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For Corporate

Teaser No 1 .
Tag Line A Bridge Who Connects Students & Real Estate Industry
No Special First Bridge to Connect Students & Real Estate Industry
Regular education doesn!t ha"e acute intention or e#orts to connect their students
to real estate Industry $y %a&ing the% aare o' si(e) opportunity in this industry*
+raphic , -isual Concept./
There ill $e $ridge %ade $y the use o' te0t your $rand na%e & side students &
other side sy%$olic people 'ro% real estate co%pany*
Indicati"e i%age ./
Teaser no 2 :-
Tagline. / We 1olish the 1eople to Standardi(e the Industry
3ou polish $uildings $ut e decided to create polished people 'or you
Any Industry not only gets $uilds & gros $ecause o' in"est%ent) %aterial)
1eople %a&e & gros industry* I' e ha"e polished people then it $eco%es &
increase standard o' Industry*
+raphics concept /
2nce person polishing glass on top $uilding
Indicati"e I%age

And $elo e ha"e i%age o' your $rand na%e hile teaching to corporate sta# *
Indicati"e I%age
Teaser No 3 :-
Tag Line Thin& Real Estate 4u%an Resource ) Thin& your $rand na%e
Being Real Estate Co%pany 3ou 5ight $e thin&ing 6*
4o i' ould ha"e sta# ith pre training to %eet & address the re7uire%ent
What i' )e ha"e institute hich pro"ide sta# ith rele"ant 7uali8cation o' %y
industry 6
What i' ) e ould ha"e co%pany ho can train %y sta# 6
And %ore 999999
3our Brand Na%e is going to $e +enie la%p 'or all your pro$le%s
+raphic Fro% +enie La%p your $rand na%e ord ith shape o' genie & appears
in 'ront o' Big Boss o' Real Estate Industry *
Teasers for Students:-
Teaser 1 :-
Tag Line. Brand na%e is opening the door 'or you to one o' largest Industry
+raphic. / 5any Birds are Flying high & create R shape in s&y :Birds indicates
students & high indicates groth in career;
Launching one o' the %ost co%prehensi"e certi8cation progra%s in Real Estate
5anage%ent 'or the 8rst ti%e e"er in India*
Teaser 2 :-
Tag line :- Education to Certifcation & Certifcation to Standardize the
! for a""le # $ for $all %ohh &er si'"le then (h (e need Certifed
)ontessori teacher ..
2*2+, -er Eas then (h ou need C! .
.a&e /e&er then ta0e "araceta'ol then (h ou need 1octor .
2h Industr shouldn3t ha&e Certifed real estate "erson (here ou are
in&esting life3s largest a'ount on 4uing ho'e .
5ra"hics - Indicati&e i'age of C!# 1octor & E'"loee of $uilder6 7ro"erl
2e tr to sa that (e "ro&ide certifcation to industr to 'a0e ou
e8ui&alent i'age to C! # 1octors
9ogo :f 1octors ; C! of C! ; Certifed
logo of <our Institute
Brining 'or the 8rst ti%e in India a career de"elop%ent course in the real estate
seg%ent* Speciali(ed and ad"anced training courses*
Teaser No 3 :-
Tag line: - $rand na'e is a =e to In rich our life & !d&ance <our Career
1o ou (anted to 4e rich then 4e in rich industr.
1o ou (ant to gro( 4ig & 4e in 4ig industr>
1o ou (ant sta4le career then 4e in e&er sta4le industr.
; I'ages of cash 6 'one ; $ig6.uge $uildings ;
.o'es a e&erlasting need ;
Finally the launch o' a course progra% hich is going to change the Real Estate
Seg%ent in India*
5r*1ra&ash Bhosale
e$arnding India Technologies
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