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Benvenue a

Rentre 2014-
2015 !!
What does La
Rentre mean?

See you n

See you ths fa!

Ltera meanng:
At the return
French peope are on vacaton! In August, ma|or
sectors of France sow down or cose up shop
competey. (*es dherences sur a cuture amercane/francase)

Schoo s out, the government s more or ess
AWOL, and many restaurants and other
busnesses are cosed as we.
La rentre s more than |ust
students and teachers gong
back to schoo; t's aso
everyone ese returnng home
and gong back to work,
returnng to normacy.
La Casse de

Why dd you decde

to earn French?

What benets do
you have for
earnng French?

What coud t mean

for your future?

|ot down a quck

response to these

What you w earn:

La Cuture

La Grammatque


What s Cuture?

the customary beefs,

soca forms, and
matera trats of a
raca, regous, or
soca group; also : the
characterstc features
of everyday exstence
(as dversons or a way
of fe} shared by
peope n a pace or
tme <popuar
culture> <southern

c : the set of shared

atttudes, vaues,
goas, and
practces that
characterzes an
nsttuton or
organzaton <a
corporate culture
focused on the
bottom ne>
Why earn French:

Has a postve ehect on

nteectua growth.

Enrches and enhances

menta deveopment.

Leaves students wth

more exbty n
thnkng, greater
senstvty to anguage,
and a better ear for

Improves understandng
of natve anguage.

.e., Makes you smarter!

Gives us the ability to communicate with people

we would otherwise not have the chance to know.
Makes our world bigger
Knowing another
language is a real
Head start in language
requirements or college
!ncreases "ob
Opens the door to other
cutures and heps a chd
understand and apprecate
peope from other countres.
What the research says:

Graduatng hgh schoo senors wth two or

more years of foregn anguage study
showed sgncant superorty n
performance on achevement tests n
Engsh when compared wth non-foregn
anguage students.

Demonstrates student progress n second

anguage acquston whe mantanng
par wth Engsh-speakng peers n math
and other basc sub|ects.

Supports the cam that bnguasm fosters

the deveopment of verba and spata

One exampe of the mportance of French can be seen n a recent

stng of nternatona |obs dstrbuted by the US State
Department (12/1/09)
(92 requred/preferred French, 36 Spansh, 7 Arabc, 5
Russan, 1 |apanese, 1 Hnd,
1 German, and 1 Chnese.)
#he $nited
&bbreviated :
v$% in 'nglish
vONU :
v(rganisation des %ations unies in )rench (rganisacion de
%aciones unidos in *panish

v It s an nternatona organzaton
whose stated ams are
factatng cooperaton n
nternatona aw,
nternatona securty,
economc deveopment,
soca progress, human rghts,
and achevement of
word peace.
v The UN was founded n 1945
after Word War II to repace
the League of Natons, to stop
wars between countres, and to
provde a patform for daogue.
v It contans mutpe subsdary
organzatons to carry out ts

)rench :,-(rganisation des
%ations unies pour
l./ducation0 la science et la
The $nited %ations 'ducational0
*cienti1c and +ultural
(rgani2ation ($%'*+( s a
specazed agency of the
Unted Natons).
Its purpose s to contrbute to peace
and securty by promotng
nternatona coaboraton
through educaton, scence, and
cuture n order to further
unversa respect for |ustce, the
rue of aw, and human rghts
aong wth fundamenta freedoms
procamed n the UN Charter.
It s the her of the
League of Natons'
Internatona Commsson on Inte
ectua Cooperaton
)rench: Organisation du
trait de l'Atlantique Nord
The %orth &tlantic #reaty
(rgani2ation or %&#(, aso
caed the 4%orth3 &tlantic
&lliance, s an
mtary aance based on the
North Atantc Treaty whch was
sgned on 4Apr 1949.
The organzaton consttutes a
system of coectve defence
whereby ts member states agree
to mutua defense n response to
an attack by any externa party.
NATO's headquarters are n
Brusses, Begum, one of the 28
member states across North
Amerca and Europe, the newest
of whch, Abana and Croata,
|oned n Apr 2009. An addtona
22countres partcpate n
NATO's Partnershp for Peace,
wth 15other countres nvoved
n nsttutonazed daogue
The combned mtary spendng of
a NATO members consttutes
over 70% of
the word's defence spendng.
,ocations around the
Headquarters: 6aris0
The msson of the Organzaton for
Economc Co-operaton and
Deveopment (OECD) s to
promote poces that w mprove
the economc and soca we-
beng of peope around the word.
The OECD provdes a forum n whch
governments can work together to
share experences and seek
soutons to common probems.
They work wth governments to
understand what drves economc,
soca and envronmenta change.
They measure productvty and
goba ows of trade and
They anayse and compare data to
predct future trends.
The OECD sets nternatona
standards on a wde range of
thngs,from agrcuture and tax to
the safety of chemcas.

#he !nternatinal ,abor

7ureau is an operating
unit o the
$nited *tates 5epartment
o ,abor
which manages the
#he !nternational
#he +ouncil o 'urope 4)rench:
Conseil de l'Europe3 is an
international organi2ation
promoting co8operation between
all countries o 'urope in the
areas o legal standards0
human rights0 democratic
development0 the rule o law and
cultural co8operation.
Headquarters: *trasbourg0 )rance
#he 'uropean +ommunities
pillar handled economic0
social and environmental
policies. !t was the only pillar
with a legal personality0
consisting o the
'uropean +ommunity 4'+30
'uropean +oal and *teel +om
4'+*+0 until its e9piry in
:;;:30 and the
'uropean &tomic 'nergy +om
Internatona Red Cross
French s the domnant
workng anguage at v
European Court of

European Trbuna of
Frst Instance
Press Room at the
European Commsson
n Brusses,

When empoyers and unverstes ook at
appcants, they do not start ookng at the
bottom of the st to see who has done ony
the mnma amount of requrements
necessary or taken the easest route
avaabe, they start at the top of the st
and ook for those students who have rsen
above the rest.
Hgh schoo students shoud consder studyng
at east four years of a foregn anguage.
Coege students shoud seek to earn a mnor
n French or have French as a prmary or
secondary ma|or. Wth French they have
access to the most wdey spoken foregn
anguage n the word after Engsh and
they become famar wth a cuture that
sgncanty nuences our own.
The French economy s one of the strongest n
the word and s ncreasngy a eader n
technoogca nnovaton.
In sum, French is the
language of the future!


Heo!/Good mornng!/Good

|e m'appee________.
|e m'appee________.

My name s_________.

The French aso say

Coucou as a way to say

La Bse or Le
Fare a Bse
French famy and frends exchange
ksses on aternatng cheeks upon
meetng and separatng. Two peope
ntroduced by a mutua frend may aso
fare a bse, partcuary kds and young
Nous Sommes Andress!