THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service

NEWSLETTER Week of July 21
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Hello CSA members!

I’m Patricia, the Farm to School Liaison at the Youth
Farm. I know some of you well and hope to meet those I
don’t know very soon! As you know, our farm is very
unique in its location (on the front lawn of the High
School for Public Service on Wingate Campus!) and also
in its focus on education.

My job is to maintain and strengthen the farm’s
relationship with the principals, teachers, and students
inside of the five high schools that make up Wingate
Campus, as well as coordinate with outside groups to
visit the farm. The summer brings an especially
enjoyable new job for me--planning and running our
summer youth program!

In many ways, I see our Summer Youth Program as one
of the cornerstones of our project. We hire 10-12
students from the High School for Public Service to work
on the farm for the summer. In addition to learning about
food justice, nutrition and horticulture, they also gain
leadership, communication, and other job skills. We are
so excited that five of our eleven participants are
returning for a second year.

Our returning students make my job a lot easier; they
often lead the new students in farmwork and routinely
correct me on the proper way to prep a bed or lead a
farm tour. If you pick up your share on Wednesdays or
happen to visit the farm on market day, please say hello
to me and the youth! Their cooking demos run from 2:30
to 4:30 pm every Wednesday, and they will be running
our volunteer days on August 2
and 16
. They will
happily lead you around the farm with guaranteed stops
by the lemon sorrel, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes
for snacks.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Always feel free to
email me with questions.


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Now that the Summer Youth Program is up and running,
things on the farm are moving even more quickly. We’re
preparing beds that have already given us one crop this
season for their next crop—things like leeks, carrots, and
more salad mix. Our battle with weeds continues, but I
think (hope?) we’re winning. And most exciting of all, I
saw the first almost-ripe tomatoes on Monday morning!

THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service
NEWSLETTER Week of July 21
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Two stars this week! kohlrabi and purslane!
! Kohlrabi is in the same family as cabbage,
broccoli, and kale. You can eat it raw (in a salad
or with dip) or cooked (kohlrabi home fries!), and
you can also eat the greens.
! Purslane can also be eaten cooked (sautéed or
in soups and stews) or raw (in salads). The
leaves, stems, and flower buds are edible.
!G= P6;>CS
Many people describe purslane as a “super food.” Its
leaves are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen
the immune system and help regulate our metabolisms.
It’s also high in vitamin A and vitamin E, and the stems
are very high in vitamin C.

"(5+J( 5#",("S
TG<;@ ;G;GH79E M<;@A9C
• " cup rice vinegar
• 1 tbsp sugar
• Kosher salt
• 1 small cucumber (or # large cucumber), very
thinly sliced
• " sweet or white onion, thinly sliced
UV In a medium bowl, combine the vinegar, sugar, and
" teaspoon salt, stirring until the sugar and salt are
2. Add the cucumber and onion and toss to combine.
3. Let sit, tossing occasionally, at least 15 minutes and
up to 6 hours.

-?G>D !6EH9E JE?P<A9S 06K9=6 )=F9EC?=R
1GHH9E -?G>D JE?8E6H

"#$%$ &%$ '() *%(+,
Originally I’m from Jamaica—my mom and dad are
Jamaican. I moved to Brooklyn when I was four years

"#' -.- '() /&01 /(%2 &3 & 4)++$% 5()1# 6&%+$%,
I worked here last year and really enjoyed the
experience. I learned a lot and it helped me lead a
healthier lifestyle. I also like being outdoors, and working
on the farm combines lots of things I like doing—like
hard work, which I think builds character. Plus, when I’m
on the farm, I know I’m helping people’s lives.

7( '() 3$$ *&%+.08 .0 '()% *)1)%$,
Not as a profession. When I’m older I want to be a
pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases.

"#&193 '()% *&:(%.1$ :$8$1&;<$,
Carrots! Because they’re bright, crunchy, and contain
beta-carotene, which is good for your eyes (I love to
read, so I need good eyes).

"#&193 '()% *&:(%.1$ &3=$>1 (* *&%+.08,
I like the market because I like interacting with people
and the market gives me the chance to do that. I love
being around the customers and answering their
questions. The market also helps me appreciate the
farm more—it gives people a way to get fresh and
healthy food that they can afford. Seeing people
enjoying that just makes me happy.

THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service
NEWSLETTER Week of July 21

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Cur lnLernshlps are on 1uesdays and 1hursdays from
9am-3pm. lor more lnfo please emall Llz aL

)G8GC> /?AG=>99E O6KCS
!oln us on Lhe farm for larm volunLeer uays! Cur
volunLeer uays are always:

and 3
SaLurday of Lhe monLh, 10-4pm
Lvery Wednesday, 2:30-6:30pm durlng our farmers

.M;?H<=8 /?AG=>99E 16>GEF6K O6>9CS
AugusL 2

AugusL 16Lh

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