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Dear Berkeley resident,

As you may already be aware, the debate about whether to allow Berkeley Police
to have Tasers has recently come into the open, and the City Council voted in 6-3 to have
the City Manager conduct a study on whether to give BPD officers tasers. The City
Manager will report back to the council on September 9
and from there, anything could
happen. We expect that they will try to implement a pilot program with just a few
officers and then gradually make it standard issue. This is a wrong turn for Berkeley.

The Coalition for a Taser Free Berkeley is asking for your endorsement of a
ban on police use of Tasers. We believe that Berkeley needs to use its resources and
money to assist the people in our city who are suffering from homelessness, mental
illness, poverty and lack of education. Berkeley recently authorized the police to buy a
$750,000 boat that will be paid by the city and Homeland Security. They even tried to get
an armored personnel carrier, but the public wouldnt let them. This constant rush to war
and weapons instead of seeking humane alternatives has to stop. We must come together
to demand that the city and police find humane alternatives for dealing with mentally ill
people and those who dont immediately respond to police orders.

Please join other organizations that are standing together to find a humane

Berkeley Copwatch
East Bay Media Center
Coalition for Safe Berkeley
Berkeley NAACP
Aram James, former Public Defender
Berkeley Gray Panthers
The Coalition for Justice and
Street Spirit
East Bay Community Law Center
De-Bug San Jose

Stop the Ban (on vehicle habitation)
Veterans for Peace (East Bay Chapter
ACLU Berkeley/NorthEastBay chapter
Ecumenical Peace Institute
Peace and Freedom Party
Oakland Privacy Working Group

And more! Please add YOUR name!

Berkeley Mental Health Commission and the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission voted against
allowing police use of tasers.
Please endorse our campaign.
Learn more at:
Send us an email at:
with Taser Endorsement in the heading and that will be great!

Like us on Facebook and stay up to date: Coalition for Taser Free Berkeley

If you write a letter, please send a copy to your City Council Member and the City Clerk.


Mayor Tom Bates (510) 981-7100 P
District 1 Linda Maio (510) 981-7110 P
District 2 Darryl Moore (510) 981-7120 P
District 3 Max Anderson (510) 981-7130 P
District 4 Jesse Arreguin (510) 981-7140 P
District 5 Laurie Capitelli (510) 981-7150 P
District 6 Susan Wengraf (510) 981-7160 P
District 7 Kriss Worthington( 510) 981-7170 P
District 8 Gordon Wozniak (510) 981-7180 P

Please feel free to join our campaign. We need your help to get endorsements, talk with
neighbors and to make this an election issue. Berkeley has a proud history of humane
treatment and progressive social services. Tell the Council NO TO TASERS!