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Patrick Lloyd

107 Stephen Drive, Stonington, CT 06378

(860) 861-3519
To utilize my current skills and build on them in the way of a Systems Administration, Network Administration or
Network Security position.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Master of Science in Networking and System Administration
Expected Graduation: May 2010
GPA: 3.41

Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2008
Minor in Communications
3.51 GPA

Visual Basic Scripting Microsoft Business Desktop Deployment BASH Scripting
HanDbase Database CentOS/Knoppix/Fedora Linux HMTL Applications (HTA’s)
MySQL/SQL Database Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Secure Wireless Networking Research Methods System Administration
Network Management Network Design & Performance Enterprise Security
Advanced Routing protocols Enterprise Networking Covert Channels
Emerging Network Technology Organizational Behavior and Leadership Project Management
Advanced Digital Forensics
Signals and Systems Operating Systems Algorithm Analysis
Programming Language Translation Linear Algebra Parallel Processing
Software Engineering Hardware Organization and Architecture Database Management

Rochester Institute of Technology December 2008 – Present
Finance and Administration Systems & Technologies – Cascade Manager
• Supervise and take part in the configuration and delivery of computer systems to Finance and Administration staff
across RIT campus.
• Assist in troubleshooting technology related issues called into the FAST help desk.
• Systems administration through account creation within Microsoft Active Directory
• Update and modify images for domain implementation using Microsoft Business Desktop Deployment System.

Rochester Institute of Technology August 2008 – December 2008

Information & Technology Services – Desktop Engineer
• Assisted in the configuration of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager for administration systems pilot.
• Scripted the basic setup of new computers, membership rules, software update templates and computer management
within SCCM.

Progeny Systems Corporation May 2007 – August 2008

Non-Tactical Data Processing System Intern
• Built, Maintained and Troubleshot Virtual Machine (VMWare) servers and workstations for testing purposes.
• Followed strict testing procedures to test online learning systems under the supervision of government witnesses
(NAVSEA), later put into use on US Navy submarines and surface ships.
• Numerous tasks concerning the installation, uninstallation, testing, database management, and scripting used in the
Non-Tactical Data Processing System.
Eastern Connecticut State University April 2006 – May 2008
Environmental Health and Safety Department – Database Administrator
• Maintained a database listing fire extinguishers campus wide; transfered data between HanDbase Database and
Microsoft Access.
• Navigated through campus offices, classroom buildings and residence halls, including high security basements and
Child and Family Development Resource Center inspecting fire extinguishers.

• Eagle Scout Rank from the Boy Scouts of America January 2004
• Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society April 2008
• Students for Concealed Carry on Campus May 2009 – January 2010
Rochester Institute of Technology Campus Representative

Wireless Network Security – Bluetooth Vulnerabilities (Group Project)
• Researched and demonstrated the ability for Bluetooth enabled phones to be exploited through packet insertion and
social engineering attacks. Used of the “Bluetooth gun” to demonstrate the ability to detect open Bluetooth
connections up to 250 feet away

Introduction to Systems Administration – Network Setup

• Implemented a mixed Windows/Linux based network environment including a DNS server running Active
Directory, DHCP server, and multiple connected clients.

Enterprise Security – Risk Assessment

• Researched the ability for security professionals to evaluate the most risk prone areas of business and calculate the
potential loss and risk of lost information using the Octave Allegro Risk Assessment model.

Network Management – Network Management Protocols (Partner Project)

• Demonstrated the ability to implement Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) in a local area network
environment. SNMP was enabled, configured and polled with Cisco and Extreme Networks brand switches and
• Researched the effect on network performance by the implementation of spanning tree protocol.
• Demonstrated the effect on network performance by the implementation of RIP with large numbers of routing tables
in multiple local area network environments.

Network Design and Performance – LAN and WAN implementation (Group Project)
• Researched the implementation of different sized networks, based on requirements given from businesses looking to
expand current networks. LAN implementation was within two buildings containing 4 classrooms and 4 offices.
WAN implementation was between three separate offices throughout the United States. All research including the
equipment needed, pricing, purchasing and implementation were done within groups and reported as theoretical
• Researched the General Dynamics Sectera Edge Secure Smart Phone and its ability to be implemented in a secure
office environment.

Advanced Routing Protocols – Sensor and Legacy Routing Protocols

• Researched the foundations for routing protocols and their implementation in standard LAN environments as well as
sensor networks. Specific protocols include EGP and GPSR for LAN and sensor networks, respectively.

Thesis – Covert Channels within Voice of IP

• Currently researching the ability for the Session Initiation Protocol and Session Description Protocol to be modified
to carry covert messages which could only be seen and understood by two agreeing parties able to view the packets
on their respective ends. A discussion of Covert Channels, Steganography, Entropy and modification of a packet
capture tool to detect covert channels will be part of the project write-up.