Sciipt: !"#$ Noses !"#$%&' )*+,)-.

(in the style of Young Chiluien & Woiship¡uouly Play¢)

ueseit box
tuiquoise blue felt stiip 1S"x8" (oi appiopiiate size to fit acioss youi box)
ieeu plants (small aquaiium plants woik well)
woouen figuies foi: Amiam, }ochebeu, Aaion, Niiiam, baby Noses, Phaiaoh's uaughtei, 2 female seivants
small basket foi baby

Follow the intiouuction in 6$&78 9:45%327 07%
;$3':4< foi using the ueseit box, then continue:
Roll out the felt iivei anu lay it acioss the ueseit

Smooth youi hanu ovei an aiea of sanu on youi
left siue of the iivei. As you speak, auu plants
along the bank, leaving a space foi the stoiy on
the iight siue.

Stait small anu motion with youi hanus to show
giowth in size anu numbei.

Ciicle youi hanus as in gatheiing the people
togethei, anu sweep them fiom the siue of the
iivei to the iight euge of the ueseit box, like an
aimy auvancing.


Piesent Amiam, }ochebeu anu place Aaion anu
Niiiam togethei with them on youi iight siue of
the iivei, closei to you.
The people of God, the children of Israel or
Hebrews, were living in the land of Egypt.

When they first came to Egypt they were
shepherds, and took care of their flocks and
herds in a good, green land. But over many
years they became the servants of the
Egyptians and worked very hard.

They lived in Egypt for many years, and they
had many children, who grew up and had
children of their own, and those children grew
up and had children.

As time passed, there were so many Israelites
living in Egypt that the king of Egypt, called a
Pharaoh, became worried. He worried that his
Hebrew slaves would form and army and turn
against him.

Pharaoh thought of a plan to end his worry.
He said that no one who was Hebrew, the
Israelite people, was allowed to have a baby
boy. Only the girl babies could live. Many
families were sad.

At this time, there was a Hebrew family who
had a baby boy. The father, Amram!

!and the mother, Jochebed!already had
two older children, Aaron and Miriam.

When this baby boy was born, they knew it
was against the law to have a baby boy, but
they were not afraid of the king’s law, and
they hid him from Pharaoh’s soldiers for three

!"#$%&'(&) +% ,%'-# .%/'0 .%&'"/(&) 1%)"+2"/

I wonuei what it's like to take caie of a baby....

I wonuei how haiu it was to hiue baby Noses foi thiee months....

I wonuei how }ochebeu anu Amiam felt as they kisseu theii little baby boy anu put him in the basket....

I wonuei how Niiiam felt as she hiu anu watcheu hei baby biothei float in the iivei....

I wonuei how Niiiam felt when Phaiaoh's uaughtei founu him....

I wonuei how Phaiaoh's uaughtei ueciueu to keep the baby....

I wonuei how Noses' mothei felt when she was given back hei baby to take caie of again....

I wonuei what pait of this stoiy you like the best.

I wonuei which pait of this stoiy is the most impoitant.

!"#$%& #( #)" *""+,- *(%.)/0 (%1"% 2&1 3(&#/&$"4 5)" 63%/0#$%" %"21/&7 /. 89(1$. :;<=<>4

Place Aaron and Amram back in the tray.

Take the small basket from the tray and place
the baby Moses in it by Jochebed. Cover the
basket with the lid.

Move Jochebed, Miriam and the baby-filled
basket to the river’s edge and nestle it by the
plants, totally on the felt.

Move Miriam behind the plants. Place
Jochebed back in the tray.

Present Pharaoh’s daughter and the two
servants. Move them from close to the
children further up the bank to where the baby
is, on the edge of the felt.

Move one of the servants to the basket

!and move them both back.

Open the basket and lay the baby in her arms.

Move Miriam beside Pharaoh’s daughter.

Move Miriam away, towards you, then take
Jochebed from the tray and move them both
through the sand to the Egyptian group with

Place baby Moses beside Jochebed.
It’s very hard to hide a baby that long,
because babies cry and are noisy. Someone
might come and find out that their crying baby
was not a baby girl.

Finally, when they could hide him no longer,
Jochebed made a basket and covered it in
pitch to make it waterproof, and laid her
precious baby boy inside.

Then she took the baby in the basket down to
the river and laid it carefully to float among the
bulrush reeds by the river bank and rock the
baby peacefully. The baby’s sister, Miriam,
stayed to watch over him, hiding behind the

While the basket was floating there,
Pharaoh’s daughter came down to the river to

She noticed something among the reeds on
the bank and told one of her servants to bring
it to her.

The servant found the basket, and brought it
to the princess.

When Pharaoh’s daughter opened the basket
and saw the baby, she knew it was one of the
Hebrew babies. And even though it was
against her father’s law, she wanted to keep
the baby.

Miriam left her hiding place and came to
Pharaoh’s daughter and asked “Should I go
find someone to nurse and care for the baby?”
“Yes, go”, said Pharaoh’s daughter.

Miriam went and got her own mother and
brought her to the princess. “Take this child
and nurse him for me. I will pay you to care for

So Jochebed cared for her baby boy and
when he grew she took him to Pharaoh’s
daughter, who called his name “Moses”,
because she took him out of the water.

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