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Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center

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AFP Medical Center

Unit Seal of the AFP Medical Center
Active 1937 - 3 September 1946 (1st
Army General Hospital)
3 September 1946 - Present (AFP
Medical Center)
Country Philippines
Allegiance Republic of the Philippines
Branch Armed Forces of the Philippines
Type Combat Support Hospital
Role Military Health and Well-being
Size 1000+ Military and Civilian
Part of Under the Armed Forces of the
Garrison/HQ V. Luna General Hospital, Quezon
Nickname V-Luna,AFP Hospital
Anniversaries 3 September

Philippine Republic Presidential
Unit Citation Badge

AFP Medical
Corps Branch

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center,
also known as the V. Luna
General Hospital or the AFP General Hospital, is one the Armed Forces of the
Philippines' Wide Support Units tasked to provide state of the art medical care to Military
and Civilian Personnel of the AFP, which includes their immediate dependents.
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The mission of the AFPMC is to:

Provide Health Service Support to the AFP and its National Mandate.
Provide tertiary health care to its patients.

Facade of the AFP Medical Center Main Building.
The V. Luna General Hospital was named after COL VICTORIANO LUNA
who was
then Chief of the Medical Service and Adviser to the Chief of Staff. He came up with the
idea in 1935 of putting up an Army Station Hospital to address the health service needs
of a growing army.

By 1937, Army Engineers started the design conceptualization and construction of Dr
Luna's dream. On 3 September 1946, pursuant to Headquarters Philippine Army (HPA)
GO Nr 512, the 1st Philippine Army General Hospital was named Colonel Victoriano
Luna General Hospital in honor of the very man who dreamed of nothing but giving the
best medical care to the Filipino soldier.

Until now, the AFP Medical center continuous to provide the best medical care to
Military and Civilian Personnel of the AFP as well as their immediate dependents. Latest
advancements in medical technologies are being acquired to suit the ever growing
needs of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Front gate of the AFP Medical Center along V. Luna Road.
The units under the AFPMC control are as follows:

Headquarters & Headquarters Service Group
V. Luna General Hospital
AFP Medical Service School
1st Forward Medics
See also[edit]
1st (UPHD) AFP Affiliated Reserve Medical Center

Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center former V Luna General Hospital
is located at V Luna Road Quezon City.
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