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The winner of the Domestic Mover of the Year 2014-15 award is
Reddaways Removals. The joint winners of the Commercial Mover of
the Year 2014 award are Harrow Green and JT & Sons Relocations.
See pages 32, 38 & 40.

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>> Keeping ahead in customer
>> BAR Conference highlights
>> Exclusive interview with Ian
Palmer and Brian Maidman
>> DVSA warns on Driver
CPC deadline
>> Launch of estimating system
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>> Priorities of new BAR President
Gary Wheadon
>> R&S to go digital
>> Winners of the BAR
Golf Challenge
DMotY 2014-15 Winner
Reddaways Removals
CMotY 2014 Joint Winners
Harrow Green and JT & Sons Relocations
Removals & Storage June 2014
June 2014 Removals & Storage 3
News from Watford
On the cover: Reddaways Removals, Domestic Mover of the Year 2014-15 (top picture) and Harrow Green and
JT & Sons Relocations, joint Commercial Movers of the Year 2014.
Industry News
Just a snippet…
• New rules for consumer contracts
• GB Liners open new super green depot
• Crown Line Relocations moves the WWF
to its new home
Removals: Domestic
Mover of the Year
Having entered the competition for the fourth time
this year, Geoff Clinch of Reddaways Removals is
delighted to have won the prestigious Domestic
Mover of the Year 2014-15 award for the first time.
52 European News 76 People News
78 Letters Diary Dates 66
Training Memberships 50 68
Why White &
Company acquired
Following White & Company’s acquisition of
Maidman’s Removals & Storage, Ian Palmer and
Brian Maidman speak exclusively to R&S about
the deal.
• Conference Business Speakers and
• The BAR Conference Exhibition
• A Scottish Soirée – the BAR Gala Dinner
and Awards night
Features 54
Customer care and
best practice in the
removals industry
Baroness Crawley, President of the Trading
Standards Institute and Chair of the Consumer
Codes Approval Board on how BAR can keep its
lead in customer care and confidence in the
removals and storage industry.
BAR Conference 2014
Coverage of the key decisions and
announcements at this year’s exciting BAR
Annual Conference in Glasgow, and new BAR
President Gary Wheadon talks about his
ambitions for his two-year term.
Overseas Group News
New Overseas Group Chairman Tony Tickner
outlines his priorities for the next two years.
Commercial Moving
Group News
Interviews with Harrow Green and JT & Sons
Relocations, joint winners of Commercial
Mover of the Year 2014.

BAR Services 22
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
News from Watford
Following his two successful years
at the helm, BAR thanks outgoing
President Ian Studd and welcomes
the new BAR President, Gary Wheadon,
who was appointed at the BAR Annual
Conference in Glasgow.
Many congratulations to Reddaways
Removals, who were announced as
the winners of the Domestic Mover of
the Year 2014-15 competition at the
recent BAR Annual Conference in
Glasgow. Reddaways take home the
coveted prize for the first time on their
fourth attempt.
Congratulations too to Harrow Green
and JT & Sons Relocations – the joint
winners of the Commercial Mover of
the Year 2014 who both displayed
consistently high quality standards at
every stage of the judging.
This year’s BAR Annual Conference
in Glasgow was a huge success,
comprising excellent speakers,
insightful workshops and very enjoyable
social events. The sell-out Conference
was well supported by both UK and
international guests with speakers
travelling to Glasgow from as far away
as the USA and New Zealand.
Several new products designed to
increase value for Members were
announced by BAR at the Annual
Conference. The BAR Advanced
Estimating System has now been white-
labelled for use by Members on their
company websites, providing a cost
effective tool to enhance their sales
and marketing. Another product, the
R&S App, will digitise this magazine
giving Members an interactive user
experience and creating new and
exciting advertising opportunities.
Celebrating 100 years since the
formation of the Association, BAR has
published the BAR History Book which
will be sent to Member companies,
Affiliates, International Associates,
and to Honorary Life Members.
At the BAR AGM Members voted to
launch a new organisation – the
Federation of Removers (FOR) which
is aimed at helping single location
businesses improve the quality of their
services so that they are able to
achieve the BAR Membership criteria.
It is hoped that the FOR will benefit the
industry as a whole, driving improved
customer service and improving the
general image of the industry.
Many thanks to all Member
companies who took the time to take
part in the BAR Membership Survey, the
results of which were presented at the
Annual Conference. As with the last
survey in 2012, BAR will now work
towards addressing the issues that
Members raised.
The BAR Annual Conference 2015
will take place in Belfast, reflecting the
ever-expanding scope and cross-
country reach of the Association.
Information about the Conference and
its speakers will be announced later in
the year.
Finally, a reminder for all Members
that the 10 September 2014 Driver CPC
deadline is fast approaching. All
professional drivers of vehicles over 3.5
tonnes need to complete their first
round of 35 hours of periodic training to
attain their Driver CPC qualification. BAR
Training Services is providing Driver CPC
periodic training throughout the
upcoming months so that companies
and their drivers can ensure they
comply with this legal requirement.
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Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
White & Company acquires Maidman’s
R&S talks exclusively to Ian Palmer and Brian Maidman who have announced the acquisition of
Bournemouth-based Maidman’s Ltd by White & Company PLC.
R&S: Brian, why did you approach White &
Company for this deal?
Brian Maidman: I started the business 35 years ago as
a 19 year old and I have worked to get the business to
a stage where it has an enviable reputation so that we
deliver a high quality service for our customers, our
employees, and our supply chain. That reputation has
been confirmed in the past few years by twice winning
Domestic Mover of the Year. At the same time, it is not
enough to simply exist in business, you have to be
profitable and we have worked hard to ensure the business
is financially healthy and competitive. Many years ago it
was pointed out to me that if you run a business you
should always plan your personal exit from the business
– your business will be in a better place because of it. As
we had no family succession plan for my daughters in this
business, we needed to make sure the company continued
to be profitable and therefore ‘acquisition fit’.
It was extremely important for me to find a buyer that
was capable of maintaining the Maidman’s reputation,
not just in relation to our customers but also in the supply
chain, our local community and importantly for
employees. There was a great meeting of minds between
myself and Ian about how this would all sit.
R&S: Ian, what was your reaction?
Ian Palmer: I have worked closely with Brian for a
number of years on the BAR Board of Directors and the
BAR Southern Area and have always admired his
enthusiasm and drive, which is reflected in those that he
employs. Brian is an ‘ideas man’, some of them truly
unique, and he has kept his business in the public eye,
for all of the right reasons. It was great to be approached
by Brian who shared his plans for the future with me.
From my point of view, and the members of our Board,
Maidman’s run a competitive business with a quality
focus and that suited us well. Another area where we
found synergies was Maidman’s emphasis on training
and personal development for all employees.

Brian Maidman: Yes, as Ian says, we have invested a
good deal of time and money to develop our long-serving
employees (some have been working for us for 25 years)
as well as our newcomers. In the new company that
White & Company run, these employees are now working
in an organisation that has national reach which means
that employees with ambitions for their career paths will
have great opportunities in terms of further professional
R&S: How is the acquisition working in practice?
Ian Palmer: The new company operates independently
of White & Company’s own Bournemouth facility and
provides service to the domestic and commercial moving
market in Bournemouth and the New Forest. All
Maidman’s staff have been retained and are managed
by Steve Webber.
Although there will be economies of scale for the new
business, known as Maidman’s Moving and Storage
Limited, we will keep the two brands separate going
forward. We have bought the business for the Maidman’s
name, which carries a lot of goodwill in Bournemouth
and the New Forest, and it is important to us that we
retain that name.
The storage has been accommodated in our own
freehold site in Bournemouth and the vehicles will
temporarily operate from that site. The management
team remain at the Castlepoint site whilst we secure
alternative accommodation for the business.
Brian’s daughter Sophie has remained with the new
company for a three-month period to achieve a smooth
handover. We are delighted with our acquisition and very
pleased with the manner in which the handover has been
undertaken; we have kept Sophie as a hostage just to be
on the safe side!
R&S: Brian, what directions do you plan now for
your store and secure business?
Brian Maidman: Although it is a different business model,
I see lots of synergies between self storage and the
removals industry. We decided to go into self storage a
number of years ago and only found the right premises
in 2009. Since then, we have been working to a 5-year
business plan for Store & Secure, and so far, we have
exceeded all of our targets. The timing was perfect for
Maidman’s to be acquired by White & Company as I now
need to commit serious time and investment in Store &
Secure. In the short term, we want a second site and to go
multi-site in the south of England.

I have worked closely
with Brian for a number of
years on the BAR Board
of Directors and the BAR
Southern Area and have
always admired his
enthusiasm and drive,
which is reflected in those
that he employs.
Ian Palmer,
White & Company
‘ ‘
For more information
Industry News
6 Removals & Storage June 2014
Reductions to
the number of
British road signs
New plans for road signs have been announced
by Transport Minister Robert Goodwill. The
changes are included in a new consultation
which also contains proposals for clearer road
markings and new low-level signals for cyclists
which will help improve safety on the roads.
The proposals will reduce the number of
signs that the Department for Transport will
need to authorise and streamline the approval
process for councils, cutting regulation.
Robert Goodwill said: “The number of signs
have soared from 2 million in 1993 to over 4.6
million. This is causing unnecessary clutter in
our towns and cities. The proposed changes will
mean greater flexibility for councils to cut the
number of signs, whilst ensuring consistency
and making sure our roads are even safer for
cyclists and motorists.”
DVSA updates
roadworthiness guide
The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has updated its Guide
to Maintaining Roadworthiness, which it says is essential reading for
anyone whose responsibilities include vehicle roadworthiness.
The DVSA recommends more frequent maintenance
for older vehicles and trailers and a maximum interval
of six weeks between safety inspections for vehicles and
trailers aged 12 years and older.
The Agency also advises that an International
Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) week
planning system is used to allow for some flexibility
when planning safety inspections. “With this system,
you should complete the safety inspection within the
relevant ISO week it falls,” it says.
Because the emission test is initially a visual
inspection, in the new Guide the DVSA has removed
the need for access to engine exhaust emission test
equipment. However, the Guide states that if your
vehicle exhaust is visible, you will need this equipment
to make sure your vehicle’s emissions fall within the
legal limits.
There is also a new section on brake testing. As
described in the VOSA Effectiveness Report 2012 to
2013, almost 64,000 trucks, buses and trailer units
failed their initial brake efficiency inspection, while at
the roadside the Agency issued over 8,000 prohibitions
for brake defects. “We are now looking for regular,
meaningful, laden brake testing over and above the
inspection at the annual MOT test,” the Agency says.
Furthermore, the Agency is now looking for a
minimum of three successful brake efficiency tests
spread throughout year in addition to the annual MOT
The 2014 Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness can be
found at
Copy and advertising
deadlines 2014 for future
issues of R&S magazine
Article submission:
2nd of the month preceding publication
Booking of display Adverts:
10th of the month preceding publication
Booking of classified Adverts:
10th of the month preceding publication
Booking of trade Adverts:
10th of the month preceding publication
Artwork for Adverts:
15th of the month preceding publication
As the 10 September deadline for drivers to
complete 35 hours of CPC training comes ever
closer, the DVSA and Traffic Commissioners are
reminding operators and professional drivers to
make sure they are up to date.
Recent DVSA statistics show that over 7 million
hours of training have been undertaken in the
past year, with around 250,000 drivers completing
their training. There are already over 750,000
drivers who have completed their mandatory
training since 2008.
The DVSA’s Chief Executive, Alastair Peoples,
said: “DVSA enforcement officers already
routinely check the Driver CPC status of
professional drivers. After the deadline they’ll be
able to check whether acquired rights lorry drivers
have completed their training or are driving
illegally. Not being aware of Driver CPC is not an
excuse for drivers or operators.”
This position was endorsed by Joan Aitken, lead
Traffic Commissioner on Driver CPC, who
warned: “Driver CPC is not an optional extra
– it is a must. Operators must make sure that
their drivers have done the training. The
consequences of not doing this could be loss of
livelihood and action against operator licences.”
For information on available Driver CPC courses
DVSA and TCs warn
on Driver CPC deadline
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
New rules for
The removals industry will be affected by the upcoming
introduction of the Consumer Contracts (Information,
Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.
These changes will affect all removals contracts entered
into from 13 June 2014. Gurmit Sanghera, Senior
Trading Standards Officer, Hertfordshire Trading
Standards summarises some of the main changes for
R&S readers.
From 13 June 2014, the Consumer Contracts
(Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges)
Regulations 2013 will replace the provisions of the
Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home
or Place of Work etc. Regulations 2008 and the
Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations
2000. The new Regulations consolidate and extend
consumers’ cancellation rights. Key points to note are as
Information (all contracts): The Regulations
outline the minimum information that consumers
must be provided with in relation to off premises and
on premises contracts. As the current BAR model Terms
& Conditions were approved prior to the introduction of
this legislation, it is recommended that BAR Members
provide the new additional information alongside the
model T&Cs.
Cancellation (subject to exemptions): The
Regulations give consumers a 14-day cancellation period
for off premises or distance contracts (extended from 7
days). For off premises contracts, work can start within
the 14 days by written consent. The consumer can still
cancel prior to completion but will have to pay
reasonable costs incurred. However, there is a list of
contracts where the right to cancel does not apply. This
includes transport of goods, vehicle rental services, and if
the contract provides for a specific date or period of
The exemption for the “transport of goods” covers
removals. There is no further definition of “transport of
goods” in the Regulations or in the Consumer Rights
Directive. Therefore, removal contracts concluded off
premises or at a distance (where a specific date or period
of performance is specified) would not be covered by the
right to cancel within 14 days under the new
Additional Charges: There should be no excessive
phone charges when a consumer calls a trader about an
existing contract. The Consumer Rights (Payment
Surcharges) Regulations 2012 state that if the customer
has to pay a surcharge for using a credit or debit card
then that surcharge must not be higher than the cost the
business has to pay for processing that method of
Hertfordshire Trading Standards and BAR are working
together to ensure that standard paperwork used by BAR
members is compliant. BAR Members who have signed
up to the Primary Authority scheme will be able to take
advantage of the advice and assistance provided by
Hertfordshire Trading Standards.
Strong start for HGV
Road User Levy
Thousands of foreign hauliers who operate in the UK have registered
to pay, and are now paying, the new HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) levy.
In the first two weeks after the HGV levy came into
force on 1 April, more than 92,000 levies were
purchased for trucks registered in 56 different
countries, with nearly 78,000 vehicles registered.
Initial figures show that compliance is high with
around 215 vehicles fined for non-compliance.
Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said: “Before
the levy was introduced, foreign hauliers could fill
up their tanks abroad, make their deliveries and
then return home without making any UK tax
contribution, which was unfair on UK hauliers.”
All HGVs at or above 12 tonnes maximum weight
must pay the charge, irrespective of their
nationality. The levy is structured in a series of
bands which reflect vehicle type, weight and
number of axles. UK operators pay the levy at the
same time as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) in one
transaction. VED is also being reduced so that more
than 9 out of 10 UK vehicles will pay no more than
they did before the levy was introduced.
The levy is being enforced by the Driver and
Vehicles Standards Agency in Great Britain and the
Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland, at
the roadside through a mixture of targeted stops
and as an additional check undertaken as part of
existing road-safety related stops.
Foreign operators must pay the levy before using
UK roads. Charges vary between £1.70 and £10 per
day or £85 to £1,000 per year. Drivers face a fine of
£300 if they are caught using the roads without
having paid the levy. Foreign HGVs can purchase
levies for between a day and a year, with discounts
available for longer periods. The HGV Levy can be
paid at
Transport Secretary of State Patrick
McLoughlin (pictured) has approved wide-
ranging reforms to the Highways Agency, with
the ultimate goal of turning the Agency into a
Government-owned company tasked with
efficiently managing and operating England’s
motorway and strategic A-road network within
the next 12 months.
The Government claims that changes to the
Highways Agency will save the taxpayer at least
£2.6bn over the next 10 years and will make
the new company more accountable to
Parliament and road users. Supported by
stable, locked-in funding that will eliminate
the uncertain ‘stop-start’ processes of the past,
the new company and its suppliers hope to
have the confidence to recruit skilled workers
on longer-term contracts that will save the
taxpayer money. The Government is also
setting up two new bodies to hold the company
to account – one to protect the interests of
motorists and other road users, and another to
oversee the roads network and watch over costs
and performance.
Changes to Highways Agency
move a step closer
Industry News
8 Removals & Storage June 2014
Type Approval
could hit
vehicle market
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
(SMMT) has warned that as many as 20,000
commercial vehicle registrations per year could
suffer major delays for failing to meet new Type
Approval legislation.
The new rules will come into force from 29
October this year, and will apply to around two
thirds of heavy commercial vehicles – those built
in stages weighing more than 3.5t. These
vehicles are in the last category to come under a
raft of new Type Approval legislation that will see
all commercial vehicles in Europe conform to a
common set of rules.
Without the correct approval from the Vehicle
Certification Agency (VCA), as many as 50% of
annual heavy commercial vehicle registrations
could be considerably delayed, the SMMT said.
With no official stamp of approval, the only
alternative route to registering a vehicle in any
EU country would be the DVSA-administered
Individual Vehicle Approval scheme. This ‘one by
one’ means of checking a vehicle is fit for use is
time-consuming and is expected to be
overloaded by a high number of bodybuilders
that leave it too late to get full Type Approval.
The SMMT consider this to be “a very serious
situation” as so many vehicle converters and
bodybuilders are still unaware of the
implications these new rules will have on their
business. To cope with the nationwide demand
for guidance on Type Approval, SMMT has held a
series of workshops in conjunction with the VCA
and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.
Truck demand remains subdued
Meanwhile, the SMMT said that demand for
March 14-plate registers led to further growth in
the commercial vehicle market. Total
commercial vehicle registrations grew 11.4% in
March to 54,232, mainly because of a 14.6% rise
in van registrations. The Euro-6 lag continued to
impact truck registrations, but the monthly
shortfall fell to -16.5% from -27% in February
and -37% in January.
Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, explained
that while truck demand remained subdued as
the influence of Euro-6 legislation continues to
be felt across the sector, the level of impact
should be minimal by mid-year.
Hapag-Lloyd to merge
with Chilean shipping line

Consolidation in the global shipping industry continues to gather pace,
as shipping lines come together to deal with excess capacity and
falling freight rates.
German shipping line Hapag-Lloyd and Chile’s
Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores (CSAV) have
agreed to merge their container business. The new
Hapag-Lloyd will rank among the four largest liner
shipping companies in the world, with some 200
vessels with total transport capacity of around 1
million TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit, the
most common unit of measuring cargo capacity),
an annual transport volume of 7.5 million TEU
and a combined turnover of €9bn. The company’s
head office will remain in Hamburg.
In return for contributing its container business,
CSAV will become a new Hapag-Lloyd core
shareholder besides HGV (City of Hamburg) and
Kühne Maritime.
“I am delighted that we have succeeded in
concluding this partnership through which our
two companies are playing an active part in
consolidating the liner shipping industry,” Michael
Behrendt, Chairman of the Executive Board of
Hapag-Lloyd said.
“By joining forces, we are creating a stronger, larger
and more global company with significant
economies of scale and a considerably improved
competitive position,” said Oscar Hasbún, CEO of
CSAV. “The combination with CSAV, Latin America’s
leading container shipping line, considerably
strengthens Hapag-Lloyd in this growth market and
adds a strong position in the North-South traffic to
the company’s global network and to its established
strength in East-West traffics.”
The merger follows the three-way alliance agreed
in 2013 by rival shipping lines Maersk, MSC
Mediterranean Shipping Company and France’s
The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
has recently confirmed that as of October 2014
paper tax disks will be replaced with digital
records. As a result, paper tax disks will no longer
be issued or required to be displayed on vehicle
windscreens. The DVLA has also confirmed that
vehicle tax will cease to be transferrable to a new
owner when a vehicle is sold.
Paper tax disks obsolete from
October 2014
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
Industry News
10 Removals & Storage June 2014
One in ten
vehicles is now
a van
Every tenth vehicle on British roads is a van,
according to recent research commissioned by
the RAC Foundation.
Between 2002 and 2012, the number of Heavy
Goods Vehicles (HGVs) on British roads fell by 5%
to 460,000. Over the same period, the number of
cars rose by 11% to 28.7 million and the number
of vans on Britain’s roads increased by 29% to 3.3
million. Indeed, the report states that every tenth
vehicle on the road is now a light commercial
The highest percentage change in van ownership
over that period was seen in the North East,
followed by the South West and Wales. In Europe
only France, Spain and Italy have more vans
registered than Britain, and van traffic in Britain is
predicted to almost double by 2040.
Some commentators have speculated that the
rise in van numbers is down to the increased use of
online shopping, resulting in a high number of
home deliveries and van use. There is also reason
to believe hauliers are switching away from larger
vehicles because of changing delivery patterns and
growing environmental restrictions on HGVs.
Dartford Crossing
worries mount
Concerns are rising about changes to the way
drivers pay to use the Dartford Crossing, which are
due to take effect in October.
From October 2014 drivers will no longer pay at
the barriers, but will have to pay online, by text, at
retail outlets or over the phone. Drivers will be able
to pay in advance, or before midnight the day after
crossing. They will be able to save up to a third on
every crossing by setting up a pre-pay account.
Drivers who do not pay will face a penalty charge
of £70, with a reduced rate of £35 for those penalty
charges paid within 14 days. It will continue to be
free to use the crossing between 10pm and 6am.
The Highways Agency will only be contacting
existing DART-Tag account holders in September
and October 2014 with details of how to transfer to
the new account. The Agency says that account
holders will retain their existing credit.
Eligible Employers can now claim the Employment
Allowance and reduce their employer Class 1 National
Insurance Contributions (NICs) by up to £2,000.
Employment Allowance is for nearly all employers
that pay Class 1 National Insurance Contributions on
their employees’ and directors’ earnings.
The reduction of up to £2,000 from small
businesses employer NICs bills is intended to provide
“£2,000 cashback on the cost of jobs that you can
choose how to spend,” David Cameron said in his
letters to small businesses. “I hope you will consider
using it to take on more employees. Simplicity has
been the priority in designing the allowance. It will
be easy to claim, and all you have to do is tick a box
on your payroll software.”
The Government expects up to 1.25 million
businesses and charities to benefit from Employment
Allowance. Around 450,000 businesses and charities
will not have to pay any employer National Insurance
contributions at all.
An Employment Allowance calculator is available
calculator/ to see how the Allowance could affect a
company’s contributions.
Cameron in small
business jobs drive
The Prime Minister has written to small businesses and charities
encouraging them to check their eligibility for Employment Allowance.
Following a £100m investment, a new 500 metre
long berth is now handling container traffic at the
Port of Southampton, able to handle the largest and
deepest container vessels afloat.
James Cooper, Chief Executive of Associated British
Ports, said the new quay is designed to ensure
Southampton can continue to handle the very
biggest container ships.
The new berth, called SCT 5, is designed to
handle the largest and deepest vessels in the world,
including the new 18,000-TEU ships that are
currently coming into service. It is equipped with
four new Liebherr Super Post Panamax cranes,
capable of reaching across ships 24 containers wide.
A fifth Liebherr crane has been relocated from
elsewhere in the terminal to ensure the new berth
has the capability to turn ships around quickly and
efficiently. While the new berth has a depth alongside
of 16 metres, it can be deepened to 17 metres to
account for any future growth in vessel size.
Southampton’s ability to cater for the largest
container ships afloat is being further boosted by an
on-going dredging programme designed to deepen
the main approach channel giving greater access
and flexibility all year round.
…and Felixstowe work begins
Meanwhile, at the largest container port in the UK,
Felixstowe, work has started to extend the port’s
Berth 9 by 190 metres. The work will increase the
combined lengths of Berths 8 and 9 to 920 metres,
giving the port greater flexibility to berth the world’s
largest container ships.
The project will involve dredging 1 million cubic
metres of material to provide the berth and
approaches, and enable a new steel-piled quay wall
to be built. Construction is due to complete in mid-
2015. The new extension will be equipped with three
new ship-to-shore gantry cranes, each with a
25-container wide outreach.
Southampton container terminal
open for business…
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
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Eight miles of the M25 between junctions 23 and
25 became England’s first section of Smart Motorway
with traffic running permanently on the hard
shoulder in April. The scheme is one of ten Smart
Motorway All-Lane Running schemes planned by
the Highways Agency to increase capacity and reduce
congestion. Another version of the Smart Motorway
scheme known as Dynamic Hard Shoulder Running
is in operation on sections of the M42, M1, M6 and
M5 where the hard shoulder is temporarily used as
a running lane during busy periods.
Under the new all-lane running schemes, the
hard shoulder would be permanently used as a
running lane and only closed to traffic via overhead
and verge mounted signs in the event of an incident.
The RAC’s main concern for traffic using the hard
shoulder permanently centres around the fact that
emergency refuge areas will be further apart in
sections of these schemes (up to 2.5km apart) than
the hard shoulder running ones (500-800m apart).
This means motorists who break down on an all-
lane running stretch will often find it impossible to
reach an emergency refuge area and, therefore, have
to stay in a live running lane until it is closed to
traffic by the Highways Agency.
The RAC said that while dynamic hard shoulder
running has proved to be successful in terms of
reducing congestion at peak periods and has a good
safety record, the greater distance between
emergency refuge areas creates an unnecessary risk
to the safety of any motorist breaking down in lane
one on an all-lane running section.
RAC warns over smart
motorway schemes
The RAC has voiced reservations about the safety of new all-lane running schemes which will turn the hard
shoulder into a permanent live traffic lane on many sections of England’s busiest stretches of motorway.
Industry News
12 Removals & Storage June 2014
London extends HGV Task
Transport for London is extending the Industrial HGV Task Force (IHTF)
following a successful six-month trial.
Funded by Transport for London (TfL) and the
Department for Transport (DfT) the Task Force, which
aims to crack down on non-compliant heavy goods
vehicles (HGV) operators and drivers, is made up of
officers from the Metropolitan Police Service, City of
London Police, and Driver and Vehicle Standards
In its first six months the partnership worked
successfully to target the most dangerous commercial
vehicles, helping to improve the safety of everyone
using London’s roads. The Task Force also acts as a
deterrent against non-compliant companies that
attempt to undercut those operating legitimately.
Since the start of the trial in October 2013, this
intelligence-led enforcement has seen over 1,960
vehicles targeted and stopped, 24 vehicles seized,
15 prosecutions progressed through the Criminal
Justice System and 519 fixed penalty notices issued for
Between 2008 and 2013, 53% of cycle fatalities
involved direct contact with a Large Goods Vehicle. In
response to these figures the Mayor of London, TfL, DfT
and London councils are now proposing a safer lorry
scheme. The proposed scheme will require every vehicle
in London over 3.5 tonnes – a disproportionate cause
of cyclist deaths – to be fitted with sideguards to protect
cyclists from being pulled under the wheels. It will also
require vehicles to be fitted with mirrors giving the
driver a better view of cyclists and pedestrians around
their vehicles. The Industrial HGV Task Force will
support this scheme via on-street enforcement tying in
with their daily duties.
in the spotlight
The report from a Government review into
the practice of pre-packaged administrations
is expected to be published in the coming
months. The aim of the review is to establish
whether pre-packs are a viable rescue tool or
an abuse of the insolvency process.
Pre-packaged administration occurs where
negotiations for the sale of a company’s
business and assets take place before
administration, and the sale occurs when the
administrator is appointed or very soon
afterwards. There are concerns that the pre-
pack process is not transparent and may have
damaging effects for some groups or cause
possible longer term harm.
The issues raised include whether
businesses are being sold for less than their
value, especially where this is to the previous
owner or a connected party with no open
market valuation, and the lack of
involvement of unsecured creditors, who are
only informed of the deal after it has taken
place. Pre-packs may also give companies an
unfair market advantage by allowing the
new company to leave behind its unwanted
debts. The final report, commissioned by the
Insolvency Service, will be of particular
interest to the removals industry, which has
seen a number of companies entering
administration, including using pre-packs.
TwentyCi launches
Customer Referral Scheme
TwentyCi has launched a new Customer
Referral Scheme, offering rewards to
customers who recommend the
company’s Home Mover Alerts to
Supplied weekly via email as soon as
a property is listed as under offer or
sold, TwentyCi’s Home Mover Alert data
helps clients to get their brand in front
of movers as soon as they need a
removal company. Data can be selected
by geography and property price,
ensuring that companies can target the
types of customers they want to attract.
TwentyCi say that customers have
reported significant benefits from using
the Home Mover Alerts, with some
customers commenting that 50% of all
of their work now comes through the
Customers will receive £50 in
Love2Shop vouchers if their
recommendation of the service results
in a contract, following the completion
of the Customer Referral Scheme form.
Love2Shop vouchers can be used at
thousands of retail shops across the
country. TwentyCi gave a presentation
to delegates at the recent BAR Annual
Conference in Glasgow on how to
maximise Home Mover Alerts – see
page 60 for a summary. For more
information about Home Mover Alerts
Interdean launches
trade division
Interdean Moving
Services has launched
a new Trade division
to help establish itself
as one of the largest
networks offering the
most consistent and
regular routes out of
the UK. The Trade team that Interdean has put in place has more
than 30 years of experience in the moving industry. The team can
also draw upon extensive international shipping and hands-on
experience with customs clearance around the world and is currently
running regular groupage services to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong,
India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand,
UAE, and USA.
Trade Services Manager Joseph Quinlivan said: “Given our strength
in the moving industry and global network it simply made sense for
us to start offering Trade solutions to clients looking to move
anything to anywhere.”
For more information visit
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
London extends HGV Task
We’ve still got space... our containers
Interdean launches
trade division
Industry News
14 Removals & Storage June 2014
Fox Moving &
Storage’s 1946
Albion returns
At this month’s BAR Conference in Glasgow, one of
Fox Moving & Storage’s classic Albion vehicles
returned to the city in which it was made.
As part of the Unique Van Bodies vehicle display at
the Conference (see page 37), Fox Moving & Storage
exhibited its 1946 Albion FT 3 L vehicle, which was
produced at the Scotstoun works in Glasgow. Albion
Motors was established in 1899, and opened the
purpose-built works in Scotstoun in 1903.
The lorry, which also featured at last year’s
Conference in Newcastle, ended its working life with
Burman Removals of London in 1970. Restoration
work on the lorry was carried out by Unique Van
Bodies of Warrington, while all mechanical
restoration and repair was carried out at Fox Moving
& Storage’s own commercial garage.
For more information visit
Brits rank moving home
as the most stressful life
Packing up items was deemed to be the
most stress-inducing element of the
process according to 55 % of people
surveyed, followed by worries that
precious items will be damaged by movers
(32%) and concerns about the overall
cost of the move (29%). Other causes of
stress included filling in removal
companies’ inventory forms (13%) and
the removers being late on the day of the
move (17%).
Movers failing to check
insurance provision
However, despite such large numbers of
people admitting to finding moving home
such a stressful experience, one in three
(33%) never check to see what insurance
policy their removal company has,
potentially putting up to £504m worth of
contents at risk last year. In addition, 42%
do not check to see if their movers are
accredited by the British Association of
Removers or another industry body.

A study of 2,000 people by moving services comparison site Buzzmove
has found that moving home ranks as the number one most stressful life
activity. Of those surveyed, 41% claimed it was the most stressful activity
they had experienced in their life, ahead of having major surgery (15%)
and getting married (13%).
Crown Relocations recently moved the World
Wildlife Fund (WWF) to its new headquarters
– the Living Planet Centre.
Following a tender with six other companies,
Crown Relocations was awarded the contract to
relocate the WWF to their modern, ark-shaped
premises in Woking, Surrey. The relocation
required considerable forward planning as it
needed to take place over the course of a single
weekend to minimise disruption to the WWF’s
activities. As well as moving 350 staff, office
furniture and IT equipment, there were some
heritage items including statues, donations and
some precious and peculiar items which Crown
Relocations had to package and handle carefully.
The planning process had to be “very thorough as
it’s quite a challenge to move an office of that size
in such a short space of time,” according to
Crown Relocations’ Chris Lansbury, Commercial
Manager, UK & Ireland.
There were also environmental stipulations to
bear in mind. Crown had committed to a zero
landfill move, and its ‘re-use before recycle’ policy
was integrated to redeploy the redundant furniture
so that it could be channelled to good use
wherever possible.
Many items were donated to charities such
as the local British Heart Foundation. Any
remaining furniture which could not be reused
was fully recycled. It took a team of sixteen
relocation experts to successfully complete the
single phase move within the tight deadlines set.
It took a further two weeks to responsibly manage
the redeployment and recycling project in line
with WWF’s strict environmental and corporate
social responsibility standards. Chris said: “To
further support WWF, we also undertook some
associated tasks such as delivering some of the
heritage furniture to the WWF’s Cardiff and Perth
offices.” Peter Best, Head of Facilities and
Environment Management at WWF UK, said:
“We were all delighted with Crown’s
professionalism and approach. It was a tough
undertaking but they exceeded our requirements
and expectations on all levels.”
For more information visit
Crown Relocations creates new habitat for WWF
The Living Planet Centre
Following a successful London trial, is
going national and is inviting BAR Members across the
UK to join its platform which offers consumers an
instant quote system to compare prices and book
removal jobs online. Buzzmove has also joined forces
with Zoopla to enable the millions of Zoopla customers
to book their removals job on the Zoopla site using the
Buzzmove platform.
Buzzmove is offering all BAR Members, whether they
are already registered with Buzzmove or not, who sign
up in June a discount of 8% off the usual commission
(down to 5% from 13%). Buzzmove is also
introducing a new referral scheme. Every new
company referred to Buzzmove that signs up will
receive £50 credited to their Buzzmove account.
For more information, please contact or visit
Buzzmove special
offer for BAR Members
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage

A 2014 Global Mobility Survey has shown an increasing confidence among relocations companies, as the
global economy continues to recover from a period of depression.
Asia top destination for relocation
The study, commissioned by Santa Fe,
is the world’s largest study of global
mobility professionals with 1,269
respondents from around the world.
The figures from the report suggest
that many companies believe that the
difficult six years of recession are
finally behind them, with 41% of
respondents expecting an increased
level of business in the next 12
months. The growth and increasing
importance of Asian markets featured
strongly in the report, with the Asia
region listed as the top destination for
36% of respondents. China was shown
to be the most popular single country,
with 15% of those surveyed saying it
was the top destination for their
assignees. In the UK, 56% of those
surveyed expected an increase in
activity over the next 12 months, with
just 12% expecting a decrease.
Following the global trend, Asia was
the most popular regional destination
for assignees (30%) with Europe a
close second on 26%. The most
popular country for international
assignments was the USA, which 21%
of respondents said was their top
destination for assignees.
The Living Planet Centre
Top 10 Destinations from the UK
Top 10 Destinations Globally
Buzzmove special
offer for BAR Members
Industry News
16 Removals & Storage June 2014
Grants Removals
& Storage look
With the housing market in South London
booming as the UK slowly moves out of recession,
Croydon-based Grants Removals & Storage are
now looking to use the increasingly welcoming
market conditions to their advantage by increasing
their capacity and exposure.
Grants’ main estimator has been joined by Del’s
24 year-old son Jack, meaning that Grants’ have
two working estimators for the first time, with the
team currently conducting anywhere between 6-8
estimates per day. Jack, who one day plans to take
over the business, has adapted to his new role
quickly and is already pulling in significant
business for the firm.

Given the team’s increased capacity and the
improving economic outlook, Del has also decided
to embark upon a new advertising campaign. In
recent years, the advertising platforms open to
businesses have diversified and evolved
significantly. Making use of this type of technology
has given Grants Removals & Storage greater
flexibility in their advertising, allowing them to
better react to changing and sometimes
unpredictable markets. As Del told R&S: “Five
years ago everyone had a full page advert in the
Thomson local, but now my core advertising is on
the internet.
If next week there was a housing crash and
everyone stopped moving, I could instantly stop all
of my advertising.”
Echoing what many owners are now saying,
Del told R&S that, though he would consider
expanding his company further if improved
conditions persist, it will be measured expansion.
“First I want to keep all of our current lorries busy.
You don’t want to expand and then find your
teams with downtime,” he explained. For more
information see
John Mason International is celebrating 130 years in
business this year. The company was founded in 1884
by Mary Mason in Wavertree, Liverpool, and has now
grown to be one of the UK’s leading international
moving companies, with offices in Liverpool and
Staff at John Mason International’s head office
celebrated with a cake and party poppers.
Commemorative mugs were also given to staff. The
team at John Mason International is now looking
forward to the next 130 years, and more!
For more information visit
John Mason International
celebrates 130 years
Cake and party poppers to celebrate 130 years
As well as winning the Domestic Mover of the Year
2014-15, Reddaways Removals are celebrating the
successful completion of the HGV C+E driving test by
two of their employees.
Daniel Clinch (19) and Aron Ditchburn (29) can
now drive the company’s drawbar demount truck.
Daniel and Aron began the company’s own Driving
Goods Vehicle Apprenticeship in February, and both
feel that the course has so far given them an
excellent understanding of how to handle and work
with Large Goods Vehicles. Apprentices are monitored
throughout the course and are assessed in fields
including vehicle loading, unloading, manoeuvring
and route planning, among others.
Geoff Clinch, Director at Reddaways, told R&S
that: “As a company we have benefitted from the
knowledge that our existing full time staff are kept
up to date with current legislation, while at the same
time keeping our training costs down, using the
apprenticeship scheme.”
For more information,
For information on available driving courses visit
Reddaways driving Apprenticeship
scheme bears fruit
Daniel Clinch (Left) and Aron Ditchburn (Right) after completing the HGV C+E test
Jack Grant, the company’s newest estimator
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
Industry News
18 Removals & Storage June 2014
The Scottish removal experts have been in operation
since 1498, six years after Christopher Columbus
landed in the Americas, and have 516 years’
experience dealing with local, national and
international moves in a variety of sectors including
domestic, commercial, antiques, fine art and storage.
The company has now gained the ISO 9001
certification after a two-day audit that analysed the
procedures and processes the company has in place
that allows it to meet the needs of customers on a
daily basis.
Kevin Brown, a partner at Shore Porters, believes
that this success is down to the hard work of the
company’s staff, as well as the high quality of
customer service that they offer. Kevin told R&S that:
“We are delighted with the certification of the ISO
9001 as it really does emphasise that Shore Porters
has the appropriate foundations in place to create a
disciplined work environment, allowing our staff to
know exactly who does what, when and how.”
The move is sure to have business benefits too.
“The certification is also important to us in terms of
new business as it is an internationally recognised
standard that recognises reliability and quality
service; it will definitely stand us in good stead for the
future growth of the company,” said Kevin.
The ISO 9001 is awarded for quality management
systems, based on a number of quality management
principles including a strong customer focus, the
motivation and implication of top management, the
process approach and continual improvement. For
more information about the ISO 9001 certification,
contact QSS by email at
For more information about The Shore Porters
Society, visit
Shore Porters certified with ISO 9001
One of the UK’s oldest companies, The Shore Porters Society, has achieved a national certification
designed to showcase high quality of service within the workplace.
Kevin Brown, Partner at Shore Porters
Yeates Managing Director James Griffin with the new baler and Billy the dog
Yeates of Clevedon near Bristol has been
improving its environmental credentials recently
with the installation of solar PV panels and the
purchase of a new cardboard baler.
The solar PV panels were fitted to take full
advantage of the Government feed-in tariff
scheme. The 10kw system covers all the electricity
needed for both the offices and warehouse.
Yeates already recycles as much as possible,
and the addition of a new cardboard baler further
reduces waste disposal costs and generates income
from the sale of the baled product. Yeates’
Managing Director James Griffin told R&S: “The
solar PV panels have been extremely successful as
they cover all our energy and generate income as
well. We were lucky enough to install the panels
before the feed-in tariff dropped and so it is a
‘win-win’ for both the environment and our
Environmental responsibility is kept in mind
through all aspects of the business, and as James
told R&S: “In addition, our routes are planned to
minimise driving time and distances and we run a
modern fleet of vehicles to help reduce fuel and
Although we already recycle all our paper we
hope the new cardboard baler will further improve
our environmental performance.”
For more information see
Keen to be green at Yeates
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
5-a-side football
tournament for
Marie Curie
Cancer Care
Get your team together and come out to test your
football skills while supporting Marie Curie
Cancer Care at Interdean’s annual 5-a-side
tournament. Up to 40 teams will go head to head
on 2 August 2014 at Ascot United Football Club to
compete for the championship trophy as well as
the ‘Mover’s Cup’ for the best moving company.
Bring family and friends to enjoy a day of
competition, great food, a licensed bar
throughout the day, a sports memorabilia charity
auction, and a chance to win prizes including
champagne and plasma televisions. A bouncy
castle and other activities for children are also
UK charity Marie Curie Cancer Care was
founded in 1948 to care for people with terminal
illnesses. In 2012-13 the charity cared for 38,777
people across the country. Interdean has a long
history of supporting Marie Curie by providing all
of their customers with the option to donate
personal effects that they no longer require, or
are incompatible in their new home. Interdean
also makes corporate contributions and sponsors
events for the charity.
The event is open to any football club, moving
company or other corporation. Team entry costs
£85 per team before 30 June 2014 and £100 per
team thereafter. All proceeds from the day will go
to Marie Curie Cancer Care. For team registration
and to purchase event or raffle tickets call 020
8961 4141 or email For
more information visit
Potburys of Sidmouth Ltd
completes fleet upgrade
Potburys of Sidmouth has recently finished a three-year upgrade of its
fleet, ready to take advantage of the improving economic outlook.
The Devon-based company has been in existence for
over 150 years. The last member of the Potbury
family passed away in the 1970s and the company
passed into the hands of employees headed by
Terrance Lee, whose son Michael now runs the
Removals Manager Paul Gannon, who himself
has been working at Potburys for 27 years, told R&S
that at the start of the recession, like many other
firms, Potburys took one of its vehicles off the road to
cut operating costs. However when interest rates were
lowered, Potburys used this as a strategic business
investment opportunity to modernise its entire fleet.
Potburys decided to order a new DAF LF45 7 ½ tonne
vehicle in 2011. Impressed with the quality of the
vehicle, the company went on to order a further four
(one LF45 and three LF55 15t) from Taunton DAF,
the last of which took to the road this year.
As a result of the investment, Potburys can now
boast a modern fleet which is back to its pre-
recession size, ready to take advantage of improving
economic conditions in the South West.
For more information visit or
follow the company on Twitter at @potburysremoval
Above: Potburys Removals in 1899 and the modern day shop today
Giovaruscio Moving, a leading trade movers
company in Europe, has opened a new office in
New Jersey, USA.
Company owner Giuseppe Giovaruscio said: “It
was time to explore new markets and possibilities.
The company has been steadily growing over the
last 15 years, and I believe there is scope to offer our
services to American companies in the same way we
do to European ones.”
Although the US office has been open since
October 2013 undertaking origin and destination
services for the London and Italy branches, as of this
month, it is fully operational with a weekly service
between New York and Italy via London. The
company’s objective is to cut transit time for
consolidated shipments to 35 days, while trying to
stay as competitive as possible.
Giovaruscio London Managing Director Leonardo
Pedone commented: “Our aim is to offer our usual
quality service to US companies in the way we serve
European companies – quick, reliable and with
affordable rates. We can offer a service that is
quicker and more cost effective than the existing
services.” The deep-sea service combined with the
trucking will guarantee continuity, as all work will
be conducted in-house. Shipments will be
transferred from the container straight onto trucks
and will be delivered to Italy the following week.
The US warehouse and offices are located in
Elizabeth, New Jersey. For more information visit
Giovaruscio Moving sets up
Giovaruscio’s Luca Menton exploring New York
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news to share with
R&S readers?
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Industry News
20 Removals & Storage June 2014
GB Liners open new super green depot
GB Liners have opened in Brighton what they claim is the greenest removal depot in the UK.
The new depot, constructed on a steeply sloping site,
provides office and staff accommodation, a large
mezzanine floor for storage of three-piece suites and other
items unsuitable for storage inside containers, together
with space for 450 standard storage containers stacked
three-high. Outside there is a substantial service yard and
parking for 12 commercial vehicles.
Brighton & Hove Council is controlled by the Green
Party and their priorities are reflected in local planning
policy. This means that any new commercial development
has to achieve a, ‘BREEAM’ (Building Research
Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology)
score of very good or above. To achieve this, photovoltaic
solar panels have been included on the roof to provide
carbon free electricity for the building. Energy efficient
lighting has been specified throughout and this is
controlled with motion sensors which switch off lighting
when the area is unoccupied. The office accommodation
on the building is orientated to the north to avoid the
need for air conditioning. The building incorporates an
energy management system enabling GB Liners to analyse
and control energy use. All the new office equipment and
white goods are highly energy efficient and, of course,
there is a high level of insulation to avoid heat loss. Water
use is minimised by the flow restrictions on taps and
showers. Furthermore, the facility has an approved travel
plan for staff which involves installing cycle storage and
shower facilities. Due to the construction taking place on
a brownfield site, much of the construction waste was
recycled and landfill avoided.
Moving to the site at Woodingdean almost brings a ten
year long process to an end. Managing Director, Robert
Bartup, told R&S: “We have been on the lookout for a site
for a long time which we could develop to our special
requirements. Over the last ten years, we have successfully
redeveloped our old office building, created three shops
and four flats and sold them for accommodation. We have
made a start on converting our existing city centre
warehouse site into a Self Store, a process we will now
complete. It has not always been a smooth, trouble free
process but we are delighted with the outcome and with
the new facilities which will give us so many more
For more information visit

We have been on the
lookout for a site for a
long time which we could
develop to our special
Robert Bartup
Managing Director,
GB Liners
‘ ‘
Taken from the South West (the service yard & goods loading)
Internal (installed mezzanine floor)
Taken from the South showing the steeply sloping site Taken from North West linked to mezzanine floor
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
Taken from North West linked to mezzanine floor
Housing market recovery continues

House prices are continuing to increase across the UK, as prices and demand begins to return to pre-
credit crunch levels.
According to Rightmove, new seller asking prices
have hit record highs in all four southern regions,
contributing to a new national average all-time high
of £262,594 – up 2.6% on the March figures and 7.3%
higher than a year ago. In contrast, northern regions
are still an average of 6% behind the pre-credit crunch
October 2007 benchmark. The 7.3% annual rate of
increase in asking prices is at its highest level since
October 2007, taking the market back to pre-crisis
levels. So far in 2014, the number of properties
coming to market is up 13% on last year. However,
supply shortages are continuing to fuel rising prices in
many areas in the south.
When it comes to sales that have actually taken
place, figures from the Land Registry for March
showed an average house price in England and Wales
of £169,124, compared with a peak of £181,618 in
November 2007. London experienced the highest
annual increase in average property value with a
movement of 12.4%. Wales experienced the only
annual price fall of 1.6%. Though average house
prices were down 0.4% on February’s figures, they were
5.6% higher than March 2013.
Data published by the Office for National
Statistics confirmed that average house prices are
increasing: by 1.9% between January and February
2014, and house prices in the UK increased by 9.1% in
the year to February 2014, up from 6.8% in the year to
January 2014. House price annual inflation grew by
9.7% in England, 5.3% in Wales, 2.4% in Scotland and
2.8% in Northern Ireland. London continued to show
the highest rate of growth, though growth is
increasingly strong across most parts of the UK.
Annual house price increases in England were driven
by rises in London (17.7%), the South East (8.0%) and
the East of England (7.7%). Excluding London and
the South East, UK house prices increased by 5.8% in
the 12 months to February 2014.
Halifax house price figures indicated that on an
annual basis housing demand remained strong in the
first quarter of 2014, supported by the growing
economic recovery, rising consumer confidence, low
interest rates and wage growth beginning to outgrow
consumer prices. House prices across the country in
the last three months to April were said to be 2.3%
higher than in the preceding three months (November
2013-January 2014) and 8.5% higher than in the
same three months a year earlier.
The National Association of Estate Agents
Housing Market Report for April showed that first-time
buyers are increasing in number. 28% of all completed
sales were to first-time buyers, a slight increase on the
figure of 25% recorded in March. In April, the majority
of house hunters were looking to buy as a couple
(89%), with under one in ten (9%) looking to buy on
their own, whilst almost three quarters of all buyers
(74%) were looking to move locally to a property
within their town or city.
Nationwide said that UK house prices increased by
1.2% in April to an average of £183,577, 10.9% higher
than the previous year. Furthermore, annual growth
reached double digits for the first time since April
2010. Chief Economist Robert Gardner said:
“Earnings growth is beginning to pick up, with wage
increases finally outpacing the rise in the cost of living
in February. Nevertheless, house price growth is
outstripping income growth by a wide margin. The
risk is that unless supply accelerates significantly,
affordability will become stretched.”
Rightmove’s most recent monthly Overseas Search Report shows
Germany as the top climber for searches in April, while Asia has
dropped five places in the ‘Top 40 Locations’ list.
Shameem Golamy, Head of Rightmove Overseas, said:
“Affordable property with the potential for high rental yields
means that Germany is winning the race for investors,” with
the Rhineland-Pfalz in West Germany and its proximity to
neighbouring countries and major German cities the subject of
particular interest from buyers.
Elsewhere, demand in Portugal remained strong from
lifestyle buyers. Long-haul destinations in Asia continued to fall
in April as the continent’s extreme summer temperatures began
to arrive.
For more information visit
Buyers look towards Germany
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Services BAR Services
New BAR Services products on display
The team at BAR Services used the Glasgow Conference as an opportunity to launch two brand new
products which generated considerable interest among Members.
At this year’s Conference in Glasgow, the BAR Services
team took their place in the Exhibition Hall to showcase
what BAR Services has to offer BAR Members.
There were two special items of interest at the BAR
Services stall – the two new products being launched for
The new style transit wardrobe cartons have been
designed to be the same size and the same price as the
existing wardrobe carton, and the key change is the
innovative door design which ensures greater strength
and stability ensuring better protection. Accounts
Manager Tim Oliver told R&S: “This design is a lot
sturdier than others, making it much easier to pack and
The second product on offer was a new Italian-designed
floor protector. This floor protector is manufactured in a
pliable material that is not only anti-slip but will also
absorb all excess liquids, is not toxic and will not leave
any residue. The product has been developed in response
to BAR Members’ experiences after a move has been
completed where floor protector residue is left on carpets
and floors, and is extremely difficult to remove. That will
no longer be a problem with BAR Services’ new product.
BAR Services
For more information on BAR Services’ products visit
To talk to the sales team call 01342 870 087 or email
Tim Oliver of BAR Services speaks with delegates
June 2014 Removals & Storage 23
BAR News BAR Services
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
Conference 2014:
Learn – Exchange Ideas – Be Inspired

The 2014 BAR Conference was held at the Marriott Hotel, Glasgow,
from 15 -17 May.
A wide range of speakers attended this year’s
Conference, giving delegates the chance to hear
from experts in fields such as industry regulation,
online marketing and employment law, among
There was also a strong international focus in
Glasgow, with high level industry speakers who
had come from around the world to share best
practice and experiences of European and
International organisations.
The Conference was well supported by BAR
Members, International Associates, BAR Affiliates
and partners. The Marriott Hotel location proved
extremely popular with attendees, and the Conference
hotel room allocation was fully sold out. The top
quality service and hard work of the Marriott staff
combined with the hotel’s excellent facilities ensured
that all delegates enjoyed a very comfortable
BAR thanks the following companies for their
sponsorship of the Annual Conference and their
continued support of the industry: BAR Overseas
Group, Basil Fry & Company Ltd, JT & Sons
Relocations, PHS Teacrate, Pluscrates, Rightmove,
EUROGROUP International Movers, The Office of the
Lord Provost, and TwentyCi.
“The standard of the Conference and
the level of support for it have been
exceptional. I am very much looking
forward to next year.”
Neal Lambert, George Lambert & Sons Ltd

“In my 30 years attending moving
conferences, I have never experienced the
camaraderie between Members that I have
over the course of the BAR Conference.”
Ed Katz, International Office Moving

“The Conference has had a great
atmosphere, with great speakers in a
great city.”
Matt Purdie, Matt Purdie & Sons Ltd

“It has been a fantastic Conference.
The speakers have been relevant and
informative with excellent content.”
Mark Herrington, Pickfords Move
Management Ltd

“It has been a great weekend. The
tours were very enjoyable and the
atmosphere has been good-natured
and light-hearted.”
Ian Palmer, White & Company
For more feedback on the
Glasgow event, see BAR’s
website for business and
workshop presentations and
conference2014.aspx Bob Tree of Basil Fry & Co played a key role in Glasgow, acting
as compere for the business sessions and ensuring that
delegates were fully aware of the Conference programme.
BAR Conference 2014
June 2014 Removals & Storage 25
BAR News BAR Conference 2014
BAR Annual General Meeting
BAR Director General Stephen Vickers updated Members on BAR’s financial situation and the audited
2013 Accounts were noted by Members.
Wellers Accountants were confirmed as auditors of the
Association for the coming year and the election of Kirk
Dugard as a Directly Elected Director for a three-year
term was announced.
This year’s AGM saw the appointment of the new BAR
President, Gary Wheadon of D. Sully & Son, who took
over the role from Ian Studd of Harrow Green. Gary has
been involved with the BAR since his election as a Directly
Elected Director in 2007. He has also served on the BAR
Advisory Committee and as Vice President since 2012.
An in-depth interview with Gary can be found on page 30
of this issue. Mark Herrington was confirmed as Vice
President for the next two years.
Federation of Removers
Members were asked to vote on the introduction of a new
trade association, the Federation of Removers (FOR).
The motion was passed by Members with significant
support. R&S will cover how the new Federation will
work in the July issue.
Q&A panel
The Board addressed a variety of topics raised by Members
during a Question & Answer session. David Trenchard
raised the possibility of toughening the standards criteria
for new BAR Members, and there was a discussion about
the need for a gradual and inclusive approach to raising
standards. As part of a discussion on increasing standards
through training, Robert Bartup suggested that the Board
consider reintroducing compulsory annual levies on
companies which would be returned to them through
training vouchers in an effort to increase standards and
training. Adam Chudley asked how the BAR could do
more to involve young people within the industry, and to
encourage young movers’ involvement at all levels of the
BAR. Stephen Vickers said that personal and youth
development is a central focus for the BAR, and Ian
Palmer spoke of his recent positive experiences at the
Young Movers London 2014 international event, hosted
by BAR in May.
The Annual Report and Accounts 2013 for the Removers
Benevolent Association were presented by Matt Purdie,
Chairman of Trustees of the RBA. Matt announced that
the RBA investment portfolio had grown significantly
over the past few years, thanks to the involvement of the
RBA’s stockbrokers, Charles Stanley investment
management group.
Outgoing BAR President Ian Studd (left) congratulates new BAR President, Gary Wheadon (right)
Robert Bartup (GB Liners)
Stephen Vickers, BAR Director General
Adam Chudley (Chudley International)
David Trenchard (Britannia Leatherbarrows)
Belfast 2015: A city on the rise
Next year the BAR Annual Conference heads to Belfast, Northern Ireland, demonstrating the UK-wide coverage of the BAR and the ever-increasing growth in
membership. This vibrant port city represents the meeting point between British and Irish culture, and is well known for its multitude of historic pubs, top
quality restaurants and engaging history. Visit Belfast supplied a stand in the Exhibition Hall so that Members could find out more about next year’s venue.
More information about bookings and the Conference programme will be set out in future issues of R&S and will be available in the Members’ Area of the
BAR website.
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Membership Survey
Incoming President Gary Wheadon presented the results of the biennial BAR Membership Survey. The
aim of the Survey was to collect feedback from Members on every aspect of their BAR Membership so
that BAR can review and improve its programmes and shape future directions for the Association.
The Survey involved BAR contacting every Member
company to invite them to participate by answering
questions over the telephone. Although there was a
lower response rate than for the 2012 Survey, those
BAR Members who did respond provided constructive
suggestions and positive feedback.
There was clear appreciation by Members of the
core products and services offered by BAR. The BAR
Terms and Conditions were seen as a Membership
benefit by 88% of respondents, and there was also
strong feedback in support of the BAR Broadcast
system (68%) as well as the Professional Advisers
Panel (78%).
All but two respondents use the BAR badge to
support their own branding, as this is considered by
the vast majority of Members to be a powerful
marketing tool.
More than half of the respondents surveyed saw the
training courses offered by BAR Training Services
(BARTS) as a Membership benefit. Of those surveyed,
70% were aware of the BARTS Commercial Removal-
specific Apprenticeship, with 61% saying that they
would be interested in the development of a domestic
moving Apprenticeship.
Over half (52%) of the respondents had signed up
to receive BAR Sales Leads, with 59% considering
them to be a benefit. The main reasons for not
signing up for the leads were that Members were
either unaware of the system or believed it would be
too time consuming. Although only 20% of
respondents are currently using Trusted Mover, 48%
consider it as a Membership benefit. Furthermore,
many Members confirmed that they are planning to
sign up to the free service in the near future.
Members gave encouraging feedback regarding
BAR communications with the Membership. R&S
magazine was liked by 80% of respondents, and 78%
view it as a Membership benefit. Members said they
appreciate the business content of R&S and would
like to see more stories about small and medium-
sized companies as well as more case studies. There
was also strong recognition and support for the
weekly BAR newsletter which is read and seen as a
benefit by 76% of those surveyed.
There was also recognition of the broad network of
useful links that BAR has created with affiliates,
partners and other professional organisations, with
helpful suggestions of industry sectors that BAR could
target in the future.
Gary closed the round-up of the results by updating
Members on changes that the BAR had implemented
in response to the 2012 Survey. The BAR website has
been redesigned so that it is more customer focused,
tablet friendly and with an improved layout.
Following calls for an affiliated breakdown company,
the Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services Ltd
joined as a BAR Affiliate in August 2013 while the
Domestic, Overseas and Commercial Groups’ moving
guides were updated in September 2013. The 2012
Survey showed a perceived lack of consumer
awareness of the BAR brand – an issue that the BAR
has been working hard to address. Such efforts are
bearing fruit, and a Rightmove survey last year
showed that 71% of the public are aware of BAR, up
from 47% in 2011.

BAR Conference 2014
There was clear
appreciation by Members
of the core products and
services offered by BAR.
The BAR Terms and
Conditions were seen as
a Membership benefit by
88% of respondents,
and there was also strong
feedback in support of the
BAR Broadcast system
(68%) as well as the
Professional Advisers
Panel (78%).
‘ ‘
The full 62-page Survey is available to Members via the Members’ Area of the BAR website.
June 2014 Removals & Storage 27
BAR News
The full 62-page Survey is available to Members via the Members’ Area of the BAR website.
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR launches new products
BAR Director General Stephen Vickers introduced a selection of new and innovative products to Members at
this year’s Conference.
The BAR Advanced Estimating System can now be white-labelled for integration into Members’
Advanced Estimating System for Members’ websites
R&S App
When Members integrate the System into their
own websites, they can choose from a selection
of colourways to match existing site branding.
Members will be able to populate the ‘how did
you find us?’ field to further inform their
marketing strategy, and add their own sales ‘Offer
Codes’ to attract more customers. The system uses
the MyBAR charging matrix data and admin
configurations. Members will also benefit from
free software upgrades to the System.
Members will need to sign a licence agreement
to implement the software. There is no set-up
charge. The agreement is for a minimum of 12
months at £50 (plus VAT) per month. If Members
wish to sign up for an initial 24 months, the first
three months will be free of charge. After a
continuous period of 24 months’ service provision,
the price will be reduced to £35 per month. Fees
must be paid by direct debit or annually in
advance, and the licence will automatically cease
on the ending of BAR Membership or a payment
To find out more, please contact the BAR
Commercial Department (Tel: 01923 699 483;
R&S will be going digital with the introduction of
a dedicated R&S App. The digital version of R&S
will include live links, video links, image sliders to
make use of additional photos, internal page links
and button links to allow direct responses. The
move to digital will also allow enhanced
advertising opportunities, with all advertisers’
email and website addresses as live links and
greater reader engagement through QR code links,
social media links and image and button links.
Members will be given the choice of receiving R&S
in hard copy or digitally. International Associates
will be migrated over to the free App by September
2014. As from the end of this month, the App will
be available through the BAR website at a
Members’ price of £47.99 per year or £29.99
for six months (£4 per issue, Members only, in
comparison to the normal price of £6 per issue).
Non-members will also be able to purchase the
magazine at the cost of £69.99 per year or £34.99
for six months.
If Members want to switch from receiving a hard
copy to receiving the digital copy, they will not be
charged. Stephen told Members that the
introduction of a digital version of R&S would
increase readership, especially globally. As it will
be tablet and mobile friendly Members will be able
to read this leading industry publication anywhere
in the world. There will be instant access to back
issues via the App. There are currently special
offers for advertising in the digital version of the
magazine, including an early bird offer that will
run until December 2014.To find out more, please
contact the BAR Commercial Department (Tel:
01923 699 483; Email:
BAR Conference 2014
BAR History Book
The BAR History Book marks 100 years since the
incorporation of the Association. One personalised
copy of the book will be delivered to each Member
(to their head office and to each branch), Affiliate
and International Associate, and to each Honorary
Life Member. Additional copies will be sold at £25
each (plus £2.20 UK postage and packaging).
For International postage costs, please contact

June 2014 Removals & Storage 29
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
Gary Wheadon: BAR’s new President
Gary Wheadon took the leadership baton from Ian Studd at this year’s BAR Conference. As he embarks
on this new role, Gary spoke to R&S about his ambitions for his two-year term as BAR President.
R&S: What are the key things that BAR Members
should know about you?
Gary Wheadon: I have worked in the removals
industry all of my working life. Like the majority of
BAR Members, I run a small removals company. And,
I have a lot of time and empathy for fellow BAR
Members, whatever the size of their company. From
my perspective and background, the people who run
companies at the sharp end – those who start at 5am
every day, work in all weathers, who are directly
responsible for their staff and to their clients and still
have a smile on their faces for everyone at the end of
the day – are well worth representing. At the same
time, BAR needs its large-sized company Members
who often lead the way in innovation, management
and best practice. My view is that people should do
what they do best and work hard at it!
R&S: What areas will be your main focus as
BAR President?
Gary Wheadon: This year’s BAR Conference in
Glasgow was one of the best ever. Everyone has the
feeling that the Association is getting back on track
again. A number of the industry and international
speakers mentioned that BAR is a highly respected,
leading professional trade association. Importantly,
BAR is now widely recognised as a brand by the
public, according to a Rightmove survey last year,
and the Association is actively supported at
Government level.
Before taking on the role of President I was Vice-
President for two years. During this period, I saw just
how much work is done by BAR behind the scenes to
research, develop and invest in cost-effective and
targeted products and services to provide value for its
Members. During my term as BAR President, I will
make sure that Members know about all the benefits
that are available to help them run their businesses
successfully. If you look at companies that do well in
our Association, it’s the ones that grab the
opportunities that BAR provides them through its
Member benefits.
There is a renewed feeling of a community within
our industry and I believe that is important and that
we should build on this. One of the great things about
having been BAR Vice President and previously a
Directly Elected Director was that I got to meet a lot of
the BAR Membership at Area meetings. The Area
meetings are a fantastic place to make connections,
share common problems and find solutions. As a
small company, it has always been great to meet
others and know that I was not alone. While I
embrace online professional networking, talking to
colleagues face-to-face means things don’t get ‘lost in
translation’ so to speak! I really hope that during my
term as President I can encourage as many Members
as possible to attend the Area meetings.
I was extremely pleased that a large majority of
Members voted at this year’s AGM to approve the
formation of the Federation of Removers (FOR). This
will encourage the smaller companies to join and get
involved in our industry. In fact, one of the
commitments new FOR Associates will have to make
will be to attend Area meetings which will help them
find out about all that is on offer and how to keep
driving their businesses forward to the point that they
can become BAR Members.
R&S: How will you combine running your
business with your new role as BAR President?
Gary Wheadon: I think the role of Directly Elected
Director prepared me well for when I took on the role
of Vice President and I hope now for President. There
is a lot of travelling around the country – it is
important to meet the Membership. Yes, I do still have
my business to run, and I’m extremely lucky to have
a great team around me. However I am also very
committed to this Association. I find it both humbling
and inspiring that so many people in this industry
have been quite so supportive to me – whether it is
offering to lend me some of their vans for a large
contract or offering their time and experience to
bounce off ideas when a problem crops up – and this
has come from both small and large company
representatives. The only thing no one has offered to
help me with so far is the mental anguish in
surviving the ups and downs of Brentford Football
There is a renewed feeling
of a community within our
industry and I believe that is
important and that we
should build on this.
Gary Wheadon,
BAR President
‘ ‘
Gary Wheadon, BAR President
Gary Wheadon, BAR President
D. Sully & Son Ltd
Industry expertise:
More than 40 years
Previous BAR positions:
Met Area Chairman, Directly
Elected Director (2007-2010);
BAR Vice President (2012-2014)
June 2014 Removals & Storage 31
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Conference 2014
Reddaways Removals:
Domestic Mover of the Year 2014-15
This year’s Domestic Mover of the Year award, sponsored by TwentyCi, went to Reddaways Removals,
a company that has been a respected name in the removals industry since 1935. Geoff Clinch of
Reddaways Removals tells R&S about the company’s determination to win this prestigious industry award.
“Winning the Domestic Mover of the Year award
means so much to us. Having been a finalist on four
occasions, to win at last is fantastic!” Geoff Clinch told
R&S in a post-Conference interview from South Zeal in
Devon. “It reinforces our belief in what we do for our
Geoff believes that the key to Reddaways’ success is
providing a consistently high quality service to its
customers, always taking the time to understand what
customers want and to provide it to them in a personal
way. “Small is beautiful!” says Geoff. “We know ALL
our customers’ requirements, and they get personal
attention from all staff members.”
As a family business with a long and proud record of
BAR membership and maintaining the high standards
this implies, Geoff believes Reddaways’ success is
rooted in a high quality service, along with “fair
pricing with clear communications” so that customers
always know where they stand and that they are being
treated well.
Now that the long wait is over, Geoff says he is
excited about the added prestige that the DMotY award
will bring to Reddaways and says he intends to make
the most of it. “We will use the award everywhere!
Paperwork, vehicles, the Internet. We will use it as a
source of promotion to future clients, and it will
provide motivation to our staff, whose dedication and
team spirit have helped us win this award.” Geoff
recommends other BAR Members who are considering
entering the Domestic Mover of the Year in the future
to take the plunge. “Just enter, its free and easy to
complete paperwork,” he says. “If you know your
customer service is good, it’s worth showing others.”
DMotY 2014-15
To the victor, the spoils
As well as the honour of having been crowned
Domestic Mover of the Year, Reddaways Removals
will also benefit from the generous prizes offered by
BAR and the sponsors of the competition.
Reddaways will receive the coveted DMotY trophy to
be retained for 12 months, as well as an etched
glass trophy and framed award certificate to keep.
The company has been issued with 2014 Award
Winner decals for use on their vehicles, and will
now be able to use the Award Winner logo for their
corporate communications. Main sponsors
TwentyCi will give Reddaways 2,500 free Under Offer
& Sold Alert leads or a £1,000 credit towards a lower
volume of more targeted leads. TwentyCi will also
carry out a ‘blueprint’ review of Reddaways current
marketing strategy. BAR Training Services will give
Reddaways one day of operative training at its
premises. BAR has already begun to promote the
company’s success to the local media, and R&S
hopes to run several articles on Reddaways’ news
as well as the four adverts Reddaways is entitled
to over the coming year.
Winning DMotY means
so much to us. Having
tried on four occasions,
to win at last is fantastic!
It reinforces our belief in
what we do for our
‘ ‘
Main Sponsor:
Reddaways Removals
T: 0183 784 0373
Geoff and Mike Clinch of Reddaways Removals with their Domestic Mover of the Year 2014-15 award alongside BAR
President Gary Wheadon, National Council Chairman Neal Lambert and Katy Billany of TwentyCi, the main sponsor of
the award.
June 2014 Removals & Storage 33
BAR News
Domestic Mover of the Year 2014-15
Companies competing in this year’s Domestic Mover of the Year award faced stiff competition, with the quality of
entrants as high as ever. Keynote speaker Baroness Crawley and National Council Chairman Neal Lambert awarded
finalist certificates and Certificates of Merit to the companies that reached the final stages of the competition.
Well done also to the following companies who have been awarded a Certificate of
Merit: Bournes, Britannia Thomas Casserly’s and Maidman’s Removals & Storage.
Britannia Lanes of Somerset & Bristol
Kilmarnock Removers International
Maidman’s Removals & Storage
Reddaways Removals
DMotY Finalists
DMotY Certificates of Merit
Please Note: There was no picture available of Britannia Thomas Casserly’s who also won a DMotY Certificate of Merit.
BAR Conference 2014
DMotY 2014-15
Main Sponsor:
Do you have any news to share
with R&S readers?
Send to:
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Conference 2014
Fuelled by a novel fun fair-themed buffet, delegates
were given the opportunity to spend their fun fair
tokens at a multitude of interactive stalls. Whether
they were taking shots at cans with air guns, testing
their strength on the high striker or sticking with the
traditional coconut shy, delegates were able to
network and socialise with their fellow Conference
attendees following the first day of business sessions.
Over at JT & Sons Relocations’ virtual golf
simulator, delegates enjoyed displaying their off-
course golf skills. The end of the evening saw the
auction for the industry’s charity, the Removers
Benevolent Association charity auction. Paul Bullock
of PHS Teacrate took on the role of the auctioneer,
ably supported by BAR Director General Stephen
Vickers, offering party-goers the chance to bid for a
selection of items including a signed Tottenham
Hotspur jersey, raising £1,536.
To contribute or to find out more about the RBA,
please contact the BAR Company Secretary on tel:
01923 699480 or email:
Fun at the fair
Conference delegates enjoyed a charity fun fair night, sponsored by PHS Teacrate.
June 2014 Removals & Storage 35
BAR News BAR Conference 2014
BAR Golf Challenge 2014: Glasgow, 15 May 2014
By Peter Doman, Basil Fry & Company
Mar Hall was the venue for this year’s BAR golf tournament which was once again sponsored by Basil
Fry with 18 players including overseas visitors from the US and Holland spoilt with the choice of course.
The course is set out on the banks of the River Clyde so
we were afforded spectacular views of the rugged hills
across the other side of the water. We were also blessed
with the finest weather of the Conference, glorious
sunshine and calm conditions. So much so that sun
cream seemed to be the most important (and most
forgotten) accessory of the day!
After a short mini bus ride where transport had been
laid on by ‘Team Purdie and Basil Fry & Co.’, a quick
bacon roll and a coffee, the ‘International Fourball’
set off at 11:00hrs with Stephen Vickers and Steve
Pearce hosting Gertjan Breij and Terry Head.
This was soon followed by the ‘Scots v The Peters’
fourball with Hilda Fleming and David Christie
playing with Peter Doman and Peter Strange. Needless
to say any potential local knowledge from the northern
contingent failed to help the Southerners of this team!
Next to play were ‘The Bandits’ (so named as they
collected 50% of the prizes), who were Kevin Mack
(last year’s winner), Nick Flaxman and Greg Wildman.
Following behind this team were ‘The A Team’ who on
paper were the strongest group of players of the day
with previous industry competition winners Gary
Beattie, Matt Hawkins and Neal Lambert joined by
David Strank.
The final threeball, ‘The Hackers’, were Onkar
Sharma, Dave Ewart and Neil Purdie. The team name
suggested that these three would definitely get value
for money on the course, however no-one embarrassed
themselves, with scores equalling those who play
After much banter, a few lost balls and some great
company the day ended with a well-earned beer or two
(thank you Nick & Greg), a search for aftersun and
one more chance to take in the stunning scenery.
Congratulations to

the prize winners!
• Runner Up with 33 points: Neal Lambert
• Nearest the Pin: Neil Purdie
• Longest Drive: Greg Wildman
• The winner with 34 points: Nick Flaxman
All in all, a fantastic day was had by all and we
look forward to seeing a strong turnout in
Belfast next year.
Nick Flaxman, overall winner Above L-R: Neil Purdie (Nearest the pin) with
Dave Ewart and Onkar Sharma
Above (left) Onkar Sharma and (right) Terry Head
Above L-R: Matt Hawkins, Gary Beattie,
Neal Lambert & David Strank
Above (left) Greg Wildman (chipping) and
(far right) Gertjan Breij
David Christie & Peter Doman finishing their round Relaxing after the tournament
Kevin Mack Neil Purdie
Above L-R: Hilda Fleming, David Christie,
Perter Doman and Peter Strange
Sponsored by:
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Conference 2014
After the conclusion of the business sessions and
workshops on Saturday afternoon, delegates
experienced some of the charms of their host city,
with a trip to the riverside Glasgow Museum of
Transport and the Auchentoshan whisky distillery.
The Glasgow Museum of Transport has been
located next to the River Clyde at Glasgow Harbour
since 2011. The Museum, which won the 2013
European Museum of the Year Award, houses a wide
variety of historic vehicles, ranging from steam trains
to nostalgia-inducing chopper bicycles. There was a
focus on Glasgow’s historic role as a centre of world
shipping and construction with exhibits dedicated to
the role and activity of the area’s shipyards, long
since diminished since the days when 25% of the
world’s ships were constructed on the Clyde.
Moored on the Clyde outside the Museum is the SV
Glenlee, a cargo ship built in Glasgow in 1896. Now
a floating museum, the Glenlee once sailed the
Australia trade routes via the Cape of Good Hope in
South Africa. From 1922 she was a sail training ship
for the Spanish navy and was saved from being
scrapped in 1993. The ship has been carefully
restored to its former glory, and presented delegates
with the chance to see where the Glenlee’s sailors
lived and worked while she was at sea.
Auchentoshan whisky distillery
Delegates were also treated to a trip to the home of
Auchentoshan whisky. Groups were given a guided
tour of the distillery and warehouses, where
Auchentoshan still uses traditional methods of
production and storage to create its world-famous
triple-distilled whisky. Delegates sampled the whisky
they had learned so much about, and experienced
the delicate and somewhat sweet flavour that the
distillery is famed for. The number of purchases from
the distillery gift shop afterwards suggests that they
very much enjoyed what they had tasted!
Sampling Glaswegian history
The 2014 Conference Tour immersed delegates in local history with a trip to the Museum of Transport
and the 191 year-old Auchentoshan whisky distillery.

June 2014 Removals & Storage 37
BAR News BAR Conference 2014
The winner was Joseph Quinlivan of Interdean Relocation Services who will be able to choose
from 16 supercars on offer, including a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi A8, Aston Martin, Porsche
and Ariel Atom. Lucky Joseph will drive for a total of 18 miles (depending on the venue chosen)
before moving across into the passenger seat to enjoy a high-speed ride from a professional
instructor. R&S looks forward to reporting on his experience!
For more information visit
TwentyCi Triple Supercar Thrill prize
As well as co-sponsoring the Gala Dinner and Awards
night at the BAR Annual Conference 2014, TwentyCi ran
a prize draw which would allow the winner to drive three
supercars around an exhilarating race track.
Display of modern and vintage vehicles
Terry Sinnott and the UVB team played a prominent role at this year’s Conference, organising a display of several
vintage and modern vehicles proudly displayed outside the Conference venue by BAR Members. For more
information visit
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014 38
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
Commercial Mover of the Year 2014 –
Joint Winner: Harrow Green
R&S caught up with Ian Studd of Harrow Green shortly after the company won the 2014 Commercial
Mover of the Year Award in Glasgow.
“It’s great to have been recognised in this way,” says
Business Relocation Director Ian Studd. “It’s an
acknowledgement that we have excelled in our industry
and demonstrates that we put quality and service in
front of everything else.”
Harrow Green has grown steadily to become the
market leader in the commercial moving market since
it began trading in 1983, and has had the largest share
of the UK’s business moving market for over ten years.
Ian believes that the company’s success has been
built on hard work and teamwork, and its dedication to
delivering service, quality and ultimately giving
customers what they want. “It makes us very proud to
see such a positive outcome for the continuous
investment in our staff training and development,” he
told R&S. “This was a team effort and we are delighted
that our hard work has paid off in this way. Just as
important is knowing that our customers see our
capabilities and it’s fantastic to receive this
endorsement from them. We are all very happy!”
Ian recognises the tremendous marketing
opportunities that winning the award presents to
Harrow Green. “We will use the award as something
extra to help make us stand out from the crowd,” he
said. “Our industry is very competitive and this provides
us with a great differential that is relevant and recent.
We hope that it will be one of the things a customer will
use to choose us over our competitors.”
Harrow Green now plans to publicise the Award
through a variety of channels, including the company’s
social media circles, corporate website and its other
external marketing and communications tools. “The
key is to leverage our award to help us win more new
business,” Ian explains.
For Harrow Green, the award is considered a great
morale booster for the staff, and a spur to continue the
excellent work that the Commercial Mover of the Year
Award recognises. “We will continue to invest in our
people, equipment and training; we know how
important this is in helping to raise the standards
across our industry. We will continue to look for new
ideas to help our customers receive an even better
moving experience in the years ahead!”
Pluscrates was the main sponsor
for this year’s competition, which
was also supported by Office
Moves and Basil Fry & Co.
Harrow Green and JT & Sons
Relocations will share the
following main prizes:
• £1,000 cash prize from
• Three months of free relocation
sales leads worth £1,000 and
training on how to use the
database from Office Moves
• £1,000 credit towards
insurance cover from Basil
Fry & Co.

CMotY 2014 prizes
‘‘ Our industry is very
competitive and this
provides us with a great
differential that is relevant
and recent. We hope that it
will be one of the things a
customer will use to choose
us over our competitors.
Ian Studd,
Harrow Green
‘ ‘
Harrow Green’s Liz Russell (left), Commercial Manager, Birmingham and Ann Apsley (right), Commercial Manager,
Glasgow with the Commercial Mover of the Year 2014 trophy and award.

Main sponsor:
CMotY 2014
Harrow Green
T: 0845 603 8744
June 2014 Removals & Storage 39
BAR News CMG News

Main sponsor:
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014 40
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
Commercial Mover of the Year 2014 –
Joint Winner: JT & Sons Relocations
For the second year running, JT & Sons Relocations are winners of the Commercial Mover of the Year
award. Jenny Thorncroft spoke to R&S about the significance of the company’s latest achievement.
“We feel even more excited this year than we did last
year, and that is hard to beat!” Co-Director Jenny
Thorncroft told R&S. Jenny says although everyone at
Sussex-based JT & Sons Relocations had been elated
since winning CMotY 2013, “we have had our feet
firmly on the ground. We were determined to get the
most out of winning CMotY 2013 and, together with all
of our staff, we wanted to keep the momentum going.”
Jenny, Managing Director Timon Thorncroft and new
Director Lee Austin are convinced that the launch of
their new website in May 2013 and winning CMotY
2013 that same month led to a massive increase in new
enquiries. “Winning CMotY has tremendous value for a
company – one of our new clients in the past year told
us that they had consulted the BAR website to find a
commercial removals company and that they had
specifically looked for who had won the industry award
last year before contacting us.”
Having won CMotY in 2013, it was particularly
important for JT & Sons Relocations not to become
complacent when it came to their clients in both the
private and public sectors and the company’s high
quality customer service and delivery standards. For
this reason they decided to cite some regular clients for
the testimonial part of the competition. “Some of the
clients we chose we work with very regularly and we felt
it would be a good marker to establish that we have not
become complacent,” Jenny told R&S. “We also
selected some completely new clients with one-off
moves so that we had a good mixture of client
Jenny says that the whole company took part in
preparation for the 2014 competition with every
member of staff from the porters to the Managing
Director making nominations of which clients to use.
“Our focus and 150% commitment is paying off,”
Jenny says. “I am delighted that we are running out of
logo space on our paperwork!”
Jenny expressed her thanks to husband and
Managing Director Timon. “Timon has worked
extremely hard throughout his career and finally he is
getting the recognition he deserves for his expertise and
professionalism. It is under his leadership that JT &
Sons has flourished.”
Our focus and 150%
commitment is paying off.
Jenny Thorncroft,
JT & Sons Relocations
‘ ‘
The JT & Sons Relocations team with their Commercial Mover of the Year 2014 award and trophy (from left to right):
Michael Kirwan, Jenny Thorncroft, Calum Thorncroft, Lee Austin and Dillon Thorncroft (holding the trophy).

Main sponsor:
CMotY 2014
It was a true family outing for Jenny and
Timon Thorncroft this year at the BAR Glasgow
Conference. They brought along sons, Calum
Thorncroft, Ben Thorncroft (who turned 18 at
Conference) as well as six-year old Dillon
Thorncroft, who also proved to be an
impressive representative of a future generation
of JT & Sons, and who even presented some of
the awards! “I think removals is in his blood,”
Jenny told R&S. Timon has clearly already
instilled in young Dillon the essentials of
running a successful removals business. “It’s
all about the skates,” Dillon told his mother to
tell R&S.
Very Young Mover at
JT & Sons Relocation
W: E: T: 0800 849 1501
June 2014 Removals & Storage 41
BAR News CMG News

Main sponsor:
We would like to
hear from you
Our company’s sole purpose
since its inception in 1977 is to
serve the membership – to
supply good quality, innovative
packaging products at low
prices. This is achieved by buying
jointly on your behalf and
passing on the discount achieved
from this bulk purchasing power!
As a Member, we should be your
preferred supplier but are we?
For many of you the answer will
be yes but for those of you that
say no then we would like to
know why and what we can do
to change that? Your feedback
is important so please ring us on
01342 870087 or you can
simply email
We look forward to
hearing from you.
As the No.1 provider
of packaging to
the moving
we would like to be
your preferred
supplier -
If we are not, please
tell us why.
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014 42
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
CMotY 2014 Finalists and Certificates
of Merit
Fox Business Moving
Pickfords Move Management Ltd.
Maidman’s Removals & Storage
John Bradshaw & Son
Specialised Movers Ltd.
Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd.
P Fahey & Sons
CMotY Finalists
CMotY Certificates of Merit

Main sponsor:
CMotY 2014
Please Note: There were no pictures available of Clockwork Removals, Johnsons Business Moves and Delivery Services
who also won CMotY Certificates of Merit.
Keynote speaker Baroness Crawley and CMG Chairman Kevin Mack presented the companies that reached the final
stages in the CMotY 2014 competition with framed certificates.
June 2014 Removals & Storage 43
BAR News CMG News
Universal Commercial Relocation Ltd.
P Fahey & Sons

Main sponsor:
The CMotY competition sees slight changes to the
rules each year, as new lessons are learned from the
process and the business environment changes. The
new rules that were introduced in 2012 had three
changes made to them in 2013, and a further five this
First, the number of moves that the judges were
required to evaluate was increased from five to six, to
tie in with the intention of giving each of the three
judges two entries each for evaluation. This change
eliminated the random selection of entrants by the
judges last year, when one customer might have been
contacted by all three, or not at all. As a result of the
change, it was possible for every entrant to tell their
customers that they would get only one approach
from a competition judge.
Second, in 2013, 25 extra points were made
available to judges based on the accuracy of
information provided by the mover in question and
the understanding of the customers regarding the
competition. For 2014, these points were removed and
instead judges were given the ability to deduct points
for failings in these fields. There was no limit on how
many points a judge could deduct.
The third change to the rules for the 2014
competition was that the qualification for attainment
of a Certificate of Merit was raised to 85% of the total
marks available.
The total marks available were the subject of the
fourth change. With five finalists emerging with their
scores out of 600, each would then undergo a visit
from QSS for assessment in relation to elements of BS
8522, with a maximum of 50 marks available to QSS
for scoring. As such, the maximum score achievable
by a finalist would be 650.
The final change was a change of judges. Beth
Goodyear and David Bunting were retained as FM and
remover judges respectively, and Andy Thornton, the
BBC workplace’s London Property Director, was the
2014 end user judge. Unfortunately, one of the judges
had to be admitted to hospital before the end of the
judging period, and at that stage, the judge had not
received responses back from seven customers. All
entrants decided that only one of that judge’s scores
would be taken into consideration from all fourteen
clients, with the lower of two scores – where two had
been received – being omitted. This meant that the
new maximum achievable score would be 500, and
Certificates of Merit would be awarded for all Entrants
achieving 85% of this new total, i.e. 425 marks. The
eventual winner’s score would be out of 550, after the
QSS score was added.
High quality entrants for 2014
As always, David was transparent, open and
constructive about all of his findings. “Staggering as
it may seem, after all the exhortations, four of the 28
customers I spoke with were not even aware of the
CMotY competition. And this cost marks, which could
have been significant in determining the eventual
winner,” David told delegates. “For an entrant to put
together six of his or her best moves for evaluation,
and then sacrifice marks through inattention to the
matters of accuracy of information, and the
understanding of the clients regarding the
competition, borders on either suicide, or stupidity, or
Despite this, the quality was still exceptionally high.
As David told delegates: “The scoring at the top
between the five finalists after the judges’ part of the
competition, was very close indeed, and even closer
after the QSS visits, when joint winners emerged. A
number of options were put to the five finalists as to
how this situation might be dealt with, such as having
a count back, or tie break, but all voted for joint
winners to be awarded – a situation which has only
occurred once in the history of the Competition, in
This summer R&S plans to publish some of David’s
useful tips for future CMotY contestants on what
helped or hindered entries in the CMotY 2014
CMotY 2014
The 2014 Commercial Mover of the Year competition, sponsored for the second year running by
Pluscrates, was the 22nd in the history of the CMG. Though the number of entrants was down on 2013,
the quality was extremely high and the result was rather unexpected – there were two joint winners!
David Bunting, former BAR President and CMG Chairman and one of the judges for the CMotY 2014
competition, explained to delegates how the process worked.
• 22nd year of CMotY
• 14 entries
• 50% of entries were CMG Council
• 1995 was the only other year of joint
CMotY winners: Ede’s and Britannia
• CMotY 2014 joint winners: Harrow Green
and JT & Sons Relocations.
CMotY 2014 statistics
New BAR President Gary Wheadon (far left), CMG Chairman Kevin Mack and John Mitchell of Pluscates (far right) with the joint winners of the Commercial Mover of the Year 2014: JT
& Sons Relocations (left) and Harrow Green (right).
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014 44
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
CMG meets for AGM
Stabillity was the key theme of this year’s Commercial
Moving Group (CMG) AGM. Acting Chairman Brian
Maidman stepped down, handing the Chairmanship
back to Kevin Mack.
Looking forward, Kevin confirmed the appointment
of Sarah Cole (Universal Commercial Relocation) as
Vice Chair.
CMG Members were then updated on the progress of
the CMG apprenticeship programme. Some of the early
teething problems have now been resolved and the
future of the scheme looks bright with a new intake of
apprentices beginning their training. Ian Studd
(Harrow Green) shared his company’s experience of
apprenticeships, praising the work of the BAR Training
Services team in overcoming initial difficulties which
were identified at the outset of the scheme. Ian urged
Members to make the most of the opportunity as the
success of the scheme depends on the level of uptake
from CMG Member companies.
Open forum
Members discussed the future directions of the CMG in
the open forum session. Kevin told delegates that the
Council would take the lessons learned from the
Conference sessions and especially the BIFM survey
results (see report on page 58) to move the CMG
The CMG Terms and Conditions will soon be updated
and Council elections will take place later this year to
select new councillors. It was also noted that the CMG
was once again growing steadily, with the Group’s size
currently standing at 54 companies, up from 49 in
2013 and 47 in 2012.
CMG Seminar and Golf Day
The ever-popular CMG Seminar and Golf Day will take
place on 22-23 September in Croydon, Surrey at the
Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club. An exciting line up of
speakers has been planned, with a demonstration of
lifting equipment, launch of a new product from PHS
Teacrate and follow-up on the CMG BIFM survey.
Delegates will be able to relax at the end of the
Seminar over dinner, with entertainment from
one of the most sought-after mainstream
comedians Adger Brown. To book your place visit
David Bunting, former CMG Chairman and BAR
President, gave Members a brief and interesting
summary of the history of the CMG to mark the
Group’s upcoming 25th anniversary at the
beginning of next year.
David recalled the first meeting of what would
become the Commercial Moving Group, on 30
January 1990 at the Royal Aeronautical Society
in London, attended by around 100 people. The
meeting, jointly facilitated by Derek Payne and
Tony Richman, resulted in break-out sessions to
discuss the creation of the group, which would
sit alongside the National Council and the
Overseas Group as the third functional group of
the Association. By the end of the day, a steering
committee of five had been formed to determine
the rules, structure, aims and objectives of the
Group. This resulted in the formation of a
Council which held its first meeting in January
1991. Since then, the Group has had 12
Chairmen and one acting Chairman, four of
whom (Jonathon Hood, David Bunting, Annie
Neave and Ian Studd) have gone on to become
BAR Presidents, with Mark Herrington poised to
be the fifth to do so at the end of Gary
Wheadon’s term.
David also gave a brief history of the
Commercial Mover of the Year competition,
which began in 1993, two years after the first
meeting of the Council. Since then, there have
been 14 different winners, with Ede’s singled out
for its five outright wins and one joint win.
Rounding off his history of the Group, David
mentioned some of the key events that had
occurred over the years such as the CMG annual
conferences which took place across the country
and beyond, including locations such as Paris.
The CMG annual conferences have now been
merged with the central BAR Annual
Conference, and the CMG has retained its
popular Seminar and Golf Day as the dedicated
commercial moving event.
CMG to turn 25!
On behalf of the CMG, Kevin Mack presented Brian Maidman with a special trophy in recognition of his hard work and
contributions to the CMG.
June 2014 Removals & Storage 45
BAR News CMG News
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Training News
Overseas Group News Overseas Group News
The Overseas Group (OG) is a dedicated group of companies within the
British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects of overseas
Gary also thanked the Office of the Lord Provost for
sponsoring the drinks and gave a particular
welcome to all the overseas visitors, as well as a
special welcome to keynote speaker Baroness
Crawley and Bailie Phil Greene, a representative of
the Lord Provost Office of the City of Glasgow.
Phil Greene kept the assembled throng well
amused throughout his welcome speech, with
honesty and wit, displaying a close knowledge of
local removals companies. Chairman of the
Overseas Group Ian Palmer thanked Phil Greene for
his insightful views on removals.
Ian told delegates that Glasgow was the first BAR
Conference he had attended (in 1990), and the only
city that earned him a written warning from his
employer for showing an overseas visitor too good a
welcome. He thanked the 31 overseas guests,
representing 21 different companies, and 13
different countries, which he felt showed BAR
Overseas Group was getting back on track in
attracting overseas guests to BAR events. A special
welcome was extended to Errol Gardiner, FIDI
President and owner of New Zealand Van Lines, and
his wife Vivian Gardiner. Travelling from New
Zealand, Errol and Vivian had come the furthest of
all those attending.
Delegates were then entertained by the pipes and
drums of the Topichen & Bathgate 25-piece pipe
band, generously organised by Matt Purdie & Sons
Ltd, as they were treated to a Scottish-themed
informal dinner.
Incoming BAR President Gary Wheadon opened the first evening of the BAR Annual Conference in Glasgow by
welcoming delegates and thanking the Overseas Group for sponsoring the event.

The Topichen & Bathgate 25-piece pipe band.
Errol Gardiner, FIDI President Ian Palmer, outgoing Chairman of the Overseas Group
BAR Conference Welcome Evening
For summaries of the Business Sessions
and Workshops that were organised by
the Overseas Group, please see pages
Do you have any news to share
with R&S readers?
Send to:
June 2014 Removals & Storage 47
BAR News BAR Training News
Overseas Group News Overseas Group News
Ian Palmer, outgoing Chairman of the Overseas Group
At the Overseas Group open forum, Ian Palmer handed over the Chairmanship of the Overseas Group to Tony
Tickner. Ian had served as OG Chairman for four years, having had his initial two-year term extended.
The Overseas Group thanked Ian Palmer
for his extended term. “We really hope that
Ian will continue to lend his valuable
support and contributions to the OG
Council, and we are grateful that he will
remain the OG Council representative on
IMMI (the International Movers Mutual
Insurance),” new OG Chairman Tony
Tickner told R&S.
The OG Open Forum aimed to elicit
feedback from BAR Overseas Group
Members, International Associates and
guests. New OG Council Chairman Tony
Tickner reports that the feedback was
extremely positive in relation to the OG’s
efforts to attract new OG Members as well
as International Associates, and its work to
establish greater information flow within
the OG.
The OG Council met on 5 June and
R&S will report on the outcome in the
July issue.
Overseas Group hosts open forum
Ian Palmer hands over the Chairmanship to Tony Tickner
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
Interview with Tony Tickner,
new Overseas Group Chairman
After his two years as Deputy Chairman of the Overseas Group, Tony Tickner, Managing Director of The
EuroGroup International Movers, has taken on the role of Chairman of the Overseas Group.
‘ ‘
“Taking over from Ian Palmer is not going to be an
easy task. Over the past four years Ian has set up an
efficient structure for the Overseas Group (OG) Council
and he oversaw a lot of useful changes to the OG,”
Tony told R&S shortly after the BAR Annual Conference
2014. Tony plans to continue to build on this
infrastructure and to pursue the strategic directions
that the OG Council has carefully devised. Key priorities
will therefore be to attract more International
Associates as well as more national BAR Members to
become members of the OG. “There’s plenty of BAR
Members who are carrying out international moves
and who are missing a trick by not being members of
the Overseas Group,” Tony told R&S. The principal
advantage of being a member of BAR’s Overseas Group
is that companies can display the OG badge which
shows that they are specialised in and meet the highest
standards in international moving. As well as having
instant access to a wide international network of
removals companies and organisations, OG members
have the valuable advantage of being covered by the
advance payment guarantee insurance scheme which
is designed to protect all customer pre-payments and
deposits for overseas moving customers. “BAR Members
who are not members of the OG are not covered by this
valuable cover,” Tony explains.
Marketing outreach
Marketing the OG brand is incredibly important for
Tony, and he feels now is the time for the OG Council
to establish its own sub-committee dedicated to
working on marketing ideas and solutions.
It will be critical for the OG to develop initiatives to
ensure that the general public is aware of the
differences between the BAR National, Overseas Group
and Commercial Moving Group badges. “The general
public should know that they can be confident that
those companies who display an Overseas Group badge
meet the very specific standards necessary for carrying
out overseas moves,” he says.
For Tony, the introduction in 2013 of the BS8564
overseas moving standard as a requirement for
membership of the OG for all companies who did not
already hold a FIDI-FAIM or an equivalent standard
has been an overwhelming success. “Just about every
OG member supported the criteria we introduced for
OG membership last year and every company has now
complied with our criteria. I have not heard any
negative comments about the OG criteria – it helps all
of us with our sales stalls.” Another strand in the OG’s
marketing outreach is its website which is now fully
operational. Tony hopes to put this stylish and user-
friendly portal to good use for all OG members,
including its International Associates, by adding up-to-
date relevant tools, for example, with information
about customs.
Working more closely with international
Presenting the value of the OG’s truly international
network is important for Tony. He anticipates that the
new marketing committee will explore ways to
promote awareness of the regional span of the OG and
to illustrate the benefits to customers of the regional
expertise of the OG’s International Associate members.
The recent BAR Annual Conference in Glasgow was an
indication of the value that International Associates
place on the role and activities of the OG – with high
level speakers such as Terry Head of the International
Association of Movers, Errol Gardiner of FIDI, and Ed
Katz of the International Office Moves Institute coming
from far and wide to participate at the event in
Scotland. “We were extremely grateful that so many
International Associates and international speakers
came to be with us in Glasgow and we would like to
build on this for future BAR events,” Tony told R&S.
Terry Head and Errol Gardiner took part in the
Overseas Group Open Forum in Glasgow which
discussed how their respective associations could work
closer together. One area that could be explored was
the idea of working together with regards to foreign
study tours.
Bringing in changes
Focusing on the industry’s Young Movers is an area
that Tony considers needs greater attention. “As BAR
and OG Members and as individual companies we
should be identifying our younger key members of
staff and encouraging them to participate more. For
example, we should be sending them to events like the
BAR Conference so they learn more about the industry
and feel part of it.” The OG Council plans to review its
approaches to training, and to explore, for example,
whether there is a need to establish an OG-specific
training structure, in the form of apprenticeships. Tony
believes: “It is important for our young people to
follow a career path and gain a recognised
qualification. Two of the OG Council members will be
on the BAR Committee which is currently reviewing
the BAR Training offering.”
Another area for priority change that Tony is also
championing the role of women in the overseas
moving sector of the industry. “We should be
encouraging more women into the industry and the
first step will be for the OG Council to explore how this
can happen.”
There’s plenty of BAR
Members who are
carrying out international
moves and who are
missing a trick by not
being members of the
Overseas Group.
BAR Training News
Overseas Group News Overseas Group News
June 2014 Removals & Storage 49
The Removers Benevolent Association
is our charity, with the purpose to assist those staff, and their
dependants, of current BAR Members who, due to adverse
circumstances, are in need of financial help and support.
The BAR trustees welcome all eligible applications for assistance,
which will receive prompt and sympathetic attention.
For further details please contact the BAR Secretary:
Telephone 01923 699 480 or Email:
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
Training News
BAR Training Services carry out a range of training courses for
removals companies. For more information on all courses, please go to
Driver CPC Dates for your diary
Date Location Module 1 Module 2
16.06.14 Watford Selling Skills*
23.06.14 Watford Driver CPC - Packing Vehicle Loading
24/25.06.14 Watford Practical Estimating
26.06.14 Watford Driver CPC - Risk Assessment Manual Handling
14.07.14 Watford Driver Essentials - this is a full day course (7 hours towards periodic training)
22.07.14 Watford Prevention of Physical Risk Vehicle Loading
01.09.14 Watford Driver Essentials - this is a full day course (7 hours towards periodic training)
02.09.14 Watford Driver CPC - Manual Handling Risk Assessment
03.09.14 Watford Driver CPC - Prevention of Physical Risk Vehicle Loading
04.09.14 Watford Driver CPC - Emergency Situations Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
For further information and to book call: 01923 699 497 or email:
The British Association of Removers
Training Services is an approved centre
for CPC driver training.
Professional LGV & PCV drivers must
complete 35hrs of periodic training every 5
years following their acquired rights or initial
CPC qualification and time is running out.
We know time is running out to get re-
qualified so have put on special open
courses just for you to get those last few
guys completed.
Day rates:
BAR Members £107
Non members £135
BAR members £87
Non members £105
Please note all prices are + VAT
Drivers Essentials modules
BAR Training Services is currently offering the
Drivers Essentials course to BAR Members. The
aim of the seven-hour course is to provide
delegates with an understanding of the impact
and importance of complying with the law by not
exceeding the maximum daily driving hours and
how to record this in the correct way.
Driving for more than the legal amount of
hours can cause serious safety issues, not only for
the driver in question, but for other road users. At
the end of the course drivers will be able to
identify what weekly driving hours are legal,
record their driving hours, operate tachographs
correctly and understand the penalties of not
complying with the law. For more information
and to book your place on the course visit
Drivers Essentials course back due to popular demand
June 2014 Removals & Storage 51
BAR News Training News
To book Call: 01923 699484 or email:
Commercial Estimating
A specially designed course for the commercial
estimator, expanding the knowledge of Estimating
in general. The course focuses on calculating
volume, methods for Estimating in the Commercial
environment, what to look out for and questions to
ask the customer. This course will make estimating
large office moves less daunting for the less
experienced estimator and includes a practical
exercise, where delegates will experience estimating
in a ‘real time’ situation.
• Why is volume important • How do we calculate
volume • Things to be aware of when estimating
furniture • Estimating the amount of packing crates,
questions to be asked, method of a site viewing
• What should be included in a commercial
quotation, practical exercise.
General information
Finance for Non-Financial Managers – in partnership with The Association
of Accounting Technicians (AAT).
For more information contact BARTS.
£199 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)
BAR Training Services
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BTEC Award in Practical
This 2 day course is practically based and is designed
to teach students the art of estimating as well as face
to face sales techniques, covering topics such as:
• Quantity assessment made easy • Instructor with 27
years experience in estimating • Best practice - survey
to report to quote • Confidence in sales & estimating
• Understanding the importance of communication
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Industry News
52 Removals & Storage June 2014
European News
France’s new Environment Minister Ségolène Royal
has a new idea for raising revenue from the roads
by charging foreign lorries additional fees to use
French roads. The plan follows the suspension of
the controversial ‘ecotax’ following national
protests last year.
Royal believes foreign truckers tend to avoid toll
motorways and said that one way to avoid this
would be to require them to use toll roads. “It would
be completely legitimate for a foreign lorry that
crosses the country to contribute and pay for the
maintenance of the roads that it uses,” according
to Ms Royal. Foreign lorries that do not fill up in
France do not have to pay the country’s tax on
petrol products, putting them at an advantage over
French firms, the Minister said. As the ecotax would
make both French and foreign firms pay, she would
consider a system that would make only foreign
companies pay.
Royal is considering a revenue-generating idea
that would follow the Swiss example by charging
foreign lorries for a sticker or vignette at the border.
“This would make it possible to charge foreign
lorries and there would be no unfair competition for
French transport companies,” she said.
French road transport associations have
unanimously welcomed Royal’s comments. The
European Commission has said that France cannot
implement a system that discriminates against
companies from elsewhere in Europe.
backs clean
The European Parliament has given its final
approval to new EU rules to ensure the build-up
of alternative refuelling points across Europe
with common standards for their design and
use, including a common plug for recharging
electric vehicles.
Policy initiatives so far have mostly
addressed the actual fuels and vehicles, without
considering fuels distribution. Clean fuel is
being held back by three main barriers: the
high cost of vehicles, a low level of consumer
acceptance, and the lack of recharging and
refuelling stations.
The new Directive will mean Member States
will have to provide a minimum infrastructure
for alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen
and natural gas, as well as common EU-wide
standards for equipment needed and user
information. The Parliament agreed that there
should be a requirement on Member States to
submit national plans to minimum levels of
infrastructure to the Commission. These would
regard refuelling and recharging stations for
alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen
and natural gas. The targets and objectives will
be published by the Commission.
Parliament also agreed on EU-wide standards
for the infrastructure as these are essential for
the development of alternative fuels. The
agreement requires the use of common plugs
for electric vehicles and standardised refuelling
equipment for hydrogen and natural gas.
However, the Parliament did not agree that
mandatory targets should be set for alternative
infrastructure development. ACEA, the European
Automobile Manufacturers Association, said this
was disappointing as: “Only consistency in
infrastructure investment will ensure wider
transport policy goals can be met. The industry
is dedicated to delivering sustainable mobility in
Europe, and needs policy makers to support this
European Parliament
backs new lorry sizes
The European Parliament recently sent a strong message to EU
Member States when it voted in favour of new EU rules for safer and
greener lorries.
Described by Liberal Democrat MEP for the West
Midlands Phil Bennion as “life-saving changes to lorry
design,” the European Commission’s proposals revise
current legislation on weights and dimensions of
certain road vehicles, to allow manufacturers to
develop more aerodynamic lorries which will reduce
fuel consumption by 7-10%, cut emissions of
greenhouse gases, and also enhance the safety of
vulnerable road users.
The proposals, which were backed by 606 MEPs,
with 54 against in a European Parliament plenary
session, will allow cabs with a rounded shape and
aerodynamic flaps at the back of the trailer. These
measures will considerably improve the aerodynamics
of vehicles, saving approximately €5,000 per year in
fuel costs for a typical long-distance lorry covering
100,000 km, according to the Commission. This
represents a 7-10% cut in greenhouse gas emissions
(or 7.8 tonnes of CO2 for the same long-distance lorry
covering 100,000 km). At the same time, the field of
vision of the driver will be improved, helping to save
the lives of 300 to 500 vulnerable road users such as
pedestrians or cyclists every year. According to ETSC
data, around 4,300 people died in collisions involving
lorries in 2011.
The European Parliament did not accept a number
of the proposals. It disappointed some by limiting the
extension of aerodynamic rear devices to 500mm, a
move which the Commission suggested would deprive
the industry of the benefits of longer devices that could
further reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
The European Transport Safety Council said the
legislation is a step forward because “it will enable
innovative new designs that include crumple zones
along with better visibility and protection of car
occupants, pedestrians and cyclists.”
As reported in the May issue of R&S, the European
Parliament’s Transport Committee voted in favour of
the changes in March. That vote has been confirmed
by the European Parliament in plenary and must now
be considered by EU Member States within the EU
Council before it enters law.
For the legislation to pass, the bill must secure a
‘double majority’ in the Council, i.e. a majority of
governments in favour (at least 15) representing the
majority of the EU population (at least 65% of the
EU population). The next stage in the European
legislative process will be key as there are concerns
that the safety requirements could be watered down in
negotiations amongst Member States or by the working
groups that work out the technical details of the new
rules. If the text is adopted in 2014/2015, the new
trucks could be expected to be seen on the roads by
French plan foreign lorry charges
Industry News
June 2014 Removals & Storage
European News
In the latest news in an on-going saga, the four
largest Russian business associations have called on
Russian President Vladimir Putin to reinstate TIR in
order to avoid increased costs and inflation.
In an unprecedented move, a letter to the
President was co-signed by the leaders of four
organisations, which represent the business
community in Russia: the Russian Chamber of
Commerce, the Russian Union of Industrialists and
Entrepreneurs, Business Russia, and OPORA Russia
(Union of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of
Russia).The letter stated that: “In an already
unstable economic situation, rising costs for the
delivery of goods will be reflected in the final price
of goods on the domestic market and will increase
This intervention from the Russian business
community follows the recent release of four
independent economic studies confirming that
direct economic losses for the Russian economy
resulting from the current illegal TIR restrictions
imposed by the Federal Customs Service of Russia
(FCS RF) could exceed £1.3bn per year. Vitaly
Survillo of Business Russia said: “Foreign trade
operators need predictability, but the current
situation is unpredictable and much more
Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, has
committed to instruct all competent Ministries to
control the issue of illegal charges at Customs and
to review the matter so that a suitable solution can
be found in the nearest future. It is hoped that
President Putin will re-authorise as soon as possible
the full use of the United Nations’ TIR System
across all of Russia.
Brussels calls for changes to road
haulage rules
The Vice-President of the European Commission Siim Kallas, who is responsible for transport, has called
for simplification and clarification of EU rules on road haulage, following the publication of a report on
integrating the internal market for road transport.
The report concludes that while some progress has
been made, removing the remaining restrictions
would help the European economy and improve the
According to the report, on any given day, almost a
quarter of all trucks on Europe’s roads are empty,
either on their way home or between loads. Opening
national road transport markets to more competition
would help reduce empty runs and increase efficiency
in the sector, the report argues.
The term of the current Commission runs until 31
October this year, after which a new batch of
Commissioners will take over. Kallas said: “The
current rules are wasteful for European companies,
impact on all road users and are bad for the
environment. We need clear regulations for the
industry and at the same time we need good working
conditions for the drivers. I hope the next Commission
will continue down this road.”
The report finds that road transport moves almost
three quarters (72%) of goods in inland transport in
the EU, with an annual turnover of  €300bn and
accounts for some 2% of the EU’s GDP. There are
about 600,000 companies, a very large share of them
SMEs, in the road transport sector, employing close to
3 million people.
Land transport is the only mode of road transport in
which labour productivity has dropped since 2001
(-0.2%), and heavy goods vehicles often run empty
(20% of all trucks in the EU). National transport
accounts for 67% of road transport in the EU. However,
access by foreign hauliers to national markets
remains very limited. Removing the restrictions to
cabotage would help to reduce empty running by
making it easier for hauliers to combine loads and
utilise return trips.
Road transport also faces driver shortages in the
near future. Drivers are an ageing population and
road transport is not considered an attractive
profession. Working conditions are perceived to be
difficult, and Member States do not implement social
provisions consistently, according to the report.
EU-wide road tolls
Meanwhile, EU Energy Commissioner Günther
Oettinger has called for a uniform road charge within
the internal European market, though as of yet, it is
not clear how such a system would be implemented.
Both Germany and France have been vocal in their
willingness to charge additional fees to foreign
vehicles using their national roads. However, the
Energy Commissioner spoke up against this method,
arguing that non-discrimination is a fundamental
right under EU law and that road charging systems
must be transparent and fair to all.
The Commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas stated
that clearly prioritising distance-based tolling systems
in contrast to vignettes would be fairer and more
Russian businesses lobby Putin over TIR suspension
Removals & Storage June 2014
As the night unfolded...
A Scottish soirée
Conference delegates were treated to a truly Scottish evening at the Gala Dinner & Awards night sponsored
by TwentyCi and Rightmove.
Saturday evening’s Gala Dinner and Awards night was the icing
on a very successful Conference cake. Delegates were welcomed
with a cocktail reception sponsored by BAR Partner TwentyCi,
before being led into a lavishly decorated dining hall.
When the delegates had taken their seats, the Presidential
procession took place, new President Gary Wheadon and his
honoured guests accompanied into the hall by a bagpiper.
Following this, Matt Purdie showed guests how it is done north
of the border, with a traditional rendition of ‘To a Haggis’.
David Bunting followed with a traditional Burns Grace, before
the meal began.
Special awards were made to Brian Maidman and Ian Palmer
to acknowledge their services as Acting Chair of the Commercial
Moving Group and Chairman of the Overseas Group
respectively. This set the scene for the Domestic
Mover of the Year 2014-15 and Commercial
Mover of the Year 2014 awards.
Reddaways Removals were awarded
the DMotY 2014-15 award, while the
CMotY 2014 award was shared
between winners Harrow Green and
JT & Sons Relocations. After these
important industry presentations had
been made, a Ceilidh band
entertained delegates with
traditional Scottish folk music.
For more photos from the BAR Black Tie Gala Dinner & Awards Night, go to:
June 2014 Removals & Storage 55
A healthy donation for the RBA
While enjoying themselves in Glasgow, BAR Members did not forget
those who have worked in the industry and who are less fortunate than
themselves. The Removers Benevolent Association (RBA) saw
contributions from many different sources throughout the course of the
Conference programme. The total amount raised in Glasgow totalled a
fantastic £1,536 (at time of going to press). Matt Purdie, Chairman of
the Trustees of the RBA, told Members that “it is our charity, and we
have to be the ones to look after it.”
Friday’s charity fun fair night raised much of the money for the RBA,
along with the charity auction which took place at the end of the night,
while JT& Sons’ golf simulator raised £130 for the charity during the
course of the Conference.
For more photos from the BAR Black
Tie Gala Dinner & Awards Night, see:
JT & Sons’ golf simulator and smiling faces at the fun fair night
For more photos from the BAR Black Tie Gala Dinner & Awards Night, go to:
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
How the
BAR can
keep its lead
in customer
Baroness Crawley praised the BAR for being one of the first
trade associations to become approved codes sponsors in
the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, which she now
chairs. This early commitment to standards and consumer
protection demonstrated to her “a clear commitment on
the part the British Association of Removers to be in the
vanguard of businesses leading consumer protection into
the third decade of the 21st century.”
Customer care
A recurring theme throughout the keynote speech was that
of customer care. Baroness Crawley explained that business
owners in all industries are reliant on the opinions of
customers, and as such, should do their utmost to provide
high-quality services.
She said: “I make no apology for the fact that my
colleagues working in trading standards, and the
Consumer Codes Approval Board, intend to marginalise
and smoke out those businesses that aren’t prepared to step
up and serve their customers well. Businesses that are not
members of your Association and the Approved Scheme –
the scheme that meets those highest standards for
consumers – should absolutely feel left behind. They
should feel that lost opportunity bearing down on them.”
Baroness Crawley reminded delegates that today’s
connected world offers more opportunity, but also demands
higher levels of service: “In this age of social media, we are
more aware than ever of the impact of conversations on
the worldwide Internet. From Facebook to Twitter, the
world is not just watching but commentating on everyday
life. A bad experience for a consumer can rapidly become a
bad story shared with literally thousands of potential
consumers who will turn away from a business delivering
poor consumer service and protection. We need to enhance
further consumer confidence in Members of the British
Christine Crawley, the Rt. Hon.
Baroness Crawley of Edgbaston,
was the keynote speaker at the BAR
Annual Conference in Glasgow. As
President of the Trading Standards
Institute and Chair of the Consumer
Codes Approval Board, she shared
her approach to standards and
customer care for removals and
storage businesses.
BAR Conference 2014
June 2014 Removals & Storage 57
BAR News
Association of Removers, in the Approved Codes, to
make your service the subject of the good tweet, the
‘liked’ Facebook picture, the positive chatter.”
Approved Codes
Baroness Crawley recalled that the Trading Standards
Institute (TSI) carried out the BAR’s first audit in 2013,
and two qualified rating standards auditors “pored over
your systems, processes and records” during the course
of the audit. “It was intensive,” she said “and covered
every aspect of running the approved code. We found a
really very well run code of practice on your behalf.”
Baroness Crawley added that she wants the Approved
Codes Scheme to be integral to consumer choice when
it comes to removals so that “they only turn to
businesses who display that logo, to Members of the
British Association of Removers. We want to be so
embedded in the psyche of consumers that they actively
seek out Members of BAR to spend their money with.”
The consumer landscape
Baroness Crawley also discussed recent changes in the
consumer landscape, and the role of the BAR in
adapting to them. She noted that many of the changes
had been driven by European Union directives
concerning consumer protection which had created a
more even trading ground for businesses.
Baroness Crawley praised the BAR for introducing an
independent Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
scheme for customers, ahead of the EU’s 2014 deadline.
“I am delighted that the British Association of
Removers has not waited for 2014. You not only led the
way in signing up to the new Approved Codes Scheme
but forged ahead last year and established your free
conciliation service or ADR.” ADR will reduce the
number of court cases, which can prove costly both in
money and time, reducing detriment and loss for both
consumers and the business.
Approved Codes Scheme
Baroness Crawley said that the Approved Codes Scheme
is built on five pillars: integrity, transparency, clarity,
competence and adding value.
Integrity is maintained by “being robust, never
settling for second best and making sure that we
maintain that distinction between the behaviours
expected of your members and the behaviours
consumers all too often experience from others in your
The second pillar, transparency, is all about
consumer trust. “Gone are the days when decisions are
made behind closed doors. Consumers don’t trust that.
They might not read the intricate details of how a code
has been arrived at or even what it actually says, but
they will derive confidence from knowing that they
could if they wanted to,” she said.
Given the confused space and layered legislation of
the sector, the third pillar, clarity, “means that all
providers stand for the same values and consumers
recognise those values,” with the minimum level of
Ensuring that those undertaking assessments, audits
and monitoring as part of the Scheme means
competence is vital. Baroness Crawley suggested that
“we, as a Board and as code sponsors, have to tackle
the odd abuse head on, because it is that small
minority that threaten consumer confidence, not the
vast majority.”
Finally, she told Conference delegates that the Board
must never lose sight of providing added value, for code
sponsors such as the BAR, for their supporters in
Government, and for the consumer.
Driving forward
Although its resources are limited, Baroness Crawley
said that the Approved Codes Scheme was full of
ambition. “We can’t promise to flood our TV screens
with sponsorship, advertising or other marketing
gimmicks, but we can be true to our purpose. We want
to communicate that at every opportunity with our
audience, to find our advocates and push them to speak
on our behalf,” she said.
Baroness Crawley summarised the successes of the
TSI thus far, saying that “we have already made
progress by moving the directory of approved codes
members on-line and making it ‘Google’ friendly; by
enhancing our presence on social media; by providing
your team at the BAR with PR support and campaign
messages; and by strengthening the links across codes
schemes such as with the Property Ombudsman
Baroness Crawley added that while the TSI ensured
the independence and integrity of the Consumer Codes
Approval Scheme, “everyone in this room has a role to
play in bringing the Scheme to life for consumers, and
by doing so benefiting your business and your
Concluding her speech, Baroness Crawley gave one
last piece of advice to the delegates present. “Make a
song-and-dance about your membership of both BAR
and being a Trading Standards Approved Scheme
member. Flash your badge to customers, on your
vehicles and in your local press. Be the advocate for
your Scheme.”
We need to enhance
further consumer
confidence in Members of
the British Association of
Removers, in the Approved
Codes, to make your
service the subject of the
good tweet, the ‘liked’
Facebook picture, the
positive chatter.
‘ ‘
BAR Conference 2014
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Conference 2014
Chris Moriarty, Head of Insight and Corporate Affairs
at the British Institute of Facilities Management
(BIFM), opened the BAR Conference business sessions
with his talk to Members about BIFM’s recent survey:
Moves and Changes in an Evolving Workplace.
The results of this study had been eagerly awaited
by Members of the BAR Commercial Moving Group
who have worked closely with BIFM to design and
develop the survey since its inception at the beginning
of 2014.
More than 1,350 companies responded to a series
of questions to ascertain the current state of the
relocation and commercial moving industry. Chris
told delegates that the key findings of the survey were
that “growth and positivity are back on the agenda,”
while lessons from the recession and technological
advances are changing the business landscape.
Of the companies surveyed, 60% said that overall
business has increased in the past three years, while
55% expect to see continued increases in the near
future. Chris explained that 2014 would be dominated
by organisations refurbishing their existing properties
or consolidating their portfolios whilst 2015 would see
an increase in relocations both within existing
regions and beyond.
Growing appetite for relocations
The survey found that improving efficiency and
expansion were key drivers for these changes
although the highest ranked driver was creating
flexible working environments; something that has
been driven by social pressures and technology
advancements. For example, Chris noted the current
trend of ‘plug and play’ working, where employees
can work from many locations with minimum set-up
time. When it comes to future plans for relocation,
the BIFM survey showed that 21% of respondent
companies had a budget of over £250,000 for
relocation. For Chris, this was a positive indication
for both the removals and facilities management
industries that there is money available to finance
new projects.
While the demand is there, the big question is how
removals and storage companies can best exploit it.
The results showed that the most important factor
was experience, with 54% of respondents saying that
they would choose their mover on evidence of
successful past projects. Chris also spoke about the
need for specific skills and high standards to secure
contracts. He noted a growth in the use of Total
Facilities Management contracts, which are likely
to be used more in the future.
Chris told delegates that the next two years look
set to provide a lot of opportunities for removals and
storage companies as companies in other sectors
look to consolidate and expand.The full survey report
is now available to CMG members, and other BAR
Members can purchase the report by contacting the
BAR Commercial Department. To contact Chris
Moriarty, see or follow him on
Twitter at @chrismoriarty3.
Business sessions and workshops
The high quality business sessions and workshops at this year’s BAR Conference in Glasgow reflected
the increasing recognition by government and industry experts from around the world of BAR’s
commitment to sharing inspiring business ideas amongst its Members.
Moves and changes in an evolving workplace
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and want to receive our regular email
reminders for submitting ideas, news,
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issues of the magazine, and the deadlines
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If you have any news or comments about your business,
the economy, and the industry in general, please send in
your information, letters or articles.
June 2014 Removals & Storage 59
BAR News BAR Conference 2014
Regulation and Primary Authority in
the UK
With the recent introduction of the Primary Authority scheme for BAR Members, there was a high
turnout at Graham Russell’s comprehensive presentation on the scheme.
Customer service in office moves
At the invitation of the BAR Overseas Group,
veteran mover Ed Katz came from Georgia, USA to
talk to delegates about how the right customer
service can give BAR Members an edge over their
Ed was the owner of Peachtree Removals from
1976-2000 before heading up the International
Office Moving Institute. He believes that success in
the office moving business comes from listening
to customers and always providing them with the
best and most conscientious service possible.
For those delegates considering expanding their
services to become office movers, Ed summarised
the opportunities (good returns, fewer damage
claims, and less fragile or complicated objects to
move than a house move) as well as the pitfalls
from office moving, notably the unsociable
working hours. He also stressed to delegates:
“If you do not estimate how long you need to do
the job accurately, you might end up being sued
by your customer for loss of business.”
Growing your office moving business
Ed provided delegates with some useful tips on
marketing and generating leads. He has used
‘cold calling’ extensively in the past, a method
which he says he has perfected. For Ed, the key
is practice. He suggested that delegates create a
script and by recording their calls, they can work
out what is successful and what is not, tailoring
the script on this basis. He also stressed that
whoever makes the call needs to be able to listen
and react, as sticking to a script may not always
be appropriate.
A top tip is to build and maintain positive
relationships with property managers: “If you can
get property managers to like you and remember
you, they will recommend you to all of their
tenants moving in and out of their building,”
he told delegates.
To ensure property managers are satisfied with
the move, he recommends implementing a series
of techniques for protecting vulnerable points
such as main doors and lifts, using specialist
materials to absorb any impacts and to protect
against accidental damage. He also suggests
following up a move by sending an audit to the
client company with a check list showing how the
team carried out the move in the most
professional and courteous way possible.
For more information, see
Chief Executive of the Better Regulation Delivery
Office (BRDO) Graham Russell addressed delegates
on how regulation affects the removals and storage
industry, setting out the Government’s commitment
to reforming regulation and creating a fertile market
place for small companies.
Delegates heard about the Government’s ‘one in,
one out’ and ‘one in, two out’ approach to
introducing any new regulation. Where there is a cost
to complying with regulation, there is an obligation
to remove or modify an existing piece of regulation
with double the cost to business. The Government
estimates that this has so far delivered combined net
annual savings to businesses of £1.9bn.
As part of its efforts to reduce the regulatory
burdens on business, the Government is also looking
at the 3,000 regulations identified by the Red Tape
Challenge, which it believes can be scrapped or
improved to save businesses time and money.
Improving consumer confidence
The Government’s approach to improving regulation
is based on three pillars: reducing the costs for
business, improving confidence and control, and
realising the wider economic benefits of good
An important example of improving consumer
confidence is the Primary Authority scheme which
allows businesses to form a statutory partnership with
one local authority, which then provides reliable
advice which other councils have to take into
The scheme enables businesses to benefit from
clearer, assured advice and more consistent
enforcement. Government has now extended Primary
Authority to trade associations where they share an
approach to compliance, and as of January 2014 the
BAR entered into a Primary Authority Partnership
relationship with Hertfordshire Trading Standards.
“Moving house is a stressful time for consumers,
and the added confidence given to them in knowing
that their mover has signed up to the Primary
Authority scheme is a significant benefit,” Graham
said. For the mover too, Primary Authority provides
improved statutory backing, allowing them to do
what they do best while also offering added value to
their customers.
For more information on the work of the BRDO visit
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Conference 2014
One of the Overseas Group’s guest speakers, Terry
opened his session by posing the question “Is flat
the new up?” As international markets slowly
recover, the new relative stability is creating
optimism in business. Honing in on the economic
outlook for the UK, particularly its housing sector
and the significant number of international
companies attracted to locate their businesses in the
UK, Terry indicated that there were good prospects
for relocation of people and materials to the UK.
Terry added that there are currently 4.7 million
British citizens living abroad, and the number is
growing, with Australia, USA and Spain being the
most popular destinations. Only China and India
have more citizens living abroad than the UK.
Expats of all nationalities make up 3.1% of the
global population, and their number has grown
from 73 million in 1960 to 230 million today.
Evidently, business still exists for companies
servicing the expat market. Terry told delegates that
“trade is to international moving what home sales
are to domestic moving. That is why global
economic conditions are so important to our
industry.” Another significant change in economic
practice is that “the jobs are moving back again.”
Known as ‘re-shoring’ or ‘near-shoring’, jobs that
were previously outsourced to emerging markets are
returning to developed countries, as wages
worldwide rise. “With new wage levels and logistics
all taken into account, cost differences will only
stand at around 10-15% between China and North
America,” Terry said. It is estimated that over 3
million manufacturing jobs will return to North
America in the next five years.
Terry explained that it was as important to
understand why companies moved people, as it was
to understand where, how and for how long people
were being moved. Company growth, expansion and
restructuring all drive international relocations, as
do mergers and acquisitions between companies.
The length of time that people stay in new countries
is also changing, with shorter placements becoming
the norm, with over half (54%) of placements
lasting for less than three years.
Rogues – a global problem
Terry mentioned that even in international moving,
rogue traders were a significant problem. The use of
the internet is enabling these rogues a greater scope
than ever before, with greater anonymity. Terry cited
some examples of how to prevent rogues such as an
enhanced vetting process for potential new members
of IAM, the Canadian Association of Movers and the
American Moving & Storage Association.
Rounding off his presentation, Terry presented the
fascinating prospect of increased use of the
Northeast Passage shipping routes, opening up a
new route between Europe and Asia as ice continues
to recede. Terry said: “In 2010 just four ships made
the journey on these routes, since April 2014 266
have received permission to do so from Russian
authorities.” With Russia hoping to colonise the
moon by 2030, Terry left delegates with one last
question: “Is space the next market?” For more
information on IAM visit
Trends in International Moving
Terry Head, President of the International Association of Movers (IAM), shared his extensive experience
and insights on the current state of the international moving market. His main thesis was that despite the
recession and a slow recovery, there are still plenty of opportunities in the world of international moving.
Home Mover Alerts with TwentyCi
Account Manager Katy Billany explained to
delegates how they could make the most of
TwentyCi’s lead generation service, Home Mover
Alerts, at TwentyCi’s business session.
TwentyCi’s Home Mover Alerts system has
already seen significant take up in the removals
industry. The system provides companies with
leads throughout the various stages of the moving
process, allowing companies to pinpoint the
optimum time to promote their services and
products to movers, in the hopes of securing a
Katy Billany was on hand to demonstrate a
“progressive communication” plan that would
allow companies to leverage their own local
expertise in developing customer relationships,
giving the opportunity to more than double direct
mail response rates and ensure that more surveys
are converted into agreements.
Central Intelligence, Local Expertise
A key theme of the talk was the collaboration
between TwentyCi and the client in question, on
the basis of ‘Central Intelligence, Local Expertise’
combining to offer movers the best possible
service. “Our specialism is data provision. We
know who is moving in your area right now. We
provide you with the lead and begin the marketing
process with the customer. This will free you up to
use your own expertise and do what you do best,”
said Katy.
Those who are signed up to the scheme receive
weekly alerts for properties that have been listed or
are under offer or sold. This allows clients to get
their brand in front of the customer as soon as
they need a removals company. The data can be
searched by geography and property price,
allowing clients to target the type of movers they
Katy stressed the importance of companies
presenting unique selling points and building
brand awareness, saying that it was important to
make contact as soon as you are aware of a need
for service: “if you sit on a lead for too long, you
will lose it to a competitor,” she said. For more
information visit
June 2014 Removals & Storage 61
BAR News BAR Conference 2014
Leads advice from Rightmove
Rightmove, the largest property website in the UK, has become an increasingly important partner for
BAR Members, providing marketing and sales advice and a lead generator system to removers.
International moving in New Zealand
Errol opened the session by admitting that he
never thought that he was presidential material.
However, when he was asked if he would like to
run for the position and what he could bring to
the role, he realised the merit of coming from a
relatively small company and a small country in
the shape of New Zealand.
Though the previous President had stepped
down a year earlier than expected, Errol has been
able to successfully seat himself at the head
of a multinational board as the first New
Zealander to fill the post.
The position has meant he has learned
about a number of national removers’
associations, and he confirmed: “I would like
to see a closer relationship and better
communication with BAR, as I think
both Associations have a lot to offer one
New Zealand customs rules
Errol then turned to the subject of the
international moving industry in New Zealand,
saying that it was very much a case of “too many
companies chasing too little business, while rates
remain relatively low and profit margins remain
Such conditions have only been worsened by
the lack of confidence in the market caused by
the recession, though the industry is beginning to
see an improvement.
Errol gave an interesting overview of the history
of New Zealand’s biodiversity and ecology,
showing the strains that human migration and
expansion has exerted on the nation. As a result
of past exploitation, the New Zealand government
now demands stringent import regulations to
protect what is left of New Zealand’s ecology. The
harsh regulations and thorough customs
inspections mean that when importing any
material to New Zealand, both the mover and the
client must be well aware of their responsibilities,
especially in regards to paperwork. For more
information on New Zealand’s customs laws visit
At this year’s Conference, Removals Manager Tom
Goy and Head of Removals Mark Bailey spoke to
delegates about the company, what it can offer BAR
Members and what it is aiming to achieve in the
future. Rightmove comprises the biggest single
home-moving audience in the UK. At any one time,
around 9.7 million people in the UK are at some
stage of the moving process. More than 75% of those
can be found on Rightmove. Such a huge audience
presents a great market for removals companies, one
they can tap into via Rightmove’s lead generation
system. Rightmove only deal with BAR Members, and
produce sales leads based on postcode matches, with
other additional filters such as house price and
house size. In this way, movers can specify exactly
what kind of move they are looking to find.
As part of their lead generation service, Rightmove
surveyed customers to see what the most important
things were for them when choosing a company to
carry out their move, with the locality of the mover
being the most important thing for 24% of movers.
Once an agreement was reached and the company
arrived to carry out the job, 75% of customers said
that the professionalism of the staff employed was
the biggest thing they looked for. The other top
things that customers looked for in a moving
company were insurance for possessions, good
reviews from previous customers, a fast response to
enquiries and the friendliness of staff.
Rightmove have also identified the fact that 40%
of traffic on their site comes from mobile devices
such as smartphones and tablets. As such, the
company is now developing its mobile site to better
cater to these customers, and to allow them to search
for removals companies as well as homes on the
move. In terms of the future, Rightmove want to
produce more leads! As Tom told delegates, “our
customers like our leads; they just want more of
them.” Rightmove are also in the continual process
of upgrading and improving their online service.
Some specific goals for the near future include
introducing more stringent email address and
telephone number verification software and data
cleansing to clear the site of old and no longer
relevant data and information.For more information
Errol Gardiner, President of the FIDI Global Alliance, presented an Overseas Group workshop about
international moving in New Zealand and he also shared some of his experiences of representing FIDI.
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BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Conference 2014
With 1.15 billion users, Facebook is by far the largest
free marketing tool around. Every day in the UK
there are 24 million active users of Facebook, with
an average of 8.3 hours per person spent on the site
each month. As Katy said, “it is not enough to just set
up an account. You need to do something to bring
out the value of the platform. This is the modern
version of word-of-mouth.”
Katy and Matt told delegates it was important to
maintain activity and a presence through any social
media accounts. The most important thing is to have
content that interests customers. “It has to be
engaging. It can be a blog, a photo, a video, a press
release, but it has to get your customers’ attention.
Keep it short, keep it visual, keep it engaging,” said
Katy. Katy and Matt also suggested the use of
interactive content like quizzes, surveys and contests
to draw interest online. With 232 million users,
Twitter also presents a significant opportunity for
Members to promote their company. Given that
Twitter revolves around dialogue and direct
communication, Katy told delegates that “it is
important to interact as much as possible.” By
‘following’ tweeters in your field and industry, it can
be an excellent way to stay in touch with current
events and current competition. Twitter can be used
to make announcements to a large number of people
with little effort on your end. The launch of a new
special offer, product, or advertising for new staff
would all be ideal things to tweet about, Katy said.
Indeed, as Matt told Conference attendees, “business
promotion accounts for 75% of all marketing activity
on social media,” so BAR Members should also take
advantage of it. The TwentyCi experts ended their
workshop sessions by discussing social media site
LinkedIn with delegates. LinkedIn is a business-to-
business social media site, which allows users to
discover new partnerships, suppliers and investors.
Users can create a professional profile detailing their
experience and fields of expertise.
As ever with any form of social media, Katy and
Matt asserted that to succeed on LinkedIn means
staying visible. “It is important to join groups and
relevant debates on LinkedIn, keeping in touch with
your connections and contacts and generally
increasing your visibility.”
For more information visit
Social media and the removals and
storage industry
TwentyCi’s Katy Billany and Matt Hawkins stepped in at short notice to run a social media workshop in
place of Paul Tansey of Intergage, who unfortunately had to withdraw from the Conference. Katy and
Matt versed Members in how best to use social media to help grow their business and their brand,
suggesting what can help, and what can hinder a company online.
How to handle employee grievances
Steven Meyerhoff, Director at transport law
specialists Backhouse Jones Solicitors, ran a well-
attended workshop giving delegates advice on how
best to deal with grievances while staying within
the law.
Poorly conducted grievance processes can lead
to employment tribunal claims for constructive
unfair dismissal by disgruntled employees. Steven
advised BAR Members to consult the ACAS Code of
Practice as a useful starting point when looking at
dealing with grievances. While this Code represents
guidance rather than statutory obligations,
tribunals can adjust any rewards made in relevant
cases by up to 25% for unreasonable failure to
comply with any provision of the Code. It is also
necessary to consult the contractual obligations of
the person holding a grievance before any further
action is taken. Steven explained that “the purpose
of the grievance process is to provide a fair and
effective method of resolving workplace issues.”
This can be done either formally or informally.
The vast majority of grievances can be dealt with
informally and resolved however, if they cannot
then the employee should be notified and advised
to invoke a formal process if they are dissatisfied.
Employers should provide a copy of the company’s
grievance procedure.
The formal grievance process usually has three
key steps: the employee submits their grievance in
writing (can be by email, letter or text message),
thereafter a meeting is arranged to discuss the
grievance (with the employee’s trade union
representative or workplace colleague) following
which the employer investigates said grievance.
After these have all been completed, the employer
should advise the employee on the outcome of the
investigation, which should be confirmed in
writing, and inform the employee of their right to
appeal the decision.
The appeal process is another separate process.
Steven said that “the appeal process should be
independent from the original decision, and is
usually conducted by a Director or Managing
Director. During the process, the full complaint
and reason for the appeal must be taken into
account. When a decision has been made, the
employee should be informed and the process
should be confirmed as concluded.”
Steven also explained the course of action to
take if a grievance arises during a disciplinary
process. Where the grievance is unrelated to the
disciplinary process, the disciplinary process
should be suspended and the grievance
commenced. After the grievance has been
concluded then the employer should recommence
the disciplinary process. When the grievance is
related to an ongoing disciplinary process, it is
possible to hear both matters concurrently.
Steven stressed the importance of keeping
records of disciplinary and grievance proceedings.
“These records must include details of any
allegations made against the employee, the
investigation that was carried out, copies of all
correspondence sent and received, notes from the
grievance meeting and, where possible, the
rationale for any decision made,” he told
delegates. For more information visit
June 2014 Removals & Storage 63
BAR News BAR Conference 2014
BAR Conference Exhibition:
the place to meet
The Exhibition Hall was the focal meeting point for Conference delegates. Conference participants gravitated towards the
Exhibition Hall so they could talk to expert suppliers and network with other delegates.
The BAR Services team presented two new products to Conference delegates: the new Transit
Wardrobe cartons and an Italian-designed floor protector. BAR Services Ltd is a wholly owned
subsidiary of BAR, with the sole intention to work on behalf of and with the help of its Members to
ensure lower prices on quality products.
T: 01342 870087
BAR Services Ltd
The BARTS Conference stand was busy with enquiries about training within the
removals industry. With only a few months until the 10 September deadline for
Driver CPC there was particular interest in drivers completing their 35 hours
periodic training and attaining their Certificate of Professional Competence
qualification. Members requested information about management and
operational training, as well as courses and support to develop additional
tailored training. The CMG apprenticeship is also going well, with many new
enquires from companies looking to take on apprentices in the coming months.
T: 01923 699 484
BAR Training Services
Mike Inman and Natalie Sullivan manned the BSI exhibition stand in partnership with QSS.
Owner of the BSI Kitemark, the BSI deliver Kitemark certification by combining the experience of
QSS in the removals industry and BSI expertise in assessment and certification.
T: 0845 080 9000

British Standards Institution (BSI)
The Commercial Moving Group is a dedicated group of companies within
the BAR that specialise in all aspects of commercial relocation. CMG
representatives explained the membership requirements of the group, and
the need for the BS 8522 Commercial Moving Standard in order to join.
T: 01923 699 483
Commercial Moving Group (CMG)
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
BAR Conference 2014
BAR Conference Exhibition: cont’d
QSS is a wholly owned subsidiary of BAR, and helps Members achieve and
maintain certification for the specialist industry standards BS EN 12522
(Domestic), BS EN 14873 (Storage), BS EN 15696 (Self storage), BS 8522
(Commercial) and BS 8564 (Overseas). QSS also offer the increasingly popular
ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and
the standards for shredding and document storage. Chris Waymouth and Peter
Gawthrop were on hand to explain the quality standards to delegates.
T: 01923 699 480 E:
Quality Service Standards
Valerie Bamping, Neil White and Gertjan Breij represented BAR Affiliate DKV in the Exhibition Hall.
DKV has 80 years’ experience in the transport sector and is a leading service provider on Europe’s
roads. The DKV team explained to delegates that they can tailor packages to any business whether
big or small.
T: +31 252 345665
Stuart and Sue Brown of Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services talked to delegates about the
one-stop-shop service for removals companies’ breakdown needs. The BAR Affiliate offers a free
to join service and the stand proved to be of interest to many delegates, who spoke to Stuart and
Sue about their ‘pay on use’ service that covers the entire UK and 32 European countries.
T: 0161 368 752
Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services Ltd
PHS Teacrate supplies a wide range of complementary handling equipment, cardboard packing
boxes, polythene tape and accessories, all with next day delivery as standard. PHS Teacrate spoke to
delegates about their new LC6F File Crate which has two removable steel rails inside that secure
and hold files of any size safely.
T: 0800 980 7000
PHS Teacrate
June 2014 Removals & Storage 65
BAR News BAR Conference 2014
The Exhibition Hall hosted several competitions and prize draws during the Conference.
• Andrew Robbins of Britannia Robbins won the DKV prize draw, winning DKV’s model vehicle.
• Joseph Quinlivan of Interdean won TwentyCi’s Supercar Thrill prize (see page 37 for more details).
• Nigel Shaw of Specialised Movers won the QSS prize draw receiving 50% off of the normal cost of their next quality audit
• BAR’s Jo Swinton hit the longest female drive on JT & Sons’ golf simulator, with Dave Ewart of PHS Teacrate hitting the longest drive for the men.
Ian Studd of Harrow Green won the ‘nearest the pin’ contest.
Competition winners!
Sponsors of the Domestic Mover of the Year 2014-15 Award, TwentyCi is a leading data agency
for the home moving market and provides marketing services geared to the home moving
sector. As owner of and a BAR Affiliate, the company is a specialist supplier of
new business leads to the removals and storage industry. Katy Billany and Matt Hawkins spoke
to delegates about the real time leads and under offer and sold alerts that TwentyCi delivers to
the industry.
T: 01908 829 300
Visit Belfast provided a stand in the BAR Exhibition Hall to give Members a preview of what they
can expect at the 2015 BAR Conference. Craig Holmes supplied Members with an array of useful
brochures and leaflets, and explained to them what makes Belfast such an ideal location for the
next Conference.
T: 028 9024 6609
UVB specialises in Unique self-proclaimed GRP panels and cabtop sleepers/fairings, stainless
and galvanised steel frame work, internal pillar to panel bonding, spray booth facility,
upholstery and trim shop, decal and hand sign writing repairs/refurbishment, chassis
extensions and reconstruction and insurance valuations on accidental damage of vehicles.
T: 01925 846 464
Visit Belfast
Unique Van Bodies
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BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
People News
Diary Dates
National Group Council
10 June 2014
Commercial Moving
Group Council
12 June 2014
QSS Board Meeting
19 June 2014

BAR Services Board Meeting
24 June 2014

Board of Directors Meeting
25 June 2014
East Anglia Area
Contact: Simon Long
01842 766477
10 June 2014 – The Bull Inn,
The Street, Barton Mills, Suffolk
East Met Area
Contact: Paul Freeman
0800 413335
East Midlands Area
Contact: Andy Wade
01476 579210
Kent Area
Contact: Sarah Young
01273 200474
Met Area
Contact: Julie Thompson
01932 410100
20 June 2014 – River Thames
cruise evening disco & buffet
Do you have any Diary Dates?
Email them to:
Diary Dates
To view diary dates/events, please log into ‘MyBAR’ and click on the Calendar/Events
and BAR Calendar tabs where you can view full details including time, date, location
and agendas (when available).
To view area minutes, please log into ‘MyBAR’ and click on the BAR Areas tab and
then one of the 15 areas listed. Minutes from past area meetings can be viewed and
downloaded (where available).

Northern Area
Contact: Alan Hoggin
0191 5491194
North West Area
Contact: Annette Harris
0161 6534455
18 June 2014 – The Old Customs
House, Pier Head - Seacombe,
Northern Ireland Area
Contact: Dominic Murray
02890 748588
26 June 2014 –
132 Duncrue Street, Belfast
Scotland Area
Contact: Georgina Berry
01505 502220
Southern Area
Contact: Peter Doman
01372 385985
South Western Area
Contact: Sue Christophers
01637 872529
Sussex Area
Contact: Jenny Thorncroft
01580 831235
Western Area
Contact: Ria Russell
01278 447099
West Midlands Area
Contact: Judith Bennett
01684 892236
16 July 2014 – Gainsborough Hotel,
Yorkshire Area
Contact: Graham Puddephatt
01273 200479
June 2014 Removals & Storage 67
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2014
The following Members have
National Affiliate
Freightlink Solutions Ltd
Memb No: F001
Quarry Bank
Chorley Road
Tel: 0844 847 9000
International Associate
King’s Global Forwarding Ltd
Memb No: K307
Unit G, 7803 – 35th Street S.E.
T2C 1V3
Tel: 403 516 5281
Rilvan Moving and Relocations
Memb No: R310
Str. L.C. Babes
Nr. 11, B1. 14, SC A, Apt10
Tel: +407 2977 7397
Commercial Moving Group
Simpsons Removals & Storage Ltd
Memb No: S092
Overseas Group
Britannia Ryan’s Move International
Memb No: R056
Self Storage Special Interest Group
H2H Self Storage Centre
Memb No: H102
BAR has received the following
applications for:
National & European Group
Corkill Datasafe Limited
39 Finch Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 675 495
Removals Jersey International
PO Box 633
St Helier
Tel: 01534 840 933
Quality European Removals Ltd
6 Main Drive
East Lane Business Park
Tel: 0208 958 5880
International Associates
Premiere Van Lines International
5655 Kennedy Road
Unit 3
L4Z 3E1
Tel: +1 905 795 0343
Additional Trading Name
Quality Removals London an ATN of Quality
European Removals Ltd
Memb No: Q002
BAR is sorry to lose the membership
of the following companies whilst
thanking them for their support:
National & European Group
Dynamic International Freight Services Ltd
Memb No: D061
BAR Memberships June 2014
Any Member wishing to make any
comment regarding an application should
do so in writing to BAR Head Office within
21 days of receipt of this notification.
Do you have any
news to share with
R&S readers?
Send to: rands-editorial@
June 2014 Removals & Storage 69
Trade Services
Ireland Channel Islands
Isle of Man
This space is
available from just
£33 a month
Weekly Service
Covering all of UK,
Europe & Ireland
Competitive Rates & Great Service
Tel: + 353 1 6757930
Trade Services
Removals & Storage June 2014
This space is available
from just £33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
Spain, Portugal & France
A quality weekly
service to Scandinavia
Weekly service to
Spain, Portugal
and France
Regular service to most European countries
Storage facilities on The Algarve,
Malaga & Alicante. Can supply labour.
T: 01895 201595
Tel 01925 630441
June 2014 Removals & Storage 71
Trade Services
Cyprus and Malta
Austria and Germany
by Road
• 7 day transit time
• Twice-monthly departures
• British Crews & Professional Service
• Highly recommended in Greece
00 44 1733 311 561 |
Spain and Portugal
Memb No: W001
TEL: 01202 576514
FAX: 01202 574011
Trade Services
Removals & Storage June 2014
France - Spain - Portugal - Italy
Weekly Service for the Trade. Call now for best rates
Depots in Preston, Chester, Alicante, Malaga
PRESTON 01772 651570
Email: Web:
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The History
of BAR book
A very big
thank you to all
those who have
Please Note:
Any material that is
not used in the book
may be used in future
articles for R&S.
This space is
available from
just £67 a month
When booked as a mono 2 unit
space for a series of 12 issues.
June 2014 Removals & Storage 73
Trade Services
Gibraltar United Arab Emirates Israel
Avoid the Headache!
Avoid the Headache!
The New BAR ‘Avoid the
Headache’ leaflet is
now available for all
Members to purchase at
discounted rates, from
as few as 250 leaflets.
They can be either generic
or personalised with your
company branding.
For details and rates contact
Steve Pearce or Rachel Trudgian
at Rubicon Marketing on
0117 957 5400 or email: or
Trade Services
Removals & Storage June 2014 Removals & Storage June 2014
Worldwide Specialist Services
Piano Specialists
Lifting solutions,
from the unusual to the
down right awkward,
we have the equipment
and expertise to deliver.
Specialist Services
Warehouse Containers
Advertising Deadlines
Abrahams (since 1865)
1 Crown Close, Bow, London E3 2JH
Tel: 020 8980 1937 • Fax: 020 8980 3762
• 250 cu ft warehouse (archive) containers
• 192 cu ft liftvans
• Bespoke cases & crates - plywood/triwall
• Art cases: commercial and museum
This space is
available from just
£85 a month
When booked as a 2 unit
space in full colour for a
series of 12 issues.
Tel: 020 8561 4321
When it comes to piano transport,
use the pianist’s choice
• Grand piano export packs
• Crane and specialist stair crews
• UK and Europe Weekly
Tel: 020 8561 4321
Piano Logistics is part of the AstonSpinks group
• Heavy duty long reach HIAB crane’s
• London furniture hoist & gantry hire
• Mini spider cranes & stair climbers
Specialist Installations
See the deadlines for future issues:
Call Sandra on 0117 957 5400 for more information
Issue Booking Deadline Artwork Deadline
July 10th June 24th June
August 10th July 18th July
September 11th August 22nd August

June 2014 Removals & Storage 75
BAR News Classifieds
Interested in Selling?
We are interested in Removal and
Storage Companies in Central &
Greater London.
Cash available for instant decision.
Please call in full confdence
07933 123 123

100 lidded plastic crates (BAR) in
good condition £7.50 each
Piano shoe for baby grand £300
2 x Piano wheels £150
Other items including protectors
for chairs, mattresses, etc,
sack barrow and several storage
containers, price negotiable.

Contact: Tony White on
01923 233249 or 07768 056128
For Sale
Trade Storage
Depots in London NW10 and
Hemel Hempstead.
Clean, Secure, Alarmed.
Rates negotable.
Please call Paul on:
07971 577 997
250 Cu Ft Warehouse Containers
Good Condition – Any Location
Call Edward Howard:
01223 833777
Vehicle for Sale
Mercedes Sprinter 311Cdi 3.5T
16ft Dropwell Luton Removal Van
950cu.ft. Brand new JC Payne Body.
88,525 Miles, 2009 09 reg.
Full Height Tie Rails.
Walk in Tailboard with Barn
Doors above.
Price: £15,995.00 + vat
Finance Arranged.
Iveco 3512 3.5T 16ft Dropwell
Lutons also available
Tel: 01922 267377 anytime
Vehicle for Sale
Vehicle for Sale
Scania 230 sleeper cab
2008 reg brand new 5 container
body, tie rails, belly boxes,
ramp storage, full MOT, took away
tailift, or draw bar optional, alloy
brand new ramps supplied
Price: £46,000 + vat
Tel: 07730 309 699
MAN 18.220 Demountable
Removal Truck
Fitted 2200 Cubic Feet Luton Box
with ramp, Tie Rails etc
450,000 KM 2003 - 03 REG.
MOT to May 2015
Price: £8,000 + vat
Also available other bodies to fit -
1800 Cubic Feet Box
4 Pallet Curtain
Tel: 07764 629 250
Situations Vacant
Full-time Removal Estimator required.
Family run established BAR company
covering domestic UK moves, both
private & military within 100 mile
approx radius of Camberley, Surrey.
Company vehicle and competitive
salary, email CV:
Call Sandra on
0117 957 5400
Advertise your vehicle
for sale in this space,
with or without a
picture, for just £150!
Vehicle for Sale
Need Flexible
Trade Storage?
Depots in East London & Essex
Secure and well presented.
Negotable rates.

Please Call Clif on:
0800 1389 242
Industry News
76 Removals & Storage June 2014
Wedding bells at
Britannia Lanes
of Somerset &
There was good news at Britannia Lanes of
Somerset & Bristol recently as Administration
Manager Kate Prosser, who has worked for the
company for over seven years, married her fiancé
Paul Chillingworth at St Marys Church in
All of the team at Britannia Lanes would like
to extend their congratulations to the happy
couple who, in true removals style, delayed
their honeymoon until June when the business
is quieter. For more information, see
Brian Maidman: keep in touch!
Brian established his removals company 35 years ago
and has been a BAR Member for the past 20 years.
Always brimming with ideas and energy, Brian became
active in BAR and The Movers Institute (TMI) almost
straight away. He says he thoroughly enjoyed serving
as Secretary, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the TMI
Bournemouth branch and then took on these roles for
the BAR Southern Area. As he told R&S “I like to get
involved in things,” and that he certainly did – he
subsequently joined the BAR Commercial Moving
Group Council in 1999, was appointed in 2008 as one
of the first BAR Directly Elected Directors and until
recently was a Director of BAR Services.
“I have always enjoyed my ‘ring-side seat’ at Watford
– being at the heart of it all, helping and influencing
decisions, and being there when change has
happened,” he says. Over the years, Brian has
witnessed a good deal of change at BAR, most of which
he says has been for the best. “I really believe that BAR
is currently in a very good place. It has come through
the Governance Review change which was not easy for
a lot of people – loads of changes and ruffled feathers.
Over the past twenty years, I have seen the organisation
improve and modernise. There’s a way to go but BAR is
definitely getting there.”
On a personal level, Brian says he got great pleasure
from getting to know BAR representatives and BAR
Members: “I will really miss the Association and the
BAR community, many of whom have become firm
personal friends for life.”
However, Brian is keen to stress he is not ending his
ties with BAR Members. “I am not saying goodbye, it’s
more of ‘a see you later’. The removals and self-
storage industries are closely linked and I hope to keep
in touch and do business with BAR Members.”
R&S wishes Brian all the best with his Store & Secure
business. If you want to make contact with Brian, his
new email address is
As many R&S readers will know by now, Brian Maidman has sold Maidman’s Removals to White &
Company so that he can now devote his time to building up Store & Secure, his self-storage company.
Wedding bells at
Britannia Lanes
of Somerset &
There was good news at Britannia Lanes of
Somerset & Bristol recently as Administration
Manager Kate Prosser, who has worked for the
company for over seven years, married her fiancé
Paul Chillingworth at St Marys Church in
All of the team at Britannia Lanes would like
to extend their congratulations to the happy
couple who, in true removals style, delayed
their honeymoon until June when the business
is quieter. For more information, see
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New Regional Director
at Crown World Mobility
Crown World Mobility, a global relocation
company that helps corporations manage global
talent, has recently appointed Peter Sewell as the
company’s new Regional Director.
With a strong track record in developing global
mobility policies, processes and strategies, Peter’s
27 years’ experience will be vital in driving the
business forward throughout the UK and Ireland.
As an experienced global mobility and HR
professional, Peter will be responsible for
overseeing client programmes and service delivery,
implementing group policies and working closely
on expatriate tax and with other suppliers. He will
also be in charge of reviewing existing local
practices and leading project reviews with
Barry Koolen, Regional Managing Director for
the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, explained:
“It’s very important for the development of the
business to have Peter on board. With such a
breadth of global mobility experience under his
belt, Peter will be crucial in reviewing our current
mobility processes and helping customers get
better value from our services.”
In his previous role as Head of Global Mobility
for Tesco, Peter spent six years developing and
implementing mobility policies and practices.
During this time he created an off shore global
employment company in the Far East. Before this
he spent six years at Deloitte and was responsible
for managing the expatriate services in consulting
and outsourcing. For more information visit
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Obituary: Brian Prescott
Graham Bray of Bray & Son Ltd has contacted R&S with the sad news about one of his employees, Brian Prescott, who died recently of a heart attack aged 52.
Brian had worked in the industry for a long time and was a Porter and Driver for Bray & Son Ltd in Maidstone, Kent for ten years. Graham told R&S that
Brian will be very much missed by Bray & Sons Ltd’s customers and staff alike. For more information, see
New Head of Client Services for Robinsons
Why it is worth attending
BAR Conferences
International relocation specialist Robinsons has
announced the appointment of Emma Trafford as
Head of Client Services. Emma will be providing
strategic support to Robinsons’ key client accounts,
helping to create tailored relocation services that
suit their individual business objectives.
Emma joins Robinsons with more than 18
years’ experience in managing complex domestic
and international assignments working in Asia
and the Middle East. Rhonda Olsen, Group
Director at Robinsons, believes Emma brings real
value to the company’s global relocation service
offering. “Having worked for years with HR
professionals, Emma has a real insight into the
challenges they face when relocating their
employees and can use this knowledge to help
make our customers’ relocations a smoother, more
efficient and ultimately cost effective process.”
For more information visit
As always, what a great, well organised and well run BAR Conference in Glasgow.
Congratulations to all concerned in organising it.
The Annual Conference is probably one of the most important aspects of the
entire moving business year. Throughout the year we all have our businesses to
run, our competitors to deal with and all the problems and issues in running
any business in the present economic climate. However, for this one weekend
each year we can put all this aside, meet our many friends and moving
colleagues (and in many cases even our competitors!) and help each other by
sharing the stories of the experiences we all go through in running our
businesses: the crews, the clients, the vehicles, the competition, the poor rates etc.
It’s also great to see all the ‘past Members’ (I was going to say ‘old’ but I am
trying to be politically correct and not offend anyone) coming to the Conference
every year. Many of these people have been the backbone of the BAR and have
helped mould and create the BAR into the strong Association it is today. It is an
absolute credit to them in what they have helped achieve and I am sure it makes
them incredibly proud to see a strong BAR and something they have helped
BAR is a wonderful organisation, which we are all proud to be part of, pulling
together and continuing to grow as one strong moving team. It brings us all
together as friends and colleagues and makes us realise that we all share and
experience exactly the same issues every single day in running our businesses. At
the Conference we meet old friends, new friends and strengthen our business
relationships. But, above all, we share a certain camaraderie which goes far
beyond business. We build friendships which have been strong for many years
and which will continue to be strong for the future. We have an organisation to
be proud of, an organisation which does try its best to elevate itself and its
Members to standards far beyond those of non-members.
So, all I can say is friends, colleagues, businessmen, enjoy your business
throughout this next year and we can all catch up with each other in Belfast
next year and, once again, try and put all the wrongs to rights and enjoy a great
weekend among friends.
On a final note, to all those who have never attended a Conference, please put
it in your diary now and make a point of making Belfast 2015 your first one!
Campbell McGimpsey
Director, McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Limited
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