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Our main motive in this project can be stated as: Create a web-based Inventory
Management System which is synchronized with its own standalone desktop application to
create access, manage and track inventory changes online as well as offline.
Inventory management, or inventory control, is an attempt to balance inventory
needs and requirements with the need to minimize costs resulting from obtaining and holding
To manage an inventory is not a cats walk. It involves heavy documentation and
stock maintenance without any smallest of bugs leading to huge disasters. So for a smart solution
why not a web based inventory?? Its the time of cutthroat competition and there is no time to
indulge into unnecessary paper works that increase risk and failure rates. A web based inventory
would not only synchronize all works of the company but provide you an easiest user friendly
atmosphere making inventory control a much simpler task.
Web based inventory control is the most basic form of protection that you should
have in your retail establishment. If you have people come into your location, then you need to
make sure they are not leaving with anything that they should not be. There are various methods
that you can use and they all work well in their specialties. If you have had enough with
shoplifting, employees stealing or other loss prevention issues, then it is time to consider a
reliable web based inventory control system.
Till date only web based inventories or standalone inventory applications are seen
in action. But our problem descriptor thought of making something different that can provide
communication of web as well as independence of a standalone personal computer. This
was to say that inventory changes can be maintained online as well as offline.
To illustrate a scenario, lets see an example of say a nationwide spread company
group: it may have its branches spread throughout the country in different cities, there might be
in worst of cases internet service failure at any one of the place which might result in loss of
work or degrade the client satisfaction. To overcome this synchronization plays a great role
which allows changes in the inventory offline which could be tracked whensoevers online
connection is once again available.