star has conducted
good public relations up to this point, so this nightmare
Who to follow: Barbie
Barbie, the quintessential role model for all girls every-
where, as well as many gay boys, will be in Manila for Barbie
Live!, an all-new musical featuring contemporary music
with engaging lyrics,
energetic choreog-
raphy, and a brand-
new storyline that
will have fans buzz-
ing in their seats. In
the musical, Barbie
and her best friend
Teresa star in a mov-
ie, and Teresa starts
to doubt herself. Barbie uses her experience with past Barbie
productions (Swan Lake, Princess and the Popstar, and Mariposa
& Fairy Princess) to make her conident. Campy as it may
be, it actually looks a lot of fun, and previews show that the
production is top-notch and the singing catchy. The visuals
are a spectacle, but if you need one reason to watch it: Ken.
Barbie Live! will be staged from Dec. 11 to 15 at the SM Mall
of Asia Arena.
Where to chill: Attraction! Reaction!
Attraction! Reaction! always spells out a chill evening, but
the production is dedicating their gig tonight to helping out
the relief efforts in Yolanda-stricken areas. A!R! is hosting
Help!, a beneit gig for A-HA! Learning Centers Project Ba-
lik Eskwela, a fundraising project to donate school kits (that
contain notebooks, writing materials, and iling envelopes) to
public schools in Samar and Tacloban. A-HA! is a free center
that sets up a free tutoring service and soup kitchen for public
school children in Makati. Tonights cool folks participating
in this act of goodwill are Romcom, Identikit, Dont Bogart
the Can, Man!, Halik ni Gringo, and Ang Bandang Shirley.
As always, A!R! will be in Route 196 and will have a P200
door charge, which will get you a drink and one school kit.
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1. Merry and bright eece blanket.
2. Fleece blankets in warm colors and unique prints are
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3. Fleece blankets in plaid prints.
1. Cool eco cans in playful colors.
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3. Transparent water bottles.
1. This striped towel set is a great holiday gift
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1. Striped red travel blanket.
2. Travel blanket can be turned
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Zip up eece sweatshirt from Surplus. This stylish coat has sherpa details.