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A proven visionary and strategic leader with 15+ years experience designing and implementing
information technology and global business system solutions Web Infrastructure, Database
Management, IaaS, SaaS, Engineering Design Center, Software Development, Cloud Computing,
Monitor/NOC and Intensive Computing Infrastructures. Lead high performance teams providing a
global computing solution comprising over 6,700 Linux/Unix and Window systems and more than 3010
Terabytes of storage. Built a global, enterprise-wide infrastructure team of 25+, while supporting an
overall IT budget of $6.5M. M.B.A. Pepperdine University.

Cloud Computing
Mergers & Acquisitions
Server Infrastructure
IT SOX Controls
Vendor Management
Computing Infrastructure
Global Markets
Metrics Analysis & Reporting

Operational Management
Strategic Planning
Data Center Build Out
Data Center Operation
Budget Allocation
Budget Management
Cost Savings
Process Improvement


LSI Corporation, San Jose, California 2001 - 2014
Electronics Company designing semiconductors and software to accelerate storage and networking in datacenters,
mobile networks, and cloud computing.
Hired to spearhead and initiate dramatic improvements in operational performance, cost efficiency and
effectiveness, budget and resource allocation, with consistent application of decision-making tools, and new
policies and proceduressupporting an overall IT capital budget of $6.5 million.
Transformed under achieving department by rebuilding the team, revamping the infrastructure to greatly
improve run rate significantlyextreme success resulted in request from Senior Executives to lead the
expansion effort from the ground up within international sites India and Dubai; acquired team in China.
Directly lead cross-functional team of 25+ on key server infrastructure components such as: strategic
planning, architecture, Data Center implementation of solutions, and cloud computing.
Oversee day-to-day customer/user support, and sustain engineering of multiple, complex Data Center
operations within multi-sites: United States, East and West Coast, India, Dubai and China.
Recruited and built international cross-functional teams from the ground up, managing and continuously
overseeing all global and national staffing initiatives.
Deliver cost effective solutions, establish strategic operational guidelines, and conduct metrics and
performance analysis, process improvement, and measurement matrix for continuous efficiency resulting in
$2.3 million savings annually for 3 consecutive years.
Ensure missioncritical servicesbusiness applications/data base, EDA tools and licenses, server farms,
distribution of OS, authentication, network, telephony, storage, backup and business systems are functional
and meeting SLAs; in addition to monitoring IT SOX controls for auditory purposes.
Deploy computing infrastructure, Data Center build out, infrastructure support for responsiveness.
Partner with external software vendors, guide and negotiate all contracts and capital purchase negotiations.

Dong Le 408-781-8185

Why Not Creations, Milpitas, California 2000 - 2001
Founded in 1996, Why Not Creations distributes and markets flash-based greeting cards and e-marketing products.
Represented all operational aspects concerning the strategic planning, development, implementation, and
support of information and technology resources for the company; key vendor management, customer
relations, and overseeing the capital budget for the entire corporation.
Guided and supported the Web Operation at co-location to achieve higher capacity and availability,
Desktop Support Services and Data Center Operation and Network Support Services.
Recruited high performance talent for the Information Technology organization.
Prioritized, reviewed, and selected emerging technology initiatives for deployment.

Magma Design Automation, San Jose, California 1999 - 2000
Founded in 1997, Magma is a software company in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry
headquartered in San Jose, California, with facilities throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Asia, and India.
Established computing operational guidelines for the organization, overseeing core technical staffs on
strategic planning for technology adaptation and deployment to build scalable, sustainable, and cost-
effective computing infrastructures.
Represented the cross functional team on Customer Relation Management deployment within the United
States, as well as international sites.
Worked with Senior Executives to align all aspects of IT resources initiated through corporate strategy.
Planned and executed capital budgets and staffing initiatives.
Maintained and guided Customer Relation Management application, database, and desktop, server, and
network supports for the Headquarters and all international sites.

Synopsys, Inc., San Jose, California 1994 - 1999
As a leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor intellectual property (IP), Synopsys
provides products and services that accelerate innovation in the global electronics market.
Managed cross-functional, highperformance support team, providing IT supports for over 1700 UNIX and
1200 Windows systems in ASIC Design & software development releasing, and porting environments.
Implemented a computing usage policy.
Deployed costeffective and reliable computing infrastructures to meet strategic business goals.
Enhanced customer satisfaction, conducted project management, maintained expenses, oversaw the capital
budget, and handled contract and purchasing negotiations.


Dell HP IBM Oracle/SUN AIX HP-UX Sun OS Solaris Linux OSF IBM/LPAR/Virtualization
Linux/Solaris Virtualization VMware Virtualization TCP/IP Cisco switches 7000/6900/5500/2900 F5
NIS, LDAP NFS DNS LSI IBM SGI RAID Array NetApp Filers ONStor Gateways EMC Brocade SAN
switches Quantum/STK/Sun tape library Veritas/Symantec Netbackup & VCS LSF EDA CAD tools & license.

M.B.A. Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
B.S. Computer Science Hayward State University, Hayward, CA