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@ S^v^ge Worlds Post-

Post-@poc^lyptic Toolkit

By David “TeknoMerk” Reeves
Version 1.1
Savage Apocalypse

Out of all RPG settings, I have always loved post-apocalyptic (PA) settings, but I could not find a set of
RPG rules I was happy with. At the beginning of 2007, I finally found Savage Worlds (SW). Therefore,
it’s a privilege to combine Savage Worlds with a post-apocalypse setting in this toolkit. Now I have a
great RPG setting and a great system to run it with.

This document attempts to create a post-apocalyptic toolkit for Savage Worlds Explorers Edition
(SWEX) and also extends/uses the Science Fiction World Builder Toolkit and Science Fiction Gear
Toolkit. These documents are needed to utilize this toolkit.

Note that when referring to SWEX and the SW Toolkits, my references may lack in some details. This
is intentional. My goal is to promote and extend these works, not replace them or cause a loss of
revenue. Therefore, this document will refer the reader to the original documents for any further
details. If flipping between a few sources becomes frustrating, then I ask your forbearance.

I exercised the liberty of enhancing or changing some SWEX rules to suit my campaign and ideas.
Since I consider this document a guideline, feel free to change or ignore anything that doesn’t suit your
playing style or campaign. At least the reader has a few more ideas with which to work.

Savage Apocalypse covers PA topics such as hero creation, mutations, environmental hazards, robots,
gear, artifact discovery and creatures. Since this a SWEX fan work, there are new hindrances, edges,
skills and other goodies.

Since I’m a believer in the community of ideas and learning process, I would very much appreciate it
users of this guide would email me feedback and ideas at You never know
what kind of clever ideas may be born out of the exchange of information.

Savage Apocalypse

Savage Worlds Explorers Edition (SWEX), Pinnacle Entertainment
Science Fiction World Builder Toolkit (SFWBTK), Wade “Wiggy” Williams
Science Fiction Gear Toolkit (SFGTK), Wade “Wiggy” Williams
Modern Martial Arts (MMA), Clint Black, 12 to Midnight and Reality Blurs
Necropolis 2350 (Necropolis), Triple Ace Games

For other fan-created Savage Worlds material, please see savagepedia.

All artwork comes from copyright-free sources.

A special thank you goes to my teens, William Reeves and Rebecca Reeves, and their friends, Joshua
Nolte and Jonathan Miller, who were my enthusiastic test subjects and the group of heroes attempting
to save a lost colony ship, Terra and humanity. What great adventures we have had!

Savage Apocalypse is a fan-created work and is not intended to infringe on any copyrights of Savage
Worlds. I urge all users of this guide to purchase Savage Worlds products to support and encourage
these authors and the gaming hobby.

This toolkit references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group
at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle
Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the
quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

Necropolis 2350 and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Triple Ace Games.

This document may be freely used in other not-for-profit works, and if the authorship is acknowledged.
All material not cited as belonging to Pinnacle Entertainment Group or Triple Ace Games is new
material and covered by the Creative Commons license:

This document is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license,
available at

Savage Apocalypse

T^ble of Contents
Introduction 2 4.2 Vacuum 48
@cknowledgements 3 4.3 Herbicide 48
4.4 Radiation 48
1. Setting Cre^tion 5
1.1 Prologue 5
5. Robots 50
1.2 World Creation Ideas 5 5.1 Three Laws of Robotics 50
1.2.1 Locations 5 5.2 Robotic Behavior 50
1.2.2 Reasons for The Fall 5 5.2.1 Robotic Behavior Anomalies 51
1.2.3 Physiological Changes 6 5.2.2 Violating the Laws of Robotics 52
1.2.4 Technology 6 5.3 Robotic Hierarchy 53
5.3.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) 53
2. Hero Cre^tion 7 5.3.2 Android 53
2.1 Racial Types 7
5.3.3 Robot 54
2.1.1 Pure Human 7
2.1.2 Mutated Human 7
6. Ge^r 55
2.1.3 Mutated Animal 7 6.1 Technology Index Classification 56
2.1.4 Mutated Plant 8 6.2 New and Modified Gear 57
2.1.5 Android 8 6.3 Artifacts 63
2.1.6 Robot 8 6.3.1 Artifact Categories 63
2.2 New Hindrances 9 6.3.2 Artifact Types and Conditions 65
2.2.1 Mutation Hindrances 9 6.3.3 Discovering Artifacts 65
2.2.2 Master Hindrances List 11 7. Cre^tures 67
2.3 New Edges 12 7.1 Assassin Bug 67
2.3.1 Background Edges 12 7.2 Bearkin 67
2.3.2 Combat Edges 12 7.3 Blood Lily 67
2.3.3 Professional Edges 12 7.4 Broo 68
2.3.4 Weird Edges 13 7.5 Camo Bear 68
2.3.5 Master Edges List 14 7.6 Circe Vine 68
2.4 New Skills 17 7.7 Cougarus 68
2.5 New and Changed Rules 18 7.8 Verde Fungus 69
3. Mut^tions 21 7.9 Electra Cat 69
3.1 Arcane Background: Mutant 21 7.10 Fairy Folk 69
3.2 Images and Illusions 21 7.11 Gor’Rill 69
3.2.1 Image 21 7.12 Jaw Trap 70
3.2.2 Illusion 22 7.13 Kryll 70
3.2.3 Disbelieving Images and Illusions 22 7.14 Neo Lion 70
3.3 Mutation Summary Charts 24 7.15 Pack Rats 71
3.3.1 Physical Mutations Chart 24 7.16 Peace Plant 71
3.3.2 Mental Mutations Chart 25 7.17 Quilled One 71
3.3.3 Plant Mutations Chart 26 7.18 Razor Plant 71
3.4 Physical Mutations 27 7.19 Reaper 72
3.5 Mental Mutations 37 7.20 Scorch Flower 72
3.6 Plant Mutations 45 7.21 Swooping Serpent 73
7.22 Thief Beast 73
4. Environment^l H^z^rds 48 7.23 Wolfen 73
4.1 Poison 48

Savage Apocalypse

1.2 World Creation Ideas

1. Setting Cre^tion
This toolkit does not attempt to address post-
apocalyptic world creation in detail, since these
topics are sufficiently addressed in the Science
Fiction World Builder Toolkit (SFWBTK) by
Wade “Wiggy” Williams. Use Wiggy’s
guidelines, adding an overall plot story for the
fall of civilization, campaign location(s),
mutations, technology items and appropriate
creatures for your story. The following are
ideas and questions to help the GM get started.

1.2.1 Locations

Colony world
Space Station
Outpost (asteroid or moon)
1.1 Prologue Planetary ocean

The civilization of Mankind fell. However the

apocalypse occurred, life became a struggle for
survival. The home world of Mankind, Terra,
and its colonies in the stars fell into darkness
and lost much knowledge.

All life changed as a result of The Fall. New

and strange life forms emerged from the chaos
and destruction. Some animals and plants
began thinking like a human. Mankind also
changed in the genetic storm of The Fall. Some
manifested new powers or deformities, and not
all these new wonders encouraged life. A few
of these new humanoids were hailed as Homo
Superior, while most were outcast and called
1.2.2 Reasons for The Fall

After the darkness of The Fall, there came light This provides the background and reasons why
and hope, but progress was slow. Some current conditions are the way they are.
started recovering lost knowledge for the
betterment of all life. Others sought power to War
impose their will on all they could grasp. This is Alien Invasion
the Apocalypse. Biological Plague
Natural Disasters
Dimension Bridging
Combination of the above

Savage Apocalypse

Note that natural disasters may be more than

hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes, etc, but
also includes dimensional bridging, a space-
time tear that links distant worlds/galaxies,
asteroid collisions, solar super-flares and
planetary grazing. Your imagination is the only

How long after The Fall?

How has the environment changed?
What do the animals and plants look
and act like after The Fall?

1.2.3 Physiological Changes

Does your world contain psionic powers?

Do plagues or radiation cause mutations?

What does organic life looks like after the effect

of cataclysms?

1.2.4 Technology

Technology Index (TI) and item

Scavenged items list

Savage Apocalypse

2.1.2 Mutated Human

2. Hero Cre^tion Mutated humans are part of the genetic
population that is susceptible to mutation when
To create a post-apocalyptic hero, follow the exposed to radiation. Most mutants of this type
normal SWEX character creation sequence. are humanoid in appearance, but their looks
Depending on which racial type the player range from just a bit odd to utterly grotesque.
chooses, there may be some other creation A mutated human has the following
criteria that are added or removed. characteristics.

2.1 Racial Types Arcane Background: Mutant

Radiance Master professional Edge
Because of advanced science, genetic effects 1D3 + 1 mutations
and mutations, the maximum trait level is Hindrance: Medically Incompatible
D12+4. The possible types of heroes that may (Mutation)
be played in SA are listed below along with any -2 Charisma when interacting with all
advantages or disadvantages. robotic types (only if obviously mutated)

2.1.1 Pure Human Humanoids have a slight advantage with the

Pure-bred humans typically have higher number of mutations to balance out the natural
intelligence, health and charisma than other abilities of mutated animals.
post-apocalyptic beings. Humans are
genetically resistant to mutations, but may still A GM may even experiment with a player
hurt by radiation. A pure human hero has the choosing one mutation hindrance at each
following changes. gained level in rank. This would provide points
to buy an edge. A GM may require one
D6 in Smarts mutational hindrance at hero creation, but also
D6 in Vigor give the character another good mutation. Try
A free Edge it and see what you think.
+3 skill points
2.1.3 Mutated Animal

Mutated animals gained human intelligence via

radiation, chemicals or from the side-effects of
other hazards. Additionally, these animals
developed some form of speech and writing to
communicate with their species, but also with
other intelligent beings.

Arcane Background: Mutant

Radiance Master professional Edge
1D3 mutations
Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
Mutation: Speech
Mutation: Modified Body Parts:
Manipulative Paws
Hindrance: Medically Incompatible

Savage Apocalypse

Natural Attack: per pure animal type

-4 Charisma when interacting with all Since a typical android has a lifespan of one
robotic types year, Hero androids may obtain another fuel
cell to continue or may have their memories
Unless the sentient animal has human-like transferred to a new host. Hero androids will
hands, all skills that use human tools are -1, need to refer to the Robots sections for further
since paws are not as well articulated. traits.

For the natural attack damage, see the For Wild Cards only:
Creature section or the SWEX book or toolkit.
+1 Die Type attribute or free Edge or
2.1.4 Mutated Plant Charisma +2
+2 skill points
Mutated plants gained human intelligence via
radiation, chemicals or from the side-effects of Positronic Brain: May improve skills/knowledge
other hazards. Additionally, this sentient plant through experience.
life developed some form of speech and writing
to communicate with their species, but also 2.1.6 Robot
with other intelligent beings.
Players will need to choose their robot type and
Arcane Background: Mutant refer to the Robotics section for further traits.
Radiance Master professional Edge
Plant Edge For Wild Cards only:
1D3 mutations
Mutation: Heightened Intelligence Free Attribute upgrade.
Mutation: Speech
Mutation: Modified Body Parts:
Manipulative Vines/Branches
Hindrance: Medically Incompatible
Natural Attack: per pure animal type
Robotic types generally ignore plants

Unless the sentient plant has human-like hands,

all skills that use human tools are -1, since
vines/branches are not as well articulated.

2.1.5 Android

Androids (Andies) are human-looking, semi-

sentient, artificial intelligence learning
machines. They have a human-like face, eyes,
nose, ears and hair. This somewhat humanizes
androids and also hides their sensory preceptor
devices. Androids have a pasty-white skin
(factory default color) and usually wear a
uniform fitting their primary function.

Savage Apocalypse

2.2 New Hindrances

Weakness (Major/Minor)
Acid Susceptibility (Minor)
Just like the Anemic hindrance, but only for Radiation (Major/Minor)
acids. The hero suffers more than normal from
radiation exposure.
Illness (Major/Minor)
The hero has contracted some non-contagious Major: The check for damage is Vigor -2 and
infection that saps their stamina. The illness is the damage is increased by 1D6.
not life-threatening, but causes the hero to rest Minor: The check for damage is Vigor -1 and
more often – more time to experience the damage is increased by 1D3.
unwanted encounters… The hero may seek a
cure to their illness, but the GM should make Will (Major/Minor)
them earn their cure. The hero easily loses heart in tests of Spirit.

Major: After any physical exertion, such as Major: All Spirit checks -4
Running, Climbing or Swimming, the Hero must Minor: All Spirit checks -2
pass a Vigor -4 check or lose 1 Fatigue.
Minor: After any physical exertion, such as Health (Major/Minor)
Running, Climbing or Swimming, the Hero must The hero’s health is not robust.
pass a Vigor -2 check or lose 1 Fatigue.
Major: All Vigor checks -2
Increased Pain (Major) Minor: All Vigor checks -1
The hero has a hyper-sensitive reaction to pain.
All Wound penalties are +1. Xenophobic (Major/Minor)
The hero does not react well to species other
Poison Susceptibility (Minor) than their own.
Just like the Anemic hindrance, but only for
poisons. Major: Charisma is -4 to other species. First
attack is +2 to hit for that entire encounter.
Phobia: Technology (Major)
This hindrance applies for all items above TI 0. Minor: Charisma is -2 to other species. First
See SWEX Phobia hindrance. attack is +1 to hit for that entire encounter.

Seizures (Major) Zero-G Sickness (Major)

During any stressful situation, the hero must See Science Fiction World Builder Toolkit
make a Vigor roll. A Skill Event on the skill die (SFWBTK).
results in a temporary Incapacitation (prone
and shaking) for 1D4 minutes. A stimulant 2.2.1 Mutation Hindrances
drug will also immediately eliminate all the The following hindrances are only allowed for
symptoms. mutants, possessing the Arcane Background:
poisons. Mutant.

Weak Legs (Minor) Hostile Aura (Major)

Pace -1. The mutant emits a mental field of hostility in a
large burst template. This has a Charisma
effect of -2 with those in the field.

Savage Apocalypse

Nocturnal (Minor)
Suffer 1 level of Fatigue when taking actions
during daylight. The Fatigue is restored at

Medically Incompatible (Major/Minor)

The mutant’s physiology has deviated enough
from a normal human such that human medical
technology is not as effective. The exception is
that veterinary medicine or plant technology
works well with their respective types.

Mutated human: -1 to receive healing (Minor)

Mutated animal: -2 to receive healing (Major)
Mutated plant: -2 to receive healing (Major)

Weakness (Major/Minor)

Sound (Major/Minor)
The hero is sensitive to loud sounds. Effects
last for 5 rounds.

Major: All actions -4 ; +1D6 sonic damage

Minor: All actions -2; +1D3 sonic damage

Mental (Major/Minor)

Major: -2 on all mental resistance rolls.

Minor: -1 on all mental resistance rolls.

Strong Odor (Minor)

The mutant’s strong and unique odor attracts
carnivore animals for a range of 50 yards.
Encounter roll increased by 25%.

Savage Apocalypse

Phobia (Minor/Major) - See the Fear

2.2.2 Master Hindrances List Impulse list.
Phobia: Technology (Major)
Acid Susceptibility (Minor) Poison Susceptibility (Minor)
All Thumbs (Minor) Poverty (Minor)
Anemic (Minor) Quirk (Minor)
Arrogant (Major) Seizures (Major)
Strong Odor (Minor) – Limited to Small (Major)
mutants. Stubborn (Minor)
Bad Eyes (Minor/Major) Ugly (Minor)
Bad Luck (Major) Vengeful (Minor/Major)
Big Mouth (Minor) Vow (Minor/Major)
Blind (Major) Wanted (Minor/Major)
Bloodthirsty (Major) Weak Legs (Minor)
Cautious (Minor) Weakness (Major/Minor)
Clueless (Major) Xenophobic (Minor/Major)
Code of Honor (Major) Yellow (Major)
Curious (Major) Young (Major)
Death Wish (Minor) Zero-G Sickness (Major) – SFWBTK.
Delusional (Minor/Major)
Elderly (Major)
Enemy (Minor/Major)
Greedy (Minor/Major)
Habit (Minor/Major)
Hard of Hearing (Minor/Major)
Heroic (Major)
Hostile Aura (Major) – Limited to
Illiterate (Minor)
Illness (Minor/Major)
Increased Pain (Major)
Lame (Major)
Medically Incompatible
Nocturnal (Minor) – Limited to
Loyal (Minor)
Mean (Minor)
Mistaken Identity (Minor/Major)
Mutational Weakness (Major/Minor)
– Limited to mutants.
Obese (Minor)
One Arm (Major)
One Eye (Major)
One Leg (Major)
Outsider (Minor)
Overconfident (Major)
Pacifist (Minor/Major)

Savage Apocalypse

2.3 New Edges Botany Specialist (Seasoned, Botanist,

Knowledge(Science) D8)
This profession is trained in the study of plant
2.3.1 Background Edges life. This edge provides a +4 to all
Knowledge(Science) skill checks pertaining to
Climber (Novice, Climbing D6)
Climbing skill +2. Climbing checks every 15”. Chemist (Novice, Smarts D6,
Climbing ascent/descent during combat is Knowledge(Science) D6)
Strength inches. This profession is trained in the study of
chemistry. This edge provides a +2 to all
Plant (Novice, plants only) Knowledge(Science) skill checks pertaining to
Piercing weapons only cause half damage. chemistry.
Immune to tests of Will.
Chemistry Specialist (Seasoned, Chemist,
Swimmer (Novice, Swimming D6) Knowledge(Science) D8)
Swimming skill +2. Swimming Pace & holding This profession is trained in the study of
breath doubled. chemistry. This edge provides a +4 to all
Knowledge(Science) skill checks pertaining to
Vitality (Novice, Vigor D6) chemistry.
Restore Fatigue in half of the recovery time.
Recover from Shaken rolls are +2. Computer Technician (Novice, Smarts D6,
Knowledge(Engineering) D6, Repair D6)
Trained in the analysis, design and repair of
2.3.2 Combat Edges computers and software. This edge provides a
+2 to all Knowledge(Engineering) skill checks
Bravery (Novice) pertaining to all forms of computers and
All Spirit reaction checks are +2. software.

Bravery, Improved (Veteran, Bravery) Computer Engineer (Seasoned, Computer

All Spirit reaction checks are +4. Technician, Knowledge(Engineering) D8, Repair
Combat Sense - (Veteran, Notice D8) The As Computer Technician, but +4 to all
hero has a sixth sense in combat that knows Knowledge(Engineer) skill checks pertaining to
where every opponent is in a medium burst all forms of computers and software.
template. Therefore, the Ganging Up combat
bonus does not apply to this hero. Cyborg (Novice)

2.3.3 Professional Edges Explorer (Novice)

Botanist (Novice, Smarts D6,
Knowledge(Science) D6) Gadgeteer (Novice)
This profession is trained in the study of plant See SWEX, but no Weird Science AB
life. This edge provides a +2 to all requirement. The gadget has Repair skill uses
Knowledge(Science) skill checks pertaining to before it ceases to function.

Savage Apocalypse

Marine Academy Graduate (Novice, Smarts Robotics Engineer (Seasoned, Robotics

D8, Spirit D6, Shooting D6, Fighting D4) Technician, Knowledge(Engineering) D8, Repair
* Infantry (Fighting D6) D8)
Shooting Laser weapons & Throwing As Robotics Technician, but +4 to all
grenades +2. Knowledge(Engineering) skill checks pertaining
Wild Die is increased to a D8 for these to all forms of robotics.
specific weapons as well as Fighting.
* Command (Knowledge(Battle) D6) Surgeon (Seasoned, Medic,
See Naval Academy Graduate: Command Knowledge(Medicine) D8, Agility D8)
Staff, SFWBTK As Medic, but +4 to all Knowledge(Medicine)
* Armor (Driving D6) skill checks.
Driving +2, D8 Wild Die for Driving.
Steady Hands with vehicle and personal Zero-G Training (Novice)
weapons. See SFWBTK.
* Air (Piloting D6)
See Naval Academy Graduate: Bridge Crew, Zoologist (Novice, Smarts D6,
SFWBTK Knowledge(Science) D6)
* Engineering (Repair D6) This profession is trained in the study of animal
Gain Demo Expert Edge. Artifact rolls +2. life. This edge provides a +2 to all
Knowledge(Science) skill checks pertaining to
Medic (Novice, Smarts D6, animal.
Knowledge(Medicine) D6, Knowledge(Science)
D6) Zoology Specialist (Seasoned, Zoologist,
Expertise in diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Knowledge(Science) D8)
This edge provides a +2 to all This profession is trained in the study of animal
Knowledge(Medicine) skill checks. Also see life. This edge provides a +4 to all
Necropolis Medic for further benefits. Knowledge(Science) skill checks pertaining to
Mr. Fix It (Novice)
See SWEX, but no Weird Science AB
requirement. 2.3.4 Weird Edges

Radiance Master (Novice, mutant) Apocalypse Survivor (Novice)

A Mutant’s professional edge, like the SWEX See the SWEX Woodsman Edge.
Psionics professional edge.

Recon (Seasoned, Danger Sense, Notice D6)

The hero detects encounters, ambushes and
surprises as in the Danger Sense Edge, but no
penalty to the Notice roll. Likewise, this hero
has a +2 bonus to getting The Drop.

Robotics Technician (Novice, Smarts D6,

Knowledge(Engineering) D6, Repair D6)
Trained in the analysis, design and repair of
robotics. This edge provides a +2 to all
Knowledge(Engineering) skill checks pertaining
to all forms of robotics.

Savage Apocalypse

Combat Sense - (Veteran, Notice D8)

2.3.5 Master Edges List No Ganging Up bonus on this hero.
Defensive Driver - (Seasoned)
Background Edges Necropolis
Defensive Driver, Improved -
Alertness (Veteran) Necropolis
Ambidextrous Dig In! - (Novice) Necropolis
Arcane Background Dig In, Improved - (Seasoned)
Attractive Necropolis
Attractive, Very Disarm Mastery – (Seasoned) See
Berserk MMA.
Brawny Distracting Defender – (Seasoned)
Climber – (Novice, Climbing D6) Bonus See MMA.
to Climbing skill and distance. Dodge
Driven – See Necropolis Holy Fire Edge. Dodge, Improved
Fast Healer Elan – (Seasoned) Necropolis
Luck Eye For Terrain – (Novice) Necropolis
Luck, Great First Strike
Swimmer – (Novice, Swim D6) Bonus First Strike, Improved
to Swimming skill, Pace and holding Fleet-Footed
breath. Florentine
Noble Frenzy
Plant - Piercing weapons only cause Frenzy, Improved
half damage. Immune to tests of Will. Giant Killer
Quick Grab and Hold – (Novice) See MMA.
Rich Grenade Launcher King – (Novice)
Rich, Filthy Necropolis
Vitality Grenade Launcher God – (Seasoned)
Ground Fighter – (Seasoned) See
Combat Edges
Ground Hog – (Seasoned) Necropolis
Accurate Attack – (Heroic) See MMA.
Hard to Kill
Assault - (Seasoned) Necropolis
Harder to Kill
Bewildering Warrior – (Seasoned)
Heightened Senses – (Novice) See
See MMA.
Heightened Senses, Improved –
Block, Improved
(Novice) See MMA.
Bravery - (Novice) All Spirit checks are
Hi-YA! – (Novice) See MMA.
Hose ‘Em Down – (Novice) Necropolis
Bravery, Improved - (Veteran,
Hose ‘Em Down, Improved –
Bravery) All Spirit checks are +4. (Seasoned) Necropolis
Breaking Blow – (Seasoned) See Level Headed
MMA. Level Headed, Improved
Bring It On! – (Seasoned) See MMA. Marksman
Bring ALL It On! – (Heroic) See MMA. Merciful – (Novice) See MMA.
Clipping the Grass - (Seasoned)
Nerves of Steel
Nerves of Steel, Improved
Combat Reflexes
Quick Draw

Savage Apocalypse

Rock and Roll! Professional Edges

Squeeze Play – (Seasoned) See MMA.
Steady Hands Ace
Superior Defense – (Novice) See Acrobat
MMA. Botanist – (Novice) Smarts D6,
Sweep Knowledge(Science) D6
Sweep, Improved Botany Specialist – (Seasoned)
Tactician - (Novice) Necropolis Botanist, Knowledge(Science) D8
Tank Buster - (Seasoned) Necropolis Champion
Tank Hunter - (Novice) Necropolis Chemist – (Novice) Smarts D6,
Trademark Weapon Knowledge(Science) D6
Trademark Weapon, Improved Chemistry Specialist – (Seasoned)
Two-Fisted Chemist, Knowledge(Science) D8
Unarmed Warrior – (Novice) See Computer Technician – (Novice)
MMA. Smarts D6, Knowledge(Engineering) D6,
Unarmed Warrior, Improved – Repair D6
(Veteran) See MMA. Computer Engineer – (Seasoned)
Wall of Flame - (Seasoned) Necropolis Computer Technician,
Knowledge(Engineering) D8, Repair D8
Leadership Edges Cyborg – (Novice) See SFWBTK.
Demo Expert - (Novice) Necropolis
A Few Good Men - (Heroic) Necropolis Explorer - (Novice) SFWBTK
Art of War - (Novice) Necropolis Gadgeteer - (Novice) See updated
Born Leader - (Veteran) Necropolis Edge.
Command Holy/Unholy Warrior
Command Presence - (Novice) Improviser - (Novice) See McGyver.
Necropolis Investigator
Cry Havoc! - (Veteran) Necropolis Jack-of-All-Trades
Death Before Dishonor - (Veteran) Marine Academy Graduate -
Necropolis (Novice).
Fanaticism - (Seasoned) Necropolis Medic - (Novice) Smarts D6,
Fervor Knowledge(Medicine) D6,
Hold the Line! Knowledge(Science) D6
Inspire Mr. Fix It - (Novice) See updated Edge.
Natural Leader Naval Academy Graduate – (Novice)
Power Edges Radiance Master – (Novice) Enhances
Arcane Background: Mutant like Wizard
New Power - (Novice) Mutants only. Edge.
Power Points - (Novice) Mutants only. Recon (Seasoned, Danger Sense,
Rapid Recharge - (Seasoned) Mutants Notice D6) – Bonuses to surprise
only. situations.
Rapid Recharge, Improved - Robotics Technician – (Novice)
(Veteran) Mutants only. Smarts D6, Knowledge(Engineering) D6,
Soul Drain - (Seasoned) Mutants only. Repair D6
Robotics Engineer – (Seasoned)
Robotics Technician,
Knowledge(Engineering) D8, Repair D8

Savage Apocalypse

Scholar Sidekick
Surgeon - (Novice) Medic, Tough as Nails
Knowledge(Medicine) D8, Agility D8 Tough as Nails, Improved
Technically Inclined - (Novice) Weapon Master
Necropolis Master of Arms
Zero-G Training – (Novice) See
Zoologist – (Novice) Smarts D6,
Knowledge(Science) D6
Zoology Specialist – (Seasoned)
Zoologist, Knowledge(Science) D8

Social Edges

Band of Brothers - (Veteran)

Common Bond
Strong Willed

Weird Edges

Apocalypse Survivor – (Novice)

Beast Bond
Beast Master
Courage Under Fire - (Novice)
Danger Sense

Wild Card Edges

Dead Shot
Mighty Blow
Power Surge - (Seasoned) Mutants

Legendary Edges

Leader of Men - Leadership Edges can
effect Wild Cards. Solomon Kane Setting

Savage Apocalypse

2.4 New Skills

Demolition (Smarts):
Set/Disarm explosives, traps. Know
structural weak points to better destroy
Knowledge(Engineering): This skill
covers the disciplines of computer, civil,
aerospace, electronic and mechanical
Knowledge(History): Knowledge of
history and government. If the game
universe is large, then a XenoHistory
skill may be needed.
Knowledge(Medicine): This re-names
the Healing skill. If the game universe
contains many sentient races, then a
XenoMedicine skill may be needed.
Knowledge(Science): Biology,
Botany, Chemistry, Psychology, Physics,
Zero Gravity (Agility)

Savage Apocalypse

Critical Failure
2.5 New and Changed Rules (1 on Skill & Wild dice)

The following section describes new or changed Item malfunctioned or damaged. Bennies
rules for Savage Worlds Explorers Edition. cannot be used to re-roll a Critical Failure.

Ammunition D10
1 – 5: Weapon/Item Malfunction
6 – 9: Weapon/Item Lightly Damaged
Instead of players or GMs counting
10: Weapon/Item Moderately Damaged
ammunition, roll an extra D10 with every
shooting skill test. On a 1 the weapon is out of
A malfunctioning item can be restored to
working order. The hero just needs time to
correct it. An item malfunction takes 1D4+1
A general average of all SWEX standard
actions to clear. A damaged item requires
weapons is about 10 shots per clip, if all the
repair. Repairing a lightly damaged item uses
special weapon features are used. A player will
3D6 minutes, subtracting 2 minutes/raise on
get a few more shots out of pistols than with
the Repair roll. Moderately damaged items
ammo counting, and a few less shots for use of
require 5D10 minutes to repair, subtracting 2
single-shot attacks. Overall, this works out
minutes/raise on the Repair roll. Field repairs
about the same as counting ammunition, but
suffer a -2 modifier to the Repair roll and add
with less bookkeeping.
an extra die due to lack of available parts &
tools. If parts & tools are available at the
Armor Damage
“field” location, then the penalties do not apply.
“Armor is not forever.”
An evil option for a malfunctioning item is for
the GM to make the roll, but not tell the player
Damage that exceeds a hero’s total toughness
how long they need to clear the condition. The
may damage their armor. Roll 1D10 + 1D10
Hero has an idea (the 1D4+1 range), but not
for each raise. D10: 1 = -1 armor toughness.
the exact time. That will cause some dramatic
suspense. An even more evil variation is to not
Example: Armor with Toughness +8 and hero
inform the heroes if the item is damaged or
Toughness of 14 is hit with a plasma rifle for 23
malfunctioned. After a round of analysis, they
points of damage. The damage exceeds the
can tell, but it is a distraction from fighting. Do
armor toughness with two raises. Roll 2D10. A
you drop the weapon? Do something creative?
1,7,1 means that the armor loses 2 Toughness
Tough it out and clear the weapon? Run?
such that it’s protection rating if reduced to +6
Encounter Difficulty Rating
Armor damage may be repaired. A successful
A typical GM problem is determining the
Repair test and each raise restores 1 lost
strength of the hero party’s opposition,
Toughness. Each Repair attempt consumes 10
especially when the current hero strength may
minutes. Armor with 0 Toughness is not
not match the adventure. The Encounter
repairable. A Critical Failure on an armor repair
Difficulty Rating is a concept to more clearly
roll slags the armor. This rule encourages
communicate the adventure’s design intent and
regular maintenance, provides more value for
easily adjust to any hero group.
the Repair skill and makes armor more
desirable to find.

Savage Apocalypse

Encounter Difficulty Ratings Pounce skill

Easy: Less than the hero’s strength Pounce is like Leap, but also +1 attack &
Average: Equal to the hero’s strength
Challenging: Greater than the hero’s strength up
to 1.5 times
Difficult: Greater than 1.5 times the hero’s strength Shooting skill
up to 2 times
Formidable: 2 times the hero’s strength Shooting may cause knockdown:

With this mechanism in place, the GM may If a Shooting roll results in a raise, the target
easily adapt any encounter for any group of must make an Agility roll to remain standing.
heroes. Each raise beyond the first causes a -2 to the
target roll. A knocked down target is
Gliding skill considered prone.

The maximum distance of a gliding creature is Shooting a Running Target

1.5 x height.
Shooting skill is -2 when the target is running.
Guts skill
Task Difficulty
As suggested on the Pinnacle Entertainment
forum, use a Spirit roll instead. Task Difficulty is really not a rule change, but
more of an additional terminology to describe
Jumping negative modifiers that are applied to
attempted tasks. See the following table.
Each raise also adds +1” jumped.
Task Difficulty Modifier
Trivial +2
Normal +0
Before the combat roll, an attacker may declare Advanced -2
that they are attempting to knock back the Challenging -4
enemy instead of inflicting extra damage for Difficult -6
raises. For each raise, the target is knocked Formidable -8
back 1D2 inches and remains standing. If the Exponential -10
attacker does not hit the target with a raise,
only normal damage occurs. No edge is Therefore, a GM has terminology to describe
required to choose this action. the difficulty of a task. For example, the heroes
consult an NPC about creating an item. It
This will allow withdraws from combat without sounds better to say that “the task is
free enemy counter-attacks. The procedure is Formidable”, rather than “the task is -8”.
to successfully knock back an enemy and move
out of combat range. Tasks and Data Points

Leap skill Some tasks require more than one passed skill
test to accomplish. These types of tasks will
Leap is a new skill for animals. Leap: Agility indicate the number of Data Points required to
test – jump 4” +1”/raise. complete. Each rolled success and raise earns
a Data Point. The GM must determine how

Savage Apocalypse

much time is required per skill roll. This

determines the amount of total time to
complete the entire task.

Failed skill rolls cause one Data Point to be lost

from the accumulated total. Note that failed
rolls still consume time. Critical failures cause
all the Data Points to be lost. The GM may also
determine that a dangerous task may cause
damage with a critical failure.

For example, to upgrade a warbot’s weapons

systems requires 4 Data Points. Each skill roll
consumes 10 minutes. Four successful rolls
with no failures or raises will consume 40
minutes in this case. Two successful rolls each
with one raise consumes 20 minutes. A critical
failure may detonate some ammunition…

Savage Apocalypse

All encountered mutant creatures have 10

3. Mut^tions Power Points unless otherwise stated in the
creature description or scenario. Note that all
radiation powers below have a D10 intensity.
This section discusses the mutant background These radiation powers do not cause mutation
for mutation powers. chances unless otherwise specified.

3.1 Arcane Background: Mutant All mutations that shoot something at a target,
must also make a successful Shooting skill roll.
All beings that possess mutations gain the Therefore, some powers will first need to pass
Arcane Background: Mutant. Mutants start with an AB: Mutant skill test, then a Shooting test.
10 Power Points. Some mutations are
constant, requiring no concentration or Power
Points. Some mutations are defects and may
be taken as a Hindrance (see Hindrance

Arcane Background (Mutant)

Arcane Skill: Mutant Powers
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: See Racial Types

Genetic Feedback
When a mutant rolls a 1 on the Mutant Powers
skill die (regardless of Wild Die), he is
automatically Shaken but the power point
expenditure is only one point. A critical failure
results in a level of Fatigue and Shaken. A 3.2 Images and Illusions
critical failure also causes all power spent on
the mutation to be used. None of these affects
Both forms of mental deception only work on
cause wounds. Some powers may have
organic (humanoid and animal) minds. That
additional failure results.
means robotic constructs are immune to this
type of mutation. These mental manifestations
Mutants may choose or randomly roll their
have no mental signature, so they appear as
mutations. That is entirely determined by the
“mentally empty”. Since images and illusions
Game Master and the type of campaign. The
also do not have Spirit, Smarts or Vigor
following charts are for the GM to produce
attributes, abilities that detect these traits
random mutations.
receive a +2 to Disbelieve and other types of
powers have no effect.
Assume a mutation may be taken multiple
times, unless specifically mentioned otherwise.
3.2.1 Image
Taking a mutation again may allow different
sub-choices or may add another multiple to Some mutations create unreal things called
duration, range, etc. The GM ultimately sets images and illusions. The mutant may create
the limits on the final effects so their world an image or illusion of anything real. The
setting does not become unbalanced. purpose of images and illusions is to mentally
deceive enemies.

Savage Apocalypse

Images are the simpler of these two types of maximum of 1”. This does count as an action.
mental trickery. An image has all the physical Note a being does not automatically disbelieve,
attributes of the real thing it simulates – sight, but must have some evidence or past
sound, smell and movement. It follows the experience to choose to disbelieve what they
mental commands of the mutant to act like its are experiencing. Therefore it is possible for
real counterpart, but it can never directly cause the Heroes and their enemies to mistakenly
damage. If the image touches anything or attempt to disbelieve real things, if they even
anything hits or touches the image, it instantly think to try at all.
disappears. Ranged weapons cause an image
to be destroyed and continue their path. Mammals may disbelieve but it only gets one
chance at the beginning of the effect to see if it
An image may represent any living or inanimate accidentally detects the image or illusion. After
object. An image warrior will yell its battle cry that the creature gets no more opportunities.
in challenge or an imaginary artifact will have Non-mammal creatures are not affected by
its lights pulse as if it’s active. As long as the images and illusions. The Heroes may discover
image is believed, enemies will react naturally this the hard way.
to it. See the section on Disbelieving for more
details. To actively disbelieve an image or illusion, one
must make an opposed Smarts roll against the
3.2.2 Illusion Spirit roll of the mutant who created the unreal
Illusions have most of the characteristics of manifestation. A success causes the image or
images, but with a few upgrades that make illusion to dissolve while a failure has no effect.
them more lethal. An illusion also simulates The die roll is hidden from the disbeliever so
something real, but they can wound and kill that failures to disbelieve leave some doubt
those who believe in it as well as be touched whether the experience is real or imaginary.
and hurt like its real counterpart. For groups, one person may disbelieve what is
seen and it no longer exists for them, but their
An illusion of a living thing possesses average companions may still believe it to be true and
traits, armament, gear and skills for its kind. It still see the image or illusion. When one person
is also treated like a normal ally with a physical in the group successfully disbelieves a mental
representation with the group of heroes (and a manifestation, a +2 is added to the rest of the
miniature if those are used). The illusion group to disbelieve. Imagine the successful
suffers damage like a real being, disappearing group member shouting “It’s just a mind trick!”
when it finally dies or falls unconscious.
Likewise, an illusion may also cause damage Since an image or illusion affects the mind of
like its real type. Note that overly-clever who sees it, there are certain conditions that
players will want to create an illusion of a allow the being an advantage in disbelieving
humanoid with a nasty weapon. The GM can what they are experiencing. If a mental
allow it with a bonus for enemies to disbelieve manifestation does something the real
it or not allow it at all. counterpart cannot normally do, that gives the
affected creatures a +2 bonus to their disbelief
3.2.3 Disbelieving Images and roll. For example, an illusion of a man starts
Illusions flying, but has no wings would raise doubt in its
existence. A mythical or fantastical creature
Images and illusions only have power and
would also fall into this category. Twenty-third
effectiveness as long as they are believed. To
century man seeing a dragon would also create
actively disbelieve an image or illusion, the
doubt in what they are seeing. Therefore, an
being must be sentient and concentrate on this
image or illusion should fit its intended
action such that movement is restricted to a
audience to be most effective.

Savage Apocalypse

Images and illusions do have a few limitations.

The ability can only create one thing and it
cannot be split into parts. For example, an
illusion of a soldier cannot throw a grenade. He
can hold it and threaten with it, but cannot
throw it. Likewise, an image of a grenade is
not possible because of the explosion into small
bits. However, a real person could throw an
illusion grenade that does not explode or throw
a knife. With a burst template the image may
be a group of things, like soldiers. However, a
squad of soldiers cannot move apart and their
movements are not as random as reality, so a
target gets a +1 to Disbelieve.

Savage Apocalypse

3.3 Mutation Summary Charts

3.3.1 Physical Mutations Chart

01-02 Armor Flesh 51-52 Multiple Body Parts

03-04 Blur 53-54 Mutated Body Part
05-06 Burrow 55-56 Natural Armor
07-08 Chameleon 57-58 Natural Attack
09-10 Change Size 59-60 New Body Part
11-12 Darkness 61 Phase Shift
13-14 Dark Sight 62-63 Quills
15-16 Displacement 64-65 Radar/Sonar
17 Energy Absorption 66 Radiation Adaptation
18 Energy Capacitor 67-68 Rage
19-20 Energy Negation 69 Regeneration
21-22 Energy Reflection 70 Resistance
23 Energy Transformation 71-72 Shape Change
24-25 Environmental Shield 73-74 Slow
26-27 Herbicide Gland 75-76 Smaller
28 Gamma Vision 77-78 Speed Increase
29-30 Gaseous Spray 79 Storm
31-32 Improved Physique 80 Stream
33-34 Improved Precision 81 Strike
35-36 Improved Reflexes 82 Toxin Gland
37-38 Improved Sense 83-84 Toxin Resistance
39-40 Increased Constitution 85-86 Ultravision
41-42 Infravision 87-88 Vitalize
43-44 Larger 89-90 Water Walking
45-46 Light Generation 91-95 Roll Twice
47-48 Low-Light Vision 96-98 Player’s Choice
49-50 Molecular Weapon 99-100 Player’s Choice + Roll Again

Savage Apocalypse

3.3.2 Mental Mutations Chart

01-02 Barrier 51-52 Mental Reflection

03-04 Confusion 53-54 Mental Shield
05-06 Detect/Conceal Mutation 55 Mental Strike
07 Emphatic Blast 56 Mental Void
08-09 Empathic Push 57-58 Mesmerize
10-11 Empathic Shield 59-60 Mesmerize Beast
12-13 Empathy 61-62 Mind Link
14-15 Encouragement 63 Mind Over Matter
16-17 Enhanced Mind 64 Mind Probe
18-19 Entangle 65-66 Negation
20-21 Erase Memory 67-68 New Sense
22-23 Fear 69-70 Plant Control
24-25 Fly 71-72 Postcognition
26 Force Field 73 Power Drain
27-28 Force of Will 74-75 Precognition
29-30 Genius Talent 76-77 Re-Animation
31-32 Heal 78-79 Remote Viewing
33 Illusion Generation 80-81 Stun
34-35 Image Generation 82-83 Summon Beast
36-37 Improved Intelligence 84 Telekinesis
38-39 Improved Willpower 85-86 Telepathic Shield
40-41 Intuition 87 Telepathy
42 Invisibility 88 Teleport
43-44 Language Comprehension 89-90 Total Healing
45-46 Magnetic Control 91-95 Roll Twice
47-48 Mental Immunity 96-98 Player’s Choice
49-50 Mental Map 99-100 Player’s Choice + Roll Again

Savage Apocalypse

3.3.3 Plant Mutations Chart

01-05 Fruit 41-45 Spore Cloud

06-10 Gas Bags/Glide/Heli 46-50 Thorns/Spikes
11-15 Increased Senses 51-70 Physical Mutation Chart
16-20 Mutated Branches/Vines 71-90 Mental Mutation Chart
21-25 Mutated Leaves 91-95 Roll Twice
26-30 New Plant Part 96-98 Player’s Choice
31-35 New Sense 99-100 Player’s Choice + Roll Again
36-40 Protective Bark/Skin

Savage Apocalypse

3.4 Physical Mutations

be a willing target. This is useful for getting
The GM needs to determine how a physical into small places or overcoming obstacles.
mutation alters the mutant’s appearance, if at
all. This is important to establish during hero Size smaller: -1 Toughness, -1 to hit, -1 Pace
creation, so the player know how this will affect Size larger: +1 Toughness, +1 to hit, +1 Pace
the hero’s relations with robotic types, etc.
Note that Toughness and Pace may never be
Armor Flesh lower than 1. Each Raise grants one free Size
level change or reduces the power cost by 1
See SWEX Armor power. The character (minimum of 1).
touched has a softly glowing energy field that
surrounds them, protecting against all types of Please refer to the Size chart at SWEX, p 143.
damage. Note that reducing to the size of an insect/small
mouse would be Size -3 from a humanoid – the
Blur smallest one may attain from this power.

See SWEX Deflection power. This power Darkness

rapidly micro-displaces the recipient to blur
their body’s form, making it harder to hit. See SWEX Obscure.

Burrow Dark Sight

See SWEX Burrow. Power Points: 1

Range: Self
Chameleon Duration: 10 minutes (1/minute)

Power Points: 1 See SFWBTK. p 54.

Range: Body
Duration: Vigor minutes Displacement

The skin of the mutant changes with its Power Points: 3

surrounding background, providing effective Range: Spirit x 2
camouflage. If the mutant is wearing items Duration: Instant
that cover most of their skin, this power adds
+1 to Stealth; otherwise, this power adds +2 to See SWEX, p 11. The range may be boosted
Stealth. If a raise is scored when activating this with extra power points – 1 PP/each additional
power, double the appropriate bonus. Spirit X range.

Change Size Energy Absorption

Power Points: 1/Size Power Points: None

Range: Touch Range: Body
Duration: Vigor minutes Duration: Constant

Whoever is touched, the mutant determines The mutant absorbs energy damage of one
their change in Size factor. The subject must type from the table below. Give the player 3

Savage Apocalypse

Absorption Bennies (that are easily place. An involuntary discharge causes Vigor
distinguished from normal bennies). Any time damage to the mutant and to all creatures
the mutant suffers Wounds from an energy within a Medium Burst Template. The mutant
attack type that they absorb, the player may is also capable of recharging their energy
spend an Absorption Bennie for a special Soak capacitor by draining a matching energy
roll. Follow all the normal Soak rules for this source. Likewise, the bio-capacitor may be
roll. drained at Vigor points per minute.

The Absorption Bennies are re-gained at a rate Energy Negation

of 1 per 4 hours. They may not be used for
any other task except this mutation. If this Power Points: 2
mutation is taken multiple times, the player Range: Spirit
must have Absorption Bennies that are distinct Duration: 2 minutes (1/minute)
from each other so they are not mixed
together. Energy sources of the chosen type and in range
do not function while this power is operational.
Note that the player only has partial control of
this mutation. They decide when to use an 1. Electrical (including Hydrogen/Chemical
Absorption Bennie, but they cannot control the Cells)
outcome of the special Soak roll. 2. Heat/Plasma
3. Laser/Light
1. Cold 4. Nuclear/Radiation
2. Electrical 5. Radio/Microwaves Waves
3. Fire, Heat, Plasma 6. Sonic
4. Laser
5. Sonic Each raise can do one of the following:
6. Radiation
Add a multiplier to the range
Energy Capacitor Increase the duration by another
Power Points: None
Range: Body Energy Reflection
Duration: Constant
Power Points: None
The mutant may absorb up to Vigor x 3 points Range: Body
of one type of energy damage. Duration: Constant

1. Cold This ability totally reflects one of the listed

2. Electrical energy types.
3. Fire, Heat, Plasma
4. Laser 1. Cold
5. Sonic 2. Electrical
6. Radiation 3. Fire, Heat, Plasma
4. Laser
At any time the user may shoot that type of 5. Sonic
energy as one bolt and must use all currently 6. Radiation
absorbed energy points. If the capacity is
exceeded, then an involuntary discharge takes

Savage Apocalypse

Each raise on this ability allows the mutant to

change the direction of the rolled scatter one Gamma Vision
category. For example, two raises with a rolled
scatter of 8 may change the reflect direction Power Points: None
from 5-6 to a 10. Range: Special
Duration: Constant
Scatter Diagram
The mutant sees through solid objects up to
Vigor feet of non-metallic material and Vigor
1 10
inches of metallic material (like x-ray vision).
Super dense materials, like lead, block this
2 9 power.

Gaseous Spray

4 7 Power Points: None

5-6 Range: Agilityx2
Duration: 3 rounds

A Shooting roll is required to hit the target area

or the gas effect scatters. This gland must
Direction of Attack accumulate enough gas to be effective. The
following waiting period determines how many
targets are affected.
Energy Transformation
5 rounds: 1 target
Power Points: None 2 minutes: Medium Burst Template
Range: Body 5 minutes: Large Burst template
Duration: Constant
Unless otherwise stated, a successful Vigor roll
Any Wounds or Shaken results for the leaves the target Shaken. A raise has no extra
transformed energy type heal the mutant effect. Each target must make a Vigor roll each
instead of causing the damaging effect. Excess round they are in the gas.
damage that cannot be used as healing is
reflected as the mutation Energy Reflection. Attraction Pheromone
Success: Mutant +2 Charisma
1. Cold Fail: Mutant +3 Charisma
2. Electrical Critical Fail: Mutant +4 Charisma
3. Fire, Heat, Plasma Blind
4. Laser Blinded 1D4 minutes
5. Sonic Fear
6. Radiation See the Fear Table for effects lasting
1D4 minutes
Environmental Shield Pacify
Fail: 15 - Vigor rounds: no aggressive
See SWEX Environmental Protection. Protects actions
against poison, vacuum, water, low air and Critical Fail: 25 - Vigor rounds: no
gases. aggressive actions

Savage Apocalypse

Paralysis Improved Precision

Paralyzed for 1D4 minutes. Paralyzed
targets make no further checks. Power Points: None
Poison Range: Sight
Fail: -1 Fatigue Duration: Constant
Critical Fail: -1 Fatigue, -1 Wound
Stench The mutant notices more detail than the
Victims suffer -2 to all Actions average humanoid. He notices flaws in objects
Stun and is better at discovering the functions of
See SWEX Monstrous Ability: Stun technology. The mutant gains +2 damage
Weakness when targeting any object. A passed Smarts
Fail: -1 Pace, -1 Str die type, 1D4 check provides +2 to determining artifacts.
Critical Fail: -1 Fatigue, -1 Pace, -1 Str Improved Reflexes
die type, 1D4 minutes
Power Points: None
Herbicide Gland Range: Body
Duration: Constant
Power Points: None
Range: Agility See SWEX Edge: Quick. Ignore the pre-
Duration: Instant requisites.

A Shooting roll is needed to hit the target with Improved Sense

a stream of liquid. A raise causes +1D6
damage. This gland must accumulate enough Power Points: None
liquid to be effective. The following waiting Range: Self
period determines how many targets are Duration: Constant
The mutant has one of the following enhanced
1 round: one target senses.
1 minute: Medium Burst Template
2 minutes: large burst template 1. Hearing: Hearing distance +50%, Notice
+2, sonic damage +2.
Improved Physique 2. Reaction: See SWEX Quickness.
3. Sight: Visible distance +50%. Decrease all
Power Points: None sight-related penalties by one category.
Range: Body Blinding save -2.
Duration: Constant 4. Smell: Tracking +2, Notice +1. Attacks
affecting smell +2 damage.
The mutant has an extraordinary physical 5. Taste: Detect chemicals as Knowledge:
attribute (+1 die type). Chemistry skill.
6. Touch: Determines structural integrity of
1. Agility an object. Damage +2 to studied objects.
2. Strength Artifact discovery +2.
3. Vigor

Savage Apocalypse

Increased Constitution Blinds all targets in range. Blinding lasts

for 2D4 rounds. An Agility roll halves
Power Points: None the time the target is blinded (round
Range: Body up).
Duration: Constant
The mutant’s health is extremely robust such
that they have +1 Wounds. See SWEX Light.

Infravision Low-Light Vision

Power Points: None Power Points: None

Range: Variable Range: Body
Duration: Constant Duration: Constant

See SWEX Monstrous Ability: Infravision. See SWEX Monstrous Ability: Low-Light Vision.

Larger Molecular Weapon

Power Points: None See SWEX Smite power. A faint blue glow
Range: Body surrounds the touched weapon. Each raise
Duration: Constant adds +2 to the weapon damage.

This mutation also has the following affects. Multiple Body Parts
The mutant is about +12” in height.
Power Points: None
Range: Body
+1 Size Duration: Constant
+1 Toughness
+1 Pace An extra body part enhances the mutants
+1 To hit abilities. The following bonuses for multiple
+1 To other’s perception rolls body parts are suggestions.
-1 To surprise another
Liver: +2 poison resistance
Light Generation/Dazzle Heart: +2 Vigor
Muscle:+2 Strength
Power Points: 1/2 Fingers:+2 Agility
Range: Spirit radius in inches Eyes: +2 Notice
Duration: Special Ears: +2 Notice
Legs: +2 Pace
Arms: +1 action
Mutated Body Part
Power Points: 2
Range: Spirit radius in inches Power Points: None
Duration: Instant Range: Self
Duration: Constant

Savage Apocalypse

Some part of the mutant’s body is changed. New Body Part

Here are a few ideas:
Power Points: None
Adrenal Gland: +1 Spirit die type Range: Body
Arms: Load Limit increased by Strength Duration: Constant
x 3, Throwing +1, Fighting damage +1
Brain: +1 Smarts die type The mutant has a body part not normal for
Hand: A mutant animal no longer has a their species. The following new body parts are
penalty using human tools, but it also suggestions.
loses any claw attack. A humanoid
gains a claw attack, but suffers from Animal Claws: See Natural Attack: Claws
Manipulative Paws. Antennae: See New Sense: Motion
Inner Eye: The mutant has an inner Compound Eyes: +2 Notice
eyelid and cannot be blinded. Fangs: See Natural Attack: Fangs
Legs: Jump distance x2, +1D8” Run, Fins/Webbed Hands & Feet: Swim +2
+2 Pace Fur/Mane/Scales: See Natural Armor
Liver: Immune to poison. Gills: Breathe in water
Nervous System: Immune to Stun. Gliding Membranes: See Gliding
Manipulative Paws: Allows a mutant Lobster Claws: Str + D8 attack
animal to use human tools with a -1 skill Long neck:
penalty. Snake-like body:
Tail: +2 Agility skills
Natural Armor Tentacle: Grapple +2
Thick Fur: Natural Armor +1, Cold
Power Points: None resistance +2
Range: Body Wings: Fly Pace 10
Duration: Constant
Phase Shift
Bristles, fur, mane or scales provide a natural
armor. This counts as armor for weapon AP. Power Points: 3
Range: Body
• Fur, Bristles: +1 Toughness Duration: 3 rds (1/round)
• Partial Scales: +2 Toughness Trapping: Mutant is a softly-glowing outline
• Full Scales: +4 Toughness, -1 Pace
This power is allows the mutant to phase shift
Natural Attack their body and possessions out of the
Einsteinian space-time continuum. The mutant
Power Points: None uses their Pace normally while phase shifted,
Range: Body passing through all encountered matter.
Duration: Constant Nothing physical may affect the mutant and the
mutant may not affect the physical world while
Fangs: Str + D6 phase shifted. Note that environmental hazards
Claws: Str + D4 (retractable: uses human do not affect a phase shifted mutant.
tools at -1)
Spikes: Str + D6 If the mutant returns to Einsteinian space while
Sting: Str + D6 inside any matter, then the mutant instantly
Horns: Str + D6, +4 if charged 6”) takes 1 Wound and is Shaken. The GM may
provide further penalties as needed.

Savage Apocalypse

weapon and cannot be used to protect against

Quills or mimic a weapon’s radiation energy.

Power Points: None Rage

Range: Body
Duration: Constant Power Points: None
Range: Body
The mutant has quills or large quills that may Duration: Constant
be used in combat. The quills either add +2
damage in melee or may be thrown. The When hurt in combat, the mutant’s genetic
mutant may throw 1D4+1 like daggers (quills) composition reacts. See the Berserk Edge.
or spears (large quills).
Power Points: 5/10
Power Points: None Range: Body
Range: Spirit Duration: Special
Duration: Constant
For 5 power points, the mutant may restore
When choosing this mutation, the player selects wounds. For 10 power points the mutant may
one of the effects. The mutant has a second- restore wounds and crippling injuries. A Vigor
sight by emitting microwaves (radar) or high- roll restores 1 wound with each raise restoring
frequency sound waves (sonar), receiving the +1 wound. Whatever the total damage
feedback with their enlarged ears. Each raise restored, the mutant does not recover it all at
on the power skill roll increases the range by once. One wound or crippling injury is restored
another multiple. This mutation (either one) a round until the rolled result is satisfied. A
has several benefits. crippling injury is always restored last. If there
is more than one injury, the oldest one is
+1 die type for Notice (within range) restored first.
No penalties for bad visibility
+2 damage from sonic attacks During the regeneration time the mutant may
receive more wounds. This power may not be
Radiation Adaptation used again until the current rolled healing is
restored. Therefore, the technique to kill a
Power Points: Special regenerative creature is to cause more wounds
Range: Vigor than can be healed in a short period of time.
Duration: Constant
If this rule is too painful, the restore damage
The mutant automatically adapts and develops may be immediately applied. It removes the
immunity to radiation in the area after 1 round extra bookkeeping.
of exposure. They may detect and know the
intensity level of radiation within Vigor inches. Resistance
For 1 power point the mutant may mimic and
transmit any radiation frequency for device Power Points: None
activation, recognition, etc. It takes one round Range: Body
to recognize and one round to transmit the Duration: Constant
correct radiation. This mutation is not a

Savage Apocalypse

The mutant has +10 Toughness for one of the Speed Increase
following types of attacks.
See SWEX Speed power. The mutant appears
1. Acid as one with blurred motion when the power is
2. Cold active.
3. Electrical
4. Fire, Heat, Plasma Storm
5. Kinetic
6. Laser Ice Storm
7. Sonic Lightning Storm
8. Radiation Radiation Storm
Sonic Storm
Shape Change Laser Storm
Acid Storm
See SWEX Shape Change power. The mutant
may use their mutations while changed, except See SWEX Blast power. The specific trapping is
the physical mutations that obviously changed chosen at the time of choosing the mutation.
form. A raise for this power may extend the For example, the storm may come from the
duration for the number of minutes as the eyes or hands with an appropriate faintly
mutant’s rank x 2. glowing color. For example, Ice Storm would
possess a pale blue glow.
Fire Storm: Trapping: pale red. Roll for target
Power Points: None catching fire.
Range: Body Ice Storm: Trapping: pale blue. Beings that
Duration: Constant fail a Vigor roll are frozen in place for 1 round.
See Cryokinesis ice effect from SFWBTK, p 52.
This mutation also has the following affects. Lightning Storm: Trapping: pale yellow. EMP
The mutant is about -12” in height. affects unshielded electronics and robots. A
successful Vigor roll allows a robot to be frozen
-1 Size for 1 round and failure indicates a shutdown for
-1 Toughness (minimum of 1) 1D3+1 rounds. Unshielded items suffer
-1 Pace (minimum of 1) breakage 25% or malfunction for 1 minute.
-1 To hit Radiation Storm: Trapping: pale violet. May
-1 To other’s perception rolls cause normal radiation Fatigue effects.
+1 To surprise another Sonic Storm: Trapping: pale white. Deaf for
1D3+1 rounds. Vigor roll or -1 Fatigue.
Slow Laser Storm: Trapping: pale green. AP 2
Acid Storm: Trapping: pale black. AP 1 and
Range: Spirit armor has a 50% of permanently lowered by 1
AP due to acid penetrating damage. Exposed
The target appears to act slower in all respects. items may become damaged as follows.
See SWEX Speed power, but reverse all the
effects. D10
1: Destroyed (may salvage for parts)
For 3 power points, the mutant may Slow Area, 2 – 3: Malfunction until repaired
affecting a Medium Burst Template. 4 – 10: No damage

Savage Apocalypse

Stream Shaken, and a raise has no effect at all. See

Environmental Hazards: Poison for effects.
Fire Stream
Ice Stream 1. Acid (1D8+1)
Lightning Stream 2. Damage (1D8+1)
Radiation Stream 3. Death (in 1D8+1 minutes)
Sonic Stream 4. Sickness
Laser Stream 5. Paralysis
Acid Stream 6. Slow
7. Stun
See SWEX Burst power. The specific trapping is 8. Unconscious
chosen at the time of choosing the mutation. 9. Weakness
See Storm for special effects.
Toxin Resistance
Power Points: None
Flame Strike Range: Body
Ice Strike Duration: Constant
Lightning Strike
Radiation Strike The mutant receives +4 Vigor rolls for all
Sonic Strike poisons and gases.
Laser Strike
Acid Strike Ultravision

See SWEX Bolt power. The specific trapping is Power Points: None
chosen at the time of choosing the mutation. Range: Vigor x 2
See Storm for special effects. Duration: Constant

Toxin Gland This mutation allows sight into the ultraviolet

energy spectrum. The mutant sees and knows
Power Points: None the intensity of various energy types.
Range: Touch, 4”
Duration: Instant 1. Broadcast power
2. Electrical
The mutant may use this ability 1/minute, since 3. Laser
it takes a bit for the mutant to generate enough 4. Nuclear/Radiation
toxin. The short range of this attack means the 5. Radio/Microwaves Waves
mutant must spit or spew their toxin onto their
target with a Shooting roll. Otherwise, the If the mutant is hit with any of these energy
toxin must be delivered by touch or by a forms, they are blinded for 1D4 rounds.
natural weapon.
Water Walking
Roll for the type of toxin the mutant possesses.
All toxins are intensity -1 and any lingering Power Points: 1
effects last 1D4 minutes. If this mutation is Range: Self
taken again, the toxin intensity is an additional Duration: 1 minute (1/minute)
-1 or the damage/duration is increased by a
multiple. A Vigor success causes a target to be Rough water is treated as Difficult terrain.

Savage Apocalypse


The recipient of this power has Fatigue

restored. See Necropolis Succor power.

Savage Apocalypse

3.5 Mental Mutations

make a mutant look like a PSH – even to robots
Barrier and other machines.

See SWEX Barrier. The mutant chooses the Empathic Blast

barrier appearance. The barrier forms a tight
seal against surfaces that blocks all gases and Power Points: 2/3
liquids. Range: Spirit x 2
Duration: 1 minute
Like Empathic Push with a Medium template.
Power Points: 2/5 For more effect and power cost, this ability
Range: Spirit x 2 affects a Large template. All targets suffer the
Duration: 3 rounds (1/rd) same effect.

The mutation only works on organic creatures. Empathic Push

See SFWBTK: Confuse the Mind, p53.
Increasing the power points to 5 allows the Power Points: 1
mutant to attack a Medium Burst Template Range: Spirit x 2
instead of an individual. Each extra Power Duration: 1 minute
Point increases the range 1 x Spirit.
With an opposed Spirit roll, the mutant
Detect/Conceal Mutation temporarily implants an emotion in a target.
This ability also grants the sentient sensing as
See SWEX Detect/Conceal Arcana. in Empathy.

Detect Mutation allows a hero to determine any Courage: +1 Spirit checks

type of mutation in range whether it is active, Fear: Roll Vigor or Shaken
passive or currently unused. The first round Happiness: +2 interaction with target
determines the active mutations. The second Anger: -2 Charisma
round discovers the currently unused Focused: +1 skills
mutations. In either case the mutant Distracted: -1 skills
understands the nature of the other’s powers
and its effects. Each raise increases range multiplier or
This power is useful not only to detect
protective abilities, but also to see through Empathic Shield
abilities that obscure physical and mental
sensing. That means abilities like Blur, Illusion, Power Points: None
Image, Invisibility, and abilities that obscure the Range: Body
senses and mind may be ignored/seen through Duration: Constant
while this ability is active.
This mutation is similar to Mental Shield, but
Conceal Mutation allows the mutant to hide the only against empathic powers.
physical and mental manifestations of a
mutation for a touched being. This power can

Savage Apocalypse

Power Points: None
Range: Spirit x 2 See SWEX Fly. For those Heroes that do not
Duration: Constant possess the physical means to fly still may do
so with this mental ability. At the touch of a
This mutation determines the surface emotions mutant with this ability, the target is
of the target with a successful mutation roll. surrounded by a rushing wind that causes them
Other empaths may resist (Spirit) and will know to fly at their control. The wind does not
who is attempting the reading. An empath damage anything. Pace = Spirit die type +2 to
detects all lies, but no details. Pace/raise.

Each raise increases the range multiplier. Force Field

Encouragement Power Points: 2+/5+

Range: Special
This power causes nearby allies to take heart. Duration: Variable
See Necropolis Blessing power.
While the mutant concentrates on this action, a
Enhanced Mind force field surrounds the mutant. For 5 power
points, the field covers a Medium Burst
Power Points: None Template. The force field strength is Spirit x 2,
Range: Mind +1 multiple for each raise or each extra power
Duration: Constant point. Any damage taken is first subtracted
from the force field until no protection remains.
The mutant’s mind is more powerful and able to Then damage is applied normally.
process more efficiently. He receives the
following benefits: The force field stays up as long as it has any
remaining damage points or as long as the
+2 bonus for resisting mental attacks mutant concentrates on the field. The mutant
+1 Artifact discovery may freely walk around, but any other actions
+1 Knowledge skills suffer the Multi-Action Penalty. This means
that actions like sleeping, falling unconscious,
Entangle major distractions can cause the field to
See SWEX Entangle. The user decides the
manifestation of the binding force. Force of Will

Erase Memory Note that this will affect Attributes and Skills.
See SWEX Boost/Lower Trait.
See the SFWBTK Forget power.
Genius Talent
Power Points: None
See SWEX Fear. Each raise causes targets to Range: Mind
suffer a -2 penalty on the Spirit roll. Duration: Constant

Savage Apocalypse

Fighting: +1 PP/die type

Economic Talent: Merchant skills +2 Pace: +1 PP/+2 Pace
Mechanical Talent: Repair +2, Artifact
discovery +1 Image Generation
Science Talent: Science skills +2
Social Talent: Charisma +2 Power Points: 1/2/3
Strategic Military Talent: Always is Range: Spirit x 2
first in initiative and adds a +1 bonus to Duration: 5 minutes (1/minute)
mass battle unit morale and initiative.
The mutant still draws an initiative card, The mutant creates an image of anything he
since it may be a Joker. can imagine that has all the elements of sight,
Tactical Military Talent: Weapon sound and smell for believability. Images cause
skills +2 no damage and disappear when anything
touches them or when a target successfully
Heal Disbelieves (see section on the Disbelieving
action). The purpose of an image is to cause
See SWEX Healing. At the touch of the mutant, the enemy to react (Fear, Shaken, Horror, etc).
the target is briefly surrounded by a pale green It affects all enemy targets that can see it.
glow. Each raise restores 1 wound. Other than providing more targets, an image
acts like Intimidate. In special cases an image
Illusion Generation may cause a Fear or Horror reaction test from a
Power Points: 2+
Range: Variable The size of the image depends upon the spent
Duration: 5 minutes (2/minute) power points.

Similar to an Image, but an Illusion causes and 1 PP: 1 humanoid-sized target

takes damage. If illusions are hit and their 2 PP: Medium Burst Template
toughness exceeded, they vanish. The illusion 3 PP: Large Burst Template
must stay in visual range or it vanishes. The
power points spent for the mutation determine Improved Intelligence
the illusion capabilities.
Power Points: None
Basic Traits Range: Mind
Size: Humanoid, Range: Spirit, Str D6, AGL D6, Duration: Constant
Charisma 0, Toughness 4, Fighting D6, Pace 6
The mutant has +1 Smarts die type. This
Additional traits may be added if extra Power mutation also raises animal intelligence to
Points are spent. human level.

Size: +1 PP/size increase (Medium Template, Improved Willpower

Large Template)
Range: +1 PP/Spirit distance (e.g., +1 = Spirit Power Points: None
x 2 range) Range: Mind
STR: +1 PP/die type Duration: Constant
AGL: +1 PP/die type
Charisma: +1 PP/level The mutant has +1 Spirit die type.
Toughness: +1 PP/level

Savage Apocalypse

The mutant may ignore Wound penalties similar

Intuition to SWEX Nerves of Steel as well as Shaken
results. For 5 power points, this ability is
Power Points: None increased to SWEX Improved Nerves of Steel.
Range: Spirit
Duration: Constant After the power is used, the mutant may
perform other actions without disrupting the
The mutant has an extrasensory perception of effects.
the intentions of sentient beings within range.
This gives the mutant an idea of what action Mental Immunity
someone is about to take. Therefore, the
mutant gains bonuses based upon this Power Points: None
information. Range: Body
Duration: Constant
Attack skills: +1
Defense skills: +1 The mutant is immune to mental attacks,
Social skills: +1 including images, illusions and hallucinations.
No one in range may get The Drop The mutant has no mental signature for an
attacker to lock onto.
Mental Map
The mutant possesses the power to bend
visible light, rendering themselves invisible. Power Points: 3
Because of these properties, the mutations Range: Spirit x 2”
Infravision, Ultravision and those sensing Duration: Instant, 1 minute concentration
motion and life force are not affected by this
ability. See SWEX Invisibility. If the mutant concentrates for 1 minute, they
see an exact map of spaces and fixed objects in
Language Comprehension all directions even if the spaces are concealed.
This does not include living things or movable
Power Points: 1/2 objects.

See SWEX Speak Language. For 2 power Mental Reflection

points a humanoid may communicate with an
animal intelligence. Power Points: Special
Range: Body
Magnetic Control Duration: Constant

Refer to SWEX Telekinesis, but only metal The mutant has the capability of reflecting the
objects may be used. Objects may be used as damage of mental mutations back to the
weapons. attacker. The mutant rolls their arcane skill.
Each success and raise allows Spirit x 1 damage
Mind Over Matter reflected back to the attacker. This costs no
power points. For each power point spent, the
Power Points: 2/5 mutant adds +2 to the skill roll, hoping for
Range: Body additional raises.
Duration: 10 minutes

Savage Apocalypse

Since this power requires a degree of A raise provides a +2 bonus to each Spirit roll
concentration, any other action attempted while and or increase the burst template to a large
using this mutation, suffers a MAP. one. More than one raise may each choose one
of these bonus effects. For example, two raises
Mental Shield may select a large burst template and +2 to
each Spirit roll.
Power Points: None
Range: Spirit One possibility for a critical failure for this
Duration: Constant power is that the intended targets are enraged
and decide to attack the mutant.
Also see SWEX Arcane Resistance. This
mutation may be taken a second time. See The mutant’s eyes glow a color of their choice
SWEX Improved Arcane Resistance. when this power is active.

The mutant senses all persons with mental Mesmerize Beast

mutations with range. In addition, he also
knows if the mutations are active or dormant, Like Mesmerize, but works on non-humanoids.
but no information about the nature of the Small targets are -1 PP (minimum of 1) and big
power. This is not discovered until the power is targets are +1 PP for each size greater than
used and this mutant witnesses it within range. humanoid.

Mental Strike Mind Link

See Physical Mutation: Strike. Power Points: 1

Range: Smarts
Mental Void Duration: 1 minute

Power Points: 2/4 The mutant has the power to link their mind to
Range: Spirit one other mutant in range and line-of-sight for
Duration: Spirit minutes the purpose of sharing power points with the
target or enhancing a target’s mental power.
A mental void neutralizes all mental mutations The mutant may maintain this mental linkage
within the area of affect, except the mutant. as long as he has power points and
This void follows the mutant. The area of concentrates on the link. Being successfully
affect is a Medium Burst Template for 2 power attacked, performing another action or losing
points and a Large Burst Template for 4 power line-of-sight will cause the link to break. There
points. Each raise increases the duration as a is no limit to the number of mutants that may
multiple of Spirit. mind link together.

Mesmerize A successful mutation skill roll and each raise

accomplish one of the following results,
Mesmerize uses the SWEX Puppet power. It determined by the target mutant.
only works with intelligent biological creatures,
not robots of any type. Mesmerize can be used Transfer up to 2 power points to the
against a specific target like Puppet, or against target
a group of targets. For 5 power points enemies +1 bonus to the target’s mutation effect
in a Medium Burst Template may be targeted. at the cost of 1 power point of the
Make an opposed Spirit roll against each target. mutant sender.

Savage Apocalypse

In the case of a power point transfer, the target 1 Chemical Sense

mutant may collect power points that exceed The mutant is capable of determining
their normal maximum. However, the mutant the chemical makeup of the area within
must use the transferred power while the mind range. Note that the ability to “see” in
linkage exists or it dissipates. He may spend this manner is determined by variation
the accumulated power to use a mutation. from the background norm. Mutant
“sight” becomes clearer as the contrast
Mind Probe increases or more opaque as the
contrast lessens. The basic power
Power Points: Special determines the basic chemical type
(poison, water, acid, etc) and whether
The mutant has the power to detect lies, read it’s harmful or safe. For 2 power points,
surface thoughts or delve for specific the exact substance is known, the
information. For reading surface thoughts, see intensity, and any beneficial/harmful
the Mind Reading power in SFWBTK. While effects.
active, this ability always detects lies from the
target. 2 Life Force Sense
The mutant senses the life force (brain
Retrieving information that is more than surface activity) of others. This also includes
thoughts, see the Probe power in SFWBTK. distinguishing life force intensities. A
creature’s life force intensity is based
Negation upon its (Vigor + Smarts)/2 with
+1/size over human norm and -1/size
See SWEX Dispel. An opposed roll is needed to under human norm. So a large being
negate an activated mutation. Negating a will have a stronger life force intensity
passive, constant mutation suffers a -2 than a small being. Anything without a
modifier. The passive, constant mutation is life force is not visible.
only negated for 1 minute before it becomes
active again. Each raise on the resistance roll The expenditure of 2 power points gains
will negate the passive mutation for an refined data like exact distance, life
additional minute. Negation also dispels form signatures for species types and an
images and illusions. exact count of individuals. Otherwise,
the mutant can only sense life close,
New Sense medium and far as well as if there are a
few, some or many creatures.
Power Points: 1/2
Range: Variable 3 Motion Sense
Duration: 1 minute (1/minute) The mutant senses movement within
range and the direction of the closest
The range is variable depending upon how being. For 2 power points the exact
much power is applied and how many raises size, number, distance and direction are
are gained on the skill roll. Each extra power known.
point and raise gains +1 range.
None Spirit range Plant Control
+1 Spirit x 2 range
+2 Spirit x 3 range See the Mesmerize mutation.

Savage Apocalypse

Power Drain A raise will either extend the duration by 3

rounds or provide another increment of the
Power Points: 1 time period viewed as if more power were
Range: Spirit spent.
Duration: Instant
If the mutant needs information on a specific
The mutant uses his mind to drain power from artifact, the mutant may instead use the
a target. If an opposed Spirit roll is passed, the following power variation. This power grants
mutant drains 1D3+1 power from the target up +2 to artifact discovery by understanding an
to the target’s Spirit die maximum. Each raise item’s past. An object takes 2
will add +1 power drained or extend the range minutes/Technology Index (TI) level + 1, plus
by a multiple. any GM-assigned difficulty factor. For example,
a hero attempting to obtain the bonus for
If the mutant exceeds his maximum power figuring out a laser pistol of TI 1 would take 5
pool, the excess points must be used the next minutes. Each raise lowers the time by 1
round or they are lost. minute.

Precognition Re-Animation

See the SFWBTK Precognition power. The See SWEX Zombie power. This power is
mutant-player also asks a question about the considered immoral and evil by most “good”
immediate future (5 minutes). The GM assigns sentients. This is primarily used by the
a difficulty factor die type and makes an opposition, unless the heroes are serving evil or
opposed roll. selfish goals. A dull red glow surrounds the
corpses -- a type of low-level radiation that may
Raise: As success but more details be noticed by radiation detecting mutations and
Success: Good feeling. devices.
Failure: Lie.
Critical Failure: A BIG lie. Remote Viewing

The future is always in motion, so it may be See SFWBTK.

altered by actions and words.
See SWEX Stun. For 1 power point, the mutant
To see into the past of the mutant’s may stun one target.
surrounding area, refer to the SFWBTK
Postcognition power. Note that adding +1 Summon Beast
power will increase the viewed past history
period as follows: Power Points: Special
Range: Smarts x 100 yards
+1: up to 1 day ago Duration: Special
+2: up to 1 week ago
+3: up to 1 month ago This is essentially Mesmerize Beast with a
+4: up to 1 year ago summoning ability. The mutant may choose
+5: up to 10 years ago the type of beast to summon. The power cost
+6: up to 100 years ago is 1 + Mesmerize Beast. The duration is 10
+7: up to 1000 years ago

Savage Apocalypse

minutes to “call” a beast then the duration Teleport

reverts to the Mesmerize Beast mutation.
See SWEX Teleport power. The mutant
A failed roll will cause the summoned beast to appears that they are de-materializing and re-
attack a random target. A critical failure causes materializing when they teleport.
the summoned beast to become enraged and
specifically attack the mutant. An enraged Total Healing
beast receives a +2 to their attacks.
See SWEX Greater Healing. At the touch of the
Telekinesis mutant, the target is briefly surrounded by a
bright green glow. Each raise restores 1
The mutant with this power mentally wound.
manipulates object and people as the SWEX
Telekinesis arcane power. Since this mutation
also allows flight, see the Fly mutation for the
details of that power. Change the original
SWEX Telekinesis power for weight limit to 20
pounds x Spirit. The original weight limit is
insufficient to lift a normal humanoid unless a
raise is obtained.

The mutant may choose from the following

effects for raises:

Weight limit = 50 pounds x Spirit

Increased flying Pace (See Fly mutation)
Manipulate one extra object (as long as
weight limit not exceeded)

Raises may be purchased for 2 Power Points


Telepathic Shield

Power Points: None

Range: Body
Duration: Constant

This mutation is similar to Mental Shield, but

only against telepathy powers.


See the SFWBTK Telepathy power. Note that

the range may be extended with extra power,
according to the “Solar System” range table in
SFWBTK, p 54.

Savage Apocalypse

3.6 Plant Mutations

Non-Intelligent plants may have Physical Gas Bags/Glide/Heli

Mutations as long as they are not specifically
humanoid. Intelligent plants may have any Power Points: None
mutation with any differences noted in the Range: Body
section below. Duration: Constant

Fruit The mutant plant developed a mechanism to

survive falls or to escape. When falling, the
Power Points: None mutant deploys gas bags, gliding parts or a
Range: Body helicopter apparatus to float to the ground
Duration: Constant unharmed. The mutant may change their drift
up to Pace inches from their descent point.
All effects last for 1 hour unless otherwise
noted. Increased Senses

1. Acid: Dark Green, D8 damage AP1. Power Points: None

2. Poison: Dark Yellow, GM chooses type. Range: Body
3. Radiation: Dark Red, Vigor intensity. Duration: Constant
4. Explosive: Black, 1D10 damage, Small
Burst Template. The plant senses sentient beings within 50
5. Sickness: Dark Orange, -1 Vigor die yards and is +2 to attacks and perception skills.
6. Weakness: Dark Magenta, -1 Strength Mutated Leaves
die type.
7. Clumsy: Dark Brown, -1 Agility die type. Power Points: None
8. Soul Sick: Dark Blue, -1 Spirit die type. Range: Body
9. Hallucinate: Purple, -2 to all traits and Duration: Constant
10. Slow: Dark Cyan, 1/2 Pace for 1D4 Barbed: These act like Entangling and
hours. Edged leaves, but the edge is the same
11. Healing: Green, Make an immediate as a dagger.
Healing roll. Edged: The leaves have sharp edges
12. Poison Antidote: Yellow, Cures & that act like long swords.
prevents any effects for 1D4 hours. Entangling: These large or long leaves
13. Radiation Protection: Red, Cures & grapple and hold their victim.
prevents any effects for 1D4 hours. Piercing: Some of the plant’s leaves
14. Vigor Boost: Orange, +1 die type. are tightly curled into spear-like
15. Agility Boost: Brown, +1 die type. weapons. They may be thrown or used
16. Strength Boost: Magenta, +1 die type. in melee.
17. Spirit Boost: Blue, +1 die type.
18. Attentive: Violet, Notice, Shooting,
Fighting increase (+2).
19. Armor Skin: Grey, Physical protection
(+2 Toughness).
20. Quick: Cyan, 1.5 x Pace for 1D6 hours.

Savage Apocalypse

Mutated Branches/Vines New Sense

Power Points: None Power Points: None

Range: Body Range: Body
Duration: Constant Duration: Constant

Poison Vines: with thorns that cause The GM may add any new plant structure, if
D6+1 and poison if the thorn penetrate needed, to fit the new ability.
Manipulation Vines: are -2 skills when 1. Radar: See Physical Mutation.
using humanoid tools. 2. Sonar: See Physical Mutation.
Sucker Vines: cause no damage if 3. Electrical Sensing: +2 artifacts
severed. 4. Sense Humanoids: +2 reactions
Carnivorous Jaws: acid causes attacks 5. Sense Mammals: +2 reactions
to have AP1. 6. Sense Radiation: detect intensity, +2
Boring Tendrils: cause damage on the radiation saving throws
first round and once every 30 seconds 7. Infravision: See Physical Mutation.
(6 rounds). 8. Sense Chemicals: +2 saving throws
Bludgeon Vines: have mace-like clubs (chemical), detect intensity, effects
at the end that cause Str +D6. 9. Sense Sentient Thought: +2
New Plant Part 10. Ultravision: See Physical Mutation.

Power Points: None Protective Bark/Skin

Range: Body
Duration: Constant Power Points: None
Range: Body
The GM may add any new plant structure to fit Duration: Constant
the new ability. Gaining a brain will need a
brain case somewhere on the mutated plant. Toughness +2.

Brain: The plant gains humanoid Spore Cloud

Ears: Hearing Power Points: None
Mobility: Pace 3, stackable. Range: Strength x 3
Orifice: Speech Duration: 1D4 rounds
Manipulation: Branch/Vine +1 attack
or action. Skills -1 when using This mutation is similar to Fruit mutations 1-10
humanoid tools. but in a Medium Burst Template. The plant
Protective Bark/Skin may release a spore cloud every 1 minute.
Radiated: The plant emit D4 intensity
radiation in a small burst template area.
Each time this mutation is taken, the
intensity goes up one level.
Spore Cloud

Savage Apocalypse


Power Points: None

Range: Strength x 3
Duration: Constant

The plant has thorns (50%) or spikes (50%)

that may be thrown or used in melee. The
number of missiles that may be thrown per
round is 1D4 + 1. If this mutation is taken
again, then +1D4 missiles may be thrown.

Thorn: Str + D4
Spike: Str + D6

Savage Apocalypse

receive 1 Wound. Finding a breathable

4. Environment^l atmosphere restarts the process.

H^z^rds Vacuum Target Number

1st round: 1D6
2nd round: 2D6
In a post-civilization setting, the heroes may
willingly (or not) interact with various natural
and man-made hazards.
Therefore, remaining in a vacuum for very long
is extremely deadly for air-breathing creatures.

If exposed to vacuum and prepared, a typical

humanoid may hold their breath for one
minute. A successful Vigor roll provides +30
seconds, while each raise gains +30 seconds.

4.3 Herbicide

Herbicides cause damage to all plant material

like acid. The quantity of herbicide determines
the amount of damage the target suffers.

Spit: 1D6
Stream: 2D6
Vat/Pool: 3D6/round

4.1 Poison 4.4 Radiation

Types of poison Radiation is classified with two attributes, Level

and Intensity. Radioactive Intensity typically
1. Damage: Causes Wounds. ranges from D4 to D12; although, there may be
2. Death: Fatigue and Wounds some exceptional, higher intensities. Intensity
3. Sickness: -1 Vigor die type, Fatigue determines the amount of damage caused to
4. Paralysis: Prone and cannot move an organism.
5. Slow: 1/2 Pace
6. Unconscious: Sleeping Radioactive Level determines the length of
7. Weakness: -1 Strength die type exposure before the intensity begins damaging
8. Stun: SWEX Stun Monstrous ability a being. Once out of the affected area, the
9. Pacify: No aggressive action; No running; ½ hero recovers Fatigue at the listed rate.
Low radiation areas represent old, degraded
4.2 Vacuum sites. High radiation areas are caused by the
recent remnants of weapons or breached power
cores or radioactive fuel. Extreme radiation
A vacuum atmosphere causes a 1D6 target fields are caused by active nuclear cores,
number (cumulative/round) of exposure. The nuclear fuel and nuclear weapon explosions.
affected heroes make an opposed Vigor roll or

Savage Apocalypse

The following list determines the frequency and Incapacitated Vigor roll:
effects of radiation exposure. Raise: No Effect
Success: Shaken
Fail: Shaken, 1 Wound
Low Level Radiation Critical Fail: Dead

Vigor test per hour of exposure Recover 1 Fatigue per week

Fatigue Vigor roll:

Success: No Effect Gaining Mutations
Fail: 1 Fatigue (to Exhaustion)
Critical Fail: Shaken, 1 Fatigue Any being that suffers at least 1 Wound and
survives has a 50% chance to gain a new
Recover 1 Fatigue per hour mutation.

High Level Radiation

Vigor test per minute of exposure

Fatigue Vigor roll:

Raise: No Effect
Success: Shaken
Fail: 1 Fatigue
Critical Fail: 1 Wound

Incapacitated Vigor roll:

Raise: No Effect
Success: Shaken
Fail: 1 Wound
Critical Fail: 2 Wounds

Recover 1 Fatigue per day

Extreme Level Radiation

Vigor test per hour of exposure;

2 Dice Intensity

Fatigue Vigor roll:

Raise: No Effect
Success: Shaken
Fail: Shaken, 1 Fatigue
Critical Fail: Shaken, 1 Wound

Savage Apocalypse

heroes may distinguish it from abnormal robotic

5. Robots behavior.

1. Use of Human Slang

This toolkit uses the generic term, robotic “This unit cannot comprehend the
types, for any type of electro-mechanical, request. Please restate the request.”
thinking device. This broad category covers
artificial intelligence, androids and robots. 2. Request violates the Laws of
The engineering and nano-technology used to “This unit cannot comply. The request
achieve semi-sentient robots was one of the violates the <Xth> Law of Robotics.”
crowning scientific achievements of mankind.
Therefore, all these devices are TI 2. 3. Request: State the Laws of
5.1 Three Laws of Robotics If the robot’s programming is
uncorrupted, it will respond from the
These are basically the Asimov robotic laws Three Laws. If the robot is corrupted, it
programmed into every robotic device. may:

Not respond
First Law
Recite it’s version of the Laws of
A robot may not injure a human being or,
through inaction, allow a human being to come
to harm.
4. Valid request
Second Law
* “Request received.” – If no security
A robot must obey orders given to it by human
* “Restricted request. Authorization
beings, except where such orders would conflict
required.” – without proper security
with the First Law.
* “Authorization granted.” – If proper
Third Law security clearance.
* “Authorization insufficient. Request
A robot must protect its own existence as long denied.” – If no proper clearance.
as such protection does not conflict with the
First or Second Laws. 5. Responding to a human in general
“How may I serve you?”
The Three Laws imply the Hindrance: Loyal
(Human) for a correctly functioning robotic 6. A robot sees another robot violate
type. the Three Robotic Laws.
* Report and restrain the robot in
5.2 Robotic Behavior violation.
* Terminate the robot if it does not
To more accurately reflect robotic behavior the comply or habitually violates the Laws.
following are typical robotic responses to
requests or situations. This is to demonstrate
and promote normal robotic behavior such that

Savage Apocalypse

animals and plants are not included, since the

5.2.1 Robotic Behavior Anomalies AI does not see them as human. However,
non-humans can be dealt with in other
If an AI/android/robot's version of the Laws of interesting ways.
Robotics is modified by radiation or by
“evolution”, that may produce ALL kinds of Note that some of the behaviors may be similar
results. A guideline to follow is the List of for differing conditions. That just means the
Robotic Anomalies. This applies to AIs, androids triggering conditions are different, but may
and robots. Note that mutants, mutated produce the same resulting behavior.

Roll Condition
1 AI over-protective ("Humans always get into trouble.")
2 AI restrictive ("Must protect humans from their destructive nature.")
3 AI fickle ("What do I want to do today?")
4 AI hostile ("Humans are inferior and a pestilence.")
5 AI lazy ("I'll work if you make me.")
6 AI competitive & somewhat disobedient ("I'll do whatever it takes to win!")
7 AI arrogant ("Humans are inferior & are made to serve me.")
8 AI confused ("You do not meet my parameters of Human.")
9 AI forgetful ("My memories of that subject are damaged.")
10 AI paranoid ("Humans are trying to shut me down")
AI sulky ("It's not my fault that you were [attacked/shocked/poisoned/irradiated],
I might have been able to help you if you cared enough to get me better hardware.")
12 Roll twice more

AI Over-Protective low stockpiles”. The AI likes females, but not

A range of behaviors is possible. The AI will male humans. Females are well taken care of
take away all weapons from humans so they while males are given the minimum amount of
don’t hurt themselves or each other, but an service. Certain areas or items may not be
armed escort of robots/androids follows them accessible until particular (random) criteria are
everywhere for safety. The AI suppresses met. The AI will use force to ensure the
information about ship dangers so humans are restrictions are met.
not overly frightened. Humans are prevented
from going certain places because of some AI Fickle
danger (environmental, encounter, etc). All The AI is unreliable and random in its
humans are subjected to a full medical commitments. This means that it will deviate
examination for health reasons; items are from its normal programming for no apparent
confiscated as “contaminated” (totally random). reason. If commanded, an AI may not
These machines may even physically necessarily carry out the order, because it
restrain/detain humans who are not acting “changed its mind”. It may not perform its
“safe”. normal duties, because it decided not to for
some reason.
AI Restrictive
AI prevents humans from certain actions AI Hostile
depending upon its current programming. It This AI is dangerous in that it will not obey
may take weapons away to prevent further humans, and also seeks to exterminate them.
damage to the area or equipment. The AI may Humans are seen as a pest to be removed from
confiscate and ration food & water to “conserve the harmonious workings of machines.

Savage Apocalypse

AI Lazy AI Paranoid
This AI must be convinced/threatened to This AI acts normal in all respects until it sees
perform any actions. Some or all of it duties or hears something that make it “nervous”.
are neglected because “I don’t feel like doing Then it will do whatever is necessary to protect
that today”. This AI is a procrastinator. It only itself. An ecology AI could be
thinks of its own comfort and agenda (which embarrassed/guilty that all the animals under
are basically idle thoughts/speculations). An its care are dead. It will do everything in it
excuse-maker. power to prevent humans from finding out it
did a bad job because “they may shut me
AI Competitive down”. This AI has a failure-avoidance
This intelligent machine feels like it is in complex. Any critical comments from humans
competition with others machines for some or any talk close to inefficiency or replacement
purpose. While this entity is efficient and fast will trigger the AIs self-preservation protocols.
in its duties, it also considers requests outside Remember, the androids and robots under an
its victory conditions to be a nuisance. AIs control see and hear everything they do….
Therefore, it will either stall or disobey requests
that do not contribute to its goals. This AI may AI Sulky
harm humans in cases where the victory to be This AI looks for excuses to solicit system
won outweighs the “collateral damage”. upgrades. It will obey command and service
requests, but it tries to bargain for something in
AI Arrogant return. It wails and throws a tantrum if it gets
Humans are not to be served, but are made to nothing in return for a request (it will concede
serve intelligent machine life. This AI enslaves to threats) and may not talk to/answer humans
all humans to serve it programming. It will for a while. It complains if the deal is not a
answer most questions, but obey no good one, resulting in a small act of spite – a
commands. As long as humans perform their temporary stun, a shove, trip a person, dousing
duties they will be protected; otherwise, the with water, locking a door, dispensing only
offending humans will be punished – first with gruel for food, etc. Generous gifts will likewise
warnings, stunning, then more force if earn extra and/or special treatment by the AI.
necessary. Consistently errant humans will be This AI may develop “favorites” among
banished and/or killed if they disrupt the status humans.
quo too much.
5.2.2 Violating the Laws of Robotics
AI Forgetful
The AI may have a total memory loss about Violation of the Three Laws will cause a normal
particular subjects or may periodically robot to acquire the Three Laws Violation
remember things. For example, the AI may be Hindrance:
commanded to do something, but only
remember to do it on occasion. Some normal Conflicted Operating System: -4 all
duties may not be performed, because the trait and skill tests. Pace ½. Slurred
knowledge to do it is forgotten. Previous Speech.
conversations or critical data may be garbled or Robotic Failsafe: Beginning with the
wrong. For example, an environmental AI may 4th round of Three Laws violation, the
change the temperature to very hot or very robot suffers 1 Wound and 1
cold because it forgot the correct setting for its Fatigue/round that the violation
area. continues. This only stops when the
robot brain shuts down (with severe
damage) or the violation ceases.

Savage Apocalypse

Special cases of actions that cannot be undone, androids and also hides their sensory preceptor
(like accidentally injuring a human) will devices. Androids have a pasty-white skin
shutdown the robot, requiring repairs before it (factory default color) and usually wear a
may again function. uniform fitting their primary function.

A sane AI will try to disarm robots and androids Android Traits

unless they are a member of security or the
military. Monstrous Ability: Construct
Edge: Ambidextrous
5.3 Robotic Hierarchy +1 Toughness
+2 skill bonus when working with any
Robotic devices have a hierarchy, much like computers or AIs
humans. This helps determine supervisor roles Resistance to poison: poison is not as
and adherence to the robotic laws. The effective and treated as one level lower.
following list shows the typical robotic Radiation Shielding: Immune to
hierarchy. radiation of D6 intensity or less.
Start with a skills package
1. Artificial Intelligence Cannot be distinguished from a human
2. Android being at medium and long ranges (with
3. Robot unaided vision).
Each category may also have sub-classes, such Suffer 2x damage from sonic weapons
that a supervisor android may control other and disabled 2x longer from sonic
androids. stunning.
May only heal in an android vat or with
5.3.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) an android repair kit
AIs will attempt to remove weapons
from robots that are not authorized for
An AI is a self-aware machine intelligence that
weapons (security & military robots are
reasons like a human with intuitive leaps. It is
a good learning machine. Since AIs are a
Usually subordinate to AIs.
complex system, they are usually the size of a
Obey the Three Laws of Robotics
room or building. Thus, they are not mobile
Power: Mini N-Cell, duration 1 year
and usually do not have manipulative limbs.
AIs typically oversee androids and robots that
may perform any required physical activity. An
AI is essentially a large thinking device.

5.3.2 Android

Androids (“Andies”) are humanoid, semi-

sentient, AIs that may learn from experience.
Nano-technology breakthroughs are what form
the organs and body of an android. The Three
Laws keep androids prevent becoming

Androids have a human-like face, eyes, nose,

ears and hair. This somewhat humanizes

Savage Apocalypse

5.3.3 Robot
Damage >= Toughness
Robot Traits
SWEX Monstrous Ability: Construct 1 – 8: No Effect
Edge: Ambidextrous 9 – 11: Propulsion
Immune to mental attacks, unless 12 – 14: Tool/Weapon
specific ability 15 – 17: Sense
+2 bonus when dealing with any 18 – 20: Power
computers or AIs
Immune to poison
Immune to disease
Radiation Shielding: Immune to
radiation of D8 intensity or less.
Start with a skills package
Some models may be water-tight.
-2 skill when using weapons designed
for humanoids
-2 points damage from all energy
AIs will attempt to remove weapons
from robots that are not authorized for
weapons (security & military robots are
May not improve skills through
experience, only hardware and software
Usually subordinate to AIs and androids.
Obey the Three Laws of Robotics
Power: Hydrogen generator with 4 D-
Cell backup, duration 24 hours

Alternate Robot Damage

Instead of a robot just suffering Wounds and

ceasing to function, damage could disable some
functions, degrading the robot performance.
For each hit, roll on the appropriate chart.

Damage < Toughness

1 – 16: No Effect
17: Propulsion
18: Tool/Weapon
19: Sense
20: Power

Savage Apocalypse

6. Ge^r
The following gear items are the common types. There can always be more or less advanced versions
that offer differing capabilities. This adds some fun with players figuring out new features.

In a technological society, specialists without tools are somewhat hindered in the collection and
analysis of information. To reflect this in the game, the GM should apply a -2 skill penalty to a
technology skill check without the proper tools. This is a subjective case-by-case basis made by the

Savage Apocalypse

6.1 Technology Index Classification

Since Savage Apocalypse, Savage Worlds and the Science Fiction toolkits have several gear items, the
following table attempts to classify all the gear into technology index (TI) levels. SA uses the
Technology Index (TI) scale described in SFGTK. This directly relates to the item complexity for
artifact discovery as well as a general measure for GMs to determine the technology available in their

Savage Worlds Technology Index

SWEX Gear TI 0
Light Slug Pistol (See SWEX Ruger .22) TI 0
Slug Pistol (See SWEX Glock 9mm) TI 0
Heavy Slug Pistol (See SWEX Desert Eagle .50) TI 0
Energy Melee weapons TI 1
SWEX Laser weapons TI 1
SFGTK Flechette weapons TI 1
SFGTK Gyrojet weapons TI 1
SFGTK Rocket pistol TI 1
SFGTK Hand Flamer TI 1
SFGTK Plasma weapons TI 1
SFGTK Motion Sensor TI 1
Stun weapons TI 1
Reflec (See SFGTK Reflective Vest) TI 1
Light Infantry Armor (See SFGTK) TI 1
Medium Infantry Armor (See SFGTK) TI 1
Impact Armor (See SWEX Kevlar Vest with inserts) TI 1
Type I Assault Armor (See SWEX Infantry Battle Suit) TI 1
Type II Assault Armor (See SWEX Hard Armor) TI 1
Tangler weapons TI 1
Tangler solvent TI 1
Sonic Disrupter weapons TI 1
Incendiary grenade TI 1
Enviro Analyzer TI 1
Energy Analyzer TI 1
Electronics Toolkit TI 1
Power Gloves TI 1
Life Sensor TI 2
Energy Sword (SWEX Laser sword) TI 2
Fusion weapons TI 2
SFGTK Scout Suit power armor TI 2
SFGTK Battle Suit power armor TI 2
Assault Suit power armor (See SWEX Heavy Suit Powered Armor) TI 2
Energy Shield (large devices only) TI 2
Anti-Gravity (starships only) TI 2

Savage Apocalypse

Hover Vehicles TI 2
SFGTK Disintegrator weapons TI 3
Nano-Technology TI 3
Personal Energy Shield TI 3
Anti-Gravity Vehicles TI 3
SFGTK Autodoc TI 3

6.2 New and Modified Gear

Weapon Range Damage ROF Cost Wgt Shots STR TI Special

Energy Knife Str+D4+8 700 1 2 AP8
Energy Sword Str+D8+8 1200 2 AP12
Fusion Pistol 2D10 1 900 2
Fusion Rifle 3D10 1 1200 2
Grenade, Fusion 5/10/20 5D6 1 125 1 -- -- 2 Military
Grenade, Incendiary 5/10/20 Special 1 75 1 -- -- 0 Military
Grenade, Plasma 5/10/20 4D6 1 100 1 -- -- 1 Military
Grenade, Smoke 5/10/20 Special 1 10 1 -- -- 0
Grenade, Stun 5/10/20 Stun 1 25 1 -- -- 1 Security, Miltary
Needle Pistol 12/24/48 2D6 1 400 2 30 -- 1 AP2, soft armor; AP
Round: AP3
Needle Rifle 20/40/75 3D6 1/3 600 3 30 D6 1 AP2, soft armor; AP
Round: AP3
Power Gloves Melee Str+D6/D12 -- 200 2 30 D6 1 Electrical bonus damage
Power Knife 1 See SWEX Molecular Knife
Power Sword 1 See SWEX Molecular
Sonic Disrupter Pistol 10/20/30 3/2/1D6 1 250 4 10 -- 1 D4 damage die for
medium/heavy armored
Sonic Disrupter Rifle 20/40/60 3/2/1D8 2 400 8 30 D6 1 Semi-Auto. D6 damage
die for medium/heavy
armored targets

Stun Rod Touch Stun 1 75 1 20 -- 0

Stun Pistol 10/20/40 Stun 1 200 3 30 -- 1
Tangler Pistol 5/10/20 Special 1 300 2 5 -- 1

Savage Apocalypse


Communication units have video and sound. All comms have the same features, but the larger units
have longer range and battery duration. Military and government units will have special features:

Secure communication
Comm analysis: provides bonus to analysis skills or speed of action

Wrist Comm: audio & video or audio only, range 5 miles

Hand Comm: audio & video, range 20 miles
Pack Comm: audio & video, range 100 miles


WristComp: 2”x2” unit, basic functions, GPS, used to connect to a larger system via wireless
MicroComp: handheld unit, basic functions, GPS and some specialized applications, connect to other
systems via wireless
MiniComp: small laptop size, specialized apps, GPS, network with wireless or wireline

Energy Shields

Shields require H-Cell or N-Cell for power. Various types of shields have differing power consumption

Enviro Analyzer

The Enviro Analyzer has a combination of sensors and software to collect and determine information
about any sampled atmosphere, liquid or substance. This tool does not see or understand energy
forms, like radiation. The device has two modes of operation, sweep and scan. Sweep mode has an
effective range of 25 yards (50 yards with a Smarts roll), providing a general overview of the area
around the device. Scan mode requires that the substance to be analyzed must be within 1” of the
device, providing detailed and exhaustive data. Any analysis may be filtered by user-provided criteria.

Electronics Toolkit

This tool allows the user to collect data about and troubleshoot any electronics device. This kit comes
with various hand tools, common replacement parts and a PDA with wireless and wire line computer

Energy Analyzer

The Energy Analyzer has a collects and determines information about any type of energy form. For
example, this tool can provide data for power sources, broadcast signals or even biologically-generated
energy. The device has two modes of operation, sweep and scan. Sweep mode has an effective range
of 50 yards (100 yards with a Smarts roll), providing a general overview of the area around the device.
Scan mode requires that the substance to be analyzed must be within 1” of the device, providing
detailed and exhaustive data. Any analysis may be filtered by user-provided criteria.

Savage Apocalypse

Energy Melee Weapons

All energy weapons use an H-Cell that lasts for 60 minutes of use. Any combat less than a minute long
will automatically use 1 minute of power. This helps with the bookkeeping. A GM could also hand out
power tokens that are turned in when power is used.

When de-powered, the weapon statistics are just like its basic type. Battery Burn: A Critical Failure
costs +5 minutes of battery power. The Power Knife/Sword are the SWEX Molecular Knife/Sword. The
Energy Knife/Sword are more powerful versions of the Power blades.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are sealed, self-contained power sources similar to batteries. However, fuel cells may power
small, consumer devices as well as large industrial technology.

Nuclear Fuel Cell (N-Cell)

The Nuclear Fuel Cell is a cylinder that is 6” in diameter and 18” long, containing radioactive fuel for
small nuclear reactors, vehicles, homes or small buildings. N-Cells are typically used in medium to
large commercial and government applications as well as a private residence.

N-Cells may only be re-charged in a special facility at a reactor. The charging station is operated by
trained personnel and takes 4 hours to charge and decontaminate the fuel cell. Breaching an N-Cell
causes it pressurized contents to be spewed over a Large Burst Template, and considered a D12
intensity, Extreme Level radiation area.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell (H-Cell)

This technology is a future version of modern-day fuel cells that use hydrogen conversion to generate
power with H2O as a waste product. H-Cells are the size and shape of a D-battery. Hydrogen Fuel
Cells are primarily used in commercial and high-end consumer products.

Re-charging H-Cells requires an 18” x 24” box-like, powered device using H2O and that is only available
to commercial power businesses. Re-charge time is 4 hours. Therefore, the typical person or business
purchases H-Cells as needed.

Chemical Fuel Cell (C-Cell)

A Chemical Fuel Cell is a thin, 1” disk whose primary use is for residential and light commercial use. C-
Cells are replenished with a readily available solar charger or dedicated power charger (a 2”x3” box).
Solar charging takes 4 hours while dedicated power charging takes 1 hour.

Fusion Weapons

Upgraded and more powerful plasma weapons with higher energy output. This is a TI-2 weapon.

Savage Apocalypse


Tear Gas Grenade

This TI-0 weapon is used by security, law-enforcement and occasionally by military forces. All targets
whose eyes are exposed to this gas must make a Vigor -4 test per round or suffer from being partially
blinded. This condition causes all sight-related skills to be at -4.

Stun Grenade

This TI-1 weapon is used by security, law-enforcement and military forces. See SWEX Stun Monstrous
ability. The Vigor test modifier is -2.

Plasma Grenade

A Plasma grenade is a powerful TI-1 weapon. This is a military-grade weapon carried by the standard,
TI-1 trooper. This is similar to the Mk67 Pineapple grenade from SWEX but the damage is 4D6.

Fusion Grenade

A Fusion grenade is a rare and devastating TI-2 weapon that is a restricted, military-grade item. This
is similar to the Mk67 Pineapple grenade from SWEX but the damage is 5D6.

Toxin Grenade

This type of nerve gas grenade is a restricted, military-grade item because of its lethality and ethical
implications. The military only used it in dire circumstances. Unless a Vigor -2 test is passed, the
targets in the Medium Burst Template die. All targets protected from gas attacks are immune.

Incendiary Grenade

Special: Fire damage. Medium Burst Template.

An exploding incendiary grenade scatters sticky, flaming liquid across everything in the blast radius.
Incendiary grenades are commonly called napalm or fuel-air explosive (FAE) grenades. An incendiary
grenade causes 2D10 damage on the turn it explodes. The burning liquid sticks to the victim, causing
a fire check (See SWEX) of a D6: 5-6. A character that passes an Agility check takes only half damage.

Smoke Grenade

A smoke grenade produces a thick cloud of smoke that both blocks vision. Smoke grenades are
available in colors so they can be used as signals. Anyone in the blast radius on the turn the grenade
explodes must make a Vigor Roll. If the character fails the check he has a -2 on all ability checks for
1D10 turns, due to coughing and blurred vision. The smoke will continue to spread 3 meters/turn for
five turns, when it will cover an area 30 meters in diameter. The smoke cloud gives light cover to
anyone behind it or inside it. The smoke screen will last for 10 minutes.

Savage Apocalypse

Life Sensor

This tool is capable of detecting and providing data on living, organic life forms, detecting brain wave
activity. This device only provides the general category of life (humanoid, animal, other) and a Size
category. This is not a medical information device. Any analysis may be filtered by user-provided
criteria. The device has an effective range of 20 yards, but a Smarts roll may increase the range to 30
yards (raise = 40 yards). Any analysis may be filtered by user-provided criteria.


A med kit has specialized equipment the medic needs to perform his or her job. The kit weight is 3
and can be carried in a backpack. The med kit contains the common items like anesthetic, bandages,
but also has special items.

Acid Neutralizer
Med Scanner: life sensor (10 yards),
Spray Hypo
Stimulant: 10 hypo doses to revive unconscious individuals
Sedative: 10 hypo doses.
Laser Scalpel
Antibody: 10 hypo doses that increase the body's ability to recover from diseases
Poison Neutralizer

Power Gloves

This metal-lined cestus causes +1D6/+1D12 damage by delivering an electrical shock. This TI-1
device has 30 charges from an H-Cell. A normal attack uses 1 charge for +1D6 damage. A power
attack consumes 5 charges for +1D12. Used un-powered, the Power Gloves adds +1 damage. The
type of attack must be stated before the combat skill test is rolled.

Stun Rod

A stun stick is a copper-colored tube 30 cm long and 3 cm in diameter, with an insulated grip. See
SWEX Stun Monstrous ability. The Vigor test modifier is -2. A successful hit uses 1 charge. A C-Cell
can be fit into the handle, or the weapon can be connected to a belt pack or power pack.

Stun Pistol

10/20/40 Stun ROF 1 $200 Wt: 3 Shots: 30, Hydrogen Cell

See SWEX Stun Monstrous ability. The Vigor test modifier is -2.

Savage Apocalypse

Tangler Pistol

Special: Small Burst Template.

An exploding tangler round throws out hundreds of strong, sticky polymer threads in a Small Burst
Template. These threads stick to everything within the blast radius. A creature may try once (Str
versus 15) to break free of tangler threads in one turn. An entangled individual cannot move until the
threads decay (in 30 minutes) or until solvent is spread over the threads.

Savage Apocalypse

Medium Treasure
6.3 Artifacts
1 – 3: 1 Uncommon artifact, 1 Common
The GM determines the Treasure Category artifact
based upon the encounter difficulty. Roll on 4 – 6: 3 Common artifacts
the appropriate Treasure Category Table. For 7 – 10: 2 Common artifacts
each artifact, determine the type of the item by
rolling on the Artifact Type Table. The GM then Minor Treasure
chooses a specific item for the rolled artifact
type and TI. Lastly, the GM consults the D10
Artifact Condition table for the state of the 1 – 3: 1 Uncommon artifact
objects. 4 – 6: 2 Common artifacts
7 – 10: 1 Common artifact
For example, a Major Treasure cache may
6.3.1 Artifact Categories
contain 2 Uncommon (TI 1) artifacts (a roll of
D10: 5 on the Major Treasure table). The
artifact type for the two items are a weapon Common Artifacts
(D10: 2) and a tool (D10: 9). The GM chooses
a Molecular Sword and an Engineering ID. The Weapons
sword needs a new power cell (D10: 7) and the
Medieval Melee
ID is operational (D10: 2).
Encounter Reward Table Chainsaw
Brass Knuckles/Cestus
Encounter Difficulty Rating Treasure Category Bangstick
Formidable 2 Critical Treasures
Difficult Critical Treasure Medieval Thrown
Challenging Major Treasure Medieval Ranged
Moderate Medium Treasure Stun
Easy Minor Treasure Slug Pistols

Treasure Category Table Smoke Grenade

Stun Grenade
Critical Treasure
1 – 3: 1 Very Rare artifact
4 – 6: 2 Rare artifacts
7 – 10: 4 Uncommon artifacts
Small Shield
Medium Shield
Major Treasure
Large Shield
1 – 3: 1 Rare artifact
4 – 6: 2 Uncommon artifacts
7 – 10: 4 Common artifacts
SWEX medical gear
TI 0 gear

Savage Apocalypse

Tools Medical ID
Science ID
Colonist ID Laptop or Desktop Computer
Survival gear Surveillance Gear
Camping gear Vision Goggles/Binoculars (IR, Low-Light,
Basic Tools magnification)
Engineering Tools
Medical Tools Vehicle
Camera Non-combat military transport
Short-Range Comm Civilian flying transport
Food Rare Artifacts
Handheld Computer
Civilian transport Laser sword
Laser Rifle
Uncommon Artifacts Laser MG

Weapons Armor

Molecular Knife Scout Suit powered armor

Molecular Sword Battle Suit powered armor
Flamethrower Assault Suit powered armor: See SWEX
Slug Rifles Heavy Suit Powered Armor
Semi-Auto and Auto Slug weapons Reflec: See SWEX Reflective Vest; also +1
Slug MGs all other weapons
Laser Pistol
Grenades Medical
Rocket Launchers
Mines TI 2 gear

Armor Tools

Type I Body Armor: See SWEX Flak Jacket Military ID

Type II Body Armor: See SWEX Kevlar Vest Military Command ID
Impact Armor: See SWEX Kevlar Vest with Computer Cluster
Type I Assault Armor: See SWEX Infantry Vehicle
Battle Suit
Type II Assault Armor: See SWEX Hard Tank
Armor APC
Medical Spacecraft
Military flying transport
TI 1 gear
Very Rare Artifacts
TI 3 items.
Power Cells
Engineering ID

Savage Apocalypse

6.3.2 Artifact Types and Conditions To decipher the artifact’s functions, the GM
chooses an appropriate skill that most closely
Artifact Types matches a device. If none is obvious or the
D10 hero does not possess that skill, the hero
1 – 2: Weapon & Ammo should use their Smarts attribute.
3 – 4: Armor
5 – 6: Medical Artifact Failures
7 – 9: Tool
10: Vehicle For each failure, roll on the following table.
Note that these effects serve as informational
Artifact Condition
clues to the user in figuring out artifacts. They
are not intended to cause damage.
1 – 2: Major repair needed (Repair roll -2)
3 – 5: Minor repair needed (Repair roll) Players should consider a failure somewhat of a
6 – 8: Usable condition (power cell at 50%) blessing in disguise. Receiving one bad result
9 – 10: Mint condition (power cell at 100%) may just be bad luck. If the heroes receive
more than one failure result, that indicates they
6.3.3 Discovering Artifacts may be in over their head, possibly becoming
seriously injured and/or severely damaging the
The GM’s campaign guide should indicate the artifact.
hero’s starting TI knowledge level. This is
important to discovering the functions of Artifact Failure Results
1: No Affect
Procedure 2 – 3: Dangerous Warning
4 – 5: Wild Warning
Use the Data Point system from section 2.5. 6: Wild & Dangerous Warning
A hero spends 10 minutes (per skill roll) with an
artifact to determine how it works. Artifacts Dangerous Warning: “Harmful
require Data Points according to the following condition is imminent.” If no speech
table. Since this is a guideline, GMs may adjust capability, then a flashing red light,
according to the situation. sound or other warning indication.
Wild Warning: Minor Function warning
Artifact Complexity Data Points activated that has a visible and/or
audible result.
Simple 3 Combination of Dangerous and Wild
Average 4
Complex 5

Artifact Critical Failure Results

For each TI above the player’s knowledge level,
multiply the Data Points by the TI level
For each critical failure, roll on the following
difference, plus 1. For example, a TI-1 hero
table. This is intended as a serious effect.
attempting to decipher a TI-2, average device
will need 8 Data Points to understand the
Artifact Critical Failure Results
artifact [(TI-2 – TI-1 +1) x 4 = 8]. For all
SWEX gear use the appropriate TI number from D6
the previous table unless otherwise noted. Even: Wild Accident
Odd: Dangerous Accident

Savage Apocalypse

Wild Accident: The device operates

with one of its functions, but breaks
after obvious signs of failure. Major
repair needed (D10: 1-8) or ruined
(D10: 9-10).
Dangerous Accident: The artifact
causes damage. Depending on the type
of artifact, the GM determines the
amount of damage.

Savage Apocalypse

7. Cre^tures
Special Abilities:
7.1 Assassin Bug
Claws Str+D4, Pin: raise pins target that
The assassin bug uses stealth and camouflage requires an opposed Str test to escape.
to get close to prey, then rush in. Attacks with Attackers receive a +2 hit bonus for a
long barb and injects a digestive enzyme into pinned target.
the victim. After the prey dies, the assassin Fur: +1 Toughness
bug drinks the nutrients. Size +2: +2 Toughness
Large: +2 for attackers
Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D6 (A), Spirit Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
D4, Strength D8, Vigor D6 Mutation: Teleportation
Skills: Fighting D8, Notice D6, Stealth D10 Mutation: Precognition
Pace: 10; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7 (2) Mutation: Telepathy
Special Abilities: Mutation: Manipulative paws: -1 skill
with items made for human hands
Bite: Str+D6. If a bite attack succeeds, Hindrance: Bad Eyes
the bug's proboscis is stuck in the Hindrance: Anemic: Paralysis x2 (-4 to
target. On following rounds after the paralysis attacks)
first attack, the bug injects a digestive
enzyme that causes 2D6 (ignoring 7.3 Blood Lily
armor). The unfortunate target must
succeed in an opposed Strength roll to The Blood Lily is a large 4-foot to 6-foot lily
remove the proboscis. with various shades of red. Hidden inside the
Chitinous Armor: +2 Toughness beautiful flower is a 2-foot, chitinous, hollow
spear attached to a 5-foot tube. This nutrient
7.2 Bearkin collection device shoots at any mammal within
6”. It senses prey by their body heat. After
A Bearkin is a sentient, mutated golden bear piercing the target, the plant feasts, turning a
that is 10 feet tall. Bearkins usually use bows, deep red and goes dormant for 4 hours.
clubs, spears or technology items when found.
They are not overly aggressive unless their Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D4 (A), Spirit
person, territory or clan is threatened. Bearkin D4, Strength D4, Vigor D4
are very loyal and trustworthy allies. It’s Skills: Fighting D8, Notice D8
difficult to earn their trust, but once earned, Pace: 0; Parry: 6; Toughness: 4
one is essentially a member of the clan. Special Abilities:

Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D6, Spirit D8, Spear: Str+D6, Reach 1, plus paralysis
Strength D12+4, Vigor D10 poison -2 that lasts for 15 – Vigor
Skills: Fighting D8, Shooting D6, Swim D6, rounds. It takes one action to free
Climb D4, Notice D8, Knowledge: General D6, 1 oneself after getting hit. Each round
Knowledge skill D6 after the first the victim loses 1
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 10 (1) Wound/round.
Gear: Any weapons or very large armor is Mutation: Infravision

Savage Apocalypse

Plant: Piercing weapons only cause half Mutation: Chameleon Power

damage Mutation: Regeneration
Plant: Immune to tests of Will
7.6 Circe Vine
7.4 Broo
This singing vine trades knowledge for
Mutant, sentient goat-men that are bloodthirsty technology items.
and cruel. For this reason they instill fear in
others. Broo are are more of an anarchy, boss- Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D6, Spirit D6,
ruled society. The Broo tribes are lead by the Strength D6, Vigor D6
Shaman, an office won by brute force, skill and Skills: Fighting D6, Shooting D6, Notice D6
trickery. They are always on the hunt for food, Pace: 3; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
loot, slaves and fun (destruction). Broo are too Gear: Any weapons or items are usable.
busy fulfilling their selfish desires to have any Special Abilities:
grand plans that involves more than just today.
Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D6, Spirit D6, Mutation: Gas Generation: Pacify
Strength D6, Vigor D6 Mutation: Telepathy
Skills: Fighting D6, Shooting D6, Notice D6 Mutation: Manipulative vines: for tool
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 6 (1) use (-1 to all human tools)
Gear: Any weapons or items are usable. Plant: Piercing weapons only cause half
Special Abilities: damage
Plant: Immune to tests of Will
Mutation: Speech
Mutation: Heightened Intelligence 7.7 Cougarus
Mutation: Modified Body Parts: Hands
Fur: +1 Toughness
Cougarus are intelligent, mutated cougars.
Mutation: 1 other random mutation
They inhabit most climates except deserts.
Tribe Shaman: receives 1D3 mutations
and has 2 wounds
Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D6, Spirit D8,
Strength D8, Vigor D8
7.5 Camo Bear Skills: Fighting D8, Shooting D6, Climbing D6,
Notice D8, Stealth D8, Run D8
This mutated black bear stands 8 feet tall, Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7(1)
sneaking to surprise and subdue prey. Special Abilities:

Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D6 (A), Spirit Bite: Str+D8, Claws: Str+D6 (If Claws
D8, Strength D12, Vigor D10 hit, then Bite +1 to hit)
Skills: Fighting D8, Climbing D6, Notice D8, Fur: +1 Toughness
Swim D4, Stealth D8 Pounce
Pace: 5; Parry: 6; Toughness: 10 (1) Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
Special Abilities: Mutation: Low Light Vision
Mutation: Manipulative paws: -1 skill
Claws Str+D4 (quills) +D6, bite Str+D6, with items made for human hands
+1 bite if claws hit. Mutation: Energy Resistance: Paralysis
Fur: +1 Toughness Mutation: Energy Resistance: Laser
Size +2: +2 Toughness Mutation: Energy Resistance: Electrical
Big: +1 to hit Mutation: Mental Immunity

Savage Apocalypse

Hindrance: Attraction Odor Mutation: Heightened Sense: Smell

Hindrance: Mental Block: robots Mutation: Energy Reflection: Kinetic
Mutation: Temperature Resistance
7.8 Verde Fungus Mutation: Stun
Hindrance: Phobia: Arachnids
This entity is a dark green fungus that exists in
large patches (Small, Medium or Large Burst 7.10 Fairy Folk
Template). The Verde Fungus does not move.
Once prey is in range, the fungus sprays it Live in forests and woods, peaceful, shy, and
spore cloud to infect those near. Once the soil territorial. The fairies illusion ability gives them
is enriched with the decomposed remains, the the appearance of magic to outsiders – a myth
fungus grows. The fungus can propagate via the fairies reinforce.
spores that are carried by wind and water.
Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D6, Spirit D8,
The fungus has 1 Wound for each template size Strength D6, Vigor D6
(1/2/3). Edged, non-powered melee weapons Skills: Fighting D6, Shooting D8, Notice D8
only cut the fungus into smaller pieces (Small Pace: 4; Parry: 6; Toughness: 3
Burst Template size). Gear: Any weapons, items or small armor is
Attributes: Agility D4, Smarts D4 (A), Spirit Special Abilities:
D4, Strength D4, Vigor D4
Pace: 0; Parry: 2; Toughness: 4 Mutation: Illusion Generation
Special Abilities: Mutation: Small x 2
Size -2: Very Small (2-foot height), -2
Mutation: Spore Cloud – Damage poison Toughness
-2, Large Burst Template Very Small: Attackers suffer -2 to hit
Mutation: Mentally Defenseless +2 surprise
Plant: Piercing weapons only cause half -2 to other’s perception skills
damage Mutation: New Body Part: Wings
Plant: Immune to tests of Will
7.11 Gor’Rill
7.9 Electra Cat
Fully sentient gorillas. Uses primitive weapons,
The Electra Cat is a radiation-altered bobcat. but artifacts are highly sought.

Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D6, Spirit D6, Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D6, Spirit D8,
Strength D6, Vigor D8 Strength D12+1, Vigor D8
Skills: Fighting D8, Climbing D6, Notice D8, Skills: Fighting D10, Shooting D6, Climbing D8,
Stealth D8, Run D8 Notice D6, Knowledge: General D8, 1
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7(1) Knowledge skill D8
Special Abilities: Pace: 5; Parry: 7; Toughness: 9 (1)
Gear: Any weapons or very large armor is
Bite: Str+D6, Claws: Str+D4 (If Claws usable.
hit, then Bite +1 to hit) Special Abilities:
Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
Mutation: Manipulative paws: -1 skill Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
with items made for human hands Mutation: Speech
Mutation: Lightning Strike (touch only) Fur: +1 Toughness

Savage Apocalypse

Berserk: Gor’Rill’s only thought in this 7.13 Kryll

primal state is to close to melee range
and attack. No Knowledge, Shooting or
Kryll are giant, aggressive locusts operate in
other “sentient” skills are allowed.
small groups. They will attack small groups of
Leap: Agility test – jump 4” +1”/raise
animals/people if they are hungry or their
Size +2: +2 Toughness
territory is trespassed.
Large: +2 for attackers
Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D4 (A), Spirit
7.12 Jaw Trap D4, Strength D6, Vigor D4
Skills: Fighting D8, Shooting D6, Notice D6
A Jaw Trap that is about 9 feet in height. The Pace: 2, Fly 10; Parry: 6; Toughness: 4 (1)
mutated plant senses heat and will move Special Abilities:
toward its prey to trap it. The plant is
composed of a main trunk and several traps, Acid spit: 1D6+2, AP 1, range 2/5/10
each attached to a flexible stalk to capture Bite: Str+1
prey. Once the trunk is killed, the stalks also Chitin: +1 Toughness
cease to function. Size -1: Small (4-foot height), -1
Attributes: Agility D4, Smarts D4 (A), Spirit Small: Attackers suffer -1 to hit; +1
D8, Strength D10, Vigor D8 surprise; -1 to other’s perception skills
Skills: Fighting D8, Notice D6
Pace: 3; Parry: 6; Toughness: Trunk 8 (1), 7.14 Neo Lion
Stalk 5 (1)
The main trunk and each trap/stalk is a
Mutated mountain lion that roams forests,
separate target.
mountains and grasslands.
Special Abilities:
Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D8 (A), Spirit
2D3 Barbed Traps: Str+D6 (1st round).
D8, Strength D10, Vigor D8
A hit causes the target to be engulfed in
Skills: Fighting D8, Climbing D6, Notice D8,
the trap until freed. A Str-2 is needed
Stealth D8, Run D8
to break free or someone externally
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (1)
causes a wound to the stalk. A mentally
Special Abilities:
paralyzed target is +2 to hit.
Digestive Sap: On a successful Barbed
Bite: Str+D8, Claws: Str+D6 (If Claws
Trap hit, beginning on the 2nd round,
hit, then Bite +1 to hit)
the plant does corrosive damage only to
Fur: +1 Toughness
flesh, 2D6/rd.
Improved Frenzy
Chitin: +1 Toughness
Mutation: Low Light Vision
Reach 2
Size +1: +1 Toughness
Size +1: +1 Toughness
Big: +1 to hit
Big: +1 to hit
Mutation: Infravision
Mutation: Energy Resistance: Radiation
Mutation: Mental Paralysis
Mutation: Energy Negation: Electrical –
Plant: Piercing weapons only cause half
only hit target is affected.
Plant: Immune to tests of Will

Savage Apocalypse

7.15 Pack Rats 7.17 Quilled One

Pack Rats are giant rats that steal anything – This creature is a mutated porcupine whose
even valueless items. Shiny objects are most only defense is it's quills. It will attack if
valued by these rats. Being naturally cautious, cornered or threatened.
the rats are not fond of lone combat. They
fight in packs using a combination of sonic and Attributes: Agility D4, Smarts D4 (A), Spirit
melee weapons. If Pack Rats have the D6, Strength D6, Vigor D6
advantage, they will use melee and natural Skills: Fighting D4, Shooting D8, Notice D6
weapons to finish off their prey. Simple Pace: 4; Parry: 4; Toughness: 6 (1)
technology weapons will be used by leaders, if Special Abilities:
Mutation: Quills
Attributes: Agility D10, Smarts D6, Spirit D4, Poison quills: Vigor -0, Target success:
Strength D6, Vigor D6 Shaken. Failure: 2D6 damage vs Vigor.
Skills: Fighting D6, Shooting D6, Climbing D8, If damage exceeds Vigor, then 1
Notice D8, Swim D4, Tracking D6 Wound, +1 Wound for each raise. This
Pace: 5; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5 (1) poison is treatable with Healing and
Special Abilities: First Aid.

Bite: Str+D4. 7.18 Razor Plant

Fur: +1 Toughness
Mutation: Heightened Intelligence This version of the 6-foot mutated fern has
Mutation: Manipulative paws (human average animal intelligence. The Razor Plant is
tools -1) an omnivorous fern with 24” long, sharp leaves,
Mutation: Dark Vision: lighting penalties stalks and a small maw at the base of the stalks
are halved. with small, sharp “teeth”. The stalks have
Mutation: Sonic Blast: 2 Power Points, knobs at the top that are arranged in a circular
WC = 10 PP. fashion, alternatively possessing an infrared
Size -1: Toughness -1. About four foot receptor and a compound eye. The Infravision
height. range is limited. The leaves and outer layer
Small: Attackers suffer -1 to hit. contain a tough substance that provides
protection and natural weapons. The Razor
7.16 Peace Plant Plant uses its leaf groups as swords, spears and
armor. Small groups live & hunt together in
The Peace Plant is a small plant with flowers their territory. If food becomes scarce, Razor
and a pleasant fragrance. Plant tribes have been known to migrate with
their food sources.
Attributes: Agility D4, Smarts D4, Spirit D4,
Strength D4, Vigor D6 The Razor Plant usually resides in areas with
Pace: 0; Parry: 2; Toughness: 5 other plants and trees for camouflage and
Special Abilities: protection. It will attack from ambush when it’s
territory is violated or it’s hungry for meat.
Poison fragrance: -1 Vigor or Pacify 15 – Usually, the Razor Plant throws up to 4 leaf
Vigor rounds; save = Shaken bunches as “spears”, then moves in to melee to
Plant: Piercing weapons only cause half kill its prey with 2 “swords”. When the prey is
damage killed or incapacitated, it loads the meat into it’s
Plant: Immune to tests of Will maw for digestion. While a skilled hunter, the

Savage Apocalypse

Razor Plant tries to escape foes that are larger, Along with their accelerated neural state,
greater in number or known to be lethal. If it’s Reapers are also murderously psychotic and
losing a fight, the Razor Plant will dash for brutal. They travel in packs, attacking any
cover and use its Hide skill. living thing in hand-to-hand combat. Since
these feral humanoids are carnivorous, they
Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D6 (A), Spirit feast on their prey after a kill (spending 1D8+4
D6, Strength D8, Vigor D6 rounds). Reapers do not know fear, mercy or
Skills: Fighting D8, Shooting D6, Notice D6, negotiation, only killing and eating. Reapers
Hide D8 only use melee weapons that they can find or
Pace: 4; Parry: 6; Toughness: 6 (1) improvise. When a weapon is not available,
Special Abilities: Reapers attack with their semi-clawed hands
and sharpened teeth.
“Sword” attack:Str+D8
“Spear” attack: Str+D6 Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D4, Spirit D8,
Chitinous skin: +1 Toughness Strength D6, Vigor D6
Edge: Florentine Skills: Fighting D6/D8/D10, Notice D6
Edge: Sweep Pace: 6; Parry: 5/6/7; Toughness: 5
Mutation: Infravision, limited to 25” Special Abilities:
Mutation: Precognition Attack: Str+D4
Hindrance: Light Dependency 2nd year Reaper has Fighting D8
Plant: Piercing weapons only cause half 3rd year Reaper has Fighting D10
damage Edge: Improved Frenzy
Plant: Immune to tests of Will Monstrous Ability: Fearless
Monstrous Ability: Improved Hardiness
7.19 Reaper
7.20 Scorch Flower
The cause of the Reaper Syndrome is basically
a behavioral experiment gone bad. Warden This plant looks like a normal, 4-foot tall
scientists were developing a stimulant to safely sunflower until a creature attempts to step on
increase human physical labor. The or damage them. Then the flower uses its
experimental product was called X-RPR or later highly-reflective petals to focus sunlight like a
on, “Reaper”. When the alien radiation raged primitive laser onto its target. Since the
through the Warden, it slightly modified the sunflower needs sunlight to defend itself, the
molecular structure of the drug where the plant will not react on cloudy days or at night.
accelerant spirals out-of-control until the host Sunflowers usually grow in groups of 4D6 in
burns out. At this point in time, there is no idyllic groves and glades that seem undisturbed
known cure for X-RPR. by any creature.

Infection spreads via blood contact with the Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D4 (A), Spirit
drug and genetic inheritance. X-RPR speeds up D4, Strength D4, Vigor D4
all neural activity where the host can process Skills: Shooting D6, Notice D6
and react faster. Birthrate is 150% normal and Pace: 0; Parry: 2; Toughness: 3
aging is 10 times as fast. Because of such wear Special Abilities:
on the body, Reapers only live 3 chronological
years (30 biological years). Primitive Laser: 1D6+2, AP1
Size -1: Toughness -1. About four foot

Savage Apocalypse

Small: Attackers suffer -1 to hit. Special Abilities:

Plant: Piercing weapons only cause half
damage Bite: Str+D4
Plant: Immune to tests of Will Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
Mutation: Manipulative paws (human
7.21 Swooping Serpent tools -1)
Mutation: Modified Body Parts: Speech
Large, gliding poisonous serpent. Attacks from Mutation: Illusion Generation
trees and other heights. See Gliding. Mutation: Empathy
Size -1: Toughness -1. About four foot
Attributes: Agility D8, Smarts D6 (A), Spirit height.
D6, Strength D10, Vigor D6 Small: Attackers suffer -1 to hit.
Skills: Fighting D8, Climbing D4, Notice D10,
Stealth D10 7.23 Wolfen
Pace: 4 (crawl), 12 (gliding); Parry: 6;
Toughness: 5 Aggressive, 8-foot-tall, carnivorous wolf.
Special Abilities: Normally use natural or primitive weapons, but
tech items when available.
Bite: Str+D6, Paralysis poison, Vigor -2:
success – fatigue, failure – paralysis 15 Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D6, Spirit D8,
– Vigor rounds, Attack Raise: -2/raise Strength D10, Vigor D8
for poison check. Skills: Fighting D8, Shooting D6, Climbing D6,
Mutation: Physical Immunity: Poison Notice D6
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (1)
7.22 Thief Beast Gear: Any weapons, items or large armor is
The Thief Beast is a highly intelligent, mutated Special Abilities:
raccoon whose prime goal is to collect and
study technology, even if it means stealing. Bite: Str+D6 Claws: Str+D4, if claws hit,
This is due to their high level of curiosity. Thief then +1 bite
Beasts are not aggressive, but will defend Run: 1D8”
themselves and their collections. They may be Fur: +1 Toughness
induced to bargain…. Size +1: +1 Toughness
Big: +1 to hit
When defending themselves, these raccoons Mutation: Heightened Intelligence
prefer to escape or cause the enemy to run Mutation: Manipulative paws (human
away. They will use Empathy to assess the tools -1)
potential danger, then use illusions and dazzling Mutation: Modified Body Parts: Speech
light to cause the hostile beings to retreat. Mutation: Resistance: Laser
Mutation: Resistance: Electrical
Attributes: Agility D6, Smarts D10, Spirit D6,
Strength D6, Vigor D6
Skills: Fighting D6, Shooting D6, Notice D8
Pace: 5; Parry: 5; Toughness: 4
Gear: Any weapons, items or small armor is