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Goddess in full Expression (All the Goddess

&'nu'r ())*
This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no
information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the
information be acknowledged.
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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. ou will
energetically be linked with the !hanneling being and a similar process faciltated with
you. "t is not e#actly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master,
however the effects are $ust as powerful. %o not concern yourself too much
regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. ou will be taken
through a similar one in accordance with your %ivine Plan,Timing & Purpose.
&ll 'uestions & &nswers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have
found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.
I am Kuthumi and I come forth upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to
bring unto each of you the blessings of celebration, of joy and of trust .. greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts as we gather with you upon this day as we hold
you firmly in the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands on God.
Beloved Daughters of light, today it is that we want to discuss with you a very important topic. In
fact, one that is in a manner of speaking, a powerful influence or driving force in the shift of
humanity s consciousness into light. And that is the power of a woman, or the power of the
Goddess energy.
Many, many years ago, women held positions of great power. They were respected for their
wisdom, they were respected for their ability to nurture and create. However an imbalance came
into being when certain women, or goddesses, abused that power. Women used men as slaves, just
as many women are experiencing currently, and so it was that men came into power, eventually,
and instead of bringing it into balance, they simply relived the original abuse by the feminine
energy. Now your planet is being given the opportunity to bring masculine and feminine energy into
perfect balance and alignment on your planet.
You have already witnessed that some women, not all, have lost the plot so to speak, and instead of
becoming empowered women, feminine, nurturing creators, some of them have tried to reshape
their energy to become like men s. That is where the misunderstanding has caused the danger of
further imbalance. In order to be a powerful woman does not mean, you have to become like a man,
and in order for a man to bring his feminine side into balance does not mean he has to become like a
woman or change his sexuality. All you are asked to do, is to be the authentic self and empower the
self at the same time. The feminine principle, cannot go without the masculine principle, and vice
versa. The seed of Father Godsenergy is required to fertilize and ignite the life span of the Mother
Goddesses ability to nurture and create.
So the time ahead of humanity is one of a certain amount of volatility. The reason why we say this,
is because women who hate men, for individual reasons, who would rather the planet were free of
men, will go through very intense clearing process. The same applies to men who deny their
goddess energy. You know your classical macho man; he will also have to address the Goddess
principal within. It is a necessity, in order to bring balance.
The power of the Goddess energy is one that opens windows of opportunity for levels of
information and frequencies of light to support and uplift the ascension program which is being
created for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. The feminine energy is what emanates the spirit of the
creator aspect of every human being. And the God, masculine aspect is what inspires action and the
manifestation of what is being created.
When a person conceives an idea, it is the feminine energy that is tapped into. Feminine energy
responds to the information of the Universal Mind, conceives of it, and holds it within the sacral
chakra just like a human is conceived in the womb and spends nine months in gestation.
The masculine energy or God Force is what takes the idea and makes it happen, implements it
physically, so that it manifests as a reality. When a person feels stuck, stagnant, uninspired, de-
motivated and depressed, there is generally a large part of the self that is disconnected from the
Goddess aspect of self. Remember the Goddess conceives, the God initiates or activates.
So a person experiencing this, needs the support to reconnect with the Goddess self. First of all, take
some time to write down every thing that you are de-motivated about, uninspired by, or
disillusioned about. Write down how it feels being stuck. What it feels like to be stagnant. We
would also suggest that you begin your sentences with .
I feel uninspired because of
(the next sentence will begin with),

Feeling stagnant feels like .
I am angry because I see my life as stuck and stagnant, I feel uninspired and de-
and this has come as a result of .. (and continue to write).

I have lost touch with my Goddess energy and my ability to create and be inspired by
new ideas because
. (And continue to write).

I feel hopeless and helpless because
. (And then to continue the sentence).
By beginning the sentences in this manner, beloved ones, it creates an avenue of expression that the
inner child or any wounded aspect of the self can follow through with.
When one says to a person write down what you feel a wounded person who feels completely
de-motivated or uninspired, would not have a clue where to begin. And if they do not know where
to begin, they will feel even more de-motivated, more hopeless and helpless. After having written
on each of the sentences we have initiated, the individual will have better clarity, and a little more
understanding around their situation and how they have disconnected from their Goddess energy
and who or what has contributed to the severing of that energy. The anger is always part of the
process, because beneath the anger the hopelessness and helplessness resides, and it is usually
manifested as a result of fear.
This process we suggest for men, and women who have lost touch with their ability to make vital
and necessary changes in their life. Men who feel cut off from their ability to provide for their
family. Men who are angry at women because the relationship with his mother resulted in him
feeling disempowered, ill-equipped and unable to apply himself in order to motivate a force of
energy that would create a sustainable living program for himself. The absence of the Goddess
energy has resulted in a number of atrocities world-wide. Men have misunderstood and abused the
power of their God energy and instead of being protectors, guardians, providers and initiators, they
became fighters, war broke out, violent behavior emerged, and rape and murder has become a large
part of your world s crime rate. Men have forgotten their place in the structure of all life that the
Goddess energy fills.
Another area of humanities development that will undergo great change and shift, as I am sure
many of you have already guessed, is religion. Especially religious cults, communities, churches
and anything of such a nature that denies the Goddess her rightful place beside the God force. If this
behaviour continues to play itself out in this manner, the changes brought to earth will be extremely
challenging, our reason for saying this is that by 2012 your Earth needs to have come to a point of
balance. It is called the critical mass which needs to be at that point, which means, a minimum of
92% of Earthsinhabitants need to have achieved that balance. In other words they need to have
experienced the awakening process in what ever form it unfolds for each person on a personal level.
However, let us also say, currently, there are 6 billion give or take; humans on your planet. With the
Earthschanges and the opportunity being presented to humanity and to souls who are younger
than other more "traveled souls", may choose to relieve themselves of the earth experience; and go
through a time of healing and higher learning on the earth planes, and reincarnate at a later stage,
which means that up to 2 billion people are estimated to leave the planet by that time. It is an
estimation, and also depends on how free will is used by all souls. How they respond or react to the
opportunity spiritually and on all other levels presented in order to assist and facilitate their soul
The feminine energy/Goddess energy, adds dimension to the soulsprogress, because the Goddess
is the inner wisdom, the inner intelligence, and the aspect of self and the universal aspect that draws
itself within and is able to explore inner worlds and inner planes that the God aspect of self
absolutely cannot do, because it has not been created to function in that manner. Now, those inner
worlds hold valuable, vital, wisdom and knowledge that is meant to be utilized to further support
the expansion of consciousness, and the evolution of every soul.The same as the God energy is able
to explore information, way beyond what many of you have come to know as the universal mind, it
moves, expands beyond any and all parameters, gaining new ground, discovering new information,
it goes outward. The Goddess energy cannot discover that, because, it was not designed to do so.
So do you understand the importance in the balance between masculine and feminine, and do you
see why the Goddess energy is so important to the (r)evolution of human kind.
The next phase of the human healing process, with regards to the Goddess force, is: How the
Goddess Is perceived.The illusion has been created that a Goddess has to look a certain way. There
are, by the way, 13 Goddess templates or imprints, which means that there are 13 body types, there
are 13 feminine or Goddess archetypes. The problem is, that society has only allowed one of those
body types and one of those archetypes through. That is the one that all of you have come to know
as the thin, sex kitten woman. "The Barbie" archetype as named by sister Antoinette. That attitude
and level of consciousness has resulted in numerous dysfunctions in society for both men and
woman. It has resulted in billions of women shying away from their divine imprint, rejecting their
authentic self, their authentic nature and their authentic being. It has also created an illusion for
men, who strive to "own" that particular kind of woman and to be seen with that particular Goddess
on his arm. This creates a certain status or power for him, because he has achieved or has conquered
and he owns.
Women need to take their power back. Women need to see how powerful they truly are by being
authentic, and by rejecting the illusion that society has created and demands from them to adhere to,
in order to be acceptable. If women insist, and persist to try and mould themselves into a form that
goes against their blue print shape, they will manifest disease in their body. They will find that the
negative emotions related to this will consume them. They will also notice that their efforts to force
their body into a shape or form that goes against their divine template, will be sabotaged.
Beloved ones, the media has played the biggest role in supporting and maintaining this illusion.
Many magazines and movies claim to be changing their stance and promoting healthier ways of
sculpting or moulding the body, however, at the end of the day, every advertisement has a woman
who looks very similar in shape to every other woman on the page, the only difference is the face.
Let us add at this point, and this is vital to bear in mind, if a woman or a man is seriously over
weight, in other words obese, and their excessive weight is endangering their health, it is vital that
the person take the necessary steps to bring their life into balance. A healthy lifestyle is vital.
Obesity is not a Goddess template.
It is vitally important that people realize, that the 12 principles of life, the golden principles of life,
support the manifestation of the Goddess energy, in such a way, that the 13 templates of the
Goddess energy can be maintained in a healthy manner. Now a person can be slim and have the
current modern image of the "Goddess", but emotionally and mentally, is seriously wounded and
unhappy. So the physical form, the shape of the body, what the face or body looks like, has
absolutely nothing to do with the power of the Goddess.
A Goddess in distress is dangerous, destructive, and unable to contribute to the reconstruction of the
Goddess template, the same as a man, whose God energy is wounded, he too is dangerous and
destructive. These are usually men who are in positions of power, not just men in business or with
money, any man who wields power where people fear him, rather than respect him as a mentor,
these men usually perpetuate the process and abuse of the base chakra and other activities related to
the base chakra.
Now in order for the "God" to heal his wounds, the Goddess has to acknowledge her power, her
inner beauty, her intelligence, and her capability to create whatever her soul desires in accordance
with the Highest Will of Gods plan. Women need to acknowledge that they are equal to the God
force; that the Goddess has equal rights. That it is her Divine right to stand along side the God
energy. In general temptation has been considered to be presented by a female - the temptress. This
just gives you another idea of how distorted humanity s ideas around the Goddess principle and
women truly are. All you ladies here today and all the women who will come to read these words,
make a promise to yourself today, that you will make the effort to acknowledge yourself as the
unique Goddess that you authentically are. Commit to yourself that you will surrender and allow
your Divine Goddess template to emerge gracefully and harmoniously and that you can and will
lead by example and represent the authentic Goddess.
As each woman allows herself to move into her natural mould physically, emotionally,
intellectually and mentally, the whole template for mother earth will transform, because the power
of the authentic Goddess, the power of the authentic woman, automatically gives birth to the
authentic God - the man who feels safe enough within himself and empowered enough within
himself to be the Divine God that he was meant to be, so that he can fully embrace his Divine
Goddess aspect and participate in the process of bringing into full manifestation the gold print for
Have a look at women, take some time out, go and have a cup of tea or coffee and watch the women
who walk past youlook at their physical structure .. and you will see how different they are but
you will also recognize the various templates. Certain models in society have touched on a couple
of them:
There is the pear shaped body; the apple shaped body; the shape that has broad shoulders and tiny
waist, pear shaped being full round hips, with a smaller upper body, the apple shape being round, as
in the torso, and the hip area being round, perhaps thinner legs and arms. You also have women
who are square, wide shoulders, wide hips, there is not much shape in the waste. You have you
classic hour glass shape, tiny waist, full hips, full breasts, full behind. You have your athletic build,
now there are two types of the athletic build. The very slim one, and the very muscular one. The
slim one is a woman of more petite frame but athletic in her appearance. Then there is one where
the woman is tall in physical height but athletic and very muscular in shape. Then you have your
women who are very short or small in their physical frame but have perhaps the hour glass shape or
fit any of the other descriptions we have given. A number of these woman reject their height and
will not accept that template. You have woman who are very tall, we can call this your model
material, legs that end by their ears, yes, that is another template. (laughter) Then you have your
mother Goddess, or the Earth mother template. This is a woman who is full in the breasts, and
buttocks and also full in her tummy area, full arms, full legs, with a very open face, a very open
energy. Now this is the template that one has to be careful of, we are not referring to obesity, it is
the woman, who for as long as she can remember has had this shape, regardless of how many diets
she goes on or how much she excercises, the shape of the body does not change.
These remaining three shapes in actual fact, you can say are sub-templates of the athletic shape,
which often becomes what we will call the crone shape, in other words, the mature women. Many
women have found that their body changes in shape as they change in wisdom, as a result of life
experience and hormonal change, their body will fall into those three sub-level categories. This is
often perhaps when breasts change shape, buttocks may change shape, we believe some people
humorously would say, "gravity sucks" (laughter). So, mature Goddesses who are often referred to
as the Crone, you all need to give yourself the space to transform into the mature Goddess. So the
athletic template may loose its muscle tone, and may add softness around the tummy area, around
the hip area, and perhaps even the upper arms and breasts .
Then there is also the hour glass shape that becomes its mature Goddess and may also add a level of
softness to it. What we are trying to say beloved ones, is that the mature Goddess accepts the natural
changes that come with becoming the wise Goddess. As each woman can surrender to her coming
of age, she accepts and integrates the new template in a far more harmonious and peaceful way. The
last template of the mature Goddess, is either the very tall or the very short template, that has
always been naturally skinny but may find that they are challenged with skin sagging, not much in
the weight gain area or the adding of softness area, but the skin sags.
The information that we will give you now is not something that you will find in a jar of cream that
you apply in the morning, it is an inner energy an inner light, we will call it your etheric botox!
(laughter) Beloved ones, it is very simple and in actual fact, inexpensive Attitude, that beloved
ones is one of the keys to longevity.
The Goddess fears the aging process. Her fear ignites the death hormone and automatically results
in the breakdown of the body the degeneration of the body Now beloved ones, look at any
woman, and in fact, men too, who have been and are still on a spiritual path. A woman who accepts
herself, who is positive about life, who is animated by every aspect of spirit and who works with
light, appears ageless. You may be totally astounded by the woman s age in physical years by
comparison to her physical looks. As we have said, the miracle is not in a jar of cream it is on the
The more light you feed yourself with and the more self- love you practice, the younger you will
feel and appear. The majority of the representations of the energies of the ladies and the masters of
the higher planes are ones of great beauty. Physical beauty. This is not solely because the person,
having drawn it, wants to simply present an idealistic image that may be mirroring their own inner
desires, they are in actual fact portraying truth, because the masters, both ladies and lords, have
chosen to deny the death hormone, so to speak, they remain forever young. The truth in fact is, that
peoplesbodies looks that is, would generally reach its maturing by the age of 35 and maintain
the 35 year old physical appearance, until that person chooses to drop the physical body.
So you can reverse the aging process by investing, not money, but energy and time in healing your
inner self. Turning on the faucet to the Goddess energy to flow through you, choosing positivity,
choosing truth, lightness and love and people will want to know what your secret is. It is a fact
that it works. Take the time to research female masters and the adepts of the physical world who
have been on a path of light, and look at their skin, they radiate, even if their hair changes in colour,
it is still filled with light, because the woman surrenders to the natural cycle of change, and that
beloved ones, is just another aspect of the power of the Goddess. As a young woman, the Goddess
energy holds a certain frequency, as the woman matures in age and becomes a mother, generally
there is another frequency of Goddess energy, and as she matures after that, there is another aspect
of the Goddess energy that comes into being. This is often referred to as the Triple Goddess or the
Maiden the Mother and the Crone energy.
When a woman stops her monthly menstrual cycle, she moves into another realm of experiencing
and expressing the Goddess energy, the same as the virgin does, and when the virgin becomes a
sexually active woman, she taps into another level of the Goddess energy. All three holding a very
specific power. The Triple Goddess energy is what gives a woman vital tools and support structures
to evolve with her femininity. However in the male dominated world and the world of illusion, the
triple Goddess has been slaughtered to a large degree. Now it is time to resurrect those aspects. This
is why "worshipping" the Goddess energy is becoming something that more and more people are
being drawn to. Paganism for instance, has become an active practice again. It is becoming very
popular in actual fact. Many people are now beginning to accept Paganism as a white art. A practice
of light. People are beginning to recognize that Mother Goddess is as important as Father God.
Every woman needs to allow this practice and process to emerge for herself .
So, part of your healing process, beloved ones, would also be the restructuring of your triple
Goddess templates, going back to the virgin template, healing the wounds at that time. Tapping into
the authentic power of the virgin Goddess, what she represents, what she offers, and what you
would have learned or gained during that time until you became a sexually active woman. That
particular time of sexual activity is often referred to as the mother time - the second phase of the
Goddess experience. You can go back to that time, whether you had children or not, does not
matter, go back to that time, and explore it, heal the wound, and tap into the levels of wisdom and
opportunity that presented itself, or presents itself during the mother phase of Goddess template.
Now the crone or the mature woman template usually comes into being around the time that is
considered midlife crisis or change of life, or when the woman ceases to have a monthly menstrual
cycle. If you are not at that point yet, know that by developing and healing the earlier two aspects of
your Goddess energy, you can experience the full power of the triple Goddess in the last phase of
your Goddess template.
Now the archetypes also manifest in a number of ways.
You have your (1)Maiden or the Virgin, your (2) Mother or the sexually active goddess, and the
(3) Crone which is the wise old woman, those are three archetypes. You then have the (4)
Seductress or the temptress, the (5)Victim, the (6) Nurturer, (7) The Rescuer and the (8) Martyr.
You also have the (9) Male goddess, this is the woman who is so into her masculine energy, that
she has lost touch with her feminine energy The (10) Weeping woman is a woman, who is so
into her feminine energy that she has completely lost touch with her ability to provide for herself in
any way. This is different to the victim archetype. The (11) Fierce wounded woman, the (12)
Passive wounded woman, and the (13) Master Goddess.
We will give additional explanations on the 13 archetypes, which will give all of you beautiful
goddesses the opportunity to understand, or at least recognize, where you are. None of the
archetypes are worse than others. Your goal is obviously the last archetype, which is the Mastered
The twelve archetypes, that we are about to give you, is not to say, that any other is better or worse
off, each one of them, is for a purpose of healing, and in actual fact, one of the ways that these
archetypes can be worked with is by applying the twelve golden principles of life. (e-mail
michelle@... for more info on this) With the archetypes, we have given you, we will give you the
shadow aspect of that particular archetype and we will tell you what the awoken aspect of that
archetype is which will all culminate in the Mastered Goddess.
During the first 12 years of life, that is generally the virgin maiden time, prior to the female
beginning her menstrual cycle she goes through the process of creating her self- esteem, her self-
worth, her self-concept, how she will accept herself, how she will apply herself and how she
presents herself to the world. That archetype shifts slightly, once the menstrual cycle has been
initiated, and this is where she begins to learn how to apply her feminine power with the opposite
gender. The virgin time, however, can also be dangerous in the sense of a mature woman presenting
that archetype and behaving as the ignorant young virgin who can t do anything for herself. In that
sense it is a kind of manipulation. We will only give you bits and pieces, to give you all the
information will take a very long time. We will ask this channel at some stage, to add onto this,
perhaps this is a good reason for you to get together for a weekend so that we may focus on the
Goddess energies!

This is when the woman becomes sexually active. This also depends on age and when the female
chooses to give herself to a man. Now in the years past in many cultures or older ways, women only
became sexually active in their late teens, sometimes mid twenties, which means that that maturing
process was slightly more delayed, however, in more modern times as well in some ancient
cultures, women became sexually active when they were still in a Virgin state of consciousness
which also posed problems because they were presented with energy that they did not understand
how to utilize. And some of the women who became sexually active later in life, also became
confused by the new energy as a result of her sexual activity.
In the base chakra of every woman there is a seal of energy, this is referred to as the virginity. That
seal, when broken, opens the feminine consciousness to the mother energy, the mother wisdom, and
this is when a woman begins to develop new aspects of herself and her consciousness. She explores
her power and how it can further be used with the opposite gender. She starts finding out about her
creative abilities, and also comes to deal with if it is her life time choice, with the process of
producing children.
Every child that she gives birth to breaks another seal, and opens her up to another level of
consciousness, so it adds even further dimensions to her process of awakening. And generally, the
mother stage of life is where one learns the most about one self. During that time the danger of that
particular archetype is that the woman may begin to live (project) her life/fears/wants either through
her children, husband/partner, or through her career.
The mature woman reaches a point in her life, where she has hopefully achieved a greater degree of
self-acceptance, especially if that was a related issue to a wound initiated during her virgin years.
She will have developed a deeper sense of self-love, self-application and inner knowledge as a
result of her virgin and mother experiences. This is the phase where the mature Goddess is given the
opportunity to release herself through forgiveness, through the letting go of the wounds of the virgin
and other stages and have come to envelop herself as a powerful Goddess. The shadow aspects of
this is that the woman can become a bitter, cynical "old hag" if deeply wounded, especially if she
does not give herself the space and time and the self-love to release and to forgive others and
herself. She can also find that her cynicism and disillusionment can taint or harm other females in
her life who are either in the virgin or mother phases of their life if she chooses to project the
shadow aspect of her consciousness and journey.
The power of the wise Goddess, is that she can help the virgin and mother Goddesses heal their
wounds and not have to wait until they reach the third phase of their life to heal it. It is usually in
the third phase of the Goddess that a woman is able to accept her authenticity, in terms of physical
appearance, and inner beauty, but it is possible to do so a lot sooner with the proper foundation and
influences in life.
This archetype usually plays itself out in the early years, but is not limited to that age, anything
from as young as 14 and upwards. Now the temptress is generally a wounded woman who seeks
love and acceptance and will tempt the opposite gender so that she can manifest her need for love
and acceptance. The temptress also places conditions on her love which is often what leads to
further wounding and her so called down fall. This woman will place an immense amount of
emphasis on her physical appearance and may resort to plastic surgery in her younger years to try
and maintain the glamorous image of the Fantasy Dream Girl. Her need to be desired by men
manifests a sense of security for her inner child. She feels wanted. The other shadow aspect of this
archetype is that the woman may be so desperate for love and acceptance that she loses herself in
her relationships and doesn t set boundaries. The men may also be very possessive, and abusive
which makes it more difficult for her define her true self. The positive aspect of the temptress, is
that once having experienced the power of that seduction, she can use that self-confidence; her
sexuality, to build a healthy relationship with her partner. This will maintain self-confidence, but
will also teach her the importance of self-acceptance and self-love. In this case this is when plastic
surgery may be a means to the end for a woman being able to fully embrace herself, especially if
there is severe physical difiguration, but does not become a slave to plastic surgery which is the
danger it poses to the women trapped in the shadow aspect of this archetype. Let us also add for the
Temptress, she is also on the positive side, fortunate to have that archetype, for she will do well in
the arts such as dancing, singing, and acting, in fact entertainment in general.
The Victim archetype manifests early in life. These are woman who would have experienced some
level of abuse either physical, emotional, mental, or verbal, early on in their years. And because of
the disempowering experience, she becomes more and more disempowered. She too, becomes
disillusioned and cynical and an unhealed victim archetype can result in the cynical old hag that we
spoke of earlier. The victim archetype is a sure death sentence for the triple Goddess and results in
the Goddess being paralyzed and disempowered for the duration of the incarnation. A Victim
Archetype that is healed results in the Mastered Goddess, but the victim archetype also develops a
system as it heals that can assist other victims in empowering themselves, so this is why we say, all
12 of the original archetypes that we speak of all lead up to the 13th Archetype the Mastered
Goddess. The shadow aspect of the archetype when healed becomes the wise aspect. The victim
denies herself the opportunity of becoming empowered, of becoming independent and self-
sufficient. But her healed aspect opens up the opportunity and often her Divine plan with regards to
her life work.
The nurturer archetype is the one who takes care of everyone around her; the danger is that it is to
her own detriment where she denies herself the same nurturing or mothering, and begins to measure
her self-worth based on how others respond to her nurturing the more she is needed, the worthier
she feels. This can leave a woman feeling unacknowledged. It can leave her also feeling resentful,
washed out, and extremely fatigued, it also separates her from her authentic self, especially if she is
living through the people she is nurturing. The positive, wise aspect of the nurturer is one who can
provide for her family, friends or any other loved ones to the degree that she gives them the
opportunity to discover more about themselves. She gives them a helping hand, a shoulder to cry
on, an ear that will listen, and at the same time she nurtures herself , she creates balance, she
empowers herself, she leads by example as she nurtures others, you can say, she is the balanced
She will also know how to set boundaries in order to maintain balance, where as the victim would
have no idea of how to set boundaries. The shadow aspect of the nurturer also does not know how
to set boundaries and would often have children, partners, relatives and colleagues take advantage
of her generosity and will place unrealistic expectations on her. She takes on too much, usually
relying on chemical substances to lift her out of depression and may find herself becoming
depressed because she gains a lot of weight, feels unloved, resents the fact that she does not have
time for herself, but does not do anything about it because she is too busy doing for others. This in
fact then becomes the identity which she believes to be her true self.
Is the one who will be there for everyone at anytime, regardless, she will always be there to fix the
problem, to make the peace often sacrificing her own energy and sacrificing opportunities for
herself . This can be confused with the nurturer, however the rescuer usually ends up in situations
where she will be saving the one who is down and out. She will take on all the problem children and
try to fix them, including wounded men. She will often find her trust betrayed by these ones. And
many of these women end up in relationships where the partner takes advantage of her over and
over again, by making promises that are never kept, so perhaps physically abusing her, promising
never to do it again, but repeats the pattern of behaviour. The abuser is generally a person who has
serious emotional issues of their own, whose inner child seriously wants rescuing & nurturing but
does not have the emotional awareness of what to do to heal the wound and manifest a healthy
nurturing relationship. A good example is an alcoholic or drug addict who displays depression, they
are insecure, sometimes even unemployed and along comes the rescuer to save them and show them
a better life. The rescuer however does not know if the victim in fact wants be rescued or if the
wounds being so deeply ingrained have in fact become their identity and they use it to manipulate
their way through life. Bearing in mind this is not always a deliberate conscious act. It is often
unconscious, they simply don t know any other way. The rescuer in the wise aspect can recognize
the so called down and out ones, and give the opportunity to heal their wounds by personal choice,
therefore she can lead them in the right direction to self-empowerment, she does not do it for them,
or sacrifice herself by convincing herself that they will change. She gives them the power to do it
for themselves and takes time to work on her own issues to ensure she is in touch with her authentic
self, whatever that may be at that time for her.
The martyr which will also includes some of the aspects of the rescuer and the nurturer, perhaps
some aspects of the victim, will generally unconsciously do everything in her power to rescue
everything and everyone at the same time, however, she will do it in a passive aggressive way often
verbally expressing her levels of resentment, frustration and anger. She is the complainer, always
whining about her desperate feelings and awful lot in life but doesn t take opportunities to
empower herself, simply because she is often afraid of what will become of her if she breaks out of
her comfort zone. She thrives on other people pity and loves to hear how wonderful she is to have
sacrificed so much to help others. She also makes sure everybody knows how much she is doing for
everyone. She doesn t know how to do it any other way. Whereas the rescuer or the nurturer
internalizes a lot of that emotion or may be in denial regarding the shadow aspects of those
archetypes. The martyr will be open about it to a large degree, either verbally, or at times through
aggressive behavior which displays her lack of coping skills, because her life may be filled with
many levels of stress. The martyr often will also search for acknowledgement of her actions and her
deeds and can manipulate to a great degree. The martyr who has transcended the shadow aspect and
moves into her wise aspect, can point out what needs rescuing, what needs fixing, what needs
adjustment and delegate. She can make others conscious of how they can work together to create
change and she is able to communicate her needs in a mature and clear way.
Male Goddess
Is the one, that we mentioned earlier, who loses herself by believing that in order to be equal to a
man; she must become a man. On the negative side, like the temptress, these women can also be
sexually promiscuous. The difference would however be that this particular archetype s sexual
promiscuity would be more like a conquering kind of expression, chasing and conquering rather
than tempting or seducing in order to get love and affection. This particular archetype is also one
which is often adopted by women who would have to provide for themselves from a young age or
who are single parents; they instinctively tap into that archetype in order to nurture and especially
protect and provide for their young. The wise aspect of the masculine archetype is the woman who
recognizes the need to be active. She uses her intellect and the power of her femininity to create
opportunities for herself, find ideals and put them into action. Women who have built their own
businesses from scratch, but have not lost touch with their femininity, and women who have
achieved powerful positions within large companies and have not lost their femininity are a perfect
example of the wise aspect of this archetype. She has learned how to use her masculine energy to
put into action what she has conceived of creatively. She has a good business sense. She uses her
money wisely, she can plan, she can delegate. She provides and sustains her life in a balanced way.
Weeping Woman
This is the woman who is not just the victim, she is the whiner and the manipulator, we call her the
weeping woman because she will often abuse and manipulate people emotionally and may resort to
tears to get her own way or to get out of a situation. She is also in another manner of speaking
highly sensitive, takes offence easily, is not willing to use criticism in a constructive way and will
harbor resentment and anger. She may manifest as a passive aggressive on some level or she will
internalize her anger and manipulate even more by using emotional blackmail. These women also
tend to manifest disease in their physical body, more so than any other archetype and use their
disease, illness or ailments, as a manipulation as well. They make it their identity and manipulate
people around them as a result of this. The woman who transcends this and becomes the wise aspect
of it, learns to utilize her sensitivity in a way to read energy psychically. She is in actual fact very
intuitive if she learns to tap into the positive aspects of this particular archetype. She learns to
separate her wounded self from her mastered self and is able to use criticism constructively. She is
able to look at herself and consciously and efficiently make the necessary changes by keeping her
lower ego in check and build upon her life.
Women who have turned their lives around, and who have been faced with terminal disease or,
severe debilitation as a result of illness or illnesses and have learned about the wise aspects of
themselves and have realized how their weeping wounds have resulted in in-fection and In-
flamation and have turned it around, serve and lead by example, by showing others how to
transform their illness and empower themselves, and even women who are not completely cured but
do not use their disease as a crutch is considered to hold the wise aspect of this archetype. A woman
who manipulates in this manner is called the weeping woman, because her weeping wounds
motivate her from the core.
Fierce Wounded Woman
This is the woman who in general is pissed off with life. And that is exactly how she is described.
She is aggressive, impatient, intolerant, and believes the world owes her something. She might also
be lesbian, or extremely controlling in her personal relationship with a male partner. She runs the
home, makes decisions, but not in a supportive manner, in an aggressive way. Her partner would be
referred to as a hen pecked. These are women who do not give their children the space to learn
about themselves and is often emotionally abusive, verbally abusive, and can also be physically
The wise aspect of this is a woman who can take that energy and use it to motivate herself to make
changes in her life or in the world that initially created that deep anger. She can help other
aggressive women heal the chip on their shoulder and bring themselves into a sense of balance, and
give her the opportunity to give her goddess self a voice. These women can initiate great
movements of change and transformation and open the doors to major transformation that impact on
society in a positive way. They are the ones who are out to stop violence and abuse and other such
worthy cuases. In some instances these women may at times appear to be highly insensitive, and
very analytical; some of them are in very high positions in business. Not all of them however. Even
if these women appear to be insensitive, they are in fact, extremely sensitive, and their aggression is
the reaction to their immense sensitivity in that particular arena and have built very solid defenses
around themselves. These women, like other archetypes are prone to substance abuse; alcohol and
pills specifically.
Passive Wounded Woman
This particular woman can often come across as a passive aggressive person. She does fall into
some other categories too, in the sense that she may manipulate, she may also deliberately arrange
circumstances so that she can make other people very aware of their short comingsthese are
sometimes the ones who give the silent treatment, who will switch off and will not give you so
much as a glance for a week or more, perhaps less. In fact some people have said it is easier to deal
with the aggressive archetype, than the passive aggressive, because it is like walking on egg shells.
This person is a time bomb on the inside and you never know when she will strike. The danger of
the passive aggressive is that she will internalize her anger, she will switch off her emotions which
desensitizes her to the true needs of others in her environment, especially those closest and dearest
to her, like children, partners, close family and friends. This begins to develop a chasm within her
relationships, and then one day she will break down because her children/family/spouse do not
support her or her husband has run off and had an affair etc. The wise aspect or the transformed
aspect is the woman who gets in touch with her anger, and like the wise aggressive archetype,
learns how to use it to motivate her, to get herself going. The wise passive aggressive has also
learned a large amount of emotional maturity. She has learned the importance of communication, of
constructively and creatively dealing with conflict, she also deals with her wounds from the past as
will the aggressive archetype around perfectionism and control. She will also learn how her
behaviour separates other people and isolates her from the rest of the world, worsening her
situation. She will do well in a position as a councellor, or psychologist, in order to help others
overcome the self.
Are all the wise aspects of those archetypes.
Michelle Eloff