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TBC-Media Program



(1) Services/activities (training/seminars)  Campus Journalism Seminar by Jofti  Media Education Seminar, film-
conducted by the TBCMedia in your which became instrumental in making Viewing, upgrading video/media
community, school and parish the campus paper this school year library
 Importance of Communication in our  Research, communities as part of the
BCC, basic communication skills respondent
among leaders in GKK and awareness  Seminar with Fr. Marlon re Media and
among the students on the use of media the Bible
 Seminar about media conducted by Fr.  Basics on public and communication
Rey, Weng conducted a survey and Fr. skills and relationship of Media and the
Marlon organized a meeting about Church
media attended by Ranoco  Public speaking, educating the
 Theatre arts seminar given by Fr. community and personality
Christian Buenafe development
 Basic Communication, Theatre Arts  More on media education,
and Media Seminars relationship of Media and the

(2) Positive Results of the Program’s  Participants have benefited and applied  Enhance teaching methods and
Services practically the learning brought about approaches to learning and helped in
by the seminars. the broadening of perspective.
 Became aware of the roles of media in  Participants were very interested and
building the GKK’s enthusiastic, cooperative of the
 Can’t clearly identify in terms of launching, introduction of the new
community at large. Maybe some are program.
made aware that we have this program  Educate the people in the community.
and some are aware what programs on  Help widen the knowledge of the
TV to watch catechist.
 One out of 5 respondents answered  Due to the Program, interest in media
the last statement. as channel of information has been
 Practical application from propagated.
seminar/workshop learnings.  Awarensess.
 Focus on the positive results were on
education and awareness of the
community as the main contribution

(3) Deficiencies of the Program  The distance counts a lot, especially  Sustainability is lacking/not clear
that there is no in-charge (based on (funding) and continuity (program).
personal knowledge) in the local  No-follow-up and the presence of the
community/school to facilitate its Media Program is not yet felt in the
program activities. parish (Old Poblacion).
 No follow-up. The TBCMedia program  The deficiency is in the seminar
didn’t become a part of our education proper: no visual aids and very limited
program among our youth, kaabag and time of the seminar.
catechists.  Misinterpretation.
 Concentrated in Manila (specifically  Lack facilities in the area and the need
talked about pelikula@titusbrandsma, to feed the people information about
good films are not available, which mass media.
TBC could have provide in the  Not clear the existence of TBCMedia
communities.) Program in the parish
 Proximity and no follow-ups are the  Follow-up and the presence of the
major deficiencies of the program. Program was not felt by some.

(4) Do you feel that the need to organize a  Organizing school-based media core  School-based media core group will
parish-based/school-based Media Core group would be an answer to the ensure continuity and implementation
Group? Why? perceived program deficiencies. It can and a challenge to the young
propel its implementation and the individuals in facing societal problems.
students and the school people can feel  Sharpen level of consciousness and to
that there is program TBC Media. improve attitudes of children to media.
 A good media program can promote  Good addition to propaganda and
Christian values and help our leaders to educational purpose.
communicate effectively. (Yes)  To coordinate with TBCMedia
 Open to the idea of a core group and Program but the only problem is the
explore possibilities, maybe more on sustainability of volunteers.
values aspect – the effect of media  All agreed to a media core group
 All agreed to the idea of a media core because it can help them enrich their
group because it can answer to the awareness, consciousness and be
problem of distance and promote educated. Three out of five, are in
values. favor of a school-based media core-
group even in San Francisco.

(5) Recommendations and suggestions  On-line or direct communication  SCHOOL: TBCMP could be the
through internet where the students and resource center for videos and media
the core group can send their education materials that the school
complains, suggestions and questions could borrow or buy.
in relation to the program.  COMMUNITY: TBCMP could build
 Making practical and simple modules in the Internet, a kind of mega index
for instructions, seminars and for all Carmelite arts, music, literary
education purposes. works, photos, film reviews with slant
 Make good films available and on spirituality that Filipinos wrote and
program should not only be adopt a Carmelite Media Policy in Phil.
concentrated only in Manila communication – one that
 Input: what the communication defines/mandates media involvement
program is all about. of Carmelite. Develop a good relation
 On the side of media education and a with local media people (journalists
clear and open communication lines and other practitioners).
between the program and the  PARISH: Develop a communication
community and media module in the BCC context.
 Training, seminars and even student
scholar to study Journalism
 Research and documentation.
 Deepening Orientation about the
TBCMedia Program.
 Catechetical Education Formation.
 Parish Bulletin.
 More on the physical presence and
coordinating level. And of course,
education of the community

(6) Understanding on the nature and  Vehicle in understanding the  TBCMP – A media center for the
purpose of TBCMedia complexities of life brought about from Carmelites: facilitates media profile to
media explosion. Media Program will local communities; assist the
try to give answers to the pressing commissariat in coming up with
issue regarding morality and values. In community media plan; help in funding
the part of the school the facilitators of requests for media and community
learning, they will be equipped in programs of local communities;
dealing with their students who belong evaluates status in relation to
to this age of confused values. communication/media of the order –
 Help to promote Christian values, consciousness/awareness and practice.
effective communication skills  Addressed to youth activities.
specially the leaders (Church) through  Give information and guidance, what is
writing, public speaking, imparting happening to the nation. The Church in
Christian values in their sharing. relation to media is set aside thus to set
 A part of the new ministry of the links to the people.
Carmelite but still need to be seen how  Alternative venue to give education on
TBC Media Program will be part of how to use media these days. Extend
GKK (parish), school and other service in terms of seminars/skills
Carmelite ministries. training on Media and Communication
 A support group that will help in the depending on the needs of various
propagation of Christian values clusters in the Carmelite community.
through the use of communication  A resource center to answer to their
skills acquired from continuous communication needs specially in
training and workshops and a educating them with communication
necessity to be a part of the skills.
community or parish, its presence
must be felt

(7) Other Comments  Send the program to the community  Focus more in deepening our
and visit the school to talk to students, understanding and grasp in praxis that
teachers and administrators so that they media and communication is more than
can own and be proud that they are part just technique but a language and
of this noble effort of the Philippine culture that affects our sense of being
Carmel. spiritual.
 Leveling-off is needed.
 Waiting for the program orientation to
suggest and explain better about this
TBC Program in our parishioners.
 Invite local resource person to speak
for the program.
 Lacking in skills and information about
media and communication, so more
seminars are needed.
B. MANILA COMMUNITIES (Teresa and St. Elijah Student Friary)


1. Services/activities (training/seminars) conducted by  Pelikula@titusbrandsma
the TBCMedia in your community, school and parish  Seminars, surveys, etc.
 Use of facilities, access to films and books.

2. Positive Results of the Program’s Services  Impact studies on media both written and audio in the life of the
people. Film dialogue increases in number especially the participants
and the critiques.
 Engagement/involvement in different media initiatives like Titus
Brandsma Media Awards.
 Growth of critical awareness and thinking.
 Provided a venue for quality movies which are not shown in the
mainstream theatres; created a critical mass vis-à-vis alternative
movies; and forward Carmelite itself.
 Appreciation to films.
 Appreciated the activities of the program as whole and how it
help in developing critiques.

 Students are not participating, not involve with the Program/conflict

3. Deficiencies of the Program with community schedule.
 What is really the focus? Was not able to have an orientation.
 Lacking in projecting the Program as a Carmelite program and failed
to promote Titus Brandsma itself.
 No grasp of the idea of TBC Media Program.
 Very limited on its scope and reach of the people. Not yet known to
many people.
 Non-involvement and participation of student friars in the
program or not even a concrete program for them and the
limited scope of the program.

4. Do you feel that the need to organize a parish-  Not only media awareness but for media education. Help the
based/school-based Media Core Group? Why? parishes, schools especially formation of values and right attitude
towards media. For evangelization, to make it more creative,
innovative and participative.
 Widen scope of TBC Program to farthest part of the country where
and where not the Carmelites are.
 Stepping stone towards expansion.
 Alternative vehicle to counter the negativity of mass media.
 All are in favor of the media core groups to help in the realization
of the program’s objectives and focus and for expansion.

5. Recommendations and suggestions  No documentary that focus on Philippine Issues that is being
screened. There are a lot of documentaries but it is only in the shelves
for personal viewing only.
 Pelikula@titusbrandsma to go into the level of the people especially
those with knowledge and skills are rarely expose to media. It can
improve also in terms of Children’s evangelization and education and
it can promote the strength that is still strong in the GKK.
 Make clear to the students the details of the TBCMedia program.
 Media Awareness.
 Network to other progressive organization.
 Document Philippine events (socio-political uprisings)
 Have regular media-related activities for Carmelite students and other
skills training for students.
 Constant feedbacking and evaluation for participation.
 The Carmelite aspect should always be considered.
 Further education and promotion through school, etc.
 Widen the horizon and scope or boundaries for future building.
 Conduct seminar and workshops to enhance student friars
participation in media ministry.
 Reorient the students to the ministry.
 Create newsletters and other reading materials or publication. . .
documentary films if possible.
 Update on what is going on in the media world.
 Suggest mostly on activities involving or for the student friars,
widen the scope and continuous media education through
workshops and seminars.

6. Understanding on the nature and purpose of  Don’t have a vivid understanding of what TBCMedia Program is.
TBCMedia  A David fighting Goliath.
 An alternative venue and vehicle towards social transformation.
 Just another window of opportunity.
 Propagate the Christian faith, values and teaching through mass
 Critical and evaluative by nature.
 Serves as an alternative from the pop-culture being promoted today
by the mass media.
 Widen understanding about the importance of it especially in our
 Most are not so clear about the program of the ministry and
think of the Program as an alternative venue for education and

7. Other Comments  Suggests an evaluation of every SF assigned at TBCMP. The SF

should be given an orientation and he will be the one to introduce the
program to the community.
 Come up with film research center.
 Strengthen network especially to school and other youth
 Suggest an orientation about the program.
 Widen the promotion/expansion of the program.
 Basics on Media (module) should be conducted among SF.