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One Killed, two hurt on crossing.

Farmer dies of injuries received in crash of auto, gas-
electric train.
Auto skids 50 feet.
One man was killed and two others injured, one severely,
late hursday when an automo!ile in which they were
riding skidded into a "ennsylvania gasoline-electric train 5
miles southeast of #arne.
$ernard %illing, &', a farmer residing near (omstock
"ark, died at ')m hursday in %t. #ary*s hos)ital as a
result of a skull fracture and internal injuries received in
the crash. Adolf %tiller, +5, of +00 ,-& $ridge %t, ./,
suffered !ack injuries and was cut and !ruised severely on
the head and !ody. August $ockheim, +&, of 010 %cri!ner
./, esca)ed with minor cuts and !ruises on face, hands
and !ody.
%tiller was driving the motorcar en route to %illings home
after visiting a )hysician in #arne for medicine for #rs.
$ockheim, who was riding !eside %tiller in the front seat,
said that when the motorcar was a!out 50 ft. from the
crossing !oth he and %tiller saw the train a))roaching.
%tiller a))lied the !rakes and the vehicle skidded on the
as)halt )avement and struck the first car of the train
he train carried the motorcar only a short distance,
$ockheim continued and then the vehicle turned over,
)inning %illing, who was riding in the rear seat with his
dog. he dog was killed outright. $ockheim said the
im)act of the collision threw him through the windshield.
/hen he reached the overturned motorcar he found %tiller
lying near the car and %illing under the wreckage.
$ockheim assisted /.(. 2onnelly of 3rand 4a)ids,
o)erator of the train, and 2an Foley, the conductor, in
carrying the two severely injured men into the train and
they were !rought to this city. wo )olice am!ulances
were dis)atched to 5nion %tation and took the three to %t.
#ary*s 6os)ital.
2onnelly was o)erator of a car that struck an automo!ile
near this city in 7uly, causing the death of a %)arta
ownshi) farmer.
(oroner 3overt 8an9antwick of 3rand 6aven is
Funeral services for %illing will !e held at : o*clock
#onday morning in 6oly rinity (hurch at Al)ine. $urial is
to !e in Al)ine (atholic cemetery.
.ote the miss)elled last name %illing ; %iehling