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Attitude is a person's perspective towards a
specified target and a way of saying and
doing things. In other words, Attitude is a
way of looking at things.
Today, we live in an era where many
doors have opened for different kinds of
professions. In this era all kind of jobs are
accepted and appreciated. We are living in a
world of opportunities, the twenty-first
century. And however opportunities this
world provides us, we cannot forget the
competition and challenges from the rest of
the globe, which makes it very essential we
require other qualities to make a mark
As we all know that academic
excellence is certainly important in these
„life exams‟ but then equally important are
other things like discipline, attitude,
perseverance, flexibility and interpersonal
skills. These and other practical life skills
are a combination of what will make one
successful, and what our academic achiever
needs to possess despite his flawless answer
sheets and impeccable report cards. But
these skills are not part of our school
curriculum nor can anybody just cram them!
They have to be imparted into an individual
right from the beginning and also practiced
in life on a daily basis.
Out of these qualities, the most
important one is attitude. Because Attitude
is something over which all of us have total
control. It is only thing on which we have
the total control instead of aptitude on which
none of us have any control except when we
acquire learned skills.
Attitude sometimes may also be
defined as just a matter of choice. It is up to
us how we take a particular situation i.e.
whether to become depressed when
something goes wrong or life doesn‟t turn
out the way we wished for or, to learn from

the mistakes and step ahead with a positive
Here in this context, I want to share the
story of a toothpaste ad which goes as
A small kid is walking dejected and enters
the school bus going back to home. His
friend asks him, “What happened?” he
replies, “Main fail ho gaya (I failed)”.When
his friend asks for details, he says, a
toothpaste production company had come to
their school for a germ test in mouth and
germs were found in his mouth, as such he
failed the “Germ Test”. And so the kid is
completely dejected and feels lost in the
Suddenly, his friend says, “Par fail toh tera
toothpaste hua (But it’s your toothpaste that
has failed)”. Immediately the dejected kid’s
face lights up and he elates with joy, “Arrey
haan mera toothpaste fail hua (Oh yeah it’s
my toothpaste that has failed)”. And the
kid’s joy knows no bounds.

A careful analysis of the above ad shows
that till the time the kid was associating the
failure with himself. He was sad, but the
moment the feeling of failure shifted to the
toothpaste, he was fine with it and shouting
in joy. Same thing applies to our lives as
well that without feeling devastated, we
must look at the other side of the coin during
the low phases of the life.
But not only a positive mindset will
help us to build a right attitude but also
along with this, we must know how to react
at a particular situation as. It is said that,
“Life is ten percent of what happens to
people and ninety percent of how people
react to it.” What they mean by this is that
most of what happens to people is because
of the way they react. The other part of life
is what happens because of the reaction.
Another simple way of putting it is that
attitudes controls what happens.
So before reacting in reflex, we must
pause, take a deep breath and then work
according to the demand of the situation in
order to escape ourselves from the negative
consequences of such reactions which are
frustration, resentment, broken relationship,
hurt, panic, anxiety, high level of stress and
the like.
Here, we cannot deny the fact that
Attitude determines one‟s altitude because
having the right attitude towards things
allows us to strive to improve continuously.
For example, Thomas Edison who may not
be a genius and had failed thousands of
times in making his famous inventions,
succeeded only because he had the right
attitude and the determination. Had he not
have the right attitude or determination, he
would have long become pessimistic and
given up and therefore not become
successful in creating his wonderful
inventions. Having the right attitude and
mindset in life is important as it allows us to
keep trying and to think of how to further
improve ourselves and our methods just like
what Thomas Edison did and ultimately
obtain success. Therefore, I agree to the
statement that attitude not aptitude,
ultimately determines one‟s altitude because
only with the right mindset can we never
give up and further improve ourselves to be
a step closer to success.
Yet having the right attitude is not that
easy and also not all people have it. So, in
order to have a positive attitude or the right
attitude, we must make a decision today to
change, focus on what is right versus what is
wrong, be more curious to know why the
person is behaving in a certain way rather
being judgmental, develop an attitude of
gratitude, stop having high expectations
from oneself and others, believe in
ourselves, we should stop procrastinating
and start now to build a positive attitude in
Most of us are concerned about what
we are today. Some may be in jubilant mood
because of success & knowledge at present
or some may be in emotional situations, due
to failure in career or life. But, we should
not forget that not all relationships are
perfect, not all people are perfect and neither
are we. It all depends on how we look at a
particular situation and how well we can
handle it. One has to be always sure what is
what & where it is leading to because we
have God's most precious gift "our Mind".
We should believe that everything is
possible if not this way, but some other way,
if not this time, but next time.
So, what matters the most in life is
ATTITUDE… above everything else.