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The2003Philippine Regional Commissariat Conusmtiems
Uisayas RegionalConvcntion "'Ihe journey goeson.." so goesthe themeof the VisayasO.Carm.Regional Convention that jumped with awakening sound effects into the screenon June 3,2003.A multimedia projection system directly hooked into the computer system of Mount Carmel College spiced our Regional Convention with high tech artistry. Fr. Tony dela Cruz pointed out that this is to taste the fruits, .."lami kaayo!" (so tasty). It was a triennial assessment and clarification of issuesand concerns regarding the School Ministry, Parish Work, Formation, Associateship, Community Life and Ministries. Fr. Marlon Lacal and Noel Valencia pointed this out while facilitating the convention attended by 38 participants from Negros and Cebu. The participants were from the clustersof the Friars,Associates, TOC, Parish Pastoral Council, Parish workers, youth, SFIC sisters and lay co-workers. It was one a very well prepared convention considering the useof powerpoint in presentingpoints for discussionsand clarifications. The June 4 culminating day saw the presentationof 3 plays made locally " 2004Ping- Gloria Showdown",'The Hiding Placeof Saddam?"and "What is Escalantewithout MCC?" The productions were directed by the Friars and acted by the Friars, Associates,TOC, the sisters and co-workers. An instant film festival was organizedby Franz Kl. Koerkamp to award the best play, script, actors and actresses, directorsto illustrate and that we have many local talents. Also shown on the screenwere the ambush interviews by Vermont juvahib and Lino Zar agoza. Everything is on video and can be ordered. The Fraternal spirit soars high for the "journey goes on", whatever that means. Luzon RcgionalConvcntion After a year of combined wins and losses, of struggles and challenges, comesthe evaluation and assessment. Last June 12-13, the Luzon RegionalConvention was held at Titus Brandsma Center. This became the venue from which different issues, recommendatlonsand plans of action were brought to light. Attendees were friars from the Teresa,Spring and Elisha/Elijah communi ties, student friars, novices, TOC r e pr e s e n t a t i v e s and co-workers. The second day was attended onlv by the friars and selectco-workers. Committees who took care of the preparations were: Secretariat Normie Lacanilao, Jackie Losala and |ofti Villena; Socials/Icebreaker- Bro. Alain Balasabasand Fr. Christian Buenafe,O. Carm; Liturgy - Bros. Eugene Horca, Jerry Ca-ffas and Rico Sabanal, Carm; Before/After CareO. Bros. Rhen Caculitan, Rodrigo Bautista,Edwin Magbagoand Nonoy Zaragoza,O. Carm; Timekeeper- Bro.
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The delegates of the 9003 Visayas Convention

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formation and the establishmentof the economicbase. Long-term goals were specifically focused on developing and strengthening of Carmeliteministries to be able to contribute to the Philippine Church continuously,inter-religious dialogue, contributions to the international Order,unifying CarmeliteSpirituality and its core and ihe local community asbaseof our Spirituality. Someof the difficulties mentioned revolved around organizational,multitasking and personal limitations. Proposals and recommendations were given to unravel thesedifficulties. llindanao RegionalConvcntion On the first day of the convention, the sessionwas held at GKK hall last June25,2003. Sessionproper was given by Fr. Marlon Lacalstatingtheobjective tire of c o n v e n t i o n , w h i c h i s t o d e fi n e achievements the triennial plan oi of a c t i o n . A r e a s o f d i s c u s s i o n\ \ ' e r e directed at center-building,school and parishes, TBC programs, JPIC, community life, initial formation and economicbase.Insights, sharing and

CARMEL IUEWS proposals were shared through open discussion, summation, synthesis community celebration of faith and group reflection. The second day was held at the Mount CarmelCollegeof SanFrancisco Audio Visual Room (AVR), J:une 26, 2003. Local community composed of friars, associates and the postulants actively listened on the results of the various studies, which dealt on community life, economicbase and formation. '.r-as A separatetable discuss:o:. attended theposhrlanl< ::;-::ated by a. by Noel Valencia. This is to get tne::gq33a-,:---tl-< 3rtd foreseencontribu::::*. io '-L€rrhole Order. TheCoi'.'r.:;:. =-.iei a: :e'r'each in Lianra rr'iih a s:;-:-.:u,y-:-. =.ea,.

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Jude Caballero,O. Carm; and the SteeringCommittee - Noel Valencia, Frs. Marlon Lacal and Anton Hoogland,O. Carm. The one-and-a-half-day convention was themed, "The Journey Continues..... the Land of Lights and in Shadows." The direction of the discussions was in line with the priority areas: center-building as strategy and asway of life, apostolate, viability of the school asapostolate, GKK/BCC development, parish ministries, TBC (and its programs), ]PIC, formation and economicbase. Immediate concemsas identified by Fr. Tony dela Cruz, Commissary Provincial were: building up of local communities, initial and ongoing


Like nature welcomes abudding butterfly of out itscocoon, Carmelite joyfully the community welcomes theentry the of seven Carmelite brothersanew to stage in their religrous formation. With a nature-inspired atmosphere, the celebratronbeganmonung inthe ofJune 7,2003Titus at Brandsma as sevenCarmelite made Center the brothers theirsimpleprofession:Bros'JunntlRyanDenolo, Gerald Gutierrez, Flor Domingo Beato, Allan EnnanYallegat (fatight) o.Catn, Jr., Hagoriles, Canas, Realino Hermo Eugene and Horca, Carm. While 0, Bros. Emman Vallega Rico and Jerry Sabanal,Carm O. made solemn their profession. ceremonies officiated Fr. The were by Antonio Cruz, dela O. (commissary Carm provincial)with Christian Fr. Buenafe,0. asthehomilist. theafternoon the Carm In of day, same thedeaconate forBros. rites Emman Vallega Rico and was Sabanal held withBishop Socrates Villegas, asthe DD ordaining prelate. The coming ofthebutterfly itscocoon out from meantnew challenges, and re-birth growth likewise in thestage ahead thetougher and responsibilities faced thenew to be by Carmelite brothers deacons. and Thus, way paving tothe strengthening, and growth development Carmelite ofthe charism mission. and
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. Fr. Aristarco Escot':i. O.Carm., M.A. in Education,major tn Guidance and Counseling from Cet'u \ormal University in Cebu City. . Bros.EmmanuelVallega, O.Carm., and Rico Sabanal,O.Carm., Master of Arts in PastoralMinistry, from ICTC ecclesiastical graduateprogramof Our Lady of Angels Seminary. . Bros.Rhen Caculitan and Rodrigo Bautista Jr., for finishing the Clinical PastoralEducationat St. Luke's Hospital, last June 6 and Bros. Edwin Magbago, Benedicto Zaragosa, Amold Alindayu, Aries Jude Caballero and Dave Vios at Makati Medical Center.
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