November 4, 2013

Mark J. Cady
LB Communications
36 Rocky Hill Rd
Oxford, MA 01540

RE: Barre Tower Project
860 Pleasant Street
Barre, MA

Dear Mr. Cady,

Green Mountain Communications, Inc. is pleased to offer the following proposal to design,
furnish & install a new self-supporting communications tower and associated utilities in Barre,

Barre Tower Work Scope:

Furnish & Install one 120ft self-support tower, extendable to 140ft, complete with 12 hole cable
ladder, safety climb and antenna mounts as required for the antennas listed in the antenna matrix
provided by Mr. Mark Cady. The tower quoted is designed for 105MPH basic wind speed with no
ice, 40 MPH basic wind speed with 1.00” radial ice as per ANSI/TIA-222-G. Structure Class III,
Exposure Category: C, Topographic Category 1. Tower height is normal. Tolerance on Tower
Steel Height is Equal to Plus 1% or Minus ½%. All foundation work to be completed in
accordance with industry standards and applicable building codes. We have included permit
plans, licensed land surveyor layout, building & electrical permitting and control construction
oversight by a licensed MA professional engineer. Please note that survey layout does not
include establishing control survey elevations and will use readily available information near the
site. We will assist owner with FAA filing. We have not included any tower lighting in our lump
sum proposal but it is offered as an option if required. We have assumed that building permit
fees will be waived. It has been assumed that a soil boring will be provided by the customer for
use in designing the tower foundation. The attached tower foundation design has been used for
this estimate. Based on boring information provided we have anticipated ledge removal will be
required for both the tower foundation and utility trench and have included the expense for the
ledge removal. We have specifically excluded NEPA and SHPO documentation as well as any
State or local Sales Tax.

The tower site will include a 30ft x 30ft fenced compound. The fence will included is 7ft tall with
12”- 3strand barbed wire, schedule 40 pipe and 12ft double drive gate. A 10ft long x 24” wide ice
bridge has been included. Tower, ice bridge and fence will be grounded to the ground ring.
Ground ring will consist of 10ft copper clad ground rods @ 10ft on center evenly placed around
the tower base. If the rods cannot be driven due to ledge they will be laid horizontally and
connected via #2 tinned solid copper conductors. Buss bars will be installed at antenna
elevations, tower base & at terminated end of coax near radio cabinet locations. We have
included installation of 2 Microwave antennas @ 115ft elevation and 3 – ANT450D6-9 antennas
on 3ft standoff mounts at the 120ft elevation along with associated coax and/or Cat5 cables. All
connectors, restraint hardware, grounding kits are included. The antenna mounts provided will
be standard 3ft standoff style mounts. We have included the purchase of the Three -

ANT450D6-9 antennas, associated coax/ cables and miscellaneous components as part of this
proposal. We have provided an option to include the furnish & installation TWO- Cambium
PTP600 4.9GHz MW links. Complete with dish/radios, associated surge arrestors, Cat 5 cable
and tower mounting hardware. We have assumed that the opposite end of the MW links will
have structural certification and structure owned permission including permits etc. We have
assumed the opposite end of the link does not require special equipment for access. As part of
Green Mountains installation service, sweep testing and continuity testing of the cables to ensure
system quality is included.

The access road to the site is assumed to be approximately 200ft long x 12ft wide and will include
a turnaround near the tower site. The road will consist of stabilization fabric and 12” of
processed gravel. The tower compound will be finished with marafi fabric and 6” of crushed
Site utilities will include a 100Amp Electric service installed in a 3” PVC schedule 40 conduit
underground from utility pole (existing or installed by others) to new meter back board to be
located approximately 200ft away, near the tower. A telephone/cable/fiber conduit will also be
installed for future use. The conduit will be 3” PVC schedule 40 installed with pull string. We
have included installation of the generator emergency transfer switch on the service back
board/rack. Other utility work included is the concrete pad 3ft x 6ft for a 500 gallon propane
tank and associated piping. We specifically exclude purchasing the tank or propane.

A 4ft x 7ft concrete pad for two 3ft x 3ft x 6ft cabinets is included. The two Multilink cabinets
complete with power panel & A/C units are included. Specification sheets are attached for your

Total Lump Sum Proposal $213,427.00

Option to F&I 2 Cambium 4.9 PTP 600 Microwave Links Add $43,560.00
Option to F&I dual lighting system Add $9,350.00

Note: If 20ft extension is purchased at a later date, additional shipping, crane & mobilization
charges will apply. This lump sum does not include the material cost for the 20ft extension.

We have included estimated prevailing wages for this project. We have not seen actual wages
posted for this contract. We have included cold weather concrete procedures.

Green Mountain Communications is listed on the State of Massachusetts ITT-40 Contract.
Our Contract Vendor code is: 0000467298

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this proposal. Should you have any questions please
feel free to contact this office. We are here to help and support your project and look forward to
working with you.

Sincere Regards,

Steve Connor – Project Manager

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