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PhilippineFair TradeForum (PFTF) 47-ARoad2, Project6 1100Quezon City TeL (632) 454-4744t425-1230 rax: (632)454-1567


tradingconditions promotion a sustainable of relationship between Th6 provision better of and producers consumerc makeFair Tradea viablealtemative the sustainability smallfor of and producers developing in countries. of Trading Organizations scale With the support Altemative (ATOS) otherFairTrade marketing intermediaries facilitating in better market opportunities, and producers, small-scale oftencharacterized marginalized excluded and withinthe sphere these as trading, ableaccess are markets. achieving necessary the conditions their for ofconventional But groMhandsustainability provided ATOS; requires consumer morethanthesupport by suppon is alsoimperative. CroMh in fair traden€cessitates increased consumer demand fair tradeproducts. a for For producers take place,the public sustained socio-economic development amongsmall-scale to power positively mustparticipate. exercising purchasing By their such demanding product as one over another, consumers help ensure sustenance marginalized disadvantaged can the of and prcducers. Doneon a dailybasis, canbea powerful it poverty contribution thefight against in Theexperience Europe other in and Northem has countries shown consumer that demand fair for tradeprcducts greatly is influenced the levelofconsumer by awareness traderelated on issues. in When consumers thgse countriesbegan embracing fair trade and the various issues surrounding cause,salesof fair tradeproductsalso gaineda steadyrise. This is the this experience the Philippine that Fair TradeForum,in partnership wantsto replicate the with in longtermasit partners theFoundation a Sustainable with for Society. The PhilippineFair TradeForum

ThePhilippine Trade Fair Forum(PFTF) a coalition producer groups, is ofPhilippine marketing organizations support and organizations, well as individual as advocates commonly adhering to and theprinciples goals fair trade. of Envisioned the common as voicerepresenting issues concems Philipping traders, and of fair PFTF thrustsitself to work for the development progressive responsible trade of and fair stakeholders the Philippines; in sustainable that socialenterprises ensureincomeand food

and a quality commu ty-bas€dproducars; c{mmunities;empowercd securityin disadvantaged andmarketdrivenimageof fair tradegoducts. organizitionsfor {l) groupit seeks serveasa commonvehicleofthe member to As an advocacy on awareness fair mde and both domestic export(A raising.consumer i;;;r;;;;t'G a "";ess, taking commonu"tion (l) establishing centerof informalion for and ill shurin'g for "xp".iences (5) tobbvins and campaigning chansesin ftade -it.."i"o lui.;;;"1'"il;;;;;pilo"t" to Foducers' policieswhich will redound th€ benefitofdisadvantag€d World Falr Trade DaY2009 Pursusntto irs mandateand to sustainis plans of engagingconsume$in a morc active role of eventsthat of io*ari tft" development a local fair trade market' PFTF will held a series of ooiooio"at"ltrt o" zo09 celebration the world Fair TradeDay, an event thal is c€lebrated saturdayof May. worldwideeverys€cond variee,&ndfor 2009,PFTF adolted the global th€meof Eachyearth€ themeof the celebration BIG BAIIGII: BEAT POVERTY' BEAT CLIMATE CIIANGE. BEAT tt'" "il"U'*ion FINANCIAL CRISIS. This themewasembncedfor the following reasons: .

of a andor€ate festival change. for of o BIG BANGII is a universal explosion r€spect the planetandthe FairTrading on producers, brands busilesses it. and farmers, &rtisans, a burstsinto life and cr€ates economy the r BIG BANG!! is the moment sustainable
ofmarketsfit for the lUture. universe . BIG BANGII is a cultural,economic political new beginningfirelledby the energyof and l^'e the 8nd I l0 million farmers,artisans supporte$to accelerate change all ne€dto live andbreathe. but o BIG BANG!! is the vision of the World Fair TradeOrganization, is opento every to \"ith a commitment Fair Trade' andorganization individual,n€twork failure to beattrade . BIG BANG!! is alsothe antidoteto the World TradeOrganizatiotr's degradation;the G8's failule to beat climate injustice and social and environmental issuesthat ravagethe planet; and the failure of the changeor the globalizedbusiness economy- leavingrnillions of peopl€without financial syslemto provide a sustainable to heslthcar€or education. the m€ans buy food, homes,

to BIG BANGII is a new beginning.A powerful themedesigned inspire global events


consumerunderstanding of fair basethrough increased 1. Build a strongconsumer trade 2. Createan enabling environm€ntthat Fovides greater domesticmarket accessto and visibility offair tradeproducts smallproducers inorcase




]vasthe Fair TradeFair organizedby the The main event of the Philippine celebration -Tlade, Inc. (APFTD in cooperationwilh the PFTF' The Advocateof Philippine Fai; activity wastwo pronge4 orle was to provide s venuefor smalll)rcdxcersto showcase and sell tlreir producrsand the olher was to inform the public that fair trade can be a suchas the Paymed of fair commonissuesfaced by small producers to means addrcss wages, good wo*ing conditions, safeguarding of childre-n's righs, use of practices technologl, capacitybuilding andlhe like and and n--tully t "pon;ible power they can help make a diference in the plight of "n"iron purchasing that throughtheir producers their communities' and small,disadvantaged the The EastwoodMall became vsnue for th€ Fair TradeFair which lastedfor 3 days' in who partioipated the Fair. A total of7 boothswere Therewere a total of 14 producers exceptfor the PFTF providedand the orhibitors were groupedaccordingto area/region provided its own booth. For the threeiay fair, cash sales output group which was 104.00. to amounted P201, papers, The range of productsdisplayed included, handicrafts,gift items, handmade products A sugar,jams, jellies, pastries,decorativeitpms and fiber-based muscovado specialsettingwasput togetho, hiShlightingthe themeofthe Fair: Four Inspirations. ofthe IntemationalFair with a simpleForumwherethe vice President The Fair opened (now World Fair TradeOrganization), Ms' Claribel David, delivered Assooiation Trade highlighting the significanceof the celebration. Two PFTF the Fair Trade Message, join€d Ms. David as speakers, and how Fair Trade memb€rs sharingtheir bestpractices These arc Grace Tacuyog of Upland Marketing works for their organizatiors, Fouldation, Inc. and Crissy Guerero of Non-TimberForestPrcducts(NTFP). Buyers, were amongthe fiom other NGOS,Ownersof Enterprises Ollicers and representatives guestsin the opening Forum, including ordinary mall goers who took interest in the event, day thmugha Fair TradeBig BangConce.twasheld on the second ofthe A Celebration World Fair TradeDay. The concefi Fair, May 9, which is alsothe globally aclnowledged by 4 the featur€d Bards andgenerated intereslof mall goen. A specialdrumperformance Krakatoomhighlightedthe concertin unisonwith the rest ofthe world wh€redrumming highlighting the is the agreedsymbol of the celebntion. An audio-visualpresentation producers the environment and principlesof fair tradeandits guarant€e a fail retum to of wasalsointerspersed the performances with . Simultsneos the conduct of the Fair were sub-activitiesthat included a cooking to d€monstrationusing Fair T|ade products, a craftsmakingactivity using irdigenous papers a specialcoloiing in art competitionfor kids, materials handmade and and

in the 2. REGIONAL CELEBRATIONS - Regional celebrations were also staged form a forum cities ofCagayan De Oro, Davao and Cebu. Each ofthe areashad some and an exi'ibit aim€d at building greater public awareness of Fair Trade The of drummingandthe FSSvideo were staplecomponents eachofthis celebrations' Hlghllghti ot lhe cagqyqn De Oro celeblqllon " Mediq Advococy . conducled Mediq lounch with 66 poriiciponls,26 of which ore from locol medio lroditionol& non-trodiiionol . ln in 9 write ups/mentions 3 locol pqpersin the period, 12newsspols/menfions locolrodio progroms,4inleNiewsond 6 oppeoroncesin news/locolprogroms on w one of fhem o full 3Gminute inlerview ol coc w 39 All these os o result locolevenit ond medio lounch of lhe WFTD Prepored mediq kit for lhe locol medio lqunch, lolked lo potentiol medio portners for long lelm colloborclion ond coveroge of FI


1Ff Forum . Conducled 3 FqirTrodeForumon Moy I ol SM,in two venueson Moy 4: one ot the Provinciolcooitol ond one duing tho Medio Lounch ol sundvq Restouroni. qnd Foir TrodeForumot SMisfor 60 teochers,porenls,coochss.conleslonts ldends tor Moy I on-thespol poslermokingcontest.Ihisnumberisforseoiing copocilywhich does nol includethosestqndingin the c{owd copitol (dudngflog c€remony)hoso coplured Theone ot lhe Provinciol from the ditferenllocol ogenciesond municipoliies oudience of olmosi 3OO of Misomis Odentql. ol TheFoirTrodeForumdodngthe Medio Lounchof WFTD Sunivo restouronl 05 of we hod olmost70 porliciponls. hod Mrs.LoreloRofisuro SHAPPI moin kter FSSIoswellos represenling sDeoker,RovDotu Lomordoof Greenminds Gomboo ond the undersigned suppof speokers. os




; Locol WFTD evenls done : o lolol of 682 new conlocls were documenled with buy-in lormsond porlicipolionsheelsin the 6 venuesfor I evenlsusedin the monfhlong WFI Doy Locol Celebrolions.This number does not include big Gov''l sloff who ottended the orgonizolionol otlehdees likefhe tull Provinciol oi lhe copitol grounds omong olher group porlicipolion not listed FI forum individuolly. April schedules oi lhe po* were used os build-up evenls for the bigger oneslostMoy l, 2 & 4. . The FoirTrode Fridoysof lhe po* which were meonl os build-up ociivilies lo increose oworenessof FI using WFIDlhemed events thol will culminote in o porode, foir, forum & concerf/voiely show in Moy olso served os meeling venues for votious commitfees. Thiswos qlso when t-shirhwere broughl in for free priniing for fhose who would ioin lhe porode.

207porlicipoled in the FI delegolionin the Lobordoy porode, ollweqdng the disiincfive WFTD logo prinled on while shidsor in lqrge siickersin very colodul bond We uniforms. hod lhe biggestdelegolion,we were the only oneswith bondsond mqde lho porode & ofterwords moro lively (owordwinning ticeo de Cogoyqn University drum ond bugle corpsdid severolnumbeEos well qs Kuyonop DBCyouth g.oup drummers). hod pholo op oulsidetimketkoiofior ihe porode & We progrom for lhe mqjodty ihol remoined. qged &21 y6ors Conducled on-lhe-spolpostermokingconlestfor I9 porticiponls old. Judged by no less thon €nowned CdO VisuolArlist& CurotorNic Aco qnd orner locolortists RhyonCosino, Gene Togopulot& Bnonporejo.WorkCommitteechoired by ShomoeCosinoof Amihonon& DireHusi, ossisted Belsy by Zolsos, votunteer. FI forumpreceded the conlesl which focusedon FoirTrode& the WFTD lheme. Cosh Pdzes from APFII,lokerls from Viondep. TheSMgitt coriificoles requost fell lhrough but our SMconlocl soyso corEolidotedproposqlin lhe fulurewill prevenl lhisfrom noppenrng, Sixbondsporticipotedin the FqirTrodeConcert,spreodoui3 o dov lo coincide with lhe onivolof crowdsin the moll,ot l2:3opm,4:OOpm 6:OOpm, & eoch bond giving theirrepertoire eslimotedol lhe lengthol I sot &tO songseoch. Asidef.or[lhe bonds,20 doncen from TriuneMovers youlh group gqve o donce numberos well qj 6 membersof lhe Bohondidonce6, lhese on seporoledoys. W6 olso hod on oworo winningsolohtdo OPMS lhe detightot the crowd. Thefoltowingbondsond totenis to porticipolod Moy I & 2 ol lhe atfum of SMCily Cogoyon de Oro. In order of .tsongLohi'tett oppeoroncq Homog (Bukidnon), Joonn Nleze-{her us ieory-oyed_ sucho booutifulvoica),BohondiMusic Mindonoo,lslqde Mobonlas, of DiroHusi. Triune Moversdonco group, AlmostSolollile& K9Bond. 8 orgonizolions submifledlogosond olmoslo hundredindividuols mode lheir mork on fhe WFIDstreomersignifying theirdesheto be counled in supporlof ihe FokTrqdo Movement.This hondmode streomer sportingihe APFIIlogo ond web/blog sileswere

proceo promrnenof themoli, y corded during porode used the ond dudng lhe
product disployot copitol grounds.

Tobles were sel -{p lor smollbusiness loonsinfo courlesyof our new locql finoncing portners; inslitulion Aboco brocelel (odvococy brocelet)demo lobteswere qlsosel up. tt feotured rnrormolron obout ihe oboco plonl, the people lhot get benefdfrom il, the products lnol con be mode oul of if4 Soloy hondmode poper des'tgners up demo on pressedllower cord_mqking; lhis sel wos sucho hil wilh lhe crowd. Setup product disploy ocross medio lounch {Tworented 4 mefer x 6 meter while tenh) ve.nueon Moy 4. 2 MMKt-perfectty NqturolHerbqlleo stoffdhpensedfree hot leq. AmihonongMindonooFoirTrodeproducers Associolion wiih t-oulen,s, SHAppl NM Food Producls monninglhe boolh ond DireHusi providinglive musiclhe whole oflemoon. Porliciponis in ihe medio lounch were oble to tok; footoge of produ;t disployofter the progrom.


375buy-informscollected dudnglhe compoign by oskinginterested ond get o chonce lo to shopp;rs/po.liciponls ffllup the formsor submitcollingGords products, porlner-producefs win rotfledoft volunteer JohnNedo ond orlison Yonez, ftibolyouth our bv lshirfs t8O odnted Dqvid volunleer. sludenl Musni summer


'?.FT Foir in Zones Trode fok . Advococy sel up done insidelwo 3x3melerwhite tenls for lhe Solo-Tobo poducersqlso ploced in APFIIportner on Mqy ll-15. Mo*ers ideniifying indivlduolboolhs 3. MEDIA PUBLICITY - PFTF Joined FSS Kapihan sa Cypressand served as for speakers the said Media Forum which focus€don the World Fair Trade Day Celebntion.

4. PFTFNAIIONAL FORT'M in a PFfi conducted NationalForumthat brought Priot to the WFTDCel€hation' participants in wer€40 from the of theparticipation memb€rs across countly.Ther€ on the said Forumwherediscussions major planson how to moveforwardas and and with othergroups networks whatpolicy network build tacticalallisncas were thoroughly discussed. agenda becanied will as This gathering envisioned a spacefor sharing leaming,and strategizing was and exp€riences from and especially bestpractices strategies/know-how diverse on it fair in terms advocating radeandbringing do\ryn contexts around Philippines th€ of on ir focuses two shtegic PFTF's advocacy FairTrade, g€neral, on to communitios. lhat dir€ctions: in buildingconsumer otle, awar€ness will leadto a stlongdomestic that and ma*et for fair tradeproducts twq polioy advocacy will includecreating and workingon globalization among brcader the socialmovements tacticalallianc€s and regional, politicsandengagem€nt decision-makenthenational, at trade with ftee levels kcypriorityareas intemational on ofwork, TheForumwasableto produce clearwaysforwardfor PFTFitl termsof whatit a gr€nter of awar€ness FairTrade wants do asa network howit canbringabout and to in theinterest smallproduc€rs. of

FAIR dudngdrGWFID 2009 FAIR 1RADE Sales ReDort May 8-10,2009

SAIES PARTNER-PRODUCERS CASH Handicraft Fiberart EnterDrlses Custom MadeCraffsCenter Pwo & Nida's Handicrafts Salay Hand Madepaper Shapii Inc. VjandepBakeshop

SOOKED 5A1Es 22,500.00


1'"900.0o 10,04o.0o


Marketlng Foundation Upland

Furnlture & N.Traquena Handlcraft caraga Handicraft Makers Assoclatlon lnc. Majoh's shellcraft
& Tlagemlng's candles Pili Handicraft Kablon Farm Foods co$oration Hugod Aklanon Katakus Venture Filipinas Trade Fair TOTAI.

17,010.00 7,000.00 5,200.00
24700SO 23,675.@

wlth3 buyers not lamount

Initialne8owlth Robinson's supermarketMr. 240,00.00

5,0tD.00 3460.00




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