Best Friends Animal Society Helps You Keep Pets Safe in the Summer Heat
Kanab, UT (uly !", #$!%& – It’s hard to beat the heat this time of year even with easy access to air
conditionin! icy drin"s and refreshin swimmin #oo$s% Imaine how o&r f&rry friends fee$ in the
swe$terin s&mmer when they’re de#endent on &s for #rotection from the hih tem#erat&res and the
s&n’s si''$in rays%
()eat stro"e can occ&r when an anima$’s tem#erat&re rises to a critica$ $eve$!* said Dr% Michae$ Di+!
medica$ director for ,est Friends Anima$ Society% (-orma$ body tem#erat&res for dos and cats rane
from .// to ./0%1 derees% 2hen a do’s tem#erat&re rises to ./3 derees! or a cat’s to ./4 derees!
they can s&ffer irre#arab$e oran damae and even die%*
Accordin to Di+! sins of heat stro"e inc$&de heavy #antin that does not reso$ve as the #et rests!
increasin distress! a ton&e co$or that is dar" red to a$most #&r#$e! wea"ness or co$$a#se! hy#er5
sa$ivation! vomitin and $abored breathin%
If yo& s&s#ect a do or cat is s&fferin from heat stro"e move him to a coo$er environment immediate$y
and a##$y coo$ water to the abdomen! ears and foot#ads% Don’t #o&r ice water over the who$e anima$!
s&bmere him in a t&b of co$d water or cover him in a co$d! wet b$an"et% Once he is stab$e! et him to a
vet as 6&ic"$y as #ossib$e! even if he seems to be coo$in down and his tem#erat&re seems norma$%
Thins may be ha##enin on the inside that are not obvio&s from the o&tside%
A variety of sit&ations $i"e the e+treme heat of a #ar"ed car! oin for mid5day wa$"s or sim#$y bein in a
yard with no shade can contrib&te to an anima$ overheatin% ,est Friends Anima$ Society recommends
ta"in a few sim#$e #reca&tions to "ee# dos and cats hea$thy and comfortab$e as the merc&ry rises%
 7ee# #ets indoors d&rin the day% It may so&nd obvio&s b&t it’s hottest o&tside when the s&n is
&#% 8&ic" wa$"s and bathroom brea"s are o"ay! b&t try to "ee# yo&r #et in the shade%
 If #ets do s#end time o&tside d&rin the day! ens&re that they have access to shade at a$$ ho&rs
of the day% Dos on tethers are es#ecia$$y v&$nerab$e beca&se they co&$d become tan$ed o&t of
reach of shade or water% 9rass and reenery he$# "ee# the yard coo$er too%
 :rovide #ets with fresh! coo$ water at a$$ times% D&rin the heat of s&mmer! water sho&$d be
d&m#ed and refi$$ed often% Most dos won’t drin" hot water no matter how thirsty they are%
 E+ercise dos d&rin the coo$er mornin or evenin ho&rs! not in the intense afternoon heat%
Dos who are o$der or overweiht! have a thic" coat or a #&shed5in nose55$i"e b&$$dos! ,oston
terriers and #&s55are es#ecia$$y at ris" of overheatin% ,rin water for both yo& and yo&r #et! or a
co$$a#sib$e bow$ if there’s a water so&rce on yo&r ro&te%
 ,e aware of the tem#erat&re of the sidewa$"! as#ha$t! sand or even #ac"ed dirt as these can
ca&se b&rns to yo&r #et’s #aw #ads if they are too hot%
 ;ons&$t a veterinarian abo&t whether yo&r #et needs a #et5a##roved s&nscreen on e+#osed
areas% Dos with ba$d #atches or minima$ coats may need s&nscreen! as we$$ as dos $i"e -ordic
breeds who are #rone to a&to5imm&ne re$ated s&n diseases%
 -ever $eave yo&r #et in a #ar"ed car when the o&tside tem#erat&re is above </ derees% Even
with the windows #artway down! even in the shade! even for a 6&ic" errand% Dos and cats can’t
sweat $i"e h&mans! so they #ant to $ower their body tem#erat&re% If they’re inside a car! recyc$in
hot air! #antin ives no re$ief! and heat stro"e can ha##en 6&ic"$y%
A $itt$e em#athy oes a $on way in #rotectin o&r #ets from e+treme weather% If it’s too hot for &s to stay
comfortab$e in the car! in the yard! or on a wa$"! it’s even hotter for o&r f&rry friends%
Editorial note: Best Friends conducted a recent experiment on a 95 degree day, and discovered that the
temperature inside a car--with windows down a few inches—increased from 9 to !"# degrees in !#
minutes$ %he social media pac&age is availa'le here: htt#=>>yo&t&%be>?')7R-@;#5o
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