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Toyotas 8 Steps To

Practical Problem Solving

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Whats The Problem?
First things First...
Dene what your organization considers a problem:
Any deviation from the standard
Gap between the actual condition and the desired condition
Any unlled customer need 866-777-1360
Clarify The Problem
Decide why it is a problem
Determine the benets to solving the problem
Consider how it ts into the business as a whole
and the effects it will have on current goals
Go SEE the problem rst hand!
(Also referred to as the GEMBA Walk - see our
Gemba Walk 101 on 866-777-1360
Break Down the Problem
Time to get detailed and specic
Break down big problem into small problems
Go SEE each small problem up close!
Study & Analyze inputs & outputs of the process
Prioritize efforts based on results
STEP 2 866-777-1360
Set the Target
Time for Commitment
Focus turns to what is needed to complete project
How long will it take?
Set target dates that challenge staff,
but don't hinder other improvement efforts
STEP 3 866-777-1360
Analyze the Root Cause
Identify the factors that cause the problem
Generally more than one
Consider and address any and all potential root causes
Go and SEE root causes in person!
STEP 4 866-777-1360
Develop Countermeasures
Teams develop countermeasures to remove
root causes
Develop as many as possible that directly
address root causes
Narrow down to most practical and
effective based off your target
STEP 5 866-777-1360
Implement Countermeasures
See countermeasures through with clear detailed plan in a
timely manner
Open communication is vital during implementation
Seek ideas and feedback to see what is and isn't working
Focus on one countermeasure at a time to effectively
monitor them
STEP 6 866-777-1360
Implement Countermeasures (cont.)
Anyone who has never made a mistake
has never tried anything new.
--Albert Einstein
Mistakes happen, it's ok!
Continue to work through the process
Persistence is key
STEP 6 866-777-1360
Monitor Results and Process
Some countermeasures require more than one
attempt to get right
They may need modication and adjusting
Determine if intended outcome was result of
countermeasure or a uke
Always room for improvement in the process if you
have the tools in place to recognize them
STEP 7 866-777-1360
Standardize and Share Success
Set new processes as the new standard
Share results with organization
Reect on what you've learned
Address ALL unresolved issues
STEP 8 866-777-1360
Incorporating the PDCA Deming Cycle
Steps 1 5: Planning what you're going to do
Step 6: Doing what you've planned
Step 7: Checking the results
Step 8: Act on your results to set new standard 866-777-1360
The Eight steps work hand in hand with PDCA
On to the Next One
Continuous improvement never stops
Move on to the next problem seamlessly
Continue to work towards perfection 866-777-1360
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