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Carmarthenshire Time Credits Trip booking form

Name of the person making the

Trip/activity to be
How many places would you like to reserve for this trip?
Please note that you are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of any people listed
below, if you are taking young people under the age of 18 who are not your own children
you will need consent from their parent/guardian. Under 18s will need supervision on
trips and activities.
Please list the names of the people you wish to reserve
places for
Name ontact info !ge if under 18
"otal payment received
Please note it is e#tremely important that people attending the "ime redits trips and
activities behave appropriately, if behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate your future
participation in "ime redits trips and activities will be in $eopardy. %e want to represent
the "ime redit pro$ect and local community in the best possible manner and we value
the input from all our time credit partners who enable us to access their facilities with
time credits.
agree to the terms and conditions listed above
!igned &responsible adult' ______________________
Carmarthenshire Time Credits Trip booking form
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