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Course Outline

Course Title (Code ME-361): Instrumentation and Measurement

Program: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Credit Hours: Three
Semester: Summer 2014
Prereuisite(s): N/A
!o"ation(s): Dhaka
Instru"tor: Mahmud Hasan !ec"urer Sonargaon #ni$ersi"%&
#e$artment o% Me"&ani"al Engineering
E-mail address: ma&mud'me(su'edu')d* ma&mud')uet'me(gmail'"om
+e)site address: ,,,'su'edu')d
Course #es"ri$tion
Instrumentation and Measurement is a junior year mechanical engineering course that introduces
the students to a plethora of measurement and instrumentation techniques that the students are
expected to employ in real life engineering and research that involves extensive experimental
treatments. Owing to the close inclination of the course to real life experimental methods, students
shall be expected to immerse themselves in numerous hands-on projects in line with what they shall
learn in theory. ue to the holistic nature of this course, students are expected to draw and
implement ideas from all the freshman and sophomore year Mechanical !ngineering, !lectrical
!ngineering, "omputer !ngineering, #hysics, "hemistry and Mathematics courses as concrete
understanding of the basics of such subjects shall prove to be conducive in the grasping of the
subject matter as a whole.
!earning Out"omes
By the end of this course it is expected that students will be able to:
1. Understand and plan the design of instrumentation and measurement systems.
2. Choose appropriate sensors, transducers and instruments in devising such systems.
. !mploy sensors and transducers to collect valuable experimental data.
". Use a holistic view#point in solving real#life engineering problems and thereby to be
able to co#ordinate and incorporate the different branches of engineering and science in
engineering solutions.
Te-t(s) : 1& E'(erimen"al Me"hods for Engineers
)&* Holman +
2& Mechanical Measuremen"s
T&, Beck-i"h .&D Marangoni and )&H !ienhard an% edi"ion
#age $ of %
Tea"&ing Met&odolog.:
!ec"ure -ill /e "he main me"hod of "eaching& #se of $isual aids like 0H* and Mul"imedia -ill aid "he
lec"ure (resen"a"ions&
Assignmen"s .eal life engineering (ro1ec"s and case s"udies -ill hel( "he s"uden"s "o sol$e (ro/lems
and de$elo( insigh"s in"o "he su/1ec" ma""er&
Course outline:
!e"ture To$i"s /eadings
Introdu"tion and Outline
2h% do -e need ins"rumen"a"ion and measuremen" s%s"ems3
,eneral com(onen"s of ins"rumen"a"ion/measuremen" s%s"em&
Hand ou"
1asi" Ele"troni"s and Cir"uit T&eor.
.e$ision of "he /asics of charge curren" $ol"age elec"ric and magne"ic fields&
.esis"ors 4a(aci"ors 5nduc"ors& 6irchoff7s 1s" and 2nd la-& 0hm7s !a-&
5n"roduc"or% circui" anal%ses using mesh and node me"hods&
Hand ou"
Sensors: Tem$erature and 2lo, Measurement
89Thermome"ers Bi8me"allic S"ri(s Thermocou(les&
89:en"urime"er 0rificeme"er .o"a"me"er Tur/ine :or"e' Magne"ic and
#l"rasonic ;lo- Me"ers
Hand ou"
Sensors: Pressure and Motion Measurement
89Bourdon Dia(hragm 4a(aci"i$e *ie<oelec"ric and 5oni<a"ion ,auge *ressure
89Measuremen" of s"rain and $i/ra"ion = Seismic ins"rumen"s&
Hand ou"
Cali)ration and 5n"ertaint. 6nal.sis
4ali/ra"ion Accurac% *recision S%s"ema"ic and .andom Errors& .esolu"ion Sensi"i$i"%
.ange and 5ns"rumen"al H%s"eresis& Error es"ima"ion&
Hand ou"
C!6SS /E7IE+
Mid term E-am (S.lla)us Class 1-6)
9um)er S.stems* #igital !ogi" #esign* 2ield Programma)le :ate 6rra.s
Decimal /inar% he'adecimal and oc"al num/ers and in"er8con$ersion /e"-een "hem&
Boolean Alge/ra& 5n"roduc"ion "o Digi"al !ogic and 4ircui" Design& A((lica"ion of Boolean
Alge/ra in sim(lif%ing logic circui"s& 6arnaugh Ma( Minimi<a"ions >res"ric"ed "o ma'imum
of ? in(u" circui"s@& 5n"roduc"ion "o ;ield *rogramma/le ,a"e Arra%s >;*,As@&
*rogramming and im(lemen"ing s%n"hesi<ed codes on"o ;*,A chi(s& #sing design "ools
>Ailin' 5SE Design S"udio@ ;*,A hard-are >Ailin' chi(s@ "o demons"ra"e digi"al logic
Hand ou"
Operational Amplifiers (OpAmps)
Introduction to Op&mps. Op&mp characteristics. 'se of Op&mps as voltage
comparators, Inverting and (on-inverting &mplifiers, )uffers, *umming
&mplifiers, ifferential &mplifiers, Integrator, ifferentiator and as *ample-
+old circuits.
Hand ou"
#age , of %
#ata 6"uisition and Transmission S.stems
Digi"al "o Analog con$ersion s%s"ems& Analog "o Digi"al 4on$ersion >AD4@& .esolu"ion of
AD4s& Successi$e A((ro'ima"ion ;lash Dual Slo(e 5n"egra"ing and .am( AD4s&
Sim(le' and Du(le' da"a "ransmission "echniBues& Serial and *arallel da"a
communica"ion& Da"a con$ersion me"hods = Manches"er encoding *ulse Am(li"ude
Modula"ion Am(li"ude Shif" 6e%ing ;reBuenc% Shif" 6e%ing *hase Shif" 6e%ing
Am(li"ude Modula"ion ;reBuenc% Modula"ion Mul"i(le'ing and De8mul"i(le'ing&
Demons"ra"ion of da"a acBuisi"ion and da"a "ransmission in microcon"rollers using AD4s
and /% "he use of general (ro"ocols like .S2?2 524 and S*5& #se of da"a acBuisi"ion
"echniBues "o collec" e'(erimen"al da"a& The cons"ruc"ion of a sim(le com(u"er
in"erfaced microcon"roller /ased $ol"me"er&
Hand ou"
S.stem #.nami"s
Basic s%s"em models Cero"h ;irs" and Second 0rder s%s"ems& .es(onses of such
s%s"ems "o s"e( and sinusoidal in(u"s& Time 4ons"an" .ise Time and Se""ling Time&
Transfer ;unc"ions and Bode Diagrams& !a(lace Transforms&
Hand ou"
C!6SS /E7IE+
Class Pre$aration Time %or 2inal E-am > 3rd Class Test
2inal E-am (S.lla)us Class 8-10)
Course Poli"ies:
SCHE#5!E CH69:ES: The schedule (ro$ided should /e considered a general guideline& A"
$arious "imes during "he semes"er -e ma% $ar% from "he (rin"ed schedule& 0ccasionall% "he
assigned (ro/lems ma% /e dele"ed added or modified& An%one a/sen" from class is res(onsi/le for
finding ou" a/ou" schedule changes&
TIME COMMITME9T: This is a course "ha" reBuires s"ud% "ime ou"side of class& E'(ec" "o s(end a"
leas" "-o hours ou"side class for e$er% hour of class "ime& Dou should arrange %our schedule "o
allo- for "he reBuired "ime commi"men"&
/E6#I9: 6SSI:9ME9TS: .eading assignmen"s are e'"remel% im(or"an" for success in "his
course& Each assignmen" should /e read a" leas" "-ice& 5f %ou ha$e ne$er done "his %ou -ill /e
sur(rised a" ho- much clearer conce("s /ecome -i"h an addi"ional reading >or readings@& Dou also
ma% -ish "o do an ou"line or make s"ud% no"es during %our second reading&
6SSI:9ME9TS: This consis"s of "e'"/ook (ro/lems assigned "o /e done ou"side of class&
4om(le"ion and unders"anding of "he assignmen"s is $er% im(or"an" for success in "he course&
6TTE9#69CE: 4lass a""endance is $er% im(or"an" for %our unders"anding of "he su/1ec" ma""er&
The ins"ruc"or ma% elec" "o "ake a/sences in"o accoun" -hen de"ermining final grade assignmen"s
for "hose s"uden"s -i"h /orderline grades&
6##ITIO96! HE!P: Dou are urged "o make use of %our ins"ruc"or7s office hours& These hours are
se" aside for %our /enefi" and %ou are -elcome "o come in a" an% "ime during "hese (os"ed hours& 5f
%ou are una/le "o ge" "o "he office during "he (os"ed hours see %our ins"ruc"or for an a((oin"men"&
#age - of %
C!6SS M6?E5P: 5n case of una$oida/le circums"ances should a course mee"ing lec"ure or
e'am needs "o /e cancelledE s"uden"s -ill /e offered a make u(& All makeu( classes -ill /e held as
(er "he rescheduling sugges"ed /% "he course "eacher'
E@6M M6?E5P: There -ill /e no makeu( of an% e'am&
C!6SS 1EH67IO/
A& The ins"ruc"or re"ains "he righ" "o dro( from class an% s"uden">s@ for disru("i$e /eha$iorFno
-arning gi$en&
B& Dou are e'(ec"ed "o a""end class and /e on "ime&
4& Dou are e'(ec"ed "o "urn off %our cell (hones (rior "o en"ering "he classroom&
D& Academic dishones"% -ill resul" in dismissal from "he class -i"h a grade of ;&
:rading S"&eme:
Continuous 6ssessmentAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA''3=
4lass a""endance and (ar"ici(a"ion 10
4lass "es"s 20
Semester 2inal E-aminationAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA3=
Total: 1==
:rade 6ssignment=
!e""er grades -ill /e assigned /ased on (erformance in "he course& ,eneral rules of S# are as follo-s=
Mahmud Hasan
De(ar"men" of Mechanical Engineering
#age % of %