Nottingham has a proud and long history of standing up for the oppressed, and for equality. This tradition and aim is expressed in many day-to-day ways. Most famously it is celebrated in the often-repeated tale of Robin Hood. To continue this proud standard now means defending the right of our Muslim neighbors, friends, co-workers and costudents to be able to enjoy religious freedom, the right to worship at the mosques, to shop in our city center, and to walk down our streets without fear of harassment, intimidation and violence.

Our commitment to defend in action the basic human and civil rights that define the democratic aspirations of our society and bind us together as a nation of diverse peopleWe appeal to all right minded people religious freedom, the right to dress, pray, marry, etc. to come together and give a strong according to one’s own faith, the right to stand as equals in message that we will not allow this community, to receive respect and dignity by all- will be challenged on Saturday, 5 December when a group of anyone to disrupt our society. racist thugs called the English Defence League (EDL) This is not the time to sit back and comes to Nottingham to shut down our mosques, and to watch in silence. It is indeed a intimidate and threaten our Asian, Muslim, black and duty for every citizen to come out immigrant communities. The best way for Nottingham to and demonstrate that they will not keep our streets and our community safe from racist accept the EDL message of hate violence and division is to unite and organize now to stop the EDL members from coming into Nottingham. The EDL and division. is trying to march and rally to shutdown mosques in Dr Muhammed Naseem communities all across this nation. We can defeat their Chairman, plan by mobilizing a mass, multi-racial, multi-ethnic civil Birmingham Central Mosque rights movement to oppose them wherever they go. In Nottingham, local authorities are providing the EDL with the kind of red carpet protection reserved for dignitaries or rock stars. It is up to us to make clear that they do not speak for us. It is an affront and a threat to every person in Nottingham, to have the EDL which has fascist ties, come to Nottingham to intimidate, abuse and taunt the Muslim community. In the last period, racist thugs have carried out a series of brutal attacks on innocent and vulnerable Asian people in numerous communities. On the 2nd November racist thugs attacked Muslim students with bricks outside the City University prayer room. On the 5th two City of London University students, waiting at a bus stop heading home from school were beaten and stabbed by a gang of thirty racist thugs. A person walking by who tried to get the racists to stop was also beaten and stabbed and sent to the hospital just for trying to restore the peace. We do not want young racists in Nottingham to feel emboldened to carry out attacks here. Making clear that racists and fascists are not welcome is a necessary and important deterrent to preventing a rise of bigoted attacks from occurring here. It is an insult and dangerous to ask Muslim, other Asian, black and anti racist/fascist white youth to stay away from the city center on Saturday, so that the racists and fascists of the EDL can assemble and parade around our city spewing racist chants and saluting Hitler. And it’s a slap in the face to this community and our proud history to allow the EDL to hold its oppressive rally at the Robin Hood statue. We have learned that the EDL plan is to arrive at the train station during the rush of Saturday Christmas shoppers and then gather and drink at the Wetherspoons pub close by. They will stay there

The recent expenses scandal has shown that the politicians tend to be economical with the truth and can go to any lengths to gain their objective. Hate is infectious and divisive and if we go the EDL route it can only end up in breaking the United Kingdom. Our diversity and unity is our strength and a model for the rest of the world. Let no one destroy this unique position.

Movement for Justice by any means necessary: / 07552 093 950 / Facebook: search “Movement for Justice by any means necessary

until an army of police arrive to escort their march to the rally site. (See EDL notice below). We cannot allow a situation to develop this Saturday, where every black and Asian person, whether a child or the elderly, is put in potential danger of finding themselves the target of racist intimidation and attack just by passing through the station or turning down a wrong street alone.

Our immediate aim must be to get the EDL to call off their action for Saturday. We must make it as difficult as possible for the EDL supporters to waltz into Nottingham on Saturday morning and get hosted by any local establishment. All who stand for equality, respect and freedom and oppose harassment and intimidation of any community should be demanding that Whetherspoons refuse to play host to the EDL, or place itself in the position of providing a home base for the growth of racism, bigotry or fascism in Britain. Whetherspoons was used as the meeting place for the EDL in Manchester earlier this autumn. Kent EDL have held an organizing meeting in a Whetherspoons pub. Whetherspoons should withdraw its welcome to the EDL and simply close down as other pubs are planning to do until the time for the EDL mobilization passes. As a national franchise Wetherspoons should act to ensure that none of its premises are being used as the gathering places and surrogate for fascist organizing.

• If Whetherspoons insists on providing this platform for the far right of British
racism then we must organize a nation-wide boycott of their pubs. STAND UP FOR EQUALITY & JUSTICE, BUILD THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT
Every person who wants to defend the right to be free of persecution and fear should be at the train station on December 5th to make clear that the EDL are not welcome in Nottingham. In this united and collective way we will provide support and protection for every traveler and visitor to our city and to all our communities.

The best way for Nottingham to prevent the EDL from bringing their racist bigotry and intimidation here is to express opposition NOW. Circulate this information. Tell Whetherspoons to say NO to the EDL. Make your voice heard in every way you can. We can stop the EDL from rallying here and anywhere else by building the civil rights movement.

Be at Nottingham Train Station, starting at 9AM Saturday December 5th
This is the EDL plan, sent out to their supporters:
To all EDL members and friends. You will find below details of our demonstration in Nottingham this coming Saturday 5th Dec. Please follow the instructions in order for the day to run as smoothly as possible. … Please make your way to Nottingham train station if travelling by car, train or any other form of transport. Once at the train station, please make your way to the Wetherspoons pub on Castle Wharf, which is situated next to the train station. Demonstration Details: Our demonstration is scheduled to start at around 2.30 with speakers arriving at 3.00. Please ensure that you are in the pub or the area surrounding with plenty of time to spare. We have been allocated a spot close to Nottingham Castle for our demonstration, and the only permissible access to our demo site is up Castle Road, via Castle Boulevard. This is a short walk from the above pub. … Regards, Trevor Kelway.

Movement for Justice by any means necessary: / 07552 093 950 / Facebook: search “Movement for Justice by any means necessary

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