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Atanacio Rizal HW 4-BBE

Curriculum Vitae


Full Name: Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda
Sex: Male
Place/Date of Birth: Calamba, Laguna/ June 19,1861
Religion: Roman Catholic
Marital Status: Single
Address: Calle Real, Calamba, Laguna Philippines
Mother’s Name: Teodora Alonzo y Quintos
Father’s Name: Francisco Mercado Rizal

I am a patriot, physician and man of letters whose life and literary works were an inspiration to
the Philippine nationalist movement. I am the son of a prosperous landowner and sugar planter
of Chinese-Filipino descent on the island of Luzon. My mother, Teodora Alonso, one of the most
highly educated women in the Philippines at that time, exerted a powerful influence on my
intellectual development.


* Filipino/Catalan/Italian/Ilokano/Spanish/Chinese/Malayan/Dutch
* French/English/Portuguese/Latin/German/Russian
* Greek/Hebrew/Sanskrit/Arabic/Japanese/Swedish


1869 - 1872 Biñan, Calamba under Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz
1872 - 1877 Ateneo Municipal. Manila (Elementary to High School)
1877 – 1880 Ateneo Municipal. Manila (Land Surveying)
1877 - 1878 University of Santo Tomas. Manila [Philosophy, Cosmology, Theodicy,
Metaphysics, History of Philosophy]
1878 – 1879 Preparatory Course in Medicine
1879 – 1882 Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
1882 – 1884 Universidad Central de Madrid [License in Medicine. 1884]
[PhD in Philosophy and Letters. 1885]
1885 - 1886 University of Paris
1886 – 1887 University of Heidelberg [PhD in Ophthalmology. 1887]
I was educated at the Ateneo de Manila and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. In 1882, I
went to study medicine and liberal arts at the University of Madrid. I soon became the leader of
the small community of Filipino students in Spain and committed myself to the reform of
Spanish rule in my home country, though I never advocated Philippine independence. The chief
enemy of reform, in my eyes, was not Spain, which was going through a profound revolution,
but the Franciscan, Augustinian and Dominican friars who held the country in political and
economic paralysis.
I continued medical studies in Paris and Heidelberg. In 1886, I published my first novel in
Spanish, Noli Me Tangere, a passionate exposure of the evils of the friars rule, comparable in
its effect to Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. A sequel, El Filibusterismo, 1891,
established my reputation as the leading spokesman of the Philippine reform movement. I
annotated an edition in 1890 on Antonio Morga's Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, which showed
that the native people of the Philippines had a long history before the coming of the Spaniards.

 founder, La Liga Filipina, 1892
 editor, La Solidaridad
 clinical assistant, Dr. L. de Weckert's clinic, France
 La Liga Filipina
 Berlin Ethnographical Society
 Berlin Anthropological Society
 Gran Oriente de Espana, Acacia Lodge No. 9 (Freemason, 1884)
I became the leader of the Propaganda Movement, contributing numerous articles to its
newspaper, La Solidaridad, published in Barcelona. My political program, as expressed in the
newspaper, included integration of the Philippines as a province of Spain, representation in the
Cortes (the Spanish parliament), the replacement of the Spanish friars by the Filipino priests,
freedom of assembly and expression, and equality of Filipinos and Spaniards before the law.

He inspires me not only to love my country as well as to love learning, to do my best to excel in
the things I do. He is an example that tells that a person can do multiple talents and skills. We
just have to discover and practice those talents that are in our nature. He’s my inspiration to
stand up for what is right and to fight for what I believe in — through writing. It is because most
of the characteristic that a good youth had where seen in Dr. Rizal. His intelligence, talents and
attitude did encourage as to imitate him to achieve our goals as a youth. We know that we
cannot be like Dr. Rizal. We cannot master 22 languages or even 10, excellent in lots of field of
profession, become marksmen and die with our hearts calm and our pulse beating normally. But
there is one quality in Dr. Rizal that is common to all of us that can be acquired and developed
by the most ordinary among us. That quality is dedication. Because Dr. Rizal dedicated his
whole life to proving that the Filipino is nobody's inferior. Being dedicated on thing we want to be
is the key to achieve it. A good mind is practically useless if it is not dedicated to a great end.

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