The article highlights several key areas where minority voters greatly outnumber Anglos yet Republicans

still have control of an unrepresentative number of seats. With the redrawing of congressional districts
that benefit Republicans despite large increases in minority votes, Texas Republicans seem to be
working towards their own agenda rather than the best interests of the people. It’s clearly a ‘wrong’
thing to do in this case, but the situation differs from other conflict resolution in that the actual parties
involved, Democrats and Republicans, draw the lines. In sports, an impartial referee would make
judgment calls, but in politics, there isn’t an impartial mediator and there may not be correct answers to
open-ended questions. While Republicans shouldn’t resort to gerrymandering as a means to stay in
control, both political parties will always continue to do what’s in their best interest and rightly so.
While the redistricting of maps is carried out by legislature votes, Texas is primarily a Republican state
and effectively has a much stronger presence in the Texas Senate and House. After 2002, Republicans
gained control of the Texas State Legislature for the first time in quite a while. With a majority in place,
legislators can unite against bills that have opposing Democratic views and draft Republican-serving
legislation with impunity.
I support the role of courts in resolving redistricting disputes because it seems that there is no impartial
adjudicator to resolve conflict. I understand that it’s completely possible for two intelligent and well-
versed individuals to have extremely conflicting views on the same topic. On the same note,
disregarding my own political affiliation, both parties have valid opinions that can’t be settled by
debates alone. While judges can have political affiliation, it may be less outspoken or even nonexistent
in their deliberation of verdicts. A third party is sometimes needed to settle the game of cat and mouse
in our legislature.

I’ve always known that Texas is extremely diverse in its climate, people, and economy, among other
things (partly because of its large size). I’ve even had relatives from Louisiana tell me how diverse
Houston is compared to their 99% Caucasian school system. While diversity can impact the shaping of
lives in many positive ways, it becomes a critical and controversial issue in politics and can create
additional strife in the lawmaking process. On a personal level, before I began to learn a little more
about politics, I felt a tendency to sympathize with Democrats because of my race (Asian-American).
However, learning more about the perspectives of each party, I find myself agreeing with Republican
sentiments more and more. It’s an ongoing challenge for me to determine whether Republicans, or at
least those in Texas, are rooted in self-serving agenda or whether questionable practices exist at all
levels of the political environment.

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