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Question 1:

Nowadays,technologies have been created and improved to simplify everyday

life.There are updated technologies that are designed to help the disabled such as braille.It
assists them to work on assignments on their own,perform task in their daily live and
makes life easier to travel.

tudents with disabilities use !raille in school often because it help them to complete
their assignment independently.There are te"tbooks available in !raille so that less
fortunate students can have the same information as the others.#riting notes in !raille
can help them to put lectures in their own words.They can be self$sufficient to complete
their own work.
%urthermore,people with disability perform task in daily lives using !raille so that they
can do things individually.Identifying color of clothes,food packaging and e&uipment can
be done by using !raille labels and also recogni'ing oven,stoves dials,washing
machine,dryer knobs and microwave buttons.(s a result,they can do daily works on their
)oreover,disable persons that love to travel can be assisted by !raille maps and !raille
compasses that can brought them to various places.#hen they are in restaurants,they can
ask for !raille menus so that they does not rely on someone for assistance.They can also
read the bathroom and sign to get on the right bus at bus bays.They can manage their life
well when they are traveling.
In conclusion,the innovation that can help people with disabilities should be
improved from time to time,to ease their life.
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The statistics show the history of .etroleum price in )alaysia for /on 0+ before 1001s
to +112 and the price of /on 0, from the day it was introduced until the price rises.It also
stated the causes and result of the price rises and steps to solve the problem.

The chart shows that the monthly price for crude oil on eptember +112 is the highest
compared to the month of eptember +113.The bar graph illustrate the highest price for
/on 0+ was on 4un ,,+112.)oreover,the price for /on0, remain constant from 5ecember
1,+111 to )ay ++,+113 with the price of 1.01 )6/.The causes for the price hike was
because the petroleum is a non$renewable energy thus the petrol should be preserved for
the ne"t generation.)easures that should be taken for the citi'en was to encourage
carpool to save petroleum in this country.

%rom all the details provided,.etroleum price in )alaysia was unstable .It is probably
predicted that the usage of petroleum sources will decrease in the future.
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