Flowerdale Community Recovery Update

November/December 2009

Community Meetings
Will now only be held once a month next meeting is on 11th December & 29th January PLEASE NOTE: THIS WILL BE THE LAST COMMUNITY UPDATE FOR THE YEAR WILL RECOMMENCE LATE JANUARY/EARLY FEBRUARY

Updates & New Information
Flowerdale Hub Hours til Christmas A reminder that the Hub is now only open one Saturday a month, 10 am - 2 pm. The next Saturday that the Hub is open is 5th December. Hub closure between Christmas and New Year - all Hubs will be closed for the week between Christmas and New Year, therefore people are encouraged to submit all grants prior to Christmas Eve as many of the grants cease on December 31st. The policy about Code Red days isn't quite ready for publishing, however as Hubs are about recovery rather than response or relief, it appears that Hubs will be closed on Code Red days, and if there is a localised threat, Hubs will liaise with local authorities and/or assess potential threats to staff to make a decision about closing. For example, on Friday afternoon Centrelink staff left during the windstorm to ensure they could avoid the potential of trees coming down or excessive debris on the roads and return safely to their staging area in Bundoora. Primary Age Programs Teenage Programs Alexandra Whittlesea Yea Kinglake West Wandong Yea While the locations for the free programs and activities have been chosen to meet the needs of the bushfire affected communities, YMCA Victoria recognises that many families have been displaced due to the fires and are unable to access the free programs and activities. Therefore families who have relocated to an area where a free program or service is not being offered can apply for a reimbursement of fees for primary and secondary students who attend programs offered by registered vacation care providers in the summer school holidays. More information on reimbursement can be found at www.victoria.ymca.org.au/holidayprograms or by calling 9403 5090.

YMCA Victoria in partnership with the Bushfire Appeal Fund are once again excited to offer a series of free school holiday programs for bushfire affected communities over the summer holiday period. Programs will run in the locations listed below and more information on the programs can be found at www.victoria.ymca.org.au/holidayprograms or by calling 9403 5090. Bookings open on Monday 23 November and close on Friday 11 December; we strongly advise bushfire affected families to BOOK EARLY as we expect some locations to book out!

YMCA holiday programs

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Stay informed with Business Victoria

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Visit www.business.vic.gov.au/signup or call 132215 The Bushfire Appeal Fund Advisory Panel, chaired by Pat McNamara is visiting Whittlesea. All local residents are invited to an informal light lunch with the panel where you will have a chance to talk to panel members about the fund and other bushfire related issues. When: Tuesday 1st December When: 1.00 – 1.45pm Where: Whittlesea Community Activity Centre, 56 – 61 Laurel St, Whittlesea Please RSVP to Fiona on (03) 9096 1649 or email fiona.mcgrath@dhs.vic.gov.au.

The Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) provides timely bushfire information and advice to the Victorian community in the lead up to the fire season and during significant incidents. VBIL is currently reviewing a number of areas of the service as a result of the Royal Commission's Interim Report. These include: * refurbishment in the Wendoree office to accommodate 14 more desks for call takers * recruitment of an additional 60-70 call takers, a new team leader and new operations manager over the coming months * technology and processes are being reviewed to speed up the time it takes to get information ready for call takers * the overlow arrangement with Centrelink is also being reviewed to improve the switch over speed. Managed by the CFA and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE), the VBIL is a vital source of preparation, response and recovery information for the community. Members of the community can call the information line on 1800 240 667 or email vbil.info@dse.vic.gov.au. For the deaf, hard of hearing or individuals who have a speech impediment and have a teletext machine are encouraged to call TTY (teletext) 1800 122 969. For further information see the National Relay Service website http://www.relayservice.com.au/topics/2065. html

Victorian Bushfire Information Line

Bushfire ReBuilding Blocks is a not for profit association established to generate and provide tangible support to people specifically rebuilding premises on their existing land following the Black Saturday fires. They can help in a range of projects from clearing trees, brick laying, carpentry, painting, shed fit outs, gardening and more. If you would like to know more about how Bushfire ReBuilding Blocks can give you a hand, call 0415 815 585. Bushfire ReBuilding Blocks are also looking for people who can help through offering trade discounts and services, gardeners, people to make and serve lunch to volunteers, collecting and delivering building material, accommodation for interstate and overseas volunteers, the donation of new or used building materials etc. If you are able to help, call 0415 815 585 or email donate@bushfirerebuildingblocks.org or check the website www.bushfirerebuildingblocks.org

Bushfire ReBuilding Blocks

Back to work tool kits and promotional postcards are being distributed to Community Services Hubs over the coming days. The kits contain information about state, federal and non-government services available to assist Bushfire affected employees and employers to get back to work. They also contain information on a range of issues including employment rights, benefits and entitlements, financial counselling, training entitlements and re-employment. For more information about the service call 1800 842 463.

Back to work tool kits

Northern Leaf Guard is offering bushfireaffected families and individuals living in fire prone areas a 25% discount to assist with the supply and fit of gutter guard protection. The aluminium mesh is fire retardant and has a CSIRO 0 rating and assists in keeping gutters clear from debris and embers. For more information, or to obtain a quote please call Steven Kish on 0400508466.

Gutter guarding

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Donations Management System update – Laminex offer Laminex is offering a free kitchen design service to people affected by the bushfires. This is suitable for people who are rebuilding their homes and includes an initial consultation with a Laminex consultant. During the design process Laminex will provide a computer rendered design of their new kitchen including a floor plan with dimensions, computer rendered elevations, colour, product and texture selections. People are under no obligation to use Laminex products and can take the design to any cabinet maker. This offer can be accessed until February 2010 by contacting your VBRRA Donations Coordinator. Once people have registered their need for the donation, they have until September 2010 to contact Laminex regarding this offer. The offer is valued at 100 points. Community Grants Fund The Victorian Bushfire Community Grants Fund has been established by Australia's Open Garden Scheme to support Victorian communities affected by the Victorian bushfires. A total of $80,000 is available for the establishment, re-establishment or refurbishment of community gardens, parks and other public places with grants of up to $20,000 available. Application forms and further information are available at www.opengarden.org.au. Applications close on 30 April 2010. If you would like to share your ideas for a public garden or be involved please contact Council’s Bushfire Recovery Team on (03) 9217 2532. Tourism Victoria offer The accommodation offer coordinated by Tourism Victoria expires on 20 December 2009. This expiry date is printed on the accommodation vouchers clients may have accessed from VBRRA’s donations coordinators. If you are aware your clients have accessed these vouchers and have not used them, please remind them they expire in four weeks. Any unused vouchers cannot be returned to Donations Coordinators. There are still several Melbourne city based hotels offering accommodation to bushfire affected people. These include: - Causeway 353: www.causeway.com.au

- Hotel Windsor: www.thehotelwindsor.com.au - Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens: www.radisson.com/melbourneau - Crown Promenade: www.crownpromenade.com.au To book accommodation, please follow the usual process by visiting the Tourism Victoria website www.tourism.vic.gov.au/bushfireoffer/accom modation. All bookings are subject to availability. Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme As part of its response package to the Regional Telecommunications Review, the Rudd Government provided $11.4 million to extend and enhance the Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme. The funding is available over four years to 30 June 2013. The Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme improves the affordability of mobile communications for people living and working in areas without handheld terrestrial mobile coverage, by providing subsidies for the purchase of satellite phone handsets. The subsidy varies depending on where you live and the cost of the phone you buy: 1. Live or work outside of mobile Coverage - 85 per cent of the retail price of the phone, to a maximum of $1000 2. Live in mobile coverage, but work or travel outside coverage - 50 per cent of the retail price of the phone, to a maximum of $700 To be eligible for the second subsidy level you must spend a minimum of 180 days outside of terrestrial mobile coverage over the next two years. Eligibility Individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, Indigenous corporations, community groups, health and emergency service organisations can access subsidies. Replacement handsets Applicants who live in areas without terrestrial mobile coverage are eligible for additional subsidies to replace handsets purchased under the Scheme three or more years earlier. Further details Guidelines and application forms are available at www.dbcde.gov.au/satphone.

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As Telstra completes construction of three permanent Next G™ mobile base stations in Strathewen, Arthurs Creek and Kinglake West in the Nillumbik and Murrindindi shires, they will be turning off some of the temporary coverage cells they deployed immediately after Black Saturday. These temporary coverage cells provided temporary network coverage in areas where existing coverage was patchy and not reliable. We now have permanent Next G™ mobile coverage – namely in Strathewen and Kinglake West, with Arthurs Creek to come online at the end of November 2009. Some residents will notice that their older GSM phones won’t get the same coverage as they experienced with the temporary mobile cells. Telstra’s permanent mobile coverage investment is in the Next G™ network only – not the old GSM network. Telstra recommends customers move across to the Next G™ network to take advantage of the new coverage and their shop at Westfield Shopping Centre in McDonald’s Road in Plenty Valley (03 9437 8650 or mrobins@tlifeplentyvalley.com.au) is ready to help customers move across to the new network. This move could be as easy as porting their old number onto a new phone and SIM card at no charge, or could involve a charge depending on the contract and phone customer’s want. Telstra are advising customers to visit the store and speak to Michael, Sebastian and the team about their individual circumstances. Telstra’s important tips ahead of the summer As Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Yarra Ranges residents prepare their homes and families for the bushfire season, it’s also critical they audit their communications devices and services. Telstra has also prepared some important tips to help ready residents for the upcoming bushfire season. The tips have been developed in response to customer enquiries about ways to optimise their telephone services during natural disasters, such as the Victorian bushfires or Queensland floods. Telstra’s 10 Tips: 1. Think about a Blue Tick mobile phone – different mobile phones have different capabilities. Telstra’s Blue Tick accreditation program identifies mobile handsets that have enhanced coverage for country areas. People can check here: http://www.telstra.com.au/mobile/index.html 2. Upgrade your 2G SIM – it’s important that customers upgrade their 2G SIM card when purchasing a Next G™ mobile handset to receive the benefits of Telstra’s extensive 3G network coverage. Customer can keep their number and it’s a free service unless a new plan or handset is required. 3. Have a spare mobile battery – it’s advisable to have a spare, fully charged battery on standby. 4. Carry additional mobile phone chargers – an in-car and a separate AC mains charger are essential in case of evacuation. 5. Consider a standard fixed phone - power failures will affect cordless PSTN phones and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that require 240V power to operate. Customers using VoIP should check with their service providers. 6. Keep essential numbers close by – have a list of essential contact numbers close at hand, including local Police, Fire, SES and Telstra’s fault line - 132203. 7. Use Triple Zero (000) appropriately – only call Triple Zero in life threatening emergencies. If your situation is not time critical but requires the attention of an emergency services organisation, you can obtain alternate numbers for these organisations by calling Telstra Call Connect – 12456. 8. Keep calls to a minimum – although Telstra monitors the network closely in times of emergency to avoid congestion, it’s advisable to keep calls to a minimum during natural disasters to allow people to call emergency service organisations. 9. Gauge the benefits of a satellite phone – if living or travelling in isolated areas, consider purchasing a satellite phone for continuous phone coverage. 10. Consider a Yagi antennae – having one of these antennas maximises mobile phone reception from your home or vehicle.

Changes to Telstra services

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Flowerdale Recovery Committee
 The FRC final meeting for the year is Sunday 20th December afternoon meeting starting @ 1pm. Recess from 22nd December – 17th January. FRC will reconvene 18th. Vic Roads re speed limit changes. When all road works & trees beside the road are finished, the speed limits will be addressed. As we are aware the Statewide Recovery Plan has delivered a number of projects for the Flowerdale Community. We now are negotiating 2nd round funding which we hope will provide more assets to the community. If you wish to partake on any of these projects for any contribute or any issues arising please contact Julie Bateman, Communications, FRC via email or PO Box 2060, Hazeldene 3658. email: jbateman@y7mail.com The FRC totally supports and endorses community events. However organizers need to approach the FRC so that we can guide them through the legal requirements to conduct a successful event including Event Management Plans, Permits etc. If you want updated information and stories please see Flowerdale Blogspot: http://www.helpflowerdalenow.blogspot.com Christine Nixon's speech really showed how much she had got across to all the communities and it was obvious with the number of people she knew from across the 78 affected communities that she has been out at the coalface. We spoke to many of the other communities and it was a very valuable exercise The biggest surprise of the day was to see all of the FRC dressed up especially Peter Auty in a suit. We also got to have a great chat with Bill Shorten who has been a real supporter of Flowerdale and the whole recovery process. Bill suggested that Burgo and Peter Auty could feature in a "Men of the Bushfire" calendar but thankfully the rest of the FRC put a stop to those thoughts. A big thank you to the Governor and the VBRRA staff who organised the event.

 

Flowerdale wins international award for use of Technology
On 28th October, the Flowerdale Community was awarded a Groundswell award by Forrester Research for "Best use of Social Media for Social Impact" The Groundswell awards focus on how organisations or Communities are using things like blogs, wikis, YouTube, Flickr, Scribd, Twitter etc to make a difference. They covered how this blog has been a key tool for dissemination of news and information, raising funds and goods from donors and philanthropists, the use of the wiki in coordinating the building of the village and the www.builditback.org website. Flowerdale was represented by a Deloitte colleague of mine in Chicago, Valli Perera. Valli said firstly he was honoured to represent Flowerdale and that the award to Flowerdale received the most applause on the night. A lot of people have contributed to the award through the contribution of photos, stories, videos and pulling the information together to be published. A special mention should also go to Julie Bateman of the FRC who has worked tirelessly on the communications front. To see the background to the award see it at the Groundswell awards site.

FRC goes to Government House
The Flowerdale Recovery Committee attended a reception at Government House that was held both to recognise the work of the Recovery Committees but also to give the communities a chance to meet and get to know each other. The FRC was picked up by a bus at 10.00am and did the milk run to Glenburn, Toolangi, Kinglake and Kinglake West. The Governor opened proceedings thanking the Committee Members for their work and then John Brumby, Bill Shorten and Christine Nixon said a few words. The theme of all the speeches was that the government wanted to ensure communities had input into the recovery and the process should be community led. I think it is fair to say it was a bit slow to start but the process has been very community focused.

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 MINUTES OF MEETINGS Please note the following minutes are now passed by the FRC. MINUTES OF MEETING @ BURGO’S SHED Monday 28TH September PRESENT: Pete Auty, Judy Baker, John Burgess, Annie Robertson, Ric Stubbings APOLOGIES: Julie Bateman 1. VBRRA REPORT: Judy Reported: In attendance were Christine Nixon, Ben Hubbard, Betsy Harrington , Frank Maas, Kerry O’Neil, Mary Fall (Communications), Moya White, Jane Arwis (Economic Team), Kim Fawcus, Pam Williams (Director of Temporary Housing DHS), Kerry O Flowerdale CRC was very happy that VBRRA had addressed all our concerns which we had brought to the meeting, as a result of the progress of our Status Report. FRC felt that we were being listened to. We were asked for our expectations as far as the meeting was concerned. Statewide plan is due mid October. John requested that we be informed as soon as possible if any of our projects are not goers. JOHN REPORTED that Community House Grant is now being liaised with a Victorian representative. His name is David Henderson. Meeting scheduled with David this Tuesday with Frank Maas, David Henderson, Burgo, and representatives from Flowerdale Community House. Community House work engine is in full swing. Darrell Treloar contacted us to ask whether we would present our Recovery Plan at the next Section 86 Committee meeting. John & Pete unavailable for this meeting but will attend the following meeting. Planning for Next Monday night. Feedback from VBRRA as to what will not be funded: To date Renewable Energy and some Communications. VBRRA have pledged to help facilitate projects with interested parties, will help access existing government programs and will lobby on our behalf. MEETING ENDED 9.45PM
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3. 4. 5.

MINUTES OF MEETING @ BURGO’S SHED MONDAY 5TH October 2009 PRESENT: FRC: Pete Auty, Judy Baker, Julie Bateman, John Burgess, Annie Robertson VBRRA: Betsy Harrington, Kim Fawcus DHS: Leanne Pleash MSC: Liam Mc Carthy APOLOGIES: Ric Stubbings FRC, Darrell Treoar MSC, 1. 2. MEET AND GREET IPO: JOHN REPORTED: Issues to date. Confusion around the rental of IPO @ Hub – Betsy has addressed. 3. HOOF OVER HILLS: ANNIE REPORTED: overview of HOH and latest grant. 4. ARTS SHED: PETE REPORTED: Quotes being sought. MENS SHED: not erected yet. Mens day being organised. Page 6 of 43

5. 6.

7. 8. 9.





CULTURE: Memorial – discussions underway to incorporate the opening of a memorial with a community celebration. Work will be done with people in the community seeking input for a memorial. Work in progress. FIRE SAFETY: JUDY REPORTED: Work in progress. Most work is done. Still need to look at maps and areas of concern and what we would like done to address these. Timeline 2-3 weeks for draft to be completed. ENVIRONMENT: PETE REPORTED: Current issues with environment is tied up with sustainability etc. Looking at funding for weed control. ChemCert holders will help on the day. Inaugural Flowerdale Blackberry Bash on 6th December, starting at the Moores Road Reserve. Draft letter describing proposal for BB to be included in Community Update. Aim to get DPI Goulburn Management Catchment Authority, MSC, Parks Victoria and locals to have a comprehensive weed eradication program, with great consideration given to native plant preservation. ECONOMY: JOHN REPORTED: Work in progress. TRANSPORT: JULIE REPORTED: Surveys sent to each rate payer. $120000 available across the whole shire for a bus. FORMAL COMMUNICATIONS: JOHN REPORTED: Where should formal communications be directed? For example Status Reports sent to Betsy. Should we send them to the MSC? Meeting agreed that MSC should be a recipient of the Status Report and that they should understand that it is an “in house” document for management. ACTION: Betsy to arrange a conference call with herself, John, Darrell (MSC) to talk about Status Report and how the Shire will respond etc. BETSY’S RESPONSE TO STATUS REPORT: Community House – Jarrara land. Letter to be sent to Rob Croxford re acquiring the land. Governance structure is work in progress. JOHN: reported that the meeting of last Wednesday (Frank Maas, Kim, John, Pete Auty, Odette) was very successful and the project is moving forward. What we won’t get – seek alternative funding on Rec Reserve, some aspects of transport. Everything else possible or likely. Meeting this week will fully answer this question. Papers for Ministerial Briefing: work in progress. Communications: First draft written report due on 14th October will be presented by Bronte. Water sewer & waste: work in progress. Renewable Energy: VBRRA will pass on people of expertise within VBRRA. Men’s Shed: work in progress. Global Care: successful meeting with Global Care committing to maintaining harmony and working on Community Projects. Leanne has brokered a Community Project involving Global Care. Pete asked is there a timeline for Global Care’s time in Flowerdale? There were suggestions that they would be here for up to 2 years. ACTION POINT: Suggestion that Global Care participate in the community garden around the Arts Precinct. Kim reported that there may be OH&S issues, but these will be addressed. Darley Meetings: Discussions around the next few meetings and who will attend. COMMUNITY HOUSE: ACTION: Waiting for land to be acquired. Work engines have submitted their differing plans for various sections of the Community House. Tour of purpose built CHs – Wallan & Mooroopna – work engines will visit these two houses. Possible next Tuesday. AOB: FRC: Community House write to Darrell & Rob Croxford inviting them to attend our work engine meetings. FRC/VBBRA: Engage with Global Care to participate in community garden around arts precinct. VBRRA (Betsy): To arrange conference call with MSC, John & herself about weekly status reports for communication. General Business: 13.1 Peter & Liam have discussed the Men’s Day Project and the Lions Club Project and work continues to progress. 13.2 Judy: In receipt of letter from Fran Bailey re Flowerdale/Hazeldene postcodes. Judy read the letter to the meeting. Fran has contacted Australia Post and a response has been provided. Betsy also commented that this is also being addressed on other levels. ACTION: Judy to write a letter to Lyn Gunter asking for a response by a set date. Page 7 of 43



Leanne: Public Meeting re trees at front of hub – notice of date will be given. Meeting to get arborist report and to progress the project. Hall Committee has taken on land ownership issue, with Lyn Gunter taking an active part in resolving this. Apology for Friday night. New acting Hub Captain will be Mary Rutledge, while Leanne takes leave. Betsy sang: A beautiful song re: Flowerdale’s future. Betsy happy to forward us the words.
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MINUTES OF MEETING @ BURGO’S SHED MONDAY 26TH October 2009 PRESENT: Peter Auty, Judy Baker, Julie Bateman, John Burgess, Annie Robertson, Ric Stubbings APOLOGIES: Nil 1. 2. 3. Statewide Recovery Plan was received on October 16th with a visit to Flowerdale Primary School by the PM Kevin Rudd, the Premier John Brumby, Bill Shorten, and chair of Red Cross Pat McNamara. FRC Action: Reconciliation Document (tabled) was emailed to VBRRA this morning. Status Report: (Tabled) Latest edition was sent last week. Transport on Red. Economy on Yellow. Everything else is on Green. FRC is looking forward to becoming more informed about the Urban Land Use Plan. Received letter from Darrell Treloar 16th October (tabled and read) re funding for CRCs for the next 18 months. Letter outlined the extent of funding and the process for acquiring funds is being worked upon by the MSC.

Received letter from Darrell Treloar 1st October, on behalf of the MBRRC, re: Terms of Reference. CRCs have a month respond, the month ending 31st October. FRC are very pleased with this “turn around” as we did push for negotiation in the meeting here attended by Darrell Treloar. 5. Community House Project: is well under way. JB has met with Rob Croxford. Work Engine is in full swing. 6. Received a letter from Leanne Pleash. Letter reported on a meeting she had with Global Care re issues at Village with. Some of the issues which exist have been rectified. 7. Moores Road Project. Schools camp participation has been postponed. 8. John has meeting on Wednesday with Kinglake Ranges as a guest speaker. 9. Pete & John attended a meeting with Mahoney Kiely around what our Community wants to do re: 07.02.2010. Discussions started and funding issues being investigated. 10. Ric: Sally Abbott-Smith contacted re $20 000 stimulus package grant for the Cheviot Ward. 11. Ric: re Funding. Need to report to Dept of Justice re distributions of funds from Flowerdale Relief Fund. FRC agreed that we write back explaining that the Fund is controlled by the Community and that we want to wait until the end of the funding process before deciding how to disperse monies. 12. Julie: a. Seeking addresses of FRC members for Kim Fawcus. b. re CFA Fundraiser organised by Russell Pitt. An amount of $4400 is needed to fund this evening. Grants for this project have not been forthcoming to date. The question now is: “who should fund this evening”? FRC wants to support this event, but feel that we need more lead in time to make the event work. Julie to negotiate with Russell. c. Julie is doing is doing a Community Newsletter Interim Update. d. Meeting with Joan Archbold this Thursday. e. Fire Safety Meeting Flyer has been sent out to all ratepayers. f. Halloween disco is cancelled. 4. Page 8 of 43

(FRC suggests that the first item of expenditure should be on a good notice board to be located at the Hazeldene Store.)

13. Judy: Two Community Safety Meetings have taken place. Drafts have been put together and amended. Before final Draft is made a tour of the Flowerdale Valley is being organised so that places of concern etc are taken into account. Ric will then do the mapping for the plan. Timeline: approximately another month or longer, as the CFA wants to look into all aspects of Community Safety for Flowerdale. CFA is aware that the Plan needs to be simple, effective and presented in lay-mans terms. FRC suggestion that the Plan be taken to Flowerdale street by street to get it out to people and the document be tabled as a continuous and permanent “work in progress”. 14. Re Creek: Judy has rung Ross Roycroft, Pat Cowman, Julie Bateman, (Ray Butterworth still to be contacted) re meeting about the creek. 15. Circus Oz performance at Flowerdale Rec Reserve on Saturday 7th November. 100 tickets to FPS. 50 tickets to Flowerdale Kinder, 50 tickets to FRC (of which 25 will be used and 25 will be handed to the Hub for community allocation) and 150 to the Hub. Hub Tickets available 57802704. Meeting Ended: 9.31pm
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SECTION 86 MINUTES OF MEETING The Section 86 Minutes of September meeting are now available online on Shire Website (with all attachments): http://www.murrindindi.vic.gov.au/Page/Page.asp?Page_Id=966&h=0 SHIRE COUNCIL ORDINARY MINUTES OF MEETING Shire Council minutes from September are now available online

Media Release
Phone: (03) 5772 0333 Fax: (03) 5772 2291 Date: 24 November 2009 Contact Person: File Ref: For Release: Therese Morris 04/02/11 Immediate

Message: Murrindindi’s Mayor Resigns
Murrindindi Shire Council's Mayor, Cr Lyn Gunter, has today announced her resignation as a councillor of the Murrindindi Shire Council. Lyn’s resignation will be effective as at 9 December 2009. Murrindindi Shire Council’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Rob Croxford, thanked Cr Gunter for the contribution she has made to the council and Murrindindi Shire. “Everyone at council wants to thank Lyn for her passion and enthusiasm throughout the many years of service she has given to the Murrindindi Shire and its residents. “Despite being affected by the Black Saturday bushfires, Lyn has worked tirelessly throughout this incredibly difficult period. I know it has been personally exhausting for her and on many occasions it has been a thankless task. “We all wish Lyn, her husband Brenton and their family well in their future endeavours.” The annual statutory meeting of council will be held on 9 December 2009 with Lyn holding office as Mayor until that date. At that time a fresh election is held for the position of Mayor. A by-election will be required to be held in the King Parrot Ward, and timelines will be announced soon for the by-election. Page 9 of 43

Dance & Silent Auction
Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control the Dance/Silent Auction fundraiser for the Flowerdale Community scheduled for 5th December will no longer be proceeding. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to organisers and all who were involved in this event. COMMUNICATIONS IN FLOWERDALE – Your Input is needed
The Communications work engine is continuing to work on a wide range of Communications issues with a strong focus on safety. Fiona Henson is leading the charge on this area. The work engine is looking for individuals to let them know what communications problems you experience. This includes things like mobile phone, radio, TV and internet access. VBRRA has commissioned a report by a Communications expert which should come through soon but we would like some more granular information direct from residents to provide input into the solution. You can either leave comments on the blog or email fhenson@netspace.net.au at petfwill@gmail.com we would like to know where you are located and any specific issues you face.

Johnny Meets the Blue Dog - Peter Auty's latest poem
A big problem facing people in the Bushfire Affected regions has been dealing with the upcoming fire season. People are edgy and concerned particularly with the recent spate of hot and dry weather. Peter Auty Flowerdale's local poet and CFA Volunteer experienced an anxiety attack driving to work a couple of weeks ago and has turned it into a poem. To view poem please go to website: http://www.helpflowerdalenow.blogspot.com/ Please share the poem around as we hope it helps surface the issues that many people in the Bushfire Affected areas are facing. This is the third poem of the series, the other two No More a poem written shortly after the fires and read out and the national memorial service, and Johnny and the Weasels written about the frustrations of the recovery process.

Roses Off from Heritage Roses Australia
Heritage Roses Australia (HRA) hasoffered to source cuttings of heirloomor historic roses for people who lostroses in the bushfires. The cuttings will be provided free ofcharge, and can be posted viaconventional mail from the start ofwinter 2010. Case managers or clients cancontact HRA on the numbers belowto provide a list of roses that they lost and want replaced. HRA will then locate them and post them off at the beginning of next winter. The HRA members that are coordinating donations are: Shirley Yates: alanshirley@optusnet.com.au or 0423 364 698 Jill Collins: normandcollins@bigpond.com or 9775 4549

FREE books are available to replace those that were lost in the bushfires in February. If you have a blue DHS card, take it along to the Kilmore Library, and you will be able to choose replacement books from a range of new and used donated books. Books are available from Monday 23 November. The Library opens at 9am and the books will be available until they have all been taken. For more information, please contact the library on 5782 1322.

Portsea Holiday Camps 2010 The Portsea Camp is for children aged between 9 and 12 years, with preference given to children whose parents have health care cards. Anyone interested should contact the camp on 03 5984 2333 for information about costs, transport and applying.
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FLOWERDALE BLACKBERRY BASH UPDATE Junior Landcare will be holding a blackberry bash day 6th December to help eradicate some of our blackberry issues in our area.
Peter Auty is still planning for the inaugural blackberry bash on 6th December. He has received very few calls to volunteer, either for team leaders or team members. Please let Peter 0422867949 or Julie Bateman 0418589072 or jbateman@y7mail.com know if you are interested in helping.  Team leader will be needed for:  Silver Creek/Silver Parrot Roads  Service Road  Creekside Drive  Riverside Crescent  Goats Road  Broome Road/Hazeldene Store  Long Gully Road  Collins Road  Moores Road  Spring Valley Road  Old Spring Valley Road Peter is meeting with Christine (UGCMA) & Peter (DPI Broadford) to discuss their involvement with the weed management control project. Parents are encouraged to bring children along (especially for the get together after at Moores Road Reserve), but under 18‟s will not be allowed to use or handle chemicals.

BBC World Service covers Flowerdale Fire Preparations
The BBC World Service has done a report on the preparations for the upcoming fire season in Flowerdale featuring Ric Stubbings, Steve Phelan and Joanna Stubbings. It is definitely worth listening to as it covers fire preparation and what the FRC is doing around safety plans. It also has a great summary of the communication issues that we need to solve. It is also good that we are still getting international interest and that we have such good speakers representing Flowerdale. See Flowerdale blog for link to BBC Report: http://www.helpflowerdalenow.blogspot.com

King Parrot Creek Post Fire Weed Control
The Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GB CMA) has received Federal funding through Caring For Our Country to support post fire weed control along waterways in the catchment. The GB CMA plans to use this funding to make the most of the opportunity to control re-emerging weeds on waterways burnt in the February fires. Christine Glassford, Upper Goulburn Waterways Team Leader said, “The GB CMA will employ approved contractors to spray or stem inject priority weeds along all major waterways burnt in February 2009 while infestations are manageable. The species targeted will mainly be woody weeds, including but not limited to, blackberry, gorse, broome and willow.” The King Parrot Creek will be the first waterway targeted in the program. Work is expected to begin in the last week of November. Landholders adjoining the King Parrot Creek have been sent notification of the proposed weed control and are asked to contact GB CMA staff in the Yea office on 5736 0100 to discuss any issues with access or works proposed. Other avenues for support to undertake woody weed control are available through DPI for freehold land and through the Strath Creek Landcare Group for minor waterways and/or areas unburnt. To register your interest for support with weed control on private land, call DPI on 5784 0600 or Strath Creek Landcare, contact Peter Auty on 0422 867 949. Landholders along burnt waterways may also be eligible for funding assistance of $8 per metre for waterway grant fencing. Interested landholders are encouraged to contact the GB CMA to obtain waterway grant assistance or further information. Normal grants still apply for landholders along unburnt waterways. GB CMA assistance with weed control and the increased subsidy support for fencing is expected to be available for two years, pending 2010/11 Fire Recovery funding. Page 11 of 43

A friend of Peter Auty‟s who set up the very successful mushroom project at CERES in Brunswick (now a successful business), has offered to come out to Flowerdale to deliver workshops about how to grow SHIITAKE Mushrooms on native Australian logs. Due to the time of year this will probably be schedule for Autumn 2010. As more information is available the community will be informed of dates, times etc for those who are interested in partaking in this workshop.

Flowerdale Primary School

Merry Christmas to all the Flowerdale Flyer readers and to our friends in and around Flowerdale. We invite you to join us for our Annual Christmas Concert and Barbeque Dinner at the Flowerdale Hall on Wednesday 9th December 2009. There will be some great performances by every child in the school, presentation of Student Awards and of course a delicious barbeque. Congratulations to: Our students on a fantastic performance at Circus Oz. Their demonstrations on acrobatic and gymnastic skills, dances and hula-hoops, diablos and spinning saucers were brilliant.  Mr D on winning the Permission to Shine Award in the category of Leadership. Our community celebrated his award in great Flowerdale spirit with an afternoon tea catered for by the wonderful PFA and attended by our school & kinder community and friends.  Our wonderful teachers for their care and concern for our children and their families during such a tragic and difficult year. In all the chaos and confusion, they have kept our kids focused, and working while being sensitive to their needs and their situations. Amy, Christine, Brooke and Ross – you are real gems and we are so lucky to have you at Flowerdale Primary School.  Our Grade 6 students – Mel, Caleb, Shaun and Zac – who have completed their Primary schooling and are now ready to embark on their High School adventure. We wish them all the luck and happiness in the world. HOOF OVER HILLS We are delighted to announce that a profit just over $40000 was made in this very special year. Our school community our local community and our nonFlowerdale volunteers are the lifeblood of Hoof Over Hills, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the huge support they give. It is a pleasure to announce that $15000 will be distributed directly to our community groups – Flowerdale CFA $5000, Flowerdale Sports Club $5000 (both of whom have been huge supporters and workers for Hoof Over Hills since 2003), Flowerdale Hall Committee $1000, Flowerdale Kindergarten $1000 and Flowerdale Community House $3000 to be distributed equally between its different sub groups.

2010 Our focus on quality education will continue in 2010 with small classes a feature of the school. Next year there will be three classes again: Prep/1 with Christine, Grades 2-4 with Amy and Grades 5/6 with Mr D. Visit the Flowerdale Blog at “flowerdalesurvivor spirit.blogspot.com for some great photos and stories about what has happened during the year at Flowerdale Primary School.

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Do you have training sessions, meetings or any other activity regularly? Are you having an event that needs to be advertised? Do you need more members? Do you want to report your achievements, events or special articles including pictures? Let us know to advertise and report in community update & on the Flowerdale Blog www.helpflowerdalenow.blogspot.com for wider exposure by contacting: jbateman@y7mail.com or 0418589072

Invites you to

Sunday 20th December Commencing 6.00pm
Visit from Santa Sausage sizzle Tea, coffee & cold drinks available (Hoping to have late market stalls)

In conjunction with the Sports Club, Recreation Reserve & Community House there will be community dinners on 1st & 3rd Friday of the month at the Recreation Reserve. Club Bar: 5pm & closes 10pm Meals: 6-8pm Adults: $5 Children: $3 Children under 5: Free Come and meet your friends & enjoy a night out with the community
 Material Aid VBRRA have now opened Material Aid at 5 Oldfield Road, Pheasant Creek (the old choc factory). Everyone who has a blue DHS form can now access all material aid from this centre. Opening hours are Tues-Fri 9am-5pm. Phone 0435656811 (Kat or Dave) for further information.

Flowerdale Primary School 6-6.30pm Monday
Need to lose those extra Kilos? Come & Join our friendly group for a weighin & exchange ideas/recipes etc Registration $15 $4 per week Enquires: Alison (57801223)

Hub Shuttle service Flowerdale Community Services Hub has use of the Salvation Army mini-bus (at least, for the moment) and an 8-person people-mover (when available). There is no hire charge for either, however there is a user agreement that needs to be signed, which includes refuelling the vehicle and prompt return. Anybody wishing to borrow either should contact the Hub on 5780 2704.

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Flowerdale Playgroup’s

A day Trip to Puffin Billy Wednesday December 9th
9. 15 – 5pm Meet at the Flowerdale Hall @ 9.00 Cost $5 per family BYO: drinks & a picnic lunch to share open to all preschool 0 – 6 years bookings – Louise reed 0425 814 302


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Austral Bricks Offer
Austral Bricks has made available up to 2 million bricks and pavers to help rebuild homes destroyed by the February bushfires. Anyone rebuilding their own home (as an owner builder) can apply to receive the first 2000 bricks and 10m2 of pavers free of charge, and the balance of their bricks and pavers at a substantially discounted price. A further 250,000 bricks (35 house lots) and 100,000 pavers will be made available at no charge on a case-by-case basis for community projects and cases of particular hardship. Applications must be received by 31 December 2009. Anyone affected by the bushfires may contact Austral on 13 27 42. For information or an online application form, go to www.australbrick.com.au/vic or see Leanne Pleash DHS Hub

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INCLUDING: outdoor cinema, afternoon family fun activities, Food & Drink WHEN: Friday 4 December, 4pm onwards WHERE: The Flowerdale Primary School Oval The Yea FReeZA youth committee has masterminded a community event for the whole family. Come along and enjoy fun activities including; jumping castle, face painting, art classes, sports and much more. Bring your bean bags, chairs or blankets to enjoy the feature movie. MOVIE AT DUSK: DIAMOND DOG CAPER Starring French Stewart (3rd Rock From the Sun, Home Alone IV), Kevin Farley (Waterboy), Kelly Perine (One On One), Luke Benward (How To Eat Fried Worms) and Brittany Curran (Suite Life of Zack & Cody), "Diamond Dog Caper" is slap-stick fun for the whole family.

For FREE bus transport from Yea contact Murrindindi Shire Council's Youth Coordinator on 1800 633 792 This event is supported by the Victorian Government and beyondblue: the national depression initiative

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Community Support Training Project Responding to the Victorian bushfires


 Increase your understanding about how people might be reacting following the Victorian bushfires  Tips and tools for you to better help yourself and others  Find out where people might get professional support services
The session will be run by an expert beyondblue Facilitator, with plenty of time to raise questions and discuss local issues.

When: Time: Where:

Tuesday 8 December Wednesday 9 December 10am – 1pm 6pm – 9pm Kinglake Ranges Health Centre 19 Whittlesea – Kinglake road, Kinglake

Light Lunch (Tuesday ) / Light Dinner (Wednesday) will be provided To register: Contact Laura Colliver on 03 57348 408 or 0439 371 380 Or by email laurac@mitchellchs.org.au
Please advise of any specific dietary or accessibility requirements when registering. Specific topics to be discussed:  What are some typical responses to a traumatic event like the Victorian bushfires  What are some ideas and tips for helping yourself, your family and friends  What are the common mental health issues following a traumatic event like the Victorian Bushfires  How can mental health professionals help.
This Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and endorsed by the:

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A collection of kindly donated horse gear from around Australia. Limited sizes and stock available. This stock is separate from our saddlery store.

Bushfire victims Welcome
New and Second hand gear 125 Northern Highway Kilmore, Vic. Call Lisa, 9am-1pm: Monday/Wednesday

0437 093 825

Limited Size rugs: cotton/fly/large canvas: mini-Full Jodhpurs Bridles: western/leather/vinyl: Pony-Full Halters: leather/vinyl/rope and more…

First aid/bandages Martingales Dog accessories


Rugs Leads

Bridles Bell boots

Saddles/blankets Riding boots

Halters Reins Jodhpurs


Call and arrange a time to come. Have new white card available upon request. Page 20 of 43

Gardening After the Fires Planning Program
Are you a person who values their garden? Did you lose your garden or was your garden damaged in the Black Saturday Bushfires? Are you trying to plan the rebuilding of your garden? The Royal Horticultural Society (Local Garden Clubs) and Mitchell Shire Council, supported by Rotary, Landcare and the Department of Primary Industries are proposing a support program for those residents looking for assistance in planning their new gardens or the recovery of their existing gardens from the impacts of the fires. Interested landholders would be provided with a completed design and layout for their garden prepared by a horticulturalist. The horticulturalist would work with the landholder to find out the crucial elements they are looking for in their garden and incorporate the topography, soil type, aspect and other considerations into the plan. This would give you access to the ideas and knowledge of a horticulturist and a plan of attack for the exciting work of re-establishing your garden. There is also the possibility of some assistance in the way of plants, tools and even potentially, some labour for a day! Of course, the amount of resources available will depend on the level of response to the project and funding available. If this program would be of interest to you, please register by completing the form below. Tear off the form and return it to us via the Reply Paid envelope provided. So if you want to know where to put the clothes line, what trees to plant that won’t block your view, the best plants for a water conservative garden, how to incorporate a vegie garden and mini orchard or where to put the chook shed, this may just be the program for you! If you have any further questions or queries about the program, please contact Annemaree Docking, Mitchell Shire Council Bushfire Relief Volunteer Project Worker on 0419318497. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am interested in the Gardening After the Fires Planning Program. Please send me further information. Name:_________________________________________________________________________ Postal Address:__________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Property Address: ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________________Mob:____________________________________ Email:_________________________________________________________________________

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travel expenses associated with accessing regional centres from remote or rural locations; Off-site learning opportunities and activities, and school-organised excursions.

 Dear Faith Group leader/Service Provider Anglicare Victoria has once again been allocated a grant of $20,000.00 to encourage and support female students to complete their education. This is the 3rd year in which this opportunity will be offered. Female students whose study has been impacted by fires and drought within the Diocese of Wangaratta will be given preference. The Diocesan boundaries include 14 shires – 12 in Hume Region (NE Vic) and 2 in NSW (Albury & Hume). Guidelines for applicants, the application process and form are attached to this letter. Further information is available by phoning 03 57 219088. The closing date for applications is 11 December 2009 Please forward this information to anyone who fits the criteria and could benefit from this opportunity. Suzanne Don Leonard Community Development Manager Anglicare Victoria (Hume Region) 03 57 219088 5 November 2009

The grants are available to assist with the education of girls and young women between the ages of 6 – 19, are full time students, who intend to continue their study after 2009 and who have been impacted by the drought and/or fires. An application form is provided with this letter. The Student may apply if 18 years of age or over. Students under the age of 18 will need to be supported by an agency/school or parent/guardian when they make their application. Evidence of the need for the grant must be attached to the application (e.g. school book list, letter from college identifying cost of study, etc). Applications can be made through any of the following Anglicare programs in Hume Region:  Dan Ridley, (Rural Community Resource Worker) or Julie Wentworth (Financial counsellor) on 0357219088,  Anglicare Emergency Relief program in Wangaratta 03 57219890, Mt Beauty 0458 550450 & Albury 02 60213022, Bright 0458 750739, Myrtleford 0458 750742  Anglicare parish/school partnership programs in Benalla, Eldorado and Yarrawonga.  Clergy of the Anglican Parishes in the Diocese of Wangaratta who are partners with Anglicare Vic  Corryong Contact Centre at Browsers Bookshop  Liz Heta the Albury City Aboriginal Liaison Officer (for indigenous students)  The Manager Stakeholder Relations – Dept of Education & Early Childhood Development The maximum grant will be $1000. Applications for smaller amounts are preferred to enable more families and students to benefit from this assistance. If a grant is approved it may not be for the full amount requested. Approved funding will be paid on supply of an invoice or receipt. The funding program is now open and applications will be received until 11 December 2009. Successful applicants will be notified by early February. Please note this is a once-off opportunity being made available through Anglicare Victoria in Hume Region. We thank the Invergowrie Foundation for their support. Further information regarding this grant is available from: Suzanne Don Leonard (Community Development Manager) Anglicare Victoria (Hume Region) 03 57219088

Anglicare Victoria invites applications for one-off funding to help meet the education expenses of girls and young women in Hume Region who wish to continue their study and have been impacted by the drought and/or fires. This funding assistance has been made possible through the generosity of the Invergowrie Foundation, whose charter is to promote and advance the education of girls and women in Victoria. The purpose of this Anglicare Victoria Funding Program is to support girls and young women in the region who are struggling to meet their education expenses and the cost of school-based excursions of an educational or sporting nature. Young female students (or their parents/guardians/School Principal) with an identified and proven need can apply for assistance with the cost of their education expenses, including:  fees, text books, tutoring expenses, shoes, uniforms, stationery and materials;

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Murrindindi Shire Council - Preparing for the fire season
As part of it‟s fire prevention strategies, Murrindindi Shire Council has been playing its part in helping everyone prepare and plan for the coming 2009/2010 bushfire season. Council and the Municipal Fire Prevention Committee (MFPC) have identified strategies targeted at reducing the risks to individual land owners, in particular have coordinated a mail out to all absentee land owners this season to alert them of the need to prepare for this fire season. Presently Council Officers are carrying out annual property inspections across the shire to identify fire hazards. Where work is needed to reduce the risk of fire, notices are issued to land owners with stringent timelines for any required work to be carried out.

Failure to comply with a „fire notice‟ will see Council completing the works at the land owner‟s expense. Residents with concerns over neighbouring properties are encouraged to contact council, to ensure any potential hazards are inspected as quickly as possible. This year a “Zero Tolerance” policy has been implemented which means that any breach during the fire danger period will result in large monetary penalties being incurred. Breaches, such as burning off without appropriate permits, will see the Victoria Police being informed to commence prosecution. New fire prevention strategies are also being developed by the CFA and other agencies. Under consideration are Town Protection Plans (TPP) and Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP). A pilot scheme for Town Protection Plans has been recently launched. As part of the pilot scheme, 17 towns in Victoria‟s North East,

including Eildon, have been identified as having high fire risk. As part of the Town Protection Plan scheme, an area may be chosen and designated as a „neighbourhood safer place‟ or NSP. These areas will have to meet stringent criteria. Details have yet to be fully completed on these new strategies but will be made public as soon as they are available. More comprehensive information on preparing for the bushfire season can be found at www.murrindindi.vic.gov.au, www.cfa.vic.gov.au, www.dse.vic.gov.au or by phoning the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667. Further Information:- Andy Daly Municipal Fire Prevention Officer, Office: 57720331 Mobile: 0408 576712.

Media Release
Ben Hardman MP – Member for Seymour
5 November 2009

“Two shared paths in Kinglake and Flowerdale will provide a vital link between temporary villages and the main service centres of these townships. “Another path will also be built in Wandong, completing a missing link in the existing path network.” Member for Seymour Ben Hardman MP said these projects would be welcome news to local communities in Kinglake, Flowerdale and Wandong. “Following the devastating bushfires in these areas earlier this year, it is vital that the community continue to be able to connect with family and friends, local facilities and activity centres,” Mr Hardman said. “These new paths will help connect people to the temporary villages as well as provide a safe and sustainable transport option.” Mr Pallas said a number of the grants included innovative and practical projects to improve the liveability of local communities. “Providing walking and cycling infrastructure and planning tools are vital in helping people reduce their dependence on cars,” he said.

THE Shires of Murrindindi and Mitchell are among ten Victorian councils to share in a $2 million fund to improve access to walking, cycling and public transport through the Brumby Labor Government’s TravelSmart and Local Area Access Program. Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas in Kinglake today announced that a number of council projects across the state had received funding including new transport links in bushfire affected regions. “I am very pleased to be able to announce funding for these innovative and practical projects and am also very pleased that this round of LAAP grants includes funding for projects in Victoria’s bushfire affected communities,” Mr Pallas said.

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“The overall benefits are numerous, including less traffic congestion, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a more physically fit community.” Mr Pallas said that this year’s focus was on projects that improved access and safety for pedestrians and cyclists to help encourage people to choose more sustainable transport. This includes:  provision for cyclists in activity centres;  off-road cyclist safety measures;  lighting of shared paths;  spaces that support walking through pedestrian priority, and  bushfire recovery. To date the grants package have delivered over $14.5 million funding to nearly 100 local projects across the state. “Most local trips range between two and five kilometres which is an easy distance to walk or cycle,” Mr Pallas said. TravelSmart and Local Area Access Program grants are designed to assist local governments in implementing projects that encourage residents to think twice before using their car. The push to get more people out of their cars and using other transport options is an important part of the Brumby Labor Government’s $38 billion Victorian Transport Plan. For more information on TravelSmart and Local Area Access Program visit www.transport.vic.gov.au

Appeal Fund chair Pat McNamara and Premier John Brumby today announced $10.9 million for a Compassionate Financial Support scheme to assist those who lost immediate family in the fires and $3 million to provide higher education scholarships to young people affected by the fires. Under the Compassionate Financial Support package immediate family members of the 173 people who tragically died in the Black Saturday and Gippsland fires and are in financial hardship as a result, may be eligible to receive an immediate grant of $25,000. Some individuals who are suffering extreme financial hardship may then be eligible for a further needs-based payment of up to $50,000. Mr McNamara said the support for the immediate family of the bereaved recognised that some families lost their primary breadwinner or had reduced capacity to earn an income because of trauma suffered post the Black Saturday fires. “You can never compensate someone for losing a husband, a wife, a child or a parent,” Mr McNamara said. “This new scheme recognises that many people who lost loved ones in the bushfires are not only suffering emotional distress, but have in some cases been faced with large debts and little capacity to address that situation. “It is about trying to alleviate some of the anxiety associated with the financial hardship some of these people face and helps to assist in the long-term recovery process.” Under the new $3 million Scholarship Program, scholarships of $15,000 per year will be provided for 66 students from towns and communities directly impacted by the fires who are financially constrained to undertake tertiary or vocational education from 2010 and beyond. The scholarships will assist those students whose current financial capacity to undertake tertiary study is limited and who have the academic performance and ability to complete their chosen course of study. Further scholarships for students currently in years 10 and 11 will be considered by the Appeal Fund in coming months. Mr Brumby congratulated the Bushfire Appeal Fund for its decision and said the scholarships would encourage more students in bushfire-affected areas to undertake tertiary education by assisting them with costs such as text books, transport, living and other expenses. “Victorians, Australians and people from across the world have donated so generously to the Victorian Page 34 of 43

Media release
From the Premier of Victoria Thursday, 12 November, 2009

A new $14 million Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund package will provide support to people who lost immediate family in the 2009 Victorian fires and suffering financial hardship with a new scholarship scheme to encourage students affected to pursue their studies.

Bushfire Appeal Fund and this latest decision strikes the right balance between targeting support to where it is needed most and reflecting the generosity in which the funds were donated,” Mr Brumby said. “These scholarships will provide more young people with a great opportunity to consider taking their studies further and alleviate the financial burden that may have been impacting on their decisions about their plans for 2010. “ Immediate family members, such as spouses and parents, who received the initial $10,000 payment as part of the $1.7 million Compassion and

Bereavement package earlier this year to assist with urgent and immediate costs may be eligible for the Compassionate Financial Support. In cases where the family lost more than one family member, a single payment will be made but the Fund will consider special circumstances for additional support on a case-bycase basis. Children and young adults who lost one or both parents in the bushfires are already being supported through the Bereaved Children payment. “There will be many people who will not be eligible, but are no

doubt suffering because of their loss,” Mr McNamara said. “However, the Panel felt it was important and appropriate to assist those most directly impacted by the loss. We feel this is the best way to reflect the intent of the donors who gave an unprecedented $386 million to the Fund.” To Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund has raised $387 million and $357 million has been allocated. A further $30 million is yet to be allocated with the Fund‟s focus now on initiatives that support communities to rebuild.

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General Store Hours
Monday-Saturday 7am-7.30pm (food until 7pm) Sunday 9am-7pm (food until 7pm) PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 9am -5pm Please Note: Redirections are FREE for bushfire affected properties. You can collect and lodge the forms at any Australia Post Office.

Weekly Tennis Coaching at Flowerdale
Coaching: Is now provided at the Flowerdale courts by coach Colin Grace (0412 757 842) on Mondays between 2-9 pm. One-hourly sessions with 4 to 6 players per group cost $10 per person per session. Please contact Colin if you are interested. Mixed Doubles Evening Competition: A very sociable family event. All matches are played on our courts in Flowerdale on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6.15pm. All interested individuals are encouraged to enroll before 12th August to join the next round commencing late August. Ladies Doubles Competition: Played on Monday from 10am. The Club currently has two teams playing in the local Broadford District competition. Junior Competition: Commencing on Saturday mornings in term 4. For enrolments and/or further information: Please contact Jeannette on 5780 1520.

Flowerdale Community House INC
Forming Friendships

ABN 30 127 305 127

Bushfire Personal Support & Counselling: for bushfire affected people in Flowerdale/Strath Creek areas is still being offered with Kate Lewer & Zoe Edmonds. For appointment please phone Mitchell Community Health Services, 1300 773 352 or email: serviceaccess@mitchellchs.org.au. Patchwork Group The patchwork group is now meeting at the Flowerdale hall on Tuesdays from 7-9pm. Cost $4.00. Also first Saturday of the month. Anyone with an interest in patchwork or any other craft is most welcome to join the group. Yoga Tuesdays in the old library at Kinglake West next to the Hall commencing 7.30pm. Tutor Wayne McGivney. Cost $5. Massage Massages will now be held at the Flowerdale Hall, Tuesdays in conjunction with Hands on Health Australia. Free of charge with Health Care Card or gold coin donation. Please book through Community House, Odette Hunter 57802664. Chiropractic Clinic (is now permanently every Tuesday) will be held now held at Flowerdale Hall, Tuesdays 1-4pm in conjunction with Hands on Health Australia. RMIT & Students will be providing service with trained chiropractors. Free of charge with Health Care Card or gold coin donation. Please book through Community House, Odette Hunter 57802664. Drop in Centre is being offered every Tuesday. Come & have a cuppa & a chat. Being sponsored by Chaplaincy Australia. Beginners Computer Course – This course is offered as an individual needs workshop (lots of questions and BYO laptop if prefer) will run one evening a week. . $4 per session with Tutor – Ron. Art Group – A self led group at the Flowerdale Hall from 1-3pm on Wednesday’s, bring your supplies and project to this social group $4. Japanese Cookery - Our very popular Japanese Cookery will resume soon with much loved Tutor Hiroko. Lighten-Up will resume after a short break on Monday nights at the Hall with Tutor – Alison. For more details contact: Odette Hunter, Co-ordinator 57802664 or 0429012129

Keeping up to date with Community Events, Meetings & other activities
If you would like to receive information please advise by the following: Via Email: email your details to jbateman@y7mail.com Via Post: send your name & address to Flowerdale Community Recovery, PO Box 2060, Hazeldene 3658 Via Mobile: 0418589072 (leave your details) OR on the Web: http://helpflowerdalenow.blogspot.com /

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UPCOMING EVENTS (so please mark in your diaries)

1st December 1st December 1st December 2nd December 4th December 5th December 5th December 6th December 6th December 7th December 7th December 8th December 8th December 8th December 8th December 8th December 9th December 9th December Drop in Centre, Community House, Flowerdale Hall 10am-4pm HOHA, Massage & Chiropractor Service, Flowerdale Hall 1pm-4pm Quilting & Craft Group, Flowerdale Hall, 7pm-9pm $4 Flowerdale Playgroup Xmas Decoration Day, Flowerdale Hall, 11am-1pm Community Dinner & Film Night, Flowerdale Primary School, 4pm onwards Quilting & Craft Group, Flowerdale Hall 10-3.30pm $5 Family Movie Night, Kinglake Primary School, McMahons Road, Kinglake 6.30pm onwards Flowerdale Blackberry Bash, Jnr Landcare Photography By Samm, Hazeldene General Store, Flowerdale 10am-12pm Lighten up, Flowerdale Primary School, 6pm – 6.30pm Critical Girls, Flowerdale Hall, 4.306.30pm Drop in Centre, Community House, Flowerdale Hall 10am-4pm HOHA, Massage & Chiropractor Service, Flowerdale Hall 1pm-4pm Flowerdale Playgroup Xmas Decoration Day, Flowerdale Hall, 10.30am Quilting & Craft Group, Flowerdale Hall, 7pm-9pm $4 Tackling Tough Times, Kinglake Ranges Health Centre, 10am-1pm Flowerdale Playgroup, Puffin Billy 9am Tackling Tough Times, Kinglake Ranges Health Centre, 6-9pm 11th December Centrelink Job Expo, Whittlesea Showgrounds, 10am-3pm 12th December Flowerdale Jnr Youth Group, Flowerdale Hall 5-7pm 13th December Photography By Samm, Hazeldene General Store, Flowerdale 10am-12pm 14th December Lighten up, Flowerdale Primary School, 6pm – 6.30pm th 14 December Critical Girls, Flowerdale Hall, 4.306.30pm 15th December Drop in Centre, Community House, Flowerdale Hall 10am-4pm 15th December HOHA, Massage & Chiropractor Service, Flowerdale Hall 1pm-4pm th 15 December Quilting & Craft Group, Flowerdale Hall, 7pm-9pm $4 18th December Community Dinner, Recreation Reserve, Springvalley Road, 5pm onwards 19th December Santa, Whittlesea Showgrounds 4-7pm 20th December Flowerdale Community Market, Flowerdale Hall 20th December Carols by Candlelight, Flowerdale Hall, 6pm onwards 21st December Prep-8 Holiday Program, YMCA (various areas) through til 29th January st 21 December Lighten up, Flowerdale Primary School, 6pm – 6.30pm 21st December Critical Girls, Flowerdale Hall, 4.306.30pm 24th December Christmas Eve 25th December Christmas Day 31st December New Years Eve, Jazz Music, Pioneer Reserve, Strath Creek 7pm onwards th 5 January Teenager Summer Holiday Program, YMCA through to 28th January

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Other contacts & information
Feeding Wildlife If you are interested in feeding local wildlife on your property please contact Adrianna Simmons on 0423 242 037 and Wildlife Victoria will supply food. Registered Wildlife Shelters please contact Adrianna as well.
ATO Drinking Water Recovery Updates 1300 304 915 INFORMATION Bushfire Line DHS Booklet VBRRA – Edition 7 13th July 2009 Murrindindi Shire Bulletin - Wednesday 2 September 2009 Edition 67 Flowerdale Community Newsletter - 25th August 2009 Victorian Government Offer Closed October 2009 Consumer Affairs Victoria Australian Government Tenants Union Consumer Affairs Victoria Bushfire Legal Help Line Insolvency & Trustee Service Australia Insurance Ombudsman Vic Police Information Booklets – residential & business – padlocks available at hub CPA Australia ACCC www.scamwatch.gov.au VACC / RACV booklet Consumer Affairs Victoria booklet Amnesty until 31 December Victoria Police’s Licensing Services Division Building Commission Temporary Houses & Sheds Now opened at the hub Mon 9am-noon. Tues & Fri 10am-4pm & Sat 10am – 4pm 11 00 1300 094 535 13 11 11 Re: Underground cables Wildlife Victoria RACV Wildlife MATERIAL AID CENTRES 0413 888 775 Jason 0435 656 811 David Shaw 03 5735 2055 0407 545 663 03 5786 1016 0419 609 208 03 9718 2759 0403 698 393 03 9716 2387 03 9665 8601 035793 6400 or 0429 857 001 03 9096 1093 1800 112 205 Terry Libby Matkin GOODS AVAILABLE Department of Health & Aging – via case managers – Sarah Creane – wheelchairs, frames etc Office of Housing; DHS Seymour. Kim GM Holden Optus – ended 19.05.09 Work Ventures from $250 Mary Wood Sue McGovern David Jones

Concession Free Public Transport Consumer Information Do Not Call Register Tenancy Legal Bankruptcy Insurance Safer Communities Unit Accounting Scams Car Deals Caravan Parks Firearms Building Advice Intergrated Planning Office Mobile Building Advisory Service Dial Before You Dig Wildlife

1800 658 521 1300 558 181 1300 792 958 03 9416 2577 1300 558 181 1800 113 432 1300 364 785 1300 728 228 03 9247 5311 1300 737 373

1300 558 181 1300 651 645 1300 360 320

Clayton Warehouse Pheasant Creek Pathways, Salvation Army – Seymour St Vincent de Paul Society – Whittlesea CentreCare Kinglake Lions Club Ringwood Bushfire Support Center Hurstbridge Yarra Glen Material Aid Salvation Army Whittlesea Living Aid Accommodation Loan Cars Mobile Phones Computers

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Tool Library Toilets 1800 240 667 03 9761 7849 1300 367 848 0427 313 776 / 0400 032 663 Henry 0427 808 435 or Ric 03 57801494 03 5784 2500 03 8831 9242 Bricks & Pavers Land Titles Garbage/Recycling Bins Shipping containers 13 27 42 03 8636 2026 03 5772 0333 03 9315 4099 03 8628 8891 0418 550 625 Tradecorp Lou Arthur Architects 0429 310 924 03 8371 2606 03 8620 3866 1300 134 513 03 8620 3866 03 9326 9700 1300 360 320

Those who requested computers earlier this year now available at the hub 8:30am – 10:30 Sat & 4:00pm – 5:00pm Sun (or through the hub during opening hours) VBRRA Toilet grant through Grocon Registration Dunnys 'R' Us Ensuites on Tow – portable bathrooms PGG Wrightson Seeds / Wales CRT Currently sourcing Stored on Private Property phone for access. - chainsaw required SSS Building Builders Supplies 83-85 High Street Broadford Bunnings – bulk purchasing for tradies & owner builders working on rebuild Kellie Mather or Daniel Nigro Austral Bricks & Pavers Offer – discount to retail & Special Bushfire Assistance Offers Free copies of land titles – Landata Replacements through Murrindindi Shire Council Royal Wolf - sell shipping containers John Hutchings Evergreen Shipping Agency – sells Roland Fonseca or r.fonseca@evergreen-shipping.com.au MMM haulage – sells containers starting from $300 + GST Lee Miller lmi41698@bigpond.net.au 20” & 40” - Shipping Containers $1650 Inc GST Contact John Transport to Kinglake Ranges $350 Contact Darren Hanes Home Design +1 Consultation vic@raia.com.au Free Architecture Design Archicentre – ends 31.12.09 The Architects Bushfire Home Service Victorian Bushfires Surveying Taskforce – Reinstatement of Property Boundaries Free Assessment – Flowerdale 9th September – all appointments currently filled Rebuilding book collections http://bacwiki.wikidot.com/build-yourbook-collection Resound – donated musical instruments Mornington Peninsular Shire 4 person 6 houses avaliable Theresa Johnson Take a break camps - 2009 – 2010 Family & Couple Holidays The Portsea Camp Early Jan 2010. 9-12 year olds for up to 7days MAPS www.mapgroup.org.au noel Butcher Samm taking photos Available through Moya – donations coordinator – limited number left S.E.S cutting up of fallen trees – Ended 03.07.09 MSC ended 30/05/09

Seed – Pastures Firewood Firewood Stockpile Replacement Building Supplies

Surveying Bushfire Attack Level Books Musical Instruments Holidays

0424 071 914 03 5950 1680 03 9251 5246 03 9655 5536 0419 727 777 0412 798 257

Restoring Photos Family Portraits Photo Packs Trees Cleaning Tanks / Replacement Water Massage

0357 865 247 / 0428 550 384 1300 882 833 0418 530 471

Kinglake District Health & Wellbeing from $30 Free Flowerdale Hall – Tuesdays VFF – ended 01/07/09 Blazeaid Landcare Assistance available with planting Rice Straw around creek beds – contact hub for details Aberdeen Consulting Kilmore Good Shephard Buying Service – call with make & model; find lowest price – whitegoods & furniture VTA Tafe Bushfire Aid Scholarship / Support – Yioula O'Connor


Rice Straw Loss Assessors Price Comparison Scholarships 0417 821 636 03 9417 4666 03 9279 2494

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Horses Roses Garden Pots Plantmark Whitegoods & Electrical Goods Portable Mills Discounts on Various Goods & Services Homework Assistance for Children Businesses Courses / Classes Personal Support & Counselling

0408 881 917 03 5229 5698 0409 332 532 0412 786 667 03 8787 4150 03 5792 3242 0412 314 817 03 8401 0110

ACPET Bushfire Education & Training Fund Opportunities for individuals affected by the fires Geelong Music Camp – Sponsorship through St Pauls Geelong – Registration closes 31.10.09 For those who have lost a horse in the fires – contact Misty Roses offer from Heritage Roses Australia – contact Hub Replacements at wholesale prices Trade Price Discounts to Plantmark Thomastown wholesalers Retravision Seymour - Discounts available to bushfire affected clients Lucas Mills – free loan – application forms available at hub John Dowdle Kinglake West Hall Wednesdays & Kinglake Library Mondays; 4pm – 6pm - Kildonan Youth Services Up to $2000 Free advertising for local businesses The Phoenix newspaper - www.thephoenix.com.au Building Industry & Vocational Skills, Cooking, Arts & Crafts etc. Kinglake Neighborhood House. SERVICES ATAP's – via Case Managers

03 5786 1301

Financial Counselling Health

1300 773 352 03 5735 4600 1300 854 944 1300 309 519 1300 22 46 36 1300 789 978 13 11 14 1300 364 277 1800 551 800 03 8327 7700 03 5735 4342 03 9879 4476 1300 606 024 0357 360 400 1800 888 236

Vouchers No – Interest Loans Financial Counselling Advice Centrelink VFF Fund Telstra Bills Small Businesses Victoria RSPCA 1300 305 330 03 5735 4600 1300 773 352 1300 300 630

Mitchell Community Health Family Care – Men, Parenting, Disability, Carers, Family ChildFirst Coroners Office – traumatic Deaths Beyond Blue Mensline Lifeline Relationships Australia Kids Help Line Red Cross Emergency REDiPlan Rural Financial Counselling Service Small Business Mentoring Service Nurse-On-Call Yea – District Hospital Direct Line – Drug & alcohol Counselling FINANCIAL Salvation Army – 38 Laurel Street Whittlesea St Vincent De Paul Whittlesea & Kinglake Family Care Mitchell Community Health ASIC www.fido.gov.au www.centrelink.gov.au VFF – ended 22/05/09 Free appointment at Kinglake Office GRANTS Livestock / Animal Feed Animal Shelter Bushfire Related Vet Costs Caring for your country – Landcare Fencing, Erosion & Weed Control Compassion and Bereavement Payment Home Dislocation Payment Household Repairs Payment – ended Payment Winter Needs Payment – automated Severe Injury Transition to Home Home Under Construction Payment Tenant Contents Payment

13 22 00 13 22 15

DPI Bushfire Appeal Fund

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Rural Finance

Rebuilding and Recovery Grants Damaged Homes Payment Rebuilding and Recovery Grants Destroyed Homes Payment Exceptional Hardship Payment – ended Tools of Trade Payment Safe Removal of Hazardous Trees Transitional Support Payment Psychological Support Rural Assistance Grant Rural Properties Recovery Payment - changed criteria Primary Producers Repair & Restoration Grant Waterways Vegetation Grant Temporary Living Expenses – ends 31st Dec 2009 Re-establishment Contents– ends 31st Dec 2009 Re-establishment Structures– ends 31st Dec 2009 $20,000 Community Garden Grants www.opengarden.org.au 1300 881 606 close 5pm Friday 9 October 2009.

Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority DHS – Income Tested

Australia's Open Garden Scheme Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria Inc. Moya White

DONATIONS COORDINATOR 0400 333 406 1000 points scheme Vouchers, flights, Accommodation Tupperware Started packs – contact Moya White

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