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Van Buren High School

World Languages: Spanish I Course Syllabus

Instructor: Courtney Cochran Room: T3
Email: Phone:474-6821 ext 1490
Office Hours: 2:05pm-3:00pmz Webpage:

Profesora Cochran!s Mission Statement
My mission is to broaden the worldview of students, advocate for the acquisition of other languages as a useful
skill, promote the benefits of language learning and global citizenship, instill in students and community
members a desire to learn about and cooperate with other cultures within our community, and instill in students
and community members a desire to pursue language-learning for life.
Language ! Culture ! Community ! Involvement ! Life

Course Description
If you are enrolled in Profesora Cochran!s Spanish 1 course,
congratulations!!! You are (hopefully) enrolled in the most exciting
and beneficial course of your high school career. This class will
open new horizons for you, and show you that you are capable of
things you never thought possible! In this class, we use culturally
rich, class created stories, as well as authentic Spanish resources
from the real world to move to a Novice High level of Spanish
proficiency. Units are based on real-world experiences and
lessons are developed based on student interests. Grades are
standards based, not work or effort based. Throughout each unit,
students will be assessed using an Integrated Performance
Assessment (integrating all modes of communication) to evaluate
whether or not the student has met the standards.

Students are assessed according to the proficiency guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
See for more information.
1. Listen with the intent to understand.
2. Participate fully, by giving creative responses and showing with your body language that you are an
active listener.
3. Communicate in the target language at all times.
4. Respect others and their possessions.

" ()"$
" (*+$
" ,-.&/
" (0*%1 *22+"$$
" 3--41" 566$ *##-.7&
8-. 0*) *1$- 9*7& * :%72"+ &-
;""6 .6 9%&/ 7-&"$ *72 /*72-.&$<
*$ 9"11 *$ 6*6"+ *72 * 9+%&%74
.&"7$%1= 511 9-+; 9%11 :" ;"6& %7
)-.+ %7>#1*$$ 6-+&?-1%-=
Your participation is imperative and will be graded through a system of pgames. Here are some tips
for keeping your pgame account full:
Be present in class and answer all class questions. Mistakes are welcome and are an important part of the
language acquisition process!
Be creative and enthusiastic! Help build stories in class, react to statements during storytelling (Ooohhh!!), and try
some of your Spanish in response.
During storytelling, PRETEND! Think of crazy details to add! It makes class fun we laugh, and learning
becomes that much easier.
Sit with your head up, hat off, awake, and with clear eyes. I am teaching to your eyes and am looking to see if you
get it.
Watch my body language, gestures, and visuals given during storytelling or presentations, and use them as
comprehension cues.
Listen to the feedback I give you. Listen to how I change the language when I repeat a phrase back to the class.
Keep your desk clear of papers, books, purses, binders at all times. I will tell you when it!s time to take
notes, etc.
If you!re feeling stuck, check out Our Digital Classroom on my blog for review, extra practice, and enrichment.
The participation score is kept with a system of pgames. Everyone begins with a full pgame
account. I will take note of your class participation EVERYDAY. Any distraction from the target
language results in a loss of pgames. Distractions include, but are not limited to:
Electronics visible (includes ear buds, Kindles/iPads, cellphones, devices of any kind)
Negative attitude (affects the teaching/learning environment for us all)
Eating/drinking anything other than water
Side conversations during instruction/while teacher is teaching
Working on other classes! homework during Spanish
Reading a book during instruction/while teacher is teaching
Using or blurting out in English
Coming to class unprepared (without your binder, spiral notebook, writing utensil)
Use of a bathroom pass
Lining up at the door before teacher excuses the class

Students will curate materials from Integrated Performance Assessments in portfolios on a Google Site.
Students will need a Google Apps account in order to set up their portfolio on a Google site. These portfolios will
track the students! proficiency progress and will follow them throughout their Spanish career at Van Buren High
Grades are regularly posted on eschool. Grades are standards-based. Because daily communication in the
target language is key to meeting the standards, a weekly participation grade will be given. Use of the target
language will also be tracked daily through a Pgame account. This account (grade) will fluctuate as students
gain and lose Pgames. Students achievement of learning targets will be tracked within each unit with I Can
statement stamp sheets. Each unit will end with an integrated performance assessment that combines all
modes of communication. Each quarter will end with a proficiency level assessment. Although students will be
completing various tasks, these tasks will not show up as individual grades, because effort and work are
necessary to achieving proficiency just as practice is necessary to win the game. Athletes do not receive
trophies for each practice just as we do not receive grades for tasks completed to help us reach proficiency
Each quarter, the gradebook should look something like this:
Pgame account
Reading Log (x9)
Vocabulary Log (x9)
Learning targets/Stamp Sheet (x #of units)
Integrated Performance Assessment (x #of units)
Portfolio curation
Proficiency Level Assessment
Integrated Performance Assessments will be graded by averaging Language Control and Task Completion
according to the following scale:
1- 64% and
My errors in grammar,
word order, and word
choice prevent
2- 65%-74%
My errors in grammar,
word order, and word
choice often prevent
3- 75%-84%
My errors in grammar,
word order, and word
choice sometimes prevent
4- 85%-95%
My errors in grammar,
word order, and word
choice do not prevent
5 -96% +
I don!t make any
noticeable errors in
grammar, word order, and
word choice that prevent
1-64% and
I completed little of what I
needed to do.

2- 65%-74%
I completed some of what
I needed to do.
3- 75%-84%
I completed almost
everything that I needed
to do.
4- 85%-95%
I completed everything
that I needed to do.
5 -96% +
I completed more than
what I needed to do.

Proficiency level expectations and corresponding grades:

Curriculum Map

The Spanish 1 Curriculum Map can and should be accessed on the teacher!s website:

Find the link under Student Resources on the homepage (Pgina Principal).


If this course looks like the right fit for you, please read, sign, and return the
Student/Family/Teacher Contract.